Poly Bridge

4.8 (17.1K)
162.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dry Cactus
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poly Bridge

4.82 out of 5
17.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Rishi S.
Brilliant Game! Hours of Gameplay!
This is a really awesome, and challenging game. It's not like one of those games with arbitrary criteria for winning. It gives you very detailed information on objectives and precise visualization of stresses. You can change the camera angles and speed up or slow down gameplay to really get granular with how you solve each design challenge. The graph that shows how your design compares to that of other players is a nice touch. I keep trying different designs just to be more economical. The developer gets extra kudos for making a game free of any up-sells. Worth every cent!
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6 years ago, Homoglobinopathy
Great but needs some help
I love this game so much. It’s the perfect challenge puzzle game with realistic physics. The challenge of making your bridges work and stay under budget always has me thinking of ways I can do more with less. However my one and only complaint with the game is how heavy it runs the battery down. Just playing for 5-8 minutes knocks off 10% or more of my battery power. It’s been the top consumer of energy on my phone since downloading. It also causes my phone to get very hot as the demand on the phones performance is increased. If there’s an update that could improve the functionality of this games performance impact on my phone I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Until then due to the high impact on battery life my review will remain a 3.
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4 years ago, 1762chicago
Good game with a couple of severe design flaws
The problem is that you you can contract a hydraulic up to 50% (halving), with the opposite of this being expanding 100% (doubling). The game only allows you to expand a hydraulic 50%, meaning that two identical hydraulics starting in opposite configurations at full range of motion are impossible. This means I have to reengineer a second solution for what should be an identical second bridge in level 2-13 Either there needs to be the ability to expand a hydraulic 100%, or you need to be able to set a hydraulic to start in a different simulated state when the level is run. The first solution would work and be much less invasive a change than adding starting states for hydraulics, but that leads to the second design flaw. In order to create something in a different state, you still have to completely redraw it. There really should be a way to move and rotate groups of joints in order to translate existing designs. The lack of this ability means redrawing constantly. 3 stars because the issues mentioned seriously impede on the fun aspects of gameplay
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5 years ago, ben55418
Great game, sometimes extremely tedious
As a player who has unlock the secret world,(every level 3 star other than area 52) I enjoyed the game soo much. The simulation is amazing, all the levels force you to be creative, and it’s overall great fun! Except for some of the levels, the tedious ones. these levels are the types of levels that force you to keep adjusting you’r creation one tiny bit at a time until you’r bridge doesn’t break. So if you want to unlock the secret world you’ll need to invest many hours.
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5 years ago, VanillaNyx
It’s so hard
I really like this game, I just wish I had more hints. The game does have a tutorial that you can review as many times as you need. Plus each level tells you the order of events that will take place - that becomes more helpful as you get into the harder levels with multiple cars trying to get different places. But the rest is up to you, so it’s easy to get stuck on level. You might almost have the solution but something is off, so it doesn’t work. I’m stuck right now, I’m sure I will figure it out eventually if I keep trying, but for now I think I’m gonna try to skip the level.
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7 years ago, Randomname7464
One of the best mobile games
I have played this game on pc and it was very fun so I was excited to see it came out on mobile. I caught it on sale so it was only $1.99 at the time. A great deal if you ask me. This is definitely the best bridge building game if not one of the best mobile games out there. They did a really good job on making good and simple touch controls which makes the game even more enjoyable. In fact I almost like the controls better than on pc. So much content in the game too. Really enjoy it.
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4 years ago, lancehanki
One of my favorite puzzle games!
I’ve watched a couple people play this game before and it looked pretty fun. I’ve only seen people play on computers so I was pleased to see they have mobile versions. You get the same building options and functionality (campaign/sandbox) however you cannot get custom content (at least I haven’t found out how yet if you can.) Love the graphics and challenges they give you, very creative. Definitely worth it!
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4 years ago, snoozebar
Great game, touch controls are very frustrating
I’ve played other versions of this game and love it, but the iPhone version is extremely frustrating. The touch controls aren’t programmed well. For example, trying to select the line curve guide to change the curve of the line works maaaaaybe one in four. Instead you’ll just move the screen around. I accidentally hit the wrong material all the time - the selectable area is small. And the selection tool is wonky - it doesn’t select what it should, or it selects unrelated items. I am still having fun with it, but MAN do I want different controls
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3 years ago, wiiiwiw
To make it happen you press the button in the bottom right corner but before you have to have your play me and you is it to the Tropical paradise and having it at the last one can you go to the menu press the button in the bottom right corner go back and get some secrets another one is if you do that thing and then achievement the trophy button then go back there’s a few more
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4 years ago, \_(0-0_
Glitch with 5th world
I’ve played this game for a little while. On level 5-5, I am under budget and no breaks but when the vehicle crosses, it gives me 1 star and says over-budget. Also, I have finished the all levels up to 5-8, but nothing is showing up on the map. I got 3 stars on 5-5, 5-6, 5-7, and 5-8, but all of them show a grey circle with 0 stars on the map. I need help with this.
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6 years ago, TrainCrazy26
Awesome game (and update ideas
This game is awesome! I play it all the time and my skills at building bridges has gotten A LOT better. However, I had a very good idea for an update. I was wondering if you could add a mode called maybe ‘Speed Build’. The idea is that there is a train coming, and you have to build a sturdy, yet under budget bridge within a time limit. I would love this game even more if you added it!
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6 years ago, Pjrapster
I like the game but auto saves in sandbox are needed
I like the game I just barely started I’m still in the first zone and I like the challenge aspect of the game but in sand box it’s a different story it’s still pretty fun with an unlimited budget but first of all the order of which the vehicles start in. menu, slides out of view which isn’t helpful and later on my phone died in a project and I didn’t save so I had to start over so it would be nice if you could add an auto save feature thanks.
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6 years ago, Ben Busstop
Dry Cactus above and beyond!
I’m always happily surprised when companies go above and beyond to help out a customer! After a few issues with the game, and a quick couple emails to Dry Cactus I was up and playing the game again right where I wanted to be! Not only is the game fun, and enjoyable but the dry Cactus team kept the game alive for me. 10/10 will support them in the future.
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7 years ago, Sean1sean
Please freaking believe me
Honestly I can't say enough about how amazing this game is. If you love building games or even games that make you mind work this is totally worth it. Heck I wouldn't of even been mad if it was $10 because the developers made an amazing game. It's so polished and well done! Thank you guys for creating this game!
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6 years ago, Tj2s
Amazing Game
This game is awesome. Hours and hours of endless fun and challenge. It keeps you interested with its difficulty and ability to play any level at any time. My only gripe is the controls can be hard to use at times especially on a phone (iPhone 7). I often find myself having to undo mistakes because I clicked in the wrong spot or a piece didn’t go where I wanted it to go.
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4 years ago, Jdjpooph
Well made. Extremely challenging
Great game and well made. Just a cautionary word to anyone thinking of buying it it gets very very difficult very quickly; right around half way through the second “world”. I had 3 stars on all levels up until then and im having trouble even completing levels from there on out. There are no hints and no guides once you complete the tutorial.
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6 years ago, ADT105
If you like bridges, you’ll love this!
The the game’s phone adaptation is really well done. The controles might be a little hard at first but once you get through that, the game’s learning curve and level designs are on point. There are plenty of well made puzzle put in the game for pros and novices. The game’s sand box Is also enjoyable. You can test so many Bridge designs there. This game is perfect for puzzle lovers and bridge builders.
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6 years ago, Duke Leary
Rotate Selection?
Great game, but why is there no way to rotate a selection like you can on the PC version? The only option is to mirror, either horizontal or vertically. For levels such as 2-13, where one draw-bridge must start in the open position, it makes no sense that you can’t mirror the bridge on the left and then indicate that the piston should start the level in a certain position...
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4 years ago, angry person who is also sad
Great game but it needs more content
I’ve played this game for a while. I got bored of the campaign so I headed into sandbox mode. It’s great but I wish you could share your custom levels that you made, and play other people’s levels. This would add so much more things to do in the game. Besides that this is one of my favorite games and not much else needs to be changed.
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4 years ago, demenciado
A perfect game for kids to get interested in geometry
I have spent hours playing this game. I recommend this to all online teachers who teach 2-5th grade to show your kids these games. Reminds me when I was in elementary. We were tasked to make bridged out of straws and see how much weight it could handle. Fun times.
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4 years ago, Mrmike567
Very frustrated
Listen, I absolutely love Polybridge, and it’s one of my favorite games out there but I’m coming into an issue with progression. On some levels, even if I do everything correctly, it will only give me one star if that. Also for most levels it tells me I’m over budget even though I’m not. I don’t know if there’s a troubleshoot I can do but it’s very frustrating.
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6 years ago, DragonMistif4
Great game, with a few issues.
One of the main issues I’m running into is that split joints as certain sides don’t function properly as in they’re not doing what they are supposed to do. It’s a fun game but that issue is drawing me away from the game which I don’t want to happen. It is true that poly bridge is a bit of a battery killer but that doesn’t bug me much.
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5 years ago, Paul Demys III
Iteration heaven
It’s fun and educational, but it can be frustrating figuring it out. It seems to get very complex and I wish they would include some engineering fundamentals like building unique hydraulic bridges, and the difference of using steel or wood for certain parts, as well as ropes and cables. But I love the fact my 4yo can get into this with me. VERY EASY UI design.
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4 years ago, Lucas Engle
Great game found a bug
I’m loving this game so far however there seems to be a bugh on level 2-3 “Eye Eye” that I only spent 16,000 out of the 20,000 given and it says “over budget” and gave me one star... it also started me with a bridge already partially competed it was a bit confusing... otherwise it’s incredibly fun
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4 years ago, astroclimber26
Difficult but fun
I’m very impressed with this game. The physics feel nearly perfected, and the high difficulty gives me a fun challenge. The sandbox mode is also fun, and it allows me to freely test out my ideas. If you are into engineering and puzzles like I am, then you will definitely get a kick out of this game.
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7 years ago, vladimir1986ca
Great value for the buck.
This is amazing game, quite challenging and innovative. I do think about getting an iPad just so I can play it better. iPhone X handles it good, no crushes or lag. I play it with kids and it is so funny to see your state of the art bridges collapse and vehicles flying of them lol. Win win on both ends, success or failure.
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3 years ago, Mjroth002
Great game for iPad, not so great for iPhone.
Simply put, an iPhone screen is not big enough for the intricate placement of building materials needed to construct these complex bridges which may lead to frustration at points, but this is no fault of the game. However, an iPad screen is perfectly sized for this game. Also the real world physics of the game require a lot of computing power and therefore battery, which is another reason iPad is better suited with its larger battery. Other than that, this game is a lot of fun and it’s clear the developer put real time into it. Totally worth it!
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4 years ago, Bill Able Hours
Thank you!
Finally an App my son and I can enjoy together for hours while LEARNING real engineering concepts! He doesn’t even know it’s happening (the learning) but he’s pointing out trusses all over the place in real life now, and commenting on how they could maybe be improved on. Great stuff.
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2 years ago, nickname no. 1428
Very fun
I think it’s a fun game and very well made, although some levels can get hard, but I pass them eventually. I think you should get poly bridge 2 first though. It saves money and has more features.
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5 years ago, Iouyp 2.0
I love this game!
This game is great. It keeps me entertained when I’m bored. But there is no hydraulic controller so I can’t do most of the levels where I need the hydraulic to only activate at a certain time. Please fix this. I would love to continue playing this game and finish it. Thank You!
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5 years ago, Babloo28
Awesome game everybody should try who likes puzzles
It is really a awesome game but takes lot of battery power , looks like lot of codes are running in the back for stimulation , but it is not same as the room series but fun to do the bridges with checking lot of prerequisites
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11 months ago, kmckale
Unable to save terrain type in Sandbox
Why is it that you can save every in Sandbox mode except which type of terrain you set? Every time you load a save, the terrain goes back to type 1, which doesn’t necessarily work for the layout of other assets. It saves the “world” type of terrain, just not its numerical values.
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1 year ago, cylnc
Unfinished features ruin an otherwise fun game
On certain levels (eg 2-13) you need to rotate your objects however you’re only able to flip your objects vertically or horizontally. After having to pay for this game you'd think they would have put in these features. Otherwise a very fun game.
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3 years ago, GingyIAK
Incredibly enjoyable
I think this game is amazing, because it challenges your engineering skills while still being fun AND having good graphics. 5/5 would recommend.
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5 years ago, Mincing applesauce
It needs improve
Ok It is really fun but it takes so long to load and gets way too hard there are almost no hints either I know it was short but that’s all that I say needs improvements
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6 years ago, Epb7304
Great! Just like the steam game!
If you played the steam game it is “almost” exactly like that, the only difference is that you cannot share levels, that should be the only thing that should be added
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7 years ago, AppleStoreUser2248
The best bridge building app
-Tons of levels -You can access any level you want. You don't have to beat a level to move on to the next. -You can beat a level without using the suggested methods, so you can be pretty creative. -There's a sandbox too so you can design your own levels I wish they had the option of getting hints. Some levels are just too hard for me. This is easily the best bridge building game I've played and I've played a lot of them.
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5 years ago, Alan8172
What amazing game!!!!
I wanted to play this game because I found it very interesting from watching it from jack septic eyes video and it looked really fun so I thought I should try it out,and thank god I did because it’s an amazing game!!
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5 years ago, guavadabest
This is the best game ever
I have been playing this game for months and I really enjoy playing it. I have actually made my own bridge and it looks really cool! It was thanks to this game. I hope you read this!
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5 years ago, Agent_SH33P
No hints
For the first few levels, the game was very fun. Simplistic builds. But later, just after a few more levels I have been stuck on any level past I think level 11. The game never provides any opportunity for you to get help. Also drains your battery extremely fast.
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7 years ago, Dlw0915
A great game to get into engineering with!
I am a 14 year old interested in engineering, specifically physics based. I was not able to get an engineering class in my new high school, but this game should certainly tide me over till next year!
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6 years ago, S Mobile
Love the game
I love this game for many reasons one of the reasons is I don’t get to see 30 to 60 sec ads on it I don’t have to spend 99cents to get rid of ads I even bought this game on steam just cause it that
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7 years ago, Captainahob
Convenient Time for Review
The app asked me to rate it at a time that the developer assumed I would be having a good time: the time at which I did well on a level! It is fun and sinks more engineering hours than my career does.
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7 years ago, geo2318
The game is missing some tutorials.
There should be more tutorials to use the rest of the tools at the top corner of the game. The game after tutorials puts you in a difficult situation and you have to figure out what you weren’t taught to use. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game.
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5 years ago, Erw12397
Thank you for the amazing game
I have no other games that are fun to play! I’ll say this is the best game I have on my phone! Thank you for all your hard work on helping kids have fun! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Flip5135😜Flip5135
One hydraulic at a time
Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game. But one thing that I want to do is have a bridge go to the right then down but it just does both. Is their a way to have one hydraulic go at a time? If not please make that update.
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6 years ago, Santa Peter
Electronic tinker toys
A game with a great deal of playability. I am Not an engineer, nor did I go far beyond elementary geometry. This game gives my brain a workout and is a much needed change of pace from my usual choices. And you get to build cool bridges
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6 years ago, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkk
Good game
I like this game so much because you get to make bridges in it stress relieving but I think the end levels might be hard it actually gets harder as you go but I still like it
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4 years ago, cobncx
I had beeten the game and the app froze on me. I delete it with a backup and it wouldn’t load. The phisics changed and now my designs don’t work.
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7 years ago, cank
Maybe I am missing something
You solve the puzzle by coming up with a bridge, it almost works. Then you spend the next 30 minutes fiddling with it to get it under budget. The UI is bad. How much do things cost? Where am I about to drop this piece that my finger is covering up?
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