Pop the Lock

4.1 (3.4K)
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Current version
Simple Machine, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pop the Lock

4.13 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Killadragon2000
Great game but the game needs to be optimized extremely badly!!
The game is great for something to do to kill time but it is extremely annoying when it lags and changes speed all the time! I'm on level 97 and I can't ever get passed 30 because it always lags and starts to have a delay and I'm using a new iPhone 6s! If I can play a car game on my phone with pretty decent graphics with no lag then this simple game should not freaking lag!! 😡. Other tha. That if there were no lag then the game would be perfect. And for those who say nothin changes the higher level you go well actually it does but all it is is that the speed of the pointer will verily slightly change and when you get up to like 80 or 90 it seems like it changes slightly sometimes wile your playing. 👍🏼
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1 year ago, The macaroon cat
Not groundbreaking but pretty good
Honestly pretty alright, kinda like color switch and doesn’t have too many ads, i set a timer and I only really got one every 7-10 minutes after i beat a level . Its as advertised as well which is a bit rare these days too. And unlike other games nowadays an option to fully remove ads if you want to [[without paying monthly or something, looking at you majong masters >:/ ]] . But yeah the only improvement i would do is add a sound cue , like a wooden block being bonked or a metronome to keep your rythm
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7 years ago, JosieBlues
Ok. But deleting
I enjoyed playing this game over the last day, but I'm deleting over what may not bother others. I like playing simple, relaxing, or focusing games. I'd happily pass this game off to my kids. However... Ads are what makes games like this possible. I don't mind them. I just wish they were appropriate for the game being played. The ad that just popped up for "Kill Shot Bravo" is quite detailed and graphic. There's enough of stress in my life right now and I don't care to see even a short clip of a snippet bullet slow-mo shooting through the air and hitting a soldier in the head and watching the blood splatter against the wall behind them. This should be a kid appropriate game with like ads. Is this out there, yes. Do I have to watch it, no. So unfortunately I will not be downloading any games from this company.
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7 years ago, Trapdullah
When will it end
Journal Entry #369 It is November 9th in the year 2017. I'm am currently battling level #369. My fingers have grown tired, and have began to cramp up. With the help of watching ads I have surpassed 358 rotations into level 369. I have not actually learned how to pop a lock in real life quite yet, but the journey it still young and I will continue to tap my way to level #500 and slay the boss lock. I will claim my spot as "The Master Lock Popper" (- (I coined it.) Subject to copyright.) Food water and other resources are diminishing with my every tap. Please send your best men and women. For the journey may not be completed alone. - The Master Lock Popper.
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7 years ago, NarutoUzumakiNinja10000
Better than Color Switch
This is honestly the best game that I honestly ever played and I've played lots of games. For instance, Flappy Bird, Stack, Color Switch, etc. I'm on level 77 and although my friends say that I am at a high level. I have struggled getting to the level I am because of the fact that there is a slight lag within the game. I don't get too bothered because I know that it is just a game, but I would probably be at about around 90 at LEAST. I am not complaining because I know it's just a game and I know to not give up like the many people in life who do delete this game coming from frustration
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1 year ago, IsJoMo
It’s just like it advertises!😀plus barely any ads!
This game is fun and gives me what it advertises. I got this game in January 2023 so it doesn’t lag (so far) which was an issue with some other people, but I would guess this game has been up updates several times in the years it has been out . And hardest any ads, I am not level 38 and I have had no more than 4-5 ads while playing! Great game, very simple (which is good for this game) and would recommend if you like this type of thing. 5 stars☺️
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8 years ago, Agymnastics
Love it!❤️❤️❤️
I love this game! It's soooooo addicting and fun!😛😋 I'm on level 40 and I can't wait to get to higher levels! The only bad thing is there are too many ads and they always make me have to do something to keep it going so I can play the game. Basically I play the game without installing it and I hate it.😡👎 Also can you chose make more hats because I love them, but I want more. Ex. A unicorn, dragon and many more cute, animated animal heads. Also like a cute sun, cloud rainbow etc. is something I would also like. I l❤️VE this game except too many weird, boring ads!😡
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6 years ago, TV-96
Ads galore!
I honestly enjoy this app - it’s rather addicting and I can see the appeal in that. It’s an easy way to pass time while having some form of amusement to keep you company. The biggest qualm with is are the ads. They literally pop up every 3-4 unlocks and it’s something that I feel just takes away from the experience immensely. I think a good alternative to this is literally having a little banner at the bottom of the screen instead of a giant video taking up the entire screen and auto-playing. However, pop up videos are probably there because the company makes more money on this kind of advertisement than banners. It’s too bad because it’s effecting the quality of their game.
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7 years ago, A Bad Password
Pasta Sauce
Fun and simple game, worth giving a try. I give the app 4 stars because while I understand that money needs to be made, those 15 second ads are a little too much showing up after almost every level. Maybe every 3 rounds, and the other 2 just be clickable ads? I'm not sure if they have control over that though. And a suggestion to the devs, maybe add an infinite mode where the lock keeps going until you miss, or you get a free miss once per play through or a free one for every 10 locks you pop in easier variant. None the less, simple and fun.
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4 months ago, Alexiswag
I downloaded this game years ago & forgot about it until scrolling through my Game Center. I’m killer at this game at DAVE & BUSTERS! Even when at D&B I realized the game had looked familiar & i was the only person able to hit the jack pot but it still never clicked until right now. Amazing, simple, fun game. Sad to see it hasn’t got much recognition. I feel as though it would be a hit if it was advertised more. People love simple games. Thanks for making me a natural at the arcade people think I got insane reflex’s haha.
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6 years ago, TomatoFaceReviews
Are you ever going to add new updates
I think this game is a great hit and the last update came out 2 years ago so I wonder did he just quit or did he run out of money and I know I would like to see the endless mode they promised and more hats so please work on the game again and if it comes to you not having enough money then add in app purchases on hats but also have an option to get enough coins to get one (like what you have now) so it won’t be pay to win I will give it 5 stars but until new updates it stays as 4
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8 years ago, Gt350Are
I'm very disappointed in the redundancy of this game. I went from level 1 to level 60 in about an hour of having the game and I realized that the objective is the same and the difficulty doesn't change at all. Simply the number of times you tap the screen changes. I was excited about the game and first but the ads were so intrusive and annoying that I paid to have them removed and yet it was still offering me options to see an advertisement for a "Free Gift" or "Second Chance". Download the free version, get bored and delete it. Do. Not. Pay for anything regarding this application. Also a significant portion of the 5 star reviews for this app are obviously generated by a pay-for service. Don't believe the hype. A truly terrible app.
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7 years ago, Jo Jo love
I did and that is a good article but it doesn't have do that you should not be there that you are a really bad app that doesn't mean that it doesn't have do you there is no source that for your attention is a really good article and that article is really bad for at least one the article that should be removed and should be merged with the source article that should be there for a good article and that article is really bad for that article and that should be not have been discussed. Jk the app is awesome
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7 years ago, KayKay417
Actually addictive
This is not a joke. I'm addicted to this game. At first I was just pleasantly entertained. The charming minimalist design, the fun back-and-forth that invoked a speedier Pong... The concept is simple yet satisfying and that's where the trouble began. It was so simple I thought I could go farther. I-- I just wanted to see how far I could go... Level after level, lock after lock... It's been weeks and I miss my family. But I can't stop. Even now my thumbs itch to return to the game. Please send help.
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12 months ago, Athena is rawr
This one bug ruins the game
Every time the yellow dot appears at the bottom, I fail. It doesn’t matter if I tapped when the red line touches the yellow dot. I would attach pictures to prove it if I could. Please, please, please fix this issue. I don’t want to keep failing every time while knowing that I didn’t make a mistake. I can’t find anything where I could provide feedback or report a problem to the developers. Even the developer website that the App Store provides doesn’t exist. It’s such a great way to pass time, and I don’t want that one bug to completely ruin the experience. Someone fix this please.
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6 years ago, BlueFear2006
Ever sense I got my iPad I was wanting an app that was challenging because I just felt like it, and also, one thing to ask you, can you add a hat that is like a husky, because there SO cute, I really want you to add it, please, if you do, I highly appreciate your company, that is called ketchapp, thank you SO much for making this app, I really would love to see more new games that your going to make in the future, (probably) I love you guys SO much, and keep up the good work, you guy are the BEST GAME MAKING COMPANY EVER!!! 😍
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12 months ago, Alex Bhargava
Nice game, a few issues
The first thing is the unregulated timing of the yellow dots, so you have less time to react to pop the lock, but that’s fine and not really an issue. The second thing is that I caught eye of an advertisement for an app that is a scam. It doesn’t change the quality of the gameplay but definitely something to fix. (The Game is called Dragon Merge Ball or whatever) The third thing is the reason why I made this review. Sometimes when I still pop the lock but there is a slight tilt, it makes me start over again. I don’t know if this is a bug or an unpleasant feature, but it takes away from the fun of the gameplay. Besides that, it is a very fun game to play by yourself or with your friends!
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8 years ago, PurpleRavenX11
Good game, bad focus
The game itself here is enjoyable and challenging enough, but simple and small and repetitive; meanwhile it takes every opportunity to shove ads in your face it can find. Every few levels you get one automatically, and every few attempts you get an offer to watch an ad to get some special bonus. They also include "hats" which you put on your lock? Because locks wear hats?? Really just a way to add a currency you can watch ads to get more of. It really makes it seem like somebody created a decent but super simple game in order to get lots of ad revenue from people, rather than the game being the main focus.
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6 years ago, Mjstar64
The game I was looking for
I have been trying to find a game that I can just quickly play if I have down time. Not one of those games that you have to wait for lives to restore or level up. A game that doesn't burden you with constant ads or asks for money. If you want a game you can play for hours on end this isn't for you. If you looking a game that you can play to quickly pass the time, you've found your game!
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6 years ago, LuvLover234
Great game 🔓🔑❤️❤️❤️
Pop the lock is a great game super challenging but super fun as well i am on level 41 now and i started 3 days ago its super addicting so when u start there is no going back lol 🤣🤣🤣 but in all seriousness i love this game u should try it to,if u have the guts to oh and another thing i have 15 hats rn 🧢🎩⛑👒👑 in the game and i love them all and the game also lets u get free coins specifically 70 coins but that’s a lot so if u don’t like this game u might want to change your mind I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOOO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋
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10 months ago, WaffIeton
I love this game PLEASE fix THE glitch
There’s a glitch where when you tap the bottom of the lock it doesn’t register it so every time it lands in that spot it’s like a guaranteed loss because it just won’t register the tap. It’s lost me so many games and the higher up you are the higher chances of it landing in that spot. Please fix this glitch it’s ruining the game and I love the game to much to quit yet but it might get to the point where it’s just to frustrating and impossible to pop the lock.
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7 years ago, kaybee06
Pop the Lock
This game is SO addicting yet so fun!! The game can also be frustrating but you will either eventually get it or delete it. I plan on beating the game but with my smartness (which isn't very much when it comes to games like this one) it might be hard. I hope you enjoy the game that these very very smart people made. I hope you aren't like me and mess up every single round. Have fun!!
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6 years ago, tem30
To many ads
This game is a great time killer I just think when you die you should automatically respawn. Also, the ads take over the game so when you wanna play you need to take off your WiFi to enjoy the game, and those with at&t and etc. can’t turn off their WiFi. So in the end the game has way to much ads that stop you from playing attention to the game, the ads are also very anoyying. I know what your saying “but they need the money” they don’t have to er players to make a profit out of the game.
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7 years ago, Hayden Youngblood
Laggy, but awesome!
This game could use some more work, but for the most part, t is a fun addicting game. I love the fact that it gives you second chances, but it starts out way to fast and for me, the number doesn't even change. It just doesn't really make a difference. I have many of ketchapp's other games and they are awesome, popular fun addicting games. But this one stands out with lags, and its fluency.
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6 years ago, Cristian 238S9
This game is out of my mind
It’s really hard To know when the ball will appear but it is also competitive to me but I reviewed it five stars because I really like it and I know I’m you sound crazy but if you don’t like you need to work on the gameHopster you get faster like your skills so that’s why I had to say .P.S from Cristian. Oh yeah if if you’re reading this in your sniper wolf I am a big fan of you a big fan of you PS
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7 years ago, Ellysen123
I feel like the game should give you stars for how many dots you hit. That would be really cool. It would also be cool if there were different game modes, and music. I would like if you could tap on the other side of the screen and change direction of which way the red arrow went. Also, I would like if you could drag the red arrow when you failed to where you want to start.😃
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7 years ago, minialpaca808
Great game
I love this game but I hate the people who says it's copying Color Switch it's not I can see how people think it is but the concept is not the same see in Color Switch the same color goes threw the same color and obstacles Pop The Lock has two different colors and you tap after the yellow circle and you have in the middle how many times you tap it I love this game I think it's great.
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8 years ago, Cookie Great run
Amazing Game! Like it except one thing...
Pop the Lock is an outstanding game! It is very addictive and a frame time killer for when your on a car trip or a plain ride! It does not require wifi as I have heard. The only problem I have is the adds... The adds are quite annoying... Every 20-35 seconds an ad will pop up and stop the flow of the game! I hope sometime in the future there will be no adds... Other than that, What an Amazing Game! :)
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6 years ago, smolhawiian
I think there should be a game mode where it is endless, so you can try to go as far as you can without a certain level, because I think the way the game currently is sometimes is annoying that you have to go by level and there isn’t an endless. That was the reason I gave it four out of five stars but otherwise the game is perfect, doesn’t lag, and is very useful for killing time and I love it!👍🏼
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2 years ago, Wavewasher
One Small Thing
Honestly, I want to start off by saying that I love this game. It’s a great way to pass the time while working on your reflexes. I honestly think that the whole hat idea is rly cute. Now I want to move on to problems. 1. The lagging. It’s kinda laggy and it gets in the way 2. A Glitch With The Hats. There is actually 2 glitched in the hats. One time, I clicked get a new hat and it landed on the default hat, the lock so I wasted 100 stars and didn’t get anything. Another things is that I was able to click get a new hat before I got to 100 star and then I was sent into the negatives. Ngl, it was kind of funny, but it was annoying having to save more up than usual. Other than that, great game!
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8 years ago, Jordan184765
Love it
I love pop the lock it's the best game I've got. I like how it makes u think how it's quick to and all the hats there so cute. My favorite is the cat it's so cute and I love cats. I also love dogs I've been looking for a dog lock but I haven't found one yet I really hope they have one. But that just 3 out of millions of things I like about this games. If you see this review trust me you will love this app/game it's the best.
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6 years ago, Morning_Star_42
I usually only review when prompted, but the developers should be really proud of themselves for such a clean and solid game design and concept. Usually I don’t like “reflex” games but this is awesome, somehow both relaxing and challenging. (You’ve gotta click the “how to play” in the menu because it doesn’t automatically pop up as a tutorial, or at least I had to haha).
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6 years ago, I:)bananas
unreasonably littered with ads
the "game" is unplayable, considering every 2-3 attempts (successful or unsuccessful) you get an ad thrown at you. and it's not just an ad you can tap out of, they're videos in which you need to watch almost all of it to click out or pictures that don't have a close button until you wait for a little while. sometimes both. quite literally, you play the game for no more than a minute before having to sit through an ad that you can't close out of. I get the app needs to make money but even for a free app this is just greedy and unreasonable.
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6 years ago, Yooshi54
Great Game!!!
It’s so fun but maybe a bit laggy from time to time. Also Developers you think you could add a second mode that is like the actual arcade that after level 50 it is slow then gets faster and faster. I Would Love This So Much, especially that I love the arcade machine a lot. Please and thank you guys if you do. This game is great but improvements make it better. (:
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8 years ago, Liv1.
Great game!
The point of the game is to pop the lock. This is how you "Pop the lock". You see a little red stick appear on the lock. Tap to make it move. Once it starts moving you will see a yellow dot. Tap the red stick again when it is on the yellow dot to pop the lock. All together I think this is a great game! I wish it had no adds though 😔
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8 years ago, Ryan BurnsRed
Great game. Too many ads
This game is a pretty fun, slightly addictive simple game to play. Its minimalist and clean look as well as the simplicity of the overall objective makes it very fun! However the ads are too frequent and detract from the experience. They pop up in between levels and sometimes in between attempts. I don't mind the ads, I just find the frequency of them quite annoying. 3 stars for an otherwise 5 star game had it not been for that issue.
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6 years ago, Real_Madrid_07
The best game ever and also kinda frustrating
This game is pretty fun but also gets frustrating sometimes because u keep on trying and gets u mad it's also fun because u get to play it and this game is the best game I ever played in my whole entire life u have to get this game because this game will make your life the best thing in your whole entire life.
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6 years ago, Jrjackx
This game used to be a great pass time with non intrusive advertisements. They would appear along the bottom or maybe once every 20 or so locks, a video ad would appear. The devs have made it nearly impossible Play now, as nearly every two locks a new 15 to 30 second ad appears. I don’t know what they thought they would be doing, maybe encouraging people to buy the no advertisement bundle, but it didn’t work. This kind of in-your-face advertisement doesn’t make me want to buy that, it makes me want to delete it as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, Lord dankness
Too many ads
I got the game 20 minutes ago and as soon as I opened it it was begging for me to watch extra ads to get a "second chance" and between every try there's an ad. I had to turn off cellular service 3 minutes in because I couldn't play the game like that. You play for 2 seconds and have to watch a 10 second ad in between and this is just a terrible game because of it. I probably will delete it because I have to turn off my wifi any time I want to play it and it's not even a very good game anyways.
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4 years ago, tannegg0
Just a few small bugs
A great way to kill time or practice your reflexes, but when a ball appears at the very bottom of the lock, it is impossible to get it. You fail no matter what. This is fine for the first few levels but quickly becomes annoying on the longer levels that are more likely to have it.
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11 months ago, ayham85
heres the thing
i bought this cuz i LOVE the real game at arcades and stuff so i bought it and right when i saw the beginning i saw the dots were way smaller than the one at arcades and there is not an infinite mode so thats why it is not 5 maybe it would be 3.8 out of 5 but if ypu added these i and made circles bigger i will be happy happy haapy
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7 years ago, Salmafkbdyhvdsth
It's presentable
This is actually, a really pleasant game. whether your bored and in the mood of playing, or are busy but still in the mood of playing, this is a perfect game to open up. It can get you frustrated, but isn't that the Pinot of the game? It's entertaining. I'm on level 41 at the moment. Let's see if you can beat that!
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2 years ago, EnhancedAudio
Perfect game
I love pop the lock, I originally got it to help with my reflexes but ever since ive started i cant stop. I live the feature where you can go into debt, as a gambling addict, I love that rush when my lifes savings diminish into a number below zero, it fills me with joy. Thank you pop the lock.
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7 years ago, Kyra 8855
Pop the lock
This game is awesome you get to put things on the lock and do more when you get a chance download it you will love it it will be addicting and you can not stop one you get use to eat give it 5**** and more people will see you review and they will try it just do it please by 😀😀
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8 years ago, TMG AIZEN X
Addictive but the Ads
I honestly really enjoy this game, it's super addicting and a good time killer. Unfortunately the Ads are rather annoying; I wouldn't mind so much if it was just banners or even a clip every so often, but for about every 25 - 45 seconds of gameplay you get another ad that takes you away from the game for a period of time. This kills the vibe and flow of the game. The game itself: Solid, the spamming is what ruins this app.
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7 years ago, LilJay123
HONESTLY, this game is really addicting. I really enjoy it. My only issue with this game is the excessive amounts of ads that pop up. It's super annoying but I'm pretty patient so it doesn't stop me from playing the game. If you ABSOLUTELY hate ads then you won't be able to stand playing it. If you're like me, then you won't be able to stop playing! I say it's bitter sweet.
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8 years ago, speedy’s iPhone
Pop the lock
Great game very addicting fun in every way and challenging I love the game no matter what i have to keep playing until the next level and the next level and the next level and the next level in the next level until there's just no End to pop the lock LOL
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3 years ago, Error Code 1130
I have one problem
When the yellow dot is centered at the bottom of the lock, I can’t do anything about it because it will always act like I missed the dot even though I hit it. Other than that, I love the game a lot and it’s very satisfying 😊
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7 years ago, captincool
Needs more ads
I think it would be better with more ads. Sometimes I need a break and an ad gives me a chance to chill. I accidentally paid for the ads to go away but thank god they didn't, I still get tempted with a second life or free stars and it lets me see a great ad. Plz add more ads!!
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8 years ago, Gyghdysygyuxydy
Saved my life
I was the lowest of lows living in the streets with nothing. I had no food no water but I did have an iPhone and nothing to play. When I found this game I felt complete. I was on the streets with nothing but a bad case of tescular cancer and a toothbrush but when I find this game I felt like I found new purpose in life.
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