Poppy Bank

3.9 (16)
44.1 MB
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Poppy Bank
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poppy Bank

3.94 out of 5
16 Ratings
1 week ago, grammyprice
Always locking my account!!!!
Love the local branch but website is the worst!!!!
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1 year ago, Bbe24
Comically Terrible App
The bank seems good, but my goodness this might truly be the worst functioning app I’ve used in a long time. I am getting errors left and right and half the functions don’t work. Please spend some money on hiring a real dev team to fix this app up — a poor app is damaging reflection on the legitimacy of the bank.
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4 years ago, dontfixsomethingthstisntbroken
Frustrating app
You guys always have these surprise password changes and these little tedious updates that add additional stresses when dealing with the app. I’m updating my password so often I rarely remember my previous one...
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2 years ago, LeoNoble
Best bank app I’ve ever had
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10 months ago, dealzfordays
Poor app
Frequent error messages. Set up was not smooth
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5 months ago, Tykethekcbh
Frustrating Experience: Poor Service and Lack of Efficiency
When it comes to choosing a bank, reliability, efficiency, and quality customer service are crucial factors. Unfortunately, not all banks live up to these expectations. In this review, I will examine the disappointing experience of attempting to open an account with Poppy Bank, facing issues with proving identity, unfulfilled promises of call backs, and unhelpful customer service. As a result, switching to a more reliable option like Ally Bank became the preferred choice. Proving Identity: A Frustrating Roadblock Attempting to open a bank account with Poppy Bank proved to be a tedious and frustrating process. Despite providing the necessary documents, Poppy Bank claimed that there was not sufficient information to prove identity. This was perplexing, as the required documents were provided and met industry standards. The lack of clarification on specific requirements and an unwillingness to cooperate left me feeling frustrated and uncertain about the bank's protocols. Lack of Communication and Promised Call Backs To address the identity verification issue, multiple calls were made to Poppy Bank's customer service, seeking clarification and assistance. Regrettably, each call resulted in empty promises of a call back with a resolution. This lack of follow-up was highly unprofessional and reflected poorly on Poppy Bank's commitment to customer care. It is essential for a bank to communicate promptly and ensure that their clients' concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Poppy Bank's failure to fulfill these basic expectations was a significant letdown. Unhelpful Customer Service: A bank's success is heavily reliant on its customer service, as it is the primary point of contact for clients. However, Poppy Bank's customer service fell short in providing the necessary support. The representatives appeared uninformed and unable to offer any meaningful assistance. Their lack of knowledge further hindered the resolution of the identity verification issue faced by the customer. It is disheartening when a bank's front-line representatives fail to address clients' concerns, leaving them feeling helpless and frustrated. Switching to Ally Bank: Given the numerous roadblocks faced with Poppy Bank, the decision to switch to Ally Bank proved to be a wise choice. With Ally Bank, the customer experienced a seamless account opening process, efficient identity verification, and satisfactory customer service. Ally Bank provided clear instructions, promptly addressed concerns, and exhibited professionalism during the entire process. The stark contrast in service between the two banks further solidified my confidence in the switching. Conclusion: Poppy Bank's poor service and lack of efficiency during the account opening process left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. The failure to provide clear guidelines for identity verification, unfulfilled promises of call backs, and unhelpful customer service were significant drawbacks to choosing Poppy Bank as a financial institution. It is crucial for banks to prioritize efficient service and customer satisfaction, as these factors greatly impact their reputation and competitiveness in today's banking industry.
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