Premier Members Credit Union

4.8 (1.5K)
83.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Premier Members Credit Union

4.83 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Shiba 1
Once I got everything set up with the help of a customer service representative, I discovered how much easier this new site is to use and how much more friendly it is. Great work, Premier!
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2 years ago, 27plus10
Hello 1998!
This is not like fine wine, it gets worse with age. Each major update provides new problems but doesn’t fix the old. It’s such a mess now. With multiple accounts you’re just scrolling to look for the correct one. It’d be nice to have a drop down to select the account I want to look at and this option could include “all” for those that does enjoy this view. To transfer it takes about three additional steps. The layout looks like it was setup in the 90’s. It isn’t user friendly. For loan payments I used to be able to click directly on the loan and a payment button was right there, my life was easy however, it’s a challenge now as that too is also taken away. Have to transfer and once I click I want to transfer I once again have to click I want to transfer because it takes you to a history screen. Let the history screen be an option and just take me to my transfer in one click please.
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4 years ago, lmwarren33
Changes did NOT make things easier
I am really struggling with the new set up of the app. I have a personal account and a joint account and I LOVED the way my two accounts were separated from each other. Now I can’t find what I am looking for since both are now mashed together. I feel like I have to do more steps just to transfer money from one account to another. I also feel lost and overwhelmed by this new set up. The changes did not make things easier, in fact, it’s made it so frustrating that I don’t want to even get on the app anymore.
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1 year ago, MuaDeeb13
Love this bank, always have always will best interest rates and the app gives me notice when it’s under maintained ahead of time so I know when it’s down
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1 year ago, Darryltank
Premier credit union
Premier takes good care my wife and I as customers if we have problems, they take care of them we enjoy banking at Premier
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3 years ago, Transjam
Not totally intuitive
I tried using the app but went back to using the website for my banking needs. The Dashboard on the website is much better and I have to search for the log off button.
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2 years ago, datruthmang
Heading the right direction
The app is getting better! Very much enjoy the new transfer and bill payment layout.
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1 year ago, Elliottician
Very Simple And Works Well
I use this app daily! I can’t wait to see it become even more useful as they continue to improve its capabilities!!
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11 months ago, BusyBees22
Five stars, BUT
It wish larger checks could be deposited via the mobile app.
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1 year ago, DPMCU
Overall app use
The app continues to get better and better
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4 years ago, buzzarooni
Why the Change?
It was such a great app. Now, it’s terrible. I’d love to know what you were thinking.
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4 years ago, SolamarOnBGG
Complete garbage
Complete garbage. The update broke everything. Take a fully functional app, break everything. Deposits never work anymore. That is the one functionality I need during Covid. I don't want to have to go into the bank.
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4 years ago, 4wherling
Great personal customer service
Personalized service and good benefits, less fees
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3 months ago, IzzyFizzyCocaCola
Love this business
Best credit union hands DOWN!
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1 year ago, AntnyTc
Great simple banking app
Easy to use
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4 years ago, Banner Strong
New App
Very user friendly!!
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1 year ago, AJW88
Great app
Love it
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11 months ago, Schade4U
What happened to landscape mode
With the new release landscape no longer works. I’ll no longer be using this app.
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4 years ago, okay-review
New App is Bad
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The new app is terrible. Too many unnecessary settings available and every widget has a picture of this ugly guy I can’t seem to get rid of
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8 months ago, Deebster
Bring back landscape mode
Some users use this app on a tablet. Landscape mode is preferred over portrait mode for those users.
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4 years ago, devcolin
Couldnt even open the app
Tried to open the app and it crashed multiple times. Thanks for nothing.
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11 years ago, Kalexandera
At Last - and it's PERFECT!
THIS is the way mobile banking should be! I can appreciate the frustration of some of the other reviewers, but once you get it this app continues to amaze me! It is one thing that keeps me at BVCU. I can do everything I need, with ease!!!!!! Since I'm traveling the mobile check deposit has been a God send. That I can just hover over a debit and see who it was for is fantastic - no clicking needed, so I can scan very quickly and easily. The ladies who help support the app are wonderful! They know their stuff and have been more than helpful. I just love it!!!!
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11 years ago, jjchandler9
Electronic deposit
This new app has several more capabilities than the previous BVCU app. I especially like the convenience of the photo mobile deposit option. It saves time and gas. Haven't used all of the features yet like the e wallet which lets you send a monetary gift to someone by their email. It's easy to see the balance of your accounts and transfer funds. Overall, it's simple and easy to use.
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11 years ago, VelcroP
Let down : (
Mobile check deposit is a nice addition, except it doesn't work. It gives a processing error every time. I liked that I can look at all accounts (including a joint account) with the one log in. It's frustrating, though, bc bill pay only displays for the primary account. I can't review bills I've paid using the joint account through the mobile app. Bill pay can only be sorted by payee, not date- so I can't check quickly to see which payments have been made through the system, and which are scheduled ahead. Also, credit card accounts/purchases are not reviewable. I find this particularly odd, since programs like Mint are able to access that info with just my BVCU login. How can a 3rd party app access info the credit union's own app cannot? I applaud BVCU's attempt to be green and mobile, but this app is too much glitz and not enough substance. It had potential to be a big improvement over the previous app. I wish they'd spent a little less money on the advertising and a little more on the debugging, though.
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11 years ago, Heather mark
User friendly
This is a great app which allows you to quickly check your balance, make transfers, and deposit. I love that you can deposit a check by taking a picture of the front and back... Makes for one less trip to the bank. It would be nice if they allowed you to transfer to other BVCU accounts other than your own. On another side note, you have a different login from your normal online banking account, so don't get confused unless you make them the same.
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11 years ago, Meliajo
I really like this app. It's so handy to be able to check my account on my phone anytime and anywhere. I also like being able to deposit checks with the app. It takes a few days to post but if it is going to take me that long to get to the bank anyway. It's worth it. The only thing I don't like is that their are not a lot of details in the checking account register. I have to use my computer to know exactly what each item is unless I kept my receipt.
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11 years ago, preverb
BVCU is great!!
First of all bvcu is a great credit union. We looked at a few others when we moved here and bvcu was the friendliest and had the best mobile and website features. The mobile app is super simple to use, I pay my bills, money transfers, and make deposits all from my iPhone! Great security features as well to help keep you accounts secure. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, BrainandPinky
P2P doesn’t work
This app works well in general. I can see my accounts, transfer between them, and do mobile deposit. But when I need to pay someone else, I can’t get passed the user agreement. I click continue, and it never gets passed that page. Still asks me to agree. I did agree. My friends/ colleagues are able to use another banking app and can send receive money betweeen banks fairly quickly no problem. PMCU isn’t part of that app. Please fix your company app, or tell me what third party app you will support.
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11 years ago, HannahMay12
So Convenient!
I love this app. It may not be the fanciest, but it is so convenient. I grew up next to a BVCU branch but now live at least half an hour from one, so I really appreciate being able to deposit checks on my mobile. Being able to check my accounts and make transfers on the fly is great too. I also love the feature where I can search for public service credit unions near me since I am far from a BVCU branch.
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7 years ago, Old Zig Mac
Finally! A useful app!
Previous versions of the app were useless: could not even sign-in/create mobile account. Current version of app gets the job done. Using it primarily for check deposits, which has worked well. Ran into issue with iOS 11 and finger print sign-in and crashing: once I entered the password, app then brought up a re-verification screen for finger print and works since.
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11 years ago, MG & DG
Very very helpful
It's just fantastic having the ability to check balances and transfer money between my various sub accounts at any time, from any place as long as I have my phone on me, which I always have. Just wish I could pay off my credit card and transfer money into my health savings account, two transactions you cannot currently perform. Highly recommended.
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11 years ago, Shamboard
No complaints !
Albeit there was a very minor set back in time setting this up but a quick call/message to the ever hospitable support at BVCU I was given quick instructions to get mobile going. I wanted it set up before I left for a vacation. I'm not sure how often I'll use it but the couple of time as of yet have been useful. Thank you.
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11 years ago, Nola5280
Overall good
No problems setting up account. Navigation of site easy. My only problem was with the check deposit. Didn't like to first picture and had to reenter the entire deposit info which was inconvenient. Would like the deposit to process faster, does not apply to the account immediately and if after 3pm takes 24 hours. Faster to use ATM.
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6 years ago, AvoidChoice
Complete garbage
Bad design with limited function that constantly breaks and no support except during the day. The latest crap: could not add a new payer in bill pay. Went to a different device and was presented with a different set of security questions than the first device. One of the questions tripped on some format problem. Of course this was in the evening when there is no support, not even a password reset function or the ability to leave a message. The government should shut these guys down for such bad IT. I'm through with Premier!
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11 years ago, Molly McConnell
Best App Yet
I use the bvcu mobile app just about everyday! It is convenient, easy, and extremely helpful to make payments and transfer money. The app has a great system for tracking expenses and recording them. I have seen a huge improvement on this version compared to the previous one. Boulder valley credit union knows what's up!
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11 years ago, Emiliannaloo
Wonderfully useful
I've had zero issues with this app. I was confused at first because my old website password didn't work, but customer support helped me through it easily enough. 'Just needed to set up a different password for the app...which is actually more secure. The mobile deposit feature is AMAZING.
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11 years ago, TrapBOii3000
Solid app
This is a good app for daily tracking and understanding of your accounts. The mobile deposit feature is really nice, but beware of the $2500 daily limit. It will not refuse your deposit or notify you if you are over the daily limit. You may think the money is in your account and it is not...
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11 years ago, schoenwf
The New App is Great
I love the convenience of being able to check accounts anywhere, anytime, but the new app multiplies the usefulness. Being able to pay bills, transfer funds, send gifts, deposit, track spending, I use the app nearly daily. Thanks for great function BVCU!
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6 years ago, Konjoe35
Nice UI
Edit: they updated their backend and it seems to work now. UI is pretty good and works well I can’t get past the security question screen every time it just tells me unacceptable content type text/plain. I’m not sure how you guys wrote your API but your serialization needs some work. As of now the app is unusable
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8 years ago, Robtbone
Mobile Check Deposit Feature Rocks !!
So nice to be able to deposit paper checks from home or anywhere!! Has been a huge time saver for my family. PMCU is a great credit union, having this cool App as my "iPhone branch" makes it all the better. Thanks!!
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11 years ago, Carrolcm
Easy online banking
Got the app as soon as it was available. Money transfers are super easy, and the access to transactions has made quite a difference when needed. I successfully used the check deposit feature. A few issues with bugs. Hopefully, they keep updating and streamlining.
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11 years ago, Nate__W
Does A Good Job Once You Get Started
Once you get everything working it does a great job. Awesome to be able to check my balance and make transfers on the go. Haven't tried the check deposit function but I know it's convenient. Creating a separate login is annoying, though. Overall good app, does what it needs to do.
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11 years ago, kspierce7
Nice - especially when you're on vaca!
Once you get through the setup process, it's very convenient. Only thing if like to see is bill payments that are set to be paid but haven't reached the payment date yet. Otherwise it's a great app.
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11 years ago, cfitzge
Works well
Had a little trouble getting started with the app. It got confused with the my account number and web login id. I tried same a day later and it worked fine. Having access to my account from my phone is great. Will definitely be using this app. Thanks!
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11 years ago, Moko7778
Super handy app!
I use this app all the time; I'm constantly checking my spending history and making transfers. It's so easy to navigate through and find what I'm looking for. The only thing I wish I could see are those graphs that you can view online. Aside from that, this is an app you must try out!
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11 years ago, amyotsuka
I was very excited about the mobile deposit but the app closes when trying to take a picture of the check. I reload the app and it does it every time. It is very frustrating.
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11 years ago, pokemomf0ur
Great and convenient for basic banking needs like checking balances and making quick transfers. I prefer the online banking from a computer simply because it provides more detailed information on account balances and transactions! LOVE LOVE LOVE the mobile deposit functionality :)
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8 years ago, RoNiN ArLo
Works Well Once You Login
App looks and functions a lot better than the previous version. You have to login to a computer first after they did a big conversion last weekend. There's a ton more settings than there used to be to configure to your needs. It's okay.
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11 years ago, J_Bomb107
I like it
I don't know where all the negative feedback is coming from, the app does exactly what I want it to do, if you want more go to a computer. These apps aren't desogned to do too much as it is not as secure on your phone, I would rather save more sensitive actions for the computer anyway.
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11 years ago, luna7898
Woo hoo!
I like the app, it's easy and in general works great. I do wish that when you do the mobile checking on a Friday afternoon, it doesn't have to wait until Monday morning to go through, but other than that I like that I can check my balance anytime :). No big complaints from me.
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