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Pay With Privacy, Inc.
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User Reviews for

4.57 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
11 months ago, DanEnph
I’ve been using privacy for over three years now. Started as a free user then moved to premium as I switched all my bills to it. I use the service for all online payments now. I used to get hit by fraud a few times per year and it’s an annoying process to go through. Now I’ve dropped to one fraud in 3 years. Privacy has caught multiple fraudulent attempts and stopped them cold. Since cards lock to merchants I don’t even need to kill a compromised card. It’s even fun to watch the scammers try to use it and fail! The app works amazingly well and it’s easy to use . I like how it tracks transactions per card so you can see how much you are spending. I’d like to see some more reporting capabilities in the future is my only suggestion. Like spit out reports of how much spend per card per month/year/custom. The cash back with premium pays for the fee and even some extra cash which never hurts. Customer service was great too the one time I used them. I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you for a great service Privacy!
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5 months ago, J.Caz
Welp. I am a client. Extraordinary company!!!
I started using Privacy because I have a lot of accounts that I don’t want one main card to be associated with. At first it took a little getting used to their customer service, but once it was all set and done I have not had any issues with the cards locking them unlocking them or setting them up. This is the easiest way to protect yourself and your credit cards from being manipulated on the web. I use privacy cards for bills, school stuff, even work stuff. They may not work with cell phone providers or certain companies, but that is a tiny issue with such big wins. The convenience of having a credit card that has access to one account rather than having a multitude of cards, and possibly not maintaining them correctly is a breath of fresh air and a lot easier than I’ve ever met imagined. I am a total fan. This is an awesome company.
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5 years ago, SeizeTheBeat
I don’t understand the negative reviews.
I see several reviews that are quite negative. This service has been indispensable for me. Works great. Their support is fairly responsive (a little slow, but always within 24 hours). The only issue I have is that it takes a long time for refunds to come in (but they do come in, but you’ll end up waiting a day or two for them to show up). Really great service for online purchases and for use with any services you may want to cancel in the future (great to use to pay bills like internet service so they can’t take your money if you want to cancel). The only other issue I’ve had is there’s a few places I purchased and it got flagged and declined because privacy marked it as a “threat seller”. Which doesn’t make sense because that’s the whole reason I was using a burner card. Obviously if they’ve already requested the money then they have the card number anyways. So, I don’t really see why I shouldn’t have the option to allow the one payment. Seriously though...this app is one of my favorite things of all time.
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4 years ago, gplatko
Stellar service, subpar app
Privacy is an absolutely fantastic service that I use religiously to manage my service subscriptions and send anonymous donations. I use its burner card feature to ensure I don't get charged for forgetting about my free trials. Everyone should use it, it's a no-brainer. Compared to their web interface, I've noticed occasional interface hiccups when trying to change card details in the past - popups not respecting the keyboard, the interface not updating after I change the spend limit on a card, small stuff like that. Part of this is undoubtedly caused by my old SE being a bit of a design edge-case, but the service's design is excellent and these issues are all that's holding it back from being a perfect example of how to bring a service from web to iOS. I'll continue using Privacy as long as I can either way, it's absolutely fantastic. Hopefully as time goes on, the app's stability will improve and the experience will get even better.
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7 months ago, BlowMuhChode
Card Not Supported
I have been a long time user of Privacy, it’s been a great app, but just recently started running into issues. When I got my new debit card from my bank the first thing I wanted to get situated was to put my new card on my account. When I entered all the details I would get an error message of “This card is not supported”. So naturally I called my bank thinking they have the website on a black list or something. My bank said that there was no such website listed that should be blocked from the bank. I then called Privacy for some clarification neither party could help resolve the issue. I figured it’s a newer card so I would give it some time to try again at a later date. Now when I go to log in the app tells me every time that “there was a server issue and to try again later”. I really want to use the app again, but haven’t been able to. I am guessing that it’s just not in the cards for me and will have to look elsewhere unless someone can help me get it working.
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2 years ago, LadyIsreal
Did not fix my problem and locked my account
This was on the company. Let me by start by saying; I was a customer of Privacy for years and even told other people about it. One day, they claim I had no funds on my account but on numerous occasions I did and they kept telling me I didn’t and I stay on top of my finances. Plus they locked me out without informing until almost a week later. I was made privacy payments on time and extremely disappointed by their actions to a loyal customer of years. I talk to two representatives and they did not fix my problem. I’m not going to give them my card for the same bank account they claimed doesn’t have funds when it does. I even have proof of them not responding to my emails and saying it was a system error. It shows when they read my emails. I am so disappointed with privacy. This one issue alone made me give up on them. They tell me: well you can also just log in and go do it. This is a problem that they messed up and refused to fix it. They went downhill this year.
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2 years ago, Mickey8218
Love it but needs some key features
I love this app. I just would like to see some key features added that can make this a perfect privacy and budgeting app. First thing first, please add a proper dark mode lol. So, the two main features I would love to see. One, be able to hide closed cards. Two, would be amazing if you can preload the cards. This would help so many people with budgeting. If I could just load up all my subscription cards once a month it would take that cash out of my bank account and I wouldn’t have to wait for the cash to come out. I think a feature like this would help Privacy users so much. This is how I want to use this app. Just load up privacy once a month and forget about this comes out of my account this day and that comes out another day and blah blah. Lastly, option to set cards back to no limit. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Laylaaak
Absolutely Horrible
Privacy suspended my account and has not responded my emails about refunding me the remaining credit on my account. A customer support representative sent me an email on 6/5 saying they decided to suspend my account and were unable to “share any details about the many factors that go into these decisions”. It is not 6/15 and I have yet to hear back. This is deeply concerning and unethical. I have almost $70 in credits that I cannot use due to them suspending my account all without offering an explanation or just cause. These credits were given to me by a Privacy rep because of an issue I had using one of their cards for purchases that later were refunded (the refunds never actually made it back my bank account, and the rep then issued that credit). Since they issued the credit I had not used my account at all, hence why the $70 in credits were unused. Do yourself a favor do not download this app they will take your money, suspend you, and not respond to you after.
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5 years ago, AppKing789
Great idea, bad execution
I’ve been using this app for the better part of a year. I’ve only used it to pay my Apple storage bill. I’ve never needed to link a card because I’ve always had promo credits. But last month I got a payment declined notification from Apple. I checked Privacy, and I still had more than enough credits. So I deleted that card and created a new card. Then I tried to load Privacy from my linked debit card, and it said my account was locked and that I needed to email customer support. This exact same thing happened several months ago. So I emailed them again, 8 days ago. They finally got back to me today. They said, “After careful consideration, we have decided to close your Privacy account because of unexpected, prohibited, or suspicious activity.” They didn’t elaborate. They’ve banned me from their app, for trying to use the basic functionalities of their app. Hope others have better luck not getting banned for no reason.
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3 years ago, Aniphone5suser
Still No Landscape Mode!?!?
I primarily shop for things on my iPad Pro with the Apple Magic Keyboard. If I want to use Privacy to pay for something, I have to take my iPad out of the case, rotate it to portrait mode, copy card info, and put it back in the keyboard case. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve just uninstalled the app because it’s easier to just go to the Privacy website, which works in landscape mode. I would argue people primarily interact with their iPad in landscape, even if they’re not using a keyboard case. It makes no sense to restrict the Privacy app to portrait mode. Also, it would be very useful to have an extension for browsers. Other apps can auto-fill my credit card info. Privacy would me much more useful if I could fill a new credit card from the Share menu within Safari. But I’ll settle for a usable app.
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1 month ago, pbc1981
New UI and other irritations
I do love the service privacy provides. That being said, I really dislike the new UI. The previous UI was very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. The new UI is so generic and drab. Nothing stands out and it makes it more difficult to navigate. Also, I am finding that Privacy is automatically pausing my cards that I have set up for annual payments, which is extremely inconvenient because I need to unpause the card and resubmit the payment. In some cases I have needed to make an alteration to some element of the card information so that the merchant would try the payment again. I assume this is because they expect any further attempts with the same card details to fail. Sometimes it is better to leave things as they are.
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3 years ago, Signalfanboy
Super simple and safe
I was hesitant to use this at first because I was worried about giving out my financial info to another place but really this service does the opposite. Instead of plugging the same credit card info everywhere and potentially having it compromised by the weakest link. You can set a card for every service and delete them as needed. This is also great because so many subscriptions aren’t good at actually listening to you when you try to cancel. I had a gym keep billing me after I wrote them to cancel my subscription. Wish I had known about this. Now I have a new card for every “free” trial, subscription, and membership. And it’s so easy!
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3 years ago, MadiTG
Saved my finances
Honestly the most perfect amazing solution to the ridiculous number of subscriptions I have accrued. Yes, it also is good for protecting your card/bank information. It is so easy to see everything that you’ve budgeted and all the places you’ve budgeted to, and helps me avoid overdraft fees when my paycheck won’t quite clear in time for a charge. I now constantly annoy my friends to try Privacy because it has been such a great tool for me. 10/10 would recommend literally have not had any problems except that one time I forgot cards were merchant-locked but they just sent me a notification to add the second merchant to the card.
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3 years ago, Alex032_
Ignore the 1 star reviews
I don't know why there are so many one star reviews. This is honestly an amazing app I’ve been using for the past few years. I don't like giving my debit card information out to many merchants because I’ve had my debit card information leaked twice before. This app also helps me regulate and make sure my subscription aren't overcharging me. Also if a company is giving you a difficult time to cancel a subscription you can easily pause or delete the entire card through the app so they can’t charge you anymore. Im so glad this app exists and im honestly thankful for it.
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4 years ago, nsanoyy
Privacy is truly amazing!
I never write reviews but this is warranted! I’ve been using Privacy for ~ a year & couldn’t be happier. I’m confused why others are having issues..The app is intuitive and user friendly. Pick between single use: works great for those 1 off purchases or even trials (let’s be honest who remembers to cancel those 🤦🏻‍♀️) and merchant specific, with the ability to set limits. The ability to pause a card if you don’t want any charges is also a lifesaver. Only thing I’d like to see is ability to search for specific purchases & connect a bank account for funding source. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Michae1
It actually is that good
It’s really rare that something works exactly as described, but both the app and the Privacy service have surprised me. They do exactly what they say they do, and make it very easy. The only potential downside, you have to trust them enough to give them access to your bank account. I already had a separate account that I use just for online purchases, so I connected this to Privacy. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up one-time use cards, and recurring use cards. I get nice little emails telling me when those virtual cards have been charged. So far, this is been great and I can’t believe it’s free.
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5 years ago, drew6017
WARNING Scam (fake reviews)
I signed up for an account thinking I should try it. The service never worked, it kept saying I needed to contact support to use the account so I did. They said everything was fine but they needed a picture of a voided check to finish the linking process. I didn’t have any checks available so I just didn’t respond and figured oh well. Several months later I got charged with $200 worth of random things (direct tv subscription, electric bills, etc) all by Privacy. I issued a stop payment to privacy through my bank (which cost $36) and was able to get those charges nulled and prevent any future charges from them. I emailed support telling them what happened and never got a response, it has been 3 months. A friend of mine also signed up for the service and the same think happened to him. I can only assume all of the positive reviews here are bots.
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6 months ago, Bamaskater11
Needs a small improvement
Great app, amazing service, I love it… BUT! Why have a “total spend” function for virtual cards, but the total spent total is only for this month? I manually increment how much I spend on a card when I purchase something with it. I have to do addition every time, and when I’m lazy or in a rush, I stop counting the cents. My point being, it would be nice to know the overall spent on a card, especially when I’m using the “total limit” feature. I don’t want to round up so many times that I accidentally allow for a double charge. Part of the reason I have Privacy is to prevent multiple charges for the same purchase!
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1 month ago, Aaronsl
Happy user for YEARS
I stumbled upon this app a few years ago, and have been a satisfied user ever since. This is THE go to app when you want to buy something while not giving out your real CC number, signing up for a free trial, or something more complicated. For example getting three months of something for $5 and then the price increases. You can set your “card” to deny charges over $5. There are so many uses for this app and service I couldn’t possibly list them all here. I rarely write reviews, but this app deserves great ones! Thanks Privacy!
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6 months ago, Jonspo
Very misleading
They say it’s just like using your credit card but without the anxiety of having to give out your card’s details but it’s nothing like that at all. It’s more like a virtual check, because it’s not a proxy for a credit card at all. It links directly to your bank account and the payments are automatically withdrawn (I’m assuming with a fee) from your account as the transactions are made. It has nothing to do with your credit cards or even credit at all. I was expecting to link these virtual cards to my credit cards of choice and go on paying my credit card bills as usual. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad system but it seems like they knowingly advertise it to be better and more convenient than it actually is and therefore not something I would use.
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6 years ago, SimulatedGREG
Saved me and my money!
One of the online sites I purchase items had a breach and somebody got ahold on my privacy card. They tried many times to make transactions with it but failed every time since that card was locked to the merchant. I’m so happy to have used this service as this happened while I was out of the country. There’s a terrible chance that I might not of had any money left when returning home if I wasn’t using this service. If I were using my real debit card I might have been in a huge mess. Use this for all your online purchases, you won’t regret it!
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3 years ago, Kruegz92
Warning: Card Details Leaked
Since receiving my new debit card earlier this year, only three merchants have ever seen my debit card number: PayPal, Apple Pay, and Privacy. The first two, I’ve been using for years without ever encountering fraud. The Privacy app, I recently decided to download and use for those rare instances when PayPal and Apple Pay weren’t available for an online transaction. (Note that for In-Person transactions, I exclusively pay by credit card, never debit. ATMs are not used.) Two months into using Privacy and my debit card number, exp date, and cvc have been stolen. Today my bank flagged multiple fraudulent online purchases with my debit card. The actual card never left my house safe. One of the three merchants above is to blame for leaking my debit card details and I have my suspicions.
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6 years ago, DougSF
Everyone should use this online
There should be one of the first applications people put on their phones, and should be a top application in the App Store. It’s incredibly well done and allows you to use a unique credit card for any online purchase, protecting you from getting overcharged or from theft. The business model of the company makes perfect sense and a sustainable. I can’t see enough good things about this app and the web site. The application and the host website is incredibly well done, very intuitive, very polished. Everybody I show it to loves it and immediately embraces it.
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4 years ago, Sgtkeebler
This app is amazing!
I use it everyday that I believe I am shopping on a non-legit website! I love privacy, this app is very simple to use. All you need to do is create a burner credit card, and you can either set the amount as one time or re-occurring for a subscription. Funny to see someone leave a bad review because of the information you need to sign up for privacy even though they say they don’t care about the information they use! Lol what?! But they would rather give their information to multiple banks online.
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Good for privacy but not for anonymity.
Privacy is good if you don’t want to use your actual card and use a liaison card to protect your identity. However, be aware that if your going to use it to make a purchase, it will appear on your bank statement as Privacy and whichever merchant you used it for. Final verdict, highly recommend for everyday purchases on the web for like groceries, food delivery services, streaming services, or paying bills and to keep your actual card safe. Will not recommend for your “special” subscription since it will appear on your actual bank statement and you will be reminded of that 💀. Stick to regular gift cards for that.
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4 years ago, Super monkey runner
They Banned Me For No Reason
So one day out of the blue Privacy decides to ban my account. I couldn’t create cards so i went ahead and created a new account with all of my info. It worked up until they BANNED ME AGAIN. I emailed them searching for an answer and all i got back was , “Sorry but your account has been deactivated with no further explanation”. I’ve emailed your support team multiple times on different emails searching for answers as to why i’m blacklisted but they actually just ignore them because they do not get back to me anymore. I still have yet to know why i’m blacklisted due to lack of support FROM their SUPPORT team. 1 Star all the way and i will not be recommending this service to any of my family or friends until i find an answer as to why your support team is blatantly ignoring me.
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2 years ago, PO'd-72
I have a merchant card set to $300 a month. The final charge was around $20 more. Even though there was more than enough money in my actual Bank account to cover it since it was set to a privacy card it bounced and I had to pay an insufficient funds fee. Not only that but my other merchant cards were frozen and payments declined, again even though there is more than enough money in my bank account. I am now having to go back and remove all the Privacy cards that I’ve set up and reset my accounts to my original bank card just to get things paid. I have never had issues with insufficient funds until now. Until privacy. As soon as this crap is figured out I am canceling this account.
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3 years ago, PinoyGeek
Doesn’t work most of the time
I started using Privacy long time ago, and it’s like 3 out of 4 transactions gets declined. It’s either the merchant declines it or my bank/credit card declines it. So, I always ended up just using my regular credit cards. So, I stopped using this for almost 2 years. But today, I decided to give it another try. It lets me add my checking account and credit cards, it let me update my profile, it let me do everything except for the most important thing, it wouldn’t let me create a virtual card. I tried several times to create a virtual card, it doesn’t give me any reason why, it just keeps telling me to contact support. That’s it, I’m done, not a big deal, I’ll just use other services.
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4 years ago, juniordanado
Works great for me! Waited six months o review it.
Ok, I can only account for my own experience. This app has been perfect. I’ve been living my dream, traveling around the world, and this Privacy app has been the perfect companion when it comes to keeping my personal data safe. Today I experienced their customer service after running into security challenges, and and I must say that they were super reactive and professional. I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend this company so far. Great business concept and execution. Aloha 🤙🥇❤️
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11 months ago, deepsoul13
non-friendly interface for mac users
App overall is good but has an interface error. When using on Mac, if I open a card, I can't "Swipe down" to close it. Dragging with the mouse starts to drag card down but it pops back up. Dragging with the trackpad results in the same failed outcome. Please make a "back" button for MacOS users to be able to return to the home screen. Otherwise I keep having to quit and reopen the app to get back to the home screen. Also maybe add a way to copy/paste card numbers so they're easier to enter on webistes. Thank you for making this app.
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11 months ago, Tom7230
Powerful Tool & Peace of Mind
I am a user of Privacy and it has helped me several times when I had a friend needing to buy a part for his car and I did not want to give him my credit card also charging for items on Questionable web sites Privacy protects you from them when they start charging to many times. Also your personal credit card is not stored on their servers. This is a 5 star app and company looking out for your protection. Tom
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3 years ago, olibot13
Erased all my cards
Privacy not only suspended my account but removed all my cards without warning. It’s the system of record and incredibly disruptive because I don’t have another place where I kept track of my cards. This is the equivalent of having a password manager just wipe my account. Customer Serive stated that “for security reasons” they wouldn’t tell me what happened and the action is irreversible. It’s an incredible app but hands down the worst product/customer experience I have had in years. It makes it a novelty and not reliable for a financial tool. Meanwhile it has created a domino effect where any purchases that were tied to my Privacy account are bouncing including recurring payments etc that I set up. Privacy really dropped the ball here.
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5 months ago, Fineboi
This app was great until it began requiring biometric data for account creation. I had to submit my passport, undergo a photo verification process in which the company advised it will use your eyes and face and hold on to the information for a year, I also had to verify my address with a utility bill. This is after being a loyal customer for over 3 years. Opening a checking account seems simpler by comparison. There's no customer support available over the phone. Recent complaints to the Better Business Bureau highlight concerns about how the app uses the personal information it collects. It's important to consider whether the services offered are worth the compromise to your privacy.
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1 year ago, Saving Privacy
Must have service
Privacy is one of the single most important financial services available. I’ve been using it since it first launched and has proven to invaluable. Think of it as an added layer protection on top of your debit card that allows one to spin out unique virtual debit cards that only work w/ one vendor with the ability to set limitations for additional protection. It doesn’t work w/ all processors, but those are few and far between. Go on get it!
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4 years ago, Rmacwj
Privacy is the best app to keep CC info safe.
I’ve used Privacy for a few months now. It’s awesome. The idea is so simple and obvious, it’s really a wonder that no bank gives you this kind of power over your own credit cards/checking accounts. I bought things from Facebook advertisements that I would normally not buy because I wouldn’t trust an unproven website with my CC, but because of Privacy they only get a burner card that can only be used one time for a specific amount.
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3 years ago, KJisCool97
I have never written a review for app, but I wanted to share my thoughts. This app is amazing. I love the burner card feature I use it for shopping on websites that I don’t feel comfortable sharing my information with. I also use it for free trials. I use the merchant card for each subscription I have. This way if someone ever hacks the site I don’t have to worry about someone using my card to purchase other items. Thank you for making this app!
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5 years ago, cypher-punk
Avoid at all costs
This company is *extremely* shady. I downloaded the app, linked my bank account, and let it sit for a few weeks/months. The first time I try and “Create a card”, it says to contact support. I do, and they basically say my account is deactivated, albeit never having *ever* used it! Absolutely unacceptable and beyond unprofessional. Ironically I’m also an employee of the company that provisions the app in the first place, so it’s not like I have some kind of tarnished reputation. There is no justification for this kind of behavior from any respectable company. This company is a complete disgrace to the virtuous notion of preserving privacy - rather than enable freedom they actually banish users for absolutely nothing! Avoid at all costs. This is a really, really bad sign.
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2 years ago, russell_314
Good for some purposes
I was trying to use this to pay subscriptions and bills but found out the hard way this wasn’t smart. I had an issue where a payment didn’t go through and even though I fixed it within a few hours they froze my account for 5 business days. That means anything that was going to be paid within a week would have bounced. I had to quickly move everything to a physical card. This service is good if you’re wanting to make a payment on a website that you’re not sure about but it’s not reliable for regular payments that are important.
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4 years ago, Jeremymav
This app is the bee’s knees
Before I got this app, I would have to make payments with one of my debit cards then immediately switch it to another card I knew didn’t have any money on it so I would avoid the auto pay dilemma I was having this app has allowed me to sign up for free trials and make one time payments without having to remind myself to switch out the car or to make sure I had enough money in my account to avoid an auto draft this app is absolutely perfect!
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6 years ago, montesomething
Really cool concept. Just one suggestion
I’ve just stared using the app and I really like the way it allows you to control your online financial exposure. As a security student I’ve seen many companies that aren’t strictly compliant and this gives me a sense of safety that a hacker can’t compromise my entire bank account from one store. However, I think the app would be perfect if you could similarly use the app with Apple Pay and I’d love the ability to add a burner card to my wallet. The rest of the app and the website are great and I haven’t had any issues.
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2 years ago, small hobbit
Just started declining payments
I connected a bank because it wouldn’t accept the debit card that it uses (it’s through Discover, which does offer banking services and has a debit card) and within the past two months MULTIPLE charges have been declined when my account had enough money in it. I contacted support and they just said to reconnect the bank account (which is tedious to do) as of today, I’m done with this service. There’s better payment methods/systems out there if you’re really worried about your online privacy and safety. This is just becoming too much of a hassle, and I pay for the $10 premium service. It sure doesn’t feel worth it.
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3 years ago, Blaze4ekite
I’ve been trying to use privacy since may of 2020. first, it took them 2 months to even, i don’t remember, like activate my account? it was something they said only takes like 3 days max regardless. it’s been too long for me to remember. and THEN i go to make a privacy card after putting my debit card info in and it says “error creating card. contact support”. here i am a year later after i contacted them; they NEVER got back to me, and my apps still messed up. absolutely terrible customer service. they are a worthless company. why does it take over a year just to try and use this app. and now they’re making me wait longer? i’m done here.
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3 years ago, Mike_813
I love this app, use it every month
I have several subscriptions that are paid for with cards from this app. Just in case I want to cancel, I can just delete the card and be sure that my bank account won’t be charged. I also use it to pay certain bills from a savings account, which obviously doesn’t have a debit card. I have also used the burner cards when signing up for a trial online, knowing I wouldn’t continue with a subscription. This app is awesome, it’s free (they make their money on merchant processing fees, like a credit card company), it works flawlessly exactly as advertised. You can use a burner card without revealing any of your real billing information online. Perfect for signing up for trials (along with a burner email address)! /this is a real review from a real user/
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7 years ago, Tntate2
Protection in the Age if Data Breaches
What an amazing app! Protect your financial identity and resources by using cards with limited funds. Be a “secret agent” with a burner card that closes after first use. Limit exposure at online merchants by setting a limit by transaction or calendar (week, month, year). Corral recurring monthly charges by dedicating a card and amount to the merchant. All my online Christmas purchases have been made with Privacy. Cannot miss if you have concerns with the security of online transactions.
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4 years ago, MidloMommyOf3
Referred by The Tech Guy
I am very happy with Privacy. Their customer support is prompt and courteous. The convenience of the app and the browser extension make payments quick and easy. I now feel safe using my account for online purchases. The multiple settings for transaction limits and ability to create burner virtual cards is fantastic! I definitely recommend Privacy!!
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3 years ago, mdz16
Disabled my account
I tried to add a different bank. I had used this app for a year or so and thought it was reputable. I added my second bank and they deactivated my account. So I reached out to customer service to ask why and they said “ Unfortunately for security reasons, we're unable to disclose the specific reason our abuse prevention system or human review team decided we were unable to support your account at this time, or discuss the decision beyond this. We have closed the account and removed the attached funding sources from our system. This decision is final and the account can't be reinstated.” I simply used the app as intended and wanted to know what I did incorrectly and they had no answer
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3 years ago, sw15222
Don’t trust limit
Why do they even give you the option to put a limit on a card that can only be used once if the online store can still charge the virtual card multiple times . I do not recommend this app at all it was very good at first but then I started checking my account I bought contacts but forgot to cancel the subscription but they kept charging me even with the virtual card that closes after one use . I’ve contacted customer service but they just said ‘’ they can authorize a transaction for the same amount multiple times even though it’s a one time use card like for subscription “ . If you guys want to deny it I have pictures.
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3 years ago, MimeJrD
Don’t connect your bank account
Had second thoughts after connecting my bank account and although their support says the login isn’t saved on their end, it is in plaid, the intermediary between them and the bank. And it showed it had access to both my checking and savings when I only wanted my checking connected. Plaid also set itself as trusted in my bank so it doesn’t need two factor. Went a little nuts disconnect stuff, changing passwords, and switching to a debit card, but that doesn’t seem secure at all. And then to set up a manual connection it looked like you need to send physical mail to them
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4 years ago, @@encee$$
Works pretty well
This is a well designed app that serves exactly the purpose I had in mind. Setting up one time cards and merchant locked cards with daily, monthly limits works perfectly when signing up for trial offers and sites whose reputation you aren’t sure about. It’s saved me a lot of money (or at least the hassle of requesting refunds) from unexpected charges and trials I forgot to cancel!! Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, WOWYOU1
Shady tactics.
I have seen this service advertised on the internet in the past to i decided to try it out. After taking all of my information including bank account and me creating an account all of a sudden my account is pending review and a week later when i assume the review is complete my email and account does not exist in their system. I want my data wiped you rats. Filing a police report if i am not contacted
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