POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino

4.8 (86.1K)
158.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino

4.8 out of 5
86.1K Ratings
5 years ago, AirBear71
No need to keep searching....
I have definitely found a winner here. I’ve been playing this game daily for 3 months already!! I can’t believe it! It is my “go to game” I'm HOOKED! I really enjoy the frequency of new events, the variety so far has kept anxiously waiting to see what's next, and they generously offer opportunities daily to collect free coins! Those reasons alone make this a game I don’t mind spending money on. Quite honestly you can play this game with out ever needing to make an in app purchase. You may not get to play as much as you would like to but what’s the harm in having to be patient every now and then. Everyone’s different but for me this game has just the right amount of bonuses and free spins, it’s not too easy to win yet not so frustrating that I just want to give up, and after three months I find that I keep coming back for more. I won’t lie..... There are good moments and bad moments for me playing this game. Moments when I am amazed how much I won and moments that I want to pull my hair out because I can’t believe I just lost. But it’s a fair balance and the frustrating moments make the good ones that much more enjoyable. I cannot speak for their tech-support or their customer service because in these three months I haven’t had any issues to where I’ve needed to contact them. But that’s a good thing right? Give it a try! Have fun and good luck!
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7 years ago, diamondgirl47
Always make sure you have a backup of info that your playing online
I gave this a one star , it should be zero because I have been playing this game since the middle of April 2017 , my daughter Michelle A. Ojeda introduced me to this game and I liked it until this company deleted my 371 millions credits that I built up from April . Plus over 67,000 reward credits . I’m very unhappy with the lose of my credits and rewards and not sure why this happened to me and if they don’t give me back my credits and reward credits , I will let consumer affairs , better business bureau and yelp know about all of this . The last time I played popslots was almost two weeks ago and I’m still waiting to hear from this company . So I suggest to all who play this game that you keep track of your credits and reward credits either with a camera photo of send a pic of them to your email account just in case you also get deleted . I have only one pic of a bonus game that I played and I saved it but it only had 23,000 earned bonus credits on it , because I kept showing what credits I won to my other half and letting him know that I liked this game a lot . So please make sure that you save your most recent credits just in case they delete you . Cheryl Moskowitz
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4 years ago, Hopefulheart11
Don’t like the new update...
I have been playing this game for YEARS! In all this time you have added new games. But you have deleted one of my favorites. And it is the ONLY game that has been deleted from the app. It was in the first casino. MGM. It was “Around the World in 80 days”. Something like that and you replaced it with “Fire & Lightning” which is also in the New York New York casino. I have asked why. But have not gotten an answer. So why delete a perfect fun game? Better than ones that are still active... and replace it with something that is just ok and that there are two of them?? As in other reviews. Please consider easing up the win ratio. Games can be challenging... but it’s frustrating and not fun to play,play,play and win nothing. Losing all your chips and having to rebuild so you can play is not fun. Losing is part of the game. But so is winning!! As for the most recent update. The games seem the same... I am not crazy about the new home page where you collect you hourly bonus. It’s not friendly anymore. All the casino home pages are all so dark and gloomy now!! Before everything was light and happy. Adding to your desire to play. Now it is depressingly dark and gloomy (as I already said). Gives you an uneasy feeling. I know real casinos can be dark... but that doesn’t need to be reflected in a game. I don’t think that needed to be changed. Please consider lightening things up again!!
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3 years ago, NOdontwantNICKname
As far as slot games go
I do enjoy this game. People who complain about the payouts on higher bets maybe don’t live near or visit real casinos often. Most slots hit more on lower bets with smaller amounts than when you raise the bet because the payout increases that’s Tho I feel like before they changed it up coins lasted longer. I do buy coins every now and then but you shouldn’t expect people to constantly have to buy coins to play. Bonus even on lower bets don’t seem to hit at all anymore and it’s almost impossible to complete a the challenges and events because of this which to me is very disappointing because I use to love the events. You can’t even play some games more than a few mins because the minimum bets are so high. I like to go up and down with my bets as I play so hardly getting play time at minimum bet especially when it’s so hard to collect coins without making a purchase is ridiculous for a virtual casino game. Also the price of coins on pop is why I make them so rarely now. Offer more $.99 deals or even a few $1.99 deals. Not saying lower your prices but I don’t even get any special offer on deals like this anymore. I like the tournaments at first because I go to slot tournaments irl in my home town so I liked that addition but the amounts you have to bet really need to change. Because i only get options to make huge first or second bets that the end payout isn’t worth it at all.
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3 years ago, nahdogmb
Great game until you buy chips rumors are true
The moment you spend a dime your winning days are over. Play on free money and enjoy beat gambling game out there but they screw you once you make a purchase. I thought that wasn’t true just luck of the draw but my story matches all the others like mine. This is my second post different day. Winzone is a money pit. When I don’t buy chips I run out in the first round and get 8 or 9 place. When I buy chips I don’t run out in the first round I spin all the way through and I get like 18 place. The people with double digit wins probably dropped a $1000 on this game just to get that many winzone games. Play the game avoid the winzone the game designers created the win zone to take all your real money in exchange for fake chips lol. Man I keep updating. They stole money from me then help me hostage I could not even download apps on my App Store about paying them the money. Turn into a huge fiasco and now you wanna tell me they don’t screw people on this game the game used to be fun and friendly ever since all the drama and they tried to steal money from me doesn’t pay me squat ever it’s not even fun what a worthless horrible game all they want is your money and even pay back if you go to a real casino you have a slim slim slim slim chance of winning something if you play this game they’ll take all your money let you win big chips just to take all your fake chips in and have you spend more real money for more fake chips!!! Trash!!!!
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2 years ago, Aabbccdeeffggg
Lucky for me
I actually find this game to be the best as far as play time and winning goes. Sure I have had bad streaks but I also go on excellent winning streaks. Most games I get to play maybe 5 minutes 98% of the time. So if you think yourself ‘unlucky’ give this one a try. I hope it works for you as it does for me. Now if this is true or not, I don’t know but I BELIEVE this game does not set you into a “bought some chips so now your good times are over unless you keep purchasing” because this is the only one that I noticed NO CHANGE in my play and I have been playing for a couple years. I have purchased and won a bunch and I have purchased and lost it all BUT I do go on winning streaks that have lasted a week or so many times just as I have losing ones. (It wouldn’t be gambling if I didn’t!!!). Just saying that when you hit a jackpot you can, and do, sometimes hit another and another. And when you increase your bets, you can keep on winning. Obviously I am a happy customer. What I am really hoping is that writing a good review doesn’t change my game as it has in the past with other games but I don’t feel it is right to punish POPS for what others have done.
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9 months ago, DavidH459.!
Bug issue
My issue with this came is that no matter what i bet be it small or big and or even if i tried to balance my bet in the mid section it doesn't because like i said no what i do the game just eats all my coins and the worst part is even if i were to purchase more coins it would just be a waste seeing as everysingle day i get on the app im never ever able to actually enjoy using the app instead im left frustrated because of the such minimal amount of coins that are given to the user and even with what the game gives its still no use because of the fact that no matter what this game will eat your coins and flush your money down the drain. Im at the point where im thinking i should just delete the app an no longer use it ‘cause whats the point of the game if im not even able to play it for more than 2-5 mins because the moment i get into any of the casino games offered they immediately start draining my coins which is quite irritating and like said previously it just really make me not want to even continue playing or using this app any longer if i could id give this a 0 star the only reason i didn't was because i couldn't
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5 years ago, Single Father that Loves life
Don’t listen to the Negative reviews
First off this is a slot app. It’s gambling. You win some. You lose some. I downloaded this app awhile back and was instantly hooked on it. I’m addicted. It’s the best slots app I’ve come across. I spend real money on it every few weeks or so and do fine. You just can’t bet a million chips and expect to hit the jackpot soon as you bet. It’s just like if you were in a casino. Luck is not on everyone’s side and if you bet recklessly then you are gonna lose all your chips. Bet smart and play smart. It does have glitches here and there but tell me an app that doesn’t. All electronic devices have some type of glitch. The glitch I’ve noticed is when the slots are spinning and you get your balloon it will change the squares on the slot board. You aren’t losing out though. You still get your reward. The only thing I would suggest is that they move the bet amount button away from the spin button due to the fact that you can sometimes tap it and if it’s on max bet well you just bet a bunch of chips by accident. So if they would change that it would be great. Other than that it’s a wonderful game and I’ll continue playing it daily.
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5 years ago, Utopia99
Not right
I loved this game and played it a lot. For about 2 years I played it, put money into it, worked myself up into different challenges and into all the different casinos. I finally got my chips up to 3,000,100,000 and a little more I can’t remember the exact amount. Then my Facebook was hacked so I had to change my Facebook sign in and so when I signed back into into the game, my chips dropped to 100,000. I couldn’t even get into the other casinos to play anymore. When I text them about it, they didn’t really seem to care at all. They said I would have to sign in with my old Facebook password in order to get back to the point I was. I well I changed my password because I was being hacked and I don’t know what it is anymore and I didn’t think I should sign in with the a hacked Facebook sign in. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just have transferred my chips to my new Facebook account. But they said they couldn’t transfer chips. Now I can’t do anything with the chips that I have like I used to be able to and I’m so disgusted with the way they treated me. I won’t play the game anymore because I don’t have enough chips to do anything with. It just wasn’t right. They Could have verified that I was the same person and just transferred my chips. They were wrong wrong wrong.
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3 years ago, Lkin4u
I rarely review but I want to review this game
I honestly don’t play or have a lot of games on my phone but I did find this one about 2 years ago. I have never had the slightest desire to delete this game. I play it several times a week or more and when I have the time I play every day. It really is authentic feeling to a real casino if you have ever been to one. In addition you can actually win perks like room discounts/upgrades and drinks and meals at real casinos in Las Vegas (and even one near me in Tunica, Ms). I believe the developers put a lot of thought in each new slot they add to the app on a regular basis. I’ve seen a few bugs here and there but not many. There are days you can win a lot of “coins” and other days you may loose a lot. Just like a real casino. It’s the best and most realistic one I’ve seen in the App Store. And no, no one has paid or asked me to write this. This is totally my own opinion and if you like to play slots, I highly recommend these slots and firmly believe this is one of the most realistic ones I’ve played.
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7 months ago, Garbage=this app
Used to be fun years ago
This casino app was fun years ago when it seemed like you could play for quite some time without buying a coin package. Now, and for the past couple of years, the games will drain you so quick that if you are compelled to play more you HAVE to buy more coin packages. The odds are worse than actual casinos in my opinion. A bonus game is supposed to be a “Bonus”. Most of the time you only win a fraction of what you spent to get to the bonus game. And I get that these apps need to make money, but they are supposed to be fun and the ratio of fun to draining you down to nothing is..well it favors the “draining you down to nothing” part. For high rollers like a billion dollars or more per spin…they have coins you can collect for free every 4 or 5 hrs…it’s 14 million…which is a fraction of what you spin. And to top it off, the developers after however many years this app has been around, have still failed to put in a home button that you can press and get back to the beginning or Home Screen if you are, for example, playing in the last casino. Instead, you have to scroll all the way back through all the casinos. It’s very annoying. Anyway, that’s my rant. Will be deleting app today. We all work hard for our money and yes, I fell into the trap and spent way too much money on this app, but never again.
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6 years ago, DMK 1234
Fun but not worth it if you spend any money to buy chips.
The game is a lot of fun. Great graphics. Great casino experience. I played for a year or so with just the free chips you get every hour and daily. Recently I started to purchase chips to build up my LPs and just because I enjoy the game. Once I did that the winning stopped. The more I bet on spins the less I win. I always wondered why free spins was never based on my bet amount. Sometimes they were more. Sometimes much less. I read the q & a on their support page and it said the free spins bonus is based on your average bet from the time of your last free spin game. That is not true at all. I tested it numerous times today. Betting $2Mil per spin I got the bonus round 3 times. Each time my wins during the free spins were based on a bet of $500,000 or less each time. What I find to be true is it is based on how many coins you purchase to play. Once you spend money they want you to spend more so they don’t let the chips last long. It’s just not even fun anymore. Just spinning and watching the chips go down. Very disappointing. My husband and I love Vegas. We’ve vacationed there 3 times in the last 5 years. I’ve used my Vegas points for buffets, hotel room discounts and the monorail. But if I’ve got to spend hundreds to play and earn points now then it’s not worth it. Cheaper to pay full price in Vegas.
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4 years ago, 10Indica20
If you want to play you will end up having to pay
I am level 578 and every I level up (mind you it takes 28 million to increase by 1%) my reward hasnt increased since I was level 100. So 478 levels later, level 100 gets the same amount of chips as I do. And my hourly bonus does not increase either. What’s the point of having levels if the only thing it does is show how much time a player has spent playing this game. Perhaps I am being overly critical. However is it too much to reward loyal players a reward for continuing to play (in my case pay as well)? Even increasing the hourly bonus by like 100,000 chips (since it takes 2,800,000,000 to level up) would be nice. Btw the reward for leveling up is 9million. Kind of a joke considering the time it takes. Also win zone is RIDICULOUS. I would like to participate but the amounts that are offered are so high that I know unless I am lucky.. I will not be able to play any other games (especially if I play win zone teams) because more often than not, I run out of chips by the time round 1 is over. The higher the chip count the higher the minimum. It’s frustrating because i definitely feel like the developers are taking advantage of players. It would be nice if players had the option to choose from different denominations that ranged from low risk 50k\125k to 20mil/35mil.
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2 months ago, will86
Buggy gaming and confusing rewards
The game is constantly crashing on my iPhone 14 Pro running the most recent updates and all previous updates before that. The slots will just keep spinning until I cancel out of my game. This always seems to happen when I’m on a winning streak too. And the prizes are great but when I tried using my points to book hotels for multiple nights because I have enough points, but they only will let me redeem one room offer for the month. There’s not enough information about this until after you book. The same with my cirque de Soleil tickets. My fault for thinking the show preformed weekly so I used my points to get buy one get one free tickets and they’re not even preforming the week that I’m there. Would have been nice if they showed performance times for the next month so I would have know there weren’t any performances. And with any of your rewards you have to use them within 30-40 days so you’re rushing to get all this done and planned, which just caused me to make other errors trying to make these points work for my trip. Nice perks, not sure it’s worth it but the game is fun to play and pass the time in general.
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4 years ago, Jcprins
Lots of Glitches
I am rounding up from 3.5 stars, because when it works, it is fun. I am fairly new to the game. I have been dealing with glitches from the get-go, but this morning, I nearly quit for good. I spent over 1,000,000 tokens on the Wizard if Oz to get to the big finale, twice, when I get kicked off the machine out of the blue. The first time, I got kicked off perhaps 3 times, so I didn’t really realize how much I had put into the game, but the second time, I wasn’t winning all that often, so I watched the tokens flow out and just before the trip to Oz bonus was about to play, I got kicked off for the fourth time and I just stopped. I had been kicked off other machines as well before then, plus every now and then, the machine would start to spin and would spin for several minutes before finally stopping. It was so aggravating. I had faced glitches before the upgrade, but they were generally where I wouldn’t receive bonus tokens that I had won, but this was just all over the place bad while depleting tokens that I had won or purchased. I am playing now, but if I get hit with another bad glitch, I’m done. Other than the glitches, it is fun.
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11 months ago, Youjerkstookallthenames
Room for improvement
The game is fun, I play it a lot. It does have the occasional annoying glitch. I like how you added the pop story card thing on the bottom bar. I wish there was a feature to remind me of which games I have free spins loading up on. And the option to use them, cause sometimes I’ll have a bunch of measly free spins when I’m trying to bet a respectable amount, or sometimes I’d rather bank them for later. Dislike how the pop arena games have such a high buy in when you have more chips. You shouldn’t have to clean out your account every time you want to play it, just because you’re up on chips. Maybe meet in the middle on that with more tiers. Sometimes the side quest pop ups and ads block the balloons, I watch them sail by through the muted background. Or when the congratulatory pop up repeats at hyper speed, it makes me a sad panda. Every time I miss one of those balloons, and I know in my heart it was a silver pack, an emo kid somewhere gets a harlequin tear. And for the love of Mike, make it a little easier to complete the pop stories! You could make a whole room of games with card pack jackpots or something. That’s it for now.
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4 years ago, Madsie1234
I think I’m finally done
I have had this app forever, I’m a daily player and I have spent a ton of money on coins. I’m at some ridiculously high level. This app is great in one sense, the games and graphics are awesome, the social feature is nice as far as sharing the ability to have a bonus round when someone else triggers it. The games themselves, in my opinion, are the best of the hundreds of slots apps out there. The reason I think I’m done with this app is the odds of keeping any sort of decent balance to play with. If you do manage to win big, and I have won billions, the game then switches to the most ridiculous payouts. If you have a great bonus round, let’s say you win a billion, suddenly your line payouts on a regular game drop to a laughable amount. At a $6,000,000 bet, your payout for a full line match will be so low, it’s just completely designed to take away any chance of building up a balance you can play with. And sure, this would seem typical of any casino, but no, other apps aren’t like that. I recommend playing Jackpot Party Casino, now my favorite slots app. You can build up from your daily free bonus, and can play for hours, with your typical ups and downs of a casino game. Pop Slots, you’ve lost a longtime player, and one who would purchase coins regularly.
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6 years ago, ponkickiesss
Everyone is a bot except you
If you like being surrounded by “other players” with stock images for their profile pics that always seem to have luck on their side (you will never be as lucky, of course), this game is for you! Welcome to Pop Slots, where you are guaranteed to lose your chips in record time and earn significantly less than the dozens of bots you play against. Even worse, they will take up space at the machines so you have to wait for them to leave an available chair. There’s a game called Wall of Khan and out of the 24 spots on the prize wall, I will usually have 8-10 of those spaces guaranteed but still get eliminated first. The times I actually have won, I only ended up breaking even or winning 1 million tokens despite sinking 50 million into the game! All of this happens as you play with bots that are winning millions every spin. I have never spent real money on this game and will never give them any of my money because it’s such a waste. Yes, the game has its moments where it can be fun and exciting and I commend them for giving you free tokens every two hours, plus a daily bonus, but wow, it doesn’t go very far in this game! I’ve invested so much time in this game and as soon as the rest of my tokens are gone, I’ll be deleting this app.
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6 years ago, uniqueangel0
The best game ever.
First of all, if you are reading a few bad reviews on games that people have sadly keep on losing well it’s cause they got bad luck lol. Sadly this are people who have spend thousands of dollars and to get what? My thing is don’t spend real money keep playing you will get there. I’ve spend a like maybe around $25 on the game but it’s very addictive the only game I Love how you can pop bubbles and play the slots the only major problem I have is that sometimes when you contact support they have been rude in the last bit I understand the stupid questions people have asked.. but this last time I contacted them about an issue I saw in the slots they where very nice so maybe they are working as hard as they can. The good thing is that you can use the coins for real Las Vegas Trips. I’ll never go again to Las Vegas so my money will just sit there. I been playing for a year now and it’s just one of my favorite games to play and past time. So don’t go on a base on what other people say just play the game and find out on your own!!
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3 years ago, Rae5670
So, I have been playing this game for over a year. The technology and glitches in this game are horrible. You can win big and then get disconnected from the game and don’t receive your winnings!! Which happens quiet often. Then to prove your point of winnings you have to record or snap shot pics. After that then you have to forward to support or a host if you have one. The response is always the same uninstall and reinstall, hard close app, or your connection for WiFi is not strong enough… etc etc. After hearing this for the uptee time, you know what to do before filing a complaint which is quiet often. I recently won a large amount send snap shots of me what I should have won and sent what the game gave me. Booom same answer. Now sending to developers to look into. Over 3 weeks!!! Wow!! No!! I’m not asking for comps. I want my winnings!!! They will get you however they can to spend money. I’m not the only one with this issue most players have this issue!! It’s pretty sad that I can’t not play a few of the games because tech support has no clue how to fix these problems!! Disconnecting, games are down etc. The one thing I do like is meeting new people and playing together!!
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6 years ago, Don't Play Games Much
Fun, but with some glitches
I’m going to start with the bad in hopes of someone finding a fix...my wife and I, along with other family/friends, all experience glitches especially when winning “social free spins.” Sometimes “Linked Symbols” in Mandalay Bay for example will almost literally have a full screen of linked sevens all of the same color and will not win anything, or when betting 300,000 for example and then winning social free spins in any of the casinos you might only earn 1,000 chips when the winning combinations would clearly be a larger win. I know this may sound confusing but after you play for a while you’ll know exactly what I mean. Very disappointing when this happens. Other than this issue, we have a lot of fun playing Pop Slots and all of the other games earning comps for Vegas and other deals. We went to Vegas last year and were able to redeem our points at Excalibur for buffets and other items. There were some limitations like only being able to use 3 comps in that one visit. If you’re playing these games totally free though and not purchasing anything, it’s definitely worth it!
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6 years ago, Ben.j.bradway
Worse case of an app wanting you to spend real money
I was holding off on this game rating for a little while as i wanted to give it a fair chance. I have been playing this game for a little while and I never win anything. The wins I get are always WAYWAY WAY below my bet, and numerous times winning a bonus I’ve actually won less then I bet. How is a bonus game gonna award you Less then a NORMAL BET. And this wasn’t a one time thing. It’s a everytime thing. Doesn’t matter if I bet Min or max I just use up my free chips and lose lose lose lose till my chips are all gone. Today alone I had a 8 free spin that I was awarded around 12k when the best was 60, and another free spin which I was awarded nothing. I then was playing the oz game and got a 100x win and still managed to win 10k Less then my actual bet. I don’t understand why people play this game but it is def not fun to lose lose lose lose over and over. I understand they can’t hand out wins left and right since they giveaway free items but from the comments they don’t even work so they can’t use that excuse. I will NOT BE SPENDING REAL MONEY, to just throw away this game isn’t remotely fun or enjoyable. Win rate is awful payout rate is even worse. Almost as bad as the real slot machines in the casinos. Wish I could give this app a negative rating.....
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3 years ago, Brian82979
Worst support ever
I’ve written this review multiple times and multiple Times they removed it. I’ll give the short version this time. The people who work at support are jerks. Period. They will call You a liar and not hesitate to tell You the game is perfect and can’t possible glitch or have issues. If you make a purchase you will not win. They will call You a liar and contradict themselves in the process. I recently made a purchase and did not receive the reward promised. I messaged support and they called me a liar. I responded with proof and they did not reply. 3 days later the reward finally arrived. I received it and the next day, 4 days after being called a liar, I got another message calling me a liar and saying “You received the reward yesterday after you messaged us!!” Here’s the problem with that. I didn’t receive what I purchased, and they called me a liar and said I did receive it. Days later when the reward finally arrived they messaged me again, calling me a liar again, and said it just arrived. So they admitted they lied by calling me a liar the second time. They have the worst customer support I’ve ever dealt with. They have no respect for the people who pay their salary. Don’t even waste your time. It’s a cliche but I wish I could give this app negative stars.
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7 years ago, BrianMurphy
Absolute garbage, utter scam
I have talked to people who have been able to use their points in Vegas for certain things. But like others have pointed out when I actually went to Vegas last week all the options went away, even a free cup of coffee. We used points on a buffet that had no blackout dates or restrictions listed. I read all the fine print and agreed to the terms. Then I get an email with 10 times more fine print saying the dates are blacked out. So I had to physically go to the casino. I figured they would honor the reward. It was 2 for 1 after all. The woman was so rude. She wouldn't even look at the discrepancy or honor the reward. She returned the points to me and then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to open a credit card. My wife and I had 169,000 points and used none of them because it's an absolute joke. Maybe you will all have better luck but be mindful of spending money on this app. The game can be fun to play for free but do not waste your money. The rewards are not worth your money or your time. Be mindful that buffets do not come with drinks. You end up spending a lot extra. Hotels charge resort fees and taxes. And most rewards require you to be staying at one of the properties for x amount of days. I have spent nothing extra but I regret wasting my time. Time is money.
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2 years ago, sbwva
Do not spend actual money
This game use to actually be fun the winnings were good and the bonus rounds and free spins gave good rewards…. But as soon as you spend money on it those days are done…. I broke down and bought a huge package because it had a special basically it was 2 billion chips and I had to bet about 50 million just to get a spot on the board needless to say I only got two spots on the board and believe me it they weren’t anywhere close to how much I bet once the bonus round started 10 spins given 3 extra spins won not a single one of the players in the game won because the bonus round went 13 spins without stopping on anything that closely matched. I was okay with that till it did the same on another game only it took 21 billion to get a spot on the board and again none of the players won more than 9 million . Also pay close attention when you do have a good bonus round because you will get disconnected even though it’s not your connection and like my issues this weekend you won’t be credited after 10 minutes like support says after years of complaining about that issue with no clear fix in sight and nothing but the same message returned im either deleting this app or just holding on to my money
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11 months ago, wazooo1994
Feeling cheated
I love playing. I play a lot. However the gold event or whatever is in my opinion. Stupid. Why am I not allowed to lower my bet. I had 1.4billion which took a lot of smart betting and long hours of play just to be taken away by a promotion you guys want us to play. Fixing my bet at the lowest 30million. Then allowing a long time play of like 2mimutes or more of having to bet 30million to even play. Couldn’t even play one whole round without running out of chips… then support tells me the 200mill I got sent was enough of a collection. I had 1.4billion. Y’all’s pretty much spat in my face about the hours of gameplay I put in. Because y’all fix the amount to bet and the reward put out didn’t reflect the amount bet at all. Like ridiculous. I will still play however I do feel that something about the promotion events should be fixed to where the player is actually able to choose their own bets and reflect some kind of bonus or added feature to help during the bonus for the amount bet. Because I shouldn’t have ran out of 1.4billion chips during one round during the promotion event.
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3 years ago, popslots56
Love the games
I have been playing this app for quite a long time. I enjoy the variety of games. I have been very lucky with not having to put any money into the games so far. But….that being said I do have a few things I don’t like about the games. Some games require a lot of minimum to play on the bonus games and if you are lucky to be in a bonus that’s great but the games seem to eat up your remaining money so that you aren’t even able to finish competing for the ultimate prize because you don’t have enough money left. Also, I agree with other players that I have been numerously kicked out of a game for no apparent reason and have lost everything…frustrating. The payouts were much better when I first started to play these games…had over 3 billion and lost most of it in just a couple of hours. And that was betting conservatively. I will still continue to play but not as much as I would like. I still will recommend this app to my friends.
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4 years ago, mellei0181
Don’t waste your time
I’ve been playing this for many years. I don’t know why because you have no chance of getting ahead. The bet and win system on here is very messed up. Although the creators lie and say you have a better chance. I have literally recorded the game play to put on social media to expose just how bad this game screws you. You could bet 2.5 million and if you win, you will be lucky to win 250k back. Then you have to save up for days or weeks to get the opportunity to play again. The game literally makes me sick to my stomach sometimes because I cannot believe just how much this game rips you off. FYI, never spend real money on it. You will have zero chances of getting ahead. They don’t care, their bots win it all 99% of the time. They try to make their players feel stupid by saying they have better odds than any casino when you write an honest review and then they shrug you off. This game has ripped me off too many times and the response from the admin is very disrespectful. Find something better. It’s unfortunate though because it has great potential but just like any other place, they are ONLY here to rip you off. The only way you will have a chance of winning anything just and far with better odds is if you are their bots.
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11 months ago, Warmekffxi
100% Don’t let liars fool you.
Well I can’t say this isn’t a good time killer game However, You will often wonder how others are winning billions when your losing half of what you spent on the slot machines. Don’t waste your money: I wonder if players are spending money on the game rather than trying to make it themselves. This game is a total waste of money so I suggest you not spending it. I wont lie an say I have never spent money on this game in the past. I have However, I had woken up to what a scam it is. The moment I spent money on this game I became a heavy loser an lost hundreds of millions of chips. This is where I Quit along time ago. Past vs Todays experience: I came back because I had some friends wanting to play. So Why not right. I managed to somehow win 280 million chips. I was betting at 200k an had 40 million chips from the start. I started to bet 5 million to hit a better bonus prize pool which really wasn’t as good as betting at 200k. Spent 200million made 80 million back. Others hit the bonus at 300mill take home 7- 300 billion. This is where I does not sound right. Its just like real life games Its all a illusion to make you think you will win big at higher bets. results: Imo The game is only good if your bord an want something to do However, If your looking for a game that helps you feel like a winner. Its not the right game for you. If you want to waste money an make undeserving people richer its definitely for you.
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1 year ago, praetorian28
What happened after the update?!
I started this game about a month ago and it was my favorite game to go to. But after the newest update, there’s definitely a difference. social spins and regular game bonuses are basically not even worth getting. Virtually every social free spins or bonus rounds now, my wins have barely even covered my initial bet, when before the update you would actually get a decent or substantial amount of winnings which made it fun and something to look forward to! But now it’s just frustrating. I don’t even watch the bonus rounds anymore. It’s like the developers purposely made it harder to get any winnings so that you have to fork out a bunch of money to pay for coins. Infuriating. Games will more times than not go dozens of spins and drown your coins. The ‘hottest’ game indicator is pointless because these do the same. Some games are entertaining. Others like Kong had the opportunity to be something amazing, but really missed the mark when created. All games are starting to play the same. No unique features. Where’s the imagination and creativity like real Vegas games to make these exciting and engaging? Deleting.
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4 years ago, Th.C33
After About 2 Years of Playing, I’m Deleting This Garbage
Really tighten the payout. I mean really really tight where it’s not fun at all anymore since the pandemic started. I’m guessing since they knew more people would be playing during the pandemic, they decided to “bank” people instead of giving us some enjoyment. Geez, thanks jerks! Why to look out for us and give us some entertainment. It’s not real money payouts, it’s fake! Yet the game makers act like the payouts are real. It’s ridiculous. Example of the “tightness” - I played 150,000,000 betting 1,000,000 and received 0 bonus credits. That’s 150 spins with not a single bonus credit giving to me. This is constant since the pandemic. After you spend literally over about 3,000,000,000 you MAY build a ok amount of bonus credits to be burned during the bonus. All that time and credits to build bonus credits to get about a 5 - 10% payback when you finally get the bonus. Again, ridiculous! These games are supposed to be fake and fun. How is that “fun” ? I’ve had it with this game. So yeah, I’m deleting this garbage. I suggest downloading Jackpot Party, Gold Fish, DoubleDown, or Cashman for slots game. Avoid this one like the plague. 100% frustrating and irritating, 0% fun.
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4 years ago, paperdoll198
I like it a lot!
This is just a lot of fun. I typically play far different games than this, so for me to recommend it is saying something. First of all, I like the sense of progression. You start at MGM Grand casino and play there until you level up and unlock the next casino. They are pretty generous with login bonuses and such (the more often you play the more you get) and it’s not necessary to pay to play (though they have packs that will greatly increase the amounts of chips you have to play with if you are so inclined). I recommend sticking to one machine until you at least activate a Social Free Spins (or someone else on your marching does). Only bet what you are comfortable with but keep in mind the higher you bet the more you’ll win. If you end your session close to what you started with, honestly, you’re in good shape. Lastly, you can log in with Facebook but it’s not mandatory. All in all, I just enjoy it and will keep with it for a while, at least until I get to the Bellagio or the Luxor ;)
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5 years ago, AbsolutePhenom
PopSlots Casino Games from *playstudios
I've loved this app from the git-go! Very addicting as expected- just when I think Im getting bored with the same ol games playstudios brilliant creators break out something new! These casino slots are like nothing else in online gaming! Great gaming, combined w/ player interaction, in a way that you aren't distracted or bothered by unwanted lurkers just wanting to know if you're "alone" or "what you're wearing" as with other sites offering direct "chat me up" options. At first I found it frustrating, that I couldn't just say, hey there Wisconsin?! But the emoji system "altho a little lacking of my emotions at times", seems to work pretty well. I wish more ppl would use them! Newest game out.. I am killing at!...*So Far!* ;) this one, if you have the time... Is one of the BEST out there! Oh Yes... Last but least by any means... The technical support is above and beyond any support out there!! Gotta problem?... Drop a "polite" note, they will their best to help you out! Just remember they are ppl too! HAPPY POPPING!
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2 years ago, Pepperw2
So Long PopSlots
I have been playing this game since it’s released years ago. Back then the rewards were worth it, and it was exciting to watch the reward points grow. I remember when I hit a million how excited I was. Back them, a million points would land some premo rewards. I have put more cash into this game than I care to admit. I didn’t mind it because the way the rewards were and how good they were. It almost felt like I was kind of saving up to go to Vegas. And then everything changed. Now you can’t get a reward because they are always sold out. The amount of points things “cost” has increased, and to make matters worse it’s become like a big coupon book now. That’s my gripes with the reward system. I’m not even going to address pop-ups in the middle of a tournament to chase a stupid cat, or whatever. I was in first and got knocked down to 10th because of that! Like I said, I will drop cash if I feel like playing the game Today was the final blow for me. I spent $20 fir some coins (I forgot how many coins that was but it was a lot). I do know between the purchase, and my winnings I had roughly 1.8 billion. Well, those coins were gone within 20 minutes. That’s a dollar a minute Pops Slots. If I wanted to spend that kind of money, I would drive up the road to my local slot house. Between the rewards becoming like a coupon book and the high loss ratio, I am deleting this game after 10+ years of play.
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2 years ago, Kitet163
You’ll lose all your chips within 2 days pirates gems
I’ve battling with administrators on an almost weekly basis. The one game I really like, Pirates Gems, was a daily winner for weeks. However, after I won nearly a billion chips, it continues to ‘glitch’ after I spend MILLIONS to get my bonus credits up to ~500k. The last two times I was close to that level, amazingly, I only won 2 or 3 times my bonus points. Also, they rarely provide responses when I have technical issues with game. Two cases in point: 1) yesterday I was playing the game (at around 120k bonus credits) and the bonus started and after it it didn’t show me how much I won, and my bonus credits were at zero. 2) today I worked all day to amass almost a half million bonus credits. When the bonus started I had to step away, and when I logged back in, it showed that I had only won ~3x! The bleep, I said to myself. These are the most egregious examples. Plenty more of “where are my chips”, or “where did did a million bonus credits go”? Also, I did not receive my time bonus. It said 0 when I clicked to collect. That’s over 5 million credits.
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3 years ago, AdnamaMc
Play not worth the cost
This game IS fun and beautiful, but the moment you spend money it drains you dry. I’ve regrettably spent hundreds and its only expanded game play by a little bit of time. I understand them trying to make it like real casino play with hot and cold streaks but honestly can get more play time and actually win real money at an actual casino with the amount of money i have to spend to really play this game. Sometimes after coin purchases of $20-$30 i still only get 20-30 minutes of game play even with modest betting. Only alternative is to wait for free money that does not increase that much per level, and that becomes tiresome logging in every few hours only to get enough to play for 30 mins after a few days of saving. On one of the games i spun thru 2 billion coins and the bonus didn’t go off once. 2 billion! Just not worth the money. I don’t mind paying, but I would like a little better game play for the money. Ive also had several glitches where my coins disappeared. I will say one one occasion they were kind enough to return them to me. It’s fun for a bit, but feels useless overtime if you aren’t willing to pay to play constantly.
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5 years ago, Junk970
Honest Review (played for years)
Hi, This game is very fun and let’s face it. Addictive. This game will want to make you buy chips to see if you can do amazing on a bonus or hit that jackpot. This game is like no other slot game because of the more interactive and complex games and bonuses. Instead of most slot games where you get free spins or pick a certain things these bonuses are fun with many turns and twists. The game at times can seem unfair where the game can go in a huge losing streak and take all of you chips. The games allowed for players to earn prizes but just so you know it takes a long time. A ballon may appear once in a while and you have a 1/3 chance of get the coins. You get around 50 loyalty point for every ballon with the coins in it. The lowest prizes being 5,000 for a free dessert or up to 1.5 million for a cruise vacation. I have played for 4 years and I am around 700,000 loyalty points. This game is fun and addictive and at times stressful when it takes your chips. You can win real prizes but it takes a while. Hope you enjoy the game -Ryan
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3 years ago, KleighSingh16
Let’s See.
So here’s the deal, I love this game. Like LOVE it.. however, in the past year or so, the Devs have manipulated the odds forever in their favor (except for when letting you win can benefit them) I’m some obscenely high level.. like 4000something.. yet my level up bonus/time bonus/daily bonus hasn’t changed in over 3900 levels. My cost of playing sure has increased though!! To do just about ANY of the little challenges or mini pop type events, My min bet is like 20M. I can’t even get one spin in, let alone try to get a balloon. They can try to gaslight about how sorry they are you’re experiencing a “rare” experience and how wins are totally random. That’s BULLSPIT. During a chip discrepancy a while back I’d messaged the support team to ask where my missing chips had gone, their response to me was “We don’t show in our records that you had ever won this much” so I sent them a screenshot of the chips, to which they responded.. “I see the total in your photo, but we don’t have you recorded as ever winning this much. WINS ARE RECORDED PRIOR TO THE END OF SPINS” Those were the support teams words to me. So please, explain to me how that is “Random” And I know if and when y’all see this review, you’ll give me the same crap apologies you give every other negative review and then try to give me a free chip link.. you can keep it. 1-2M bonus chips won’t even get me one spin.
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5 years ago, TrobleMakerM
This game is cute but the creators are really just after your money
this game is really cute but the creators have have ruined it with there greed. i've given it one star but that's based off of the greed factor to much in your face demands to buy chips random weeks of bad/bad play no wins for sometimes a week. bet small they strategically place buttons for you to make mistakes watch out for the Max bet button. i've never bought chips because once you pay them once they will make you lose in hopes you'll buy more don't fall for it, i have like 150 million just off of slow play i'll lose sometimes more then half in a bad week that happens week to week but then you have a good few days and win it all back. reading reviews of others because they experience my frustrations with this and many greedy games alike i've never felt like anyone was a bot, most accounts are links to a facebook so i see a lot of the same people and you can interact with them with emojis so there real lol my advice to the creators stop being greedy.
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3 years ago, jfehawkins
New games designed for cash grab
Every new “game show” or collection quest is designed to be a money grab. First of all, the minimum bets for all the game shows, i.e. Win Zone, and Bingo, force you to bet so high that you only get 30-40 spins per game. For example when you have $400M the minimum bet will be $10M. If you are luckily enough to have over $2B your minimum bet will jump up to $50M. I have given in game support this feedback several times, but they do not understand the issue. The feedback provided was “you can always bet less, that is just a suggested bet.” Secondly, the collections like the new stamp book have a reward level that is just as unbalanced. At my level I spun for $10M and was only rewarded with one star and two star packs, all of which yielded no new stamps. I opened well over 30 packs, including the free 3 star and above packs, to receive nothing of value except a reward of $50M chips for having 50 duplicate stamps. Why is my consultation prize not in proportion to the chips spent to get it! I’m just about over all the updates, and the rewards are not available in cities I will be visiting anytime soon.
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3 years ago, iluvthemonkey69
Fed up
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while. And too be honest I’ve had my last roller coaster ride. After I’m done with my mini pops I have to delete this game. I’ve honestly spent thousands of dollars on this game and tonight has been my breaking point. I’ve definitely noticed where this game has actually been cheating me. This last mission we had I picked the largest to go for and to have me ending off on the last game with just 94 percent finished and 4 more links left 3 days I’ve played this game the only game. Spent hundreds on just playing this mission to watch all my coins go just to complete it. It’s a shame really but as of tonight I’m done. This is honestly my favorite game in the world I can play day in and day out. But it’s definitely not worth all the real money I’ve spent. And then without any discounts or freebies. This is a game that gives you hardly any big wins let along two back to back wins and it’s like the composers of this game knows it’s impossible missions but you will pay money to try to never complete. So sad to see you go. But Not only am I disappointed in this game but even more of myself. Never should’ve let it go this far.
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3 years ago, TattooedCherry13
No connection
Ever since I stopped paying for extra credits, I now can’t play. I open app and it says I lost connection. Crazy since none of my other apps have “lost connection” this started when I removed my credit card and stopped paying. It’s been days since I have been able to play lol I guess I will delete it and go to another app Update: I reinstalled the app and still nothing. Never had this issue while I was paying. But now that I stopped it does this daily. And when I do build my credits I lose them faster than I earn them. I guess the only way to play is to pay. I Smh Update: it’s been a few weeks and everyday is the same thing. “I lost connection” no matter where I am and no matter whose WiFi I use. But if I was to add my card on there again and pay for the games I would not have this issue. I end up only playing for about five minutes a day then I lose connection in the middle of the game. I’m seriously thinking about deleting this app it’s not worth it and it’s not worth the thousands I have spent on this game. That doesn’t include them double charging me and not reimbursing me when I called them
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2 years ago, hazminem
Free Hotel Rooms/Discounts *confirmed by me*
I’ve been playing this game on my phone for at least 2-3 years on and off. I have NEVER put any of my money into it. The game gives you DAILY rewards to play with. I save my coins then play the *hot seats* for points. There's also a lot of bonuses: signing in daily to play, collecting game balloons & referring friends to play. It’s super simple and you’re already going to be scrolling through social media/phone. Once I had enough points I went to the rewards section in the home page. I had enough for a ONE NIGHT FREE stay Sun-Thur @ the Sycuan Casino Resort in San Diego, CA. **The discounts or free hotel stays are mainly in Las Vegas but since I live in the LA area I preferred to travel closer** The hotel stay at Sycuan was actually really nice, just make sure to FOLLOW THE STEPS and receive a confirmation # for your hotel stay. The hotel required a $100 deposit which was never actually charged. I am hoping to go back to Sycuan soon or hopefully the Bellagio next!
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3 years ago, Mrs.RDriver
Amazing game but just be aware of playing time
I love this game! It’s all around awesome, good graphics plenty of games and winning opportunities but the one and only downfall to this game is you can have 300 million chips and they will be gone in less than 5minutes so the payouts compared to the play outs are horrible they do give away a lot of free chips but really it helps for about 1 minutes of playing time and unless you have money to blow then your actually playing time will be limited to 10 minutes or less at a time this is the only frustrating part for me other than that this is my all time favorite and it would be my #1 go to game if I could play it for longer. But it is an awesome game guys so do try it just be aware of the playing time you may have may not be the greatest. I still play everyday I get very frustrated but it’s addicting to play!
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5 years ago, Truthteller132
Money Hungary!!!
They game is ok to start with, decent games, but as you level up they force you to raise your minimum bet and never let you win, they’ll let you win a little towards you starting the game, but then after that it turns to cancer. Even if you do win they take the money right back no matter what you bet, I’m a higher level now so my minimum bet is between 18k to 45k on the smallest machines, and my 2 hour bonus is 600k, so I only get around 10 to 30 spins (which isn’t a lot for how little they pay you) the win ratio/amount of money you get compared to your bet is garbage and they’re always throwing pop ups saying buy this buy that. The games can be fun, but you will never win and actually keep your money. If I could give this game 0 stars I would, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this game so many times just to see if they made the win ratios better, but they haven’t. So I’m uninstalling and never reinstalling again. Complete money hungry garbage game. If you’re rich and don’t mind blowing money on fake money then by all means, have fun. But I’d suggest you invest that money in real life stocks or just anything other than this punch in the face kick in the balls game.
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5 years ago, ccharliehckmn
Used to be a good game
The problem isn’t the odds or the more often than not terrible payouts- it’s the constant connection issues, the rude and never helpful support staff, an oblivious Facebook admin who doesn’t read or respond to comments, and the updates that change aspects of the game for the worst despite overwhelming negative feedback from players. The developers don’t listen to what players want and good luck getting a response when the game hasn’t allowed you or several others to log in for days. Comment on Facebook posts they share, send support messages, and you’ll just be wasting your time. Not only do they not communicate that there are issues when they’re having them, but they’ll completely ignore thousands of players asking why the game won’t connect or how long until they can play. If you can actually connect and play, you’ll soon learn to fear updates rather than anticipate them with excitement. This used to be a good game that I played several times per day.. now I rarely open it at all and when I do, I can’t connect over half the time. Do yourselves a favor and download Another slots app that has nothing to do with playstudios.
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5 years ago, Kassie Allmond
Yes this game is fun it is probably one of the best slots out there for your phone. However I have to agree with about 80% of the others that have left a review. You absolutely never win no matter how low or how high u bet and no matter how much u spend on their chip packages. Believe me I have spent money several times a week and have played for hours at a time and it always takes it. Matter of fact it seems that the more u buy the quicker you loose while u have others ( probably computer generated characters from the slot company) winning millions to billions right next to you. So just keep in mind if u decide to download this slot if u are lucky enough to win any type of credits during free spins etc. it will take it all right back rather u are betting the lowest bet or highest bet (I have experimented this theory) LOL...I have come to the conclusion that this site just isn’t worth the frustration and I have deleted it. Yes I know it is a pretend game but come on they should cut us some slack especially if we are spending our hard earn money for entertainment of their game. Just don’t buy any chips it will really pi$$ u off I promise. Hope this helps 😁
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1 year ago, cair420
My favorite game that scammed me.
Had you asked me before this last incident I would have given this game 5 stars but when it comes to money and then just not caring that their game glitched. I asked multiple times for them to show me proof that the pack I purchased was credited to the game and yet they just keep telling me it was. As someone who spends over $20 on a average a week on this game I will never put another cent on this app as it can’t be trusted. The kicker was the last response where they said they consider the matter closed and won’t respond to me again about the matter yet they didn’t prove a thing. I’m going to contact apple for a refund of my last purchase. I have been playing this game for years and years I have enough points to take a cruise yet the rewards are always SOLD OUT. I used to recommend this game to people based on the fact that you can win actual trips etc but the fact that you won’t ever be able to redeem one because they are always sold out and this incident that they won’t show me where my pack was added makes me think I won’t have a game to recommend anymore.
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3 years ago, Jkrouz
The more they grow, the worse it gets
I used to love this game. It was my little escape during the kids nap time or when I happened to get a minute to myself. I had no problem spending money to give my day a little enjoyment when life allowed. I played for years with simple problems, no big deal. As they’ve expanded, it’s been issue after issue. It’s absolutely terrible after they add a new game. I’ve contacted support and was understanding at first. Then I started losing money and chips because of their server errors. Now it’s constant disconnection, missing chips, or failed bonuses. Then they sent me 18 million chips. As if that compensated for any the billions of chips that were taken or never seen by their server problems. And finished the response with the basic IT rundown, “Is your device turned on, is it connected to the internet, do you have the newest update installed” At one time I would have given this game 5-stars and recommended it to all my mom friends who miss their casino and cocktail days. Now, I’m sad I can’t give it negative stars. Don’t waste your time and especially not your money.
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6 years ago, Caigan13
Enjoyable- but do not buy chips
Really enjoyable games- you'll win while you play through the 1st 50 levels or so... usually only modest amounts, but you'll win and be able to play longer, which is why most of us download these apps. But once you make a purchase or 2, you'll win less frequently, and smaller amounts. I have disposable income and enjoy these types of games, but over the last week, I found that wins are scarcer and scarcer. ALSO, in the games with bonus rounds, such as Kong or Cleopatra, if your total bonus credits are above 400 or so, 9 times out of 10, you will win very minute amounts, if any. So for these reasons, I will no longer spend any money on this particular app. Will see how it goes for the next week and then most likely delete it and find another one to numb my brain with at night. These are my personal observations and opinions- not bad mouthing the company. But it would seem to me that if the app allowed paying players to get a bit more time and enjoyment out of the money they spend, the company would be much better off and have a loyal clientele.
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