Pretty Good Solitaire

4.4 (33)
155.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Goodsol Development Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pretty Good Solitaire

4.39 out of 5
33 Ratings
10 years ago, djezz12
No Hint makes it harder to learn new games
I'm disappointed there is no Hint. Having a Hint is very useful when you're first learning a game. So now I've got a big bunch of hard-to-learn games. You also don't seem to be able to choose your background. You can choose card faces and backs, but not the background. You have to settle for what the game chooses for you. With some games, its selection was too bright. Too bad it was too bright for one of the types of solitaire I like because it was too hard on my eyes to play it. There's a nice dark green rug background on the screen where you select your game, but no way to choose that as a default. This is the first solitaire game I've tried where you can't choose your background. There are options to turn "Toolbar Icons" and "Transparent Toolbar" on and off, but I have yet to see them do anything. There is also a problem with the autoplay button, which seems to work backwards. You think you're turning it off, but you're turning it on. Maybe it works backwards in some games. On the positive side, there are certainly a lot of solitaire games to choose from. But if you're looking for a particular favorite, you may find a variation that's close but not quite what you want. It suggests "games like this" that you can look at if you have a favorite and are looking for similar games, but I didn't always see much similarity. There was once a solitaire game called "Grandfather" that was included on a computer with Linux installed. It was actually Russian Solitaire -- only it allowed 2 redeals. It left the aces and whatever cards you had in the foundations, and would redeal the tableau. As a result, you were able to win sometimes -- not like regular Russian Solitaire where you only win once in a blue moon. I've never found that variation anywhere but Linux, where it's part of the kpatience set. I'm still hoping it's one of the over 500 games included with this set, but I haven't found it yet.
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7 years ago, BJP44
I have played solitaire on my computer for years but nothing has ever come close in comparison for my iPad......until I found this one! There are about a million games and the features and options that make a game easy to play are all here and with easy to understand rules. I'm not sure I'll ever get to all the games. This is one great app!!!!
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3 years ago, Wilbert9870
Best solitaire out there
It’s been a while since it has been updated (previous version was 2015) but there really is nothing to compete with it for variety of games. Glad it’s seeing some attention and hopefully more players.
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3 years ago, !!!!!!!~!~!
loved it before this last update - this just started working again
This new update on the ipad freezes after one game is played. Hope this bug gets fixed quickly.
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6 years ago, Airforceteacher
Purchased it because I loved the PC version ...
But the iPad version is buggy - it keeps losing my score history - it shows all of my scores as zero. Also, I don’t like not knowing how many more deals are available in a game - on the PC it was clear from the picture or a label how many more deals, but the only way in this game is to deal and hold your finger on the deck.
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3 years ago, Tennna
Best solitaire
I have been playing this for years on various PCs. So happy to get the app for my iPad. The variety is great. I found old favorites and have learned many new games. I wish a version for the iPhone was available.
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2 years ago, nickel & diming me
Needs an update for iOS 16
Missing the one game I love and play the most. Checking for my other favs now… Terrible!! Tried to play and not even functional on iOS 16. No way to exit and choose another game while in game screen so can’t change deck it auto switched on me. I’ve been playing forever on PC and this version is a huge letdown. Save your money until it’s fixed.
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4 years ago, Leading Chief
Fun and well done, but . . .
There are multitudes of games here, and all well done, but I can no longer find the option to upload scores, or to see scores already uploaded.
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4 years ago, qobdbeuw
Updates for iOS
I was just wondering if there will be any updates on PGS for IOS soon? I know the windows version has quests and I would like to see that come to IOS. Love this app!
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7 years ago, Chuckcfix
I have waited a good while for PGS to hit the iPad. I've played the PC version for a good many years and no other version of solitaire comes close to the quality and number of games! BRAVO!
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3 years ago, OFemur
Thanks for the Update
Thanks for the latest update. The game is now playable again.
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7 years ago, Bpurr
I have used this for many, many years. It is the best.
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3 years ago, corianderst
Update problems
Have used this app for years and I love it, but the new update (first in ages) keeps crashing. Please fix!
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11 years ago, DavidHsl
Excellent implementation
This is an excellent implementation of a long-standing computer title that I've been playing for over a decade. The solitaire versions the developer has designed himself for this series rank favorably with the classic solitaire versions included. Minor nits include my wish he would implement Osmosis as draw 3 (Four by Five is close), sound effects are poor, and I'd love to see Moojub added. But the positives are so overwhelming that I can't dock any stars. I find the interface intuitive, the solitaire versions numerous and varied, the graphics appealing, and the rules on playing each version clearly written. This is a game for the serious solitaire enthusiast, and casual players might prefer another title by the same developer that features fewer variants. But if you are a serious solitaire player, this title is a must buy both for iPad and computer (PC or Mac).
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7 years ago, Jkdaisy
Absolutely the best
I have also been playing this game for 20 years or more. Not only doesn't sound hundreds of games, it's user interface is wonderful, and thee customer support is terrific. Two things I miss from the PC version: The game beautiful Russian which is hard to find, and the ability to search for games by difficulty. Inform with this many days it would be wonderful to have a multiple search, for example hard games with three decks. However I'm just really grateful that this game exists!
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9 years ago, edmoonus
Amazing that so many games can be put into one App!
This is the app you want to get if you are serious about solitaire and you want lots of solitaire games. I believe it is up to 575 and still growing. The interface and navigation is clean and simple, the rules and instructions are more detailed than most and their is sometimes a brief history and list of similar games provided. I really like that game deals are given numbers which allows you to discuss them between players online and even find solutions!
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10 years ago, mue2
The best solitaire
I have owned the Windows versions from its beginning well more than a decade ago, having wasted many a happy hour avoiding work playing Three Shuffles and a Draw or Spider. The iPad version follows the superb tradition of the Windows version, with hundreds of games including all the favorites and many unique to Goodsol. It allows the player to save a board to experiment with a line of play and then rewind if it does not pan out. I hope the developers add an iPhone version for at least the iPhone 6 Plus, but for now this is an iPad only app.
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11 years ago, chaya
Almost perfect
But 5 stars because 4.5 isn't available. As a long time fan of both their Mac and PC versions, I've been waiting for an iPad version for years. This set is expensive, but it has the biggest selection of games around. Even in 4 deck games, the screen is perfectly clear and readable and never looks cluttered. If you believe that cheating or restarting in solitaire is ok, their snapshot button is essential. I really missed it with the other iPad solitaire games I've played. "Almost" perfect because (maybe in the next version?) 1. The game is set up for people who are left handed. It needs a right handed option, so I can turn the cards without covering the screen with my arm. 2. It has a favorites list, but those aren't my favorites. There's no way to edit it to add the ones I want and delete the others. 3. Please bring back Minerva and it's variations.
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9 years ago, ChuckAvalon
Been playing the solitaire for years
After enjoying the PC version for several years I thought I'd try the iPad version. It is still a great time waster. The only complaint is the lack of a press and hold undo button. Having to press the undo 104 times to back up and start from the beginning or close to the beginning is tiresome. This seems to be the only flaw.
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11 years ago, ntwhite1
I have been waiting for these geniuses (and I mean that sincerely) to come up with an iPad version. I have been buying/updating their computer version for years and am so glad they developed this version for those of us who are iPad only these days. Haven't played all the games yet, but have really enjoyed the ones I have played. Great job and well worth the purchase price.
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10 years ago, OesUdx
Having been with this series since almost the beginning, and anxiously awaiting the iPad version, I am extremely disappointed with the Auto function. You cannot disable it in options, it makes a first move when you touch the option Button on the game menu and often decides on its own to do a quick start move when you only want to select one card. I hope this is fixed in an update soon.
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11 years ago, MeadowsendJoan
Best solitaire now on iPad!
For years, Goodsol has been my constant companion on my PC, and I'm delighted that it's finally available for the iPad. For the classics like Klondike and Spider, its implementation is excellent, but where it really shines is in the variety of games. You'll never tire of playing with so many different challenges. Check out my favorite, "Lady of the Manor."
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8 years ago, spacial relationship gal
Still the best
I have been playing pretty good solitaire for almost 20 years. Been playing the mac version for about 7yrs (windows prior to that). Was thrilled to find that there's an iPad version. Still waiting for Cromwell to appear on the mac version, but I know it'll happen by n by.
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10 years ago, Puppycat1972
Long Time Fan
I have been a fan of Goodsol Dev / Pretty Good Solitaire for years. I've had it on every PC I've ever owned and I'm so pleased to find it available for the iOS platform. If you are only familiar with a few solitaire games, check out this app. You won't be disappointed!
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9 years ago, tnsmeek
Pure Crap!
I have and love the desktop version. I was happy to see this come out for my iPad, but when I purchased it a few weeks ago, it crashed back to my home screen without saving the game progress 3 times in the first half hour I played it. I immediately requested a refund from the Apple Store an have been completely ignored. I have sent emails on 3 different dates and still nothing. No refund, no communication, absolutely nothing, which is what this app is worth.
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11 years ago, grammafe
Thank You
Love, love, love if. If it is possible, can you add "Three Up " on the next upgrade? It would be fun to play that when I am away from my desk top. Until then< I will try to master the ones that are available. By the way, are all the games winnable? Be Good to Yourselves. Grammafe
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9 years ago, Puzzle_Fan3L
Expensive but comprehensive
Only a value for a true solitaire lover. If that's you then you'll enjoy the multitude of puzzles for all skill levels. If you're a dabbler then you may want to check out the freebies with advertising.
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11 years ago, MWS1968
Absolutely awesome
My favorite solitaire game Pretty Good Solitaire has came to the iPad! I am real impressed with how it looks (just like on my Mac), how easy it is to play with tap or drag, and my favorite thing is how you can pinch and zoom the cards - that is awesome!
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11 years ago, Ceglut
Love it!
This is a "must have" game if you love to play solitaire. Tons games to choose from and the play is very fluid and beautiful. I have been playing on my computer for years and now it's so wonderful to have it on my iPad.
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10 years ago, Foxie Lee
Well another great card app by Goodsol!! So nice to see this for the IPAD. Thanks Thomas as you are so good in making all the card apps. I have all of them on my Mac and now the IPAD. Well worth the price for all the card games in this app.
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10 years ago, Slxku
Best solitaire games
I've using their PC games and now the iPad versions forever (at least 15 years). They're games and interface are all great. A must buy if you are a solitaire fan.
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8 years ago, hdofu
Serious collection of patience games
The second biggest collection of solitaire/patience games I know of on iOS, one of the best presentation wise though too bad it is only for iPad
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11 years ago, sacruser
Simply the none!
Have enjoyed playing the PC version for many years. Now it is on the iPad - fantastic! Mr. Warfield has come through again with an outstanding piece of software! Thanks, Tom.
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11 years ago, Mark N
Best solitaire game out there
I've been playing Pretty Good Solitaire since about 1999 and this iPad version lives up to Thomas's high standards. You won't be disappointed with the variety in this game!
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11 years ago, wopette
And the winner is Pretty Good Solitaire!
We were happy to see Pretty Good Solitaire come out for the iPad. We have been playing Pretty Good Solitaire on our PC for years. Great app and well worth the money. Thanks!
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11 years ago, Jeenootz
The Best App Ever
Finally, all my old Good Sol favorite games and more. Too bad we had to purchase 4 goodsol games before this app came out! The other 4 are now in the cloud.
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9 years ago, bmarsh
Why not same features as for PC?
I bought this for my PC and it is pretty much like the old, beloved Solitaire Master, which was awesome. Why does the IPad version have no snapshot, and where are the statistics? Very disappointing for the price.
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9 years ago, Ayo8418
Mobile App
My mobile app is no longer playing since installing IOS 9. I'm sure an update to this app would fix this problem.
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9 years ago, Stub my
Crashes with iOS9
Mine won't work, either.
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11 years ago, cam57tx
I've been waiting for the iPad version! I'm loving it. I play everyday.
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9 years ago, The destroyer is here
Fair Lucy
Why is fair Lucy not included in this version. My favorite in older version.
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9 years ago, statsrus
Crashing with iOS 9
Anyone else having problems since upgrading to iOS 9. I can't play at all. The app crashes when I select a game.
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3 years ago, NanaSue*
Updated Version 20221
I have played PGS since way before the iPad came out. Of course I was delighted to finally be able to load it to my iPad Mini when I purchased it in 2013. As the system of the iPad mini became obsolete at 9.1, I upgraded to an iPad Pro so i could keep my games current. I have been satisfied until the last update, which has changed the appearance of the menu to a smaller font. Also, it plays kind of “jerky” the way the cards advance to the piles when in Auto mode. It’s distracting. I can no longer give it 5 stars. Maybe it’s the price of “progress,” but now some games won’t play on the iPad Mini and just freeze up. That means some of my favorites have gone away. 😓
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4 years ago, Gingi7
this WAS the best until iOS 14.2 installed
12/6/20 After iOS 14.2 update, the app wouldn’t open at all. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now, while it does open, it no longer displays in high resolution on my iPad Pro! I notice that there haven’t been any releases for 3 years. I hope you are not abandoning this app for the iPad. It is waaaayyyy better than BVS.
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