Presence Video Security Camera

4.6 (7K)
74 MB
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People Power Company
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4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Presence Video Security Camera

4.55 out of 5
7K Ratings
3 years ago, CBB11411
Great Use for old phones!
This app is terrific. Turns your old phone into a very functional security/nanny cam. It’s best to leave it connected to a charger and obviously plugged in. However if you want to see what’s going on and want mor covert functionality the battery will last for a few hours. I have the basic plan and it’s good other than a bit slow but for free I’m not complaining. Even the upgrade to Pro is reasonable but I just want to keep an eye on the inside of my safe. If others have access to your valuables/guns/jewelry/cash etc this is a great way to monitor who is in there and what they are doing. I caught someone in there that shouldn’t have been. If it wasn’t for this app I would have never known. Can’t say enough about the functionality. 5 stars all the way. Just remember if your using an older phone the app may feel clunky and slow but it could be the phone you’re using. Also be sure all phones/cams are on the same WiFi connection if you have 2.5 and 5 WiFi.
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6 years ago, Ggail0869
NO internet—works awesome!!
We used this on our old iPhones and it worked great. Got immediate notifications when the camera detected movement. We have NO internet where we live and so-so cell services with ATT and Verizon. The app worked as stated & we had video evidence of UPS or Fed-Ex, other people walking around house outside. Our phones gave out & we now are using our iPads. For people who don’t have internet & can’t get the wi-fi security cameras that are out there it’s a perfect solution. You would think that in today’s technology world there would be more of this type of service but we the people who don’t have high speed internet are left out in the cold to figure all this out. There are many services that claim they can monitor over cell service but all that we have found aren’t available in our area. It is the perfect app for all of us who choose to live out away from town in our own paradise without internet. Amen to Prescence!!
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7 years ago, iaminak
Too long of a wait for motion detection
I applaud the developers of this app and would like to use it and take advantage of their other security devices but there is one major shortfall preventing me from that. It appears that even with Pro, it isn't possible to set the wait time for recording following motion detection to less than 5 seconds (even though 1, 2, 3, and 4 are on the selector, it keeps springing back to 5). My driveway is 75' long, but both the UPS guy (walking from the road) and the lazy cat from next door get almost to my porch before the recording starts. I back down my driveway from the road, all of which is in the camera's sights, but only see the hood of my truck as it disappears beside my house. All I ever see in these recordings is the tail end of what just happened. This is all with detecting "normal-sized" movements. It would benefit from shorter wait times on motion detection (at least in the paid version, although a competitor offers this for free) and also a detection grid to limit triggering by things that will never be significant like wind-blown tree limbs (also offered by a competitor).
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7 years ago, Karen Ida
Went to a wedding in Maine brought the dog and stayed at a hotel. The morning of the wedding my husband and I went down to breakfast at the hotel as we left the room the dog started scratching and whining at the door. I was horrified thinking how are we going to spend 5 to 6 hours at the wedding while the dog scratches the door in the hotel room. Then I remembered friend at work showed me videos on her phone of her cat walking around at her house that were being taken while she was at work. I downloaded the app on my iPad and phone and was able to videotape the dogs actions while we were out of the room. Thank God because we were able to see that the dog just lay down and slept while we were gone. If not for this app I would not of been going to the wedding thinking the dog was going to wine and scratch the whole time we were gone so needless to say" I love 💜this app" and we had a great time at the wedding. And honestly the possibilities are endless.
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2 years ago, 1krispy85
Amazingly awesome APP!!
For something that is free and give’s back some purpose to your older and/or unused devices , this app doesn’t seem like it could be true! I love it and appreciate that there’s a free version for people (like myself) that can’t afford a monthly fee or only use it for specific occasions and not on a daily basis. It also doesn’t require you to buy things from their company , (like installing cameras or motion detectors etc), to let the app work! Just two of ur devices that both connected to the internet! This is one of my favorite Apps. I’d suggest it for everyone, and if you can afford it the pro version is even better! With this app there is nothing you can lose and EVERYTHING you can GAIN!!👍🏻🙏🤗
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6 years ago, 02Dynaman
Peace of mind
Had another app for using old phones for cameras, but it was very limited. After trying your app I won’t go back to the other. While it lacks some features that I would like , I see that one can request, and vote one other suggested features, and that developers are listening and are/have added some of the requested features. One that I personally would appreciate is having more control over recording time, starting and length of rec. after motion is detected this lack is problematic in that event can be over by the time recording starts, and you can only capture a small window of an event rather that the entire event. At least 5-10 minuets would be very helpful. I also would like add some devices but all your kits seem to remain sold out and individual prices are pricey. I really appreciate this app and that it’s getting better. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Sjruwgemdi
Wonderful, free, great low cost solution if you have phones laying around!!
I have had this app for years now, and I’m very happy with how it has turned out. Obviously a full paid security camera system is better, but for preventing people from taking your stuff in your room, great solution. The dedicated camera mode is probably my favorite part about this app. So even if they find it they can’t exit out of it :). Although there is a bit of delay with the motion detection, you can’t get too picky since it’s a free app and old devices. Same thing with the quality of live viewing cameras, but knowing the motion detection records it with good quality I’m not to concerned about that. This is a wonderful app, and I highly recommend you use it!
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4 years ago, Bklyn_PTA_mom
Great use for an old iPad!
This app is awesome! The developers have made a fantastic product that works surprisingly well on older systems. I had an old 2nd Gen iPad that was basically useless (couldn’t update iOS beyond 9.1, and headphones had broken in the audio jack) until I set up the Presence app. Now I have a great webcam for my lake house — I can set it to motion sensor if I want to monitor comings and goings of wildlife and other visitors via alerts, or I can turn off alerts and just check in on the video feed whenever I want to see the weather, or reverse the camera to monitor the inside of the house. Regardless of what kind of security system you have, this lets you set up and control an extra camera wherever you like.
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4 years ago, LegzBandy
Simple and Works
Had a suspicion that my roommate was stealing from me. Bought a couple wifi cameras, but I turned off the night vision light because they made an audible click inside the device when night vision activated. They are great for specific purposes, but luckily I had my old cell with newly downloaded Presence app (literally worked out to catch perp the next day). It was the only camera that actually turned on and caught the act. Was able to retrieve some items before having the roommate pack up and get the heck out of the house. Definitely gives life to old cell phones and they can be used in so many places that you may not otherwise place a camera.
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6 years ago, Bkelizabeth
Really like it so far
I really like this app so far! It was easy to set up on both phones, and works really well. I love love love all of the different features, options, and rules. Whoever made this app put a lot of thought into it. The locations of all the different settings/options sometimes feels a little unfriendly to the user, but maybe I just need to keep using it to memorize it. The live stream video quality looks like it’s filmed with a potato, but the recordings are super clear and have much better quality. I really really really like this app!!!! Definitely try it out. I am thinking about adding more cameras and setting up more rules. Thanks for this app! It’s great. :)
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6 years ago, rhill2
An excellent alternative to security cameras
I am very happy with this app. It provides an effective alternative to buying security cameras using spare iPhones (or iPads for that matter). Video can be triggered by motion, and it is saved to the program. It will also send an alert and an email that contains the video for convenient viewing from the email app wherever you are. Be aware that you need some ancillary pieces. The cameras MUST be plugged in, because the app has a heavy power draw. Some sort of mount (e.g. the ones for cars) makes it easier to get the right field of observation. Also realize that there is a learning curve for discovering the features, so set aside a little time to explore.
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6 years ago, guitars
Easy and low cost security
We use with our old iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s. Motion notifications work great even without paid Pro plan and 24/7 live streaming for free. However have to wait 5 minutes between motion notifications/recordings without the paid Pro version. I do the paid plan when leaving home for a few days to get back to back recordings of motion detection. Really easy to set up, just download app on all the phones, set up each phone as remote or camera. Easy peasy! Since September 2018 update, the apps keep crashing on camera iPhone 4 and 4s. Canceling my subscription till they get it fixed.
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4 years ago, NickAttempt4
An itty bitty RV solution
I was seeking a method to see a tow vehicle and wide view of traffic behind me so that I could pass safely (with a “toad” without clipping other cars). There were many expensive options but I am going to try using an old iphone’s camera taped to my RV’s back window and streaming to my newer iphone set up on my dashboard. I loaded the Presence app onto both phones. Using one as camera and the other as watcher; it seems to work. However, I have yet to use it while driving and so far, I see room for improvement. The first improvement to the app would be to allow a larger view, or zoom. It seems to only broadcast a small window leaving a lot of unused black space around the window. I’d love to be able to increase the margins to fit my full phone screen.
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5 years ago, OlgaDeOlga
Was a superb app at first. And it might still be superb if I could get support to help me fix it. Instead support just copy & pastes out of their online instructions. Gee I wish I had thought to read those myself. Oh wait I did. And mind you I am paying for this monthly. I may as well have stayed with the free presence app considering this is the kind of assistance I received from “support”. USELESS. If I’m going to pay monthly for an app I expect to receive support when I need it. Going to another app. Also as I’m trying to give a bad review coming up with a bunch of nonsense every time I try to enter my review. Claiming every single nickname I opt for is already taken. Etc etc Too bad presence doesn’t put as much effort into their customer & tech support as they apparently do in preventing bad reviews. Really? Someone used my 3x great grandma’s maiden and surnames as a nickname for rating the presence app? Really ? Wow. Lol SMH
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7 years ago, Duh it's me
Best free security cam on the market
I use this app on an old iPhone to catch nosy roommates taking things from my room. I’ve also used it during breaks to keep my room monitored and safe. It does a good job at what it does, but does have some shortcomings. These are personal and may not represent how the software acts on all devices. 1. The feature which automatically turns on and off motion detection sometimes doesn’t turn off, so I end up having to go in and manually turn it off. I also have to delete videos it took of me because it didn’t turn off when I got home. 2. It is inconvenient you can’t make the GPS circle smaller. Sometimes when I leave my apartment, it turns off, then turns on again when I enter the highway because it’s relatively close. 3. Sometimes it seems like the settings are changed and I have to go back and change them...this could just be a bug or me being superstitious. Overall, it has caught my roommate’s redhanded and it’s funny because I still haven’t told them it’s there and they still sometimes lie about taking things... classic roommates.
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5 years ago, thatonejen
Constant glitches
I’ve been using this app for a while now but in the last month I’ve had issues/glitches with the 2 iphone cameras I set up. When I try to watch the live streaming, it says it can’t connect because of a port error of some sort. Or the app stops working all together and suddenly it shows me recordings for the day before but the time stamp is as if it just happened (so there will be 3-4 recordings with the same time stamp). Now the cameras aren’t showing up as active on my “remote control” iphone but still recording when motion activated. Plus, one of them keeps counting down to starting to record and then starts the countdown again, meanwhile with a bunch of green squares showing up on the screen as if it’s trying to focus. I have restarted, deleted & redownloaded...I’ve tried everything. I’m gonna look elsewhere—I can’t afford to not have this app work!
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6 years ago, EZ duzzit
a recording countdown timer?
a recording countdown timer, meaning, if motion is detected, it won't begin recording for the time you set, with a hard coded minimum of 5 seconds. why? a MB-saving feature? nobody ever said it needs to record at 60fps in 1080. not only that, but there was no time delay to allow me to set my ipad into position and leave the area. literally defeating the purpose of a surveillance camera--i don't need to watch myself fumble to hurriedly place my pad into position. finally, why do i need a minimum of 5 seconds between captures? constantly requiring access to an outside server seems to suggest to me that the app developer is more concerned with themselves than providing even a decent product, no matter that it's offered for "free". this app was an instant turn off; i would recommend you look elsewhere and/or consider purchasing a decent, logical, GOOD surveillance app.
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2 years ago, Tim90234
Hotel robbery
I have had this app for four years and back then I decided to try it out in the hotel while I was gone all day. Room service came in and went through my stuff, and took some of my money. This app recorded everything while though the room service were messing with my phone and were trying to turn it off. It paid itself off! For today this is a still fully functional application but has not been updated for a while, and I wish I could select the quality of the video or a camera with a wide-angle lens.
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7 years ago, Halfbakedmom
Works, like a charm!
My Daughter is a student at a university. On Sunday night while she was sleeping a male tried to get in her bedroom window. Lucky for her we had put a broom handle in the window so it only would only open 4 inches. She frightened him away by slamming the window. He had cut the screen on her roommates window trying to get in. We live 3 hours away and wanted something that would help her feel safe. I am SO Thankful I found this app!!! She set it up and it works great. The best part is notifications of movement outside her window, this time it was the campus police checking the area. Wonderful app, highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, mediocre products review
Worked great in the beginning but now not so much
I have to say I was quite impressed when this product first rolled out. And the price could not be beat. However as I have continued to use this product it seems that it will constantly grind away with the notification saying “connecting to the server” and the app seems to freeze and attempt to crash after only a few minutes of use. What is even more frustrating is that you will set the app up and the cameras up before you leave for the day because you have a specific event that you were trying to capture a catch and only to have the app say connecting server when you get to work. The question then becomes what’s the point of using the product if it doesn’t work? This has resulted in me not even using the app anymore. You really do get what you pay for when you get something that is free. The sad part about it is that if the service had continued to be good I might be persuaded to upgrade to the professional version or purchase other products and services. However I am not going to. It is sad to see such a great idea becomes so buggy, glitchy and irritating to use.
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1 year ago, гамаюн!
good but lots of errors and crashing
for a free app, it’s pretty good. however many of the motion videos it detects, it sends you an email with a screenshot, that when you click play it opens the app and immediately crashes it. and that video is not in videos/recordings. I mean at least we got notified that motion happened, but there are a lot of videos that end up missing in this way. I would say maybe 1/3 of them end up unavailable this way and cause the app to crash when you click. I hope they find a fix for that. Otherwise great idea for emergency situations when you don’t have a security camera or just need to keep an eye on your pet for a few hours.
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4 years ago, RPutt33
Great App...A must-have!
I had two 4S iPhones that I couldn’t give away. Then suddenly I read an article about this app and decided to try it. It’s awesome!! I have three Ring cameras around the exterior of our home and was considering buying two more for my garage and shop. The 4s phones deliver video quality on par with the Ring cameras, and the motion detection software is flawless. So, now I have a camera in my shop and garage that I can lol at anytime. With all that said, the user interface isn’t as elegant as the Ring software, but that will improve over time. Highly Recommended!
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5 years ago, hermi888
iPad freezes!!!
It’s a great app but my iPad freezes in guided access mode and triple clicking the home button doesn’t work. It also stops connecting to the server and even tho I can see the image on the iPad it doesn’t connect to the remote unit (my iPhone). It says camera is offline. When I try to reboot I can’t bcs it’s frozen. The home button doesn’t work to exit guided access and I have to let the battery die so I can turn it back on and reboot. It’s happened a few times. I contacted support but I haven’t been able to get help, other than an automated response. So it’s a great app but it does me no good unless they fix this. Fir now I can only give 2 stars. Great app and functionality...if I could keep it in. Perhaps I’ll buy an old phone and try a different device.
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3 years ago, LycanGod177
As advertised
I’m going to give an honest review some thing we don’t see much of these days Pros: Has a very stable connection using Wi-Fi It alerts you when motion is detected You can live stream and watch everything in real time it is a little slow but does what it’s supposed to It will record motion as advertised with a few exceptions which I will get you later This makes a great baby monitor but not for security Cons: There is a 5 second delay that cannot be changed for recording to begin Motion detection will only record up to a minute you cannot set it for higher than that You cannot record what you are seeing or are given an option to record other than the one minute motion detection which has a five minute delay before a new recording will start So basically if something is going on you cannot record it for evidence Overall I give this three stars because it does what it says it does I would gladly give it five stars if they added a feature to record video and allowed longer motion detection recording
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5 years ago, Kaizen099567899
Beware of Apple Activation Lock Screen
Hello, I am not sure if this occurred due to installing this application on my iPad 2. A couple of days after installing I turned on my iPad and saw an official looking device activation lock screen on my iPad 2. I actually did Google this and some sites said to be aware, but I COULD NOT access my iPad without entering my Apple ID and password. A couple of days later I receive a two factor authentication notification that my Apple ID was being used to sign into a device in China. I am not sure if installing this application caused this to happen, but this has never happened to me before and the timing was to much of a coincidence. I am glad though that I have two-factor authentication activated as it prevented the Chinese from accessing my iCloud account. The application does work though, just be cautious.
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6 years ago, DapperDanm
Handy and useful app (esp. considering it’s free!)
I first downloaded this app when I was away at school to monitor my room if I was not home. I had an old iPhone I didn’t want to part with so it worked out perfectly. It worked great save for the few times it logged me off and I didn’t know why- but that was rare. It really came in handy once at the gym. On occasion you’d hear about a locker being broken into, so whenever I had something valuable with me I’d leave my phone in my locker with the presence app on and alarm set (with 5 second window to disarm once I returned). Went to work out after giving a class presentation (had to leave my wallet, tablet, and watch in locker) and someone tried to steal my stuff. When he opened the locker it set off the alarm and instantly notified me on my iPod. The guy tried to silence it, but couldn’t so he panicked and ran away empty handed. I’m so glad I had this app. It is awesome and I recommend 100%.
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6 years ago, Jimmy Joe 1963
Great app
I’ve been using Presence for 3 years now and it’s a truly great app for peace of mind. I use the free version and it works fine, I just delete any videos that aren’t important. I can keep an eye on my driveway, front door and pet. It’s a good warning device, however if someone does show up on your doorstep you need to have a plan. Call the police? A neighbor? Etc. Also the camera isn’t great so if I ever needed to identify a face or license plate I don’t think I could. Still, when I’m away it’s great to get texts and videos if anything happens. Thanks Presence for a great app.
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6 years ago, Happy Home surveillance
My husband and I are temporarily living with some people while we are waiting to get into our own place. Our room has been ransacked and things stolen.. this is the best app for getting to the bottom of... WHO IS REALLY COMING INTO OUR ROOM!! Love the fact that I receive text messages ASAP if there is any movement in our room and videos the whole invasion.. not to mention having the ability to look at what’s going on at home when we are not even there.. Can not say enough good things about this app.. Best app on my phone and iPad!!
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6 years ago, L4Lori
Fire danger warning!
I turned on the Presence app before I left for a trip. It’s suddenly stopped recording, so I had my son go to my house when he had a chance to see why. When he got to my house, phone was too hot to even touch. The glass was popping out of the casing of the phone, the metal had become so hot it started bulging and forcing the glass out of the case. What happened was, an iTunes or Apple update alert notification popped up, causing the phone to “run“ and the screen to remain lit up. Having the phone plugged in to power it (which is the only way you can have this app constantly running without draining the battery,) will cause it to overheat if any Apple updates or iTunes notifications, etc. turn on, which could happen any time without notice.
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3 years ago, 3121pinkbaby
Canceling should be as easy as subscribing
I purchased the presence pro by touching the ad for pro that was always right there on my screen. Used it briefly. Realized I didn't utilize it enough to need the pro version. Went to look for the same easy way to cancel that was available to purchase it but I can't find out anywhere how to cancel the pro version. They don't even have that information in the F&Q section. I've sent a message to the developer and waiting to hear. If I don't hear from them I'll have to contact my CC company to inform them to not allow this company to charge anything . What a shame. They make it easy to take your money but hard for you to request that it's no longer taken.
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7 years ago, Dominick from NY
Very few apps and products that I have come across in my life that I can honestly say just work. It is a very simple easy to use app, that actually looks very cheap and cheaply done. But that is the beauty of presents, it's not that it's cheap, it's just simplistic and actually just works. It's extremely easy to work, and everything works beautifully and flawlessly. I can't keep saying that enough. Are use Geo fencing to use my phone's GPS to tell my cameras at my house whether to arm or disarm based on if I'm at the house or away.
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6 years ago, W. G.
Worked where other security apps didn’t
A recent family emergency created the need to leave home for an extended period. Another security app I tried would work for about an hour, then go offline. This app, on the other hand, worked perfectly. Even though there were a few times it reported my camera as being offline, it was always able to reconnect and show me a live stream of my house within minutes. Great app. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, Duo-Maxwell2
Important parts don’t work.
The motion detection doesn’t work well when looking through a window. Anything above tiny movements doesn’t work unless I’m literally two feet from the camera waving my arms frantically. Motion detection doesn’t work at all if your window has a screen. Video uploading didn’t work at all it always failed to upload. I have perfect connection to the WiFi. I tried their suggestions of clearing the cache and soft restarting the phone none worked. I even factory reset the phone and reinstalled the app and it still didn’t work. I had both these issues on multiple devices. Creating rules and notifications worked great but that’s about it. I’m giving up and moving on to a different solution.
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7 years ago, pvdoug
I found this app rather problematical the first few weeks. That was probably my fault, and I was annoyed when the app owners kept pushing me to rate it. But after using the app for about 4 months I must say I love it. The remote "motion detector recording button" makes it even more awesome. I don't always get a full 30 seconds of video but I always get as much as I need. Great app! NOT SO GREAT! I use two iPhone fives as my video cameras. About two months ago I noticed one of my iPhone 5's screen was expanding. Now I see the other one is doing the same thing. I see one other reviewer complained about a bulging battery. This is not good and it may not be safe. What is going on? And it gets worse! I reached out to Presence and got an immediate and unbelievable response from “Evan”. He said, and I quote, “Hey there, this is not too uncommon as it is a result of the phone being plugged in to for extended periods of time”. BUT THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! He said Presence would get back to me but they never did. Unbelievable. I am going to post on Apple communities and see how widespread this is.
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6 years ago, Fairlaneblaine
Works great until updated, then crashes, then can’t access my cameras then have to restart app on the cameras, impossible to do when you aren’t home. Every update screwed up something ....finally became reliable for the most part, not disconnecting as much , but then it stopped recording due to the memory full issue, updated all of the software and still won’t record, support seems to just be a bot sending the same messages to everyone with the issue. After 2 years of using this app, it still remains unreliable. It’s more of a novelty than actual security. After updating my review, they have reset my account and it seems to be working correctly, I do like it when it works.
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4 years ago, vicenac
Crashes a lot. Does not in background
This is a Chinese company with no address and no way to delete your account. TheirAbout page has some generic text. Don’t let the Chinese governed into your home and don’t give them your email and password. I have it on an iPad 2. Crashes many times while trying to get it to work. Same on an iPhone 7. Even when I tried to purchase the pro. But the deal breaker is that it does t work in the background. I use the iPad 2 to display the family calendar 24h a day. I need the camera to work while the calendar is displayed. When the app is in foreground, it works, but it displays the video on the screen. All you have is a Dimm Screen button. For some, this might be ok.
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7 years ago, Jjense01
My 5S was sitting in a drawer collecting dust because it had a shattered screen. It's now operating as a doggie/security cam/motion sensor/intercom (with Zello). Absolutely perfect this app. Well executed and looks like it will have long term development. Only recommendations I'd make is to make it shoot in landscape even when positioned vertically if that's possible and become HomeKit compatible somehow. Not taking stars away for that because I don't know if those are things in their control. It's AMAZING. Have two 4S phones begging to be repurposed as well.
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6 years ago, Nopapapapapapapapalapapa
Thank God for Presence
The Presence app saved my house and possibly my children from five men breaking in while when I by chance heard it all going down on my computer while I was at work and was able to call my best friend who lives two doors down who scared them away at 11:15 in the morning on May 17, 2018. And because I was able to tell her that I heard insistent knocking and then glass breaking she was able to go over there with her camera ready and got great pictures for the police.
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7 years ago, Bcsones09
New neighborhood kid..
So we have a new kid in the neighborhood that likes to come Invite himself to play on our front porch. So I heard about this app and thought what the hell why not. I had to set the sensitivity to normal as we live in a Fairly busy street and the cars were setting it off. I set up my old busted up iPhone on a car jack I never installed. And plugged it in. I had my son go test it for me by walking up to the front door. Worked like a champ!! I'm so excited that there is a sense of security and I spent nothing!!!
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7 years ago, Lonestar G
Free version works
I give it 5 stars for smart and very practical use of old smart phones for cheap or free home monitoring. Although I only had one old smart phone (iphone4) to use as a camera, that was enough to secure a key area for me. If your personal wifi is intermittent in service it will interfere with "cameras" ability to alway be ready. The smart phone you carry will alert you via email and the app when motion is detected. Tip- use a motion sensor lamp in the camera area for night watch.
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4 years ago, Dino-licious
Works Amazingly Well
I have several different camera systems that I’ve purchased over the years but I find myself using Presence over the the systems that I’ve paid for because of its ease of use and great features. It’s truly amazing that this app is free. They could easily charge for this app and still do very well, but they chose to offer a free (limited) version that has everything you would need for a basic security system to cover a small area like a bedroom.
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1 year ago, keep the free version
Keep the free version
Got this to monitor a loved one in a nursing home after the second time she fell. Downloaded this app in a pinch and it worked great. Until I upgraded to the pro version so I could have larger storage and longer video record time. Now it won’t even stay connected and I’m out $50 wishing I had kept the free version. This is great for real time monitoring, not so great at vexed longer than 30 seconds and if you think you need the pro version just go buy something else.
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6 years ago, Lainie Rae
Quick & Easy to set up and use. Can’t believe it! I use two different devices for cameras, works like a charm! Video quality is amazing compared to another one I tried. The only thing I wish it had (and maybe it does and I just haven’t figured it out yet) is the ability to watch more then one camera at a time. Like split screen or something. But over all this is an awesome app and you find anything cheaper or easier.
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5 years ago, V0LT Tech
Great app!
This app is amazing! Not only does it provide a fantastic service for free, but it maintains your privacy while it does it. While you do have to sacrifice a little bit of connectivity quality for the increase privacy, that is absolutely a compromise I’m willing to make. Great program overall! The only thing that I could really suggest to make it better would be to allow users to host their own servers, as this would further increase privacy.
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6 years ago, snikcir
Not useable
I’ve had this app for a long time. I use it when I am going to be out of town. At first it worked great. This past month it has has been worthless. I have it set to an away mode with rules to record with tiny motions, which I don’t know if it does because it always switches to the front camera after a few hours. Yes, I have a rule to use the back camera when put in away mode but it doesn’t stay there. It also un-dims the screen and turns off the mic. An iPhone 5 is being used as the camera. I have deleted the camera, deleted the app and reinstalled both but nothing helps. I wish this app would work as it would be a great solution for security, but it doesn’t.
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2 weeks ago, Popular Demand by Mark
Is this a scam?
I downloaded it and accepted their “strong password”, and took a screenshot. I look at screen shot to get password and the password isn’t in the screenshot. What? How is that possible? I tried to reset password and it sent me an email to reset it, which brought me right back to the app with no option of changing the password. I went through the process at least 3 times and realized that it was impossible to set up the account. I deleted the app. I give it one star bc you have to give it at least one star. I should video the process and post it. The app can’t stop a video recorder from recording it, like it prevented the screenshot. Is this a scam?
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6 years ago, Robo 😵🔨
Thank you!🙌🏽
All I can say, is that this app is not only reliable, but free. And it works! Every time. They have motion sensing and geofencing that actually works. A free app that is not a gimmick that glitches out and needs a update. It just works. By far the most discrete and inexpensive way to add security and eyes in your home, but it’s free, if it actually works very well. This is the only review I have ever left on an app. Advice:Turn on guided access with Touch ID so your devices are locked...
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7 years ago, Brandy Knie
Best free security system I can find no strings attached
Make a twitter account if you don't have one. I am a land lord living with attendance can creeps me out what the can do with toothpaste and lay on my bed and brush off athletes foot, jock itch, staff boils, bedmates, bedbugs, frankly I just like the peace of mind. I think this app deserve a generous donation. I have two tablets and smart phones are use one of my tablets for security cam and have a Twitter account on my phone I don't use the Twitter account on my tablet unless it's logged out.
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6 years ago, Vivbravo
Remote camera doesnot work after 5 days of use
It worked great till 5 days. The alert rules and the functionality provided in demo version are spectacular. I am using my iphone 5 that is connected at my home with my wifi. However, on 6th day it just shows me that my phone camera is connected remotely but doesnot stream anything on my monitor device (iphone 7) even after repeatedly clicking on the GUI interface. The icon for remote controlled camera is greyed out and says that the device was last connected 2 hours ago. This is the only issue faced so far and if fixed i will bump it upto 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Laceyp84
Not reliable
I subscribed to this because the first week it was great on the free version then I paid and within 2 days I couldn't get on live stream so I wrote customer service and they told me a way to reset the cookies which while waiting I had deleted it and redownloaded it which seemed to fix the issue for another week then same issue every week. Now it doesn't record anything whereas before I had to change the settings every single time to the settings I had previously set. Not really a good app due to the technical issues but if it worked better I would love it. I like that you can set it to record movement so I can see when my dog is misbehaving.
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