4.1 (2.8K)
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Current version
Think Alike, Lda
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for powerline.io

4.06 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, BlueHoles22287
Very fun but needs a tiny bit of work
I love this game! I used to play it on my school Crome book on cool math games. But It got restricted and I was disappointed. Then I found out I could play it on my phone so I downloaded the app. To be honest it’s kind of hard. 1. It’s hard to control my fingers all over the screen and swipe. 2. It’s so glitchy! Every time it freezes, 7 seconds later, it shows I died. 3. I have seen a lot of people use personal information about themselves and inappropriate language. But overall it’s the best! It’s free, so, if you haven’t got the game yet do it!
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3 months ago, dogsarebestpets
Great game
I love it so much there’s nothing wrong with it ok we’ll maybe a few things 1 there’s glitches once and awhile and it’s so annoying I used to play on my nanas computer and it won’t work but I noticed I can download it on my phone and it worked but once and awoke there would be glitches but the second thing is when I’m ahead of the line they still kill me it’s really annoying once I was king and it happened and I slammed my phone down cause that happened so I want that to be changed and maybe have no adds cause who likes adds lol not me there really annoying like in Roblox there’s no adds but it does drain your battery down really fast like I was at 100 percent and. In 10 minutes it will be at 80 but in powerline in 10 minutes it would be at 90 percent I hope you read this and fix these changes byeeeeeeee😃😃🙂
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4 years ago, Josiah Miles
Problems That Make A Fun Game Unplayable
Very fun concept, but you can barely even play the game when you cut someone off and half the times the game processes you were the one cut off. Ive taken plenty of screen recorded videos to make sure I wasn’t just a sore loser, but no, Ive cut off so many people in this game that wound up killing me even though they ran into the side of me. If they hit within an inch of your head after you turned and tried to cut them off, youre dead, and I dont see how you can catch people off guard like that, especially when the entire game is built on trying to take people by out with the element of surprise and intuition. Sometimes they wont even be active, no intent of killing you. Speeding up doesnt always help either, its the same result just faster. I have good connection too, so theres no reason that is happening other than something wrong with the coding or the game just cant function with too many live people at once.
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3 years ago, MinePro10000
Your game is so fun!
Thanks for making this game. It is so fun and I play it every day. But I have a few suggestions. First of all I wish you could earn EXP by killing the king or queen of being in first place. Another suggestion is that if you could make this game have boosters. What that will do is the second you hit one you will increase speed by 5 percent faster every second. Lastly I wish you could have gadgets laying on the ground you can pick up and use. For example: 5 percent faster for 10 seconds or when someone kills you you get immunity 1 time without losing your progress when you re-spawn. Anyway, I love this game and I wish you could make more games like this one ‘cause your apps are the BEST!
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3 years ago, TheLlama!2
This game is pretty fun. I would play it on my school computer on the app coolmathgames but then I found out I could get it on my phone and got really excited. But it does glitch a lot. Also it is sort of hard to control by swirling your fingers on the screen, you known. I think it would be nice to have options on how to control your snake. There should be three different options. One: joystick. Two: arrow buttons. Three: nothing/with finger. 🥴(I did the last what I did because I thought that maybe some people like that way I guess.) Byeeeeee 👍🏼😎😜
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2 years ago, Neliz Development. ratings
Love the game but!……
The game is great, end it was amazing that you can play on computer and Mobile! There is one problem though. There is a lot of bad names, and if this is going to be rated for plus I don’t think there should be swears, because people can put them on as whatever they want. So you can take down the swing age up the rating for if you are eligible enough to play. Overall this is an amazing game can I play it frequently. And never get bored thank you so much for this amazing game.
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3 years ago, KitKat_2026
One little flaw
This game is amazing don't get me wrong, but sometimes when you play the game, it glitches and it makes you run into other players when you are tapping the screen and turning. I would love if y'all would update the console of the game and make it easier for there to be no bugs and fix all of them when there is, I think it would make it so much easier and you would get 5 star reviews more often. Thank you for your time and intelligence!!!
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6 years ago, Person Bruh
Great game but.....
Don't get me wrong, this is a very fun game but three things. One, I play this game on a mobile device and swiping is a problem. If you swipe, sometimes it won't "register" through the game meaning if you swipe to move your line, sometimes it won't work. Two, too many ads. Please remove this. It seems like every time I die a ad or video pops up. Lastly, sometimes when I'm clearly in front of a line and they try to kill me by turning, I die. I'm in front of them and I still die. That's very frustrating. Other than that great game. With some tweaks and additions this game can become popular. Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, K Kitana
My Favorite Game!!! 🤩
I would recommend this game to anyone because this is my favorite game to play on my phone and because I think it is really cool and sometimes you can be on the edge of your seat when your playing because you are either about to get eliminated or not and I would recommend this for anyone and it is definitely kid friendly this is why I would give this game a five star rating. Good job y’all for making this game!!! 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳
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5 years ago, 83272182219hddgaah
A little rigged
When I’m like the 15 best player on my sever a noob who been in the map for 10 seconds finds a-pro and cheats there way to win and when ever you just got a kill some greedy pants comes by and takes all your earnings from the kill you just got. I sometimes wish it was like Mario when you get hit by a bad guy you blink white then normal again and you go through everything like a ghost I wish that’s what happens when you appears in the game in the first 5 to 10 seconds of the game, but over all it’s a great game.
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3 years ago, gkdkddkgdkf
Ummm so ya
It’s a very good game but the controls are messed up, I would die because they don’t work correctly. Whenever I move my finger where ever I need to go it move my person or whatever and it’s really annoying. And also at the end of the map we’re the line is, it keeps moving and once I died because of it :// so it’s a really good game but those are some major glitches that need to be fixed!! I think it would be cool to make an update where you can creat your own powerline, like choose your own color/colors and put maybe like a hat or something on it :D that is all so over all I rate it a 3/5 🤍
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2 years ago, Queen.io
Cross over and joystick
I play a lot of .io games and one thing I like about most of them is that you can cross yourself and not die. I was surprised when I tried to turn away and I ran into my self and died. I would also like another way to control my snake, maybe like a joystick because it’s sort of hard to turn just swiping. Also, occasionally it will glitch and not register my swipe or it will but a second or two later causing me to run it someone.
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4 years ago, aerorno
Good game, but...
This is a real good game but the lag! Gosh, I’ll be king, and then it will lag and I’ll die! This is not fun, but I am so glad that it doesn’t have in app purchases like some games. Also, there is no button to turn off adds. Sad. But why am I complaining? This is a good game to, you know. I first started playing this game in the computer at my school, and then when I realized there was a game on an iPad I immediately got it! Good game, but some gamer tags stay some horrible stuff like “I kill u= u gay” and some swear words. Definitely 12+
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4 years ago, E X P E R I M E N T A L
It’s a good game but...
Don’t get me wrong but this game is really good, but there are a little bit of problems that I have with it. First of all I would like you to bring the nickname limit to 25 instead of 15, because my name that I want is to long. Second, when I’m playing and turn to fast my character gets a thin line or a really big line and it messes me up a lot. Those are really the only problems I have with this game, please fix them if you can.
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2 years ago, I_rate_stuff
Amazing game!
This game is wonderful! Even though we rage on it a bit. Hah, don’t we all on almost every multi player game? The ads are super short which I love! Just a little bit glitchy. Just one major problem. We really need censored names. People are saying VERY in appropriate names on this game and it kinda takes away the fun. But I don’t mean lock up the game, I mean a limit to swearing and certain words. Thanks! PS, Great Game, very fun! :D
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6 years ago, moskow23
Excellent game but seriously I’d pay to turn off the ads
I like to play this with my younger kids but some of the ads have violence or scantily clad women which just cheapen the experience, and make it inappropriate for certain ages. Please provide an option to pay to turn off the ads, many people would do it to support you. Or maybe this option already exists, but if so, it is not obvious.
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3 years ago, Dhdjrfogishwehtohduentyiyw
Good game but needs work
I like this game but it gets boring very quick! I like the arrow turn buttons but I don’t like how it changes the view. It makes me dizzy pretty quick lol. I have a suggestion to add to the game. I think you should add some other choices to add to your line. You can do achievements and when you get it you unlock different colors or something for your line or unlock a boost like you start with a little bit longer line.
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5 years ago, Snybor
This game is a piece of crap
This game is a piece of crap let’s start off with the bad things then the good things when I kill someone a person always steals my dots and then they end up killing me! This game is not a very good game if you’re the owner and you’re reading what I am saying you definitely need to make some updates please do. Now we’re moving on to the good things hmmmm........let me think...........................................hmm I didn’t think of any good things hahaha I didn’t even have any good things planned because this game is so bad,I still like it in a way I like every game sorry if I was to mean I didn’t meen to is it okay I hope it is!😀
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3 years ago, CreeProd48
Good, but one big problem.
Good game and fun to play. But one problem is, on mobile you will turn and get in front of someone, and then you end up being the one getting killed. Many, many, MANY times have I turned in front of someone, and I’m the one that died instead. And I didn’t even hit the side of them. It’s a good game, I would rate 4 or 5 stars, but you lost an entire one, and very possibly two stars from me because of this.
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2 years ago, soggy sea biscuit
Issues with the game and good things about it
Overall game is very fun and I could play it for hours. it’s very entertaining and can get pretty competitive in my case lol but the issue with it is that when played on a phone the steering is pretty slow and unresponsive sometimes. Like I said before this game is pretty fun and I would definitely recommend
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4 years ago, мегапер4ик
Great game
The game is fun and dynamic! Simple concept with competitive element makes the game very addictive. There are some technical issues though. Latency and delays are the most annoying things happening very often. Also, from time to time you can meet cheating players. Control system is a bit messed up, because on different devices(desktop vs phone, for example) moves are different. On the phone swiping will always lead you to hiding/minimizing the game. Instant 360 rotation is also impossible on the phone. With all that said, more effort and work put into the game can make it one of the best.
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5 years ago, SterWursFans
Laggy, controls are weird.
Great idea and foundation of a game. The controls need to be fixed like swiping is not a good idea. And the other controls move the entire screen when you move, and it gets annoying real quick. My solution to this problem would be to zoom out and remove the screen moving thing. The game is laggy too so if you could fix that. Skins would be great, or just allow us to pick our color.
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2 years ago, gakemake
Good game but very laggy
This game would be very fun if it wasn’t for the lag. There has been numerous times when I get in front of someone and I teleport behind them and die. I also get random lag spikes when I turn and I end up running into someone and die. There’s also a glitch that if you turn too fast you go inside your own line and die. PS: the game has a very fun concept but the lag ruins it a lot.
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5 years ago, Black cat rules
Very Fun if your Bored but...
There are a few things that need to be tweaked 1 is people like to use inappropriate or offensive names, it would be a better game if any bad words are censored out so it’s more kid friendly. 2 is the swiping/turning doesn’t go fast enough so you end up dying to another players line when you turn. 3 is the game can get glitchy and the game thinks you ran into another’s line when you clearly turned so now your dead...
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3 years ago, Welquro
Lagging way too apparent
The games fun and addictive, but the biggest thing that takes me out of it quickly is the lag. It occurs in different ways: the amount of people in the room, the length of your powerline, and everyone crashing into each other at the same time. I can’t get a good game in without lagging so much I end up dying when I thought I was in clear space.
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6 years ago, tinybram123
Way laggy
Great game, but it’s just sooo laggy. I’ll be in front of a line and they turn to kill me, and I die. I was in front of them! Also vice versa, if I speed in front of a line and turn to kill it, I die again because I had lag. I don’t have bad Wi-Fi or anything, the game is just generally laggy. Lastly, whenever I die, there’s an ad. Whenever I am on the leaderboard and die, it asks me to review the game. Please stop asking me to review. I love the game and all, but it’s laggy, flooded with ads, and asks me to review too much.
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4 years ago, Stoneflunkey
Great game. Too much lag or sync issues
Such a playable game. Over quickly. Would be 5 stars if it didn’t have variable lag or other syncing issues between different players. You can see the players who don’t have lag - they kill you even if it appears you are ahead of them! The problem changes game-game, so apparently not necessarily a local issue to my device or internet.
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7 years ago, Hdusksnbnbbb
Awesome Dude🤩
Ok so you made a game like this if I made a game it would be 100 times worse. But 1 thing I don’t like is that when someone gos next to you and gets faster I’m pretty sure you get slower if that is the case then can you please remove that. But if you don’t want to that’s fine. But yeah this game is sick.
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7 years ago, annalisekp
great but not marked for the right age group
In the information about this app it says it’s suitable for ages 4+ but sometimes people create explicit names with everyone playing can see. Just a heads up if you are a parent and don’t want your child seeing that type of thing.
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4 years ago, BWiii
Different servers
I think the game is perfect! There is just one problem and its not the ads they are fine the only thing is that some people playing on pc can do different patterns and moves that mobile players cant there should be mobile only servers.
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10 months ago, Reviewer Serenity
Fun game, a bit Laggy
This is a extremely fun game I play on mobile, it's a bit hard but overall fun. At certain times it gets laggy like when there's a lot of players in one area. Other then that it is perfect. GET IT!!
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3 years ago, &fff&
Make swiping easier already
It is nearly impossible to quickly swipe on a mobile device, I always end up getting killed because I can’t turn fast enough, and if I am being honest, cutting people off is too much power to the player, that is the only reason I ever die.
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2 years ago, Yo mama wrote this
I like the game. Overall, it’s a game based off of slither io. But, it’s still a very fun game. My only problem is that it kinda hard to navigate on mobile. But other then that, I would recommend you download this game. So what are you waiting for, Smash that download button!
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5 years ago, Whose7
Fun game, but some user names are super offensive
My students talked me into playing this game. It was a lot of fun. Online and on the phone there are some serious lag issues. Although, this isn’t the biggest issue. Some of the user names that I’ve seen are racist and extremely offensive. Kids are playing this game and see this stuff.
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3 years ago, CardSharper
Lag and turning kill the game
I enjoy this game, a lot, but I had to uninstall for two reasons 1) lag kills you so frequently it destroys any reason to try to play 2) turning in game turns the camera, making me super motion sick On PC, the snake just turns, no motion sickness, so why for the love of all that is good did someone think to put all this extra effort into implementing this awful camera motion instead of a static view? If that changes I’ll change me review
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5 years ago, lauren broadnax
powerline is the best game to play periodt
I LOVE POWERLINE SM !! I only gave it a four because it lags a lot when there is a lot of people playing. y’all should make it lag less. also, y’all should update it to where we can pick certain people to play in a game (like 5-20 players) that would be really cool! Overall, I’m addicted to powerline and I love it so much !
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4 years ago, bessie5000
Inconsistent, worlds better on PC
I was a big fan of this game on PC and decided to give the mobile version a try for the fun of it. I was a little disappointed because it was very hard to maneuver quickly, and the amount of pop up adds was pretty crazy. Not the best game ever, not the worst. I highly recommended this game on a laptop but not really on a phone.
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4 years ago, Saints4Life41
This game is amazing
This game is a 100 out of 10. This game is so fun and awesome. Swiping can be hard sometimes but overall it’s so fun. In school I’ll play this On the computer in computer class and all we do is play it and get so hyped up. Who ever made this game I respect you.
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4 years ago, lawrencejames
Bugs and Frustration
I like the game and all.. but it needs some tweaks. When I’m clearly the front on the line and somebody runs into my side head and he’s supposed to die. I die! It’s so frustrating especially when I’m on a high score. I might stop playing and give this game a bad review if you don’t fix it.
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8 months ago, anyholesonthewall3199
Very good game I love this game
This is my 3rd favorite game and I used to play it on my chrome book but it was stricted But then I found out I could play it on my phone the game is very except it only needs one more thing…
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3 years ago, Seraphina!
Best game!!🥰
I'm nine years old and my name is Seraphina Elise Rodriguez and me and my Four year old brother,Samson both love it 😊 Because it's kinda easy but also challenging and we can grow pretty big. I am so sorry if I am not giving much detail because the games not much but we love it.
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4 years ago, Angrea79
great game!
this is a really fun game! The only problem is that people are having inappropriate names as their in-game name. I'm also lagging a lot but that might just be a problem only I'm having. Other than some people not being mature and the lag, this game is quite nice!
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6 years ago, YourPops68
Great game but too many lag spikes
This is a good game but the lag needs to be fixed. I was king and I died from a 5 second lag spike where I couldn’t do anything. I get a lot of these and it needs to be fixed in order to become a better game. Other than that, this game is my favorite io game on mobile as well as pc.
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6 years ago, Chaos .X
Swipe on iPad
this game is awesome and the creators 😁❤️😘👌there is only one problem swipe control on a iPad if you swipe it messes u up soooo get rid of that and put arrows on the screen like people that aren’t on weed so yea. AND CHAOS .X is awesome on this game!!!! ......... not like I’m him or anything hahaha nervous laugh. And people check out the u tuber vanoss🤪🤬😰🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫🤢😴🤧☹️🎃☠️💩🤒💩🤖😐😐🙄🙄random crap like that.
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6 years ago, 101Gaming101
For the people that Think they can only slight swipe you don’t have to only swipe you going to go to the settings you can change it just bring it out there cause some of you can’t open your eyes to see that
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3 years ago, animeperson22
Wonderful, show stopping, amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, eye-catching, extravagant, extraordinary, splendid, astounding, remarkable, wondrous, sensational, thrilling, dazzling, fantastic, magnificent, marvelous, stunning, stupendous, astonishing, awesome, exalted, grand, mind-blowing, majestic, superb, excellent, enjoyable, divine, fabulous, groovy, incredible, cool, brilliant, outstanding, phenomenal, pleasant, swell, rad, good, etc.
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4 years ago, designer/engineer
Needs Administration
Fun game, but I won’t let my kids play it because people name their players profane, racist, and inflammatory. This needs to be fixed to make the game playable for children, and I don’t think it is too much to ask. Otherwise. Fun game. Pc controls are more responsive so I usually play on pc.
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3 years ago, fncijneuwnv
Needs some fixes
This game is over all fun. There is a few glitches though. It does lag a lot. When they’re many snakes by you and you kill them that’s mostly where the lag comes in. It does occasionally crash but other then that I do think this is a really good game.
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4 years ago, lislyi7312
4 stars!
I love this game it’s so good but the reason why I gave it a 4 star rating is because even if u have almost a full bar WiFi it says loading until u get a full bar and u can’t play this game out it requires WiFi which I don’t like but other than that I love the game it’s sooo fun!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Hayes s
Please read.
The game is really challenging unless you put it in local turn mode, and when you do, you instantly feel nauseas. I’m not sure if this is only happening to me, but the “Local Turn” mode give me extreme head pain and nausea, so much so that I threw up. Can you make it less nauseating? It’s a great game, you just have to chose between nausea or impossibility.
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