4.6 (63.8K)
18.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vintolo Ltd
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pool

4.63 out of 5
63.8K Ratings
3 months ago, Yeeet where are you?
I just won the first time in my life! On Pool, you absolutely have to download and try it immediately. it is so fun and you can actually play with a friend or a computer. there can only be two players. You are player one. your friend or if you’re playing on computer, they’re play two it is so fun you have to download it immediately. It is like the funnest if you do have pool, you actually should play by the rules but you could just play without the rules. you could just like not follow the rules but I prefer following the rules. I’ve actually lost every single time I played so that’s sad but finally I won so yay!😎😎😎 But I’m glad I won!🥳 And my throat hurts but still I won. Yay!😏😎😏😎😏😎😏😎😏😎😏😎😏😎😏 And I’m Mexican da da da d da da da da Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwŵwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeęeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
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4 years ago, Master Mentor
Great game - Almost
I’ve played hundreds of games with the first version of the game which disappeared from the App Store. This clone is the latest release of the game which is on the App Store. What’s the difference? Advertising for one. The statistics, which can’t be reset to zero on the first release, has been deleted on this version. So no tally or score of games won. Huh? I don’t mind advertising if I can pay to stop it but there seems no way within the game to do it. Granted it’s still fun to play. Other pool games have other problems such as no English or a very narrow range where it affects the object ball. In this game the controls are wonderful! I have a “wish” list that includes individually resettable scores for each skill level, a counter of scratches and forfeits by making the 8 ball in error. That’s a minimum for me hence I’m only giving it 4 stars, not bad at all, but I’ll hold my fifth star until there’s an upgrade with the mentioned features. I still play the early first version with the scoring and no advertising. They could have made it even better and instead made it worse. The silver lining is that it’s really FREE and fun. Some pool games are greedy thinking they’re almost an MMO, MMORPG by charging for tokens or chips for that infinite flow of cash. If you’re wealthy, have fun with my blessings on those ha ha ha!
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5 years ago, pebusculous
Fun pass-time
Engaging and habit-forming. Couple of bugs - low impact, but makers may wanna check ‘em out: 1) When cueball is close-up against another ball, especially when screen edges limit pool stick length - the cueball will sometimes appear stubbornly adhered to the end of the pool stick, making it a dud that goes nowhere when “shot” (as seems the only action that frees it), and 2) Choosing a pocket for the 8-ball takes several taps and on occasion, it triggers a random unaimed “shot” hurling the cueball across the table with the pool stick still temporarily absent from view. In both cases, the game moves on to the other player causing, essentially, a lost shot. Even so, the frequency is not enough to take away from the engaging aspects of the game, that seem very near the “real thing”. I’ve learned to execute a couple of petty fanciful angles and surprised myself more than a few times It’s a simple, fairly basic game with various visual options but be aware, it can grow addicting. 👍
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5 years ago, Clarie Holt 123456
5 Star Game
This game is so enjoyable and fun to play with friends and family. I absolutely am in love with this game although maybe people complain about the advantages and disadvantages about playing against computer..I agree. When I try to take a simple shot I miss by a mile but the computer easily makes the shot from all sorts of weird angles that are mostly impossible to actually go in the pockets. By now I would done and furious with this game but I absolutely love it. Even though I do not always win, it’s still incredibly fun to play and it’s an amazing way to enjoy yourself even if you have nobody else to play with. Overall I believe this game is amazing and that I will keep playing. I rate this game a 4 because there are multiple good reasons to bad reasons. Love this game ❤️
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3 years ago, Leon 53
Versus computer
I normally enjoy playing this, but it gets quite annoying, frustrating, and irritating when playing the computer: I’ll drop one of my balls, and the computer takes the next shot! Go figure...NOT how I learned to play. When this happens i typically just quit the app When one player drops the cue ball, the other player spots the cue ball at or behind “the line” and (how I learned) your shot MUST be beyond that line. This is not how pool is played in this version. I am just about to delete this app, as much as I *normally* enjoy playing it, against the computer. All too often the computer takes the turn after I have sunk one of mine. Please address this CONTINUING ISSUE. Obviously nothing was done since my initial review. Does ANYONE read these, or perhaps more to the point, even care about these reviews??
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2 years ago, Durant57
Good Game, But It Could Easily Be Much Better
I really enjoy learning about pool, planning shots, learning about angles & caroming the ball. At some points I'd like to increase my skill by turning off the vectors, but you can't. As a beginner, it would be very helpful to understand the rules they use. Every time I have played IRL, house rules have been slightly different. I've played this game hundreds of times and I still don't know the difference between US and UK pool, and I had to google 9 ball to figure it out. Speaking of 9 ball, since you have to sink the balls in order, why is the numbering option normally turned off? Are we supposed to guess by color? Yeeps! Lastly, I wish the self practice option let me play however I like, shooting balls in the order I prefer so I can practice whatever shot I want. Better yet, an option where I can set up balls as I like to work on issues or practice trick shots. And along the same lines, a Reset button, so I could try the same shot over to see what works better.
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2 years ago, no so back off
Ok not bad
I think it’s ok I don’t think it’s horrible I think tho that when you sink a ball you should be able to go again umm I think that if you could change your sensitivity 1-100 I would help I also want more game modes and something were you can bet money and if you win you get the amount of money you’d bet from every and you win you should get the money you bet and the same amount from your enemy..I wish it had better graphics and the more games should be pre downloaded
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7 years ago, Toidiots
Great game
I love this game! I can even win! There is not even one complaint that I would have. . . . . . . . . CORRECTION! After writing above, I read another review and realized I have ALL the same problems, but I was having so much fun playing & winning that I just started overlooking all those problems, but they are still there: computer's balls go in when they shouldn't, computer gets to move the cue ball whenever and wherever it wants to, computer oftentimes hits my balls before they hit hers, computer starts playing again when my turn isn't up yet, and on and on. Normally, I would delete this game and be done with it, but I just love this game.
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2 years ago, JmOWolff
Fun game even though the computer will “cheat”
I love this game, but there are a few random problems. The major issue is that when playing against the computer it often takes over a turn even when I’ve made a successful shot. So I lose a shot. Also it will jump ahead as if it sank a ball, meaning that suddenly a ball will have been removed from the table and the computer begins its “turn” with fewer shots to make. And finally, the computer gets often gets a free ball placement as if I’d scratched, but I didn’t. Even though the computer often “cheats” it’s still fun, I just wish these glitches can be corrected.
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7 years ago, AgainwithKlingons
This game is enjoyable except for the offer to purchase a better game each time you play. I prefer not to play any games where the app continually asks you if you want to buy another version. This in no way detracts from the free version, just a comment. Maybe the paid version lets you rotate the table for a table level view. Yes the vector projections make it easier to adjust the cue but making those visual calculations is part of the game. It is curious how the computer chooses the shots it makes but therein lies the fun.
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6 years ago, been punked
Highly disappointed
This game is a disappointment. I downloaded the game about a year ago, hoping to play with friends. Now 8 out of 10 of my opponents have middle eastern names and make impossible shots, while I scratch impossibly constantly, and miss simple aligned shots. I have a hard time believing that no one from the rest of the world plays. I play pool, I know the mathematics. I thought this game would begin to resemble reality if I paid into it, so I bought some things. The bucks disappeared with no explanation or recourse. They took my money. I cannot even accumulate the bucks, but I can if I play as a guest! And further more you can tell when it’s a machine you are up against not a player when you see the other cue check every ball on the table before it chooses its shot.
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6 years ago, Tagurrit
Fun free game that cheats like heck!
It's a fun little game that's easy to play but the computer cheats. I just finished a game where I sank the last odd numbered ball and the computer then decided that it would not only not let me shoot the eight ball but decided to take the next shot and placed the ball in the most advantageous position for the even numbered balls and proceeded to sink all six even numbered balls and the eight ball to win. So I went from six balls ahead and it was my shot for the eight ball to losing. This game does things like that all the time. Also I paid for the full version and it’s not available on iOS 11.
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5 years ago, Gimowoman
Why change it
I was truly enjoying this game when all of a sudden must have gotten an update because now it looks and acts different. Put it back the way it was. I don’t want something spinning over the pocket I select. I don’t need “Player Thinking” in bold letters. My thoughts were to see if this game can be purchased but now with all these changes I am doubtful if this is a game for me. Oh and before you apparently fixed something that wasn’t broke the cue stick never spun when hitting the shoot button. Now it is hit or miss. Please put it back the way it was.
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3 years ago, o2cmefly
Great game, but could be better
As others have said, I love the games features. The power, vectors, and English are all useful. I’d add a few more things though: 1- the ability to chose difficulty level. I can now regularly beat the computer easily. I’m talking it still has 5-6 balls left, and I’m sinking the 8 easily. Let’s up the difficulty a bit, at least for those of us that want it. 2- allow the game to be more orientation friendly. It’s set up for portrait mode, let’s make it work better in landscape too. It’s playable, but everything (menus, etc.) are sideways. 3- More table colors and ball set options would be fun, and the ability to chose each separately would be even better. Maybe some pro-options as levels increase. 4- scoring: save scores, # of games won, games stats, etc. there’s a solitaire game I play that changes my title with each successive level increase. Let’s do something like that.
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4 months ago, butterbebe123654
I think you should really get this game because as soon as my aunt downloaded it I started to play it. I like it because it’s so fun and it has NO ADDS!! A lot of great games have adds but this great game has none! This game can also help me as practice for when I play it with my family and friends. This game is also pretty realistic when you press “Play vs Computer”. You can also do solo training, or play vs friend. I love this game and you should too!!!! 🤗💜🇺🇸
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6 years ago, aileen loves games
Give this game 5 stars
I honestly love this app I’ve already gave this game 5 stars because it is very realistic to the original game that you can play at a bar or at home so I really hope who ever gets this game has a lot of fun I am honestly very obsessed with this game you get addicted the very first second that You play at least for me of course so I really hope who ever downloads this game really gives this game 5 stars it might mean a lot to the inventor because it shows you love the game🥳
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5 years ago, Black Dungen
I like this pool game better than other ones because the controls are simple, even though the physics aren't quite like playing the game in real life. Sometimes the computer will cheat though, like think it is it's turn when u made a perfectly good shot sometimes. and if you knock the white ball in, it gets to put it in any where it wants, but if it does that, oh no, YOUR stuck in the kitchen. I also don't like that there's no difficulty setting so it's basically set on always easy. So I guess that it's cheating makes up for how bad it is. But I still prefer this version over most.
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5 years ago, Mojora19
New Changes Make Me Dizzy
I’ve been happily playing this games for a few years, the changes a few days ago are miserable, no other word for them. The spinning arrows over the pockets is sickening. It’s ruined a very good game. It is so bad I can’t even look at the pockets to make the shot. It’s really nasty. Take them off....it may be a surprise to you but people can find a pocket on a pool table without the spinning arrows. Fire the guy/gal who thought that was a good idea.
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4 years ago, Nathan Brophy
Fun but has bugs
Fun to play and pass the time but has a couple bugs. For example, if you make a ball in on the break, a solid for example, and don’t make the next shot, the computer player can shoot a solid in and cheat you out of a ball. Also doesn’t follow the actual rules of pool like “scratches” where the cp makes a shot, but also hits one of yours in, just lets the computer player keep playing its turn instead of letting you place the cue ball. Not a huge deal, unless you play real pool, then it’s kinda annoying.
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5 years ago, Zildjiancat
I agree with Gimowoman. This was an excellent app that requires no “improvements” whatsoever. The latest update changed all that. It supposedly “fixed” freezing. The app was already working perfectly. Now, everything it “fixed” now causes problems, looks stupid, drains battery power. Stupid spinning things in all the pockets. Freezing cue shots. Game locking up. Big lag on taking the shot to the cue ball actually moving. I used to love this app. Played it all the time. Have a 5-star review. Now it’s a mess. 1 Star is generous. Please “update” back to what once was. Or at least allow those of us who preferred the game before this last update the option of returning to the previous version.
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6 years ago, Rainmkr
Pretty Good...
This game is pretty good but it has some problems. I agree with Toidiots’ review, it’s not following some of the basic rules AND it’s also not always physically POSSIBLE for some things to happen. Also, they CHEAT you. For example, let’s just say you hit a solid to find out which ball you are (solid or stripes) in the beginning of the game, and then the computer hits a solid you end up getting stripes. It’s not that I’m against stripes, it’s just that I got solid fair and square. On the other hand, it’s still a good game to play.
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2 years ago, autlo
Fun game but if you play against “computer” the game will cheat a bit. The computer pretty much makes all the shots even some that seem impossible. Also, the computer will move the cue ball before making a shot even tho it should not be allowed to move the cue ball. Only time you should be able to move the cue ball is if the opponent sinks the cue balls in one of the holes. Unfortunately the computer does not comply with that. ALSO, if I make a shot, why does the computer shoot after me?! Pool rules: if I make a shot I get to go again!
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6 years ago, Ocaoivorew
Ok but has significant problems
Say you sink a stripe on break, the icon does not show it under your number, until the computer sinks a ball. So if you missed it you don’t know what you have without counting what’s left. Here’s my favorite, I sunk the SOLID yellow on break, but it didn’t count, I missed my next shot, the computer sunk a SOLID, so now it shows the computer has solids and I have stripes, WHAT ABOUT THE BALL I SUNK ON BREAK. Overall if you don’t mind the computer is so biased ,it’s a fun game, just realize they get to cut closer, you get cheated sometimes on the break and a few other irritations and it’s ok.
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6 years ago, pompetesmom
I love this app. No ads except other suggested games but without the flashing lights or annoying sounds. Perfectly acceptable and desirable in a free app. I have had glitches but again, acceptable. I love sinking the 8 ball on the break and love banking shots. It's a game of skill and although enjoyable, I have to agree with others that there have been times I thought the computer 'cheated' for lack of a better word. I play on an Apple iPod 6, using 10.3 iOS.
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2 years ago, kdiocimji
Fun but rigged and unbalanced
You get matched with guys way out of your league like if your level 4 you’ll be matched with a pro at level 260. And the wheel of fortune mini game that gives you a chance at winning coins never lands on anything past 150. Also the entry fees are way to costly considering it’s so hard to raid coins and finally as soon as you hit 1vs1 it puts you straight on a 100k table and if you accidentally hit it (like if your cat walks on your screen if you lay your phone down like I did) there’s no way of backing out. So fun if your not wanting to take the game seriously.
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2 years ago, nattiebear
I am rating it a five
I rated it a five so it can be noticed but this game is trash. First they don’t tell you who’s turn it is when you play with a friend. The game is always freezing and they tell all the time when you don’t even pot the cue ball to place the cue ball. Once I added the game because I love playing pool I played it for a little while and then got really annoyed with is so I deleted it. DONT GET THIS GAME PLEASE YOU WILL REGRET IT!
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8 months ago, Sea Turtle Friend
Love the Pool App!
I love playing pool in real life but don’t own a pool table, only occasionally get to a place that has pool tables (mostly bars and bowling alleys, which I don’t frequent). Playing the pool app is relaxing, I can make shots I probably wouldn’t be able to make in real life but actually seems like it would improve my game when the opportunity to play on a real table arises.
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4 years ago, Nachtwende
Not a problem
This mode is slightly touchier so to speak on the rail springing. It really is like a newly well built table. You need the finesse’ to take shots cautiously or risked a foul. It doesn’t keep the recorded wins. So far, no ads aggravating for buying this or that. If that starts the review goes to one star and a deletion. Be advised developers : Keep ads away from my screen! It’s not a request! So far a wonderful clean game without harassment, let’s keep it that way. I like the choice mode of either 8 or 9 ball play against the computer or playing with a friend that may have the game. Question is can you make “friends” with a friends option advertised? 🤔 It has me wondering. (????).
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1 year ago, AgentGame
Poor accuracy
I’ve played billiards competitively for almost 30 years and I found this app to be less than accurate. In some cases it defies the laws of physics. For example, without applying English to the ball, which this app does not allow, a ball can not exit a rail at a different angle than it entered, yet that occasionally occurs in this app. Also, without applying English to the ball, which this app does not allow, a ball does not increase speed after making contact with another ball, yet that occasionally occurs in this app.
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4 years ago, TheBearAk
Fun but
The only problem I've had with this game is that once in a while it will lock up solid. Force quit is only option. I play it on several devices including a 2nd gen iPad. The English to the shot is a really nice additions, however it has way to much influence on the cue ball before it hits another ball or a rail. 1 or 2 tips from center should have very little effect on the cue ball until it hits a rail
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2 years ago, PatrickF1225
It cheats. Play it and see the glitches. If you play against the computer, it gives the computer the advantage. It picks the solid or stripe it wants, even though the player breaks and gets one in the hole. And, when this happens, it doesn’t tell you if you’re solid or stripe (which makes it difficult if you forgot after a ball goes in). Often, the computer steals your play, after you make a shot of your solid/stripe - and the computer just takes your turn. Acts like the computer scratched when it didn’t. Cheats!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, ROBERT SENDEJO
I have been playing the correct professional regulated rules, guidelines, and jurisdictions that equals laws of pool. And, I have only played the generated generic pool game player and I am undefeated. The manufacturer needs to add more logic every time someone like me wins the challenger that way I have a harder time winning. Otherwise I love this game with no problems when booting up and playing the game.
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4 years ago, Williamgc
Good fun
Do you want to join a game of pool then this game this for you simple to use you can play against the computer or against your friend it’s simple it’s easy and you’ll enjoy itDo you want to join a game of pool then this game this for you simple to use you can play against the computer or against your friend it’s simple it’s easy and you’ll enjoy it
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3 years ago, Jherna7
I really do think it will help anyone who has never played pool learn the rules and get the “feel” for the real game. My only issue with this particular app is that controlling the aiming of the pool stick is too sensitive. When taking your finger off the pool stick to press shoot the aiming is lost and you have to repeat the process.
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5 years ago, Liondoll2
Enjoy shooting pool but need to see this sites rules, they do not show up on menu or anything else. They are different compared to online rules in general, as in looking up on Google,etc. I would like to know other things as (I know about the "Power"on the cue ball) & what do certain items mean on the sidebar. I know the common sense ones,just maybe their is more that needs explaining. Thank you
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6 years ago, tvance444
Too insensitive to play on my iPhone 6s
Good game in that it seems to do a very good job (accuracy) with geometry of shots and bank shots, as well as the adjustable power behind each shot. However, I do all of my game play on my phone, usually to pass the time while I’m waiting for something. Simply, the aligning of the shot cue is WAY TOO SENSITIVE, making it VERY frustrating to play this game. If the movements (adjustments) were to be slowed down by 1/2 or 3/4 then I think I’d REALLY like this game. I don’t know if playing on an iPad would be any better.
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6 years ago, Michael Big
Decent but wish it had...
Wish it had a training mode which allowed normal play but let you undo a shot and provided a video review of that lad shot you took. Otherwise, it’s a decent game for the price - which is free. My only complaint is that in single player game mode, the computer employs predictive shooting in planning ahead multiple angles in a single shot - something even Willie Mosconi or Minnesota Fats can’t do.
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6 years ago, Fleury629
Not good, but still fun.
I hate to admit how much fun this game is, because it is trash. On the surface it’s a fun simple game of pool. But there are many problems. It crashes constantly, the rules of pool do not apply, the computer can make the most impossible shots on a regular basis. I scratch at least once every 3 shots regardless of where I aim the call or how much English I put on it. There are many ball in hand inconsistencies. All that being said, it is still a simple, fun pool sim, and much more enjoyable than some of the more complex pool apps.
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2 years ago, Derekisfrustrated
It has been quite some time since I've played billiards so I downloaded this app and gave it a go. I've had hours of endless entertainment and it feels like real billiards. The only con is the power seems a bit lacking on the break. Otherwise this game is superb!
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7 years ago, Froggy McDutches
Very fun
Very fun, inspirational, and learning. I love playing against the computer in the one player column. Even if I don't win each time, it really helps me get the concept of pool. Playing 8 ball against the computer is very fun and helps me learn how to play and it's very fun, especially if you're a pool fan. I definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, bestbasketballplayerever2345
I like it but it’s too easy
Now I have talent for playing pool in real life, so I said hmm let’s try it on my phone. So I downloaded this and then I’m like dude this is easy and I haven’t lost. Any one of my games sorry it’s way to easy but it’s fun. Still I love this game but it’s just too easy to beat everyone
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2 years ago, Verbal lion
Sir knows
I have been playing this game from the time I first got my first apple phone around the apple 5. And I still love this game no commercials and you have 3 playing mode (computer, friend, or practice) it’s actually lots of fun and requires no internet so you can play
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7 years ago, Cool game !!!!
Great game to kill time with
It's a little too easy to beat the computer so to make it harder for myself I bank the 8 ball in to win the game. The computer gets away with cheating all the time either hitting my ball first to sink one of theirs or hitting the 8 ball to accomplish the act. But all in all it's a fun way to pass the time.
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3 years ago, Dolphin-Noise
Not difficult enough
Best pool app I’ve played that’s on the App Store, thank you for NOT having adds every three seconds like some others. I would rate this game 5-stars, however, it needs a CPU difficulty setting or something... I rarely lose this game and it’s annoying watching the CPU ignore an easy shot or miss a shot that should’ve definitely made.
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6 years ago, DragerJoe
Fun on iPad
Rarely glitches so you can keep playing over and over. Pretty sensitive considering the format. Like you have option to play single, games lately seem to push multi-player and sometimes you just want to relax and this lets you do that.
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3 years ago, the1dsmack
Good game
This is a fun game. I'm better with it than in real life. Have a few suggestions: allow the computer to break; improve the strike 'meter' and allow user to set it in the options. I've lined up a shot, touched it accidentally and the ball went nowhere.
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4 years ago, scolaighe
Hours of enjoyment
It's a simple game but it brings the real world challenges of Eight and Nine Ball to your device. It helps me with 9 Ball strategy and is great practice. It's also good for our busy modern world as you can leave and get right back into the action on your next break.
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3 years ago, way too eas
Too easy
I find that every time I go against the computer I win. Could you please either make it harder or have a function that allows you to choose the difficulty level? Thanks!
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6 years ago, Mssttip70
Too Many Glitches!!!
This app needs to load up on some B 12 because its thought process is definitely a little off honey. I’m sick and tired of this app playing out of turn, deliberately hitting my balls, playing the 8 ball when they still have balls on the table and not posting my high/low balls status when I drop a ball first. However, I’m not complaining about having the privilege to place the cue ball all over the table. KMSL. FIX THESE PROBLEMS PLEASE. And stop cheating!!!!!
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6 years ago, RickinLA
The weirdest app!
I love playing this game but I’ve never used an app that cheats. I know that sounds dumb as hell but the computer will move the cue ball even though you didn’t scratch. On the computer’s turn it will take another turn even though it didn’t sink a ball. I’ve never seen anything like it!! I’ve only used the single player version against the computer but I never thought I’d see the day the app cheats! It’s hilarious but frustrating!! 🤪
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