Presets for Lightroom - FLTR

Photo & Video
4.8 (76.4K)
175 MB
Age rating
Current version
Onelight Apps CY Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Presets for Lightroom - FLTR

4.83 out of 5
76.4K Ratings
3 years ago, AnnieOkiee
Amazing (I even bought the yearly subscription!)
I’m not big on buying subscriptions to apps, and I find the “free” stuff as very misleading. However, this app is THE ONE you want to spend money on! You can even add filters in the app without having to open Lightroom! There’s a multitude of presets, like, hundreds! They’re all so pretty too! I’ve never had this app crash either! If there’s something I could change, it would be how many steps it is to change a picture in the filter option. I want to add that filter to multiple pictures most of the time, and it’s quite a bit of steps, instead of just being able to go back to picture selection. However, with this app being so versatile, I don’t mind at this moment. A multi photo update would be AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for the FLTR app, I’m so so happy I found it!
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4 years ago, Mallarie
Awesome App!
I have to say, I am new to photography and presets so it took me a little while to figure out how to use this. I read all the reviews on this app, and I think a lot of people don’t know how to use it. There are certain filters that are free, and the majority of them you have to pay for. But you don’t have to pay anything to use the free ones and they are really great! Because I’m just starting out I might wait a little while before buying the full app, but my pictures have turned out great using the free ones. It tells you if you are about to buy one, and it says what filters are free. Great app!
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3 years ago, 3G S Man
At this time of writing I will have to give this app a 2 star rating. They have very good presets but they mechanism to copy the preset is inaccurate on the tutorials. For one the copy to Lightroom is not there even when to go to “more”. I’m running this on a 2020 iPad Pro 12 inch iPad with iOS 15. It only shows to go to Lightroom. Once you click on it it imports the photo from FLT into your Lightroom. From there you can copy the presets from the imported photo from FLTR. I do not wish to have a photo imported every time I want use a filter to then copy the presets to add to my photo. If I was to only use FLTR to apply the presets then this would be a 5 star app if that was all that I wanted to do but that is not the case. Since I paid for a year to use it I will deal with it but unless they fix it I will not be renewing this subscription.
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2 years ago, Happy Reportwr
Really cool app!
I’m no professional photographer but me and my friends like to take good pictures just for fun and I’ve been searching for the perfect app to use to edit the photos we take. This app has so many filters and presets to edit your photos to make them look just right. Once I found this app, I used the cool filters on almost all of my pictures! The presets make them look amazing! If your thinking about buying this app then you should! I definitely recommend!!
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5 years ago, abbbbbssssssassss
Okay so most apps you have to pay a TON of money just to get a preset, which no one wants to do. This app allows you to either pay for bonus presets, or stick with the 20+ ones they let you have for free if you watch a 30 second video. I absolutely love the fact that you can watch a video and have access to a preset, please keep this feature forever! Everyone download it, it’s super easy to use and the presets are SO PERFECT! Your Instagram will be aesthetic and awesome.
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4 years ago, jlyons76
Took me a few minutes to understand how to work but once I figured it out, I loveeed it!! Actually pretty easy to use once you read the instructions! You do have to pay for the majority of them but they’re all bundled! So I got all 250 presets for $9 which is a really good deal! Love the present! Super easy editing now! I just got into photography and bought a $40 software but honestly I’ll probably just edit on my phone now!
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3 years ago, duckiemomorgan
Usually when I use good photo apps like this, it’ll have me download it, I’ll get really excited, and then I open it. Once I open it, jt has a subscription monthly pay and if you don’t do that, you can’t use the app. I love that this one atleast gives you MANY, VERY cute options for filters to test and see if you’d like to subscribe in the first place. Absolutely love this app.
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5 years ago, M_oo_se
I’ve been a photographer for several years and I have to say that these presets are awesome! I love using presets to stream line my workflow and enjoy testing out some new ones when I come across them. For the amount and quality of these presets you could easily spend over $100. So getting them for free is just icing on the cake! I’d definitely recommend this app to my friends.
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3 years ago, Smileyshelby
Used to be great
I loved this app! They would post one free preset a day. Now, there are no free presets. When I click on any preset, the photos won’t load to view. I can no longer recommend this app to friends. Update: Sept 2021 After a few weeks of back and forth with the support, I saw there was a new update for the app. I also updated to iOS 15. Support now had me reinstall the app. This seems to have fixed it 🖤.
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5 years ago, Amandapleasssss
Pretty good for iPhone users
Bruh!!! Testing these filters app and they are good and I recognized ollivves work lol. This isn’t bad especially when it can go into Lightroom without breaking your neck finding what works or what’s affordable. If you depend on your iPhone for almost all your photos... get this app frfr! Even if you transfer pics from a HQ camera... this is it for it!!
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4 years ago, Sofale
Presets are not loading
I’ve had this app for about two months. I have an active subscription. I just found out that the presets are not loading. I get an error message saying that “something went wrong, please try again later.” I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again and restore subscription still no help. Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks.
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3 years ago, g10ell
Worked until now
I used this app on and off for awhile. And it’s always worked great…until now. I updated my phone and then it completely stopped working. I have no access to any filters, and I followed all the instructions that the support center offers to try and get it working again. I sent a message and no one got back to me, I think this app is great but they need to at least let people know that they have received their message.
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1 year ago, BAR112
Seems to work pretty well…
However, I will not consider a subscription. I’ll try it a little more with the free filters then decide whether to purchase for a one-time fee. I like the simplicity of not having to go into Lightroom (overly complicates things). It offers to apply the filter direct to a photo in my Camera Roll. I may update my review later…
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4 years ago, stephh02
Don’t waste your money.
I purchased this app thinking it would unlock a lot better filters, however none of the filters work on my pictures. They all turn out super saturated or washed out. I contacted them to get a refund and cancel my subscription immediately but no one ever responded to my inquiry. It’s also super time consuming to use. You have to open in Lightroom (which half the time doesn’t work on the first try) copy the presets, upload your picture then paste... only to find out it looks terrible on your picture. Biggest waste of money ever!
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3 years ago, Vanessa21212
The Quality Is True
Finally a preset app that works and enhances phone photos to appear as if you used a professional camera. Doesn’t blur original picture and seems to sharpen and highlight the right portions to make your photos pop. Very easy to navigate and guides you each step. A dream for saving time!
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2 years ago, Slim0524
Not What I Expected
If I could rate it 0 stars I would. I was hoping to at least find one preset that works great with my skin. Everything was horrible and I’m so mad I just laid $14 for the year because it was such a waste of money. Not ONE preset looked good and I’m really upset. I literally used every preset including the dark skin one and it didn’t even look good. Everything was either overly exposed or just didn’t look right with my pictures. I tried outside and indoor pics and nothing looked good ☹️ literally mad I bought these stupid presets.
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2 years ago, sam2014s
I seriously want to cry I thought it was $9 and I just wanted to try it out it charged me the yearly rate of $30 and I have no idea how to use it. You have to download another app there is 100 steps for each thing you want to do. I’ve been playing with it and hour and haven’t figured out a single thing. Unless you are very tech savvy and already know how to do this do not download. I also do not know how it charged me the yearly rate without me choosing that. $30 is a bunch chunk of change for me.
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7 months ago, andrew.sanros
Wow… what a great app! I never leave reviews, but this one definitely deserves one. Not only are there TONS of free presets, but you don’t need to break bank unlocking the paid ones. You can either buy them (very cheap) or watch a simple ad! Such a great and friendly app, recommended to everyone! 😁
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3 years ago, Ni Korn
A lot of presets!
When I chose to pay for this app annually was because the other apps are expensive and don’t offer the amount of presets they say or at least in comparison with this one, this has way more options and better filter quality as well. I love it so far!
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5 years ago, Em2298476639285637
App has good filters but you can’t put them on any of your own pictures. It tells you to copy them to Lightroom which doesn’t even work and then you aren’t even able to use them on your own pictures which is the whole point of why I got the app in the first place and payed $20 for it. Kind of a waste of money if you can’t even edit your own photos, only the sample ones? Or if you can edit your own it certainly doesn’t explain how well.
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2 years ago, mr. lambchop
This app is great!!!
Most of these kinds of apps have like two or three filters that are free but this one has a lot! I still wish there were more open for free. The filters are cute and I love how you can adjust the amount of the filter on the photo. They also DONT have a water mark when you save them which is AWESOME!!
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3 years ago, ahart65
App Doesn’t work On my phone
I have an IPhone XR and the app does not work on my phone. The Adobe app works but not this one. I’ve tried all the directions etc. all J get is something went wrong. I can’t even use it and J paid ten dollars for 1 month for a stupid app I cannot use. Very disappointed. The Adobe app works on its own but not with the other app. I just don’t have hours to mess with it anymore my mom is in hospice right now. -April-
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5 years ago, pop45drop3
Holy moly
Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out a filter to make a new Instagram aesthetic and I couldn’t ever get what I was looking for... this has everything I could want. So easy to save to Lightroom and I’m only using the free version (but I’m okay with ads)and I haven’t found any problems with it. Download this!
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3 years ago, Anammmbbbrrrrr
Instagram add scam
I dont know how I ended paying a $29 subscription just by clicking download app through an instagram add. I guess I already had the app downloaded on my iPhone don't know why, but actually , I just clicked on the download button just to check the app and see if I liked it, but I went to a horrible trap where the Download button resulted in an instant purchase. How can I get my money back? I fill like this is a scam. I never wanted to buy this app. Thanks
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4 years ago, Mrsjburton
More variety
Love the easiness and concept. Wish there was more of a variety though. It seems like all of the filters are still very similar with the standard IG filters ie Gingham, Valencia etc. Would love to see some filters that aren’t always muted tones.
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4 years ago, christianbrobison
So helpful!!
As someone who is fairly new to photography and editing my pictures, this app was incredibly useful in learning quickly how to edit my pictures to make them look best, especially with the amazing presets given to me.
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10 months ago, ChistineChristy
Upload issues
The filters are great, but there is a glitch that exists when you would like to select more images to upload and edit. You have to close the app completely and reopen it in order for the option to return. Please have your teams sprint a fix 🥹
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5 years ago, @adriana.mia_
I got this today and I see how everyone is getting lots of presets for free. I open the app and there is one collection that has 6 presets. 2 in which I don’t really like. I assumed there would be more options but all the other collections are saying I have to pay. Nor do I see instructional videos to make the actual preset. I know there is a tutorial videos on how it works, I know how to work it, I just do not see the given presets.
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3 years ago, sav7533
Glad to have this.
3 stars, but only because I kinda feel like there isn’t enough variety in the filters. I love the app, and I do use filters from this app on 90% of my pictures, but I always use the same few & when I try and find new ones they just honestly kinda look the same.
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4 years ago, ATREUS works
Why can’t all these presets be a drop down in Light Room. Why should I have to sift through all these presets to see what might work with my own photo and then have to open each one and back arrow back to my photo and try it. Takes way too much time. And it doesn’t look that much different than the photo I took. Way too much time to use this. I would rather just play with the settings in Lightroom.
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2 years ago, mojtabanapix
It cost me $ 10
Hello, do not be bored, I charged $ 10 to the App Store account to use the monthly subscription of the filter program. The money was deducted from the App Store account, but the filter did not work for me.
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5 years ago, Harmony Heeren
It's okay ig
I like it but I don't like the part where we have to pay for them! I literally only get 6 free presets also I saw on one of the reviews that you guys responded with that professional people make these presets but why? Why would you guys make these presets for professional photos I really recommend that you guys take photos with a regular phone and go on from their.
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5 years ago, sister_06
App Letter!
I love this app so much! It helps me with all my photos that i want to edit and make a little cute all thanks to you guys! I can feel cute and confident with myself! I was wanted to appreciate you guys for all the effort and time you put into this! Thank you sooo much!♥️.
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3 years ago, FlamingWaves
Great App
This was a great idea and you’ve put a lot of effort into this! Great job. I wish I could talk to the photographers involved. I noticed a lot of the original photos have all been edited in the same style before the preset was made and applied. It would be awesome if they could show us how they get to that point or if they could give us a “preset preset” if that makes sense. 😂 I think you’ll understand what I’m saying. It might help us get a better result. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work!
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4 years ago, magic.shells
Hi! I just purchased this app this evening in hopes my photo/photos would look similar to the presets purchased. Unfortunately, I tried numerous presets and numerous photos of mine, and all turned out very strange and unusual, looking as if there was mismatched coloring and whatnot. I was so excited to find this that I purchased it, however hope to receive a refund. Perhaps it works for some people, but sadly it didn’t work for me. I’d suggest testing this app before spending any money.
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3 years ago, jenniferher06
When I first tried this app I was a little confused but the app itself helps you how to do everything step by step. I like that I don’t have to mess with the color image and it’s just a simple copy and paste.
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5 years ago, serah33
The negative review was right.
Its no longer summer here in New England. Thus, i dont want summer filters. I want the vintage ones and a few others. Half of the apps filters should be free and the other half should be premium, not just one. Especially since the only one that is free has filters that i dont like and cant use. If youre going to have a free app with some premium features, set it up better than this. Id rather just use Lightroom on its own then bother with this hot mess.
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5 years ago, Eriineverafter
Seems too good to be true
This app is amazing . Free light room presets . The concern I have is when I tap the info tab it takes me to a url page that says “NOT SECURE” at the top next to the url. I kinda feel like it’s too good to be safe. Free presets you’d normally have to pay for. Not secure url when looking at privacy info.
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4 years ago, JJ_J_10
Best app
If you are looking for an app that has some free presets this app is for you. I was Skeptical at first because free is not always true. As well as free things are not always the best. I downloaded some of the free presets and I’m currently in love. They are awesome. You will not regret downloading this app!!! IT’S AMAZING
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4 years ago, ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✨
awesome 😍
I just started getting into lightroom because I love photography. I was looking for new, free presets because I wanted some new ones and wanted to know the downloading process before buying some actual professional presets. Love this app!!
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4 years ago, Manisharani
Nice filters
I like the filters and they are very nice! But I wish this app didn’t require so much going back and forth and having to download another app just to paste filters onto our own pictures. Overall, I do recommend for the filters!(:
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3 years ago, wuddup shawty
I can’t do anything else other than add a filter
After I’ve picked a filter it would not let me do anything else other than add a filter
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5 years ago, Huskyhuskyhuskyboss
Worst pre sets ever
Don’t get fooled!! I wasted $20 thinking that presets will look like they show on their pictures. Nothing close to what they show. The presets are horrible!!! Bad colors, over exposed pictures, and colors are just bad! I was informed that I can cancel my subscription at any time and it’s only at around $1.00 a month. I was charged $20! emailed them couple of times asking to cancel my subscription and there is no response. I feel I got cheated!
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11 months ago, MarlaE
Makes photos WORSE
Grainy textures, unnatural tinting, washed-out contrast — ick. If you open the demo and, as advised, tap and hold to see the original photo, you’ll see the original is usually quite a bit better. The artifacting in areas of solid color such as a blue sky was enough to make me cancel my free trial after 20 minutes (the option for a free trial is well-hidden, but definitely your best bet).
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11 months ago, ulupotto
Terrible app
First of all this app doesn’t work with out Lightroom so u need to be ready to pay another 49$ secondary secondary they charged me when I unsubscribed during free trial period when I tried to return my money back they ignored me even after fact i explained them that I unsubscribed during free trial period ! Scammers. Totally disappointed! Will never have a deal and highly do not recommend
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2 years ago, B.ETH1109
Add select all option
Would give another star if you could select multiple photos and apply the same filter to all at once.
Show more
5 years ago, hailey ehrlich
I’ve tried ab 1000 things to reach you guys I’ve emailed 3 times but you guys charged me 20 when you said it was supposed to be 1.67 a month and then it’s asking me to redirect into another app and have me pay 4.99 a month for that? I would like my refund I’ve already had to email you guys twice last night and tonight and after I purchased which I thought was supposed to me 1.67, it wouldn’t even let me look at any presets
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4 years ago, Soozinator
Worth it!
This app is amazing!! So many presets are sold online that aren’t worth the price, but this is worth every penny with amount of presets included. I Honestly was confused at how cheap this is considering the amount of presets available to download!
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4 years ago, Xiaocandou
Way too much work!
I thought I just buy the presets and loaded all of them into the presets. This is WAY too much work!!! I regret downloading this. you have to open the preset one by one and copy and paste the settings each time when you use it. Don’t even have a preview before selecting the preset. Most of the time, it doesn’t work with my photos after all the work. It’s waste of my time! I’m going to request for refund.
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4 years ago, momlifemegan
Filters are inaccurate
I have tried all the free filters that I got with my $20 subscription on several different pictures of mine with different lighting, different places, etc. And no matter what all of the presets make ridiculous colors. I’d request my $20 bucks back seeing as these presets are completely unusable, however, the “contact us” button the app coincidentally does not work. Please don’t waste your money!
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