Popular Bank Mobile

2.8 (139)
104 MB
Age rating
Current version
Popular Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Popular Bank Mobile

2.78 out of 5
139 Ratings
2 years ago, cityits
Works for a month
I moved but still have an account with them in brooklyn I live 8 hrs away now every time I have a problem logging In they tell me to come their, I drove 2x already to fix it than 2 months later it won’t let me log in I’m finished with them I’m taking my cash out it’s a joke
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2 years ago, Aileen7627
Fraud department doea not work
Someone use my account to buy airlines tickets, when I called to cancel the card and ask for and investigation, hoping to get my money back... that was the moment why everyone was telling be to change my account to other bank. I never use that card with chip, I always withdraw the money Im going to use for the week , and they didnt even realize that? They didnt call or nothing since the card has never been in use, for me that is kind of strange, thay should have called me. Instead of received the money back they charge me $500 because I didnt report the card lost in 24 hours, which is completely wrong. That morning when I opened my account to my work deposit.. boom airlines tickets for someone... called inmediately... fraud department is a fraud.
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4 years ago, Sarahirodriguez
1 Star is being generous
I should’ve known that a poorly run bank would have a poorly run app. I downloaded the app for my grandma who has an account so it would be easier for her to do what she needed instead of going all the way to the bank since she can’t really walk good anymore. We can’t transfer between accounts, we can’t deposit checks, and we can’t look up account info such as routing and account number. Those are literally the only reasons we needed the app, so we would’nt have to do those things in bank. All we are able to do is view what’s in the accounts. I’ve done online banking for years now and I’ve never come across a such poorly constructed banking app. Do yourself a favor and go to a different bank if that’s very important for your needs.
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1 month ago, Ury'El
A 24hrs one time bank customer app user access.
Years of reports, years of trying and still the same developer(s) and security system with the Popular (BPPR) app. Is it really safe? Is just for show. The ratings is mandatory and collects for review post and never decreases. So don’t ever go by ratings. The app will show you that your account has been locked out, please select forgot user ID or password and to create a new ID and Password. Save yourselves the trouble and forget even any hopes for this app. Don’t do it to yourself.
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3 years ago, Bone.Dawg
Weird limitations on the app. Can only see one month of activity in the app. The level of security in the app feels excessive. After you’ve already logged in you have to re-enter your password to do pretty basic things like deposit a check or pay your bills. Don’t like it.
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4 years ago, Francisca10000
The app is okay, I kind of wish they updated the account information faster. What I mean by this is that when you buy anything it should reflect on your account quickly so you know whether you have a certain amount of funds in your account.
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4 years ago, kkeier
Amazing app
I agree they do need to upgrade that so we can actually how much spending we have
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6 years ago, Brandemonium212
Terrible Bank & App
Had to reinstall app several times. Was logged out for no reason. Couldn’t remember my password. Doesn’t have an option to reset password. I called the bank to reset and they said I had to show up in person with an ID to change my password. Now I can’t even check my balance. Go find a better bank. This one is worthless.
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5 years ago, Ajouba
This application has the potential to be great, when working properly. It offers all features needed. Yet there are so many glitches. I have uninstalled, changed my password and still it doesn’t work. My credentials work fine on a desk top. Differently, The application freezes ALL THE TIME. This bank needs to work on upgrading this application frequently!
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6 years ago, Machete Afilao
App needs work
The app works okay but every so often it stops working and you have to delete and reinstall it.
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6 years ago, Menala7
Update on my previous review
My app still doesn’t work. Tech says they opened a window and never hear back from them. I’ve gone to the bank and they can’t help me. Definitely going to a new bank after 5+ years.
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5 years ago, pic@ntic@
lost my access impossible restarted!
The reason I give 1 star is because suddenly I cannot open my app through my iphone. I try several times open it again but it is impossible. ashhhh
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4 years ago, Beba2018
Need a better upgrade
The transactions made in the account doesn’t reflect right away and it is confusing.
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12 years ago, Vtek562
Just an ok app
The ads for this app at the branches claim that we can do mobile check deposits from our phones. I don't see it... 👎👎 it took this bank a long time to finally release an app. Welcome to 2010 with your new fantasic app, Banco Popular! Way to play catchup with the big boy banks.
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4 years ago, Little👿
Worst Banking app
This app is straight up garbage. It needs so much upgrading. I can’t even access my banking statement. They need to fix this. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Do they expect us to go to the bank and check for ourselves.
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4 years ago, Harry the Nature Boy
Not good
Every time it updates it erases your fingerprint touch. You can’t change the password on the app. Limited information on the app. Other banks have way better apps.
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6 years ago, Kale120855
I got the new iphone so i tried to log in & it’s said Error call us.! so when i call you guys says can’t do nothing im a costumer with needs too you guys..
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3 years ago, S_Money1
This app SUCKSSSSS its so stupid! It deletes your password & even though you have fingerprint ID on it still tells you to put in a password!
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6 years ago, *Evey*
App hasn’t worked in over 2 months. Unable to log in
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2 years ago, @JMNY
iOS 16
Since the new iOS 16 update it’s taking for ever to load and can’t deposit checks
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2 years ago, DEshawn$
The worst bank in the world . Very slow , very outdated . I don’t recommend !
Horrible bank
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5 years ago, DynamicRose
Why I think about this crap
Why is this app so complicated?... there is always an issue with this app. 😠
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6 years ago, mjv114
Poor banking experience
Skip this institutional poor costumer service bank.
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2 years ago, n1ggerboy
Horrible, it doesn’t work
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5 years ago, Zachariah 👑
Whats Wrong With The App ?
I’m Always Getting Logged Out And The App Wont Allow Me To Log Back In
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3 years ago, Doolally_
DO NOT DOWNLOAD This app is a scam and they will steal your identity as well as your bank info.
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5 years ago, beni pllumaj
Not only the app is bad but the bank too 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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5 months ago, skjfkselgmkdkekf
Scam app
Don’t download the app.
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12 years ago, Noel J Rios
Different app
The reason, why this app does not work with PR, is because there is another app dedicated to Banco Popular of PR. They are the same company, but different business. Look for the app in the store, but with the name of PR in it. Overall now with the ck deposit is great.
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11 years ago, Prettinessxo
I like it
Easy to use and very convenient. Although it would be better if it would be able to notify you when certain activities occur in your account
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12 years ago, Belizebreeze
Great App!!!
This app is wonderful! I can do all of my personal banking so that gives me peace of mind. And yes, the app does ask for your password so I don't understand some of the negative reviews.
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12 years ago, Pdiaz117
How to login
User has to enroll first on the Popular Online Banking website. User ID is case sensitive. If these 2 conditions are met, the user will have no issues. Great App!
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12 years ago, loyalfriend22
Really glad to have access through my phone
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12 years ago, Alltheparts
Okay app
Does everything they claim. I just wish there was an option for notifications when you get a deposit and stuff.
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9 years ago, Lainie0510
Could be better
Works only sometimes. Not good if you don't have wifi and are trying to do things In a rush
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9 years ago, PCB APP NOT GOOD
Error message
My app was working properly, now all of a sudden an error message comes up. I have an IPhone 5, don't understand what the issue is now. I have Chase and BOA and this issue has never occurred. Maybe PCB should partner with a bigger bank and learn from the upgraded technology. This is a headache to figure out what is wrong!
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12 years ago, Jennifer Valentin
For north America accts only!
I absolutely love it! It's meant for BPNA accounts only so if you're trying to use it for a puerto rico account done bother downloading it.
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12 years ago, Ferliciaf
After numerous redownloads, it finally hit me.... Banco popular NORTH AMERICA.... If u r outside the US it will not work... So having a Virgin Islands account like I do or Puerto Rican account will definitely not work for u... So because I feel discriminated against that my territory doesn't have an ap I will give one star (well it's really out of jealously)
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11 years ago, Roldanpr
Very nice!
Easier to navigate and better flow overall.
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12 years ago, Andrew Osei Jr
How many times do I have to enter my password?
I have to enter in my password 7 times before it actually let's me login. Please fix this problem ASAP!!! Everything else works fine for me. Just fix the login process before I switch to capital one!
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10 years ago, Kitty22-22
Don't waste your time!
When I first got this it was working just fine, but now it doesn't let me log in because there is an application error. Called the bank and all they said was " oh a lot of people have complained about that". Come on!! FIX IT!!!
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12 years ago, DIzzyWolf
The Wait is over!
I was longing for a banco app and it's finally here!
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12 years ago, Rubberband156
Love it
I love this app, I don't have to on the actual website no more !!
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9 years ago, Coloratura1510
What is happening with this App?? It doesn't work on my iphone 6 anymore! I am not able to write my password . You should read all the negative reviews you are getting from all the costumers .. Fix it soon!
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9 years ago, charanga1969
Does not work
This app does not work properly. I am assuming based on several reviews, it does not work well on the iPhone six. I am having to use Safari which gives me very limited features.
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12 years ago, twinkiee25
Love it
App does everything I need :)
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12 years ago, omega747
How could it be possible?????!!!!
The same company and they don't have an option for their main customers in Puerto Rico who make a lot of money to them??!! Come on Richard Carrion!!! Talk to your people!!
Show more
12 years ago, Daiseeidukes
It works fine and I love it.
Show more
9 years ago, LeslieLoca
Needs to be fixed ASAP!!! Everything was working fine until the latest update!
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12 years ago, Coyotesr
Perfect in USA
This app is great i don even go to my computer anymore sweet!
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