Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

4 (14.2K)
211.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
nWay Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

4.02 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
3 years ago, OrangeScorpion2002
Incredible game,exciting but frustrating moments
I’m not gonna lie I have been a Power Rangers fan since I was 5/6, and I always will and I love the games they make, this one is no exception. This game for me can be really exciting and down to the wire, which can be scary, however the only reason it gets a 4/5 stars is because of 3-4 reasons 1. I’m a level 12 in the Sapphire league and honestly most of my players aren’t up to date as the level 11,12, or 13 players and even some of the players who are level 6,7, or even 8 have better stats than me. 2. They are 11,12,13 players who are in my situation. We should be in the top of the game, but some of us aren’t. 3. Some of my characters don’t deal enough damage as my opponents. Like I said my opponents characters can do insane damage on me, and I sometimes just get lucky when I win. I know talents are helpful, but they’re still not enough. Like my previous game, I had 22,500 health and my opponent knocked me out with 1 combo, and HE HAD 55,600 health,SERIOUSLY NWAY,HOW IS THAT FAIR?! I hope you see this because I know I’m not the only player who have these problems with this game. So do you think you can do something to make are battles a little fair and balanced. Thank you.
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7 months ago, armani_212
Pay to win/broken
I deeply enjoy this game i’ve been playing it for years and i have gained the knowledge to know what this game is truly about. This game is very pay to win and takes to much time to gain coins and power crystals. The real cash offers to get these you have to spend a lot more money than you think. With this you gain a tremendous amount of rewards that can barely, and rarely, be obtained throughout a long time of playing the game. I know many other top ranked players that said they only have their rank because they spent tons of money on the game. This game being pay to win isnt the only negative on it. This game is also very broken and poorly managed. The game rarely receives any original and new content. Its the same things over and over. The only new thing they put in is new rangers. These new rangers completely break the game making it so unfair to fight against them and completely overpowered receiving no nerfs to them ever. The only way to get these ranger is by spending money. The more you spend the more resources you get to make the character more overpowered. Another way its broken are constant bugs and exploits that are available and barely fixed. There was a recent server, and rewards issue that took the developers half a year to fix. We got the smallest of compensation to this too. Overall i do not recommend playing this game it isnt worth the time and money you will only be disappointed.
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4 years ago, Taytaygaming
It’s a good game but here’s the problem
I really love this game and the characters in the game made me think about the shows they where in and I would watch the shows again my favorite show is the power rangers wild force, the controls are really simple and very good and the attacks are good as well the powerful attack in my opinion depends on how much the attack lasts for and how much damage it does continuously like Koda’s assist he throws his shield and it hits the enemy continuously and stays in place for a bit or if you are playing as Danny which he has 3 attacks that are really powerful, I haven’t made it that far in the story due to how much time I spend on other games on other consoles and forget about my mobile games but I’m still playing this and here’s the problem though, there isn’t all of the power rangers and villains from all series I noticed that Danny is the only wild force ranger in the game and there is only 3 rangers from Dino charge and two villains from it and so on with the others i felt a little disappointed but it still had my favorite characters in the game but I also recommend that you focus more on adding the rangers and villains and their attacks it would be really great to see how Max would be as a fighter in the game
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4 years ago, hnaigh
To hard
This game is amazing, one of the best power rangers games out there. but There is just one suggestion I need to say. Level Based matchmaking. I’m In the sapphire league and my characters only have like 20,000 to 27,000 health while my opponents have 30,000 to 40,000 health with level 3 to 4 legendary characters while I have a level 9 common (Cassie)A level three epic(Koda)and a level 2 legendary(Physco Red)I feel it should be easier to unlock these legendary characters because I’ve been here since launch and I still have 5 Gia leaders and it just stopped giving me shards of her. I think this is absolutely broken and stupid now back to my other point whenever I fight people they do so much damage to me and I barely do anything to them. Also they should adjust the juggling system it’s super annoying and unfair going up against an ellarian and just getting juggled the whole time not being able to block and I just have to sit there and watch as I lose,I think as a workaround for this there should be a limited amount of times you can juggle in a match maybe 1 or 2. I am just saying this because I hate when i can’t do anything to block and they just win. Now that’s all and I love your game, I will always support it and play it as well as continue my love for power rangers and legacy wars. Thx Nway for such an amazing game!
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4 years ago, Redeemed7859
I like the game.....but
I really like the game. For a Power Rangers Geek like myself, it is like a dream come true. But, in an area that it could improve (among others), I think they could improve the Battles (both Ranger and Zord). By this, I mean that you could make it easier to fight. With only the special skills to fight with, it gets bland very fast, and when you are waiting for your “Skill Bar” to refill back up, you are left a sitting duck. There have been times where I had my opponents health bar down to like 5%, but then I ran out of energy to use my Special Skills, and my opponent was given (and took) the opportunity to K.O. me. Instead of just having us use Special Skills to fight, I think it would be nice if someone could find a way to allow us (the game players) to use Melee Attacks (fight with our Hands, Feet’s, Knees, Elbows, etc.) (like in an actual Combat-Geared Video Game) and then save the special attacks as a sort of Finisher. Another thing that I think could be improved is how we get Playable Characters. It would be nice if we didn’t have to continuously buy Boxes to get Ranger/Zord Cards, especially the special characters (SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!). Maybe add them as awards for winning battles? Other than that, the game is great!
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6 years ago, Gat legend
Need to change some characters
Lauren Shiba is ridiculous way over powered with first attack then after if caught by the attack you get burn damage as well. Also allow some of the free characters to have attacks that can force their opponents to go aerial. Also you all should add a free attack option not just three attacks. Also it would be good if they are random selections. To many times it feels like you get the same attack options. Add power rangers turbo or some other rangers. Even out the playing field a bit and I will change my review. This game has so much potential. Add on- So this game has just about done it. Had a problem were as soon as I was about to battle a player it would say prepare to battle then go to the load up screen and say I had to update my game. It happened only when I was about to fight in a battle. Now as soon as the cancel option leaves the screen one you get out of the match you lose no matter what and it brings down your medals. I went from 3800 to 3700. I play this game everyday and have been doing so cause I play while my younger brothers do as well. They have noticed slight changes in gameplay. Many lag problems and we have never had lag problems before with other games. It’s a shame cause I started playing the Philippines and now I’m back in Texas I can’t even change my region. This app is lacking in so many places. You would think they actually read reviews.
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2 years ago, Chcsong
Great but has some issues
Power Rangers legacy warriors is a great game and I really have loved Power Rangers for a long long time and it’s a great game but there’s a few issues first to get characters it’s pretty hard either you get like 10,000 coins or you get gems in gems are almost impossible to get you could watch video ads over and over and over again but it’s not the most useful because it wastes a lot of time you have to either pay money or like I just said watch video ads. Also when you’re in a fight the health bar or the attack bar is not very useful because first the health bar is impossible to increase second if you’re in a battle this is happened to me sometimes you’re like fighting an opponent and you got them down to very low health and then you your attack bar runs out and then you cant fight and he moves anymore so then the opponent gets you and you basically die that is what I think Power Rangers has a few issues with I hope you enjoy the game is pretty good game otherwise
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5 years ago, Nolimitmic806
My thots on the game
Nway you guys have a master peace on your hands and you don’t see it your no putting the game to its full potential you guys made a game with incredible characters graphics and you guys have not even scratch the surface you have to work on it more add more challenges that give you a chance to unlock more characters and you guys have a roast full of rangers and still haven’t added a story mode and not every one wants to fight online and WiFi not everybody has WiFi and if you don’t you miss out on lots of things that’s why you guys should look at these 3 games 1.shadow fight 2.mortal kombat 3.injustice take some things from them like how shadow fight moves so they can doge hits mortal kombat because you don’t need WiFi to play and they don’t really have a story mode but they add towers so you can fight against opponents and it adds xp and upgrades characters and injustice because it allows you to choose opponents from your level to higher then your level and it lets you play challenges for hero shards and the morph boxes should not be the only way to get shards from yours truly number 1 fan Michael pina da god on power rangers and nolimitmic806
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6 years ago, megabyte27
Best PR game!
This is truly the best power rangers game since Power Rangers Super Legends. A Ranger game where you actually get to play as the Rangers is always the best, not to mention the fact of how many different rangers from different teams are at my disposal. Not to mention the Megazord battles! I absolutely love it! My only complaint thus far is the direction the game is going. I’m unsure as to how many others think this and haven’t said anything, so I’m going to say it. The street fighter characters do not belong in this game. I believe that this is supposed to be and should be a Power Rangers game ONLY. I can understand wanting to add some kind of flair to the game, but the addition of characters not of the Saban Universe isn’t the right direction to go. I would love to see the addition of the Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. These are Saban brands I believe would be fun to add. Street Fighter is a huge brand that spans almost every gaming platform, minus app gaming, until now. If this is an attempt to help them to repopularize themselves to play on the app gaming platform, then they need to create their own, not piggyback on this. I say we keep this nothing but SABAN creations. Street Fighter characters need to go.
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2 years ago, feegtd
This is the best game ever
I’ve played it with my cousin every time I win he always gets mad like in every game we play but this game is the best Power Ranger game that I’ve ever played me and my cousin watch the first Power Rangers and we loved it we always watched it my cousin loves green so he loves the green ranger and I love red so I love the red ranger we always fight and I’m at my house while he is at his house and I think he’s not playing it anymore so I’ve been upgrading my characters and fighting a lot with my things updating I’m talking about this game it’s very good I love it so much that I would literally play this game down literally buy ice cream so this game is really good my thoughts about it is like a 100 out of 10 because how good of a Ranger game it is I really love this game and I’ve played it when I was a kid before so my thoughts and my childhood is coming back to this game I love this best Power Ranger game I ever played and today is Friday and I finish school today so this is the best Power Ranger game I’ve ever played in on Saturday Sunday I’m gonna play with my cousin and I think he’s gonna be so Brain shocked.
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3 years ago, Akiplay2
Great game but can use some changes
I like this game, it is fun and competitive and I love the events but there are some things I would like. 1: For megazords the strike silencer is way to strong. Recently I was in a match and I couldn’t attack the opponent because he used strike silencer which gave him the upper hand on me. So Nway please remove or weaken strike silencer. 2: Another megazord issue I have is that there are only 9 megazords, 8 of them still be unlocked. I would like the ninja steel and storm megazords, the power rangers in space megazord and also also dragon zord battle mode and also a feature where if you get ultrazords by unlocking all of the megazords required to activate it and then you use the ultrazord chargers to unlock them. 3: Add new leagues such as the MMPR base and maybe the ninja storm dojo and if you can other leagues each having more characters. I don’t know if you can do all I requested but if you can do some of I would very much appreciate it. Anyway keep up the great work Nway and have a great day and be safe.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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5 years ago, L21eGiT
Pay to win
This was once a beautiful, amazing game. I've been playing this game since it came out. Now it has turned into a pay to win game and Nway is totally fine with that. There is no longer balance with the new super abilities for the new rangers. It's a super unfair advantage. The only way to succeed past the bronze league is to fall in with the others who pay rediculous amount of money to get chances for the new shards. If you don't give in, then you will be dominated almost every single time you bump into a player with a team of super rangers. The bronze league is already plagued with pay to win players. I could only imagine what the silver league is like and so on. I've played this game for about 2 years and I have yet to unlock Trent the white Dino ranger. One of the very first add ons to the game. That's what the chances of you getting an uncommon ranger are like when you don't pay. And even if you do pay it is not guaranteed you'll get any shards. The game would release a brand new super ranger and you'll already find someone who has him on the same day, upgraded and all. That's alot of money invested for that character I'm sure. You can not rely on your skill in this game anymore. Pay up or lose. A kid with money who started playing not too long ago will destroy you. It's frustrating!
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5 years ago, Knight41b
The game need desperate balancing!
I think you need to stop bringing out new characters and start balancing the ones you already have. Some characters are too over powered (ex: Zane the Silver Space Ranger as an assist is impossible to dodge do to both shooting and swinging the blade. Both the Red Samurai Ranger’s fire ability needs to be nerfed by preventing the timer from resetting every time your hit by a fire attack.) Some characters can launch attacks from across the entire screen (Black Dragon, Samurai Megazord, and Dark Wild Zords are notorious for this crap. I suggest that you Nerf these zords by forcing them to use more energy to prevent them from spamming attacks relentlessly and shorten their long range attacks.) Robo Knight’s gun attacks are spam-able and are near impossible to dodge do to the small stages. For the Leader and Megazord characters, could you please put energy usage for the counters? Assist characters that currently use counters, should use regular attacks, as I feel that the game would be more balanced and not counter spam happy. Speed up the Putty please as it is insanely slow in comparison to everything else. Also, the rag doll physics is ridiculous as it can take a very long time to even get up. If you do create a new Megazord/giant character later on, could you bring in Cyclopsis from Season 1 of MMPR?
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7 years ago, HawkeyeSky257
The game isn't worth the time.
This game says it's free but it's a complete lie. The game is designed so that the only real way to advance is to pay for boxes to get the better characters. Match-ups in ALL matches, challenge and just regular game play are massively disproportionate. 9 out of 10 matches I end up facing a team of all Rare, Legendary, or Epic characters, even if my team doesn't match that, with energy that can range close to twice that of my team! As far as trying to claim it is matched by points that determine your League, I have faced teams that had 100+ League points AND massive health differences on my team, leaving me at a disadvantage because my opponent only has to do a fraction of the work I do to win, and my scores suffer for it. And finally, the game tells me to check my internet, costing me match points, which it takes more than it gives, which it should be giving more points as you reach higher Leagues if they're going to take more points, and my internet is fine. Last night alone, I this cost me too many matches and my internet was running fine. It was the server that was glitching kicking me out of matches, freezing so I couldn't start my matches until I was halfway dead. The developers say they are fixing issues, but they are adding more pay content instead of actually fixing problems.
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5 years ago, biiiiiitttcchhhh
Used to be fun, now it’s just money hungry
There was a time when the game was just about playing with your favorite characters. The only way to increase their power was by leveling them up. Then they added in increasing the power of every single individual move. Thought that was a little suspect but I went with it. Now, in order for the fighters to even be a little bit competitive you have to level them up, upgrade their moves and health, and then add all those talents! If you get a new character they won’t be playable for at least a month IF only you spend all of your earnings and acquire shards for that specific character. Not to mention the glitches that happen in many battles. Like the fact that I can kill the opponent and it shows the animation of me winning and then it takes it back and says the opponent actually blocked or used a counter move and keeps the battle going. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know if it shows the losing animation on their screen but if it doesn’t then that’s completely unfair for me to start letting my guard down and then nope the battle actually continues and most likely I lose because now they’re hitting me and I can’t do anything about it. Fix these problems. Take away “talents”. But you guys won’t because all you care about is taking kids money
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6 years ago, Blijjard
Zero clue how to balance.
Don’t waste your time or money. Terrible game. Another unbalanced mess that relies on the IP alone to keep it relevant. If you do want to spend money, it can quickly feel pointless, as the scaling on leveling is ridiculous. Every new character is stronger to help sales, but it makes past purchases irrelevant. Constant “sales” of rotating characters make it feel like if you have not pooled everything for an exact moment, you are out of luck. The three button attack system suffers greatly from an unfulfilling energy system. You literally spend half your match standing, then hoping your opponent doesn't have a block action available to counter your entire turn. The UI is an overwhelming mess of trying to cram as much as possible into a limited space. The clan system is minimal and feels pointless. The combat, while laid out as a basic “rock, paper, scissors” style, is inconsistent and at times confusing as to why what works for one or in a past game, doesn’t work for you now. Saddening, but this feels less like anything Power Rangers and more like a typical terrible mobile fighting game re-skinned to try and earn a quick buck. Had high hopes upon download and the many weeks I played. Now just regretful of money spent and happy to no longer have it taking space on my phone.
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7 years ago, Travnasty531
Be ready to open your wallets
This game was very fun at first. The true PvP aspect is great. But over the last few months the game has been ruined by all the severely over powered characters that have been introduced. Also the last couple updates have ruined it even further. The game has been molded so you HAVE to spend money to even compete for anything worthwhile. There are soooooo many flaws in the fight mechanics ever since a couple updates ago. These issues and glitches have been brought to the devs attention more than once over the last several weeks and apparently they don’t care to change anything because they are still raking in the money from the players who are willing and able to drop massive amounts of cash to buy all these overpowered characters. They offer special events that give you “a chance” to win top level characters but the matchmaking is so ridiculous considering you are getting put against all these people who have bought all the best champs. I have one foot out the door. The other will follow very soon if things don’t change to make the game more of an even playing field. It has gotten to the point where it’s not even based on skill anymore. It’s how much are you willing to spend. It’s a shame. They had a good thing going. GREED has blinded them I guess.
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6 years ago, cfickhsvehixcknxeboxcj
Insites anger...
You guys need to fix the buggy, laggy, absolutely not fun aspect of this game...and it really needs to be more than Rock Paper Scissors, how about adding some new types of moves. After playing the game for a long time months i dunno how many, this game does nothing but make me dread having to actually play it to progress the characters. Its way too laggy, unfair...btw im on iphone X, with my own wifi home internet that i use alone. So i dont wanna hear it has anything to do with me and my equipment. Its the lazyness of the game developers and whoever improves upon the game. Get on it and for players who grew up with power rangers, you do a disservice to the franchise by making a game thats not fun, you have to be very very patient to be able to deal with the uncontrollable lag, if its about timing and move choice...how is someone supposed to time a move when the whole match itll lag and be buggy, i hit a move on time and it waits a full second then the other guy has time to use his move, its ridiculous. You should be givin away in game content to everyone and fix your game. Before nobody plays it because its too much stress, you like money?...make the consumer happy! Its about the consumer not the money and fun and opinions of development team, its the fun and experience of the consumer.
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2 years ago, The Crowned
Gameplay is Broken
There are so many characters within this game that can just spam endless moves per match while others just stand and helplessly wait until the match is over. How are you suppose to fight anyone that can disrupt and stun your character with every other attack? Also this game allows people to wait, stall, and counter way too easily. The only move that should be able to activate immediately are blocks. Its not my fault that my characters animation makes my move slower. Players shouldn't be punished for complex animations. If I activate a break and they activate a strike more than half way through my move, they shouldn’t be able to counter me. I should be able to follow through with my move while their character’s strike “winds up”. What’s the whole point of even activating anything first anymore? It favors no one but the player stalling. This game obviously favors blockers and strikers over breakers. It gets old so fast because its the same type of Rangers that you would expect to do well in the meta. Unless legacy war fixes this, its just a never ending loop of the same old gameplay and meta. Before you also say anything, yes Ive paid for in app game purchases. They only help you on a minute level.
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6 years ago, EBin3D
Needs some better balance
I would rate this game higher because it is really fun it’s like Rock Paper Scissors and I really like playing it but there are a lot of problems that need fixed, match making for one sometimes you will get matched against ppl twice your health and strength so there is absolutely no way of winning there are also too many VIP characters that have unbeatable combos if you get hit 1 time your done because your tossed in the air or stunned or frozen then a lot of there moves only cost 3 energy so between being stunned or frozen and tossed in the air they never run out of energy I’ve been in multiple match’s like this now it ruins the game. Then most the VIP characters moves are faster than they should be or they will allow some moves to be interrupted so it’s like you say rock but through scissors after they try countering you with paper. Money wins 100% and the street fighter characters are just annoying and shouldn’t even be in the game before all the other rangers have been added. Also the yellow as strikes red as breakers and blue as blocks doesn’t work when you make special ppl have blue moves that are NOT BLOCKS at all and are actually attacks that do massive damage and can’t be countered
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6 years ago, Bladerunner78
Good game but bad battle mechanics
I’m a big power rangers fan going back to the Mighty Morphin days and when I saw this game I got really excited. I’m going to focus on the one bad aspect of the game because overall this game is good but this one particular thing, in my opinion, is really holding it back. The fight mechanics; I don’t know if its due to a lag issue or poor game development but I noticed a high amount of delay between the time I was choose an attack and when that attack was executed. Of course this caused an issue with my battles as the majority of time I would end up losing because my opponent would somehow attack with lightning speed and wipe the floor with me. My other issue is the how the moves are executed, it almost seems as though the developer mixed the aspects of a turn based RPG with a hack/slash. You’re given opitions between which attack you want to use, you pick one, then the character attacks. I guess you’re supposed to time your attacks but its difficult to do so when the game lags like it does. I think this is the biggest hinderance to the game and is what, again in my opinion, is what’s really holding it back from being a superb game.
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6 years ago, Dbo1171790
Only want your money
They’re only out to get your money. If you don’t spend money you won’t be any good. The time it take to get even common shards to level up takes too long. The time it takes to get essences and orbs takes way too long. So you’ll eventually get to a point when you can’t do anything because you not leveling up and you’ll stay in the same league/ranking for months on end because your barely able to level any characters up. Then they make it so that people who spend enough money can just dominate every one with premium characters you can only buy. And when u fight someone way higher than your rank they supposedly give or take less ranking but going from 30 to 29 isn’t taking less away just one point means nothing you still got whooped playing people you shouldn’t play and they don’t do anything about it but take away 29 points instead is 30. It’s clear the game is set up so that if you spend money and the more you spend the more easier the game will be but when no money is involved this game is no fun because you can’t do anything after a while because you can’t get enough of what u need. Even with corruption boxes and weekly and daily boxes. You barely get anything...it’s a shame they made the game like this
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3 years ago, help it may be a scam
Needs more fix
Look I would love to give this game a full five stars but you need to fix it because every time (not always) I see people like with legendary characters and like good ones and i was like “How does people keep getting good shards man!?” Because I only have like two good leader ones (which is billy 2017 and koda) and also I feel like it’s a bot pvp (I know it’s real tho) because of the thin like they just mash on cards AND if you used an ability it has a energy cool down so like you need to wait for like five seconds which is enough time for me to get beaten out (not like fully beaten more like so they can do heavy fire power) Edit: you really need to make this fair because I’m getting destroyed by other players because this is started to become unfair x5 Edit 2: can you add campaign mode instead of just pvp because pvp is starting to annoy me so I like it better if there is two modes then pvp Edit 3: can you pls make it so we can have more luck of getting better shards then getting dum common shards I mean like PLS
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6 years ago, officially_gleb
Original Voices?? ( Zeo gold be Xandred glitch)
UPDATE! Noticed today that when Zeo Gold hit the red sweep directly into the staff attack specifically against Xandred, it doesn't hold him in the air and allows hit to block a full combo, right in the middle of said combo! I just lost multiple matches due to this glitch in gold rank and it's killing my rank. Please fix this asap... I've been playing this game for well over a year. It's extrenely solid! My absolute BIGGEST complaint though, is why am I listening to generic grunt sound effects from my favorite Jason and Tommy characters, instead of hearing the famous battle cries of Jason David Frank and Austin St. John?! And this applies to all the heroes and villains! Took you guys no time to do PROPER voices for all street fighter characters ( good job), why don't the Rangers get the same respect. REAL VOICES MATTER! Us Fans DO notice the difference. If I'm gonna drop $89 on Gold zeo, and other legendary characters, I wanna hear them properly. Not just see them. Please tell me if you're currently working on this. And if not, why not? Thank you!
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6 years ago, TheOutlawRockman
Poor game design. Don’t play
The game is a mix between Street Fighter, an RPG, and Rock-Paper-Scissors. But the rock-paper-scissors aspect is random, so you can’t actually develop a strategy like in Street Fighter. And it includes some of the worst aspects of fighting games, most notably the ability to juggle opponents and prevent them from making a move. So even if you have the ability to counter your opponent, you may not be able to do so because they have you locked. Or even if you are free to input commands, you may not be able to use the right attack because you ran out of energy. As for the RPG aspect, you characters have stats and levels that you need to upgrade. So you need to spend in game currency to upgrade your characters, and you can’t use new characters until you collect enough points to unlock them. And you don’t get the points to unlock characters unless you open up rewards for winning battles; which take several hours to open once you get past the tutorial stages. The game is more designed to frustrate one way or another, especially on how long it takes to unlock things, because they want you to purchase things with real money. So to sum up everything, don’t play this game.
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7 years ago, Pyro37
Great game, small issues
Would rate 5 stars, but the biggest turn off to this game is it's basically pay to win. No one in the top players hasn't spent well over three hundred dollars and there is a good reason for that. You need shards to level up/get new characters, and the boxes you open to get them take a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 24 for some of the better boxes. (Times change as you go up in the leagues) I wouldn't mind waiting, but you can only hold 4 boxes at a time, meaning you either have to wait it out and stop playing for hours or pay to open them immediately. Not to mention when new characters are added it's almost impossible to get them for months unless you're willing to dish out a ton of cash for a 'chance' to get them. Apart from all that, it's a really good game. Well balanced, and most importantly tons of fun! Not bad if you want a game you can play for 2-3 minutes at a bus stop or something. Very bad for marathons (unless you have the money for it)
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3 years ago, Rikyxxx29
Nasty balance vs New players
the players who take out new ones will always have the fastest abilities so that the abnormal ones who do not notice that buy and think that they will be invincible after a while and the player expires and their skills go down so that the donkey's wallets bleed Do not be fooled players, this game only gives priority to those who pay, if you look closely and realize all the players who are new and that if you want them you have to pay they are more altered in everything as in speed and continuity in the blows since while one has to wait for the blows to load they pull and shoot without feeling and you realize that they do not have time to wait to load because they are constantly attacking giving you a great disadvantage, for example the white ninja who beats you a Easy game without loading, so they keep the payers happy while they continue buying since these players last for a while and then they lower the statistics to match it with the others but then they get another one just as altered but if you want it you have to pay, those who don't Pay only are the fun of those who pay.
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7 years ago, Bourne_Awesome123
Lots of shards and not enough gold - alliance jumping for gold
Been playing for about a month and have come to the conclusion that the only real way to get gold is to jump alliances to donate shards you have until the shard donation is reached. I have over half of my roster able to upgrade but not enough gold to do so and some I can upgrade twice back to back I have so many shards of them. It's almost a pay for gold to upgrade and pay for epic and legendary or wait a long time for it. Never spent a penny on this game and don't plan on it. If you jump alliances to donate shards you can get roughly 300+ gold per day just by doing that. Too much shards and not enough gold unless you buy gold - I buy gold only with crystals (60 crystals for 500 gold) that's really the only thing I use crystals for. This game is set up in a way that you are limited to how high ranked you can go because if you don't have high enough ranked champions you will just hit a glass ceiling and won't go higher until you rank up one of your players on the team and only a handful of players are above the highest league - under 5 players. That says glass ceiling to me.
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7 years ago, Thunderfirex335
5 seconds and that’s it
I was so exited for a new game to play... but that is until I got to the loading screen.I’m sure that anyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has played a video game in their lives, would like to get past the LOADING SCREEN. And even once the game stopped crashing before I actually PLAYED it, the main menu lasted 5 SECONDS. I kid you not, I even timed it and it lasted 5 SECONDS. I actually am a little glad that I could play the game, on another device, but after personal experience and from the reviews I read, STAY AWAY. This game is a pay to win game and a boring time too. It’s a really bad fighting game, at the end of the day, your time and money are wasted, and, I know I don’t speak for everyone but at least for me, makes power rangers SO OTHERWORLDLY BAD, that I wish I could have prevented this monstrosity, this horrible excuse of ANYTHING resembling a game from even existing. But don’t make the mistake that I hate power rangers, no, I LOVE power rangers, and, as a fan, I would not wish this game on ANYONE. Giving an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars is so generous, I honestly think that Saban staff left 5 stars on their on game to get rich quick instead of doing, ACTUAL HARD WORK TO MAKE THEIR GAME GOOD.
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6 years ago, mr. ravage
Very happy and want to see progression
I have been playing this game for about a month now love it. Plays like paper rock scissors with action... lots of mechanics that make you want to keep playing and unlock characters which there are tons of... The player versus player aspect is amazing... and it feels like there is more to come. As a critique as you level up the chest take so long to open and don’t always feel like spending my crystals in that manner... Maybe have rewards for streaks that will unlock chests faster as well I understand the progression but the still leaves me at a plateau and struggling for too long to progress. So yes I think it would be cool to leave the game as is with the chests except for rewarding streaks with time off of chests win all of your slots are full where chests can go. Also will be called to see if this game style play makes it to other genres maybe ninja turtles then I hybrid game would be cool
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3 years ago, KKS67
I love this game it makes want to throw my phone, but the creators are starting to get a little irritating with the updates and new player additions. The new updates are terrible, the slowing down of characters change how much energy moves need to be used and adding new players who have moves you cannot counter. If there’s anyone who should be updated it’s legendary Kim. Her slide attack is to many energy points it should updated to a four. The blue SPD ranger needs to be updated his red and yellow attack do not give a chance to counter. Tyzonn’s red attacks are way to long for an attack with no chance to counter. Dominic hargan has to many yellows with no chance to counter. The new addition to the game is way to fast and there moves should be upgraded to needing more energy points and slowed down because you can’t even get an attack in because you can’t block anything. There should be a better flow of moves. There’s to many times where with kiddo and Kim your faced with two blocks on consecutive turns.
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4 years ago, Megatron_84
If you like to lose and or pay to win
Game was great until they started creating terrible character move sets. Sets you up for horrible losses. Losing streaks. To win....pay money. Upgrade your character. Still losing? Give us more money. You will fight against the same character multiple times. Granted can’t control who your opponent will fight with but their reasoning is they have almost guaranteed win. Solar has multiple pop ups, defensive attacks, and all cost little power to use. You will spend your time in the air, which in the show, a ranger never flew 20 feet straight up, but is the reality in this game, then solars power is back and she pops you up again. Guile has 2 blocks, with a unblock-able attacks. Adam has attacks just about impossible to block. Other characters with similar attributes. Over all poor management with development team. When contesting, pretty much tell you oh well, we will forward to the development team. No changes in over a year to any characters or Zords. No progression of story. Last was introduction of street fighter. I see little to no change in this game. Continue to feed the $ if you want wins.
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10 months ago, FuçkYoU
Game is just garbage all around.
I have played a lot of bad mobile games in my time, however nothing has ever come remotely close how BAD this game is. It’s nothing more than a cash grab from some stupid wannabe company using the IP of the Power Rangers. Let’s start off with the characters. They’re just not balanced whatsoever. I had a purple card for the last 10 matches I had facing people with common cards of the same level and yet somehow they overpowered me and did moves my characters could only dream of. It was just magical how every time I would throw out an attack the opponent would just have the right counter to it and I couldn’t land a single blow. Balancing is garbage unless you spend your parents fortune on it. Next up is matchmaking. Jokes on you there is none. You go through the tutorial of the game and then get thrown to the wolves. With people having 2000 more power than you and just seemingly endless damage. There’s no point in playing a game where it’s “pvp” and with no sort of guide or even system to work with. Please developers if you are reading this, end your games life.
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5 years ago, Megazord210
Pay to win, whales everywhere, and highly suggestive towards money.
I’d rather fight AI than other people. Once you reach league 3 and haven’t paid a penny it’s hard to progress. Whales start to surface, and sometimes the RNG gives you trash. (E.g. league 1 rewards from a super league 3 crate.) I wanted to enjoy this game. Sure, some aspects were decent, like the Rock Paper Scissors aspect, but due to the fact that strike moves surface all the time it makes it impossible to use breaker moves, lest the opponent is blocking. If there was like a manual block button like Power Rangers Legends, then it would be enjoyable. Some hard to get assists use far too many gauges, and the opponent still has to be close to actually do anything. Basically, cornering them doesn’t help. The gauge restoration has to be spent wisely, and when your opponent has 3000 more health than you and that evil monkey from MysticForce who can kill you in 4 hits, despite being in your same league, it gets out of hand. I loved Power Rangers and I still do. I’ll go back to playing Power Rangers Legends. Oh wait, they deleted it from the App Store. I’m
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6 years ago, tr30623
Over all one amazing game!
I have been playing this game since the beginning. It’s a very fair game wether you decide to buy stuff or not. It has many ways you can get rare, epics, and legendary players and never have to spend a dime and even if you do choose to spend a little money on the game they always have some cheap package deal you can get and still get great stuff as well. The graphics and game play is smooth. This is definitely a game I can’t get enough of and it’s always exciting to see what new players will be released into the roster next. I’m a big time tommy Oliver fan I love the white, green ranger the most. I was born in the year 1990 so I grew up with the original power rangers and I’m so excited they just now released tommy Oliver the black ranger I can’t wait to get him. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a power ranger fan. I give this game (five*****stars!) all day any day...
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4 years ago, sonictrel
So when power rangers came out I was super excited I was super in the fighting games at first I sucked and then I got used to it I went to higher leagues also if you delete it they save your data!!! Witch made me super happy to know!! So here is the downfall you have to buy stuff to get stuff I get thing are going fast with the updates and stuff but can the stuff only cost those purple things and power coins witch makes it much easier but I don’t get why people say it’s not worth it the game is super worth just don’t worry about the stuff that cost money and get the stuff that only cost those purple things and power coins that’s what it’s all about but I see vip cost money to and that’s really dumb if you ask me I saw to the creators great job but can things not cost real money but only game money that will it easier and make the game more famous! That’s my conclusion.
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6 years ago, BallSacMoose
Great game needs a console release
Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a fun and exciting game, but it has its flaws, one being the amount of money which is required to possess the mightiest and most nostalgic of characters and zords. The initial appeal of this game was the “free” gameplay, but, over the last, almost two years, the game has been released have I only been able to achieve the characters which are released for free. Of course , fans like myself are going to want the Green Ranger Dragon Zord and the Street Fighter characters, and I love that these characters are available to me, but , as a hard working person with bills and basic needs, I find it difficult to fully enjoy a free game with all of my favorite characters without paying for them, bottom line, I already pay enough for platform games, I am not able to pay for this game. I want for the future of this game to go to platform so I can pay for it once and that’s it. Thank you for who ever reads this review, if it’s ever read at all. Thank you Jacob Nieto
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6 years ago, brodog1983
Love Hate the game
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it leaves me with a bad taste every time I get done playing. I even invested money in this game which I never do with any game. Don’t bother wasting your money. 1 - The cycle of moves they give you are ridiculous. You ether get all blocking or all defenses moves or all just attack moves. which leaves you open to attack and defeat. Instead of continually having one of each. It takes way to long for your power to build back up to even use your moves. 2 - The game can be glitchy 3 - The amount of coin you get is ridiculous. You get 6 to 7 coin each Match. It cost 200 to 1600 for each power up grade of each character. They force you to spend real money. Which I don’t like. 4 - you get 4 slots for power chest. You can only open one at a time and it takes to long of hours to open. So when you play a new match and your slots are full you miss out on chest. You should be able to start more than 1 or delete ones you don’t want. 5 - They will put you up against players who are 10x stronger than your character instead of ranked levels. 6 - They need to simplify how you level up various parts of your character. To many spots to look for to upgrade, plus lack of knowledge what the upgrade does for your character. Overall I find myself with a love hate relationship with this game. I do like the graphics and getting to play your favorite power ranger.
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6 years ago, Marvelboy65
Not worth it
I download this game for the Street Fighter characters. But you have pay for each one. On top of that, to have any character worth playing for or with you have to pay for add on for your characters to power up. You can try earning them but it’s nearly to pretty much impossible due to most people you play with powering up characters from buying things. Also characters have super low delay on reacting and it makes it double hard beings has you have no freedom to react with your characters like in Marvels: CoC or DC’s: Injustuce. This game only allows to dodge and that doesn’t even work when your opponent is in your face and character reaction is SLLOOWw! On top of you can’t attract till your defense meter allows you to. At least in other games (Like Marvel & DC) you have a chance to freely defend yourself with your characters reaction if you don’t have meter energy to do a special. I hope this power ranger games fixes this. Cause I love power rangers but after giving this game a try this only left bad taste in me and that’s after giving it a honest good two weeks chance of playing daily.
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3 years ago, jdjfuurnnfjrid)mdm,didoeo84i3
It’s not hard
It’s not hard and he ate I’ve been I have this game before but it wasn’t working so I had to delete it but then I’m going to re-download it today so and I defeated some locations it’s not hard it’s real easy though for some people who think it’s easy it’s easy like it’s not such a big deal it is not hard and plus this game is amazing And I read it five it’s real good the game is good everybody should play it it’s a real nice game it’s no good it’s awesome I think that because it’s fighting I love fighting games even I love Power Rangers and I like purple power ranger and yellow Power Ranger one yellow Power Ranger has to count on tiny nice and it like goes in a tornado in it and she does and she did and she does she uses it and she turns around with it and then that’s it so for the purple one she has she has a tornado kind of power and I like it because she can use one hand she can stand on one hand and and she can turn around real fast it’s real good and I’ll like give some damage and I like that for purple Power Ranger.
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4 years ago, Sm0kebaby
Could be great
This game could be great, but the reverse blocking counter attacks gotta go. People are not fighting they just running and waiting on you to make the first move so they can reverse block attack every time. I think you should be able to block freely instead of waiting on a block move to pop up. Because like I said you have other players that’s not fighting their running and just want to counterattack all game, it’s so boring just sitting here waiting on someone to throw the first punch so I can block reverse attack, and let someone beat you freely over and over til your energy gone, is not wassup. You guys have streets fighters characters take notes from they game. You should be able to block freely, not waiting til after 3 different attack done on you or when a block pop up. It’s people on high levels beating you down and you have to watch them beat you down and can’t defend yourself. If this game all about buying crystals means it’s a rip off. This game can be great but fix the defense and make the rounds 2 out of 3!!!
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12 months ago, TheBulJuice215
Beautiful game but needs improvements
I love this game. The nostalgia gets me every time I log on, form my team and start a battle. My biggest take on this game is the lack of defense. An opponent can literally back you into a corner and wail on you with combos until the match is over. It seems like their special bar refills so much faster than yours and they’re able to keep unleash moves flawlessly without having to recharge and when they do run out they always conveniently have a shield and that’s annoying. I wish there was a kind of “Marvel contest of champions” style of play where you can have basic attacks but still use the special bar when applicable. I think it would make the game overall more fun to play. Not being able to defend from your opponents attacks is a big negative in my opinion.
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4 years ago, PreacherHX
Not for classic real time players
I only play this cause it’s the only game close to giving me a fun time with Power Rangers. If you like games like Transformers: Forged to Fight, games that give you 360 degree fighting in real time with no stupid energy rules, games that allow you to legit fight and not have it semi turn/energy only based, STAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THIS GAME. To make matters worse, getting characters you want is near impossible if they are older tier characters. Most systems give you the ability to level up a character you like to play. Not this one it seems. I have three characters I haven’t seen any additions on in weeks. I can understand blind purchases but there needs to be a way to get something to a character you like, not what the company wants to give you. Games that allow you to generally level a character, even if a grind, have a much better feel then these. Again, if it wasn’t for the fact this is my only option, I absolutely wouldn’t play this game even if the moves are awesome and selection is incredible. That’s not enough to make up for the game play.
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6 years ago, ThePhilosopherWarriorKiNG
Love the game!!!
I play every single day without fail. It helps relive my childhood when I watched the OG rangers MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS!!!! But I do have some suggestions. To make this game more challenging for me I decided to rewatch all the power rangers on Netflix and I only use the rangers from the season I’m watching (right now still MMPR but am in season 2) after season 3 it goes to mighty morphing alien rangers (no characters from that) then Zeo (one one from that) I feel like to honor the power rangers and all their glory you need to include EVERY SEASON THERE WAS!!! Maybe not all the rangers but at least 3 or 4 favorites from each season. I would really like to play with the alien rangers or red zeo before this season is up and have to only use the pink zeo. Don’t focus on just the best rangers of all time but focus on the legacy of the rangers in general by incorporating all seasons not just pick and pull.
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3 years ago, Lil Walimated
I Love This Game But!!!
This my second time leaving a review, my wife usually handles this stuff. She loves calling companies and making complaints. She also loves doing surveys for good customers service. She would literally ask a call rep before hanging up ”do you have a survey, I would like to give you a good report how you dealt with me etc” My point is, we value our products and or services we use, she handles that department but this is personal! When I was young. I use fake sick so I don’t have to go to school. I would get the best treatment ever and get to watch my favorite cartoons. I can name so many favorites from back then 😌. These were the time when life was so fun and exciting!, and then it got more exciting when power rangers first came on! I was like 😳 wow! Ok let me just say this, the game is dear to me cause of childhood memories however, This is the second time it froze on me! First time was a few hours after discovered this precious memory and downloaded it, it froze! I already had spent like $6 dollars. This time like $20 dollars and only had it downloaded for maybe two days. I like this game so much that I downloaded again and still spent money. I am using IPAD 6 Gen. No way it should be an issue. Help please Regards Wali
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4 years ago, Rays197
Love it, but annoying too
I absolutely love this game, I’ve played it since launch and spent countless hours in it...only annoying thing is how some people seemingly have what feels like countless non ending moves that never give you a chance to do anything at all, ex Solarix ranger and pink slayer ranger.. That would be my only gripe, other than that, I absolutely love this game, it’d be amazing to see something like this for Xbox and PS4 too Update: the more I play, the more aggravating it’s getting, I don’t even bother playing megazord battles anymore cause no matter what I do, my opponents seem to have never ending move set while I spend the entire battle waiting for my meter to fill only to have my moves constantly countered or somehow opponent can change move in the middle of a move set already in motion...used to get excited about it too since I always looked forward to Megazord battles...regular battles I’m also getting tired of the same unbalanced juggling I go through and having a hard time even trying to perform my own moves
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6 years ago, Al burger
Fun, but need $ to get better options...
I really do enjoy the game, the fighting mechanics and rock, paper, scissors make the game interesting...but to get the best of the best...it's all hidden behind loot boxes and cash options. I'm finding that the loot boxes that are being opened are giving me slot of what I don't want and are uninteresting. Most of the time it's more or less the same when you open these. I've been playing for a good 3 months and it seems there is no other option then to spend real money to get ahead. The characters to a certain point can only take you so far...and it's not like you can grind coins to help yourself get stronger...they placed a cap on how much you can earn a day. Which isn't enough to be competitive. For people who love playing fighting games it's sad that it's gotten to the point to where instead of unlocking thing by playing the game we enjoy, the best parts of the game is hidden behind loot boxes and cash options.
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6 years ago, Countdown2X
Nothing but money matters once you reach 7 or higher
Very disappointing. I've played this for a LONG time, and it only gets more frustrating until I finally quit. As you get higher in rank, it's clear that paying equals winning. Worst of all is the how the mechanics stop making sense. Higher league players can switch moves quicker and get stuff out faster then you. Stuff that should come out on top does not and the whole "rock paper scissor" mechanic falls apart. The roster is ridiculous. It's all Morphin, new movie, villains or special rangers, hardly a celebration of 25 years. First additions for SPD and jungle fury are a villain and a ranger not part of core 6. Even worse, every new character needs actual money. Free roster has not been updated ever with new characters, only old premiums. And finally megazord mode is ridiculous. They've run it like 20 times and it's the same four megazords, and only three ARE megazords. It was a fun game that succumbed to pay to win. It's now frustrating and irritating. No thank you
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10 months ago, B illz
VIP not what is promised
First, let me preface my review by saying that I have been a vip subscriber to this game for YEARS. I love the game, but the selling point that a vip subscription gives you 200 crystals a day is 100% false. I’ve brought this up to the developer, they pretend it’s not an issue. In order to get 200 crystals every single day, you have to log into the game once every 24 hours, which i almost never have done. So this game owes me THOUSANDS of crystals. It’s kind of crazy. The standard rewards will actually give you rewards for however many days it’s been since you logged on, but say you don’t log in for 3 days…you won’t get 600 crystals as a a vip. You’ll only get 200. Those other days crystals? You won’t get them. So unfortunately I feel like this game has been operating dishonestly and collecting thousands from me and others over the years, but never giving us what we’re owed for subscribing to their premium membership. It’s a shame.
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5 years ago, PRFan9000
Game completely unbalance do to it being paid to win. Give a super mode or move to new characters without updating old characters with one making them harder to win with. Adding street fighter characters to a power ranger game when not even related n making able to take over half ur health with one one attack makes u wonder “wasn’t this suppose to be a power ranger game?”. Too many connection issues with the game do to their small servers or too far away makes u lose ur match automatically by disconnecting before actually starting making u lose ur rank or costing u a try point in challenges instead of cancelling the fight altogether. Connection issues during can lead to completely disconnected or ur enemy reversing time recover their health n ur move points at 0 with no way to recover, attack or defending ur self. There VIP system has no off switch so it constantly takes 20 bucks from ur account monthly without notification or permission. This game has mor cons then there ever could be pros for it making it trash n just a money guggler.
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