Pray As You Go

4.4 (546)
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Grupo de Comunicacion Loyola SL
Last update
11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pray As You Go

4.43 out of 5
546 Ratings
2 years ago, gaffi001
I really love the content of this app and have been listening to it for at least a couple of years. However, since the latest “upgrade” I’ve had nothing but more frustration than previously with the app’s functioning. It often won’t play that day’s devotion at all, or won’t go to the given day despite my selecting it on the calendar. Using it with Bluetooth in my car is a real gamble now, too. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app a few times to no real benefit. If they could get the functioning straight, it’s awesome. Sad but true: the frustration sure does interfere with the app’s ( and my) purpose!
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2 years ago, jmac670
Nice but many bugs since redesign
It’s a great app overall. I’m grateful for the daily devotional. But since the redesign, it can be frustrating. Whenever I open the app, it’s very slow to load. I think I need to click on the button on the first screen to proceed. We shouldn’t be taking any action in order to get to the home screen. But maybe I’m misunderstanding the process and it just takes a long time to get to the home screen. Sometimes when I open the app, it loads yesterday’s date and I cannot get to today’s devotion, even when I open the calendar and select the current date. If I select today’s date, it will result in showing today’s date, but I can’t get the today’s devotion to play. The workaround is to shut down the app and reopen it. Then it works. Finally, the design isn’t user friendly. There are a lot of features, which is great, but the user experience can use some improvement. I’m a product manager and work with UX designers to build digital products. I don’t mean to sound picky. I’m just used working with a team to build out products that make sense to end users. It looks like y’all didn’t do enough user testing to work out all of the major bugs before releasing the latest design. I’m looking at your most recent reviews, I’m not alone in the frustration. Thanks for listening!
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5 years ago, jcwords
Daily Inspiration
I have used Pray as You Go as part of my morning prayers for a couple of years, and I love it. The musical introduction and the contemplative reading and meditation on scripture encourage focus and listening as part of prayer, and that has been very helpful, especially as I was raised in a religious tradition that saw prayer mainly as a way of talking to God and telling him what you think should be done. From reading scripture, I knew that wasn’t all there was to prayer, so I turned to apps such as this one, Divine Office, and the Centering Prayer app in order to learn and grow. As the range of comments indicate, this app is scripture-focused and can be used by people from many faith backgrounds. The app is also beautiful. I enjoy the various scenic backgrounds that have shown up in this year’s update, especially those that depict light, a long view, or nature. It would be nice to be able to mark favorites so that they would show up more often. I don’t usually follow along with the text, but like to refer to it occasionally, though it has recently gotten a bit too light for me to easily see. I am grateful to the Jesuits for their work.
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2 years ago, SouthAfricaIsNotAmused
Many Paths Lead to God / We Have Options
Years ago, I found the Pray As You Go app and I dove right in to discover the thoughtfully-produced music, reading, and meditations format. It’s all wonderful and has inspired me to explore my faith and spiritual life more deeply. I love hearing the variety of beautiful British voices and especially love the more traditional music and ancient chants. Also, years later, it must have been when I got a new phone—I simply went to the website to access the content because perhaps the app didn’t transfer over or something. The website is very easy to use so I never downloaded the app again—not because I detected any problems, but because the website is so easy to use on a mobile phone. I thought to myself, why do the app, when it’s all here on the website? Now, I’m reading the reviews and see that some of them address the app technology issues. I would suggest that if the app is troublesome, simply go to the website and (keep calm) and carry on using that platform instead. Man does not have to live on apps alone. 🙏
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7 years ago, benols
An Ignatian Powerhouse of Prayer
PAYG is such an incredible app. I got into it by accident-Sacred Space had a link on their website, and being curious I gave it a shot. PAYG is run by the Jesuits in Britain, and the app is designed to give you audio prayer in accordance with the Ignatian structure. Every opening has Catholic/Gregorian chant, a different reader, and deep Ignatian reflection on the readings or subject matter. Scripture readings are even recited twice throughout a daily readings segment, fulfilling the Jesuit practice of going deeper into the faith. Inside the app are a variety of audio segments: daily readings, the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, the Examen, and even several 20 minute Ignatian Contemplation segments that use the Spiritual Exercises as a guide. I listen whenever I can, whether I'm on my way to work in the car, out and about if I have some time to spare, and of course, before bed with the Examen. If you're Catholic, partial to Ignatian spirituality, and always on the move, then this is the app for you. Sending out a huge thanks across the pond to the Jesuits in Britain for putting together such an incredible app. Download it now! #AMDG
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1 year ago, NolaLova
My favorite prayer app but update needs an update please
Update to previous review. The content is amazing. The App is literally the worst. I’ve resorted to using my browser to access because the app is just that bad. I honestly don’t understand whyyyy when I press the text option (to be able to read the words to the prayer) the screen still shows all of the menu options and play options. This real estate should be filled with the prayer text only. There should be a back/return button to access menu or a very small icon to return to the menu options. I’m shocked that with all of the updates since the creation of the revamped app, this remains an issue. Beautiful new update to the app… however, I cannot find an intuitive, easy way to access the read along version of daily prayer without the “play” menu taking up most of the viewing space. It seems like one day it wasn’t but every day after I can’t get rid of it? In addition to being super distracted by all of the menu options while trying to pray, it makes it difficult to read the prayer as the prayer background is white font against light background in areas (because it’s confined to such a small area)
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5 years ago, St Paul Hope
Such a help to focus simply on Jesus
I was recently reminded that I had this app on my phone. My sister (nondenominational Christian) and I (Catholic) listened daily during her recent recovery from serious illness. It united us in spirit and focused our prayers together on Jesus. Now I am finding the app to also be a major help in my daily struggle to focus my attention on what is truly important and fundamental, amid a world full of distractions and a phone full of bright shiny objects. It is one of the few times in my day when I am able to practice simply being in our Lord’s presence, looking toward his face, listening for his voice, resting immersed in the mysterious truth about God, myself, and the world. I can understand the challenge of choosing meditation music that will invite and bless people who have all kinds of preferences. Personally I am most drawn to the chant and choral treasures of the faith that have been lived enough to survive the centuries, but I can also appreciate and enter into other types of high-quality music for meditation (“Christian art must be both Christian and art,” as Monsignor used to say :-) Thank you to all those who created and continue to develop this wonderful guide to daily contemplative prayer. I am sure I speak for many.
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2 years ago, Thistlesameli
New version is terrible
I have used Pray-as- you -go for many years. I have always loved it and during COVID, it was even more helpful to ease anxiety and stress. I love the music, the format, the reflections. BUT this recent version is a terrible disappointment! Even with updates, it often cuts out 1/2 way through and I must restart. Because of the the time zone differences, it advances to the following day before EST day is over and unlike the previous version, it doesn’t seem to easily toggle back to the previous day. I have to go back several days and then to the previous day. When traveling, I could download an entire week and listen, but this version requires really strong WiFi to load and listen. I’m so disappointed as I have come to really rely on this app to start my day from a Christ centered and thoughtful place. I really wish they could return to the previous version.
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2 years ago, Sassybug1
Please fix this wonderful app!
I love PAYG and have been using it for a number of years. I love the music and scripture and the gentle guidance for thinking and prayer. I especially appreciate the addition of the English lyrics for the songs. But the new version just isn’t working. I’m needing to go to the website for the reflection often because I can’t get in to the content or reflection once it opens. Or I get in and have trouble navigating through the new format. Yesterday I was finally able to find the calendar. Today it won’t let me in to listen to the reflection. I see that there was an update 3 days ago, but still not working properly. This is such a great resource. Thank you so much for it. I understand there must be difficulties in rolling out a radically different version. Please keep working to get it going.
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2 years ago, kb123
June 2022 update
The major June 2022 update has wiped the collection of prayers I’ve downloaded over the years. I wish that I could get them back. I only remember the date of one, and I cannot figure out how to download that one with new interface. It is October now. The updated app is as unstable as it was on release. The prayers stop and the app crashes, sometimes many times during a prayer. It auto starts on the day after the current date and the only way to get today’s prayer is to start the previous day, then start today’s. What a disappointment. My wife and I have listened to Pray A You Go since it was web based. This is one of the most important apps in the world. Please fix it. If you need money to repair the app send out a special request at the beginning of the prayers. There are many, myself included, who, would happily support the repair of this app.
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1 year ago, Shine Matthew516
Beautiful devo
Thank you for this inspired, contemplative app. Pray as you go has become an instrumental part of my daily devotion time as it lifts me to a heavenly perspective on my life and helps me to connect with God in deep heartfelt and honest prayers. I especially love listening to it as I walk in nature, as I’m immersed in the music, scripture and prayer. The music is varied from ancient sacred music to contemporary musicians, and I appreciate that you cite the source in text, helping us to discover new songwriters/musicians. I would prefer the main canon of scripture though, without the apocrypha (but these verses are seldom used in the app). Still I give this app 5 stars because of its impact on my life.
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1 year ago, ChocolatePi
Excellent content. Beautiful. And yet…
I give the content and design and beauty of the app 5 stars. Currently, there are still more bugs to fix (at least on iPhone SE) so the experience of the recent redesign still needs work. I would give that part a rating of 3 at the moment. (Sluggish and stuck navigation spots. Crashing when certain actions are taken.) It’s still worth using for the reading and reflection while waiting for the bugs to be fixed. Im just hoping the developer keeps making improvements, and thankfully the version history indicates this is likely.
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5 years ago, MichaelaRaeJ
Great music/scripture app, hit or miss reflection questions
As an evangelical Christian I enjoy this app. It was recently redesigned and the update is amazing. I particularly like the inclusion of music at the beginning followed by scripture reading (often read twice which is excellent). I do wish it included more prayers to recite along with the reader, after all the app is called “Pray as you go”. I also find the reflection questions given after the scripture reading often odd or eco-centric. Why not include more questions calling to mind the bigger picture of what God is doing in the world? I’d prefer questions that have less to do with my subjective take or feelings on the Scripture.
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2 years ago, sarahcruzer
So helpful for a new mom
Before adopting my daughter I would spend a good chunk of time every morning reading the Word, but afterwards it became too hard. My spiritual director recommended this app and it’s helped me stay in the Word every morning - when I’m too tired to open the Word and read and study myself, the app comes alongside and leads me. I don’t love that it usually opens with bells chiming-a little harsh when you’re bleary eyed in the morning 😵‍💫and not trying to wake a baby. But the music, the scripture and the prayer prompts are all so good and helpful.
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1 year ago, dancewheels
Valuable tool to help Christians grow in their faith
This contemplative devotional is a beautiful guide for all people of faith, not just Catholics. I am not a Catholic, but I find this devotional very helpful as a guide through the Christian calendar and my daily life. It helps me to practice a more intentional contemplative Christian walk with God and in return a better imitator of Christ. I like the question I am invited to ponder and how they help me to look at my self in new and deeper ways. Thank you for making this available to all. May God’s abundant blessings continue to be with this ministry.
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2 years ago, SimpleCheez
Latest update disappointing
I have been using Pray as you go for quite some time and love the daily study. However, I am no longer able to read the text. I used to be able to click on the i button to see the text that was being read. Because the British accents are sometimes difficult to understand it was very helpful to have the text to follow along. Also, the reader does not state the chapter and verse, but only the book from which the reading Comes. I am no longer able to use the app and have to look for a new one.
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5 years ago, Ticasofia
Love this—but there’s a glitch
As an ordained Mennonite minister, I rely on pray as you go for consistent morning scripture and prayer. I love it and recommend it often. But there is one glitch that happens pretty consistently. Often, the recording of the person reading the scripture has tiny silent breaks in the recording which makes it hard to understand. I have to kind of “fill in the blanks” as I listen. This doesn’t happen with the rest of the podcast, just the scripture readings. I don’t say this to complain, but to let the producers know that something needs attention.
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2 years ago, Agentlouise
Amazing content
I love PAYG and have recommended it to so many people but I really wish there was a way we could use the old app, which in my opinion was SO much better. This new one is clunky and has glitches and takes much longer to load. Sometimes the prayers drop all together. The content is the best I have ever found anywhere, but this new ( a couple of years old) app needs some work . Even with the issues I love this content so much I wouldn’t leave xxx
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2 years ago, frajic
Excellent and inspirational
This app keeps getting better and better. I have been using it almost daily for a number of years. I appreciate the fact that he does not preach to me but instead strives to inspire and explain the Scriptures. I especially love the wonderful music, and the great variety of music presents each day. I have recommended this app to many of my friends. I believe this is one of the ways that God chooses to reveal himself. Thank you
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5 years ago, West Star 7
Upgrade not as good as before
I like to listen to this while driving. Before the upgrade ... when it was through...I could hit play again and it would start over from the beginning. But now I have to scroll the bar back to the start to get it to replay. This is not too safe to do while driving! Also...when I’m driving out of signal area it will not remember the data and will not play again. It did before the upgrade... I hope it will work better like before soon.
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3 years ago, azul73257
Honest and Real
This app is a wonderful way to enter into prayer with God. I am continually surprised and grateful for the meditation suggestions that come up in the prayer sessions, as well as the variety of the songs across cultures. This app gently invites the listener to explore questions and feelings that might be below the surface, and in doing so reminds us that we can talk with God about anything. This app has helped me explore Scripture and is a beautiful reflection of Ignatian spirituality. Thank you for your ministry!
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7 years ago, Bestflowinthe
Best Catholic Prayer App
Best Catholic Prayer App- hands down!! AUDIO Daily guided meditations. Starts with a church song or chant and goes into the reading of the daily liturgy, followed by a reflection, followed by the reading again and closing with a personalized reflection. ~10-12 minutes. Perfect prayer before bed. Perfect music, pacing, timing. Simply beautiful. Also includes the only guided audio Jesuit examen I've found in apps. I recommend it all friends and family, including those who only 'meditate' in the Buddhist tradition.
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5 years ago, TunaFish#5
Simply Excellent
PAYG has become the mainstay of my daily spiritual routine. I am so thick-necked, I avoid making a quiet time to pray – even tho I am well aware of the benefits. This app, however, is my go-to tool for my morning orientation to God. Note to Protestants: Do not be wary of the app’s Jesuit origins! As one who regularly attends Methodist services, I firmly believe this app is quite ecumenical. I believe the most “Catholic-specific” thing non-Catholics will hear is the (very) occasional “sign of the cross” at the end of the prayer.
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1 year ago, Zwebs5
Best Lectio App
As a priest, I promote this app more than any other app for Lectio Divina. Particularly because it is simple and most of us just need a guide. Some apps are overly complex and it can be overwhelming. Not the pray as you go app! I highly recommend this app for any who is a beginner or very experienced. When you give God your time He changes your life forever. This app proves that God is worth your time and He finds you worth His.
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2 years ago, Katslyn
Still problems
Again, love this app. The new version still with many problems. I set up the downloads but they will not play unless I have internet. Was in a place without internet nor data. No luck playing the prayers. I always could before. Also, wish it did not start automatically with day’s prayer. In short, please fix bugs
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2 years ago, Mari OP
App Issues
I, like many, have used PAYG every morning for years. I very much appreciate the music and contemplative way of praying with scripture and have shared it with friends. The new app is making morning prayer somewhat frustrating. The first days I couldn’t get it to download the current day. Today for the fourth time it just cut off suddenly in the middle. Very jolting. Please fix.
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3 months ago, Bleewzg
I love this app and use it daily. My frustration is that I need to delete it and reload it once or twice a week. This means I am a devoted user, but cannot seem to get the support. I need to not have this glitch constantly occurring. I am using the app on my iPhone 8 plus. 3/24… I love this app and I’m so sad to finally give up on it. I have donated to the organization that runs it and I still have to reload it once or twice a week or more… On both my iPhone and my iPad. Very sad day.
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4 years ago, Springsummer1010
Lovely, supportive daily prayer & meditation practice
Thoughtful prompts, beautiful music, words of scripture, true openness to wherever you are on your own spiritual journey, plus a reasonable amount of time each day (just 10-12 minutes)... I love this app, and at several points throughout this difficult year, it has been the prompting of a lightning bolt of insight. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a more regular practice of reflection/time with God.
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1 year ago, E A Drews
Love this prayer app
A friend told me she has used this app for a long time and she loves it. She is Protestant and thought it was the best way to pray each morning. Knowing I am Catholic she said “I can’t believe you don’t already know about this app.” I started that day and 50 days later I have not missed a single day. I can’t imagine my mornings with out it! Fabulous way to start the day!
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2 years ago, gadreet
Inspiration at your fingertips
Use the app every morning. I like the old app better, as it was easier to see and navigate. This one automatically starts the daily meditation (I don’t like that), and has tiny buttons to change things. Point is: at the heart of it - the daily meditations and other sessions - are great, even if the app is so-so.
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2 years ago, tamilgroth
This rating is for the new update
Content is amazing as always … when I can get it to work. I’ve been using this app so long I first used it only as a website, but I may be looking for a new devotional practice now as I can’t get today’s reading to play unless I play it first thing in the morning. And the text on the screen is barely readable for these old eyes. The navigation uses tiny tiny icons and I keep thinking of all the elderly people I recommended this app to and how frustrated they must be. I don’t know what you were trying to do, but please make this app usable again.
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4 years ago, balhol
Pretty perfect prayer practice
This app has been my constant companion and grounding for a few years and has connected me to Divine guidance and strength during some challenging times. The loving, gentle and provocative contemplative combo really works for me. If I could make an improvement, it’s for some sort of notification when new resources (retreats, etc) are added. Much gratitude for the folks behind PAYG!!
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2 years ago, Molesie
App is frustrating
I am thankful for your daily devotional and look forward to listening every day. I would like to use your app, but find the new version very frustrating and difficult to use. I cannot download prayers to my phone. And often when I am listening via Wifi, the prayer just stops. Fortunately, I have found your podcast and listen there. I truly miss being able to use your beautiful app. Please fix it!
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2 years ago, LJCDunc
New app is beautiful but not helpful
Like many other reviewers, I’ve used Pray As You Go for years and have loved it, but am finding this new app supremely frustrating. Please put back in an ability to go directly to the calendar from the opening screen and a clear and obvious way to download any prayer on any day from it. The old design was much more user-friendly, and this change feels like a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Sorry to complain, but please hear our frustration.
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7 years ago, Deb Washer
First app I use daily
I can't imagine life without this app It brings a flow to my life and a connection to believers all over the world through music and scripture. each day is centered and grounded as I contemplate the same scriptures that thousands of seekers are focusing on. The questions are thought-provoking and are helping me move toward a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.I absolutely love this app!
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4 years ago, EMirzaei
Helpful for Catholics
I really appreciate this app. The daily meditations based on the days gospel are helpful, and I especially love the imaginative prayer exercises. As a Catholic, I am am grateful that the app is free whereas Hallow, another prayer meditation app, is too expensive for me to use. My only critical comment is that the music in some of the examen of conscience exercises feels very depressing. I’d much rather have no music at all.
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2 years ago, ama310
This has been a daily part of my prayer for years and am so grateful for all your work. HOWEVER, the new app is not user friendly, confusing, and has many glitches. There is no place to 'download' the week as in the earlier version. VERY CONFUSING APP! The old app was simple and glitch free. Is it possible to return to what worked well? We do not need a fancy app -- just something that is easy to navigate. Thanks for all you do and will do to help us access the reflections as easy as before. Blessings to you all!
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5 years ago, Srb57841985
Best Way to Start Your Day
I can’t remember how many years ago we discovered Pray As You Go but I know that there is a distinct Before and After. I notice the days I don’t start with this simple prayerful meditation. What a blessing and mission. The contemplative prompts have changed the way I think about prayer and my relationship with God. I share this app with everyone.
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4 years ago, Jakew58
Great app!
I’ve been trying to use my phone as little as possible and trying to slow down to be more connected with God, my wife, and kids. If you’re not sure about this it and try it for a week. You won’t be disappointed.
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3 months ago, Ebayliss
Love the App but…
I would rate a 5 if I didn’t have to reboot the app all of the time. There seems to be a glitch and the app doesn’t play immediately when starting a session. I always have to close out of it and reopen. Today it never started despite opening and closing a few times. I am writing this so it can be addressed because I would love to continue using it.
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6 years ago, suzee mac
So so wonderful
Thank you Jesuit fathers. Even tho I am a secular Franciscan, I use this everyday. I completed the Bridges retreat in America and was introduced to Ignation spirituality and it was so helpful. My daughter introduced me to this site and it has become my morning prayer time. I would miss s it terribly if I couldn,t spend this time with God with your help. I am very grateful..
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9 months ago, Kiyoshi45
App is almost unusable since redesign
The old version of the app was not the prettiest, but it was simple, legible, and it WORKED. The new design is pretty but all but unusable. Content doesn’t load or takes forever to load. Daily prayer transcripts are impossible to read in white text on a pastel photo background. It’s difficult to find anything or navigate the app efficiently. The redesign is definitely not an improvement.
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2 years ago, JDWyoming
I was excited when the developers updated the layout. Like others, I was then quickly disappointed that most features did not work. The prayer guides remain very helpful. Now, instead of not working, I would describe the features as clunky. It requires the equivalent of a double-click when navigating the menu ribbon at the bottom of the screen. But I am grateful to have access to this Ignatian prayer guide again.
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1 year ago, andrzjo
Love app but can no longer get it to work on iPhone
Since Pray as you go updated the app, I have had significant problems and now even after downloading it and reloading it multiple times it gets stuck on the home screen, and I cannot move off the pray arrow into the app. Is anyone else having these types of issues or am I doing something wrong?
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2 years ago, amfortney
Thank you
I am so thankful for this app. I have been using it for years and it has been such a huge help to me and my family. My kids have really benefited from the examen. I love the format and the variety of music. Thank you for making this incredible free resource!
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2 years ago, RevDrDerek
Wonderful way to begin your day
I have been using Pray-as-you-go since I began my doctoral work. It has been a constant companion in my faith walk. The music and message speaks to the heart and draws me into God’s presence. The 12 minute-ish time is perfect for a busy person who needs to carve out with the Lord.
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9 months ago, jmm568
Wonderful prayer resource
This is a helpful prayer resource that my spiritual director recommended. I like the balance of music, talking/reading and reflection. I especially appreciate it when my day has been long or stressful, and I find it hard to engage in prayer on my own. PAYG guides me in prayer. What a gift!
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1 year ago, K. Lyn Wurth
Pretty but doesn’t work so well
I’ve followed with the pray as you go app for years, but this latest update hasn’t worked on my iPad Pro. It’s impossible to pause the daily devotion, and the other controls are not very responsive. All in all, it’s very hard to navigate among the options. Please fix this. It disrupts my prayers and makes me hesitate to use pray as you go.
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4 years ago, Preigle1212
Strong Focus on Scripture
I love this app! Each day brings new light and reflection on a verse from the Bible. I read, listen, then pull up the same verse in my Bible and read more. Most mornings I will read the entire chapter. The choice of music is excellent and it brings me to the place I need to be to pray and focus on the scripture verse of the day. Very calming and moving for me. The speakers have calming and reassuring voices, they pull you into the moment. It’s not a stark or rushed voice or explanation. I so enjoy this time and look forward to each new day. Thank you for the time and effort you put into each prayer. Patti
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1 year ago, gdmade828
Excellent App!!
The short meditations and deep insight into the Word of God are excellent! I love the music, scripture readings and prayers; I find that it draws me closer to God. It is a good addition to my prayer/study time and some days when I only have a few minutes, it’s all I need to start my day…right!
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