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Current version
FSV Payment Systems, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for PrepaidCardConnect

4.63 out of 5
35K Ratings
7 months ago, Littlelynn79
Card user
I got this card thru my employer so my pay checks automatically are loaded on it and so far this app has been great! The thing I like the most is I set up a certain amount to be taken out of every check automatically and put in my savings account and it does it without fail every pay check! I have even changed the amount a couple of times. I love that feature! I have never had any problems transferring money or anything. The only issue I have had with it is the text alerts but that is a minor issue to me and not really worth complaining about. I never have a problem with it loading and everything or anything I do on there seems to be pretty speedy. I actually love this app and hope it continues to work good for me.
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1 year ago, Name_nick2
Not great customer service
The app seems to be having some issues. I stoped getting the text alerts for my card. Tried to sign into my app to see what the issue could be. Discovered I had forgotten my password. Tried several times, and tried to have a reset password emailed to me. Discovered that I had used the wrong email address when setting up the app; so I was unable to receive the email to reset my password. Called customer service. She was able to change my email so I could reset everything. The lady on the phone was very hard to understand and was annoyed that I asked her to repeat herself. When we were finished; she made sure to tell me I could/should use the app/website for issues like this. Which I understand; but if the email was wrong and I wasn’t able to remember my login information then how could I have used the app/website? I felt it was rude of her to say it that way. Then when I was able to get a reset password email; it took several tries. The first several time I just simply got an email that said I had reset my password, even though I had not yet been able to do that.
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4 years ago, mama anonymous
Well rounded, decent app
I’ve noticed in the 2 years I’ve used this app for my Paycard, it has always been very reliable. When I had to report my old card stolen, the customer service was great and easy to communicate with. The app also updates instantaneously upon transactions and transfers, helping to show accurately how much is in my account at all times. Transfers are extremely easy, although they do tend to take a couple business days, but that isn’t a problem for me. Still love the app, and still love using it. They update every so often too. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, jwthomas68
This app has caused problems for me. I tried to pay a traffic ticket a couple months ago. This app locked my account because the address wasn’t the same as on their file. When I called they took care of it. Now I changed my address on the app and updated my account. They locked my account and then told me it would take five days to validate the address after sending in the documents they requested. This is ridiculous in this age and time that the company can just lock your account from simply changing your address. I have never had this much trouble with an app or company than this one. After this is resolved I plan to change cards to something that is better. I can’t have a company locking my account because I changed my address and their website said nothing about validating my address or even tell me the account would be locked until it was validated. This is ridiculous!!!!!
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2 years ago, JessicaVictoria
Useless ap and company
To begin with I have had no issues with receiving my money on this card. But I have lost the card!! I have spent hours on hold for a live representative for this company and have yet to speak with them. I downloaded the ap I bought a prepaid reloadable card to just transfer MY money to it. Only for it to tell my card number is incorrect. The one I am looking at. Now after speaking with them I need to get a new card from my employer so they can transfer the funds. Because a card to card transfer is not available to do without the physical card. So I get to go through this process again. I cannot be the only one having issues since their hold time is so long. I will not be using this ap of the company for my payroll needs again. This is what I get for not having my routing and checking account information memorized or wrote down some where.
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4 months ago, damion anderson
Not enough funds?!
So to start off I used the app for almost a year now got it thru my employer I would get my paychecks on there could easily transfer the money over to my other card to pay my bills and rent but just a few days ago since they’ve changed their app I’m not gonna blame them but they probably are still having bugs since they just changed it but for a week after? It’s telling me everything I try to transfer money now to the other card I use that I don’t got enough funds which I got well over the amount I tries to transfer and it says try again later so I did a day later same thing I tried calling customer service like 6 times they couldn’t help most of them I couldn’t hear like they were speaking 10 feet away from the mic muffled pls fix this
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1 month ago, Try these!.
This app was okay from at the beginning but I got a small check of 250 and for some reason there was something bought in my account so I locked my account and got a new card. Before that the money I had in it I transferred to a different bank account and it said it would take up to 6 business days to transfer. On the day after the 6th I called and was like where’s my money? All they said was wait for the 9th day it’s been at least a month and I have seen nothing. I haven’t called because I already know it will be a waste of time just like the first time I called. I would not recommend this banking option because all they do is scam you. Every time I made a purchase a extra 4 dollars was taken out of my account. Why? I probably won’t get that 250 back!
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1 year ago, pvlhcyox
Here’s my situation, I went to transfer 333$ from my Darden card to my WellsFargo card but accidentally typed a wrong number in my Route Number. I immediately called WellsFargo the night of and they said the money was just floating and would be returned. However, the next day I decided to call Dardens customer service and at first they told me that after the period of the day is over they can not do anything. I then informed them of WellsFargo told me and got put on a very long hold. When the customer service attendant returned he then told me something completely different from his first statement. He stated that they put a tracking number on this transfer of 333$ and the money will be returned into my account in 4-5 business days. Due to this persons contradicting statements this seems very fishy and I am now inclined to not trust the company. Any help?
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2 years ago, AntoinetteDwaller
This card and app is trash
So I’ve actually had this card for a while now thru my employer. So today I get on the app to transfer some money to my account from my savings and nothing is looking the same there is no way to transfer money at this point so I call the number on the card and guess what???? NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH. All the can say is my card is locked and I need to FAX them a copy of my drivers license to validate that’s it’s me remind you I’ve had this card almost 3 years now. They cnt tell me why I need to this or nothing it’s just that they have my money locked up until then. When I say I’m mad mad I can’t even think straight I’m so mad. If nd when I get my money they won’t have to worry about my money anymore I promise u that and imma let everyone know they will try to scam u outta yo money. Trash trash trash I need my money nowww
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3 years ago, fmdvrqk
Garbage App
Installed the app and upon opening, very first time, there’s an alert at the top of the page saying that an error occurred. So, it doesn’t even open. I have my paycheck monitored through an agency that allows pre-payday money transfers. This “bank” is so pitiful that when I went in search of the routing and account numbers, I was informed there aren’t any that I am privy to. What!?! Really!?! So, it’s a “bank” that doesn’t have a routing number? And the account number is not something I’m allowed to have. My account. My money. But I am not permitted access to any info. Obviously, using this card is going to be a temporary situation. I suggest against using a company that doesn’t have a call center with employees who speak English; who do not seem to have any legitimate banking practices, and who require the downloading of a trash app.
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2 years ago, lindseyjr
Fine when it works.
I use this app to track my balance/activity on the card i received through work. It’s fine that i can track that stuff when it works. The app seems to go down A LOT. It hasn’t worked for me in almost a month and half now, and i’ve even updated it. It says my account info is wrong (it’s not, i put the same credentials in on the website and it logged me in just fine). Also do not ever use your card at a gas pump. They will take out money. Sometimes a lot. and it will take days to get it back. I’ve also been unable to use my card on anything online since the app went down including paypal, doordash, etc.
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3 years ago, jchurch4
2nd time employee
This is the second time I’ve worked for the company that uses this card. All I can say is that it has improved dramatically. First time I never had a use for the card except for getting a discount at certain places, but now tips are directly loaded here the same night of service. And you can transfer them without any fees. App is easy to use and understand, no complaints here.
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5 months ago, Nay Roberts
This is new
The card isnt giving me no problems at all , its the app and the website that making me mad . This new update or whatever is going on had locked me out the app and i cant get back in , i changed my password thinking i forgot it so i logged back in with a new password and it still didnt let me back in the app . The website is also useless , i was on it for about 3 minutes max and all of a sudden something block the website stating that the website is not in “ service “ anymore. I tried calling and my problem hasnt been solved due to the automated system hanging up in the middle of the phone call. Something is going on and i would like for someone to figure it out now !
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1 year ago, Yntcrgyhyh
Horrible App
My job issued me a paycard that uses this app and it is horrible! There’s no disclosure that states it takes 4-6 business days for a paycard to bank transfer so your money is literally floating for almost a week. I tried doing a paycard to recipient card transfer and it kept telling me to input a proper 16 digit card number after checking and rechecking my already accurate card number. Going from one page to another in the app is a headache because it will easily cause an error making you close and reopen the app several times. The best way to get your money quick off of the card is by doing an ATM withdrawal and depositing into your own bank. NOTE: they also charge 1.75$ in ADDITION to the ATMS own fees for withdrawal. Worst prepaid card to use.
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3 years ago, Steve Aroni
Pretty nice
I havent had many problems with the card or app in the 2 months of using it Really easy to see all my transactions and balance i only wish the alerts were a little quicker the purchases and deposits register immediately on the app but for some reason it takes a full day for them to send me a text message and even longer with emails except for when i make a purchase at Walmart for some reason those send an alert as soon as i swipe my card i also wish it had apple pay functionality otherwise its perfect.
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3 years ago, Tommy11407
Money just disappears
The fact that companies practically shove this down your throat is ridiculous in itself, but that isn’t the fault of the app developers. I do have a problem with the app taking money out of your account when you initiate a transfer to another bank account, but then that money not showing up in your other account. Sent a test transfer of $10 last Thursday and it’s yet to appear. No email or notification indicating that it may take “x business days” either. In case I messed up my baking info, I did another $5 test transfer and triple checked the information, that’s yet to appear as well. A Venmo transfer I initiated after the $10 transfer was deposited quicker than this. Where’s my money!?
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3 years ago, Samantha Lowes
Terrible Customer Service
This is one of the awful prepaid cards you can get, if you gonna use this for a direct deposit from your job expect 3-5 days delays and if the day you usually receive your paycheck is a holiday add an extra 3 days of delay (8). The customer service is usually overseas either from the Philippines or India and, they don't care about you as a customer they try to play nice but it's like you are talking to a robot they keep repeating words like “ nothing to worry about it” If you make a purchase online and later for whatever reason you get a reimbursement from the merchant THEY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO GET IT UNTIL YOU GO THRU A POLYGRAPH TEST 3 TIMES, AND USUALLY THEY WILL STAY WITH THE MONEY. If you just got this card at work from any olive garden restaurant to get deposit your tips or your weekly paycheck be aware that they will still your money little by little and they will never give you a reason other than: “ Nothing to worry about it” This paycheck card is a NIGHTMARE. You don't believe me: CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOU WILL CONFIRM THE: “ Nothing to worry about it” when they still your tips, They love to say that, IN YOUR FACE.
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6 years ago, Court Fernandez
Good, but lots of things to fix...
It’s has a great layout overall. It definitely needs some bugs fixed for it though. I don’t like how if I make a transaction, it shows the withdrawal, then a deposit, and then another withdrawal, very confusing... It would also be helpful if the system would give us a notification if it’s under maintenance. It’s very frustrating to try and access your account and get the dreadful circle of death, with no explanation of why. Or give us a website to review our funds and transaction history online. I’ve tried several times looking for a website to log into to check my account and I’ve yet to find one.
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3 years ago, dontgetapp683847
I’ve had nothing but problems with their cards when I first got it I couldn’t even make a account because it was asking me to verify with my manger to open my account and when I went to her she said she has nothing to do with it so finally after calling costumer service they fixed the problem but I can’t make any online purchase I can only swipe it at stores so that has been the problem up until now where I’m tired of this terrible card and guess what I can’t even transfer my freaking money either because i can’t use the card online it won’t go through I called Customer service they didn’t help at all so please don’t get whatever they offer it’s all trash and it’s only gonna make things harder😡😡😡
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4 years ago, Pensfan777
Certificate expiring soon update app
Called today to ask what can be done about the error message and the need to re-enter the password. It doesn’t save the password in the vault and you need to go to the website all the time to copy the password. When called the CSR said that they have never gotten a call about this but a review from a year ago about the certificate says otherwise and that the CSRs are comfortable with lying. When asked to speak with the supervisor his response was “everything here is telling us it is working perfectly fine. You need to check with your specific App Store”. Luckily this is my second job and not my primary source of income for ease in money access. Get better at compassion and “support”. You haven’t shower it yet.
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8 months ago, Never resolved
Can’t link my card anymore
For some reason my card unlinked with my other bank account, making it hard for me to pay my bills. Before this issue happened the card was great. Free ATM at certain locations. Easy to pay for my bills. There is a monthly fee that the bank charges which I think should be free. And it’s also hard to contact customer service. When I had a issue with my card or a charge that I didn’t make. I could never talk to a live person in customer service. And for that my issues were never resolved.
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1 month ago, annoyed photoshopper
Great tip app!!
Great app, easy to use, fast working, and if you have any issues there’s customer service available that will help you!! When I worked for Olive Garden as a server, they used this app to upload my tips to. I don’t work there anymore. I now work at Texas Roadhouse and the app they used to upload my tips to absolutely is horrible, so slow, always gives me trouble loading and logging in. I miss this this app.
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4 years ago, caliasherk
no complaints!
really great app! i use this because i have a prepaid card that my work paychecks are loaded onto. i can transfer money directly to my bank account for free and the transfer only takes a couple days. i can easily manage my money and view my account details. i’ve also signed up for certain text notifications so i’m notified when my balance is below a certain amount, when a transaction has taken place, when money has been loaded onto my account, when a transaction has taken place without a card (online order, for example), and when my account balance has been updated (for both a deposit or transaction). give this app a try, you won’t be disappointed!
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1 year ago, shgraceba
So I have this app for work and it does pretty well but I have to try several times to use my face ID to log in. It’s really great that I can easily transfer money from this card to my bank without any fees. Although a lot of times when when I try to see my transactions there’s some kind of error and I need to reload it a few times for my transactions to come up. It’s not a bad app I just don’t understand why I have so many errors.
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1 year ago, EstelaHope6
Authentication Fail
I love the app…when it actually works. Sometimes it won’t let me login at at for a week and I have to go online to login to my account and it gets annoying. I’m constantly checking to see if it needs updated when I cannot login and it’s always updated. When I cannot login it’s always said “authentication fail” but I can go online and login without a problem this might be something those who work on the app have to look into and fix.
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7 months ago, StaceFace428
Makes life easier
I work in a restaurant where our credit cards tips are transferred to a money card instead of my bank account. So this app has been heaven-sent, you can check your balance, transfer money to any bank account, even load money if you want to. This app makes all of that super easy.
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4 months ago, your weak
Won’t work right now
It’s been over a month and the app still hasn’t been working telling me it will take a moment to connect but never does or just leaving me on a blank screen. I’m starting to get really annoyed with this and have asked people I know if it’s happening too them to and unfortunately they also had the same thing happen. Although I really liked the app so far and how it told me how much money I had it hasn’t worked in a while please try to fix it I would really appreciate it
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3 years ago, GucciLipstik
This is app definitely recommended for everyone.
I would recommend this app due to its easy accessibility and security. I used this app for my first job all the way through to my second and its was very clear on how to use, and you can do just about everything you can do with a regular bank card. 10/10
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3 months ago, CameronN64
Good app. Something ain’t working. Needs to be fixed.
I got a card through my employer and this app was to be used for the card. I like how the app works and how I can open a savings account through it. However, the 6 or 7 times I tried opening one it says there’s a system issue and it’s only temporary. It’s been over 24 hours and the problem has not been resolved.
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3 years ago, Nevaeh16
I can’t even log into my account.
I received my prepaid card four days ago and have yet to be able to log into my account on the website or on this app. I’ve called for help everyday. At first they said that the reason why I can’t log in is because I’m locked out(which makes zero sense because I haven’t even activated it yet) and then they said the system is down on website???? They “don’t deal with those problems” so now my paychecks are loading onto a card I can’t use! This app and company is disgusting. It’s unorganized and a total waste of time and money.
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3 years ago, tweddledee7
Great app
I like how you can customize the home screen. The best feature to me is seeing my balance on the sign in screen and not having to log in to view my balance. The interface is easy to use and the ability to transfer funds to a bank account or existing card is great. 5/5
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1 year ago, Amanda. S12
My only complaint about this app is that it takes so long to transfer from the card to my bank (which may be just my bank) it takes 24-48 hours to transfer in. Other than that it’s great to have easy for another card to have, as well as its nice when you’re taking tips to the bank anyway to transfer them straight in!
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2 years ago, LoLoMayo1952
Card itself horrible, the app tho…
My card stopped working on transactions I had to put my pin into about a month after having it, but I’m still able to transfer my paycheck to my bank out using this app so very helpful, wish I still had my card tho or that it was instant deposit because I have to wait for it to hit my bank account.
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2 years ago, officialPivoe
I give a 4 star
I give the app a 4 star because it’s fine in every way except it doesn’t show your card number and stuff like that in the app. I lost my pay card, but always transfer the money to my other card that I do have, but what if I needed to use this card or wanted to at my convenience? That is the point of the app to suit me when I need it right
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12 months ago, Mbutler422
I feel unsafe trusting my money with this company
I work for a Darden restaurant so I obviously don’t make good money or cared about financially by Darden but the little money I do make needs to be watched closely. Unfortunately, with this company it’s almost impossible to do so when your text alerts only last a few days before disappearing again. Then having to call to have them reset giving you a three day wait period for it to take effect so you can have it for 3 days again and having to go through the process all over again.
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2 years ago, jett12327
Company and app is not even the same name
Paycheck plus owns this app not just that but they are very disrespectful they are not rude but disrespectful they are rude in a polite way And they do not help you if my bank requested a lost money transfer they will reimburse they did not mind you there is not one person that is not Indian descent not one white man this card holder company should be testified in Supreme Court! they also steal money from your account and do not reimburse you back ! All these things happen to A lot of people and me !This card holder company should be prosecuted!! to the fullest extent of the law possible!!
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4 years ago, nkkawqii
Bad app and company
Got a paycheck through this card , 900$ to be exact. Couldn’t pull out money or use card at all , called to see what the problem was and they said they inactivated my account because of a transfer of 50$ that THEY didn’t recognize , didn’t call or email about this problem to ask of my behalf first . Are they going to do this every time I transfer money to someone they don’t recognize? Even worse they said I must wait 5 business days for my account to be activated again .... I’ve been waiting a week . Still haven’t touched a penny of my money .
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2 months ago, mari.b344
Customer Service
I checked my account one day and I thought I had a little bit less money than I should’ve. There wasn’t any purchases that seemed off, but I felt like I should at least have more money. I called the customer service told them what happened and they hung up on me. And then I called another person and they left me on call for almost 20 min. I feel like that definitely wasted my time and was kinda rude. They could’ve just said that they couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t even being disrespectful or anything.
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1 year ago, MomBoy94
So far so good!
I’m glad I found out about my work card having an app to check my balance, rather than logging in through Safari each time. It’s a pretty simple app to use and navigate through. I just wish I was able to lock my card until I wanted to use it.
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2 years ago, latensia
This card and app has been nothing but trouble sense I’ve join I can’t use it at any store or atm it always tells me my pin is wrong and end up locking on me. I’m leaving I will have my deposit sent to my bank account, still til this day my money just sitting on my card becuz I can’t access it and every time I try to speak to someone they barley speak English and they hang up in my face because I dnt understand what they are saying this app and card is bad I would not recommend for no one to get or use I’m very disappointed
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11 months ago, suzy roo
Card modifications
I’ve called several times sbout the same issue… how to transfer money from my savings here to my checking here. I did it once but now the reps don’t know how. Also how to increase my amount from my employer to deposit has been a hassle.
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5 years ago, btwombat
Run the other way
This system is atrocious. I work for a company that makes you receive your first and last paycheck through one of their cards, which seems simple, right? Just transfer it over to your bank account. NOPE. As soon as you initiate the transfer, it drops your balance to $0–no “pending transfer” notification or receipt or anything like that, and it takes about a week to actually go through. Maybe it would be fine if this wasn’t being used for my paycheck, but not all of us can afford to wait an additional week to get paid.
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4 months ago, @whosdatjaix6. (ig)
App Not Working
The app was working perfectly fine until the new update, I was logged out of my account and not it says that its a fault on their end. Called customer service the lady told me to uninstall the app then reinstall. I did, it still didn’t work. I deleted the app for about 24hrs re-downloaded it and the same issue is happening. I need help ASAP. I can’t move money to my other accounts.
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1 year ago, MannyPro-1990
Same old crappy theme since 2016, app won’t support Chase for Money Transfer!!
I am trying to transfer my PaychekPlus funds into my Chase account because my PaychekPlus card won’t support Apple Pay, now I’m trying to transfer some of the Paychek’s funds to my Chase funds, and no matter how accurate you enter either the routing & account # or the card’s # for the Chase card, the CardConnect app rejects it instantly every time without fail!!! I’m just glad I have Chase because PaychekPlus accounts even have maximum limitations into them. Please use popular banks. And the theme; since I’ve used it for my Savers employment since 2016 until 2018, it has become a glitching nightmare trying to access my account on the computer also. Please do not waste your time on this if you’re trying to become wealthy enough!!! Bottom line!!!
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7 years ago, Servant144
Could be good but...
This app has some nice features, including the ability to update account settings and to deposit a paper check into your paycard account. But I agree with other reviewers the locators are simply not functional. It is really hard to believe that an app can get released with such a major feature simply inoperable. The ATM locator, in partacular, would likely the most popular feature in the app if it only worked.
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10 months ago, Az.httpz
Great! Recommend.
I’ve never had problems with this app, I have a Darden card that I have connected to this app and no issues have appeared. I do card to bank reasoners at least 2 times a week and get them in my bank with in 3 days , no doubt.
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1 year ago, mcdonald’s worker
Zero stars.
This app is horrible. It locks me out of the days for days at a time and says my password is “incorrect” when it isn’t. my card got hacked a while ago and when i tried to lock it there was no way to do it on the app and when i try to send money to people it has the option to do that but doesn’t let me. I have been using this card app through my employer but would 100% recommend setting up a bank account first before using this crap.
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3 years ago, Simply Audie
After I left my job, it’s been a struggle with this card and app. First it wouldn’t let me load money on it. Now I’m not getting any alerts of when money is loaded or taken off my card. I have to always ask it for my balance 😡😡🤬
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2 years ago, najibrasuli
I always rate for this
It’s a really good app you can mange your money any time you want you can look for your payment and you can control your credit this is a amazing pay card Hey you wanna to have a great credit card let’s use payroll credit card
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1 year ago, Its11atnight.chill
I mean it works.
The app is cool in all, but there is like so major inconvenience when trying to log in. It will not let me change it to Face ID along with the frustration of trying to change anything. There is only one background and the layout is very minimalistic. Will I be switching banks in a few months. Yes. Do I enjoy the time I had with this bank and app? No. But slay. Whatever.
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