PREMIER Credit Card

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PREMIER Bankcard
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for PREMIER Credit Card

4.74 out of 5
433.3K Ratings
2 years ago, m&m7590
My opinion
To whom it may concern premier is a great credit card company customer service is A1 and their very passionate about their job and work hard to help with whatever you need the only thing that need’s better for their customers is more time to make a payment before they send them to the credit bureau it knocks your score tremendously down and that’s not fair if I feel as if you can push out 15 days and say that your the one that give second chances keep your word because some of us can’t afford to pay right then and there we need more time to make payments because when you send a message to the bureaus they instantly drop ur score by 20 to 30 points and it doesn’t matter after you do make that payment and they put u back at current status we still don’t get those points back what they took from us the fact is we deserve at least 30 days to make a payment and after that 30th day payment isn’t met then you should send us to the credit bureau don’t get it twisted because I love premier I have been with them a little over two years with my first orange card and just got approved a couple months ago for my second orange card thru them with a nice amount thank you premier 😘you asked for my opinion and I gave you what it should and needs to be please take this issue into consideration thank you and stay safe and blessed 😇
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5 months ago, Jerryzgurl
First premiere Bank
I got this card about 5 years ago. I actually got two. They started with $300 credit limit. I worked up to $700 on one and $1000 on the other. At the time I really needed to build credit and the $79 yearly fee was worth it. I was able to get my credit up to a higher score than I have had in years. Of course, I hadn’t tried to get credit since my divorce because I didn’t think I could ever have credit again after what I was put through. I used these cards for small amounts or emergency cash advances and paid them off quickly. I have paid the $1000 card off and closed it now. I still have the $700 card. It has maybe a $70 balance. I’m trying to decide whether to keep it or pay it off and close it before the $79 is due again. I recommend anyone who has low credit and needs to build it quickly to buy a car or anything that most people have to buy with payments. It’s worth it because they report quickly and raise credit limits without credit checks. These cards helped me to get some no fee cards with lower interest and higher credit limits. I’m able to buy things I need now. I hahvve paid off several things I needed and I could never have done any ge
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1 year ago, Monitor2112
Decent App
Decent app but some functionality needs improvement. Only way to pay through the app is via Bank Account. Furthermore using a bank account places a hold on crediting your account for up to 20 days. So I make a payment via bank account on the 26th, the money is withdrawn from my account on the 26th, the transaction is shown IN THIS APP on the 27th, my current balance is adjusted to show the payment was made. However. It still shows I need to make a payment for the month and the available credit is not changed. That payment on the 26th will not be available credit until the 5th. A call to the call center provides this information and confirmation that at least the payment did count for the upcoming month. Being able to use a debit card in the app would fix this. However, calling the center to use a debit can be problematic as well. I ran my debit card 3 times. Twice by an operator at the center it was declined. I called my bank to see what the issue was and no record of my card being run was seen. I tried using the automated system and the card was declined again. A quick call to my bank showed they never received a request for funds from Premiere Bank. Premiere was not requesting funds. My debit card works online and in person at any other place I have tried to use it. As a layperson that tells me the problem is somewhere in Premiere Banks system. Their network is not always communicating with other networks.
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4 months ago, Mark.Allen.JR230
It says to pay your program fee with a debit or credit card to use your credit IMMEDIATELY. It then says payment by check may take longer. So I paid with my debit card and what happens? I can’t use my credit card and the lady tells me it’s because the payment hasn’t posted/hasn’t been processed. WITH A DEBIT CARD?! Then she says it won’t be opened until the next or possibly following day. I’m sorry but that is NOT the definition of immediately. It doesn’t say anywhere on any of the websites or paperwork that you’ll have to wait to use your credit card. It’s splashed all over the website and paperwork that you can use your card IMMEDIATELY when using a debit or credit card. Now I can’t even use my card until god knows when and my $100 is tied up after bombarding me with a MILLION messages to pay the program fee. And then after I talked to a VERY unhelpful representative who just told me “You’ll just have to wait.” Don’t tell people they can use their card immediately by paying with a debit card and then make them wait. That’s false advertising.
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5 months ago, Italianangel54
Been there for me since I opened an account
This company is very good for people whom just getting back on track from a bad credit situation this company gave me that chance, kept me on a good budget and as long as I made all my payments before due date: they offered me increase in credit and even when prices/% rates went up: they kept me at a good percentage because they actually went by my always making payments before due date, and made more than minimum payment This is a good, honest credit card company I thank them for staying at my side and never increasing my rates as went by their review of how I made payments before due date and more than minimum payment so kept my rate same Thank you again for sticking by my side for so many years and being a fair company whom judges THE RIGHT WAY vs increasing rates due to other reasons that have nothing to do with me or my performance I appreciate you!!!!! Thank you again
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8 months ago, Matt G Texas
Checking account payment and available credit takes too long after it clears account
First premier is a Credit building card. Only the app does not have a feature to pay with your debit card so that you have an available balance immediately real time on your card. It only allows you to pay with a checking account which the funds will be debited from your account the next day, but will not be available to you for 21 days, we are not in the 1990s anymore. This is the 21st century and first Premier it’s so far behind that it’s actually frustrating they have my money will not make it available to me until 21 days after it’s been debited from my account so they basically hold your money from your payment for at least 21 days before it’s made available to you for use by the time your last payment is made available. Another payment is coming up due first premier is a good rebuilding card but I feel that first premier since it been around for like 20 something years, they can get their act together and attached all the updated features that other credit card companies have that they don’t have let’s get it together first premier
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4 weeks ago, Mii316
I’ve had this card for a little less than 10 years. They are the absolute worse company. ZERO stars times 10. If this is a “good” company, respects its customers, especially the ones that pay on time (aka ME), why was my available balance stuck at $700? My credit score is higher than this balance! After having an issue with them deducting $50 when the balance was already addressed, I called customer service. I didn’t appreciate that experience either, it sucked. How does a company continue to deduct when you already met the balance? The customer service person said I could just use it on my next purchase. No, I made them mail me out a check for the overage. It was not until I made a review that they begin to offer an increase which they charge an interest fee on. It’s absolutely does not benefit the customer in any way and is quite frankly stupid. I don’t use the card at all anymore but they continue to charge $8.25 per month. This is a joke. Once I get an increase on one of my other credit cards, I’m done with them. The worse waste of time! Do any other card, seriously. Myself and others have already sacrificed money and time.
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6 months ago, LordUmber
Started off shaky
But once I realized it’s better to call to pay my balance than doing it online or through the app things have been much better. It’s not perfect but honestly I like this card. The fraud monitoring is actually top notch like with my USAA account. Honestly, I get Premier First really needs to update their app and allow for faster payments. It shouldn’t take 21 days for your availability credit to be updated, but again just call. At most it will take two days if done on the weekend or after 5pm. My Fortiva Credit Card allows me to pay through the app and my credit updates within 24 to 48 hours. Outside if that I’ll stick with premier first for at least another year
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6 months ago, Joeyl10465
First Premier Credit Card
I know and understand that when you’re trying to rebuild your credit you sometimes have to apply for a secured credit card and put money down for the amount of credit you are getting and other times you have to accept that the credit card will have a higher interest rate than if you had a better credit score. That being said I’ve been watching the APR’s being offered to people with less than perfect credit scores and the fact that banks are charging 30% APR and sometimes more does not help their customers rebuild their credit scores, because what the banks are doing is actually setting their customers up to fail because the balances owed can take the customer years to pay off. If the banks would lower their APR down to the 20 to 25% APR rate then their customers will be able to afford to pay more than the bare minimum so they can pay off their debt without struggling with making ends meet at home and pay their bills and afford food.
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1 year ago, JaysonSpears81
Thanks for when I needed you but may leave
This credit card did help me really build up my credit when I needed it, I have 2 other credit cards now with Discover and CapitalOne. However I will say them as a company and their app is so primitive to the point of me debating whether or not just closing my account. It’s 2023, I’m super busy with work, a new home and fiancé and I really value and need convenience and Premier hasn’t seemed to even graduate to the 2010’s. To pay a bill you have to call and take several steps to make the payment or pay from your checking account which will take 3-5 business days to come out- I don’t have patience for that. Also I just opened a bank account with Chase today and I tried linking my premier credit card to the account but I guess the login for the app is different for the website so I don’t have a profile on the internet? Idk I’m pretty young so these 2003 internet and phone habits Premier have are annoying, confusing and frustrating so my account is likely coming to an end soon but I wish them the best. Hire some millennial tech professionals to help you.
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1 year ago, Duck Fist Premier
Financial trap
The main reason I write this review is those cold calls in the early morning makes me having seizure symptoms . I have opened this card to increase my credit score but it’s ruined because of the highe interest fees and late fees keep added to the account. This is a financial trap for those who don’t have knowledge about the credit system and for those who new to the state. My suggestion from my own experience is PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THIS FINANCIAL TRAP, don’t make your life more difficult than before. Believe me I don’t want you to be the next target. Get away from them. My credit card was approved for $400 in order to use the card I have to pay some fees in advance , now I have used only $228 total from the card . Do you know how much my current balance is???? $561 . I can’t even close the account, I’ve been told that they keep adding the fees each month. Only makes my life more difficult. I do regret that I opened an account with them. I DO NOT SUGGEST ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS BUT EASY APPROVAL TO THE FINANCIAL TRAP. I’m one of those who have been struggling with their financial trap.
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2 years ago, Ejerryh
Good Re-start Card
I got a 1st Premier card in 2020 after a bankruptcy discharge. It served me well in helping to rebuild my credit. I never had any problems with the card and made every payment on time. The limit was increased. One issue I had was that the card didn’t allow for automatic payments, so I had to remember to pay it manually each month unlike all my other cards. 2 years later, as I paid off card balances during my new home purchase, I realized that even with a zero balance, I was still paying a monthly fee of $12 ($144/year) plus a $79 annual fee, for a total of $223. I called to see if they’d at least remove the monthly fee in absence of a balance, to no avail. A retention rep offered a courtesy credit if $45, which would have brought the annual fees to $179;still too much, so I canceled the card. But I still say this is a good card to reboot credit after issues and was worth the extra fees for a couple years.
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3 years ago, Ukeduke98
Wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy
DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD. There are no autopay options. I don’t get reminders to pay. I have paid more in fees to this company than my credit limit. This card is a joke. There’s a “monthly fee” you have to pay even though I specifically got this card to not pay fees month to month. They enjoy making you miss a payment to pay additional fees. The only reason that I have this card still is to not destroy my credit history as I’ve had this card for a few years. Absolute GARBAGE. Do not patronize this company. They are horrible, and they do not care about the customer. If they really wanted to help us, they wouldn’t destroy us with unnecessary fees and an inability to autopay (thereby paying MORE fees). They are horrible, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Do not utilize their services unless you want to make your life worse. App review - perfectly serviceable, not as good as Capital One or Discover. Both have WAY better customer experiences and don’t drown you in fees.
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4 years ago, Mrs. Plain & Simple
Card - friend or foe?
The card availability is a blessing and it’s features are nice- lets start there. The headache is when you’re attempting to use it and have to enter a PIN number as if it’s a debit card! I was told it was for added security. (Won’t go there- but ok) Now the app. You can’t see pending transactions. The lag time with posting the correct card balance is too long. Even if you know your balance owed is $100, you can only pay the balance it gives you even if it’s $20. You’ll see all of your transactions, but, your balance won’t reflect the same. I waited almost 2weeks to pay because I waited for a balance owed to update. That’s a headache! Finally, every time I log in to pay my bill, it says I’m entering the wrong password- despite my having it written down. So resetting every month is now a necessary thing. If First Premier can fix these issues might not be too bad...
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2 years ago, Kanee D.
I purchased this card to help my credit fast. Mixed reviews said go for it! My credit jumped 20 points the following week and I haven’t even received the card yet! I recommend downloading the app to keep track bc I have not received the card or any mail but a payment is due in two weeks ! Also follow Credit Karma they gave advise as to when to make payment to help get another jump. Even though I haven’t received card considering it’s moving I went ahead and made the minimum payment before the due date for the credit increase! This should not be used for major purchases until you’ve achieved the credit goal! Overall I’m happy
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2 months ago, Babyy201
Could be better
The app currently has minimal service options . Like u can not get nor see a digital version of ur credit card even after your physical card has been delivered and activated . Payment options aren’t rounded out correctly as far as I can see . I have credit protection and notifications of credit transactions turned on . Yet I have received no notification’s of any of my purchases and I’ve had to constantly refer back to the app which takes a full business day to update . So if I spend 100$ today it will show that I spent it but it will not give me the option to pay it that day . I thought it would be more up to date as far as refreshing current activity and notifications. Also the 95$ fee I pay that’s “ credited “ to ur account is never credited but deducted .
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8 months ago, RoyalSlick
It’s an OK card for a beginner
I’ve had a first premier credit card for several years. It’s a nice car for a beginner. However, the interest rates are high and all the years that I’ve been with the company I’ve never gotten a credit increase despite my credit score being excellent, however, they tried to offer me a new card with higher limit, I read a lot of reviews on first premier and I agree they need to step into the new age of 2023. I’ve never had a problem linking my bank account or paying my bill and I paid through the app and the online platform. I bank at US Bank and SoFi and that seems to work fine.
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1 year ago, Lastianah
Scam likely
It took a long time to receive the card then when I did I paid the program fee and they said they had reported the card as stolen and issued another so I decided to cancel the account and they said my money would be released back to my bank then I called again because I still didn’t receive my money and they gave me the last 4 of an account that wasn’t mine and insisted someone else must have paid but I had the transaction on my account statement they insisted I wait another day even though the account number was wrong then finally transferred my call then that person said they issued a paper check last week but no other representative had that information so now I’m waiting to receive a paper check it comes off as one big scam I wouldn’t recommend using there services oh and even though I canceled before services began it’s still going to be on my credit report
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7 months ago, My Honest Opinion Of You
I highly do not recommend
I highly do not recommend this card company they prey on people with less than perfect credit. I actually had 2 credit cards with them, I lost my job, and was making the minimum payments as advised on my statements on both cards. I received a notification that one of the cards had been closed at my request. I contacted premier bank card, and the representative told me he didn’t know why the card was closed, but could I speak with customer service after I paid my past due balance and I could request to have it opened back up. Also he notified my card was closed on the 7th of the month which was 5 days before my due date. If you cannot afford to pay your credit card in full each month this is definitely not the company for you. They are making their money off of the people who can’t with their astronomical fees and high interest rates.
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1 year ago, LianatheHonestReViewer
Love it EXCEPT
The app works very well never have any any trouble with it. Only two things I wish they, First Premier Bank would fix/improve. 1) Is that the balance would reflect immediately. I noticed after using my card the new balance available doesn’t update/show for a while. Sometimes it takes only a day or two, but others it takes 3 or more days. 2) After I make a payment over the phone with a debit card, the funds take an upwards of 10 days to almost 20. If I’m using a debit card and the payment goes through, why does it take so long to let me use my money? Ive tried doing it online through the app but honestly it takes a even LONGER to have access to my funds. It’s a very FRUSTRATING INCONVENIENCE!
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2 years ago, Duhfghjgfdh
Unhappy with login
I’ve gotten so tired of creating new passwords over and over and over again because apparently my face is not good enough anymore I’m gonna try and pay this card off and get rid of it because the whole thing is way too much hassle just to get a point or two in a positive direction for my credit score I’m sure I can find some other company that has a little bit more user-friendly and not a major hassle I’m trying to rebuild my life after voluntarily checking into a alcohol rehab program now I’m six years sober and I would like my life is good to continue on a positive note. And if I can’t get into the The app with supposedly easy to use application or the not so helpful website. Any response that might help with possibly maintaining the card so I can rebuild my credit would be appreciated. Thank you very much
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9 months ago, PJobb
App Payment Balance
I like the card itself and customer service has always been top notch. The issue I have is with the app. For some (completely stupid and idiotic ) reason they changed it to where it doesnt update to reflect any payments you make. So if you are like me who doesnt make ur payment in one lump sum but rather you make multiple payments then you have no idea how much you still owe after you submit ur payments every week or whatever the case may be. You have to manually keep track since the app nor the website will automatically update to reflect ur payment(s) and remaining balance. I mean its 2023?!? This is asinine. The people who decided on this change and the people who agreed it was a good idea should all be fired immediately. They are clearly incompetent and have no vision or care about the customer’s experience.
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2 years ago, bubblies1014
Nothing about this card is user friendly!! So horrible
I got this credit card because It was the only one that would except my horrible credit score. There is no easy way to pay this credit card. you can’t use your debit card you can only use your checking account it takes 7-14 days for it to post on your account to be available. the only way to get it instantly available is to pay the 9$ fee at Walmart or Western Union. Customer service is a nightmare to deal with they never wanna answer the phone and the telemetered service and the props are also not user-friendly or give you options that you need to talk to a live representative. just the worst credit card we have. But it has help me build my credit and as soon as I get more established I’m going to cancel this credit card cause it’s by far not worth the hassle it creates when trying to pay it
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3 months ago, Fasinawright
Good for building credit but that’s it.
I’ve had premier for years. I had very poor credit in the past. This was one of the few cards I was able to secure. Actually I paid $300 to get the card and that was the limit on the card. I only hang onto the card because it’s one of my oldest accounts. The monthly fees are a pain. The limit is so low so there isn’t much you can do with it. I now have a credit score over 700. I don’t have much use for the card. I mainly use this card when going to eat out or to buy simple things. So if someone gets a hold of this card I know they won’t get but so much and I can handle the loss. If you are trying to build credit, this is a good option. This card is not for those with established credit.
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2 years ago, J_R239
I ABSOLUTELY HATE HATE HATE HATE HATEEEEEE THIS DARN CREDIT COMPANY!!!! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!! What am I supposed to do with $20 freakin’ dollars before the 90 days are up!?!? Is this credit line for a minors!? I spent $182 and I paid it right away… this is a joke! PROBLEM #1 then I couldn’t use my credit card for DAYYSSSS maybe even weeks and I just dealt with Hurricane Ian and he completely destroyed my town and my life!! “Oh your first payment is waived after you just had a Hurricane but we will only limit you to $20 freakin’ dollars to use, go buy a pack of gum, I hope that’s enough for you!!” Are you kidding me!? 😡😡😡 Why wasn’t my $182 waived then!? Why did I pay!? Why am I having ALLLLL THESE PROBLEMS!? PROBLEM #2 And now I can’t make ANY purchase online because they sent me a credit card with the INCORRECT CVV NUMBER…. And I am here absolutely frustrated and stressed because I’m here thanking the LORD for answering my prayers with this extra cash and I literally got ALLLL MY HOPES UP!! I am so upset I honestly cannot believe I am feeling this way. I thought I cried enough because of this darn hurricane but no, this credit card company just topped it off. I could kill my self with everything I am going through and this IGNORANT CREDIT CARD COMPANY GIVES ME HOPE AND THEN TAKES IT ALLLL RIGHT BACK!! 💔💔💔💔
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3 years ago, geminiqueen9109
Had to change to 3 from 4.
I just read some older reviews about this card and they similar to mine. The app isn’t user friendly at all. The layout is weird and why does it take so long to update your balance, or show pending transactions? Oh and what’s with the pin request thing at the register? It’s a credit card. I’m very grateful for the company giving a chance to build my credit but why all the fees? People with bad or rebuilding credit should not be charged with so many fees. I had to pay you a $95 processing fee then you charge me the $79 yearly fee right after. I already you almost $100 and I haven’t even used it. Seeing how those almost 1 year old reviews are saying the same thing I’m saying now, it shows me how much the company cares.
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1 year ago, cjorgensen47
Very upset.
I opened this card after my bankruptcy to rebuild my credit. I was happy in the beginning and used a lot, made payments to keep my balance down , obviously didn’t intended to pay interests. Last week , without any warning, my card was suspended, I call and was told that I needed to send pictures of may bank statements and bank card because they suspected fraud. I did that at once but guess what, my card still closed after almost a week! I paid my balance in full and I have no intention to give them a penny more. I know this will hurt my credit but I will just close this useless card!
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12 months ago, Kingdumbcum
They got tricks that’s for sure
I made a payment like 2 weeks ago and was told by the rep over the phone that what I had paid would pay both June and July’s payments but she lied and now they want a late fee from me too. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Plus when you sign up they make you pay a “premium design fee” for a single colored card with only their logo on it, which is NOT a premium anything. The amount you owe when they send you a paper statement and the amount you owe in the app and the amount you owe when they call you are NEVER the same. They do this so they can say you didn’t pay the right amount and owe a late fee. You can never get an actual accounting of each of your transaction with a corresponding balance so who knows if they are even charging you the correct amount. Pretty much a scam.
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1 year ago, Mr.Fisher305
First time Customer/BAD EXPERIENCE
My card privileges were suspended immediately the second time I used the card. I was at a restaurant getting ready to pay my bill and it kept coming back declined. I couldn’t understand what was happening so I waited a couple of days to call customer service. When I finally spoke with someone they informed me that my privileges were suspended because of fraudulent activity. I explained that it was me using the card but it didn’t matter. I have to send documents to prove it me. I understand the fraudulent system in place but Premier could’ve sent a text message notification asking if it’s me using the card instead of suspending my account right away. I was embarrassed and I’m still waiting for my account to be restored and still no luck. I hope someone in corporate office reads this and reach out to me about this matter.
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12 months ago, Merri Anne
Excellent card for rebuilding credit
I’ve had great experiences with this card. I began working on fixing my credit 1 1/2 years ago, and was approved for this card around a year ago. A $300 limit was perfect to control and perfect to set a positive payment history. I’ve never had issue with the card, the app or customer service. Recently I was offered a second card through Premier for a higher limit due to my on time payment history and updated credit rating. I highly suggest taking advantage of both cards offered for credit building/rebuilding.
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2 years ago, cj_2495
Worst Financial Institution
Interest rates are crazy and insane, they will keep charging you day by day if your late just to keep you more in debt. I am looking forward to paying back what I owe and then finally getting rid of this company out of my life for good. Customer service is 🗑, always pressuring you to make a full payment even if you can’t afford to make the full payment that day. Even if you explain how hard things are right now for you they do not care. Customer representative’s always have or catch an attitude. This bank makes it known that they do not care about your financial situation. Do not expect for this bank or the representatives to care about you at all, to help you, or even show some form of compassion. One of the worst mistakes of my life was banking with this financial institution. Do Not Do Any Form Of Business With This Financial Institution!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, us3rsnam3
Delayed Transactions Posts
Would give this a 4 star but waiting days for expenses to post to your account is just a pain. I just end up doing the math, guess-timating what I owe and post the payment. I was told by several reps my payment isn't due yet, but the app does not do a good enough job to reflect that. So what I do is pay way ahead of time even though the app says payment isn't due yet nor reflects accurate information compared to other major credit card companies. I'm just using this card to rebuild my credit and move on, because the sign up and annual fees alone are not in my best interest, to say the least. My advice to other users, keep track of your expenses elsewhere, pay up usage 2 weeks in advance and move on to another company before you loose your card or 1yr is up before you get hit with major fees!
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4 years ago, Packman92
Too many fee!
I find it very unfortunate because First Premier Bank primarily focuses on helping customers with bad or not so favorable credit issues, they select to charge them so many fees. For instance, there is a $12 monthly fee which adds up to $144 along with a $79 yearly fee that members of with this card are subjected to. Very unfair because of past credit negligence. Because our credit scores isn’t desirable don’t mean we should be treated so unscrupulously by credit lenders such as First Premier Bank. I’m also very thankful that First Premier Bank was willing to take a chance with me and others who didn’t or probably still don’t have a desirable credit scores. But because of the fees along with very high interest rates, despite concerted efforts by some of us to show our desperation to do better to improve our credit scores is my reason for giving First Premier Bank 1 Star on this review
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4 years ago, SuPaTY1990@1990
I love you yall
I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a credit card it is my first one ever. In respect to your company giving me a chance to prove myself and establish credit I thank y’all. I will make this my priority to pay first on or after the 3rd of every month. This has helped me to since I’m disabled and only have a set income. There’s people like me who deserve other chances. My credit has been messed up since the late 80s to early 90s because my Dad took it on him self to use my name on Gas and water bills electric bills and I was only a teenager or less back then. So thank you FIRST PREMIER for giving me a chance to prove it to you.
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9 months ago, The Notorious K
First Premiere Credit Card
Great card if you have shaky credit & are in the rebuilding stages of life. Excellent for just starting off (new to credit) as well. The mobile app is very user friendly & Not only that but, after a period of time with consistent on time payment history, they will offer you a line increase and/or even the opportunity to open an additional account, to add to your credit mix! Which BTW is very beneficial in order to assist in boosting that beacon score of yours!! Over all, I give them a 5 star review!! Well done First Premiere, pleasure doing business with ya!!
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5 months ago, Tink2034
Phone access vs online access
Phone is great, however if you get behind in a payment or it’s after hours , the system doesn’t allow you to make a payment. The system wants to take you straight a to a representative, not always do you have time to talk to somebody so then you get missed a payment and a late fee. I like the online method since you don’t have to speak to anybody and regardless of you’re late on a payment or need to speak to someone you’re able to make one and not pushed off to another day.
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1 year ago, they call me poppa
Been with this company for over 10 years. I decided that since I have good credit, and their the only credit cards I have that have a annual fee, I would close my accounts. Michelle was probably the rudest person I’ve had to deal with in customer service. She got rude when she couldn’t talk me into keeping my accounts talking about how my credit will drop so many points. Sweetheart, your company doesn’t have that kind of affect on my credit. Bless your heart for thinking it does. 700k mortgage, 60k in car notes, 30k in student loans, 10k in other credit and you think a $800 and $500 credit line will drop my credit? Cute. Like I said, I’ve been with the company for over 10 years. Always made payments on time. I’d be surprised if this company helped my credit more than 50 points.
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2 years ago, Gregyfujvfhn
Delayed Transactions / Terrible Customer Service
Simply using this card to continue building my credit, however, I had a recent issue with my balance owed, and wanted to cancel, and was hung up on by the SUPERVISOR. Very unprofessional. Despite my confusion, I still wanted to pay the balance but continue with the cancellation, and no one was patient enough to offer an explanation as to why I owed so much. Was given several different numbers by different agents, adding to my confusion, and was not able to reach a solution, so they hung up on me. I run a few businesses, and wish I could hang up on my customers as a resolution 🙄 If the app showed current transactions as they were made, instead of delaying, this could have been avoided.
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3 years ago, The REAL Truth About Brigit
App doesn’t work, High Fees, not worth it
Granted this card came to me in a moment of hard times but I would’ve gone without it if I knew all the crap I would’ve had to deal with because of it. The app does not work leads you to some site that does not even work and is not touch friendly. The fees I have received from this card are ridiculous including the interest every time I even use the card it charges me a purchase interest fee. One time I paid my bill and right away it took my annual fee so my payment nothing. Just really a disappointing waste of time. Not to mention the high fee it cost to just have your payment be immediate and not be held for 20 days. Do yourself a favor.. Choose something else.
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2 months ago, Marie91$
My favorite credit card company
I love working with first premier I been a customer for the last 8 years and they have be doing great with helping me with the late fees and allowing me to pay the next day because my job pays on Friday they have been so good to me and I will forever work with them I worked with capital one and I had a prepaid card and they took my two hundred dollars and put me in the negative I never experienced anything like that with first premier Im speaking from good and bad experience never had a bad experience with premier
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10 months ago, Pleasereachout
Horrible Customer Service
I recently applied for this card. I waited weeks for my card. I finally reached out, only to be told my card got returned to them. I was confused why no one reached out via phone or email to let me know. They said they would send a new one which they did. I finally got my card in the mail, I called to activate it only to be told I have to make a payment of $70 before it can be activated. Turns out that there was some fee that accrued during the application process of around $30. Which accrued a late fee because I didn’t make the minimum payment that I didn’t know I needed to make because I received the card over a month after initiating the process. A little mad that the fee can’t be waived even after some obvious confusion/miscommunication.
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3 years ago, Danh2125
Predatory Company
Any sort of problem causing a missed payment, will result in fees and interest charges that will leave you unable to ever bring down your balance again, unless you can pay it in full. I had a $700 limit that I had to use for essentials and after not being able to make a payment, my account is $242 past due and almost a $1000 bill now. This card is designed for people with mid/poor credit, because you have to keep making the payment that goes almost all to interest, just to try and keep a good credit score. I refuse, until someone reaches out from premier and explains why my balances are so absurdly high when I haven’t used the cards in months and have strugggled with money during the pandemic. Dont recommend, use cash only.
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11 months ago, bo10101010
Report crazy fast
These guys are supposed to help build your credit but with the fees and reporting you literally the day you are late isn’t very helpful. Sometimes things happen I had this card for a couple months things were going great then coronavirus hit. I run a biz in the only county in the state that got shut down. My score was up over 60-70 points. I explained the virus was affecting me they reported it and said nothing they could do. My credit if I remember right almost dropped every point I had gained but lost even more over night. Not very nice on their behalf. Good luck to everyone. First premier I get you are a business but how about not trying to pull every cent out of us that need a little help!
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2 weeks ago, Pi$$ed off Consumer 2024
Couldnt agree more
Im seriously thinking about closing my cards. I had a late payment on each card due to being booted off auto pay with no warning. I have asked several times for them to remove the late remarks and they simply refuse. So much for 2nd chances. I carry a zero balance and pay the ridiculous monthly fee on time, monthly. I just refuse to keep paying on cards Im not using, and that they will not work with me on. I’m pretty sure THEY are keeping me from getting close to 800. Thanks for nothing.
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1 year ago, BIRDI W
Literally ALL of your customer service members i spoke to was incompetent and ready to get off the phone. I was never rude nor nasty but they gave me the same answers time after time even after i ASKED to speak to a manager. I will most definitely be canceling your “services” very soon. I was given the run around about WHERE my money is going and why it isn’t showing as CREDITED in my account EVEN AFTER THE STATEMENTS SAY CREDITED…. It’s been a month and some days now and I’ve paid 5 times and the only “available credit” i have is $26 lil dollars when it should be way more than that. Poor beyond words. Horrible at explanations and when i was told to call my bank because “they have it” my bank told me that it never came back to them.!! Do not recommend AT ALL.
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2 years ago, NeedAssistance22
Hate this company
AVOID this company!! I got this card to help boost my credit a while back, but it’s actually hurt my credit instead! They reported me to the credit agencies one week after for ONE missed monthly payment of $6.75!! They make it impossible to schedule a payment in advance and they don’t offer auto pay. I was going through a medical emergency and missed one months $6.75 payment and I wrote to them and asked them to please remove it, correct it with credit agencies, but they ignored me. Now it shows up as a late payment and actually lowered my credit and is making it really hard for me to apply for home loans in a competitive market. I totally regret getting this card!! It’s hurting me tremendously over a $6.75 unnecessary fee. AVOID!!!
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6 months ago, Rfab1200
A credit company that actually cares about their customers
I must say, I am very pleased to be a customer of Premier Bank, their credit card department. The customer service has been outstanding always willing to work with you and when I was scammed by enterprise right away, they had my back and they made me feel that way it’s still in progress. I don’t know what the outcome is yet butif I am correct about premier bank, it will be a positive outcome I would recommend this credit card to anyone
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3 months ago, weather5666
The worst banking app
I’ve been using premier banking for about a year now, having issues with them properly updating my available funds after paying off my statement. Consistently having issues using the mobile app and website to just log in and check payments and balances it’s nearly impossible now to get on the app. You can’t even call customer care for help they just ask if you’re using the correct log in.. ma’am yes i am the problem is after logging you, you cannot see a thing other than a loading screen that does not change for an hour then has you re log back in and it’s a continued cycle. Extremely frustrating, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use Premier Banking services. Awful.
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2 years ago, andyroseblue
Stupid payment
For one I wanna say the automated system is stupid. I wanted to make a payment using my debit card which you have to call in order to do that which is crazy, but long story short if you’re not trying to make the minimum payment then don’t call the automated system will not take your payment unless you’re making the minimum payment. Money is money no matter the amount the automated system should take whatever you’re trying to pay. Lastly I think it’s very dumb that you have to wait (in my head) years for a ACH payment to go through. Maybe if the automated system would have took whatever i wanted to pay then I wouldn’t have to wait almost two weeks for a payment to post to the account. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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5 years ago, NVS44
First credit card by Premiere and first time using app. I set up bank information to make payments. Despite the payment posted to my checking the following day of payment. I called and was told the funds will not be available on the credit card up to 20 days. In my case she said the funds will available 8 days after payment was made (7 days after payment posted). I have another credit card and I use their app and once the money posts from my checking the funds are immediately available on the credit card. I prefer using apps to make payments instead of calling and going through the automated service. Only use the app if you make balance inquiry. Don’t bother making payments unless you’re okay with waiting up to 20 days to post.
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