Preschool Games For Kids 2+

4.3 (22.2K)
282.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cubic Frog Apps
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Preschool Games For Kids 2+

4.27 out of 5
22.2K Ratings
2 years ago, vera lusia gomez
Good but totally not much games that my kids can play with!
I just started playing this one year ago and my kids are already bored of having the same questions on and on and on now there coming to me all the time telling me how you get more games and I don’t want them to feel bad so I don’t tell them because they don’t know how to count money they don’t understand what I’m saying about “money” they only know what’s a penny and pls add more games without money my kids are going crazy about this!
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4 years ago, mrsguzzie
Granddaughter loves app
We started out using the Freemium apps for our, then 18 month old or so granddaughter. We had also downloaded a few other similar apps, but she would consistently play Cubic Frog over the others. We decided to invest in a couple of their paid versions—math and alphabet, I believe. I think this was before, there were bundles. It was fascinating to watch our grand baby learn to master the various games that were part of the app. She would get faster and faster as her proficiency grew. We also signed up for the newsletter Facebook and as a result, entered one of their many contests and actually won free access for a year for the full bundle. We were tickled. There were so many things to do. And as my granddaughter grew, we could adjust the difficulty levels to keep her challenged. We have not had her with us as much of late, and she is now 4 years old, so are deciding whether to purchase the bundle or not. But, that is the only reason. We would most definitely recommend Cubic Frog to anyone with a child who is ready to learn the concepts they will need to prepare them for school. In addition to a wonderful suite of apps, we have never had any trouble with customer service either. Questions were submitted via email and were quickly answered. Buying Cubic Frog for your little ones would be money well spent. We highly recommend them!
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6 months ago, Macieann2013
Game is super fun for a little kids and even though I am 11 I still have an addiction to it and it’s super fun so I do recommend it for all ages and I do contact with myself. I really do like this app and I have my little sister do it, and she will be stealing the iPad from me because it is so fun. I give it a four star because it could have better content with the math problems to get in like to change the language and stuff because my little sister she is. Five and she already knows a lot of his math problems to ge so if it can make the mass problems a little harder than yeah, it would be a five star for me but it’s a four star When when they make more improvements, I will write it again and make it a star but yes, I really do like it. Thank you for reading my review and OK it’s the best game for little kids. It’s probably your best choice.
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6 years ago, P. Dougls
Ok but not enough activities without purchase
My son loves it, but he ran through the few activities that were open before the option for purchase. It really just ended up being a tease and just a small preview to the real thing....not sure if it’s advertised that way. Anyway, I would want to see how he interacts in the other activities before purchasing. He’s two and super intelligent, so I would want to see if the other games will challenge him, or if he will get to the end and forget about it.
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7 years ago, Teto201
My children love this game
At first glance the design of this little game app is not the most attractive. But what do I care as a parent. Both my kids 1.5years and 3 years old love it. It is colorful and well developed to keep them engaged most of all learning. And they get star awards when they complete little tasks successfully. Try the free version and see for yourself how your own kids do. If they like it I commend you unlock the other games by purchasing the full version. It's just a few dollars.
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6 years ago, julfawe
3yo enjoys but not many games in free version
I was surprised how good my daughter was at the games but she took to it right away. It got boring after a bit though doing the same thing over and over; each individual game doesn’t change or increase in challenge level, and it’s only a few quick games.
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5 years ago, Coloring @ Night
Awesome for two year old and autistic kids
I got this for my grandson we were concerned about his delayed speaking, attention span, and unwillingness to interact with people etc. Well he really loves this program, every time he visits he hunts for the IPad just to play the Cubic Frog program. My only problem with this program is that I wish it wasn’t so expensive, can’t afford it on disability wages. As long as he’s having fun is all that matters.
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5 years ago, AW127465536229884
Don’t Buy
This app would be great if it wasn’t a huge scam. I’m glad I only lost $9.99 because I wanted to try it for a month before committing more money. After I paid to unlock everything, nothing was unlocked. I sent an email asking why. The only answer I got was to press the restore purchases button. This button does not exist on this version of the app. I sent screenshots as proof and asked for a refund, but I never got a reply. Don’t waste your money on this app. I was hoping it would be a fun way for my son to learn his abc’s, but the only letters it will let him see are A through G. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, wersfdjgiym6
Ridiculous so called “learning games”
I purchased the app a couple years ago, and while the games were basic, they worked. Then, a couple weeks ago I supposedly “won” a year of free access to the new games. What a joke, after downloading the games, they work until you earn a stamp, then another different game app pops up, and wants you to download it. When I’m back in Cubic Frog, I have to add numbers for parental access, and after a game, I’m asked to buy the full version....which I won. My grandkids were totally confused. I do not recommend this app at all.
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6 years ago, Tamelia77
My 17 month old was immediately drawn to this app. Colorful and fun while learning. I wish there was a younger version so that she can learn about shapes, numbers, ABC's etc. The only flaw with this app is thatthere are so many ads that get in the way of continuous play. We have to close and reopen several times while in the middle of playing the game.
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5 years ago, care_2019
Shady tactics
So I pay $4.99 to unlock new games on the app and then you “change the layout” 24 hours later?!?! So now almost all the games my son was previously able to play before I paid the $4.99 are locked PLUS the new games I just unlocked the day before are also locked, with the exception of a few games in a bunch a different mini categories. And if I want the games he really enjoyed playing back? ...I would have to subscribe and pay for the games I just paid for....hmmmm... yea, I don’t think so. Shady shady shady. If I could give zero stars I would.
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5 years ago, I love Popsicle!
❤️❤️The best learning games for kids
I really recommend this game to anyone who has preschool kids... great set of early learning games for young kids. What I love about the game is unlike most of the preschool games, it has voice instruction and it helps young kids to build great vocabulary while having fun! And their customer service is the best ever!
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7 years ago, Brwnnickname
My fav go to......
Short and sweet.....hate when my 20 m old and three year olds go to the iPad whenever they get bored but I relax when I see them open up this app......I can see them learning and actually thinking and surprisingly enough they play nicely with each other taking turns on the game.....keeper!!!!
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7 years ago, JBochamp
Edu games
They kept my 2 1/2 year old very entertained and I love the different free games that they can switch back-and-forth to and they are learning colors and letters numbers it's very educational and only buy it if there were different games it seems like free ones mimic the ones for sale
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6 years ago, pgupta02
Good app for kids. But not able to share the full version with family.
I bought this app and want to run the full version on my iPad but it is asking to purchase the full version again. My iPad is on my family sharing account.
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1 year ago, springhouse Dr
My pre schooler cried
So I thought that it was a good idea to get this app but when we tried it my daughter said it was to hard for her. I asked why and she said it was telling her to spell hard words like watermelon and birthday. She didn’t enjoy this app but I would recommend it for kids that are more advanced. After all this app was not my favorite but I do understand why others thought it was awsome.
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5 years ago, bachalagoop
Cubic Frog
My grandson loves all the different games on here and when he masters them he is so excited he can’t wait to try the next one. I would recommend them to people who have young children or even children that need extra challenges.
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6 years ago, The body worker💃
My niece loves these activities and it’s helping her control her motor skills. We are working on learning how the touch screen works and I ask her questions during the activities to have her pick which shirts are dirty and she loves the matching the color of the shirt to the color of the hanger.
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7 years ago, Urshona
Great learning tool
My son wasn't learning from me so I went to outside help. He instantly loved this app and within a couple weeks he learned what I had been trying to teach him for a month. He started when he was 2 and he still loves it at age 5.
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5 years ago, dbaquero80
UPDATE: Glad it’s working properly again.
I originally downloaded the free version to see if my autistic niece likes the game, and after she was showing true interest on the app, I decided to purchase it [About 2 years ago] I should have checked the bundle pack options for a better deal but oh well... Update: I am glad to see that the edukids room locked app problem has been fixed. I downloaded this update and the restore button did its job.
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7 years ago, Bekky1234
Too many ads
My kids absolutely love this game. However, with the new update we are no longer able to play. It has so many ads and maybe my phone is no longer compatible with this game, but the ads are so big that we can't exit out of them and because of that, it locks out the game and we can't play. After paying to unlock all the games in this app, I feel we shouldn't have to deal with craps ads that we can't escape.
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2 years ago, Catawbadiva
Shouldn’t have apps within this app that are not included in yearly subscription
Any activities in this cubic frog game should not have to be downloaded separately and paid for if I already pay a yearly subscription to cubic fog! Take them out of the app if that’s the case. Kids just click on them and then can’t access all content. It’s a rip off!!!!
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7 years ago, Gottagojoe
Great app BUT..
I purchased this app for my preschooler. It's fun and easy but I Keep getting pop ups for candy crush and others. Why spend money on an app when I have to keep assisting on how to clear pop ups. Otherwise the games are great.
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6 years ago, Parasympathic
Not my favorite
My 4 year old daughter likes it, but the app restarts if you need to open another app or text message. Annoying music in the background and it’s attached to the sound of the letters being read so you are forced to listen to the repetitive song. Or make the kid not hear the prompts. Not my favorite app for various reasons.
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7 months ago, ogladyla
Downloaded it from my granddaughter she seems to really enjoy it
Age appropriate it’s a little annoying how much they prompt my granddaughter to try to buy games though
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7 years ago, WW's
No Sound! (Fixed)
What so ever! I'm leaving a 1 star review untill the app developers respond to my email and offers a resolution. Update: thank you for responding, your suggestions fixed the issue and my daughter loves it even more now.
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4 years ago, Very Disappoimted Customer
Sound Does Not Work
Very disappointed that I paid for this and the sound does not work! Got an auto response message but no follow up. 49$ wasted and a disappointed kid!
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7 years ago, The30things
Love this game - have for years!
This is one of the best educational games for kids. I have 4, ranging from 1-6. My 3 year old is enjoying it now! My 5 year old still likes playing them too.
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6 years ago, @PrettyLeh
Why I like this app
I like this because you are helping my kids and they are learning really really good now they Avery time they come home that always say mommy can I have the iPad and yes when I give it to them I hair pep
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6 years ago, Inurears
My 3 yo loves it!
After one practice run together, my 3 year-old could do almost all of the games by herself. She loves it. She even asked to play the games instead of watching TV, which is huge. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, lab tech frye
This app is wonderful for the kids to learn picture memory and spelling. One grandson did it and now I have another grandchild that is taking advantage of it.
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4 years ago, rodrosie
I think this a great learning tool. Beware though, you must purchase it using the Apple ID on the device your child will be using. I purchased it for my grandchildren using my ID so it only works on my device. That would be great but they don’t live with me and I only see them every other month or so. Tried to get a refund so I could set it up on their device but was denied by Apple. Not a happy customer.........
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5 years ago, Nafaeria
Once Upon a Dream
I wanna give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but it won't allow me to purchase and unlock the entire app. I mean who wants their child only learning the alphabet to the letter G. It's fun looking with cool graphics but it's crazy!! I go to put in the correct answer to the math equation it. Either doesn't have the correct answer listed or its there. I push the button and NOTHING HAPPENS!! Frustrating as hell.
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7 years ago, ID.B
I like it
I just downloaded it for my child and tried it out myself before I let my child to play with it. Like it so far and excited to explore this game. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Reymond Hulk
Progress in processing details
Really help my son slow down and discern what is being asked of him and he is processing the games faster; I’m happy with the progress obtain from playing and support
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1 year ago, Debbiedoo96
Cute and educational!
Seems to be a good app but the sorting laundry game is a little frustrating. Clothes won't go in unless you drag them past the basket.
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6 years ago, TiffanySantilWA
Great for kids while at church
I was at church and this little boy wanted my cellphone but I had no games I question colt downloaded this app and was very busy and quite lol must have app if you are around kids lol
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6 years ago, Annette SLP
Loved your games
I'm a Speech Therapist and love to incorporate your games in therapy in helping to target my student's goals or as a reward for good work. I look forward to using any additional apps you may have.
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6 years ago, Jassy2444
Learning system
My 3 year old loves this game. It teaches her so much. I just wish they would switch it up with the color and number matching so they can learn the numbers more with the number of objects
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4 years ago, MLPD2
Inappropriate ads
While the app is good for preschool age children, the new ads popping up constantly are extremely inappropriate for young children. I’m very disappointed to see this type of violent and vulgar content popping up in a young children’s game. If I don’t see this resolved soon, we will have to delete this and stop using it.
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4 years ago, nsyoussef10
No sound
I love this app for my preschooler when it’s actually working. Half the time there is no sound the second I open the App, which is necessary to hear the instructions of each game. Hopefully they’ll fix this glitch soon. Pretty frustrating.
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5 years ago, KDLM02191990
Upgrade caused a loss of games???
I purchased the app less than 2-weeks ago and for some reasons (maybe when it updated five days ago) my kiddo lost all the games on the EduKitty Preschool page and can only play three of the 12+ games that he could play before. He loved building the robot, matching cards, time, xylophone, etc. I’m not sure what my money went to, but I’m super frustrated.
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2 months ago, Nurseteresab
My 2 1/2 year-old granddaughter just loves this program. She can operate it independent of me and it can be a great contraction when that is needed!
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7 years ago, jujuBug1125
My 4 year old granddaughter loves this
She is a bit difficult to focus, but when she hears the open music, she stops, squeals with excite and we can learn the rest of the day.
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1 year ago, Ducky Ok
I still remember the good times with this game 😄
This game I still remember and I had it wen I was 2! Btw I am 10 now so it’s crazy that I still remember this game ty for helping me in my life! 🧸💐
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4 years ago, Naigsan2000
Sound not working
The sound doesn’t work on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch every time Please fix it
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5 years ago, ngkgjgugcgfy
People who love
My phone number for my new home is good today at my house and my car has been working for me and my family
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4 years ago, ruby1960
I didn’t download the game. I have no idea if there is a monthly fee. I was babysitting and one of the kids downloaded this. I am not interested in a monthly subscription.
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4 months ago, LMS1980!
I am human
Do you like cheese? Pls answer in the next few weeks or I will give you 3 1 star ratings😡😡😡😡😡😡 P.S my little brother loves this game so I give you 5 stars🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
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6 years ago, Megan Duysen
You can’t choose which games to play - waste of money
This app seems fun for toddlers but is limited until you pay $5 for access to all the games. After you pay, you still aren’t able to choose which game to play. It randomly rotates through the games and you have to complete one to get to the next. I would like a refund.
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