Power of 2 - Strategic number matching game

4 (269)
10 MB
Age rating
Current version
ThinkCube Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Power of 2 - Strategic number matching game

3.99 out of 5
269 Ratings
4 years ago, Bryan R!
Very pleased
I read a lot of complaints and wanted to say how much I enjoy this game... it’s free folks, so either deal with the ads or pay a couple bucks and remove them (support the developers at the same time) very simple, just like this game - perfect night time wind down the brain and zone out kinda fun!
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7 years ago, Noblinky
5 star game 2 star app
UPDATED REVIEW: I gave it some time and just tried to play again, hoping that it wasn't as bad as I remembered. It is WORSE!! I miss this game so much but I simply cannot deal with the ridiculous animation. It is pointless and with the number of complaints in the reviews and still no changes made, I am reducing the rating and deleting this P.O.S. app! I wish zero stars were an option!! ****** I was mildly obsessed with this game prior to the latest update. Simple but addictive. I could play for hours! Now it's AWFUL!!! The animation is terrible, distracting and makes me feel like I've moved tiles I wasn't intending to move. And DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE ADS!!! I expect ads on free games and I don't mind them when placed appropriately. At the beginning or end of a game or when you choose to shuffle or remove a tile... All OK. NOW, ads pop up when I'm trying to play and if I've got several moves planned and start swiping, I end up clicking the obnoxious ads. Not cool!! Give me back my favorite game please. I would like to not have to play in airplane mode :(
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5 years ago, Dottyanna
Horrible ads!
Not only do the ads pop up when you are in the middle of a move, but they keep talking even when you return to playing the game...many times talking up until the next ad......spooky to hear a voice talking away while you are playing. This used to be one of my three favorites, but now I rarely play it and when I do, immediately realize why I don’t play it anymore. I would not recommend wasting space to download this game until they do something about the way the ads come up and stay up.
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1 year ago, the best in the NaTiOn
Best game ever
I don’t know why people are giving it such bad reviews this is one of the best games that I have ever played there’s just one bad thing about it when you reshuffle it cost way to much 180 coins that is way to much but that is the only bad thing about it. All in all it is a great game!
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6 years ago, TTisPi
Love this game!
I love this game - simple fun challenging. Please allow us to mute the game sounds again. I rarely plan anymore since the sound can’t be muted. To the folk that say you love the game and play it a lot, but hate the ads. Just pay the $2.00 to remove the ads. The developers deserve to get paid and it is a small one time fee.
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3 years ago, K17shags
I used to like this game
I liked it enough to pay the $2 to get rid of adds. Now I can’t turn off the annoying sounds that play with every click or move. I tend to play games while listening to audio books. I can’t stand the sounds. I have tried turning off the sounds in settings but the sounds play whether or not I have them turned on or off. The game is pretty much useless if I can’t play it quietly.
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3 months ago, kimberlooneytunes
Used to Love this before Ads
This game was always classy, warm, fun and good for the brain but now the greed for money from ads is so destructive that they INTERUPT your game while you are playing it to force an ad on you. It not only breaks your flow; it takes away the enjoyment of the game itself.
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5 years ago, SampathKumar's
Is possible to buy this game to avoid the ads?
I like this game a lot, but recent updates like cannot mute sounds and pop ads annoying....Is possible to buy this game to avoid the ads and get sound mute button?
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6 years ago, Josiecakesxx
Great game ruined by update
I loved this game, was totally addicted. Until the latest update. The adds popping up in the middle of you concentrating on the game is infuriating, the animations are horrible, numbers change mid move and suddenly don’t equal what they should have. I put up with it until today when one of those mid game adds popped up and it was a straight porn clip. Imagine if a child was playing and that came up! Won’t be playing again.
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7 years ago, lyndabrn
Constant ads horrible!!
Are you kidding me! I've played this game for years and now you have these pop up ads for games I would never play. You are driving me and others away!!!!
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6 years ago, Endoangel
Inappropriate timing of advertising
Like others, I am appalled by the way the advertisements pop up right in the middle of game play. I had not played the game in a while and at first thought I had accidentally activated an ad on my iPad. Like others, I appreciate a truly free game and understand that commercials are an unfortunate “necessary evil”. To interrupt a game in this manner, however, is not only completely unnecessary but also highly disrespectful to the player.
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7 years ago, 5632563256325632563256325632
New update problems!!!
The update from August 8, 2017 has a lot of ads. The game play is interrupted by ads at least every 30to60 seconds. Also, the numbers overlap which makes it harder to near impossible to keep the game going. The last version was great. I have gotten high scores with no problems and endless playtime but now the app isn't worth playing anymore. Fix ASAP.
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2 years ago, tbevfam
Expert opinion here
People will complain about everything #firstworldproblems. Ignore the negativity. It’s a fun game. I mean it’s not a weekend in Vegas with Kevin Hart, but if you need to chill out and decompress, this game is perfect. 5/5 would recommend!
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6 years ago, MPenny7844
Can’t mute any more???
I like to play with no sound while listening to podcast or audio book. All of a sudden I can’t mute sound. What’s up????
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7 years ago, Gyro999
Good game but......
I love playing this game but with the new update the ads are to much they're not even five minutes apart maybe 60secs at most. If they showed way less ads it'd be a great game. I liked that they didn't constantly show ads when playing in the old version.
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7 years ago, CatLadyX07
Most frustrating game ever
I'm really really disappointed in the upgrades on this game I really enjoy playing the game however for some reason the board will reset itself without me even touching it. Which means it will shuffle the board and move everything around without even being at the point where it requires it. I am deleting the game
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1 month ago, ADJD402
Pls fix this glitch
I was playing and I was at 6k when all a sudden it kicks me out. I didn’t think anything of it then I hoped back on and clicked play and it kep kicking me out and won’t let me play pls fix this
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4 years ago, Revjoelle
I loved this game until it disappeared
This was my favorite game. Then everytime I tried to open it it would close out. I deleted it to reinstall it but it thinks it’s still on my phone and won’t let me reinstall. It only says open but her. I try that it closes out. So disappointing. Too bad I spent a lot of $ on this game yes I have turned my phone off.
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5 years ago, *Gamer62*
Enjoy the game, but ads are killers
I haven’t played this in awhile. I don’t remember there being so many ads. They disrupt my thinking. It is very irritating! I would rather have a longer ad more infrequently than a short ad so often.
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7 years ago, whitesch
Power of two
I love this game, it's very challenging. Just when I think it's over, they come up at the new combination. Entertaining!
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2 years ago, GoodDudennnn
Great for learning
This is great for kids to learn even 3. Year olds it is super great thank you so much for making the game!
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7 years ago, momveggie
Please undo Aug 2017 updates!
Have had my iPhone for 5 years. I have 4 games that have remained on my phone forever, despite the many that I've tried & deleted. Power of 2! has fallen out of favor with Aug 2017 update. Has anyone paid to remove ads & been happier with the results? It's only $1.99 but I hate to waste that money. What a shame!
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6 years ago, Weeds50
Ads ruin game!
Find the ad free option for $1.99, then the game is great.
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7 years ago, senerussell
Used to be the best game
I used to play this game ALL the time, and I loved it. Sadly, With the last update-- now there are annoying pop up ads and the graphics are all jumpy, making it really unenjoyable. Too bad, because it really was fun before.
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2 years ago, func cat
This is a fun educational game I love the cute faces. This is coming from a 9 year old.
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7 years ago, WoobieMomof2
New update has ruined the game!
Transitions used to be so smooth. Now they are jumpy and mess with concentration. Ads pop up all the time, even in he middle of a move. It’s so irritating, that I will be deleting the game. I played this game to unwind. It’s no longer relaxing.
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6 years ago, TX ROX
Ugh... pop up ads
I loved this game UNTIL the latest update... I hate these pop up ads in the middle of my game. Won't be playing until I can either (a) purchase an ad-free version or (2) the ads go away during game play...
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3 years ago, Magiepeggy
What really pisses me off ,is you can’t see your passed scores and out of no where , when your score is so high, the screen pops up game over, & I have to start all over. Why ?... is it to make more money on me having to buy more Monet? I’m so disgusted!
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3 years ago, Xx Supermad xX
Doesn’t save game
Doesn’t save game when you switch away, and there are WAY too many adds. They are the same few adds over and over.
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6 years ago, phunky78
Good game, but no sound muting!
The game is fun and addictive, but I can't simply turn off the in game noises. I have to mute my whole phone instead. Very annoying.
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7 years ago, Katie tatie
I'm with all the people that said they used to play this game and could get hooked in but now the animation has ruined it. Come on designers put it back the way it was!
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7 years ago, CraftSavvy
Latest update brings up pop-up ads while playing. SO annoying. Plus the action on the numbers sliding isn't smooth anymore. There's a weird jump. It wasn't broken, why did you 'fix' it???
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7 years ago, Gionota
Very zen… if you play in airplane mode
I only play this game in airplane mode. The recent update has added very frequent, highly intrusive ads, more than any other game I play. Sad :)
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5 years ago, Bendie Lee
Simplicity at its best!
Love, love, love! So addictive. It takes time to get the hang of it but so worth it.
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1 year ago, dried out_frenchfrie1234
Good game
This game is awesome, love it!! I like to play it a lot in the middle of the day!!
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7 months ago, Jonboquist
too many ads
Ads are constantly popping up
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2 years ago, hebd xkwvs
this app is so fun and very joyful it is also very educational
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5 months ago, Gcfnfvjc
The mute option does not work! Have to turn phone volume off! Love game but big detractors.
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1 year ago, Lacemaker 427
Too many ads!
I used to enjoy this, but with all the oppressive ads now, it isn’t worth it. Delete!
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5 years ago, Julianamfa
One add every 10 seconds
It is really annoying! I turned the sound off and don’t pay attention at the adds. Too bad. I’m deleting the game.
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4 years ago, Pop H.
Make 3or4 moves and they cut in for advertisers, BAD BAD BAD Done wit this game!!!!! I'm not going to play anymore because of all the adds. You just figure out some moves and then it jumps to adds. It was fun to play before but now its a loser!!
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1 year ago, Matthewsgreatvideos332
I got a 512
Wow best game ever!
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6 years ago, Krt88
Updated ruined this app
I used to live playing this add, then the update happened. I opened it today and remembered why I stopped playing! Ads every 15 moves! 🤬
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7 years ago, Imjuskidn
Fix the ad's please.
Love the game but hate the new version with the ridiculous number of ads! The new version gets 2 thumbs down due to the ad's
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5 years ago, Mizlinn
Great game!
Very fun and Challenging! Make more similar games.
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5 years ago, Lady-bug0627
It occupies the time
Perfect for sitting in the doctor's office.
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7 years ago, COTArmc
Was Fantastic, But No Longer
Excessive intrusive advertisements, the ultimate annoyance.
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1 year ago, nino5271
very good amen eat more chikin sav du coews
good soup
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7 years ago, DeaperATgmailDOTcom
Pretty cool game
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6 years ago, rbar0987
Ads are totally obnoxious
They occur every 30seconds. :-(
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