Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

Photo & Video
4.8 (931.7K)
232.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Legendary Software Labs LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

4.82 out of 5
931.7K Ratings
1 year ago, DrJHC
Good App Overall
This is a good app, but could be improved. I'd like to see a sync between the app on different devices. When getting a new device, such as a new iPad, one has to start over, I have not been able to move from the old one to the new with success! Also, as a backup it is awkward, so I do not see it as truly viable for that purpose at this time. There seems to be a hiccup for certain larger images. For example, I have some and when sending or putting back into Photo as a group, the program freezes unless one figures out which is the problematic image and goes one at a time through the group. I see the app's main value as ordinary privacy on each device; I have it on four. It's pretty good for that. I also use it to store things to show others, but wish to avoid wading through thousands of files in Photo. I also like the secure folder within the app for things "more private" or intended to be kept more secure. The photo editing program within the app is excellent. I use that and then send the edited photo to Photo or iPhoto in some cases to preserve the original in both Photo and the app. It's really good for this. JHC
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2 years ago, DespicableBeast
Great app but has a few issues. iCloud Storage
Everything about the app’s functionality and features are great! However, there are two big issues I have. 1.) I subscribed to the premium version to have to utilize the cloud storage. The description of the iCloud storage option is inaccurate. It states that you can can save space on your your device by synchronizing and uploading all the photos to the cloud so that when you preview the content on your device, it will download it from the cloud without using up the storage on your device. Which in sense, should be similar to IOS. However, when I preview the photos in the app. It downloads the photo to my device and does not remove it after previewing. Ultimately it does not save any space at all. If I wanted to remove the data from my device, I would have to wipe everything off by reinstalling the app. After doing that, I log in, and it will synchronize with the cloud until I open up the photo which then automatically downloads the photo to the device. 2.) I’m not sure if it was because of the update but when I reinstalled the app, I have a problem where I couldn’t connect to the server when I was logging back into my account. I had to remove my 1 year subscription and resubscribe to finally log back in. But doing so prompted a message saying that I would have to pay again after my 1 week free trial. My subscription didn’t expire until August 2022. Which means I did not use the whole year of the subscription.
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5 months ago, hodgepodgerama
Taking away features I paid for?
Edit: the canned response says that if I already purchased the pro version everything will work. There was no pro version 4 years ago when I purchased this. And the pro version is a subscription for $40 a year! Give me back the features I paid for! I purchased this app several years ago and chose it over others because of a few features it had. Key word here is PURCHASED…. One of those features was the ability to browse to my iPad from a desktop computer to upload or download images. I always considered this feature to be core to the app and I chose Photo Vault because of it. Well, I just tried to do that and…guess what? Apparently, in a recent “update”, They took that feature away from the app! The only way to get that feature now is to pay a subscription fee of…what?? $40 a year?? Your update even says very clearly that I STILL HAVE ACCESS TO MY ALL LIFETIME VERSION FEATURES! LIES! Hey, look. I paid for that feature as part of my original license. Taking away the ability to transfer images CRIPPLES this app and makes it completely useless. I’m sure someplace in the fine print it says you can take features away but TAKING FEATURES AWAY AND THEN CHARGING PEOPLE TO ACCESS THEM AGAIN IS COMPLETELY UNETHICAL! I really hate the subscription revenue model and think the only reason it exists is greed. Give us back the features we bought the app for!
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2 years ago, D_back_17
Holds your files hostage. Wont let you transfer to your computer
This app will take up so much of your phone’s storage, it’s insane. I got this app with the intention to back up my pics and vids and perhaps clear up some space in a convenient manner. Ive come to realize, it wouldve been much easier if I had just transferred those files to a computer directly without using this app. Now my pics and vids are stuck on this app because transferring all of them back to my phone not only takes forever, but fails almost every time. This app’s ability to transfer your files to a computer, via wireless or wired, simply does not work. Try it yourself at your own risk. Now i have 2000+ pictures and videos trapped in this app that i cannot get out. I cant transfer them back to my phone without constant complication and this app’s ability to export files to a computer is an absolute joke. I also wasted money subscribing to their cloud vault, which is a joke too. I can’t delete any files without them deleting it on the cloud vault as well, so that was no use regarding making space in my phone either. Also their cloud vault has no url or website, so that basically means the cloud vault ALSO doesnt have any convenient means of exporting files. DO NOT USE THIS APP. They will literally hold your files hostage. They have convenient means of importing files but absolutely zero ability in exporting them. Just think on that.
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2 years ago, Sarab2324
So reliable and works!
I’ve used this on and off over the past few years and I’ll tell you, it works! I’ve tried several apps in the past where when you click out of the app and open it up again, the pictures show for a second before going to the password. Which obviously defeats the purpose. THIS app, it works! You can click out and open in a second and it’s already at the passcode screen. Also, even though I technically use the ad version, I’ve only ever seen two in the whole time I’ve used the app. I love this because I’ll just upload the pictures I want from my library and have the option to delete the copies in the library as well. I usually do, because having this app is kinda the point. Privacy. Even though I never have anyone go on my phone, I still have photos I wouldn’t like just anyone seeing. There’s always that time where you show someone a picture on your phone and they grab it and start scrolling. You can also make albums for the different photos. I have the main album and a second one for certain photos I want separate. I definitely recommend!
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5 years ago, Vin_D
Tech Support will not reply
First off I’ve used this product for years without any issues. Recently they released Ver 10.3 I believe and it was automatically downloaded and updated my app. I noticed there must have been an update after seeing a much improved editor when I edited a vid. I closed the app, reopened it 15 minutes later and all of my files were encrypted or at least I’m assuming that because over 3,000 pics & vids showed nothing but the grayscale wave in all the directories. That’s it, the only viewable file out of almost 3,000 was the one I edited. I’ve tried texting, emailing, copying, etc out of the app but nadda! I have pics of everything critical in there. My last backup was over 3 months ago. That puts me out of almost a thousand pics & vids. I can’t get a Tech support reply, I’ve sent multiple request for help but nothing. I’m very frustrated that their success has given them a sense of complacency to my need for help. I have almost 75gb of data (+-3000 files)that only shows up as a defective wave. I need those pics to access accounts created in the past few months. BE WARNED-Back up you iPhone on a frequent basis. Help!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, Paul Macintosh
Very good storage. Good import & export. VERY GOOD folder system.
The app has GOOD FOLDERS, and keeps GIGS of photos in those folders without losing any of them. Putting on computer using the local app website address is easy & well-automated, but transfers as INDIVIDUAL folders in Zip Format. Devs, please incorporate a Transfer All Folders button if possible. Before this latest update, transferring pictures into the app put them in random order. I had to transfer pictures that in chunks to keep them in some kind of order. This HAS BEEN FIXED in this latest update. The app gives you the option of deleting pictures off the PHONE as they are transferred INTO the app BUT DOES NOT when transferring BACK to the phone. They CAN be easily deleted manually off the app with one or two steps. Another suggestion for devs. Previous versions allowed me to select photos and the select would automatically scroll down if I dragged down. Currently I can ONLY select a set of photos one screen's worth at a time (approx. 28). With over 400 photos per folder, that takes a while with no scrolling. Devs, PLEASE incorporate BOTH scrolling AND importing pictures in the same order they appeared in the phone.
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4 years ago, RangerMac61
A fabulous app has tanked! DON’T TRUST THIS!
I’ve used this app for years. I used to love it and recommend it to friends. However, all that has changed!!! Somewhere in the various iOS 13 updates two bugs appeared. First, when typing in a new password for a new file, the number keyboard shifted back to the letter keyboard after the first number entry. Second, and far more serious, when a series of photos were entered into a file from the Apple Photos app, the original order of the photos was scramble!!! I immediately reported these bugs to Photo Vault support, and was informed that they would be fixed when iOS 14 came out. Well, iOS 14 came out, and the bugs remained. Being a patient person, I waited until Apple’s next update, iOS 14.1 came out. Still the bugs remained!!! Yesterday, iOS 14.2 was released and guess what? The bugs remain!!! The designers of this app either can’t or won’t fix the bugs reported above. Time for me to find another app to store photos!!! Save yourself the grief of having to move photos to a new storage app and don’t give this one further consideration!
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3 years ago, Prince Derek
Please help! ☹️ I haven’t update this app and says it needs to be updated to work with iOS 14 to use the app but then l found out about the update. So I stopped right there and saw you have removed the iTunes album, that it doesn’t exist as an album anymore. This is really terrible! I have over 500 photos in there! How am l going to move those photos to an album I worked so hard on my photos! And also, did you change the keyboard to enter the passcode? Why?? My passcode onIy contains lowercase letters. I didn’t enable passcode recovery. How am I going to type in letters with that numeric keyboard that only types in numbers? If I update to this version, the app’s keyboard will change and photos I had in the iTunes album will be all gone! This is terrible! l’ve been using this app for 3 years now, I installed this app 3 years ago(August 1, 2018) and I worked so hard on my photos, my photos are very important, how are they gonna come out that perfect again. I’ll never access my photos again because l can't enter the correct passcode with letters. 😭 I need this fixed. 🙁
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3 years ago, General Samus
Good app with a few issues
Been using this app for a number of years and it’s totally worth spending the $$ versus using the free one. For only $7 you really can’t go wrong. One of the issues I have is when I imported my family vacation pics they are completely disorganized. I tried several different ways but every time they NEVER import in order and this is VERY annoying as I have to rearrange them by manually. I like to organize the folders in groups as it makes it WAY easier to access, but I’d like to have an option to have folders within a folder. For example: my trip to Houston I have some pictures and video that I’d like to separate them so I’m not searching all over for them. Even within picture folder, it’d be nice to separate my time at the Houston space center with my time in the golf. It just lumps them all together. The last thing is I wish there an option for either a list view or an icon view...and it could reorganized by title or date. When your library gets large, it’s VERY difficult to find the folder you’re looking for because they are listed in the order they were created and NOT alphabetically or numerically. Other than that—great app.
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3 weeks ago, Paulyv1992
App no longer functioning on iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.5 – constant crashing upon opening
In the last update or the second to last update I am no longer able to open my application. I am on an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.5. I’ve been a long time user and premium subscriber of your application, and I’ve never had issues with compatibility in the past. In most cases when apps are updated and require a newer version of iOS, the software developer will disable updates for devices that don’t need the specified iOS version. I was not given a warning, and I was dumbfounded went out of nowhere my app is unable to open. I’m not sure why this is happening, but if I am no longer able to use this application, I’m going to have to cancel my premium subscription. I’m sure there are other users of your application on lower iOS devices that are also running into this issue. My biggest problem is that I am unable to access my pictures now because I’m unable to open the application. If you could provide me instructions on how to retrieve my photos and videos that are currently locked inside of the application, I would really appreciate it. I’m hoping that this issue is resolved, but in the meantime I would hope you are able to help me retrieve my images and videos.
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1 year ago, Brynleigh22
I love this app so much!!!
I literally have all of my pictures and videos in this. It’s a very secure app. You can have your Face ID, or a password for it so no one can get in it if you really like privacy. Also, if you have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone with a home button (which I had last year), you can have your fingerprint on it. You can organize everything so you know where to find certain things. You can have a bunch of Albums for everything you can think of, you can title them so you know what they are, and you can move everything around in the Albums so they are fully organized. You can also lock certain Albums if you don’t want just anyone to look at them. Like I said before, I have all my photos and videos in it. It works super well, and it’s very secure. I love the face that people make when they go to photos to look through to see what I have and it says “No photos or videos.” It’s so funny. It’s definitely worth downloading. I recommend it.
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2 years ago, Koenig1
Almost perfect
I’ve been using this app for a long time and have loved its ease of use. There’s only a couple of things missing in my opinion. 1. Permanent folder thumbnail. Yes the last photo in the album is the photo you’ll see in the album thumbnail but it changes every time you add more pictures. If only one picture of your choosing could stay as the thumbnail permanently, that would be great. 2. Picture preview by press and hold when selecting multiple pictures. There are times when you want to select multiple pictures but you can’t tell what or who is in the picture because it’s so small. If you could just press and hold a picture for a second to blow it up that would be extremely helpful. 3. App icon. Keeping your pictures safe is great but an icon with a lock on it called photo vault draws attention to an unwanted person on your phone. If there were multiple inconspicuous app icons to choose from would help immensely.
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7 years ago, Nickname1122339
Don't trust this app to make backups to iCloud.
I've been using the pro version of this app for about 4 years. Currently it's pretty well developed. The only issue I've ever had was losing 400+ pictures/videos due to the app not backing up to iCloud (2 years ago). I lost my phone while on a trip in Europe, after returning I tried a backup only to find that all data within the app was lost (literally as if I had never used the app before). I tried a fresh backup several times, each with the same results. Going into detail: I used photo vault for 2 years prior to the loss of the phone. I had pictures in my stock photo album that were dated same as some photos in the photo vault. The backup recovered 700+ pictures that were in my photo album (and other apps/app data) ... some dating up to just a couple weeks before I lost the phone. Basically I guess photo vault was never backed up, while just about everything else was? You'd think after paying for the pricey Pro Version and 2 years of constant use, there would be some element of assurance... I have had little use for this app since losing everything.
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4 months ago, KGSnow
Great app, but I’m having trouble with the new version
I’ve been using the “pro” (annual fee) version of Photo Vault for a few years, and I think it’s a great app, but it recently stopped synching, and I see a small-font notice on the settings page that says that my version needs to be updated. When I go to the App Store, there’s apparently no version-update option available, only a brand new app with a new icon. There is no information about how my account will be handled if I activate the new app, i.e. will I be charged two annual fees?, will my synched photos be available to populate the new app (with the same folders)?, do I need to deactivate synching in the original app in order to activate synching in the newer app? am I at risk of losing photos on either the cloud server or my device (an iPad, primarily)?, etc. Revision: What I was experiencing (detailed above) was a temporary glitch…things are working fine now. Excellent customer service! Thanks for a great app.
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5 years ago, Brytalozy
Great App Until You Lose your Phone and all Pictures are Lost
I have been a regular user of photo vault. I started with the regular version and then paid to get upgraded to the pro version. Everything seemed fine even until I lost my iPhone in summer 2019 during my research trip and had to restore/recover lost data. Lol and behold, not even a single one of the over 3,000 archival/research document pics that I got and moved to the vault were restored; I mean, not even a single one. I tried restoring from my itunes and iCloud yet no way. Never trust this app to recover your lost photo files. To make matters worse, I wrote several emails to the developers and even went to their company website to lodge a request to Legendary Software Labs LLC and not even a single response. At least, if you cannot solve the situation, calm your clients and respond to a single request. I cannot believe that after paying the monthly fee, I cannot even recover any thing. I felt frustrated because I so much believed in this app and even got my friends to get it. Now, I am lost and disappointed to say the least. Thanks but no thanks.
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2 years ago, Magic Will
5 stars over all, but there are some improvements I would like to speak on.
This app is a great way to store private photos and videos that are “for your eyes only.” I’ve been using this app for at least 5 years, purchased the full version.. amazing! The only bug that I noticed (which was quite a while ago) was that if you are uploading a longer video or a medium sized album, it would either stop mid upload or at the end tell you that it couldn’t upload a few of the files and won’t give you the option to delete the photos that were uploaded successfully or show which photos/videos that weren’t. It might have been addressed already, it’s been a while since I’ve added anymore media. Also, from an accessibility standpoint the video playback used is the typical iPhone safari playback which is fine, but it has a tendency of blocking a quarter of the screen. ESPECIALLY if you are scrubbing at a high frame rate. The solution to this if may, (and if possible) would be to use the same configuration as the playback in the FILES app on iPhone. Much like the photos app it shows the reel at the bottom of the screen and you use your finger to drag through the video. BUT if you tap the screen a moment before dragging the reel IT WILL REMOVE THE REEL AND BORDER while still allowing you to scrub through the video without any obstruction. Just my two cents on how to improve an already AMAZING app 😊
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1 year ago, Glenncard
Photo Vault
I would recommend this app for the individual who is constantly taking pics with their cell phone and do not have enough space on the cell to store all of those cherisible memories. I myself am an amateur photographer and digital artist and of course selfies! I have lots of storage on my cell but use several social apps emails and my little sweetie Kitty Bitty. She is a young female cat who’s owner passed away last year. I took over his apartment and Kitty Bitty needed to be taken care of. Photo Vault has given me the opportunity to save many memories that I would have had to delete. I am far from a techy kinda of guy and always looking for a pic and videos that someone wants to view or I want to do additional editing on the many editing apps I have. Photo Vault thank you for making my life easier that sometimes gets frantic. To all get the app you ask yourself how did I survive without Photo Vault Thanks for listening Glenn #bayouboy😎👣
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3 years ago, assfffhj
We’re all my photos
I’ve been using this app for about a couple years and broke my phone recently I restore my iCloud but the apps didn’t come up so I re downloaded this app and every time I try to log into my account to get all my 5000 photos it keeps saying that it doesn’t exist this is very sad to me i emailed support and have not got a response at all I don’t know if this is a scam or what but I know I want my photos I have personal and last photos of my mother and other family members that have passed on this is unprofessional once again I’ve emailed private vault and their come back with a response on that is they just upgraded their system to where logging in is a possibility I upgraded my phone from the seven to the 12 it literally did not come like the rest of my cloud apps it logged me out and then told me to login in and when I put the email that I’ve used for many years it sent me an email and said that I’m not even in their system which is a lie do not put your photos or things that you would like to keep because if something happened this app has no concern about your well-being download GOOGLE PHOTOS best app you can possibly have
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1 year ago, Joe Lee 2814
Great photo organizer!
Security works very well, as does the built-in browser. You can not only set up passwords for the app but individual photo collections as well. And if someone uses a wrong password it opens to a decoy version of the app. Easy to organize and to customize my photo files. My favorites function is very handy. The built in slide show function is my favorite and most often used, I would like more functionality but for free it is very very good. Like maybe the ability to select multiple files for slide shows. Maybe a favorites function for whole files. And gifs, you can collect gifs I love that you can save playable GIFs. The slide transition isn’t keyed in the the GIFs duration time but you can adjust the slide duration and they play within a given slideshow time setting. So longer Gifs May play once or more and short gifs will play multiple times in the longer time frames. Great app!
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3 years ago, PhilippeBoudreaux
Great but needs improvements
This is the very app I use to store extra photos. I’ve used it for 9 years now. However, it needs improvements. - When I add multiple photos into any folder, it places them completely out of order. This makes it annoying to move them around into the right order. - When I select multiple photos in the recent folder, it gives a white screen with an error message saying “can’t connect to iCloud, try again later.” The only way I know to avoid this is to slowly select photos and not select over a certain amount at once. I feel I shouldn’t have to do this workaround. - About 2 years ago, my old iPad was wiped due to its battery dying during an iOS update. I was able to recover everything else using my iCloud backup, but when I went back to the app, everything was gone. I had probably a couple of thousand images, *poof* gone. There needs to be a good backup option so this does not happen in case of device loss.
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4 years ago, Appleman7934
Best in class for photo security
One of my friends recommended this app to me years ago for securing my private photos and videos. I’ve now been using it since 2015, it continues to be supported with each new version of iOS and they provide good customer support when needed. To break down the features that I like, the break-in report and decoy password are really cool. The break in report will take a photo whenever someone tries to get into the app. It is great for detecting snoopers. The decoy password gives you a whole separate account you can login to that opens to a different set of photos. This is perfect if someone wants to know what is in the app. The app has the ability to create a pin for the overall app as well as passwords for each of the individual albums. When you import photos from the photos app, it asks you if you’d like to delete them from the Photos app which is really convenient. Just make sure you also delete them from recently deleted too. Looking at some of the reviews, it looks like people are forgetting their passwords. The app gives you the ability to set a backup email address, so if you set that setup you are fine. Each update brings new features. I’m glad to have picked this one. It is fast, secure, reliable and feature rich. I highly recommend this app if you want a well supported app for securing your photos. I’m excited to see what they add next.
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8 months ago, BLK Stallion
Great App
Hey there! Just wanted to drop a message to let you know that I absolutely love using Photo Vault. It's such a great app for keeping my photos and videos safe and secure. The privacy features are top-notch, and I really appreciate the peace of mind it gives me. However, I had a small suggestion that I think could make the app even better. Sometimes, I tend to forget my password, and it can be quite frustrating trying to guess or remember it. So, it would be amazing if Photo Vault could have a feature that reminds you of your password in case you forget it. Maybe a security question or an email verification process could help with that? I believe this addition would not only enhance the user experience but also provide a solution for those occasional memory lapses. Thank you for creating such a fantastic app, and I hope you consider this suggestion. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Mondo Rondo
Not a good look
Since starting high school I’ve had a lot of use for this app. Starting in 9th grade I asked my friends what app I should use to store photos and they recommend this however, I wish they didn’t. I went along my high school journey quite smoothly using the app with minor or little problems but now I just finished my senior year and I am about to enter college and my photos are completely erased. It’s been like this for at least 8 months maybe a year. I had two albums inside the app. One for videos and one for pictures. All 600 pictures in the picture album have become corrupted because they all show a standard image. However with my videos I can say that around only 30 out of 130 videos are corrupted. I don’t know how this occurred and I’ve Tried everything to get them back but nothing has worked. Keep in mind when you add any photo or video to an album they give you the option to delete it from your camera roll. I did this and now the pictures and videos are lost forever I guess. So if you plan on using this long term I would suggest finding another app because you will be heartbroken once you see everything is corrupted. :(
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3 years ago, nickname-pi
Just changed my review from 4 stars to 5 —> I’m pleased with Developer’s response.
The developer emphasizes in the app description that Private Photo Vault employees can’t view user’s photos and videos on the Cloud Vault Backup, but would that privacy also applies to photos and videos on users’ physical devices such as phone or ipad? The developer also mentions that user’s data such as user’s content (photos and videos) could also be collected, if I understand correctly of what it says on the app description. The two paragraphs above are conflicting to each other. Can you explain it please. It would be nice if the app allows user to change the private folder password. As of now, once I set my password for any particular folder, I can’t change the password of that folder. Other than that, I love everything else about the app. I have used it for several years now.
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5 years ago, Lett2icia Freitas
Awesome app, just one little thing missing!
This app is great. It’s extremely safe because you need a password to open the app and another password to open the hidden albums (if you want to be 100% safe, you don’t necessarily have to). The only thing I think is missing is that I wish the app would save my pictures on my “profile”. Since it’s deleted from my phone and hidden inside the app, you would think that the pictures are saved on some type of cloud or inside the app itself but it isn’t. I switched phones and lost many pictures and videos because I didn’t think of downloading them onto my computer before switching phones. I also hoped that since I use an email and password it would save them somehow but it’s not the case. Regardless I still have the app on my new phone and at least now I’m aware of that so I can take care of it before I ever switch my phone again.
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5 years ago, Musaabo
Cool if it worked
I use this all the same way everyone else does. Needless to say after an updated about a year ago, all the photos and videos I had disappeared. The photos and videos are still there but they don’t show and causes the app to crash. I reached out to support and they informed me that this was an issue <300 of a million people were experiencing and that an update was coming. After no luck I figured id upgrade to the premium app hoping I can restore the pics. After a year and several phones, the issue still persists. I figured I’d try the WiFi sync which I got to login but once I click the album, the app crashes on my phone and the page won’t load. I tried to export the photos and the same thing. Needless to say the developers have yet to address this issue and are blaming the way the phone is backed up, yet all my other apps seem to be working. If the photos are still there, it seems the app is failing to open them correctly. Hopefully they find a solution or a work around. Avoid the “first of all I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue” response and resolve the issue or provide me on away to recover my stuff.
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6 years ago, Hi surfer
Great App
I just purchased this because the one I was using will not work with iOS11 beta. Photo Vault does everything pretty well including getting my photos imported easily from the camera roll on my phone as well as importing photos from my Mac using iTunes which is the way I always imported large numbers of photos from the Mac. The Touch ID is also greatly appreciated. As a major improvement I would like to see the library separated into a "local" and "iCloud" libraries so the cloud version is automatically and always synced with your iPad. Overall I'm very pleased with Photo Vault. Since I wrote this, I’m finding that my new iPhone XS on iOS12 refuses to work when using iTunes sync. It downloads the photos into the iPhone as if it’s working properly(and taking up space)but the photos don’t show up within the app. Right now the only way I can transfer photos and videos from my iMac is via WiFi sync.
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11 months ago, MasterRoyale18
Best one I’ve found
I used to have a similar app on my Samsung that was incredible but ever since I switched to my iPhone I noticed I couldn’t find it on the App Store. So I found this similar app and gave it a try, my honest opinion is that it is perfect. If your goal is to keep things hidden ;) and make sure they’re gone from your device then I’d say this app is great for it. Very easy and simple procedure to moving your things from your camera roll to the app’s storage and keeping them secure. I will say it is quite clunky and buggy at times depending on the moving size, it still does the job and haven’t had any problems since. And to clarify I’ve never bought any of the premium stuff so this is all free, although the premium stuff would help greatly more to keep us secure, the free version is great. Overall it’s a great app that gets the job done well and keeps anything you need secure until you want to access it later ;).
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7 years ago, natasha-k
Photos disappeared then got restored
Just like another user who seems to have just reported the same problem on March 17, I've used this app for years without any issues. Then one day I logged in and the app acted like I had just downloaded it, and all my photos were gone -- same exact story as "Thedoomsong" user described. I also never deleted and reinstalled, no issues with my Apple account. iOS still thinks that the app has my photos based on the total amount of storage used by Photo Vault, but the app doesn't see them. I've reached out to customer service twice to see if I could salvage the photos and got no response. To say that I am frustrated is an understatement. UPDATE: I never heard back from customer service, but the app did get fixed. I saw a note about a bug fix in the latest release and, thankfully, my photos are back. The folder names are gone, but that's nothing in comparison. Thank you, app developers!! I really appreciate that you got it fixed!
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7 years ago, agamemnoch
Great app
Great free app for those photos and videos you want to keep private. Easy to use interface. Auto delete option for photos your switching from your camera roll to the photo vault. Pay a smallish fee if you want to add more than two folders or just do like I do and put everything in those one or two free folders Since their doesn't seem to be a limit on how many photos or videos you can place in a single folder. Never used the I-Tunes folder option so I'm not sure how that works but the basic use of keeping those private photos and videos locked up and hidden is great. Also when activating your app usage by the home button double tap the last photo you accessed is sometimes temporarily displayed on the screen before it switches to the password enter screen. I believe they fixed this though.
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5 years ago, Major_Ursa
Torn About This App
The update to 10.x seems to have corrupted all my photos on my iPad. I had a lot of photos on there but now they just show white squares that won’t open and I can’t export. I’ve been using this app for 3+ years without issue before this update and it’s been great but now I’m really concerned about sticking with it. However - on my iPhone, the update to 10.x hasn’t messed anything up (yet, fingers crossed). Maybe it’s because I haven’t opened it as much or at all between minor updates in the versions 10+ and onward or maybe it’s because I only have 3 albums and a much smaller number of photos. Also it could be that all my iPhone pictures were imported through app extensions while on my iPad I used the web import feature a ton. I honestly have no clue why one device works and the other doesn’t. For reference: my devices are an iPhone XR and iPad Pro 10.5” both running the latest version of iOS and this app (10.3). Hopefully this info can help the developer nail down these issues
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6 years ago, Rafy jr
Great app! I’ve been using it for years, but...
The app is definitely great! I have used it since 2013. Here’s my thing though: I downloaded it for the first time on my dad’s account. Later on i created one of my own, which was no problem. I’d just go into my dad’s account to download it and that’s it. Last time i changed phones, i had been with my old one for a long time. I downloaded the app from my account but it gave me no option to retrieve the pictures (that, by the way, i had not saved anywhere else) unless it had been downloaded from the same account. I thought it was safe and put it off because i had forgotten my dad’s password. I just re-downloaded the app, from my dad’s account this time, and i cannot find an option to retrieve those pictures. And I cannot find a “Contact us” option. I’d appreciate if something could be done about this. I’m sure i’m not the only person this has happened to. If you, developers, could contact me, please do so.
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3 years ago, I'Am Zarian
Feature Request Please!
I really like this app and has been using it for years, this is actually one of the first Photo Apps I’ve used for the longest time. I must say that I’ve never had any issues with the app at all but some small issues that’s not a big deal. Anyways I would like to see Dark Mode, and those big Square Album Icons to see photos better and such. It’s bright sometimes when viewing the app at night or dark places, and being able to view the Photo Albums as those big Square Icons would be amazing! ( Similar to those Photo Albums from Google Photos and such ) would love to see an option for that customization! Otherwise this app is amazing and hope everyone loves the app aswell! I also purchased the Premium just because the developers are great!
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3 years ago, Wmderrik
Excellent app, just needs one addition
I have been using this app for about 2 years since the one I used to use stopped being supported. I have really enjoyed it. I quickly upgraded to the pro to utilize some of the features like decoy and no adds. It has worked great and continues to be supported and updated. One suggestion I have, the app I used to use made it easy to move photos to the decoy login. I was able to just label the photo or the folder as decoy. Seems like the only way I can add things to decoy with this kne is to move them back to my phones album, then re upload them to the other login. It is really time consuming to do it. Any way you can make a feature to be able to select folders that are available in both the main login and the decoy?
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6 years ago, Dane Charles Crawford
Best photo app ever!
You can set passwords for everything and finally have your privacy! You don't have to pay for anything and you get all these epic abillities! You have 3GB to make like thousands of albums and add millions of photos, and if you delete any of your photos by accsedent and you don't use recently deletes in Photos on Iphone and maybe IOS/Android. YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY! You don't loose any of you photos in this app! It also gives you the choice to delete those photos from camera roll, while you add them to your album! That's some juicy proof. You make you albums by typing the password and the name then adding photos and finally your done. Basically 10 clicks to save all of your videos and photos. Anyone can afford this! Anyone can use it! And anyone can have personal privacy! All with a completely free app.
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6 years ago, AHsu42388
I wish that when I re-add photos to my photo album that it would keep the original date the photos were taken. I use this app to store my work out progress photos and when I pull them out some keep the original date and some just bring it back like I just took it today. I don’t know why some save and some don’t. Regardless, I like this app the best out of all the rest because when I save to it, it asks me if I want to delete the one from my iOS photos app, which I 99% if the time do. It’s more convenient than having to switch back to the app and deleting the photo. It does the job but the ads are super annoying so I ended up just spending the $3.99 to upgrade it to pro. I don’t really need to store videos or the other features it offers, I just really wanted the long ads to stop popping up after trying to view or download every few pics.
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3 years ago, SDRanger
This was once a wonderful app, with a VERY “private” look and feel to it. That was the original POINT, wasnt it? The update last month completely DESTROYED it, and now it’s near impossible to use without getting seriously aggravated! NOW, when you swipe through YOUR photos, EVERY THIRD IMAGE swiped will result in a full page ad! (And you have to be careful to NOT click on it!). And NOW when you open the app…yes, a video advertisement. A ploy to get me to pay for Premium service? It actually discourages me from using it as I always get ticked off when using it, and I no longer trust the jokers who made the app. Who really cares, because I am currently looking for ANOTHER app that is simple, secure, private, and with NO distracting, NONSTOP interruptions! ….an app that THIS one used to be like! SO disappointing when a developer has the perfect solution for their users….and once they have you hooked, changes it to just another commercialized piece of aggravating junk on my devices that I have to replace... I’m so outta here!
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1 month ago, Mrsjoespeer
If you have kids
You know how you really want to save the dirty picture your husband sent you, but your 8 year old likes to use your phone for selfies? Fear no more, my friends! Simply save your favorite nsfw delights into this app and enjoy viewing them as your leisure. And that’s not all it’s good for. That Christmas party picture you fully intend to use to blackmail Johnson with the next time he crosses you? Save it. Screenshot proof that you did, in fact, text your wife multiple times that you were going to be late? Pop it in there. Those 30 second clips of your kids being stupid that will come in handy when they start dating? Lock those bad boys away. All that to say, I love this app, my husband loves this app, and we both highly recommend. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Jwolf138
Cloud sync no longer works
I have used this app and subscribed to its premium features for more than a year. Loved the app and the syncing across iOS devices until cloud syncing stoped working. New media will not sync to cloud because of a “cloud storage at maximum capacity” error message. You are then prompted to email the app developer to request more cloud storage. I have done this and was told that my cloud storage has been upgraded to 150GB. Despite this, the cloud sync still does not work. It doesn’t matter if my cloud storage is at 20MB or 10GB, trying to sync anything new will not be successful. This is very disappointing, considering I am paying for this service. To add to the frustration, attempts to contact technical support have been futile, with support only responding (days later) with “have you updated the app” and “we’ll forward your concerns to our developer team”. Don’t wast your money on the premium features, which currently are not working.
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2 years ago, aqua_albatross
Great app, needs some work on specific features
Edited review -in response to developer response, review updated. Great info and thanks for the feedback, love the app! —- Previous review: 1) “face down” feature doesn’t work (has never worked for me). 2) Really want the metadata/date-time information for the photos. That’s super important but it somehow not available without exporting the photos from the app. 3) the inability to drag/reorder/rearrange photos in folders is a bummer. Would be great to add especially since the images often import out of order 4) the ability to move/synch photos from main albums into “decoy” album for use with decoy folder. For example, a transfer function to a folder named “decoy” on the main access profile. Then, when you enter the decoy profile, you have those photos synced. I do really like this app and it’s very well made. Has tons of fantastic features but for the paid version, it would be good to see some of the suggestions above. Especially since so many others have mentioned these before too. Love the app though and will continue to use it, but making some of the changes will bring it to a whole new level.
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11 months ago, Anonymous25025
Reliable over many years
There may be better photo vault apps out there. I wouldn’t know. I downloaded this one five years ago, got the premium subscription for the following four years, and never really plan on stopping. This is my vault. It has never been compromised, contain redundant security features to guarantee nobody can possibly see anything by accident, and has a reliable cloud storage server. If you’re using the free version, the ads are annoying. Bought premium for the cloud feature but would have bought it just to remove ads tbh. Anyways, after half a decade of never considering a different vault app for photos and videos, I figured it was time to post my respects with a review.
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3 years ago, sizzo1220
Best photo vault app
It's clear these guys are improving upon their apps with updates and such. The app itself works seamlessly. You get all the important things. The OPTION for a cloud backup/sync or my preference, everything hard stored locally. They encrypt everything and even have a dummy password capability leading to dummy account/images/video etc. You can edit in the app and transfer to a new phone like I'm going to be doing with the iPhone 13 soon. The ONLY thing this app lacks really, is the ability to change the app icon and name to truly hide what it is. The icon looks like a folder with a lock on it so if a curious eye scans your phone, it's definitely sus but for now, that's why the dummy account/pin helps.
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6 years ago, Grizzleebare
Love it so far
The Ap Opens lightning fast unlike the calculator vault that takes forever to open if it does at all and usually takes multiple tries. You do have to upgrade this Ap if you want the Ap to do what you downloaded it for, but that's just business. So far I am very pleased so far. I also like that I can move pics in the folders and edit them there and it's all seamless and very easy, also not available on the previously mentioned Ap. A nice upgrade/Fix would be to have the option to see the folders in a Grid/Window option along with the default vertical folder view and folder auto-alphabetic orginizing would be Stupid proofing what I already do myself. NO COMPLAINTS thus far, I highly recommend this Ap!
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4 years ago, Turkish_Princess
Great App But. . .
This is definitely the BEST photo & video storage app, hands down! It quickly uploads all of your photos & videos, regardless of how many you have selected. However, this photo app takes up a lot of storage on your phone. It’s really no different from you just keeping your photos & videos in your camera roll to be honest. My main issue with this app is that there is literally no way of your pictures & videos being backed up. I tried to transfer all of them onto my laptop but after multiple attempts, I gave up. I was trying to transfer my files from this app to my laptop for hours but it doesn’t allow me to do so. I can’t trust this app because I lost hundreds, probably thousands of pictures/videos about 2 years ago when my iPhone 7+ stopped working out of nowhere. My iPhone was in this restart loop where there was no way of me manually turning it off or being able to access the lock screen. It was in this loop where it continuously restarted by itself. I was hoping that after the battery died, it would go back to normal once I charge it but it didn’t. I had to replace my phone with a new one. The huge disappointment was when I realized that nothing was backed up into the app when I downloaded it on my new device.
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7 years ago, Morzillian
Love this app.
This app does anything you could ever hope to have in a photo vault app. It has a Password lock, it locks whenever you leave the app, it even has a DECOY so you can, if you want, tell people about it and have innocent pictures in the decoy section. Sort of a “hidden-in-plain-sight” thing. It allows you to delete the pictures you import directly from the app, and it saves their original quality. Their support website is helpful and to the point, and very easy to navigate, just like the app. I have very strict parents tbh, and that’s why I use this app. It’s by FAR the best out there. I have a really, really big amount of appreciation for this app and I would totally donate a few bucks via in-app-purchase to ensure it stays awesome.
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5 months ago, dykehand
Photo Vault RULES!
It’s the absolute most convenient way to stash nude pics of my girlfriend, ex-girlfriends, the nude pics of myself that I send out to potential future ex’s, the nude pics of myself that I send out to potential friends with benefits, the nude pics of myself that I keep just for my own pleasure, and nude pics that I have of my mom (she’s got like… sick, long hair…perfect nipples, a big soft bottom, and I like her ears ok too) I also keep vids of myself rocking out with my socks out!… I knit and crochet my own socks and I also sell them online and at local flea markets… I have a whole sock room! Socks everywhere!… Anyway, good app. I might pay moneys for it some day to get more features. I’ll bet they are sick! Sincerely, MABhimself 8==D
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4 years ago, Chaos Hawk
The vault you’re looking for
This is it, the best photo vault I’ve tried for iOS. Set passwords to photo albums, photo/video/gif capable, decoy password and more. Runs smoothly, no bugs unlike other apps I’ve tried. Sure, some features are paid which is completely fair. If you don’t like paying to support the devs you can use it with limited capacity for free. After you know you like it a one time payment is perfect. The only downside is while their privacy policy is good, it’s not perfect. Not spying on the stored media is good but no meta data should really be sent. Switch over to securing all your photos/videos by default with this app, and use DuckDuckGo or SnowHaze for browsing. The one included within this app also is lackluster for privacy.
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6 years ago, exzisd
Does the job
I have been using this app since the iPhone 5S and recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 and the app works great on both but even faster on the 7. It’s a great way to organize your photos into folders and keep your camera roll clear. I often take photos for reminders or save screenshots and quotes to my camera roll so with this app I can keep those saved while keeping my camera roll reserved for photos and videos I take. I can also keep photos I don’t want others to see locked in this app. I like the added layer of security so that if your phone goes to sleep or you change apps it is automatically locked. On your multitask screen you will only see the lock screen of the app if you exit out.
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2 years ago, Laall
Great but…
Update: Developer pointed out that I could turn this option off in settings. I thought I checked for an option but I somehow missed it. Thank you. I’ve updated my stars as promised. 🙃 ———— When you get rid of the annoying “recommended for you” banner at the top, I’ll up my rating to 5 stars They’re MY photos…I don’t need you to recommend my own photos in a big banner. 🤷‍♀️ It’s very annoying. I have had this app a long time and love it. So easy to organize photos. I wish there were a way to turn off the passcode requirement to open the app. I just like the organization. I don’t need the secrecy. I know that’s the point of the app, but I’d like the option to skip that.
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