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User Reviews for PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

4.72 out of 5
41K Ratings
6 years ago, alishasj13
Love it!
I found this app through a blog post that I found on google when I was searching for an app that would help me theme my instagram easily (and inexpensively). I couldn’t decide between two packs, so I bought them both (which was only about $ comparison to paying $9 a month for other apps) and I get to have the filters in each pack for life for that one price. The filters themselves are great! I love both packs I bought and I use one of the filters every day for my instagram. Another great feature is the fact that the app saves each picture you edit within the app itself. This is great for me because I can then delete those pictures from my camera roll, but still have quick and easy access to them within the app. It’s never crashed, there’s no annoying pop-up ads, and it has made the other editing apps I have on my phone pretty much useless. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, TroyTaylor046
0 stars if I could!!
This app would be great if it worked, but it doesn’t. I got this app for only one profile, that I post on moderately it worked for a little while, until it started not working on any content at all. I immediately tried to get in contact with every customer support option they had, email being the only one that responded after I waited a while. When they finally did respond they gave some solutions, so I tried them and not a single one worked. I told them this and they gave me some more solutions, which you guessed it didn’t work either. At this point days have past because each back and forth email takes them days to respond to. We have continued this for weeks now, I sent them screen recordings and everything I could to help them best assist me, yet they have just sent me the same solutions that didn’t work in the first place. I have sent them my phone number in the hope someone would at least give me a call to figure this out and I’ve had no response. So when the app inevitably stops working for you and you need help don’t expect fast service, service that works, or even a refund. Not only am I and will you lose the money spent on this app, but more importantly you’ll lose the opportunity cost you could’ve made if you’d been posting content. Best of luck, Troy
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3 years ago, Habs & Bobe
What Happened??
Loved the app until a week ago!! I’ve been using this app with my two Instagram business accounts for months now… Purchased a plan that allowed me to use multiple Instagram accounts with one preview app login. The app crashed last week, logged me out and when I logged back in ALL of my saved/preplanned feeds were gone… and it’s telling me I have no subscription. The developers keep blaming it on Instagram but it is definitely not Instagram‘s fault. Figured maybe my subscription expired (even though it says I will receive a notice at the time of auto renewal ) so I purchased the premium plan again- $150 yearly -only to realize that it does not allow me to use two accounts anymore, only multiple users…(which makes zero sense! Who allows multiple users to plan an Instagram feed!?) I can’t even add a second account to the Preview app without purchasing ANOTHER pro or premium plan. Super frustrated and disappointed in the feedback from the developers. I feel scammed. How did I just pay $150 for LESS than what I’ve been using for months now?? Something glitched and I wish they’d set it straight. I’ll be canceling my subscription and the charge on my credit card if it isn’t fixed within the week.
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2 years ago, Not very jolley Marcie
Pain to connect IG & FB!! Most features are pathetic. Too expensive $150
I’m shocked at how clunky the interface is. It took 3 hours for me and Preview tech support to connect to 1 IG account. And, tech support isn’t the one that figured it out. . . . The tools that are heavily promoted are not what they should be. The filters: equivalent filters are available and there many free apps that are much better. The hashtags: you’d be better off monitoring other Instagram accounts to see what tags they use or utilize free websites. The photo feeds and the Insta story idea features are pathetic. The “Learn to Use Preview” link in the app is one page of super basic instructions. It is constantly asking me to upgrade to premium when I’ve already prepaid for a year of premium. I have 6 IG & FB accounts; it’s supposed to connect to multiple accounts, but it’ll only let me connect to 1 IG account. It’s supposed to have guidance on how to grow your Instagram accounts, but it’s basically one relatively short article. The only thing that is decent about this app is the planning calendar, although, it’s so clunky that it takes me too much time to use it. Instead, I manually post. I’d recommend a different planner/calendar app. Especially because the annual price is $150!
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5 years ago, TheVeryBestOfIt
I have several Instagram accounts for various businesses, so with that in mind, I decided to purchase Premium in hopes that I could manage all of them more easily. I was hoping set aside a day or two from my week to focus on social media, and still have posts upload regularly. I started with a free account, so when purchased Premium, I expected my account to upgrade immediately to have premium features (unlimited accounts and posts). When I clicked on the “+” button to add another account, I kept getting asked to upgrade to pro or premium. I tried logging out and back in. I’ve tried resetting my phone. I’ve tried clicking the upgrade button in hopes for the app to upgrade, but it wanted me to pay again. I already had the payment confirmation of $140 and refuse to pay again for something I already paid for. I’ve emailed customer support, DM’d them, and commented on their Instagram posts, and still don’t have a response or solution. I was genuinely so excited to use this app, but now it justs sits in my folder of business apps without any purpose. If anyone has had a similar experience or knows a solution to this problem, please let me know :/ I’d still love to use the app if it’s possible
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1 year ago, kyledempster
Solid app, but needs QOL features
I’ve tested many instagram apps in the last three months and I’ve noticed most excel in one or two areas, but they always lack a needed feature. Pros: - Hashtag manager - Instagram repost feature (a bit funky since the latest iOS update made us approve pasting) - Desktop version is great - Allows you to reorder carousel photos once uploaded (buffer doesn’t allow this easily) Con: - Auto schedule is clunky. Let’s talk about it: Firstly, the auto post function works as advertised, but they have an opportunity to become the best app if they create a sort of posting schedule. For example, the competitor Buffer allows you to set times per day and all of your posts will automatically fall into this queue. So if you want to have a post go at 10 am and 3 pm each day, all you need to do is make your post and t will fall into the time slot for you. Then you can reorganize. Preview NEEDS that. To schedule in preview means setting a time and date each and every time for each and every post. That is a lot of clicking!! What if each photo in the preview grid was linked to a customizable time? That way, you could drag the pictures around in the grid and they would simply fall into different time slots. I hope this makes sense. Developers, if you make this change, you’ll always have my annual sub! But for now, I am lazy and moved back to buffer because I hate so many clicks. I really hope to return someday. I miss this app already 😢
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5 years ago, Sarathegur
Hey Preview! I cannot begin to tell you how much I use your app for personal use and for even for business and stuff. I absolutely love your app and how easy it is to use and even your daily tips and stuff are so helpful. Everything about the app is great, but I just have a few things. 1. I REALLY wish you can put multiple photos in one post when you’re trying to plan your feed. UNUM (another feed planning app) can do this and for me, even though I love your app a lot better, that feature is a huge game changer for me. 2. Also, PLEASE add more hashtag categories!! It would be so much easier to find tags if you added a few more categories. (Especially, non-profit organization tags, faith-based blogger tags, and influencers tags) 3. And last thing😅 I really wish that when your trying to keep your account free, you can AT LEAST have two accounts. I hate that you can only have one or you have to pay. I think feed planning should be accessible to everyone and the premium plan is way to expensive when all you’re trying to do is plan a feed. Anyways, you so much for reading this!! I’m sure you get a lot of messages of people reviewing your app and I’m such a huge supporter of it I just would really love to see some things added/changed. Thank you again!
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5 years ago, jkfdtggjffzvhk
Terrible. It took me probably an hour to set up an account which included having to change my Instagram password several times and finally deciding to just make some type of gallery account that had connection no to Instagram at all. Later I finally was able to log in with Instagram but when I did, I couldn’t figure out how to edit any of my feed so I clicked the “how to use preview”button in the settings. After a lot of scrolling and reading I found a picture of what your preview screen should look like. Since it was in the photo editing section, there was an arrow pointing to a circular editing button on a bar at the bottom of the screen. So I went back to my account and saw that the bar was completely missing from my screen. I left and came back to the app several times to see if the bar would show up but there was still nothing there. I clicked on every button in the app to see if it would lead to some sort of solution but there was still nothing to be found. Finally I sent them and email explaining my predicament and asking for help and I have never heard back. 🤦‍♀️
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4 years ago, Jepelia
works perfectly!
I'm happy I found this app when I did! This app does exactly what I had hoped it would do. It's extremely useful for planning my instagram profile. The app is capable of showing me what my profile feed looks like currently, as well as what it will look like "if" and "when" I should decide to post a future post. I love the feature of being able to move around my "planned posts" to see how my profile feed will look ahead of time. As an artist this app has been my number one tool for keeping my profile aesthetic cohesive. One thing that I think is underappreciated is there aren't any annoying ads in the app that pop up when I'm using it! I recommend this app to fellow artists and friends all the time now.
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12 months ago, mimimamomo
powerful for a free app!
- main reason for only three stars: you can’t zoom in to see what photos you’re adding to it (ie from photo library) or when looking in your preview grid. Makes it really hard to judge what photos I’ll want to use to best represent what I do. - even harder to decide a video clip or whether it’s the right one i meant to use. no way to watch or snip video. - I also can’t make grid photos out of the photos I’ve already chosen… instead I have to choose grid first, then select from the library. - Incredible photo editing options… however, after spending some time editing a photo just how I wanted it saved, my finger grazed across the screen and it took me back to my original photo setting with no option to reverse. The finger swipe gestures seem to be assigned to three different functions, so the image moves around while editing, editing happens while trying to undo, the image closes and deletes all changes when trying to undo changes or move a focus circle, etc. - Overall: if people’s bad reviews are wrong and this can schedule my posts to publish when I ask it to, I’m still in. Just seems to be trying to do too much for its capacity as a free app! I think for the most part I’ll need to make a folder and do all my photo and video editing on my computer or other apps before importing content into this app.
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4 months ago, Oxoxsweetgirl
Terrible App
This app could be great. But its not. It falls short in so many categories. First you cant sign up for the pro account unless you’re on a desktop computer. Why would you EVER need to only be able to upgrade a smartphone app on a computer. I don’t own a laptop, all I own are ipads. And it will not work. So I go on my boyfriends computer to upgrade and it won’t take my card. This is a sign not to upgrade. Its useless and honestly if I am having this much trouble now before even signing up there is no point in buying it. It is very clear they tried to be an all in one app and fell very short. Even if I enjoy the concept it is poorly executed. This app needs a series bug update because none of it seems to be working like it should. I tried uploading a thumbnail for my tiktok on the free version and it keeps changing my thumbnails. Im honestly extremely annoyed and this is the only app that even comes close to doing everything I need. Really sad honestly. The worst part is it used to be such a good app. Not anymore.
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3 years ago, Sumdancer
This is only a brief summary of the epic train wreck of an experience I had with this app and the developers. I’m sure most content creators know there’s so many third party apps that claim to fill in the intentional shortcomings of Instagram. Apps like these are part of the money engine. They are always subscription based at around 15 dollars a month. Which is a LOT when you add it up. Simply put I’ve exchanged at least 20 emails with the developers because every time I scheduled an Instagram video I would get a “could not post” error message with no real details as to why. The developers, Andrew in particular would defer my questions back to me, and made it perfectly clear over the course of a few months he had no intention in figuring out why none of my videos would post “no other users are having this issue”. These developers are absolute snake oil salesmen, they put out fast food style apps and will not take responsibility for when things go wrong. Please don’t support them.
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5 years ago, Sandybeaches18
I LOVE it but needs improvement
It’s relatively easy to upload pictures on the app that you want to put on your feed. There seems to be no limit to how many you can “preview”. My suggestions for improvement would be upon the editing part. I wish you could select multiple images to simply put your favorite filter on all at once. I wish there was an under button when you edit things such as blemished or drawings on a certain photo. Lastly, I really wish you could hide preview images (pics not yet posted to IG) to preview your profile without having to actually delete them on the chance that you decide that you liked it after all and then you have to edit it all over again, can be really tedious. I also wish I could just buy certain filters and not all of them. Otherwise, I’d give this app a full 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Shasta Bell
Love this app, but ....
I am a huge fan of this app. I use it for my wedding calligraphy business and I receive a lot of images from editorials and product shoots. It’s so great to pre-organize it all in Preview before posting to Instagram. The new features have made it much easier to move photos around, too! However, there is one issue that has caused me to seriously consider abandoning it all - IT TAKES SO long to scroll through all my images to get to the bottom. I’m probably an outlier when it comes to how many images I have to sort through to decide which ones to use - but I would be incredibly grateful if there was a simple “skip to the bottom” function. It’s driving me relatively nuts and I would love to not have to find another option FOR ORMaybe I am crazy and this function exists already? If so, someone clue me in (face palm).
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2 years ago, r_mutt1917
Zero Customer Service
I signed up for the pro plan but it didn't work for my needs. The hashtag generator is completely workthless for someone in the arts, one of the main reason for trying the pro plan. I finished out the year subscription but they auto renewed my account. I immediatly canceled the account 1 day after the auto renew and sent an email requesting an immediate cancelation and refund. Absolutly no response after multiple emails over the last 2 months. I am now disputing this charge through my credit card complany. I wish I looked closer at the other reviews. Many people complain about the lack of customer service and no response for technical support or refunds when their product isn't working. The preivew team just takes your money. They do continue to try and upsell you to get more money out of you. Nnot a respectable complany! The Preview Team operates much like the reputation of used car sales people.
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5 years ago, WriterLiz92
I’ve been using Preview for over a year and have been loving it. It makes planning everything so much easier. However, it appears that somewhere along the line I was automatically signed out of my IG account in the Preview app and didn’t realize it. I left it alone for a bit, until I noticed suggested hashtags weren’t popping up like they used to when I attempted to add them to a caption. That being a useful tool, I decided to re-login with my IG info. Which apparently wiped out all but two of my hashtag groups I had curated over the past year and a half. I had maybe a dozen groups, each with at least 30 hashtags. Every single one of those is gone now, except for two of them, which I can only guess were made while I was still logged in. Before this, I would’ve easily rated 5 stars. But this is devastating to lose all of those hashtags (I have the basic/free account with no backup option).
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3 years ago, EMPOWERED_GAMER
Free is limited but works great
I was looking for an app that is free and lets me organize/plan my feed and this app works great for that. While the free version of the app is definitely limited in its ability to do automatic posts, find hashtags, etc the organization of your feed without posting is easy to use and very helpful. Additionally, when you post photos from the app directly to Instagram it saves them to your camera roll. This is helpful because it means I can deleate the photos off my phone after uploading them to the app and save storage space on my phone. Overall, it’s a great app and if you really want more out of then just pay the monthly fee to unlock the rest.
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6 years ago, Peeperpops
Mostly perfect but now it’s crashing
I love this app & what it’s capable of & have been using the heck out of it for the past couple weeks since I found it. The problem now is that there’s seems to be a bug of sorts that causes the app to freeze. When importing a new photo to drop into my grid, it seems that unless I scrolled very slowly and place it into a square (& then pick it up and place it again a few rows later, over and over again) it will disappear AND the screen locks so I can’t even recover the image unless I close the app and reopen it. It’s taken me 5 tries now to get an image from the top left spot where it first gets dropped in down to where I need it about 10 rows down. This isn’t efficient and unfortunately that means I won’t be able to rely on this to work.
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3 years ago, Cantare means To Sing
Finally a free IG planner app that works
Preview kind of does it all and for one account, the fee features are incredible. High quality is excellent. Captions keep their spaces when you paste into Instagram (omg). You can plan stories, lay out your feed for WEEKS, and do reels and IGTV. Totally recommend this be your only planning app for a beautiful IG grid. I’ve downloaded many “free” Instagram planner apps and they limit you on how many switches you can make, how many images you can plan, you have to edit in a separate app... Preview took all of those limitations and threw them out the window. I’m so happy with it, I’m going to get the paid version so I can plan my second Instagram profile. My content creation days have gotten so much easier and enjoyable.
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7 years ago, farmhousecrates
Beautiful App
This app is fabulous! Allows me to preview my feed, schedule with reminders, and has simply beautiful editing tools which totally eliminate the need for a separate photo app editor of any kind. Just amazingly well thought out app! Game changer for me as a business on Instagram, and I have not even had a chance yet to really look over the analytic parts which I am certain are just as good. Only wish I had found it sooner. Definitely considering the pro version, although the free version is fabulous. So far only thing purchased is one filter package. Thumbs up to creators of this app; they thought of everything!! Just do yourself a favor and get this one without any reservations!
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3 years ago, Spiceattack
It’s ok, just use the free portion
I am trying to get on social media to help me singing career. I’ve never been a big social media person so I never posted consistently. I got the app hoping I could plan my feed all at once (at least a month at a time) and not have to worry about posting. The planning part of the app works fine for you feed, when I tried to schedule a post… that didn’t work. I had to end up posting it myself (don’t it 3 times). I just got the pro and I only used it for like 2 weeks. The scheduled photos don’t work nor does the scheduled stories (I didn’t try the reels or IGTV). Waste of money. I would just use the free app to plan you feed, make the post on insta and save it to you drafts until it’s time to post it. Also it doesn’t let you tag ppl or your location :/
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10 months ago, greayfly
Used to love it. Headache now.
Used to love it, but I absolutely hate it now, it causes such a headache and has constant bugs. For some reason it’s suddenly will not show certain posts I already have uploaded to my instagram; which throws off the entire feed, completely killing the purpose of the app because you have to just guess at that point like you would without it. For example, the last two posts I have uploaded, It will only show the latest one and not the one before that. If I try to upload the 2nd to last one on the preview app to make it look how my Instagram actually does, it won’t let me switch it with the last one that it is actually showing as uploaded. It causes such necessary frustration especially when there are other apps that are also free and don’t have this issue. Deleted it.
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4 years ago, Shannondale17
Misleading advertising... beware!
I was extremely excited to purchase this app after reading so many rave reviews. I purchased the premium version so I could get all of the features. The most important for me was the ability to apply this to 3 different instagram accounts I have for business and personal. Unfortunately, I could get that to work and after a google search, found many buyers were having the same issue. After several attempts at contacting the preview app help department, I was eventually informed that I would need to buy yet ANOTHER premium account to use it for another instagram account. And yes... that would mean I would need to buy 3 preview accounts since I have 3 instagram accounts. I’ve asked twice for a refund ... no response. I will now have to go through a long drawn out credit card dispute. So hours and hours worth of time and frustration for a super expensive ($120!) app that doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, rruca1
Great concept, a few flaws though...
Honestly I really appreciate majority of this app, enough so that I subscribed to the pro version - the ability to reorder posts, maintaining hashtag groups, and the built-in photo editor are all awesome features. HOWEVER - one major flaw that I’ve been waiting months to be resolved that has still yet to be addressed, is the option to select multiple posts already uploaded in Preview, and change them to a stacked collection vs. a singular post. Currently, the only way to change this is to make a new post as a collection - which truly, isn’t convenient at all, as there’s posts I lined up months ago that I’d rather stack with recent pictures, and would have to search through my photo albums to come across the originals again.... fix this, and you’ve got a 5 Star rating.
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5 years ago, SkimTheRail
Can’t Create an Account!
I downloaded your app and once it was loaded onto my phone, tried to create an account but the fonts are so large that the only thing that is barely showing is the LOGIN button. I wish there was a place to add a photo so you can see what’s going on. Since I can’t create an account I’m not able to use the app. Not sure why the initial fonts are so HUGE. Can someone please provide guidance. I read a lot of good things about your app, but if I can’t try it out if I can’t create an account. When I click on Free, the Preview terms with the terms and condition show upstate bottom of page. Half the sentence is cut off but I can read, “I have read” and there is a box to check. I am unable to scroll down any further, because the fonts in the upper half is huge. 😆. There is a login button when I click it it takes me to Instagram to sign in but I try to sign in and it says that I need an account...
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4 years ago, Customer ____123
Deleted All Planned Posts!! Not happy
I decided to stop my subscription because it wasn't very helpful anymore and $8 a month adds up. Anyway, they forced me to either continue paying or delete the 20 saved posts I had. I thought they weren't serious, stopped the subscription, and they did in fact delete all the posts. I now have to replan my whole Instagram feed. I will be looking for a better, more affordable Instagram planner tool. Let me also just say that the only benefit from the Pro version is the hashtag "finder", which is only helpful for a few posts because if you post the same kind of things you already have the hashtags you need from previous posts.
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4 years ago, @guidedspace on Instagram
Love it so far!
I have been dreaming of something like this because I always wondered how people got their organized layouts and now I can finally have mine organized and pretty too and have a theme thanks to the preview app. What's even cooler is I can have my photos prepped and scheduled ready to post without me having to post them every single time and interrupt my work schedule. Saves me so much time and works amazing! I love their intro tutorial. Very helpful. They were super responsive with me on a question I had when I messaged them on instagram. You guys have no idea how much time you have just saved me! Thank you thank you for creating this!!
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5 years ago, GordonBatcher
Doesn’t show IGTV posts, good otherwise
This app does everything, except for IGTV page posts (for videos longer than a minute). When posting to IGTV, many users have a preview posted to their main page which affects their layout and overall aesthetic. IGTV content simply doesn’t show up on Preview, which is annoying if your Instagram layout is specific (using checkers or diagonals). There isn't a placeholder function either. The people using in this app are likely to care about accurately planning their pages, so this is a pretty big issue - but it’s the only one. I have a free account, and will upgrade to paid if they fix this issue. Otherwise, it isn’t quite worth it - but it depends on your content. If you never post anything longer than a minute, the IGTV issue doesn’t matter at all.
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5 years ago, Mumof2gals
Great until end of last year update
I started using Preview when it was just a new app. I loved it because of the hashtag feature. I can type in #hashtag and it’ll pop up the amount of photos in that hashtag. This feature has helped me with spelling errors also. The feature hasn’t been available for six months or more and Preview said on a different review that it’s due to an API change. Which is fine. But, I am now testing out Plann and while it’s not a favourite, it has the hashtag function that Preview used to have. So, it can’t really be an API issue now since Plann has it and Preview doesn’t. Also, I selected Preview to save to my iCloud. I switched phones in Feb and lost all my hashtags and photos that were uploaded for posting. So not really sure what saved when I select it to save to iCloud.
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3 years ago, Evergreenhipsta
I manage my own social media account as well as another individual social media account. A majority of my con tent revolves around posting reels and stories to promote those reels at certain times of the day. At first look, preview appeared to be a great choice And all of their marketing materials, they talk about their ability to auto post, And all of their marketing materials, they talk about their ability to auto post and their ability to schedule posts. What they FAIL to mention (through clever wording) is that Instagram does not allow scheduled auto posting for reels or stories. So even when you use this app, the auto posting function is only available for the regular timeline posts. They define “schedule” as simply a reminder/prepping a post with captions, and “Auto-posting” as an automatic posting with your having to do anything. While you can “SCHEDULE” reels and stories, you can not AUTOPOST them. Which isn’t stated ANYWHERE in their promo materials. They even have a button for auto posting in the reel section when you’re scheduling them, only for it to say “you can’t actually do that”. So basically all you can do in this app, his schedule/auto post regular Instagram feed posts. Which you can already do for free with the Facebook Creator Studio
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4 years ago, Keemi31
Not getting what I’m paying for
I upgraded to the paid version of this app months ago and never fully used it until now. The whole reason for my getting this app was to preview and schedule post. Ok the preview part works but when I schedule the posts they don’t post on their own. What’s the point of scheduling it if I literally have to go in and post the entire thing myself. The picture, the caption and the hashtags? I got this so I could focus on other things in my business and I definitely don’t feel like I’m getting what I paid for. Definitely not worth $15 a month just to look at the pictures in a certain set up. Definitely downgrading or deleting this app! I can set an alarm on my phone myself to tell me when to post, this is crazy! If anyone knows of something better please fill me in. Thanks
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5 years ago, hanaustin
I really love this app BUT
I really love this app because it’s easy to rearrange my posts to see how it’ll look and the filters are better than I’ve found on other apps, included VSCO X. However, there are feature of VSCO that I miss. So here are the things I would add to this app if I could: - ability to copy edits and paste onto other pictures, I often edit a whole set of pics before deciding which will look best on my feed - a page for editing pics and a page for your Instagram preview. Having these be separate pages would be soooooo helpful. I hate adding a bunch of pics to edit and then having to delete them to see how my Instagram will look. - when editing, instead of it applying the edits you’ve made and then whatever you do next being added on top of it, it would be nice if you could just adjust the sliders from where they were. I hope that helps and maybe these changes could be made!! I thought about switching back to VSCO just because these features make editing kind of a hassle. The graphic designer in me just wants to make it the perfect app and user experience!!
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2 years ago, rociomj20o
Carousel Option Needs Improvement
Been using this app for over a year now and while I normally love it. It constantly makes me want to throw my phone against the wall when I try to add carousel. All pictures don’t always look the same and sometimes you want one specific photo to show on the feed. Preview puts whichever one it wants first. Doesn’t even have a logic to it. I use to think it was that they put the last photo first. It worked for a while and then it would just do whatever photo it wanted. I basically have to add the photos a bunch of times until it gets it right. Makes me waste time and get frustrated. Btw I do have a premium membership which makes it all the worse
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5 years ago, LKarins
Save yourself a headache don’t purchase the paid version
I purchased this app after using the free version for a while and really loving the features. I was so excited to use this for my business on a regular basis. I went ahead and purchased the yearly version for $85. The app never upgraded me to the paid version and I have still not been able to use any of the features over 3.5 days after purchasing. I contacted customer service 3 separate times to try to resolve the issue. They did not respond within a prompt timeframe nor did they offer to manually upgrade my account! Two representatives advised me to cancel my subscription, email apple support to request a refund, and then repurchase their paid version. However, after this whole headache and time spent trying to resolve the problem I don’t feel inclined to purchase the app. Will look for a better one!
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4 years ago, widhfbr
Best instagram planner
I’ve tried several other planners and came back to Preview. I use both the mobile and desktop versions and they both work seamlessly. I love that I can DM them if I have a question or problem and they respond almost right away. Also reeeally appreciate their insta tips on their account :). They’re up to date with all of the Instagram updates and features. Oh, and the photo editor inside the app is SO. GOOD. I’m not a photographer by any means but I do take 95% of my own product photos and the Preview editor is my favorite. No need to edit on another app before uploading to Preview.
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5 years ago, Courtneeeeh
My Instagram got hacked...
I’ve been using this app for months now. About a week or two ago I was prompted to sign into my Instagram account again, as my session had expired. After a few failed attempts to sign in I gave up and tapped the X to exit the sign in prompt. Once away from the sign in prompt, I noticed that my account was indeed still signed in. I found that to be suspicious, and in the event that the sign and prompt was an attempt at phishing, I changed my Instagram password. A couple days ago I received multiple emails from Google, Facebook, and Instagram stating that there were multiple attempts to sign into my accounts. While the attempts to get into my Google and Facebook seem to be unsuccessful, they were able to get into my Instagram where they then changed my name, screen name, email, and password. After about an hour of scrambling I was able to regain control of my account and remove the person that had attempted to take control of my account. I’m livid, and though it is unclear whether your app is responsible or not, you’re the only app that I’ve given my Instagram sign-in to. So, Im convinced that either the developer compromised my security, or they allowed someone to compromise my security. I will NEVER use this app again.
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8 months ago, cheyparksxx
extremely misleading information on website and in app (likely intentional so?) You’re only able to manage ONE account with the Premium plan. As someone with both a moderately successful hobby account and who also manages a large business account, I was under the impression I’d be able to switch back and forth between the two. This is NOT the case. So, now I’m out $11 for an app that not only under delivered for no decent reason, but also for an app that is slow, glitchy, and a pain to use. I’m only grateful that I didn’t get the yearly plan while it was on sale. AVOID unless you prefer paying per account, per month (or year) in order to manage your affairs. Honestly, it’s utter insanity in 2023 that we’re unable to log in to more than one IG when being charged $15/month for a glitchy app.
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4 years ago, marce8698
Lots of data and analytics!
This app is awesome for providing data and analytics. I love that it shows you best times to post based on all of your posts verses other apps that only give you analytics for the previous week. The planning grid is super helpful too and has a lot of options to create posts. I’m giving it 4 stars because there are a few things I wish it had (possibly user error though🤷🏻‍♀️)...1) it wont let you zoom in/see regular size photos once they’ve been added to your grid; 2) the hashtags suggestions are great but it’s a little more difficult to use than other apps; 3) it won’t let you see the best times to post from the scheduling page.
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5 years ago, ShawnsterBear
Notifications work sometimes
One of the reasons why I downloaded the app because at the very least it can remind me when it’s time to post. When I first downloaded the app it reminded me each and every time. Now it only reminds me sometimes. I have to remember to open the app and post it myself most of the time. I have a feeling a quick fix would be to delete the app and re-download it. I fear losing all of my saved timed posts in the process though. I wish there was an update that would solve all of my problems. I just got an update yesterday and I was hoping that would fix it but he did not. Also the app likes to freeze when you are your saved timed post, when going from saved timed post to saved timed post.
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6 years ago, Maria Mateo
Bring Back Effects, Please!
This app is awesome, however, there are things I’d like or rather have. The filters add up in cost but exceeds in functionality compared to some of the filters Afterlight and Instagram have, particularly Preview’s Whites filters. What Preview needs are the option to add and adjust the white borders like in Afterlight, the ability to adjust the grain of an image, the capability to add filters to videos like in Instagram, and for an image to not lose its quality/clarity when saved to the device’s photo album or uploaded on Instagram. Most importantly, don’t phase out Effects. There are two or three filters that were my go-tos that simply can’t be achieved by any filter pack. Thanks!
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6 years ago, mgnmzk
Crashed and Lost Everything!
This is sooo frustrating! I use this app for my business and have 100+ posts planned and all setup. It took me weeks to do. The app crashed. It won’t open. I contacted tech support and it took them a couple days to get back to me. When they responded, they just asked me a basic question (did I change anything on my phone) instead of providing support. I’m all cool with troubleshooting and asking questions, but if you want to have a dialogue with me then respond quickly so we can sort this out! I responded immediately, this was 2 days ago and still haven’t received a response yet. I followed up with them again with no answer or even sympathy from them. This is such a shame beccause I really like this app, but the amount of time and money this is costing me to get this work done is unreal. Horrible service on their part.
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3 years ago, pleasegivememymoneybaxk
Horrible Customer Service/Understanding
I purchased the pro version of this app thinking it could manage multiple accounts at one time, which was advertised to me. However, the app could not do that. I emailed them for help and they responded saying that to I would have to buy the pro version for every Instagram account that I manage to be able to use it. I run a side business running people’s Instagram pages, it’s not in my budget or my clients budget to do that for each Instagram page. Though I was upset I couldn’t use the app for its intended purpose I was okay with it. I asked customer service for a refund as the app isn’t doing what it was advertised to do. I’ve emailed them 3 times since and no one has responded. What a rip off and horrible way to scam people out of their money!!
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4 years ago, DiggsyDo
Needs scroll photos on desktop
I bought the premium app to be able to work from my desktop. I have a lot of photos to sort through and would like to plan things a month at a time, but probably have 100 photos to choose from. I easily uploaded them from my phone, organized them at the bottom how I wanted it to look, then switch to desktop to write captions and schedule. Unfortunately, the desktop will only show 15 photos. It seems like it would be so easy to add a scroll to the side of the phone image on desktop so we can access all our photos. As is, I’ve just wasted a bunch of time. Is a scroll feature coming very soon or should I look for a different app? Thanks!
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5 years ago, ChristinaM1288
Only uloads one pic at a time to preview grid
Hate this app. I can only uload one picture at a time to my grid on preview. The option to select multiple pictures is there but once I’ve selected multiple images from my media album and I’m ready to view in preview the circle just spins endlessly. It is so frustrating. Why is there also not an option to load my current Ig published posts? I have to manually update those here too- it’s very inconvenient- what if I decided to use the ig filter instead of the preview packs? I want to see the actual my actual published ig picture Also, I purchased the tropical filter pack since I’m on vacation in Mexico and it is awful. I wish I could get a refund. The filters don’t look good on any picture- just over saturates the image. Wish there was a way to try it out on a picture before purchasing it.
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6 years ago, Bobskie boo
This app has been my “go to” for over a year now, but recently I have been posting my photos through the app (takes me to Instagram to make my post) and for some gosh darn reason it keeps deleting my caption and my hashtags!?! There’s been three occasions where I post my photo through the app and it consistently deletes my entire caption and hashtags, which takes me forever to make! Just awhile ago, I selected and copied my entire caption just in case if that mess happens again and when I tried to paste my caption (after my caption disappeared before) Instagram keeps giving me an error message! It literally drives me crazy! I will no longer schedule post/post photos through this app and I’ll just use my camera roll instead until there is an update for this mess!
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6 years ago, Eternalempress
Love it but...
I love this for planning my feed and I also want to try the paid version for the analytics, but I hate the photo editor and filters. If I edit or add a filter to my photos the quality is destroyed. My photo ends up being grainy and blurry no matter how low I set the filter. This brings me to my next issue which has recently started happening. After editing my photo in another app for instance VSCO, I can’t import my photo to Preview. When I click on the Preview icon to import, it opens the app and nothing happens. I have to save the image to my iPhone from VSCO then open Preview and import it. Why does Preview have to be so special? I have no problems importing my images from one app to another except for Preview. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Kush Mody
Developers, please help! 👋
I really want to love this app. But there’s one issue that’s making it very frustrating to use. It’s not loading all the posts from my IG account—there are random posts that are missing. My work around was to mute all the posts from a missing post onward, load up those images in the same layout as they are on my IG account, and then add the new draft posts as normal. But that gets very tiring and annoying. I’ve tried logging out and back in (both IG and Preview), as well as deleting preview and reinstalling. No dice. Been like this for months. Please help. I wish I didn’t care so much about the aesthetic layout of IG but the reality is that I do 😩
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2 weeks ago, Mrswonderful
Super frustrated! I have a PREMIUM account and two days ago I received error messages “not able to connect to Instagram” I logged out and now my account won’t refresh and only has my first twelve posts - I’ve emailed the company but good luck hearing from them - SUPER FRUSTRATING for an app you I rely on to FAIL 🤮👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 Going to write another review, I got logged out and finally logged back in and all my posts and pictures that were to be posted in the future were all messed up!! The app creator will not return emails. I emailed them four or five times because I could not log back in because it automatically logged me out and was forcing me to log back in through Facebook, but I don’t have a Facebook account that I want linked to my specific Instagram account.
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6 years ago, Norwiggee
So useful BUT I wish one feature would be added...
I’ve used this app for close to a year and it is what keeps me on top of my Instagram game! That being said, I wish I could add photos between other photos, or even just add a full row of blank spaces between other rows! I plan 1-2 months in advance and can’t just add a photo into my feed without swapping it with another photo. It’s a bit unfortunate but doesn’t prevent me from using the app. My hack is to add some white photos into the app and place them strategically so you can later fill them in or remove them, if you don’t use the spot. Best of luck to others with the same frustration!
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5 years ago, LivSkrz
An App with Great Potential
I have run into multiple problems after upgrading my Preview account to “Pro”, for which the user is required to maintain a monthly fee. Some of my specific questions are addressed in the FAQ section of your webpage link- however your solutions did not work and as a busy professional, (whom your app is marketed to) I feel indignant to have to take time to write you an email, about a problem you know your paid application continues to have. I bought preview in January, and if by the end of March have not seen fixes that allow user access to all effects and filters purchased, (as well as other minor bugs and hiccups)- then I will have to end my subscription to Preview.
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