Poplin: Got Laundry? Allow us.

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Poplin Technologies, Inc.
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Poplin: Got Laundry? Allow us.

4.82 out of 5
21.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Risse1989
SUDSHARE is an experience
y service and after using this service, I AM HOOKED! I have four boys, all under 6, one being a newborn. I have an IPhone and downloaded the application and it was super easy to use the platform and start the service. Once I put in an order to have someone to come and do my laundry, I received communication from the person who chose to do the service for me. She was super friendly and told me an estimate of when she would be coming. She came and picked up my items and was just super sweet. She did my laundry SO FAST, and I have sensitive skin(it gives you the option of choosing what type of soap to be used on your clothes🫶🏽) ! She brought it back a day and a half later, ALL FOLDED!!! I’m HOOKED, because if I decided to do my own laundry it would probably stay in a basket in my room clean, but not folded or put away. On top of the awesome customer service, the cost is incredibly worthy of all that you get! Now that I found this service, I will never wash my own clothes again, why would I ? The time is saved, the couple of dollars I spent, SOLD ME. I’m so happy I found this service. The amount of stress taken off of me has made me so grateful and happy. Being a mother to four boys is already hard enough, I do not want to add the stress of laundry to my load of things to do for the day. Thank you SUDSHARE!! Charisse Chase
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2 years ago, YaMammasMama
Moms…. DO IT!!!
I don’t even know where to begin… at the beginning, I suppose. I recently moved out of an apartment that had an in-unit washer & dryer, to one that doesn’t (almost $1000 difference in rent. Don’t judge me! It was the right choice… insert eye roll here) I said that to say, I’m really spoiled lol. I’m a busy mom and I’m all about convenience. I don’t have time to spend half my day at the laundromat. I looked around my area for a wash and fold service and some were about $2/lb. I did a little more digging and happened upon SudShare and OMG!!!!! I’m so happy I did. I’ve been talking about this service to anyone who’ll listen! The pricing can’t be beat! There’s free pick up and drop off and the loads are only $1/lb. SERIOUSLY!!! My Sudser (is that what we call them? Sudser? Suds-o-nator? Suddy Buddy? That sounds better… let’s roll with that)… My Suddy Buddy was fantastic. I’m new in this building and didn’t want to leave my bags outside and she was flexible and patient with me. She also got stains out of my 4yr old daughter’s shirt- something I can never accomplish! She brought it all back super clean, fresh and perfectly folded ( she needs to teach a class on folding fitted sheets… seriously, it’s her super power). Alright, I’ll shut up now. I’m just really excited I found out about this. It’s already my favorite thing! I’m not sure I’ll ever wash my own clothes again lol.
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2 years ago, RJLAdvisor
App the Problem , Not Human !
My first experience , and am not reviewing Janay, who is very sweet and obviously aaare of the major App deficiency . Again, this is an App related review . On July 13th all went well to set up and order , and from Janay having trouble with finding my place , to arriving , then my attempt to contact 2 minutes after she picked up , the App’s real time notices appeared on my phone , then vanished into cyberspace , with no way to respond , much less less find in the App , my messages , or any platform available .Messages literally were communicated perfectly, with no programmed acknowledgement available to the customer to use . When Janay eventually found me , she seemed to reply before I asked about it ? This can be fixed . But what a creative , entrepreneurial platform to help thousands start their own platform driven business, with possible merging with a Uber type ride & food delivery business . Have been a start up advisor , and former lecturer at Emory University in Atlanta . Served as a board member on SE Regional Board of SBA 40 years ago . Founded a 3PL software company in 2017 . This is basically goods , services, and payment interface , on a user friendly platform . Almost got it , pay your sudsters more until you fix the App . Apologist for an App , is not in job description . Not critic here , my attempt to help make better .
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2 years ago, Meowshmeowmeow
Best service EVER
I started using this app because where I moved there’s no washer or dryer and I don’t drive. It’s SOOOO much cheaper than bringing my clothes to a laundromat and the best part is: THEY FOLD YOUR CLOTHES FOR YOU 😩😩😩 they make it nice and neat, some use pretty bows to tie off the bags they send back, and it’s always done nicely. I usually have a giant hamper full of clothes that need washed, it feels super heavy but it always comes back weighing at 17lbs aaaand the minimum payment is only $20. It’s $1 more per pound after that. They also have “insurance” that’s included. $35 per piece of clothing lost or damaged 🤷🏻‍♀️. You can pay $4 to get the premium if you want but I haven’t had a problem and have been using this service for 2-3 months now. First time they had me do a little survey offering $5 back into my account if I did it. Got to the last few quest and it offered the $5 OR you could get $10 put into your next order and I have to do that. THE ONLY COMPLAINT I HAVE is that I get my clothes back the next day when I really want them back the same day. Doesn’t matter what time you place your order it will not come back till the next day. But it’s still worth it 🤷🏻‍♀️😌 I LOVE SUDSHARE (no one paid me for this btw I’m 23 and a college student just trying to help out busy moms and us college kids 😚)
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11 months ago, Yenny7686
Laundry Angels
Ok y’all, we all know nothing is worse than the never ending pile of clothes that need to be washed. I heard about Poplin through a friend on Facebook, highly recommended. Our family came home from a week’s long vacation, and when I unloaded all the dirty clothes from our suitcases I was immediately annoyed that I had to wash 4 bags of laundry. How dare my family wear clothes, am I right!? Then the lightbulb turned on, oh yeah that Poplin app! So I used my little electronic device to request the easiest way of laundry service. Literally 4 questions later and I was ready to go. I was assigned the most amazing laundry pro, because someone who is willing to clean my dirty laundry is an angel. She was amazing!! So helpful and friendly! She kept me updated the entire time, we even made little jokes, I’m pretty sure we’re best friends at this point. The whole process was so quick and painless. She picked up my laundry and dropped it off the next day all folded and smelling good! And let’s face it, the price - well worth it! $1 per pound. Umm yes please!! So yea, I recommend Poplin! It’s way better than turning the dryer on 6 times so my clothes don’t get wrinkled before I feel like actually folding them.
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2 months ago, YoungOprah
The Least of the Evils
Poplin is the least terrible of the laundry services I’ve tried. They’re very reasonably priced and if you’re extremely lucky you might even get a competent laundry pro that actually does their job well. However, my most recent experience has been particularly unfortunate. I’ve resorted to putting highly specific notes in my order instructions so as not to end up with someone that damages my items or poorly cleans them—even with my notes these things still occur. The worst part though is that a Laundry “pro” named Torresha lost several of my family’s items and gave us several others belonging to another order/family. Poplin has taken WEEKS to investigate this matter. They have been totally preoccupied in making sure I bag up the other customer’s items so they can be returned to them. But they don’t seem to nearly as concerned about where my stuff is! At this point, a refund or credit needs to be given. This is something I’ve requested several times since the orders come with insurance. But every Poplin concierge I’ve spoken to has completely ignored my request. Mustajaba has been unhelpful. Avery has been unhelpful. The list truly goes on and on. So folks…if you’re like me—someone that runs a large household and works 60+ hours a week—Poplin may be your only hope. But if you have any other option…choose something else and/or just do your laundry yourself because some headaches just aren’t worth it.
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2 years ago, Reece'
Was great the FIRST two times….then downhill from there
The first sudster we had was amazing. She was so thorough, clothes smelled lovely & were separated in such a thoughtful way. We also didn’t receive any one else’s laundry. The third time - things went down hill. The sudster was ok to communicate with - but they mentioned having a *personal assistant* - which wasn’t an issue during communication - but when we received our laundry - we had to travel the next day so we only grabbed what we needed but we quickly started to notice other people’s belongings. I immediately let SudShare know - they did nothing - they never responded. When we came back from vacation we went through the rest of our bags & noticed a lot more clothes, towels, scarves, etc that didn’t belong to us! Reached out to SudShare *again* to address the issue. Nothing. We now have realized items we are missing & we’re wondering who has our belongings. The items clearly weren’t tagged & weren’t separated from other orders - which is “SudShares promise” It’s a shame because we love the service & had 2 good experiences but at this point - without reliable customer service (email only with no response) & with a time limit on when you can claim items are lost - I am now in search of competitors & can’t recommend SudShare since they don’t stand by their work. You also can’t change your rating after a certain period of time which means you can’t go in & block a sudster.
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8 months ago, TiDanLu678
Missing items and can’t reach support
I’m writing this after my second, and unfortunately last time using this app. The first service was great, but this time we weren’t brought bag a full of clothes. I reached out to the help center within 15 minutes or less of the laundry drop off and they responded quickly. I let them know our list of missing items to the best of my ability and she said they were on it. I even lightly joked about just buying my grandma a pajama set we didn’t get back. Next day, I go to work and hear nothing so I attempt to find the chat and it’s gone. The FAQ says to change rating on your washer and write your message, so I did. The following day I have a notification from a different agent letting me know the status on the missing items. The message was cut off in the end so I click on it and it takes me to the app and no place to respond or see what was sent and of course it disappears from your screen after you open. I checked my email and nothing. Now I can no longer communicate with them and some of our favorite clothes were probably donated to another user. I can’t even file an insurance claim which you select while booking. This is really sad because I see the same complaints from a year ago. Please do better on your customer service. We trusted you all with our personal items and paid our money to you all and lost out in the end.
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2 years ago, Hstarr99
My first experience was amazing I had instructions for hang drying and hypoallergenic detergent and I could tell that she really did what she said she did I didn't have any issues with my clothing. Above and beyond. The second experience is completely different -she barely communicated with me when she picked up my clothing and processing my clothing. she didn't ask me any questions but the first lady asked me questions and confirmed items as well. When I received my clothing everything appeared to be in good condition but as I started wearing my clothes that I requested to be hang dried I realized that they had not indeed been hang dried there were balls, from abrasion, that you get when you dry in the dryer, on the clothing and didn't fit the same as when it would be hang dry. I remember that they had a policy where if anything was damaged they would honor a certain value but upon reading the policy it states that it has to be done within 24 hours and that you have to give a one star review in order to have that screen come up I initially gave her a five star review because she did a good job but upon further inspection I realize she did not follow my instructions. Also, my skin broke out which only happens when detergent that is not hypoallergenic is used so now I don't know if she even did that. this experience destroyed my experience with that and therefore I would not recommend it to anyone as well.
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2 years ago, NeTonya C
You’re probably wondering how I ended up here
You’re probably wondering how I ended… You’re probably wondering how I ended up here? I guess I should put all my dirty laundry out. Okay I tried to crack a joke but in all seriousness this is by far the best experience I have ever had with any service. I have been in overload mode since moving,packing,unpacking,packing again (I moved to Dallas and quickly changed my mind and headed back to Houston) but can you imagine the load of clothes I had. It took me a month to figure out that I did not have two of the same dress but in fact had been wearing the same dirty dress ( don’t judge me lol) Thank goodness Crystal with SudShare came to my rescue. My clothes,my children's clothes and that ladies son (I got commitment issues but this is not the place lol) are clean/folded and now put up. I feel so accomplished that part of the moving in process is fixed thanks to SudShare. I can’t wait to do it again. We are no longer using hampers and are only putting our dirty clothes in a bag for SudShare. Thank you again for great service,quick service, and allowing me to air my dirty laundry. People please send all of your laundry to SudShare and don’t get caught in a dirty dress 👗
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2 years ago, ANTICHRISTopher 666
Super fair price & super professional
Thanks TAKARA in Las Vegas -this was my first time using the service I am highly impressed . I wish I could submit a photo this girl did such a good job folding my laundry IWent back into the app and doubled my tip…It was only 34 bucks to have three big bags of laundry done but I tipped her $32. Originally I left her a $10 tip but when I got home and seeing how meticulously and professionally and amazingly attention to detail as she paid folding my clothes it just made putting them away so much easier this is just something that I wish I’d known about before I’m probably never gonna do laundry ever again I’m just gonna use this service I want the same girl every single time she did such a good job folding my laundry I can’t stand doing laundry and I always let it build up and it’s such a pain spending all day long waiting for your clothes to wash dry fold them this is just so convenient I really appreciate the service and my sister was awesome absolutely amazing job folding the clothes. Unbelievable,My sister saw how good of a job she did and she asked me for a referral to the company because it’s just so convenient and she did such a good job!
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1 year ago, Becca424
A true godsend - I love this service!
I live in a rural area where no one really gets their laundry serviced. We don’t have a drop off place to bring laundry although I’ve tried for years to find one close by. Recently when my dryer broke I googled laundry service on the off chance I would find something in my area. I was surprised to learn about Sudshare and have it a shot - and now even though my dryer is fixed I’m still using the service. My Sudster, Rachelle, is AMAZING. She is so timely, courteous, folds, sorts, and ties everything up with cute little ribbons. I always get a thank you card and a turnaround in less than 24 hours for my 4-5 HUGE bags of laundry for my family of 5. I once had another Sudster when she wasn’t around, RODNEY, and he went above and beyond to make sure I received my items in time - he delivered them at 3am! I guess it may depend on where you live - but my advice is once you get someone good, stick with them. Tip them well, too, because you are getting a bargain at the price they charge per pound. They aren’t just washing, drying, sorting and folding. They are transporting your clothes in a timely fashion. And that to me deserves a $25 tip.
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2 years ago, Dawne Loggins
TikTok made me do it…..
So I was super skeptical at first. I saw the TikTok and thought this is crazy and it cannot possibly be real. I mean are there really people out there that will drive to your house, pick up you dirty clothes, wash them, dry them, and FOLD THEM, and then bring them back to your house!!!! I downloaded the app and everything looked so easy. Too easy. So I waited. What was I waiting for? I don’t know I guess I wanted the magical Fairy Wash Mother to appear and tell me that it was okay, but she didn’t. So I put in my first order and a couple minutes later I received a message. My Sudster told me when she would pick up my clothes and to have them in the agreed pick up location. I put them out and went about my business. Within the timeframe she gave I received a message stating that she picked the up. Then like magic the next day (YES I SAID THE NEXT DAY) she returned all the clothes washed, dried, and folded!!!!!!!! It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and it was less than going to a laundry mat. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I truly appreciate this service. Now all my friends think I am rich because I have a laundry service!!!! Ha!!!!! ~ Dawné Loggins
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2 years ago, dsarnor
Sudshare gave me my time back.
Our washer and dryer have been out of commission for a few years and so the routine with doing laundry is that a free day in the week is donated every 4-6 weeks where I do mounds of laundry that should’ve been washed. All the important things get folded while the lesser important items spend an embarrassingly long time CLEAN in the laundry bag. These laundry days start no later than 11am and end around 4pm. This usually does not include the folding time. When I heard of sudshare I think I just could not find a day to go wash things and desperately needed to and so gave it a shot. It was convenient but I hadn’t fully weighed out how they were saving me not only time but money. About a year later I started issuing them consistently and although I’d spend a little more than if I wen to the laundromat myself I didn’t have to think about gas I didn’t have to buy laundry supplies I didn’t have to think of a day where I could be free and my favorite….NO MORE FOLDING! SudShare is so good with the quickness in which you get your items back and nicely folded too (down to the underwear) I love them and send them to everyone I know needing relief.
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2 years ago, patsy2648
I wish I had known about this sooner
I wish I had known about this so much earlier. My building does not have a washer/dryer and the nearest laundromat is a couple miles away. I tried going to the laundromat once and left as soon as I saw how much it was going to cost and realized how much time I would have to wait there. I had resorted to doing laundry at my parent’s house for the past six months until I discovered this. Absolutely life saving! I hate doing laundry to begin with and end up not even folding my clothes most of the time, so this felt like such a premium service for me, and at a very reasonable price. There are laundromats around me that do pick up and delivery, but for almost double the price. The nature of the gig-style app that SudShare uses allows them to cut down costs significantly and offer a great price, while also cutting down time & distance for pickup and delivery commutes. Though I don’t expect it every time, I was incredibly impressed that my sudster delivered my finished laundry just 4.5 hours after picking it up. Thank you SudShare for making my life so much easier. Patrick Salas
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3 years ago, NiaSDC 37
Avoid at all costs
This company is a shady, unprofessional, unreliable sham. My first load with them was brought back unclean and sloppily “folded”. They would only offer a credit, not a refund. The second time I tried to use them, my laundry was not picked up at all. They still refused a refund but tried to make me try their service for a THIRD time despite 100% of my experiences with them being absolute disasters. The date they selected wouldn’t have worked for my travel schedule. But they persisted. It’s absurd. Later, my concierge called and told me that some…person with his pants sagging well below his underwear came to the lobby and said he was “here to pick up somebody’s laundry”. She said that was not quite enough information and asked if he had a name. “Nah”, he said. She asked what company he was with and he said “That don’t matter.” At which point the building manager intervened to explain that in fact it did matter because the concierge keeps records of instructions left by residents and he could look it up by company name or customer/resident name but he couldn’t give clothes to an unidentified person who had neither. The person left. By combing their records my building staff was able to deduce that I was the only person in the building who’d left laundry downstairs and instructions with them, whose laundry had not been picked up. So it was SudShare. Absurd. Beneath me. Done.
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1 year ago, Ageless Glow
First experience was a NO
I wanted this to work. For the first time I decided to give up control of doing the laundry for my small business. There was communication with the sudster, but she never upheld what she communicated. She asked me to put out my laundry at 1pm and after 5pm I was messaging that it was still sitting out front of my spa. The next day she told me she was drying and folding at 10am. At 7pm it still hadn’t been dropped off. I’m aware they have an 8-8 timeline and that’d be different if we hadn’t had pickup/drop off times communicated. It’s ok, small tradeoff to reclaim some time in my day. Then it arrives and smells like smoke and sourness. Ugh! NOW I’m unhappy when it affects the quality standards of my business. I unfortunately had to give the sudster a poor rating. I don’t take that lightly. Customer service reaches out and tells me I have to redo the entire procedure and if they deem my laundry ok (ie: I’m lying about the laundry’s freshness and quality) I will be charged again for the service. No, thank you. Who is doing that quality control? I don’t have more time to risk not having what I need to do my job. I will take it home and wash it all again myself to ensure it’s ready for my clients. Now I’m time poor as well as wasted $30. I’m sure there are awesome sudsters out there, but ask yourself first: do you have the time and money to risk to find out?
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1 year ago, Jaaytee98
Garment Protection is pointless
Don’t waste your money paying extra for garment protection. They don’t actually protect anything. They have a same day delivery for that your suppose to pay extra for but don’t. Your sudster can deliver the same day regardless if you pay for it or not. I didn’t pay for it so I wasnt expecting my clothes to be delivered the same day but they were and I was completely unaware so someone took them. I didn’t receive a notification from the app and I didn’t receive a message notification either from the sudster so they delivered my clothes and they sat outside all day while I was at work. When I got home there was no clothes there. They were very clear on the fact once they drop off your clothes even if you are unaware they are no longer responsible. Their sudster simply messaging you is enough confirmation for them to go ahead and leave your clothes at the front door. Don’t pay for the garment protection because apparently it doesn’t cover that. You’re just wasting your money. Their service is a bit cheaper compared to others but if your someone who isn’t constantly looking at their phone or isn’t home all the time don’t use this service go somewhere else their competitors atleast have some type of confirmation for the delivery of your clothes and actual protection for lost or damage items.
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2 years ago, HowardRoark1
Greatest Laundry Day Ever
Yesterday, I found myself at a crossroads. My choices were many, but one lingering and obtrusive obligation hanged over my head. Laundry is the Bain of my existence, and I didn’t want to personally do it, so I googled “laundry service” and SudShare was the first choice. I gave them my once over and downloaded the app. Now the SudShare app interface is the super easy. It’s most straightforward and convenient app I have ever used. When I was ready I hit the “Do My Laundry” button and within mere moments, my Sudster Krissy, messaged with a time for pick up. She was here and gone before I knew it. Now, after a few hours she contacted me and stated my laundry was finished, and with such a slow day, she could deliver my clothes. Now she did state that this was not a typical outcome and to not expect it every time. I was taken aback by the speed and efficiency of Ms. Krissy’s work. In all, it was the greatest laundry experience I’ve ever lived. I may never do laundry again. Thank you SudShare, especially big thanks to Krissy for being such a wonderful Sudster. 11/10 highly recommended, 6 stars, and 3 thumbs up.
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2 years ago, Hyden42rocks
Love the Idea, Hate the Execution.
You’re blindly trusting strangers with your personal property. You can get more communication and security with a person buying your groceries through Instacart than you do with people holding hundreds of dollars of your property on this app. If you can get a good SudSter, it’s probably a great experience. However, I did not get that, and there is little protocol to ensure good service. You can only speak to the “Sudster” through the poorly developed “Message” section. My SudSter was kind and somewhat communicative up until the delivery. She ghosted me three times when it came to dropoffs we had scheduled beforehand. I filed with the Support Team and they did very little to ensure I would get my laundry. After two days of waiting for my laundry to be dropped off (not including the actual washing time), I finally got my items back. If the company was more involved (as in the SudSter had to schedule an official pickup/dropoff time within the app rather than only through messages), I feel like that could’ve been avoided. There definitely needs to be more done with the communication aspect of the app before I would feel comfortable using the app again. Otherwise, I would’ve used the service again. For now, it’s getting deleted.
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9 months ago, kelsiemoore
Poplin & Molly to save the day!
So our washing machine broke and while I was stressing out how to make time to go to a laundromat (let alone find one close to us), I looked up laundry services and came across Poplin. What grabbed me: laundry pick up/drop off right at my doorstep, quick turnaround, transparent pricing, very user friendly and simple app. I plopped our full hamper outside and went about my day. Molly was our laundry pro and was super helpful and friendly reaching out to clarify certain details and checking in (since Poplin informed her it was our first time using the service). Laundry was retuned the next day by 8pm as promised and couldn’t have been more expertly folded and packed in neat little bags tied with ribbon with a few candies on top (which my OCD-self greatly appreciated). Paid about $24 for a very large hamper full of clothes/towels (I tipped because Molly went above and beyond). Money extremely well spent. Even though we’re getting a new machine soon, I will definitely use this Poplin again in the future if/when we need extra help or are short on time. Thanks Molly!
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3 years ago, maliks express
Don’t Use Go To Wash & Fold
Hi Last 2 Occasions Of Using This Service My Last Order Came Back Short And I’m Missing Clothes, Also Upon Delivery By Sudser A Hour Later They Returned And Took Some Of The Bag Of Clothes That Was Delivered To My Porch & Took Them Back Without Any Notice Or Ringing My Door Bell To Let Me Know If It Was Any Mistakes So I’m Assuming Now They Stole My Clothes, 2nd Time Yesterday I Made A Order And The Sudser Claims She Was At My Home And Waited For Response And My Clothes Were Not Out, In Fact I Was Home In My Living Room & I’m A Member Of The Ring/ADT Community Where I Have Cameras And Motion Sensors At My Home So I Know When Someone Pulls Up At My House Or At My Door...SudShare Says It’s Going To Charge Me $10 For Her Not Being Able To Pick Up When In Fact It’s Their Fault I Live In E Section Bowie Where All Street Names Start With E & Their Are 5-7 Houses In My Neighborhood With Same Exact House Number Which Means Either 1 She Never Came Out Or 2 She Was On Wrong Street And Failed To Pat Attention Because If You Had Any Problems Why Not Call Me Or Ring The Door Bell It Makes No Sense I Wouldn’t See Any Message But I’m Sure They Can Ring Door Bell Or Call, & I Have Video Footage Of Her Never Being Here When She Claims To Arrive Or Anytime After….tried the service again once again they ripped me off and stole $30+ from me by over charging me on wrong weight clothes
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2 years ago, _lil_milly_
Reasonably priced time-saver
I was pleased with the service provided by SudShare and by my Sudster, Eileen. The clean laundry arrived back within 24 hours of pickup, and the instructions on hang-drying were followed carefully. For the picky among us, there are opportunities to provide detailed instructions on how you'd like your laundry to be washed, dried, or folded. I provided a few limited instructions, which Eileen followed meticulously. You can provide your own detergent, although I was pleased with the light scent of the detergent used for my laundry. This service is also very reasonably priced at $1/lb, one of the lowest rates I found when shopping around. The only thing I'm not super pleased with is the extra plastic used to protect clothes before pickup and again once dropped back off, although I do realize it's a necessary part of the process to protect your clothes. However, by and large, I consider this a great service at a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend it for those weekends when a trip to the laundromat just isn't going to happen, or even as your new regular laundry routine.
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2 years ago, Cbab
Amazing Service, Great Price
My washer broke and so far I have spent 2 months waiting for my home warranty company and their identified repair company to fix it. I thought I would be sitting at the laundromat every week, until my boss told me about the service. It has been a lifesaver and I have been incredibly impressed every time I’ve used it. Laundry is always picked up within a couple hours, even one time when I submit it on a weekend. And for the most part, my laundry is clean and back of my door within 24 hours. Every single person who has done my laundry packs it with such care and precision. They even put little notes or stickers on my bags. I would be going crazy right now waiting for my washer to get fixed if it wasn’t for this service. As a busy mom with three boys I can even see myself using the service in the future when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount the laundry and other things to do in my household. For what they provide, I find the service to be well worth the money paid.
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3 years ago, dgreatbabe
Not worth it
I used this service twice. First time I found it very convenient, the app is easy to use and the Sudster is communicating pretty good to me. I weighed my laundry at home and it was under 40 lbs. But after everything was washed the same day and delivered, I was billed 60 lbs for $84. They claimed I had 3 fluffy items which was $8 each additional. Then when I unloaded the laundry, I noticed they did not fold the laundry but rather rolled the clothes. Told them to close my account. They compromised and charged me $50 instead and gave me $10 credit for another service. The following week, I used it again for second chance. This time I took pictures of the weight. They were under 25 lbs. laundry came back the same day. But they did not return my fabric softener. Also they charged me 30 lbs when I weighed the clothes back it was under 25 lbs. Ok that would mean I don’t have to tip my Sudster. As I unload the clothes, I noticed they were damp. I told them about it and told me to return my laundry. Also there was one bed bug in my laundry that crawled out of the bag and there’s a piece of clothing that don’t belong to me. Needless to say, I will not use this service ever again and I hope you think twice before you do. I had a very bad experience and I could just imagine what kind of wash they were doing.
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2 years ago, User63819040
Really bad first time experience
Order is stuck in saying it will be assigned despite saying it will be assigned in an hour. Sent order day before around 4:40 PM. Couldn’t cancel order. It says call to cancel. Call number to cancel - the message says you can only cancel using support online (that loop is absolutely atrocious, let people know where to get help the first time) I’ve sent a message to customer support chat - no response so far. It hasn’t been long but it says 2 minutes so another disappointing lie. That’s 3 times so far nothing has been delivered on. This would all be whatever if you all didn’t decide to hold twice the estimated amount for the order on my card. I’m not in need of it but why companies think they can hold your funds and deliver nothing to someone who is most likely seeking their services because they NEED the help is beyond me. Do not ask me to email with more information. UPDATE: soon after leaving this review an agent responded and canceled the order. They stated it takes a little longer for a response with evening orders. I can’t trust that when the app says assignment is made around an hour and it’s been well over 12 hrs. Maybe it’s the area I’m in why an assignment is taking so long but the comms is too shoddy and the Help guide is misleading.
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2 years ago, BrittSymone
Find a better service
Do yourself a favor and never use go use service where the ppl who wash your clothes are actually nice, keep things professional and know how to do their job and where support will actually support you and resolve their issue. From personal experience THIS SERVICE IS DISGUSTING AND HORRIBLE. The Sudster came and picked up my clothes, washed them and then kept altering the time he was going to deliver the clothes, and then never actually delivered them to my address instead he dropped them off at a whole complete different address. When I contacted support they couldn’t get in contact with the Sudster to go get my clothes from the wrong address. It’s been almost 24 hours and they haven’t sent a new Sudster to retrieve the laundry like they said they were. They also said they don’t do refunds to the original payment method and that they only will credit your Sudshare account which is not right because I will not be using this horrible service again due to this unprofessional and unorganized experience along with the other unprofessional and unorganized experiences. Please save your time, save your day and save your clothes if you want them. The support team did not help, it’s a waste of time and now my clothes are just gone and money wasted.
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2 years ago, AramYFlor
Company stands by Service
I am leaving a 5 Star review for customer service. My laundry was not returned. This was not within the direct control of the company. This rating is for the company and not the sudser. The company has been very responsive, transparent and is going out its way to make sure the resolution is efficient and they are not wasting my time any further. If I thought there was anyway to hold the company responsible I would not give any stars but truth is in this GIG economy we are dealing with all Kinds of different workers and alll the background checks and rating systems can’t be 100% on what a worker will do today. Well this is exactly why I am giving 5 stars. I know that the company is the only entity that I can hold accountable . They did not blow me off; they did not waste my time playing games ; they told me what was going on and I can’t ask for more than that. I will continue to use SudShare because now I know in the off chance the worker gets it wrong the company will stand behind their service.
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2 years ago, paulamcll
Ruined work clothes + bad service=MORE STRESS
I’ve used this 3 times. 1. Ok, but only sent things that were easy to wash and dry (and could be replaced) to test. Instructions were followed, and everything was good. 2. Next I decided to send my work clothes that needed to be air dried. The sudser did a wonderful job and I was impressed. 3. It was the same sudser as number 1. This time the air dry clothes (separate bag and clearly marked) were not air dried and several work shirts were shrunk and ruined. I have hypoallergenic checked in my orders, and the clothes came back stinking of scent. I had to rewash everything again. I am still waiting to hear if I will be reimbursed for the ruined shirts. If you are looking for a stress-free way to deal with laundry, this is not it. I’m going back to professional services where I know what to expect every time and there is some accountability for bad service. UPDATE: Customer service “investigated” and the sudser insisted she followed instructions. Even with the photographic evidence that I sent, customer service wrote that they are not to blame. I am disgusted with the response - especially with the request to remain a happy customer and use them again. Never trust a company that thinks the customer is the problem. My $1 a pound will now cost me $280.
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2 years ago, k8d8
A godsend for busy people
What an amazing solution. I am beyond busy. Between working full time, single mommin and trying to still do things like cook dinner and sleep, laundry takes a backseat. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s in the back of the bus. When I do manage to get some laundry started, it sits in the machine for about a week and takes 3+ spins cuz it’s been sitting. If and when it ever makes it to the dryer, it’s gonna stay there for about as long. Then I saw this fancy schmancy service that I never thought I would be able to afford. But it’s actually CHEAP! So I packed up all my clothes (‘cept my chonies cuz that’s weird) and sent 2 kitchen trash bags of clothes and hangers. Right after I placed the order a real person text me and told me what time she would be by to grab it. About 24 hours later I got a receipt for $28 and a text saying when it would be back! Washed, dried, folded, hung, put away in one day as time has never happened for my clothes. They loved it.
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1 year ago, wrongsce
Don’t recommend working for this app
Orders for service are few and far between. You get penalized for lack of chat, poor tip, and if the customer is not returning due to no fault of your own. Some customers don’t return because they are temporarily using the service because their home machines are out. Now for the main reason of my one star review…support! It’s so difficult when you need help to get any help, especially quality help! There is an impossible way to get ahold via phone. Support doesn’t actually support you. They repeat the same thing and don’t help to find resolutions. They are very rude and condescending towards you, especially if female! Steve, I believe his name was, was the worst one of them all and raising his condescending tone of a voice at me. He kept talking over me and not letting me speak. When I did get a chance to speak, he was very passive aggressive in that allowance. You will NOT be supported by this company at all. They want chat only but not every one does well with chatting. You will be dismissed and discarded. This company doesn’t care about their sudsters. Don’t join! You’ll end up more frustrated than this was worth! Horrible “support”. I wish I could say something positive but I can’t find positive.
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2 years ago, 😊4455
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced
I used this service for about 3 months because it’s cheaper than some other laundry services. For the most part, it was great. The woman I requested each time was such a delight and really went above and beyond, however I sent a few shirts with stains and asked her to try and get them out, she let me know she couldn’t, which was completely fine and I let her know that. I was surprised though when the laundry was returned that two items were severely stained way worse than they were when they were sent, like unwearable, and it was obviously from some sort of detergent. I pay extra for the insurance every time, but the customer service for trying to submit a claim is impossible, the girl who responded with “we don’t have magic powers” to remove stains and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wrap her head around the fact I was talking about the clothes being returned with new stains. She would not believe that there were new stains, she insisted they were the same ones I sent them with. At the end of our conversation she barred me from placing future orders, which is probably a good thing considering I’ve never been spoken to and belittled the way that I was from this woman.
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2 years ago, JSWCAT
Missing clothes and warning
If there is any other way for you to wash your clothes please do it. All are washers and dryers at this complex had an electrical hit so were in operative and I decided to use the service as a stopgap until the machines got replaced. When the items were returned to me, which were one day late, many items were missing including two pairs of pants, a couple of undershirts and underwear, one oven mitt, and several pairs of socks. There were two socks returned to me with different colors as they were missing their partners. SudShare basically sent what I term to believe a first email about missing items saying are you sure they’re missing and have you check thoroughly etc. etc. etc. when you only have two bags of laundry, which were small, picked up and returned he would imagine that you would get everything back, but oh no! This is the third day into the missing items and they’re still trying to deflect responsibility saying that they launderer emphatically says that everything was returned. Extremely exasperating and definitely not worth it, even though they say they have a minimal $200 replacement insurance which I believe will probably be difficult to get.
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8 months ago, Britt11_11_11
Beware! Horrible customer service when things go wrong
Used this service previously when it was Sudshare and had a couple great experiences. Used Poplin this week and their customer service was awful, instructions were not followed. Do not waste your money. We ordered with hypoallergenic detergent and the clothes came back smelling of fragrance. I promptly called customer service and told them I was requesting a refund because I was having to rewash everything. She did not tell me not to wash them. The next day they got back to me and said they could not refund because I washed the clothes before they could investigate. The offered a $15 credit instead of the $40 refund. The credit is useless because I will never use this service again. We utilized this service because my husband is recovering from surgery. We were attempting to lower stress and instead it only added stress. Their customer service is awful and does not care about their customers at all. Gross company with no integrity. Small issue compared to the fragrance but they didn’t even fold the socks. Why get a laundry service that doesn’t even fold everything. This made it easier to rewash but still…
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2 years ago, dcoat
The best laundry service!
I’m no stranger to laundry service. I’ve used several other companies and this was the best experience so far. The app is slick. My sudster followed all of my requests (I am particular about how my clothes are folded as I store them vertically in boxes, KonMari style). Clothes were fresh and clean. My sudster was very great at communicating and my clothes came back the next day!! Wow! So impressed! And the price is unbeatable (make sure to leave a generous tip for your sudster if possible!!) I love leaving a generous tip, they did an AMAZING job. SudShare is now my go-to laundry service. My best laundry Tip: get your clothes really dirty before throwing in the hamper. See if you can get at least 2 wears out of everything except underwear and socks (although we wear wool socks and get multiple wears out of those, too) We are able to go about 2 weeks between wash days when I’m ruthless and willing to spot clean clothes with a clean rag between wears. Saves so much laundry!!
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2 years ago, Going to chase
MY. WILDEST. DREAMS. HAVE. COME. TRUE. Thank you SudShare. Look, no one hates laundry more than me. Even if my husband and I didn’t work full time. Even if we didn’t have 2 young dirt ball boys. Even if we didn’t have 2 dogs. Even if I were single and only had a capsule wardrobe, I WOULD STILL HATE LAUNDRY. When I say I have spent ALL of my adult life looking for a way out of doing laundry…that is no exaggeration. SUDSHARE HAS ALLOWED ME TO QUIT LAUNDRY AND IM OUT SINGING IN A FIELD OF WILDFLOWERS ON A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY. I recently had my first experience with SudShare and it was as magical as I could have imagine. I put a an embarrassing amount of laundry on my porch. Jodie (my new fairly laundry mother) came and got it. She took it to her magical cottage and brought it back CLEAN, FOLDED, and IMPRESSIVELY CORRECTLY SORTED. I have been weeping with joy ever since. When I say this has changed my life, I mean it with every (clean, folded, sorted) fiber of my being. Thank you SudShare. Thank you Jodie. I will never go back!!!
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2 years ago, Mygreatkid
SudShare Had Made My Life So Much Easier
Last year, after the death of my Mom, I moved from our apartment - which had a gloriously big washer and dryer - in to live with my sister. I have a lovely little apartment here with her but the washer and dryer are upstairs. Because of some health issues I can't go up and down stairs right now so once a week my sister would do my laundry (accompanied by my apologies that she had to do it). When she was going to be away on vacation I realized that I had 2 options: buying tons of extra clothes to wear because I wouldn't be able to have my laundry done for a week (fun but expensive) or trying to find some other option. I used my best friend, Google, and just did a simple search and that's how I found SudShare. Not only is the service great (all my clothes neatly folded, all the towels nicely rolled up) but it's fast and IMHO very economical. Even now when my sister is back from vacation I still continue to use SudShare and I think the cost is a great investment in my well-being and knowledge that there is a service that can help me live my life more easily. I've had great people (shoutout to Brook and Chaney) come and pick up/do my laundry and they're both stellar at what they do. I highly recommend SudShare to any one who wants to save time and have fresh, clean, neatly folded laundry delivered right to your door!
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10 months ago, calconnec
We got scammed by Poplin worker
Our Poplin worker David (from Arcadia, CA) scammed us. He communicated with me on the app and all seem to be fine. He picked up our bags of laundry at the time he said he would (We see it on our RING doorbell). Then about 6 hours later, we see him on our security camera returning the same three bags, so we assumed he finished early. You can see him taking a photo of the bags as if the job were complete. When we picked up the bags, we saw they had never been untied, certainly had not been folded, and had never even been washed… They were still as stinky as before and had not been moved, even 1 inch inside their respective bags! He did absolutely nothing. I reached out with a message to him in the Poplin app asking whst happened. No reply. I asked again… No reply. I asked a third time… No reply. Next thing I knew, he had deleted the whole order as if it had never happened, but $63 has been charged to my credit card. Before I knew it, the $63 was refunded but then there was a new charge of $20. I have to now keep my eye on my bank app and call them tomorrow to cancel any charges. Poplin worker David from Arcadia is a big scammer.
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3 months ago, NINERS UNITED
Data Breach
I am deeply disappointed and frankly, quite angry about the recent experience I had with Poplin: Got Laundry? As a customer, my trust in this service was shattered due to a severe breach of security. Shortly after creating an account, it was compromised by external parties, leading to unauthorized access and a distressing phone call from a Laundry Pro within mere hours of registration. This blatant disregard for privacy and confidentiality blatantly contradicts Poplin's purported policies and procedures. Attempting to address this unsettling incident with their customer service representative only compounded my frustration, as the response provided failed to alleviate my concerns or offer a satisfactory resolution. As a consumer who values data protection and adherence to established guidelines, I find this lapse in security and subsequent failure to rectify the situation wholly unacceptable. In light of this unsettling experience, I urge Poplin: Got Laundry? to reassess their safeguarding measures, prioritize customer privacy, and enhance their response protocols to prevent such distressing incidents from reoccurring in the future. Trust is paramount in any service-oriented industry, and regrettably, my trust in Poplin has been severely undermined.
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2 years ago, matt4fuhrman
Laundry picked up at a price I can afford
Sudshare is the service I've been longing for at a price point I can handle. Laundry is my least favorite chore, and while I used to take my dirty clothes to the fluff and fold service at a local laundromat, I soon realized driving to drop off and pick up my clothes was taking away any of the convenience. The pickup and drop-off service is a game changer for me! It's also great that the clothes are returned one day later, so it's not like you're going to be without a crucial piece of clothing for days at a time. The app is easy to use and has so much opportunity for customization so your laundry is getting done exactly how you'd do it. The workers at Sudshare are incredibly communicative through the app, so you know exactly when they will be arriving for pickup and drop-off, and will even message questions along the way if necessary so things are done just to your liking.
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2 years ago, sarebeth
I never write reviews but this one is worth it!!!
I used this service recently while traveling when my hotel didn’t have a laundry machine. I googled laundromats or dry cleaners and somehow found this service. I am SO glad that I did. I didn’t know what to expect but decided to give it a chance. As soon as I signed up, someone messaged me on the app and confirmed when she would be picking up my clothes from my hotel and communicated about washing/drying preferences and timing. I got my clothes back washed and dried and folded the same day!!! I’m honestly still shocked by how easy it was! I really hope this is available in other areas as I would love to use it again! This sounds like an ad but I promise it’s not. I did get charged $20 since they charge $1 a pound and I only had 8.4 pounds of clothes (20 is the minimum), but I’m okay with that!! Just a heads up if you only have a few things to get washed.
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2 years ago, knt93
A Life Changing Service!!!
I will forever be grateful that I discovered SudShare. I had originally looked into laundry services for my brother, never expecting that I could use it for myself. I thought it would be too expensive or would require a large minimum amount of laundry. After finding out that this wasn’t the case, I decided to try it for myself. I was a little unsure at first with the idea of having a stranger wash my clothing, as I have been doing my own laundry since I was in middle school. Thankfully, I quickly got over it. Doing laundry has been a challenge for me most of my life, as I do not drive and have often lived in buildings with a shared laundry room with limited hours in addition to being expensive. I would usually have to ask for a ride to a laundromat. Using SudShare was affordable, the process is simple, and I am extremely happy with the service received.
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2 years ago, christinemariw
A Literal Nightmare
This has been my second order with this company. The first time my person had emergencies and everything was done late and with many extensions. I let it go. Now I’m currently on my second order the same person has disappeared with my clothes and I last heard from customer service yesterday. I have reached out many times since yesterday evening and have received no answer. I have disabilities and I thought this would make things easy for me but if you are in this same situation please believe me it is not easier. They are taking advantage of people and people with disabilities are a population they know will want to use this service and we are not being protected. They also pre authorized my card for triple what they pre authorized me for last time … interesting huh? As I type this I have no clothes to go to work tomorrow. I don’t have the ability to spend money on new clothes and nobody will give me any help. Oh yeah… if you have a problem you can’t talk to anyone you can only email and hope they reply at some point. I have never been more disgusted with a company truly.
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2 years ago, nicoleallanah
Great, Clean, Friendly, Reliable service! Moved into new apt no washer and Dyer. Looked this place up online and had 3 washes so far and washing clothes has never been so easier and leaves me without the hassle of folding clothes after! Just download the app, place your order and if new they assign you a sudster or previous customer you have the option to pick one of your previous sudsters. Then note how many bags, pick your cleaning agent or provide your own. Click and finish receive a text from your sudster get pickup time and they let you know every step of the way about your clothes. Then they weigh it and text you when on way. Usually mine comes bck the next day which is still alright for me because I don’t have to do it lol. If your looking for a not so expensive, Reliable Clean service that picks up wash and drops back off then this is the place !!!
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2 years ago, Jorginity - Fan Since Day 1
So much potential, so disappointed.
I guess you get what you pay for a dollar a 1lb was too good to be true. Gave 10 bags, should have known when I saw the person that picked up the bags this was gonna be a problem. First the “Sudster” picked up late, then they asked for an extension. 49 hours after pick my clothes finally shows up. As the sudster is dropping bags off she offers “her own” service for the same price. As I begin to put away the clothes, I realize it smells, funny, clean but I can’t pin point it. Later in the evening after my wife took two hours to put the laundry away, she realized it smelled like “old person” I already had given a *** rating to the sudster. I emailed support, they replied a day later and said don’t unpack it, and we “might” cover the cost to rewash it. Now I have to repack it, for a chance that they might rewash it at their cost, all while not having clean clothes for another two days. Not to mention, they didn’t hang dry some of the items I requested, I had to rewash the whites again, to get them white. Lesson learned, I’ll just rewash everything myself, so much for “saving time”
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3 years ago, AbbieJoyJacobs
Never doing my own laundry again!
I used SudShare for this first time this week. I have been working nonstop with no days off for a long time now so the laundry was piling up. Doing laundry is already my least favorite chore, and it is the last thing I want to do when I get off work! So this was the best thing I’ve ever used. The person who did my laundry picked it up after an hour of submitting my order, then all my laundry was back the next afternoon. So fast! She was also very good at communicating with me on pick up/drop off time, so my clothes didn’t have to sit outside for long. My favorite thing is that they actually fold all the clothes and sort them! Like actually sort the socks, and my other clothes were sorted by jeans, pants, sweaters, etc. so organized! Now all I have to do is put them away. I will never do my own laundry again!😅 😍
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11 months ago, Laelieileal
Started off great- but no longer using
Just beware if you plan to use this company… My laundry pro was nice. My boyfriend and I used this service about 3-4 times. The first time or 2 was great. Laundry came back folded and clean. Next time, one item was misplaced but then promptly returned. Last (and final) time, they mixed my laundry with a strangers laundry and returned my clothing and the strangers clothing to me. My boyfriends clothing was sent to a different person. It took at least an hour to resolve and sort through the clothes and return everyone’s clothes to the rightful owners. My clothes did not smell like my detergent and the company refused to give a full refund even though they were at fault. I had to clean my clothes all over because - I don’t know whose clothing was mixed with mine! My laundry pro explained and was apologetic but the fact that the company only offered a $15 credit (the minimum is $20-btw) and completely ignored my request for full refund is the sole reason I will not be returning to this company. Just compensate for your wrong-doings, in full!
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9 months ago, Pineapple Pokopo
Waited all day and they Never showed up!
I am a small business owner who uses loads of flannel shirts. Just could not keep up with laundry and sewing for business. Decided to try Poplin. First order was great but had to pay an additional $17 above the $1 a pound because they didn’t have a lot of workers in my area. Today I placed my second order- additional fee went up to $19. They set a time for pickup, left my studio early to be home and they never showed up. Tried messaging, no answer. Chatted on help and they tried calling and the person did not answer. They offered to reschedule but that I would have to wait an additional day to get pick up and delivery. I needed my order tomorrow to be able to work with the flannels the following day. As a two person business who was relying on this service in order to be able to work and for this to happen is beyond frustrating. I was offered $5 off my next order for the inconvenience. I will not have a next order. I would not recommend if you are relying on getting your clothes done when they say they will be done.
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2 years ago, D7634
I used this service twice. The first time they returned my order and a pair of Lululemon leggings was missing. After finally getting ahold of customer service, not an easy feat as they don’t have a phone number or email address and you are limited to 48 hours post-return to file a poor review and ask for missing items back, they were returned. I decided to try them again, chalking this up as a sincere accident. The second time I used the service, my clothes were returned minus 2 pairs of Rothy’s washable flats and 2 expensive running bras. I contacted the company immediately. The washer claimed to have never received the items, though I had taken photos of the clothes I sent after the first experience. SudShare denied to compensate me in any way other than a $140 credit to their app (for a total of over $400 in loses goods) which I would be absolutely insane to use again. To make matters worse, they closed out my complain upon the $140 in app credit so there is no way for me to contact customer service. This service is insanely unprofessional. DO NOT USE!!!!!
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2 years ago, JenJLGsings
Best idea ever
Laundry is my least favorite household chore. Add into the mix that our washer and dryer are ancient and it makes the process even more miserable. And then those pesky socks that take FOREVER to match. SudShare was a godsend to us. Our laundry had backed up for a variety of reasons (including laziness and having twins). I thought the service was too good to be true, but after a trusted friend had a good experience I knew I had to try. We crammed laundry into bags mixed with a little of everything. And around 24 hours later, our laundry magician appeared with clothes neatly folded (hello beautifully folded fitted sheet) and sorted. Including matching pairs of socks! This would be worth it just for the matched socks! But seriously, everything was done meticulously and quickly and it made it so easy for us to finally make a dent in our laundry. Highly recommend this app to anyone!
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