Portrait Painter

Photo & Video
4.8 (1.5K)
23.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
JixiPix Software
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Portrait Painter

4.83 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, HairSmoth
Excellent app!!!! One of the best.
I love this app. It is so much fun and converts images beautifully. I wish that they would let you add creative text boxes and text. Also, they should add easy cropping/scissor options so that you can easily cut images/objects/people from one photo and place it onto another photo and then convert into a painting. This would be perfect if they added those features. I think many would pay for an app with all of those options.
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5 years ago, DaBKLYNKid
Loving this App
This App does an excellent job of creating various effects that I enjoy adding to my images.I am an avid photography hobbyist who shares my images regularly on the Flickr Platform. Unlike many other enthusiasts, instead of Lightroom and Photoshop and Topaz, I use POLARR and do almost all of my post-processing on my iPad Pro. This app and its sister app called.... Simply HDR.....work wonders to bring out the diverse effects that I want to achieve be in any type of image, be it Landscape, portrait, still, wildlife etc.... I use A Canon 80D as my standard camera but use it on other cameras as well including my iPhone. My only HOPE IS THAT DESIGNERS MAINTAIN PACE WITH ANY AND ALL iOS UPDATES as it is crucial in photographic applications........
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3 years ago, Nebaru Yubi
Works Amazingly Well
If you like the looks of the sample images shown in the app store, you’ll love what this app does for your photos. Simple, fast and effective photos to portraits.
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4 years ago, Kenji255
Really good stuff here, with one problem.
PROS: I love the effects and options. This app puts out some gorgeous results. CON: I had to knock off a star because it doesn’t support alpha layers, so if you have something with a transparent background that you want to... paintify, and then put on a different BG, this app will fill in a white BG that you then have to go in and manually erase yourself.
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1 year ago, HillsGalJR
Striking photos
Make moments even more memorable. Only question is, why can’t I send captured pics via text?
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3 years ago, Timmerstuga
I just bought this App and am extremely disappointed in the results. Where it does transform a photo into the look of a painting, you cannot get a natural look. All the colors come out harsh and severe. A misrepresentation as far as I’m concerned since their ad shows a softer, more natural look on the little boy.
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3 years ago, Gus Lavidas
Simple amazing and easy to use
Works perfect and amazing photos transforms into master pieces of art. Love it and thank you for making this easy to use Gus L
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5 years ago, OAKBLUFFSMV
Great App
This recently discovered app is so effective and easy to use. Suddenly my portraits become world of art. Loving it.
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4 years ago, marydana
Great app!
Makes me look like a professional photographer! And only did 2 . The more I learn the better I do. Mary Dana. Baird
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6 years ago, lostcld
Beautiful results with almost anything including landscapes
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2 years ago, SKAKLAK
Don’t hesitate
Fabulous app and easy to use !
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5 years ago, Grove Dude
Great App!
Fun, good looking, and easy to use.
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2 years ago, jklo355
Doesn't function
I tap a control or function and nothing happens half the time. How do I get my money back?
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4 years ago, Unhappy iPad Use #99
Does Not Access Photos on iPad
Went to privacy/photo setting. Portrait Painter did not show up as an app requesting photos. This app is useless. Wasted my time and money. DO NOT BUY!
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5 years ago, Ing122
If my paintings turn out like the sloppy mess this app makes out of my photos they would go in the trash. Sorry I bought it.
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4 years ago, Brycepeep
So great!
Love this app!
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5 years ago, hwy92
What an awesome app
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9 years ago, BAR112
Love all their apps!
I enjoy JixiPix' entire family of artifying apps; with this Portrait Painter update, it's even better and more user-friendly. So many controls (brush size, color, canvas, etc.) to tweak your painting just the way you like it. You can turn any random photo into a lovely piece of art--realistic or abstract. I highly recommend Portrait Painter, along with their other products.
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12 years ago, Carmylita
Don't Buy it!!
UP DATE: I can get this to give me a decent facsimile if I run a photo through Jix Pix Moku Hangu, then through a free app called Photo Booth, then through this app. Photo Booth smooths out all imperfections. I went to the Jix Pix website and read every detail about this before buying. It claims to have a skin smoother, to smooth out freckles, my family has freckles. Every skin imperfection is HIGHLY exaggerated. Freckles look like huge BLACK spots. Nothing like the demo pictures. This is the worse art painting program I own, and I own nine of them. Check out Paint It Now by Corel. It runs circles around this for 99 cents. This program doesn't do what it claims. If the skin smoother was there it might salvage something. As it is, it's not acceptable. Paid way too much, I am on an extremely limited budget. This was like throwing money in the trash. It will be removed from my iTouch ASAP!! I would like a refund. If a person buys something from a place of business, a store, they can get a refund. I feel ripped off!!l UPDATE: Now it has crashed repeatedly. I can't get to the other modes, styles, the "button doesn;t work! This has completly failed on me. I again went to the Jix Pix website, and it says definately says they have a skin smoother. I have yet to find it, I did a pix of my 12 year old gradaughter who has baby smooth skin, she looks like there are worms crawling on her, gross!
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12 years ago, SRayCon
There are so many of this type of app out there, yet the quality of the results are what really counts for me. I have noticed that the higher the resolution of the original, the better quality of the finished product. The images I obtained from using this app were later used to create a 12x12 printed canvas to hang in my home, and it looks awesome.
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12 years ago, rjporte42
great app
Having tried and been disappointed with several "painting" apps, I was a little weary to try another, but on a lark gave this one a go. I ran in to some of the compatibility issues talked about in some reviews, but Jix Pix was quick to make it right. The paint effect in this one looks nice and smooth as promised, and works well with my workflow. thanks!
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10 years ago, HopeH1122
Fun, Awesome, Realistic
Ever since I downloaded this app I can't stop using it on all my photos. People at work are loving what I'm coming up with. Everyone is amazed including me! This isn't just a gimmicky kids app. I am over 40 and I love this thing! My only recommendation is to change the photo for the app it looks a little scandalous :)
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8 years ago, Airway Ammz
All around amazing!!!
This app is all around amazing!!! I honestly can't get enough of using it. Every since I've downloaded it (almost a year ago) I've used it on about 95% of the photos I've uploaded. I get people all the time asking me what app am I using!!! Thanks for creating this work of art! #LiveFastRetireYoung
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12 years ago, jessika7827
Love this app!!!!! Can't stop using it. Makes every picture look amazing. I have about 10 different photo apps n this is by far my favorite. The only down side is that it takes the picture a lot longer to save, for some reason.
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11 years ago, Look Below !
*GREAT* Editing App!
This is the best app I've used in my editing career and it helps out SO much! Best quality as others have said and it doesn't make stuff look really fake it just enhances and makes it look better! Thanks for putting this app up! Keep it going!
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11 years ago, Eric from Dallas
Great app for pics
Never have a problem with this app. Countless hours have been spent going through all of my old photos and giving them the portrait effect. I use the portrait effect for contact pictures.
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10 years ago, JFrosty96
I've never written a review on an app before, but this app is just too good to not write a review! I love this app so much! It makes my pictures look amazing, and all my friends love it as well! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
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11 years ago, Justanothaguy
It's cool...
This app is okay... There's only a few filters in this that I'd actually use... Simply HDR is still their best app. I wanna try Pop Dot Photos and their other apps but I've already invested 99 cents twice into this and Simply HDR and I really don't see that much of a drastic difference... I wish they made an app where you could choose between HDR, Pop Dot, Portrait, etc all in one
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8 years ago, Chusindhu
Portrait Painting app
Just got the app - too early to write a comprehensive view( but it requested a review....) looks of it it's pretty good I wish it had various filters for water color effects, pencil, charcoal etc.. And easier controls for saturation etc. Im sure the creators will continue to improve it.
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11 years ago, datafrcnboi
Portrait painter
I love this app it's awesome.....The only thing I think should be fixed is how long it takes to save picture on the camera roll which it's a minor detail but all in well this app is amazing! Thanks
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11 years ago, Stefan Totev
Could be great
This app has a great potential but currently it is not good. 1) it is slow even on iPhone5 2) the UI is super ugly and buggy: all if the time tiny crosshairs are popping out on the presets and blink! Can't make them stop and I have to tap 2-3 times to choose a preset. The top bar of the UI isn't visible because the iPhone's topbar is showing.
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10 years ago, Lapcat06
Fantastic App!!!😃
The possibilities are endless! I've made many of my own presets...one click and I'm done. Or I sit for hours and experiment. I've uploaded many old photos and breathed new life into them. I highly recommend! ❤️💛💚💙💜
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11 years ago, honeyymorenaa
i SO LOVE this app 😍 &'. its sooo worth every last dollar being spent on buying this app. its VERY TRUE as describe in detail .. how i think ya'll should do an update where you can upload an video and add the kind of portrait you want that would be SO DOPE other then that i LOVEEEEE 🙌🙌👍👍👍👍👌
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9 years ago, Bromac7
Enjoy playing with pictures. Only thing lacking would be the ability to tone images down a little more. Good app.
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9 years ago, MilkBreath
Impossible not to like.
Perfect flexibility for people who like to tinker with their photos. It does a lot but it doesn't try to do everything. What it does do, it does flawlessly.
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7 years ago, Mitzie62
Portrait Painter
Love this app very fun and creative you can do so much with it! I will be sure and tell all my friends and family about this so they can share too!
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9 years ago, MartialEagle
Great app to add unique changes
One of the best photo apps I've used in a long time. Used both mobile and desktop it had made some incredible photos even better. Highly recommend.
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11 years ago, Tex Oswego
So cool!
Just when I thought every cool photo filter had already been invented, this app comes along. I think I have even convinced my friends that I've become an expert oil painter!
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8 years ago, Carmelina (Nina)
Portrait Painter on of my favs
This app is one of my favorite photo apps! Simple to use and gives my pictures a cool effect. I've tried other apps and end up deleting them. I always come back to this app.
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11 years ago, Tyneldad
Best available
I downloaded and paid for several paint filters trying to find this look. Finally found it. Great app
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10 years ago, Chelle628
I am impressed with this ap! LOVE it. It makes my photography truly look like works of art. I will be sharing the news of this cool ap with others.
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11 years ago, svsv206
I'm going to be honest
Portrait Painter does not achieve good results by itself. Edit your photo with the 'Drama' setting with the Snapseed app first. Add some sharpening. Then import that image to Portrait Painter. The rendering time is way too long. There is also no preset option. Art Studio app is literally photoshop and its response time is immediate.
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9 years ago, Undeadmatt12
Even though it takes a little while to process its a great app and whenever I post a picture I do #PORTRAITPAINTER well for Instagram at least😂
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10 years ago, AllieCat10
By FAR the best I've used.
I've looked far and wide for an app that renders realistic results. Success at last!!! I can't say enough good things about this app. WELL worth the $!!!
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11 years ago, Matt_ZA
In my opinion the best paint effect app out there. It's one of my top photo apps and has helped me develop my own style as a iPhoneographer. I recommend it to any keen photo editors out there.
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11 years ago, VoloTautology
The 1st app I use to edit photos
Actually I give this app 4&1/2stars... I wish it hade a couple more options with the editing process, but I do love the style it uses.
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12 years ago, teecie2
Great app
I have used this on so many pet pictures and so far every one has loved their pictures. This is such a fun app! With the money for sure!
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9 years ago, Kemetic Konscious Livin
Gr8 app!!!
Dope app! I can't even think of what to add to it right now. Oh, add a feature where we can erase color from any portion of the photo we use within the app.
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8 years ago, Bronco38
Works quite nicely
This app does render nicely painted photos. I also bought the more pricy "Paintbrush" and this out performed it. It had lass bells and buttons but does perform better than most I've seen.
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11 years ago, Lil Bit 615
I love it!
It makes photos that look crappy phenomenal! It also truly looks like someone painted my picture! It was worth my 99 cents!
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