Pool Payday: 8 Ball Pool Game

4.6 (89.4K)
161.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hidden Pixel Games, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pool Payday: 8 Ball Pool Game

4.61 out of 5
89.4K Ratings
3 years ago, WildSill
Great game
Edit oct28 : after adding the 8 ball game I’m gonna give it 5 stars , I hope they keep the 8 ball game would be nice if 9 ball would be added aswell *edit Sept ‘21 When giving just low englisch (draw) does make the objectbal goes a different direction wich should not be IMO for the rest a great game Very addictive ,love the competition , great game i havent cashed out yet , when i know if the cashouts are going smooth ill would give it 5 stars Cash outs were deposited back to my Apple Card so I would gave it five stars for now ,but after some updates the game changed a bit . I would love if this game would have the angles and speed of the balls like they have it at 8 ball pool by miniclip , it was close 3 updates ago but got a bit worse so I’ll stick with 4 stars for now . Edit : would love to see what the game had in the beginning where it was easier to make triple banks easier. Just a bit more speed to the object ball . Also when you give bottom English it affects the right line . The Rake is vey high you have to win 3:1 to make profit while in poker you’re a winning player with 2:1 For the rest an amazing game
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3 years ago, ballsitch2
A. Lot of people are right, your not going to win any money and if you do you’ll never win more then you put in. The big winners are probably friends or relatives who got some weirdo crap going on to where they split the money at the end of the quarter. I do know there is lots of crap that’s going to go down when the feds get done with there investigation. My family are federal agents and they are doing something about the accusations and they will get to the bottom of all this and if they are scamming us and taking our money in an unfair way, then they will be punished to the fullest and do some serious time in the federal prison and let me tell you that’s not a place you want to be. So hang in there and time will tell. If you feel your getting scammed like a lot of people say they are, then just don’t play, there are others money games out there that you actually win money at so I’d look for them and play till this is all sorted out. Don’t worry I’ve lost a lot of money to this game and the ones winning is always the same players over and over. I won big and checked it later cause I got probably the highest score you can get and when I looked I went from 1st place to like 9 th and only won $50. I was livid as heck. I feel for you all and I’ve got much respect for all of you that play honest games and always come up short. I’m sorry you all are going through this during these hard times, but if you want to talk or want a friend then look me up satanredrum.
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2 months ago, Grimmandan
I had an incident when I had a tied game but when I checked the person didn’t tie me they scored lower. But however they had a chance to beat me in a tiebreaker. Also having issues with not getting my trick points for trick shots. Then I noticed when I’m waiting for an opponent after I play usually it says opponent is playing and then I see what they scored. But then I noticed there where times while waiting for an opponent I would get the results without waiting for them to play to see the results which I thought was strange 12-22 Good game but sometimes I don’t receive points for the more subtle trick shots along the rail. Usually I get them but every once in a while it doesn’t register which can be frustrating. But besides that it’s fun. Had an issue with my power meter for shooting and lost 2 games because of it. Then I contacted support with the proof and they said they couldn’t see the problem which is true but however it doesn’t mean I wasn’t experiencing it. So I waited a couple hours and the problem was gone but it’s not a good feeling when you’re trying to shoot a full power shot and only get half Perhaps some sort of quicker refund system for crashed games that happen here and there
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3 weeks ago, CHERRYLS-com
Legit and Enjoyable Game. 5-Star Service
I can’t say how impressed I am with this entire experience. At the start I expected a scam but it turned out to be exactly what it claimed. The pool interface is easy and fun without the lag associated with some of the big pool apps. There is an unusual way of playing that I haven’t seen before and it both makes the game a new challenge and also speeds up the process of connecting with and taking turns with someone else. There is also live 8 ball that’s top notch. There are options for practice, for playing with game currency or playing for money. It isn’t required to do the pay games and it isn’t trying to trick you into then either. I had a question about an aborted game and after looking over support I contacted them for clarification. They answered me within a few minutes on a Monday night and completely handled my problem. I could not ask for more and can’t recommend this app are more strongly. It’s a gem of honesty run by an active developer. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, Edgarzzz23
Great App, with one major flaw
This app is great super fun and competitive. The main issue I have with this app is that it’s the only billiards type game that you can make a final shot to win the game while scratching at the same time. No pool game ever has awarded a win to a player that scratches during the winning shot. So either penalize a scratch by not awarding any points, or respot the balls made during scratch and penalize the 30 pts. Overall great app, but if I’m winning and a player makes a shot to beat me and scratches that’s not right. I’d love to hear your take on this piece because if “Pool” is your your games title you may want to refresh your rules committee about the consequences of scratching in any other pool game out there. But in this day and age when everyone gets a trophy you don’t want anyone getting hurt feelings because they made a little mistake of hitting the one ball in you’re not supposed to. Just something to consider, other than that awesome app
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2 years ago, TurtleWise
My favorite pool game of about five I’ve tried. For awhile i played the Blitz game also, but now this is the only one i play. Occasionally i have a problem with the cue stick kind of sticking a little bit which is frustrating Still Five Stars since the action is in general so much consistently smoother than the other games, especially after the last upgrade. I should report it when it happens but it’s not frequent enough to be worth taking the time. Support was very responsive the one time I contacted them when i first started. Friendly chats. I haven’t played any live games yet although i have won a little money. Started out with a very small amount of Bonus Cash - it’s relatively difficult to build Bonus Cash - then after i started winning made a small deposit and have been fortunate to keep ahead. Good Luck!
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2 years ago, Cubsin2020
The ultimate pool app
I love it but for a 5 star please 1.improve the speed of making comments and either change or add new. Also, please add more comments to choose from . There is a chat feature outside of the pool game but I don’t use. Games like Tennis Frenzy and Baseball Frenzy are pvp and the have emojis and comments much easier to use. 2.When I beat a player senseless, if they forfeit the game it takes between 15 to 45 seconds for me to be able to do anything. Sometimes it still doesn’t recover. The game play is realistic and fun! Thank I have not found any pool game I like to play more. This is a Skillz game for cash money or practice. Other games (not Skillz) provide bonuses etc. Please add.
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3 years ago, Wassap12
6 dollar wager to win 4
They take 20% of each players wager for themselves. Meaning it isn’t exactly head-to-game gambling it’s essentially pay for the service and you can potentially win money if you win a lot but it’s certainly not in the players favor. To win a dollar against someone, its not each person pays 50 cents and winner take all. It’s 60 cents a person to win 40 cents. They market it in a way that makes it seems like your winning more than you actually are I think that’s ethically unsound. My first 8 games playing for dollar bets I won 5 of them and was only up like 60 cents total because each game the app itself takes some of each wager. Proceed with caution the game is fun and works fine but they should fix their margins because it really is a scam in that way. Maybe they take so much to pay for the potential prizes but the prizes are an absurd amount of tickets and I imagine your better off just buying any of the prizes where you would normally buy them. They’re treating this like some arcade for children as opposed to an actual gaming/gambling app.
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3 years ago, Hiting it Big
This game is fraudulent!
I played for real money on this game and I was pretty good at playing it. The problem that I keep on having was, I would get kicked of my game when I was winning, or right when I started the game. This game is a scam just to make its players keep depositing more money! When your playing for no money there is never an issue. However, when you start playing for real money your game will say (CONNECTING TO SERVER) then boot you off giving the win to your opponent no matter how far you are up! Like I said, this problem never happens when you are loosing or playing for no money, it only happens when you are playing for real money and winning. I STRONGLY ADVISE YALL GO TO A NON SKILLS REAL MONEY GAMING APP BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING VERY FISHY WITH SKILLS GAMING! Anyone that is having the same issues that I am having please report it to the Federal Trade Commission. This place builds cases against fraudulent sites like these. I am disgusted with this skills gaming/ Hidden pixel gaming stealing my money and am currently working on starting a class action lawsuit against the company.
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7 months ago, Just x LinDz
5 star for it’s category
I truly believe this is the most “honest” game between all of the ones you can potentially win money on (bingo, pool, solitaire, etc). I give it a 4 because as much as they claim they are against bots, there tends to be a handful of players that throw red flags and even when brought to support’s attention, there is no sense of concern and it’s disappointing. And when i say red flags, I am referring to specific moves or overall wins that have happened on more than one occasion and seem to slip thru the algorithm.. IE a gold player with a 28 win streak and manages to nail every trick shot and they just recently began appearing as an opponent. But aside from those players (and there really isn’t very many, and again, it’s the lack of concern that is disappointing) this game is a lot of fun and by far, the most honest.
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2 years ago, Drewfeezy77
This pool game is legit! Pool payday rocks!
So I downloaded this app about a year ago and at first I didn’t really like the ergonomics or fluidity of the game. After playing it over the past year I have really started to love this game. I have played many other pool games and yes some may have a better feel to it but as far as fairness and competitive opponents go this game beats them all. Good job Skillz you guys got me again..I have spent a lot of money playing against people all year long and now I’m finally good enough to make it all back and then some. But all that aside, it’s a great way to spend some down time and relax after a stressful day.. 🍻
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3 years ago, Richard B 2727
Stealing your money
I would love to personally meet anybody who actually won money at any of these games. First thing they do is sucker you in to puitting in more money by allowing you to win a few games, and then all of a sudden the scores you posted before that win you the games are suddenly not good enough, all of a sudden these “superstars” come out of the woodwork every time you post a good score. This is a scam. But they do this just enough to keep you with a little bit of money so you keep playing. Also another thing they do is promote you too a higher level prematurely so they have a reason for all these miraculous high scorers. Even if this was legit they promote you so prematurely that there is no chance for you too actually win anything substantial. Stay away from these Skillz games. I know a scam when I see one. They will steal your money. I’ve got a feeling I will be seeing them on the news soon for fraud
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3 years ago, jdjcuebsne
They have so many games and they actually are legit! You can play for free and win tickets and buy money with the tickets if you want to try a real cash game! It’s 100% Fair, as well! They match you with a person with the same skill level as you!Also the customer service is probably the best customer service I’ve ever had to write two and theyRespond so fast in so kindly and they are understanding and have a lot of empathy they do great work!I’ve never had an issue that they didn’t fix or they explained so I understood these are the only money games I will play because they are legit and they are fun!!
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1 year ago, Gogomanbear
Pool payday
Very cool open minded game… It’s a lot better than any other pool game I’ve seen on computer & Facebook.…FACT. What is crazy; I’m not even a gamer, I do love playin this pool game‼️🙌🏼🎯 Only downfall is when getting ready to play it aborts sometime’s & durnin play the screen will just freeze up fuzzy red, green, or gold an not come back on. Whatever color your table is; that’s the fuzzy color I see from time too time, it’s all good …Enjoy 🔥playing; u-ns take care, 🎱or9-ball anyone⁉️🤔 June 14, 2023 I believe all the glitches in the app. is worked out now. Thank you, James Sayre (Scorpion69Wv)🦂 👍🤙🏽😀🤙🏽
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3 years ago, Luke 2002
Absolute Scam (DO NOT BUY CASH)
I bought three bucks to bet in the game and first game on my opponent absolutely killed me, making all kinds of crazy bank shots off the wall. And I thought that maybe it was some kind of fluke, so I bought three bucks one last time. The next game was going better for me and was down to one last shot to win the game. I had the most obvious shot and the guideline was directly towards the middle of the pocket (NO WAY THAT IT SHOULD HAVE MISSED) and when I shot it, the ball bounced off the sides of the pocket and I ended up losing. They make it to where you can't gain any money from your starting point. If you go on a win streak the opponent gets stupidly more hard and is impossible for you to win. This game is worth reporting as they basically are stealing money from you. Not cool at all...
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3 years ago, sologamy
I neverrrrr write a review but after $150 and a bunch of matches I had to say something. If I could’ve giving this a 0 star I would’ve. I’ve come to the conclusion this game is a scam. What everyone is saying is true. The white ball either rolls to much or falls short. Shots that are easy to make you miss. And it’s very rare you play with an actual person. They set you up against their bots. This game is a complete scam. I deleted the game with a few dollars in the account. I don’t even want it back I want absolutely nothing to do with this game. Oh yeah not to mention the time I did win big the game froze on me and they kept the winnings. Please don’t waste your money playing this. Go to the corner store and buy a scratch off. You have better chances of winning that. And agin I never wrote a review a day in my life I’m 28 now but I absolutely feel scammed.
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3 years ago, ZTHeintz
Pretty freakin great!
This game is freakin pretty great! I have played several other Mobile Pool/Billiards games and this is one seems to be the least glitchy and the most fun. While I’m used to 15-ball I find that the 8-ball format is faster and in some circumstances requires a little more skill. Either way, this game has scratched the incessant pool hall itch I’ve had since this whole pandemic lockdown thing began. Our local hall finally opened a week ago but I’m still a little leery to spend that much time indoors with a crowd before I get my 2nd dose. This game will more than suffice til then!
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3 years ago, spoee
Fun game with actual fair chance of winning cash!
This is a really fun game to play with fair chances of winning money. They also give good amounts of bonus cash too! You can play with their game coin for practice and get some for free every day for login bonus. Sometimes they will replace the login bonus with free bonus cash which is awesome! You won’t make an income from playing this game obviously! However if you just want something fun to play to pass time with chances of winning extra money give this one a chance.
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3 years ago, The.Cookie.Monster
Pool Payday
Its a overall fun game. I really enjoy the idea behind it although I do see room for improvement. Overall it seems fair and pairings legit for the live games side of it but the other games could be more random they feel a little staged. Also the graphics and physics seem more focused on copying what worked on other games instead of a more realism feel targeted towards the older crowd based on the gambling aspect of the game. While I do recommend downloading this app keep a open mind and be cautious to the expectation that in a kill or be killed environment while the idea is solid the game itself will have to evolve drastically or be replaced by its competitors.
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2 days ago, What996
I wouldn’t trust this game. I wouldn’t play this game. I wouldn’t recommend this game. I don’t even wanna give it a star. They say that you are up against fair game fair opponents of your level, but then they lie. When you click on the larger paying games they put you up against like pro people who have been playing for a quite some time you can tell by the way they play did not receive my five dollar bonus when I paid $25 lost all of my money didn’t make a dime! and do not pay through their app with your Visa debit card, because there’s nowhere in the app where you can find your visa and remove it from the app and in doing so the purchase doesn’t even show through Apple so how do you get a refund because I’m very dissatisfied and very upset
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6 months ago, _TableVision_
Overall Addictive and Realistic Play
I must say I have become addicted to this game. I enjoy the realistic physics of the game and cue control. However, at times, there is a glitch that most of the regular players of the game refer to as “Molasses table” and whenever that happens, the normal power is reduced to half and it usually impacts your ability to score. The app doesn’t seem to get a lot of updates. The last update to this app was 6 months ago, yet support is aware of the glitch and the developers haven’t been contacted for an update to resolve this issue? Also, matches used to pair much faster. Now, it can take up to a whole day to two days to actually pair with someone and make money. As a player who spends a good amount of money on this game, please spend the time to update and fix the bugs and spruce these stale seasons up. Also, the new leaderboard is awful. Especially when games go pending for a lot of the top tier players, preventing us from even climbing the leaderboard. _TableVision_
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3 years ago, Sandman743
Cue ball will scratch
This game is great except for some reason the developers have made the cue ball to scratch any time it’s close I thought it was me until after over 20 times I watched the cue ball make a turn and scratch.. I’m a pool player and I know when English will make a ball turn and yes there are times a strait looking ball will curve. But this game is made to made you scratch for no reason, if the pool balls worked like the cue ball then no one would ever miss a shot.. my question is why make the cue ball do this.. it’s a fair game without that happening ??? When you bet money and you loose bc of a ball going against the laws of ( gravity or whatever it’s called ) it pisses you off. I’m about to quit playing bc of this
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3 years ago, ArcherT$
Fun to play the practice matches
If you plan on putting money in, I strongly suggest you don’t, you most likely will lose it all. First of their I a tier system using tickets from bronze (0 tickets) to diamond tier (>800k tickets) so diamond tier players have played for years or put a lot of money in. The game gives you a few dollars from acquiring trophies and opening boxes with some currency for the game (game coins, tickets or cash). After playing the first cash game I lost to a diamond tier player while being a bronze tier player. So unlike the practice games that match you with same skill level player the cash games match you with whatever player. Overall if you okay the game just to kill time strongly recommend if you want to gamble you are bound to lose.
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2 years ago, YBFDerek
Great game and I’ve both lost money, and paid for a weekend getaway!
If you are paying for lives, tries, or whatever else on other games. This will cost about the same. The difference is, this game lets win more money than you spend at times. I’ve cashed out over $200 in one time and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent less than $20 a month in deposits to play. You can play for free until you get comfortable, but the cash games get very addictive and I don’t feel screwed over. Good job Skillz!
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4 years ago, malgorhytm
$10 deposit woes
seems app developers missing out on a lot of money while trying to force ppl to do the $10 bonus thing. I just sign back off the apps sometimes for a day or so to see when I can come back & only deposit $2-3. Shouldn’t have to do $10 every time. I can barely catch the screen where it drops down to the lowest incriminate that you can deposit. Players should always have the lower option when they go on the game looking to deposit. You want $10 from someone who JUST downloaded the app like 2 days ago lol idek y’all like that & it isn’t thaaaaaaaat fun it’s not $10 every time I log on fun lol
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10 months ago, Cancer 712
Newbie to the best ever yet!
I am enjoying this newly found competition. I am honored to play with individuals on my level. It is quite interesting that you have so many different aspects that gives me momentum to give my best effort. I do ,in fact, like to take my time to study the different positions and skills of other players. Thank you for your encouragement and support, and hopefully I will be able to reign supreme champion. I look forward to advancing to that ultimate level.
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6 months ago, Trav@282663
I deposited money to play and won 49 dollars. It says up to 6 weeks to send check which makes no sense because what are you doing that takes 6 weeks to review for “security” reasons. I drive to Georgia for the week and they tell me I have to show proof that it’s me because I was out of town, “as if there was anything anyone can do fraudulent, we can’t even get the money we win”. I verify when and where I was and then I get a response to play a 60 cent match in order to process. So y’all want me to add more money to prove it’s me but y’all ain’t even process the money I won. Not to mention you can’t just put 60 cents in they know I would have to add a certain amount of money. Don’t waste you guys time!
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3 years ago, ~Snugglepuss~
You have to actually pay money to win money. It’s a lot like the lottery but with less pay out, less hope, more punching walls, and very clunky game mechanics. I get that it is suppose to be a live game play game to get real money. But the actual game mechanics are awful, the way the balls hit each other is like they have no physics. They act like they’re trapped in boxes and only move and breathe boxes. Not to mention the unfair time restrictions on each move, and the fact that the 8 ball can be hit at any point in the game, without reprimands. It’s more like a janky unfair version of drunk 8 ball, but instead of playing fair your friend says “house rules” and then cheats the entire game. I would advise other games than this garbage.
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5 years ago, Pstrutz73
Do not download this particular app
I’ve played several games now and I play the other pool games too and the aim arrow is way off! I’ve missed several shots that I know are perfect and the balls keep rolling when they should stop and stop when they should keep going on many occasions! Also when you break it’s very hard to not slide the wrong screen into your phone and then it hits the cue ball for you and you shoot when you don’t mean to! They need to make a wAy to where that makes it impossible to do. I will play just cuz right now I have nothing better to do at 3am but if you are serious about playing this particular game to make money then DONT DO IT but if you just want to challenge yourself and play others and not be live then it’s a cool app
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4 years ago, wbl203
Fun game, beware
This is a fun game, however be careful when playing for real money. These games video record your matches. There is a glitch that people are exposing where they are making every ball in on the break giving them unrealistic scores of 1300+. These are cheaters, they have video evidence and at this point do nothing. They aren’t refunding their loyal players and these people keep doing it with no patch as of yet. People are losing their money to cheaters and the only response we get are automated messages that say the same thing every time. It’s too bad, better options will come around at some point and they will take care of their customer instead of making their game a money grab.
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3 years ago, rsmith1123
Decent game, very deceiving but fun never the less
Good game with a lot of potential , matchmaking is pretty consistent however every now and then you get paired against someone who is not even close to your same skill level, as far as the deceiving part... entry fee for $1 game is 60 cents so when you win you are actually only winning 40cents as opposed to $1, and yes I understand it’s a business and they need to make money but 60 cents to enter and only 40 cents for win is a negative ratio and unless you are winning consistently you will ultimately lose all your deposited money eventually. That being said, been playing for a few days and I am having fun but I fear it will wear off soon unless I learn to master the game
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8 months ago, elpechocho1
There was a glitch in the game that chose the $20 match instead of my usual $1 match. I contacted the support team, quite upset about the dilema ,and they resolved my issue practically before I could blink my eyes. The money had been refunded into my account. You guys are awesome!! P.S. This all occurred in the early evening and so I wasn’t even expecting anyone to even RESPOND much less SOLVE my problem before the next day afternoon time!! THANKS AGAIN GUYS!! I would put 10 stars if I could!!!
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2 years ago, TechMikeig
100% legit Company & Payout
100% legit Company & legit payouts to players • They give out Money daily through many different contests. They give tickets to players for every games (free or cash games)that you can redeem for cash + PREMIUM/Hot prizes. Fast Customer Service. Company trades in the Stock Market that is the reason I joined because I know a company that’s trades publicly can not do any funny business and there is no funny business here. You can legit learn this game and you can win big money… I sure did!!!!!
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3 years ago, sharkdododododadodo
Don’t think about it A must play game
I’ve tried so many billiards games on my phone but none of them can compete with this one. Not only is it addictive with several different challenges and levels but you truly can win money. With all the fake games out there claiming to win money when you play them yet we all know that that’s a bunch of crap. This is for real!!! If you guys skills were the pool cueYou could really make bank!!
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4 years ago, jamtwo88
Avoid this game
This game would be good if it wasn’t for the bugs in the game that lead to lost money. I’m a good sport enough to accept making a bad shot, but in this game you can line the cue ball up to hit another ball, the other ball showing contact, and the cue ball will miss entirely and not hit the intended ball at all. If it were just useless points I was speaking and losing I wouldn’t care or take the time to write a review, but this game offers real cash matches. Each match Skillz makes a hefty profit on and then gives users the occasional rigged play, and don’t bother contacting their “support team”, they’re completely useless. Even providing them with a match ID they still refuse to help. I’m uninstalling this game, it’s legal theft, I’d suggest you avoid it entirely.
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2 years ago, Big TOKES Nasty
Big Tokes Nasty
Sometimes I feel like this game is rigged. U lose more money then u win. That’s what everybody says on here too. There’s also a bunch of horny chicks on here that send u nude pics on what’s app from other countries. I’m from the US. Also there’s lots of only fans bugging the crap out of u to see they’re page. But if your single and you wanna hook up with people in your area this is the app to do it. Also a good app to sell drugs on low key.
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10 months ago, azosirac
inconsistent game play
Yes my game play was indeed inconsistent. In part to my own skill level being of such low quality that I lost. The disturbing factor (since money is involved) is the inconsistency the app displayed with; ball speed, english, pocket width, cue control. 2 separate games lost because the cue moved from the last position i set it to before shooting. The most annoying aspect is that you can be aiming the cue and because of the positioning of the “cue ball strength meter” accidentally swipe it causing you to lose a shot. that should never be an issue for a customer. no warnings or attempt to educate the customer just “buyer beware” steer clear until they work out the kinks. wasted $20.
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3 years ago, trynakeeppushin
Addictive game
Great, addicting game. I can’t even play pool, but downloaded because you can win real money! Although I have not withdrawn any funds,I can honestly say I’ve won a few times. Of course I’d play my earnings, & eventually lose it all; but I still have fun! With that said, there’s a reason it’s only 4 stars. (Read below) I just wish that if a player pauses the game, especially when the other player is playing, they automatically forfeit, or lose points. Too many people pause the Game when they are losing, to mess the player in the lead up. It’s been mentioned numerous times in the chat. Please look into this. It is not the developer’s fault that some people are dishonest, I just wish there was a way the pause option is removed, or my other suggestions mentioned above.
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2 months ago, mailman one
The best
How come this app no longer works on my phone anytime I go to open it it closes itself why is that ? And now I can get into the app when I click on something it won’t let me play or do anything this is crazy can you please fix this I just did an update on it still having problems tonight my phone I thought it was not working but any event I like this app
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1 year ago, Vicsnzperdanko
Pay me
I give yous a five star because the developer did a fantastic job that’s hands down the only thing I don’t like is the scams that can be generated through this app some one texted me on chat that mark Zimmerman said that I won a cash prize but t had to give them my phone number and email address but I didn’t respond to that but over all nice well done on the creation
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3 years ago, 🖕🏾capitalism & racism
What’s up with the intentional glitch.
I deposit money through PayPal. Every single time I play free game the game doesn’t glitch at all. Every single time I play a game for money, game glitches as soon as I hit match, it literally does a Hard force quit before every single match. Now this matches are for $.60 but I could make a dollar and some other things if I win the match, however I can’t even begin to match and win because as soon as I hit Play to start a match, the app force quits which means I automatically lose, and every single time it happens, I’m losing $.60.
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9 months ago, PAUOwl
Excellent gameplay, but in-app chat can be rude and wild
I dislike the apparent fact that Pool Payday users are NOT permitted to advertise themselves or promote their causes in this app’s chatroom. I was muted yesterday (Thurs, July 28th, 2022) for doing just that: I shared a Mercari app selling invite link & promoted 2 of my social media channels ONLY to be insulted in a defamation manner & later muted/kicked out of the chat group for this “offense”. I’m still quite upset that this happened while I continue enjoying Pool Payday app gameplay. From, KSU owl
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3 years ago, D-from the bay area
You need to refund any money when a game is aborted or the app crashes
The number one issue this skills game apps have is that they do not refund the money when any game is a boarded or crash meaning that we do not know if I’m purposely they make them crash and just keep our money…..Skillz You need to refund any money when a game is aborted or the app crashes. It does not matter whose fault it is no you should 100% refund everyone their money without no one having to complain or send an email even though the email is worthless because you guys don’t pay attention and they have terrible customer service.
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3 years ago, Guywhodontrun
Kind of a scam here
Don’t play your real money on here, major flaw in the prize area. You can basically lose more than you can win. For instance there’s a $6 entry fee for the $10 prize matches so let’s say u play 5 games: lose all 5 you lose $30; win all five you only gain $20. OR if you win 3 and lose 2 you come out with $0 more than what you began with. Not worth it at all
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2 years ago, copyguy75
Fun time killer
Game is fun to play just don’t have expectations of it replacing your day job. Bonus on your buy in are kinda of a gimmic seems like you never play enough to get rid of them for a pay out before you out of money. Still have yet to collect money from them however I did earn enough points to get a low end hoodie so I can give them free advertisement. All and all a fun time killer when your bored and have some skin in the game.
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2 months ago, Pro. Player63
Awesome update ☺️🎱 Just here for fun! I’m Back!!! Unfortunately, I don’t get to actually play this game anymore inside of the Billiards 🎱 Halls…But! I truly love this this Hobby ✨🫶🏾💫 Since my last update! I am seeing where this game is in need of improvement. However, support staff has been very supportive and appears to listen well to suggestions for further improvements. Thanks! For all you do support staff 🎱🫶🏾
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3 months ago, PDOG333
Great game play….but
I give it 4 stars because I think it would be so much better if the player could view the other players table. It would just be more fair in my opinion to see how I win or loose the game. I’m not complaining, just thought I would make that suggestion in case no one ever has. The idea and gameplay are awesome as is. If only I could see my opponent's shots, and he see mine as well. I would give 5 stars.
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3 years ago, queenybigs
Yes if you scratch on a final shot and you win you definitely would not win in real life pool. I know I was in league for many years and let’s just say you don’t get rewards when you drop the 8 on a break or scratch on a win shot so it’s just some thing you as developers need to find out before giving out the rules of pool to people that know it better than most do. Anyways very good game other than that little issue.
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3 months ago, memas beautifulrubies
My game
Was having trouble getting the game on was very upset but I have it back now yeah I love this game luck of the draw. I wish you would not take so many points from me to play last week I had over44 hundred this week I just have over 3000 wish you could fix the cue ball strength it is going so slow not making lots of my shots
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2 years ago, nojudgementbut
What happened
Love this game…. Correction, LOVED this game. 2 days ago it suddenly stopped responding. The game opens and loads up but when i tap play nothing. I was winning money and everything!… And yes I’ve turned the ipad off and on. Force closed the app several times. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Several times as well. Still when i tap on any game to play…. Nothing happens and if i refresh…. The wheel keeps spinning until I close it again. Can someone look into this.
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