Prizes by GAMEE: Play Games

4.6 (19.9K)
173.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gamee Mobile
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Prizes by GAMEE: Play Games

4.58 out of 5
19.9K Ratings
3 years ago, BigReeRee
Enjoy the games
This app is pretty cool an extremely addicting. I love that there’s constantly new games being added. Not quit sure how Iv made the little bit of money Iv made so for but nothing really to exciting there as it’s not enough to be withdrawn. But still never the less the games are fun an great for killing time. All’s been enjoy able beside the recently added Ads placement. Playing on an IOS device the ad pop up makes it impossible to click an start games. Iv contacted support in hope that it will be moved an placed better. Understand that’s how money is being made here but still it needs to be moved in order to keep me playing. Besides that minor issue keep up the good work everything has been fun. 👍👍👍👍👍
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2 years ago, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn222222
Time killer
Fun games but ads and lag time are annoying especially when you’re in the middle of playing and an ad cuts you off and by the time finishes, time is up. I also do not know how people have large scores when the tournament has just started and there’s no way of catching them, which seems skeptical. I have invited my friends and they haven’t shown as part of my team either. As far as cash goes, not seeing how people have earned that much and I’m on a higher level than they are. All in all it’s fun but and annoying at the same time. It would be better without the glitches and ads to make it a little bit fairer for people playing. One more thing....provide instructions to your games! Recent changes in the game as of June 2022, I do not like them. The game DOES let you withdraw cash once you reach $10 and so this can be done but I don’t know where the fun games went, but there are only a few select games that are played in tournaments and most of them, I don’t find fun. I also don’t like the lotto numbers additional drawings, especially since you have to watch ads constantly. I previously would recommend this app/game, now I’m not so sure it’s worth it.
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1 year ago, Muslim parent
Leaderboard is rigged
Yesterday for the “split $80” leaderboard, I earned 3,000+ tickets in 24 hours. I was excited because the top earners only got about 5,000 and would earn cash. I checked the leaderboard and it showed that I had earned 3,000+, but said I was in 29,000-something place. No problem, I scrolled down to see how many tickets I needed to earn to get a cash prize, and saw that people supposedly above me in line had earned only 2,000-something tickets in a day? How is that fair? I ended the competition with 100 tickets only even though I should have gotten at least 25 cents like those who got less tickets than me. Even more suspicious, today I checked the board and it’s only noon and the top earners already have 13,000 tickets? Almost 3 times more than the top earns had last night by the end of the night?? Very obviously rigged. Look, I know I’m not going to make a ton of money of this game, that’s not the point. The point is to have some fun and to make a little side cash while doing it is an amazing bonus. But cheating is something else. Just don’t lie and say we’re splitting $80 when it looks like you have bots or something earning the top prizes and are cheating the everyday players. I’d rather you just change it to everyone earning tickets or something.
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12 months ago, iiRayleigh
Has Potential..
So I’m fairly new to this app. Some pros and cons are well within the game itself. First, the minis games are interesting and it always changes up so you’re not bored. The spin wheel is also a neat add but what I dislike is it’s misleading advertising of the cash wheel after 7 days straight of logging in. I only won .10 which I was already winning before the cash wheel became available. Another thing I have taken notice is it is the same top 5 people constantly winning the large draws in the comps. By the time one tournament ends and a new begins, these same 5 already have close to 20,000 to 100,000 tickets making it seemingly impossible to beat them, which is frustrating. I’ve also noticed that the lotto ticket constantly only lets you win tickets only, so how people have won 7k in cash makes absolutely no sense to me. Other than these things, it is a fun app with a lot of potential for growth in the future. Hopefully with that growth will come a more positive review :)
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2 years ago, KAKASI<3
Fun to play but not a real money maker
The games on here are really, really fun to play, but it takes a very long time to make any kind of money. It took me six months playing a few times a day to cash out at $10. Right now playing about five hours a day, making about a penny or so per day, unless I hit anywhere from $.05-$.10 on the wheel. And if you’ve already hit five cents or so on the wheel that day, it will glitch and jump to the ticket win instead if it goes onto a cash prize again and give you just tickets. You would really have to invest 24–7 of your time constantly playing all the games over and over again and the tournaments in order to make any reasonable amount of cash, but who has that kind of time? So if you want to play fun games, this is it… if you’re looking to win lots of money? Not so much.
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1 year ago, isis929t
Honest review
Updating my two star review to a one star review following the developer comments. Now I’ve been playing here for six weeks and I’ve been stuck on nine dollars for the last two weeks, watched at least another 1000 forced ads, not earning a penny even though I play a lot and watch many ads every day. And the developer LIED in their comment, saying to check the GAMEE lovers group on Facebook for the winners, and there is no such group! All the positive reviews on this app are FAKE, as well as the “bots” they use as the big $3 daily winners listed in the app. Disgusting people. Some of the games are fun, but I’ve literally watched THOUSANDS of ads (the obnoxious fake money game ones where it forces you to do 4 or 5 steps to get out the ad) for a measly $6 that I cannot access because you can’t cash out until you reach $10. I’ve literally been playing this daily for three weeks for six dollars that I can’t access. Someone’s getting rich exploiting hopeful and unsuspecting users.
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1 year ago, Milyvan1
Gamee is Legit
Lots of kudos here. Transparency and honesty rarely seen in money games. These folks care….so refreshing. The prizes are real. Truly F2P. Games are simple (but challenging) and a wide variety become available within a short time. I watch a lot of ads (Get your $ devs!) but they’re not required and they don’t force ads nor a review on you. (It’s so much easier to tolerate ads when they’re voluntary.) Would like to see instructions for some games. Most are self-explanatory but some I’m still figuring out. Knocked off a star for that and they still get 5 ‘cuz they’re one of the rare few that are actually giving back to their players.
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2 months ago, ex-user900
I’m done
I’ve been using this app for years and have actually withdrawn a couple of small amounts. That said, I recently won a large amount on a spin and submitted a withdrawal. The withdrawal simply disappeared the next day with no explanation. This indicates that large wins may not actually be paid. I emailed support and before left a support request on the entry form and never received any response. Fail on customer support, fail on redemption. The for the last 4 days the app, after checking in every day, shows 6 days to the money wheel. So the last hope for any redemption is gone. I’m deleting the app today and suggest you don’t download it unless you like lots of commercials with no return. I gave 2 stars because to now, even though it takes a year to get $10, I did successfully withdraw money, but even that seems gone now.
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1 year ago, Dom1505
It takes a while to earn small amounts of money and you have to wait until you’ve accumulated $10 to withdraw it. I haven’t earned enough so I don’t know if that part is a scam but the games are pretty fun. That’s why I got the app and the games did not disappoint. However the adds are annoying as heck and I could do without those but I figure thats the reason for the adds is they keep a little of what they get paid for them and a tiny portion goes to pay for us who play the games if you ever get to cash out. They need less adds though or at least play them to where you don’t have to sit through the same one every darn time that’s what gets annoying honestly same one every time one pops up.
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1 year ago, Kimberly Dawn Koman
Gamee Prizes App
This is BY FAR, the best gaming experience I’ve ever had! I just recently started playing games on my phone, wanted to see if I could maybe win some money, but I also wanted to have ALOT of fun as well. There are so many different games and cool things to do, I’ve never EVER really been impressed by phone gaming apps, hence the reason I NEVER played them. But seriously though, this app blew my mind!!! You HAVE TO check it out or you’ll be missing out. Positively. Thank you for FINALLY making a definitely worth while and superior app and gaming experience!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Sincerely, Kimberly Dawn Koman
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2 years ago, Tabathastarr
It could be a 5 star
This is a fun little game. Several different challenges of different types of games. The only reason I’m not giving it a 5 star is due to the fact the some of the games you have no clue what to do until you “trial and error” to figure out how it’s played. The other reason is because “marble run” hasn’t worked and the game doesn’t actually show up and hasn’t for some time time. This is a game that comes as one of the 3 to pass to get to the next level and you can’t pass it because you can’t see it. The game starts and you die just as fast since you can’t actually play. Other then these issue the games are fun and some are super challenging.
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2 years ago, Sandra4PINK
Are used to love this game. However, lately anytime I have completed a round of your daily requirements or using your 10 minutes of earning more tickets by completing tasks, whenever I go to collect, the bar that you click on remains grey, and never turns yellow so that you can collect the amount you should have been awarded. I have taken screenshots and sent them to gamee and I’m just hoping they get this issue fixed. When all is said and done, you’re losing out on what small amount of money you may have one for that day. If this issue gets fixed, I will change my rating.
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9 months ago, karebeanaline
Gamee so much fun- you gotta play
I just cashed out my first $10. Yet. This game has lots of fun mini games and tournaments and lottery’s etc… ads, of course after the withdrawal there are so many more ads now. Before you would double up your tickets to spin the wheel, NOW…. you have to watch an ad and use tickets to spin the wheel, play lottery, pick lottery numbers AND PLAY. this is going overboard, don’t play many mini games anymore because and ad will play before I can play the next game. Very annoying, winning a penny upon the wheel spin stinks too. If you get that penny that’s how long it takes to get to 10$.
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2 years ago, peteyrnmom314
1.5 months playing
Hello! I hope whoever reads my review is having a blessed day!:) I am definitely enjoying the app. I of course have favorite games (Sunshine Solitaire, Basket Boy, Wizards 21, Qubo). I love earning tickets but feel silly that I watch so many ads to try to win the daily ticket bonus money. Helps that we can double tickets from those, but I wish the ticket reward was higher for not winning and spending so much time watching ads. It would be nice if there was a way to cash out faster. I’ve been playing for about 1.5 months now. I haven’t won any cents in the wheel in a couple weeks and I’m stuck at $6.67. I’m playing the games, watching ads for ticket numbers, and spinning the wheel as much as I can (more ads)! I see how much money other players have won (some over $1,000) and I’m confused at how they did that! Thank you for the games though. It has helped me survive this depression funk I’ve been in the past couple months!;) Blessings, Paiton
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5 months ago, Sweet 3577
Receiving money off the wheel
I haven’t cashed out yet but I am receiving money off the wheel. It would be nice if they put it up at least $.25 if not .30 because it takes so long to get to $10 I’ve been playing for a few days and you have to get to $10 in order to cash out I’ll do another review once I cash out if there’s not a problem, cashing out, I’ve been having that problem with some other apps
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1 month ago, DyreLogan
What an absolute joke!
This says it's for the Mac but when it opens the screen is smaller than my iPhone 15 Pro Max! Not only that, but it is poorly written. It tells you to "SPIN" and you see the arrow to spin but the arrow turns into the cursor and you can't press the button. And I went to play the first game, a racing game, and it is telling me to click on either side of the car, but nothing is happening. This app HAS to be a scam, making me sign up so they can steal my information. Thankfully I used my anti-scam email with no real information about me so they will be going nowhere and getting nothing from me. Actually, I can close down that email now and they will lose out in their obvious revenue. I am also reporting this game to Apple. They need to be aware of the obvious scam.
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12 months ago, dheiling
Fun but scammy
So this game is okay, I’ve accumulated small amounts of money in between playing my other games and it seems like I will actually be able to cash out but there’s a huge BUT… I downloaded a very similar game called Tropical Crush and just happened to notice today that the winners in the drawings for each game had the EXACT SAME winners and I only noticed because I double checked because two different winners had the same picture of a real person… so I’d say don’t count on winning drawings or waste anything on them, but you can add up small amounts of cash with the wheel and things like that. Will update when the time comes to cash out.
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7 months ago, Ricksterrrrrrr
This is a joke
I have been playing for three weeks or so and I can’t get get any money. I play for about 18 hours a day and enter every lottery and had never won anything. I would win on my spins on the big wheel up until I hit over five dollars. I haven’t one any money on that wheel in over a week. For the last week I’ve been trying to get past seven dollars and cannot. As far as winning tickets I have downloaded so many apps and played them for a 10 minute booster to double my tickets and entered over 1 million in the weekly drawing and have never won anything since the first week that I won $.25 on the second chance we. Today I won 75 tickets for entering almost 2,000,000 tickets. So I’m finding this to be a complete rip off.
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3 years ago, joyridden and put up wet
Should call it Adee
You will spend more time watching ads than playing games. Forcing someone to watch a 30-60 second ad in the middle of a 3 minute tournament is absolutely ridiculous. If you put the ad before or after the tournament it would be more appropriate. As of right now it is very aggravating to even play this app because while some of the games are quite fun to play, the amount of ads is horrible. I understand that the ad revenue is supposed to pay for the “prizes” but I seriously doubt any real humans are winning the cash prizes. I gave 1 star but if the ads were to be used in a more acceptable fashion i could easily raise that rating, because the games (when you actually get to play them) are quite enjoyable.
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3 years ago, Armymomstronger!
How do I even play these games?!!
The minion games are super fun….. IF you can figure out how to play them!! There are literally NO “How to Play” directions for any of the games!, and the only way to win cash is by winning tickets, the only way to win tickets is to score a number of set points or higher, and the only way to win the games, is IF you have already played them previous to installing this app! So how can someone win tickets if they spend thier whole time loosing in each game because they spend their entire time dying in an attempt to figure out what to do?!
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10 months ago, my93ak
App constantly glitches and has issues. I can’t use over half of the games currently. Their support team is very unhelpful. They ask your issue then ignore your response. Used to have more games. For some reason it randomly removed over half their available games midday and part way through a day’s challenge. Less tickets and money you can actually earn. Plus makes it not as enjoyable with only a few options left. Of those remaining a good 45% glitch on their app and on the website Shows you a blank screen making it impossible to play and complete missions. Probably will be deleting this app soon Was a favorite for 2+ years.
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3 years ago, ava__24
love love love!!
I love this game so much! I don't even play for the money it’s just so addicting! I originally downloaded it because I felt I could use some extra dollars but it’s actually amazing! If you are playing to get money within a week or so I wouldn’t recommend you only earn a small amount a day. Other then that it’s amazing there is very many games and you can enter daily raffles and drawings!
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5 months ago, Cory/Cornelius
Ticket and Money amount bug
Hello, I enjoy the variety of the games and they are quick and fun. I was playing this for awhile, took a break, then came back to the app. Now there is a bug where I can barely see the very edge of the tickets that I am earning, my ticket total, as well as my money total. I tried logging out then logging back in, but they are all still glitched. I was unable to fix it in my settings within the app. I do enjoy the games though. -Thank you, Cornelius
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1 year ago, yt.lyssie
Fun games but you won’t ever actually win anything
I definitely don’t think that this game is true to what it advertises. I played the game everyday for about a week and then got busy and stopped playing. I had accumulated about 40 thousand points. After a couple of days of not playing, those points were gone. I definitely don’t regret playing but i’m giving it a 1 star because it’s just misleading and slightly upsetting that i lost almost half a million tickets for not playing. I don’t know. Just a personal thought. If you enjoy playing small mini games this is a cool app, just don’t actually expect to win real money because you probably won’t
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3 years ago, SeaGrifff
Super entertaining
I don’t play for the money. Although, it is nice to get a few cents here and there. The games are so much fun and there are so many games that you can waste a lot of time on the app. Perfect for killing time. Unless you can recruit your friends (for the $) then I’d say this app is perfect for those who don’t have too much time and get bored with games easily. Tournaments are super fun too.
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1 year ago, Ajoshinthebox
Don’t waste your time
This app is very misleading. You have to get $10 before you cash out and it only pays you I sent or two at a time leading you to believe we’re going to win money but it only pays you and coupons to go into options to try to win money amounts but you never will I tried lol… thank you six months or more lol just to get the $10 within a few things here and there to get the $10 payout. The games are OK they’re not bad they’re fine if you just want to kill time.. every things timed. So you can only go so far and then you came out and you got a can make hours later to resume.
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2 years ago, ndbdisidbbb88
This app blows big chunks
One of the main reasons is to play for cash and ALL of your advertisements are about winning cash, yet it’s pretty difficult when the only way you can win cash is through getting entered into a contest probably full of 50,000 other people for 10,000 tickets. The odds of winning anything minus the very rare .05 cents you get from a spin of the wheel is extremely low for the amount of time you put in plus all of the ads you have to watch. There are better games out there where getting cash is much quicker and easier. Surveys even give out more than this crap.
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3 years ago, Paxphreak
I see they deleted my first review, Round 2
Again, this review is simply for the customer service team! 1 star, for stating, they can’t fix the problem, it’s still happening, blaming the adverts users for delaying my game time when I just signed on and can’t even play 1 game now, it just tries to load the game, that’s not an ad problem, it’s your app not loading the game! 1 star, worst customer service ever, saying, “ sorry, no on else is having a problem.” Read the reviews, and ther people are complaining and your still not fixing the issues… which probably means the top earners in this game are th people who own the app!
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6 months ago, chiefswife118
Fun but needs improvement
The games are fun to play but the app really needs an update. I am unable to see the amount of tickets I have collected or how much money I have saved up. It’s like it’s all hidden. Other than that it’s a pretty good app. Although I don’t understand how to earn cash. I can earn plenty of tickets though. Maybe I’ll figure it out but without some updates I probably won’t play it much
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9 months ago, Grannyvio
Got to cash wheel and landed on 10 dollars it showed up for about 2 minutes then they took it away just like that . They say they have hundreds of games but so far I have only seen about 20 games that they give you when you join . I am little upset because of what happen , you play and play get know when you win money it is a penny at a time so it takes forever to even get money . Now I am thinking about installing it , been playing for 2 months and got 8 dollars out of it . Not very good games either
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1 year ago, Biosky209
Updated review games are good but cash wheel and daily winners need to be addressed
Ok the new games I’ve seen are neat and games are still fun but I’ve noticed people like Parkihit and Kopi seem to win the daily $3 almost every day and supposedly the cash wheel is messed up where around 6th day the wheel resets to day 1. I would like to see where if you win the daily $3 a couple times in a row then you can’t get anymore for a few days so other players could have a chance to win.
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1 year ago, Red1733
Pretty Fun
I can’t lie I downloaded the game to see what the chances of get some money was which isn’t much. But I kinda don’t care causes the games are actually pretty fun and I don’t mind the ads aside from how they instantly go to the purchase screen after you try to exit out of them.
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2 years ago, stupid effin review
They steal your tickets which is the only way you can win money
Had over 25,000 tickets worked hard to earn those, and they get taken overnight from me. Don’t give this company your information or business. Funny thing is after I started playing this game I’ve been getting spam calls etc so it’s pretty much guaranteed they are selling your information including number to the highest bidder. DONT TRUST THIS FRAUDULENT APPLICATION. I’m currently speaking with my attorney about this matter, because my personal experience was so horrible!!!!
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3 years ago, i3ish Slap
This game!!!
It drives me crazy that I’m having so much fun playing this game!!! I play it constantly and can’t get enough of it!!! I’m just waiting for the day I get some kind of pay out!!! I’m just gonna keep on playing until then!!! You guys and gal’s and what and whoever, please keep up the good work for us all who LOVE y’all!!! Thanks Yo!!!
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2 years ago, 落地的瞬间
The most ridiculous company ever
I played Neon Blaster 2 and scored over 10million points. Gemee banned my account and told me I cheated the high score because it’s impossible to score that much. As a matter of fact, it’s possible and my friend Rushi find out how. There was a green Boss floating in the sky without attacking, and threw little monsters down. I waited and attacked the little monsters and scored over 10million points. This is definitely not cheat. What Gamee did this time? Ignore my mail and left my account banned. The most ridiculous company I’ve ever met.
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12 months ago, REALLYEARLYBIRD
This game is a scam!
For one, where is the “money wheel”? I’ve gotten up to $6.80 and now all of a sudden the wheel is missing lol smh. They take advantage of people who are just trying to get a little few Pennies to get a coffee or something. I think they make you believe you can cash out once you reach $10, to keep you working for them! Then once you reack $6 9r so they show their true intent! So sad! And I don’t want to hear, “go check the Facebook group”, I want to see someone say they’ve actually cashed out on here!
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3 years ago, Vervain Lavine
Good games
Very good games you want to play. Don’t expect to get rich though, it took me 66 days playing every day to get to the $10 cash out. They did send the money to my account. If you play games on your phone anyway you might as well play this and receive money. 🤑
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11 months ago, Sushmanjb
Hard to win
The games are okay, but not that great. Most of them hardly last 20 seconds before you have to watch ads. You watch so many ads, yet it’s so difficult to earn money. In the beginning they might give a few higher rewards, but at the most you get is like $1. Every five days you get a chance to win cash, but most of the time it only $0.01. They make it impossible to reach the $10 minimum to cash out. WHAT A SCAM!!!
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2 years ago, nimachoobin
GAMEE is the Best
First I’m grateful for Gamee, and then it Would be good -really good- if you had an option for people like me who lives in Iran - and our number isn't low- and can't do any financial transactions, ‘cause of sanctions for our governer’s stupid behavior in the Middle East or anywhere else! Thanks again *Sorry for my bad English 🙏
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6 months ago, TaylorH4real
Great app with One issue
I Love this app enjoy the games only issue with the app is i can't see my money balance or ticket count anymore please fix this problem other than that the app is great
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7 months ago, SkizO7149
Love the entire platform it’s a good system. I like the fact that it’s versatile and you can do like a lottery and in the games and the games are decent for the most part but there could be some more more fun ones like some match three or something like that but overall, it’s a good app. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Chocobos198280022
Very fun
This is a fun game but it’s almost impossible to finish in the top 3 of the day. Seems like the same users constantly finish in the top 3 day after day (aka bots at this point) so therefore any chances of winning any cash prices is literally out the window. I have no earthly idea how anyone can win over a billion tickets in a day. That’s almost impossible without being a bot.
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1 year ago, BLACKNOVA1220
Little Cents
This app is just the same as the other. You watch long ads and for what, imaginary currency which they call tickets and when you do win it’s like finding a penny on the ground. $0.01 or $0.02 rarely is what this game gives. The games are okay but most have no directions. The only reason I put 3 stairs is because of the games.
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5 months ago, Malazoth
Poor design, too much risk, better apps exist
It would be nice to k is how much “money” I have at any given moment. As it stands, I have exactly “…” in my account—for both cash and tickets. The games are crude and there is no tutorial—it is all about trying, failing, trying some more, and finally giving up in frustration because they won’t tell you how the mechanics work. “Lotteries” are held for bigger cash prizes. That is actually illegal where I live—we have a ban on lotteries—but this platform (unlike many others) doesn’t exclude my region as it legally should. There are better apps for making money such as Tester Buddy and Just Play. Try one of those—they are honest and you can see how much you need to cash out unlike this messy app.
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3 years ago, Armyjen27
Very disappointed. One, too many bugs. I’ve lost a lot of tickets because of the bugs. Two, I’m seeing reviews that you don’t pay out. I’ll never even get to the amount you need to cash out anyways, but it’s really messed up not to pay people. Your big winners are probably all fake accounts too. Fix your game and stop scamming people. And no, I will NOT change my rating so don’t even bother asking me to change it like you did everyone else.
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6 months ago, Ns ty gya b
Can’t see my number of tickets and $ amount
I was about to reach $10 for my first payout and I was so excited for this. But now I can’t see how much money is left for $10 payout .All I see is …… Like it’s hidden from me. I don’t know either it is a new update or something is wrong with it. This lowers my interest in this game.
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5 months ago, Goo332
The game is a scam
It is deception, fraud, and fraud. After I published the game and told my friends to try to reach level 8, this actually happened, and when I tried to withdraw money, he told me that your account is blocked!!!!!!!!! Didn't you say that if someone enters through my link and reaches level 8, I will get a dollar from each person!!!! Why, when I live according to the money, do you put a ban on me!!! I will write every day about this scam
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1 year ago, KiriKye
I am new to this app and have not made enough to cash out yet but so far these games are addicting and I am having a lot of fun playing! I would play even if I wasn’t going to get paid fyi!
Show more
2 years ago, CrackinStine
Very interesting how when watching most ads, that it forces you to tap on the ad to keep it playing as the ad pauses 5 seconds in. One way to force ad clicks i suppose. Fun games to play, but I'm not quite sure i see what benefit earning tickets gives me when the leader board has someone with over 170,000 tickets. Seems to me this is a fun game but lacking proper ways to earn money.
Show more
8 months ago, AndyNewman95
It’s hard to say that I would ever win tickets
If still playing these games, the tickets or cash doesn’t count in the correct number showed above the interface and everything.
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