PortraitAI - AI Portrait

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4.6 (7.9K)
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Current version
Roman Bilyi
Last update
2 years ago
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11.2 or later
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User Reviews for PortraitAI - AI Portrait

4.58 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Alao1551
Works as intended, what more can you ask for?
The app is fun to mess around with, either with yourself or with friends, and works shockingly well compared to other photo apps. Facial features and hair generally come out very well in the portraits, though open mouths, glasses and accessories don’t (I don’t suppose there were a lot of portraits of people with their mouth wide open). I really wish there was a way to process an entire picture, which the app demonstrated can be done if you partially obscure your face and force it to guess. Besides that, everything’s fine. The other filters and such are nice too.
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4 years ago, Armaan Youssef
Good app though room of improvement needed
This app is very fun, and pretty smart. I do love the selections of the paintings, although I do notice a lot of them do not represent people of color, as I hope there could be an option where the painting takes on the persons skin tone. To add to the selection of painted filters, there can be the use of orientalism, and many more portraits that portrayed people of color. I would also say that there should be an option of editing an entire photo then a selfie, or being given the option to crop the image we ones because sometimes the cropping of some images are a bit choppy. Overall, I am having fun with this app, but it could just be a lot better, even with the layout.
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4 years ago, Retromid
New update, new bug!
Please fix that recent bug. i subscribe this great app and enjoy turning to painting contents, but recently this app get an awful bug that crashes and when i want to save pics and click save button, app crashes. please fix this bug! from recent update
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4 years ago, MargotLarouverey
Room for improvement, but overall pretty good!
I used to use the web version, on which they were very clear that the AI is trained on portraits of caucasians so unfortunately doesn’t work great on photos of POC (although sometimes I get results that are darker-skinned). It seems like they’re working on expanding that, so that’s cool. I’d like to suggest an optional male/female checkmark thing. Sometimes I put in a male photo but the paintings look pretty feminine, and sometimes I put in a female photo and the resulting paintings all feature facial hair. So an option to force it to give male or female results would be helpful. (The facial hair thing seems to happen most often on women of color who are smiling, and overweight women of all races). The “buy a subscription” thing pops up an awful lot. I totally get it, you guys want/need money, but the pop up could just be a little less frequent. Overall pretty good app! Lots of fun. I’m not sure why almost all the reviews say “pretty based”. Kinda suspicious when so many reviews say the same thing?
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3 years ago, ItsSunee
Hidden charges Despite canceling 3 different times!
A friend of mine asked me to download this app, so I did. When I downloaded it - it asked me if I wanted to sign up for a subscription, I clicked no, both times it asked in app. Then yesterday I checked to make sure I wasn’t subscribed to anything and I WASNT, only for today they charge me a subscription free to an app I used once for 6 minutes! NOT ONLY THAT but out of the apparently 5 subscription types they have they charged me for the MOST expensive version. 20$ charge for an app I never subscribed too and now apple says it isn’t eligible for a refund, and I am 15$ in the negative because I didn’t expect a random 20$ charge from a stupid app I never subscribed to.
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4 years ago, Cat1245567
Amazing but...
I love this app for myself, it’s a huge amount of fun and I spent a day playing with different photos of my friends, but it has a weakness. It’s really bad at darker skin tones. I don’t think it’s intentional or anything malicious! But I’d love to see them keep working on the app to make it work for everyone. If you’re white and you don’t like your first photo try a different one. I ended up recognized as a guy a couple times and have to laugh, I look very silly with a mustache. ;)
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3 years ago, Meg McLafferty
Doesn’t work on POC
I was super excited when I saw this app and how it changed my photos, but then my friend and I realized when we used POC celebrities it white washed them, especially Brown and Black faces, though some Asian faces were also given only Caucasian features. I realize there’s probably more artwork from the eras you’re using for reference of white people, but plenty of modern artists have painted POC in these types of older styles, really hope you can fix this soon, we were both really disappointed and upset by this, unplanned or not, exclusion of POC, how did you as the developers not realize this before releasing the app?
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4 years ago, KingofSkulls56
Pretty good
I like it, It’s a fun little app to mess around with. I wish it was easier to use on fictional characters though that would be cool. It also seems to have trouble recognizing darker skin tones but it isn’t that big of a deal, I’m not going to get all pissy about it like the liberals reviewing it.
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4 years ago, Jo Blevins :)
great app for white people
I read a couple reviews before downloading this and saw poc complaining, but since i’m a light skinned half-white asian, i figured i’d be fine. I was wrong. Not only does the ai lighten my skin, it also shrinks my nose, makes my eyes even more european, changes my eye color to gray or dark green, and sometimes makes my entire head thinner. I guess i now know what i’d look like if i was all white and a painting. Wouldn’t recommend to any poc, even if you think you’re safe.
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4 years ago, Mrs.Hixs
Fun little app
This is a fun app. If a couple of things were fixed on it it would be perfect. For one, it doesn’t really pick up non European faces. For another it doesn’t really pick up glasses, so to get a decent picture you have to take the glasses off. I was curious and took a picture of my cat to see what happened and it didn’t really pick that up either, but I didn’t really expect it to.
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4 years ago, Spaceman Man
Pretty good
I understand that these things need a lot of things to work properly, but I’ve found that a lot of photos that have faces don’t work (even after editing photos to make faces more visible). I’ve seen some portraits of things that don’t look like faces at all, so I’m not really sure what the app is looking for in a face. It doesn’t always work, but the effect is fun when it does.
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4 years ago, mcconnorp
Really close
This is the first app I’ve seen, aping off the Ai Portraits name that wasn’t blatantly lying. Unlike most of these apps this actually does generate a portrait from your picture and doesn’t just slap some cheap filter over it. Is it as good as the original AiPortraits website that had such a brief life span last year? I can’t really say. Does it at least make me happy to see something try and come close? Yes.
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3 years ago, Miguel Bloombito
Pretty good
This app is good and all, but, as someone said earlier, makes skin tones lighter. My tan skin turns a pale peach. Is this because only white people were present in the time that these paintings would've been? Also, when someone’s face is turned to the side, the software sometimes creates a grotesque image of a lopsided head. Otherwise, fantastic.
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2 years ago, yoldonfbcjd
No African American Ai
People swear that racism is dead; however apps like this prove that colorism is still well and alive. I don’t want to be turned into a white century old portrait. I want to look like myself and step back in time. It’s really disheartening
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2 years ago, bwihhhh
PLEASE add this!
It’s really good and I wondered if I could try it on my rabbit(bunion) and it didn’t work, so if u could add a update where you can use it on pets I would love it!
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2 years ago, kasera413
Privacy issue
There’s a privacy issue with the app - if you accidentally select allow access to all photos, then change access to selected photos or no photos, the app still shows all photos. I even deleted then redownload the app to try and fix it, but it still has access to all my photos.
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1 year ago, your mother and brother 98
Needs a lot of work
The app can make some very beautiful portraits(if your white) the biggest problem I found was the fact every time a person with a darker complexion is inserted into a portrait. The AI morphs them into looking like way lighter then they are in actuality. Another problem I had with the A.I is that it can’t really process people with glasses on.
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3 years ago, Ashhfacee1684226&633799
Major Whitewashing
Super disappointed in this app honestly. As a white woman I had fun processing my own photos, then i started processing photos of friends. we noticed the trend that any time a friend had ethnic looking features they were virtually erased. Eventually we decided to try non-ambiguously non-white people (lucy liu and lupita nyong’o ) and the app completely whitewashed them to the point where they looked entirely european. not cool, do better.
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3 years ago, Gabie Allocca
It is real nice and fun to play with
I love seeing what we'd look like in medieval paintings.. Only down side is I wish it could get a little more of the body, like I'd like my shoulders a little more in the picture so it could look more like a "historical" painting...
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4 years ago, Sabrina Floyd
Algorithm makes POC white
I originally got the app as a fun experiment, when I noticed something odd. Whenever I used the app on any of my black friends, the portrait it would produce was always of a white person. This is obviously problematic. There must be some way to rectify this and I hope changes are made in the future
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3 years ago, game_master19
Don’t bother buying if you’re not willing to spend money
If you came here to turn photos into portraits for free, you’re mistaken. It costs an idiotic trial and this is an absolute cash grab, although the results are quite good. It should be free for 7 days, or have a limited number of photos you could do, instead of forcing you to spend hard earned money.
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4 years ago, disappointed poc
Only Works on White People
Despite this app working pretty alright, it only works on people that are white, which is extremely frustrating and unfair to everyone else that isn’t in that demographic. The AI generates white washed images that completely change a person’s race and appearance and I feel this is not okay. Warning to everyone that is a POC.
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4 years ago, lylaBeee
this app does NOT work on black people it literally turns them white skin and makes their lips very small which is super lame because there are definitely renaissance era portraits of black people! i'm really disappointed because it does work nicely on caucasians (although it makes your features even more white which i question as well)
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4 years ago, fusion_Hf
Won’t even start
I’ve heard good things about this app from my friends and seen funny pictures but when I tried and start it up it continues to crash. I’ve tried to restart my phone and re download it over and over but no luck.
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3 years ago, IllicitBarbhie
Don’t buy this lol
I didn’t realize this was going to tag my card, but it did. Now I have a month of this app and it’s not worth buying at all. Don’t recommend any purchasing of this. Only thing it’s really good for is the European styled portrait. So if you get it don’t forget to cancel your subscription before your charged.
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4 years ago, angrygirl#1
Lack of ethnicity
Wish it would capture ethnic people. Like my black friends couldn’t enjoy this app because it would lighten their skin.
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4 years ago, Yuh Boi Val
Subscriptions don’t work
Subscription won’t load, not even the free trial. Might as well be trying to scam you because you can just change your subscription to 99 cents a year instead of the $20/year it sells you with the free trial
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4 years ago, Sunset1998
Why does it only zoom on faces?
Why can’t the whole picture be included? It only zooms on faces without an option to zoom out. And if the picture includes smiling, the results don’t—it keeps the lips shut together.
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4 years ago, Dylan_coleman
It works perfectly
Dude. I did NOT expect the app to be this good. The portrait looks absolutely amazing and made me look so good! Once again, GREAT app and I definitely recommend
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3 years ago, ThePigWhoLearnedToWriteReviews
Great Portrait Maker
The app works great! For my fellow POC, read the description and it’ll be sure to tell you that they’re working on it!
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1 year ago, StevieZelly
Only for white people
This app just takes your pictures and makes you look white. The AI really has no access to any references that aren’t white people? My kids are mixed Asian/ Polynesian. I’m mixed Asian. It made us all look like just random white girls… the photos whited up our skin and removed our Asian/ mono lid eyes. So the app is super racist I guess.
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4 years ago, 4evertrueblue
Does not work on people with darker skin
The AI was obviously not designed to be able to interact with darker skin tones. I’m black and it just white washes everything. Maybe consider people of color and darker tones of skin before releasing an app like this. My skin color shouldn’t be an afterthought or “bug fix”. And don’t act like there were never portraits of black and brown people to base it off of...
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3 years ago, donutmanhasmaddenskills
It works as intended, it makes faces into portraits, but I am unhappy with the fact that it does not process people of color? I have tried with many celebrities and other POC and none have worked. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, mollykite144
Not For People Of Color
The filters are cool, but the portraits are only fun if you’re white. I’m mixed (half black) but I mostly appear to be black, and the pictures consistently come out looking nothing like me. The app can’t get my skin, my hair, my eyes, my nose, my lips, or the shape of my face correct. Definitely only for people who fit Eurocentric standards.
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2 years ago, graycement
Features are pretty basic
There needs to be more of a diverse pallet. Most of the effects feel as though they’ve been lifted from Apps “turn your photo into a drawing”… basically the same
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2 years ago, Happy street girl
Doesn’t work for POC but pretty great.
Title says it all. I’m black and it didn’t get my skin at all😭. I guess I can see why but I wish it worked with my skin. I know what I would look like if I was white though 😂.
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4 years ago, shutter97
Not for POC
I was disappointed to see that this app was not accurate for me. I’m Korean, and when I tried out the app, it completely changed my features, especially my eye shape, to create a more “westernized” look. The outcome was very inaccurate and it was overall a major letdown.
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4 years ago, Girl and Quill
Make it fun for POC???
This was a fun idea until I tried severals photos of myself (Chinese-American) and my daughter (Half Chinese, half white)....and made us both very white. I guess I know what I’d look like if I were white. I love classical art, and thought this would be fun to try, but feels a little white washed?
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4 years ago, Andy2648
Basically racist
This app doesn’t like brown people. It will LITERALLY white wash you no matter how many pictures, angles, lighting you change. The app is amazing it does a great job at converting images to portraits that look like they were actually drawn. If you ever wanted to know what you look like as a white person this app is perfect for you lol.
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1 year ago, OriginalDino
Produces portraits that look almost, but not quite, complete unlike your face.
Nice portrait effect, but as one produced by a lightly skilled painter (putting it kindly). All of the portraits of me it produces are unrecognizable to my family as being of me. Why would it change my nose shape, my eye & eyebrow shape, my mouth shape, facial outline, etc.?
Show more
4 years ago, Kiddda
Turns black people white, pretty based if you ask me
Show more
4 years ago, sunrise628
No representation of people of color
This app gets some of the features correct, but there are no brown skin tones. This has made my kids feel left out. We’ve taken picture after picture, only to be shown light skin options to choose from. Very unfair.
Show more
4 years ago, lilgaygoat
not for POC
i like it but it doesn’t work for people of color. for example am black and it makes me look white and gives me a mustache because my lips are big i guess???
Show more
4 years ago, angelchristine12345
Heavy Whitewashing
It is a cool concept but I am disappointed that none of the portraits it makes look like me. I am half asian but it always gives much skinnier noses and heavy eyelids :( Needs to be updated to be more inclusive.
Show more
3 years ago, Rocket8711
Advertising every 30 seconds
Anytime you try to use the app it tries to convince you to pay $20 a month for it. It also doesn’t understand darker skinned people and converts every image to a fair skin regardless of the source material. Deleted it after 2 minutes.
Show more
3 years ago, thundathighzdelite
Customize Skin Color!!
The only complaint I have is that I’m a darker skin tone & it gives me such a light/pale complexion. So in my case and others like me, it’s not accurate enough. Fix this please.
Show more
4 years ago, Nike Fan1
Why can’t I be black?
This app bleaches black people into white people. While Michael Jackson would have approved, I do not. There’s literally no ability to make a black person stay black, and I’m not even a dark. I guess the developers have decided only one shade of person existed then and now.
Show more
4 years ago, Amjo0675
Racist. Period.
Somebody explain to me how developers felt it was ethical to build an app that turns black and brown faces white?? I was having so much fun with it until a black friend pointed out that she and her daughter both ended up whitewashed. Unbelievable. I’m embarrassed to have posted these portraits on my social media. Just wow.
Show more
4 years ago, thot_crusader
Pretty based
I am Hispanic and when I used this it made me white. I wish it was real...
Show more
4 years ago, orangealoha
Pretty great
Honestly the only downside is the fact that it turns POC white, once that’s fixed it’ll easily get 5 stars
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