Pro Camera by Moment

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4.6 (8.4K)
113.5 MB
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Current version
Moment Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pro Camera by Moment

4.57 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
1 year ago, rcf yuh ddrgg
Great App but issue when using ShiftCam ProGrip
I really like the Moment App. It works really well with Moment lens’s and without them. It is also laid out conveniently. However I do have a recommendation for the default settings. The first time I used the app with my newly purchased Moment 58mm tele lens I wasn’t getting the crispness shown in the Moment Lens videos. It came down to adjusting the default settings. To me the default settings should present the best photo, not an average one. When it comes to using the app with ShiftCam ProGrip, you have to enable the iPhone volume button to use the ProGrip’s shutter button. The responsiveness is in the seconds range. Pretty useless for capturing the instance you want. When using the native iPhone Camera App, shutter responsiveness is in the range of what you’d expect. Is there a way of making the Moment app as responsive as the iPhone Camera App when using the ProGrip? April 2023 Update: I was alerted by a Moment developer that the shutter delay I reported has been fixed in the latest Moment App release (4.4). I updated the app and tested it on several outing over the past week. It indeed has been fixed. A big Thank You to the Moment developers for listening and resolving this frustrating problem!
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6 years ago, Dking08
A Genius for Mobile Photography
Moment is highly first class company from a kickstarter to a masterpiece. Moment a company for everyone who has a powerful equipment on them 24/7 for making memories, a smartphone. From taking pics to making videos Moment adds pure quality into their products, from Lens to Cases. From my experience the idea of having a high quality of products for you to carry around that takes sharp pictures/videos makes a better user experience and enjoyment of sharing your moments. The best part is creating products that are very easy to use and attach from the case to the Lens. Along with Lens and Cases, the Moment team created their own App. Being able use to Moment Pro Camera App takes mobile photography to another level especially for the iPhone. For individuals that owns major camera, Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc, that enjoying shooting RAW formatting images, the Moment Pro App allows you to capture the image in RAW and JPEG. While using the Lens with the native Pro App, it allows users to adjust each action from ISO, SHUTTER, WB just like a real professional camera; and it’s on a mobile device. To everyone wondering if to enhance your mobile photography game, ShopMoment.
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4 months ago, BryTheGrim
Would give it a full 5 ⭐️ But ONE MAJOR PROBLEM!
I recently got the new iPhone 15 Pro Max and I love the Moment app I’ve been using it since my iPhone 13 and have gotten some amazing photos with the app so no hate in the sense that I get manual control but one thing I would say is I noticed you finally changed to ProRaw when it was just Raw originally so that’s good but I would have appreciated it if in the update you could have done something so that iPhone 15 Pro Max Users have options to switch from the Ultra Wide, Wide, 2x Zoom & 5x Zoom I know it’s kind of like a stupid thing to ask but I just feel like it should be some that’s implemented to the app I’ve been wanting to do a review on the app but that’s my only drawback that the feature still hasn’t been implemented I wanna be able to easily switch to the lens not Zoom in with my fingers which also when you zoom in the numbers don’t change so you don’t actually know how much your zooming into I know that you guys just started the app not too long ago so I’m not trying to hassle I just would like it to feel more like the native app where there’s like a dial that shows you your Zoom but keep the manual controls you guys already have an amazing app make it 10x better, until than I only give it 4 stars.
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5 years ago, Sane Zolt
I’d Give It A 5 Star But Because Of Recent Updates I Changed My Mind
The app was perfect till it’s recent updates. So now when you’re taking a photo in Raw mode, the preview in Raw camera mode is not how the actual final photo looks. It actually is darker than how the photo or frame was looking, when taking the shot. So when you open up the photo in an editor, it shows up darker & less exposed than how you thought it looked when you fixed the settings already when taking the photo. This also affects the white areas, highlights & more exposed areas now. Because now when I try to fix the exposure, brightness on one area of the photo; the white areas, bright areas & highlights gets blown off or over exposed. So its not balancing out & thus have to swithc to TIFF mode which I only used when using the anamorphic lens, but now will have to use it all the time. I mean one of the purposes of a camera app is to help me show how the framing & photo will be looking when my settings are locked down. Not show me a developed photo will taking the photograph & then show me the original, less exposed photograph in editing which now will need more work on editing since now I not only do have to edit it to get the looks I want but also fix & balance exposure, brightness & contrast first all over the image. Thus, from 5 star experience I am switching to 3 star.
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3 years ago, Cole Fewin
Elevate your mobile photo and video capture app!
Moment Inc. has given creators an excellent mobile photo and video capture tool with their Pro Camera app for smartphones. I can speak from personal experience over the last year about the quality of image and performance with this app- it's awesome! While there are some limitations in the nature of mobile photography and videography, the Pro Camera App from Moment gets us as close to the most professional performance and quality in a mobile image capture app as possible. To be candid, there have been times when the app has crashed unexpectedly, even while shooting video, and there are some features that are slow to respond. And sometimes capturing RAW photos while seeing the image on the screen versus viewing the captured photo isn't the same- typically, the captured RAW photo is darker than what I saw while composing the shot. These aren't huge setbacks, but setbacks nonetheless. However, I'm sure Moment did everything they could to develop an app that made these setbacks easier to deal with. I'm glad I made the investment in Moment's Pro Camera app. Plus, their other external tools and accessories for mobile photo and video capture are awesome too! ;)
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5 years ago, vzero
More than expected
When I saw that Moment had their own app, I was hesitant to download another camera. If you’re a full time photographer, you probably have at least a dozen or more apps for your work. Then I saw that it cost money. Even more hesitation. I’ve just been really happy with my Adobe CC apps. I decided to do it anyway because of two reasons- 1) they make a solid product with their lenses and other gear 2) I wanted to use an app that was designed to work specifically with its product - especially the anamorphic lens. Well, I’ve been continuously surprised and impressed not just every time I use it, but even just opening it up. There’s so much attention to detail and functionality. Truly well deserving of its rating in the App Store. There’s enough merit that I don’t want to write for the next hour on my phone raving about how much I like this app and why, but I probably will do something soon as an online review. All I can say is that as a full time professional photographer who really, really hates using his phone over his dslr, the Moment app is an impressive and justifiable purchase. Please keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, The Teaman
Rather buggy
I am new to this app and just started trying to learn and use it. It offers so much promising features but when I actually tried to start using it, I ran into issue after issue. My first real time lapse it never could export. I took about 2600 frames and when I try to export I tried every combination of formats other than raw and it would get somewhere between half and 3/4 the way and then stop. I never got an export. I then tried taking pictures with the camera with 3sec timer and for some reason it thinks I’m in bracketing mode even though I’m not. Every picture I tried to take it would take three at the same exposure and settings. I made sure bracketing was off but it still would do it so I tried turning bracketing on and then double tapping on the KT on the screen to make sure it was off there and now it takes nine photos three like before times three for the bracketing. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out why this isn’t working. The app also keeps locking up on me. It gets to a point where I can’t get anything I touch on the screen to work and I have to quit out of the app to get it unfrozen when I come back in. This feels like a very buggy app and I don’t understand why it gets such rave reviews. I will raise my star rating when I get a release that’s usable.
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6 years ago, ring_around_the_rosie
Everything you’re looking for!
This app is everything I could ever want and more in a mobile photography app! It’s so convenient and so nice to use! As a photographer and a film student, I’m pretty skeptical about iPhone photography and apps that promise the manual controls of a DSLR, but moment REALLY delivers that experience! Of course I will always have my camera on me, but I’m finding that the moment app and my moment wide lens is quickly becoming a go-to for those quick shots. I’m so happy to add this to my tool belt while I’m out and shooting. I recommend this app for everyone (whether you have a lens from moment yet or not). My ONLY criticism would be to maybe add an option that saves your settings for when you’re switching back and forth from photo to video. I tend to switch between the two quite quickly and forget to switch my settings accordingly. Or even a setting that allows for a user to save their resolution and format settings would be very helpful. Otherwise: download this app! You won’t regret it!
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4 months ago, Ellenelephant
Moment Lenses
The idea of mobile photography is to be mobile. I saved my money and earnestly purchased the Tele, the Wide and the Macro Lens and phone case. While I may not be a professional photographer I consider myself fairly educated and practiced on using my iPhone for taking photos, having been doing since the introduction of the iPhone. I expected to pop each one on for its intended use and easily take photos - not the case. Having trouble connecting them to the case should have given me a clue this wasn’t going to be easy. So off I go in search of some videos or instructions - finding nothing that would help me overcome my obstacles but I continued on relentless in my pursuit to make use of the $600 (3 lenses, 3 back protectors, 3 caps - because there was no indication they came with the lens) only to write to Moment and find out I have to use their app. The lens obstruct the view when using the iPhone camera. A pill I would have swallowed better having known that ahead of time. Now I have to learn another app and I’m still struggling with unlocking the secret to what ‘mobile’ means because the setup with each lens certainly doesn’t support that. I highly recommend seeing a demo of these lenses before spending your hard earned money.
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5 years ago, AMC-MWS
Video dark blurred sides
Not likely the issue that I got told it was on Instagram. I have the 58, the 18, and the anamorphic in the black with wood finish iPhone XS Max case. My issue is that both the wide and the anamorphic have a blurred black line on the side of where the camera is when you swing it in the opposite direction of the lens If my lens and camera is on the left side then when I swim to the right with both lenses it gives me these blurred black lines that creep in but when still, no blurs. If it’s on the right side then when I swing left the blurred lines are on the right side. I’ve tried with the anamorphic every possible angle and position, tried changing res thinking maybe it was the app or something, switched to other apps and got the same result. My assumption is the case I have is weak and when the weight of the lens moves with the case it’s lifting it just a little. That said this case and lenses are less than a year old and I haven’t been shooting with my phone that much so not sure how there would be a chance it to get worn out if that’s the case. All that said when it doesn't do all this everything is great and happy. Also does not do this in photo mode.
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5 years ago, FoxtrotFling
Great app unless you have the iPhone X Battery Photo Case...
I just spent $100 plus shipping for the Moment iPhone X Battery Case. I love the design and feel of the case and thought it was great until I noticed that the only way to turn the battery case off or on is through the Camera App. As of today when I go to turn the case battery off to save the backup battery for when my phone is low the battery case keeps turning back on. When I go back into the app it shows the case back on. I go to turn it off again and a few minutes later the case turns on again and I have to go back into the app to turn the battery case off again and again and again... Moment App Developers please for the love of all things Holy. Please fix the app at minimum and if you could patch the firmware on the case so that the shutter switch when long pressed for 3 or 5 seconds turns off or on the case regardless if the phone/app is installed. To me the Battery case is a hazard not knowing if it’s going to stay off or on when the App keeps messing up the battery case on/off status. We should be able to turn the case off/on without having to go through the App. $100 and this battery case is not safe with the only way to turn if off is through the Moment Camera app.
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3 weeks ago, logoboom
Like the app, except UI…
I use the app when I’d like to capture a RAW image or shoot a timelapse. It serves the purpose, but I don’t like the UI very much. It looks minimalist and beautiful, but fails when it comes to usability. To many unnecessary button taps that slow the flow of a shot down. Every time you switch focal length all settings reset and you have to adjust exposure and WB again. Native app keeps the settings locked until YOU change them and it’s much more convenient. To change a focal length you need to tap two buttons instead of one, like in the native Camera app. It’s an improvement over previous versions where I often had to tap the lens change icon 3 times, but still not an ideal implementation. Another thing that spoils the experience a bit is photo gallery feature: there is a lag when I open the gallery, and again, there is an extra tap that you need to perform to check the last photo taken as it’s not opened by default. Hopefully those issues will be addressed at some point. PS I currently use an iPhone 11 Pro
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4 years ago, SaltonSea18
So wait, I paid for this app over a year ago, I’ve updated many times -and already have adjustable shutter speeds and time laps. I’ve loved this app but now you’re telling me if I update to this new version I’ll lose the shutter speed and time lapse function I technically already paid for and have to buy it separately? No thanks, if that’s the case, that’s pretty shady. I’m not going to update and just use this version until I can’t anymore. That’s not a cool move Moment. UPDATE: I’ve upped my star rating to 5 because I love the app and get a lot of use out of it, but I apparently misunderstood what the new update included or excluded. The way I read it is that the update would cause features that I already had because I caught the app years ago would go away with this update and would now be a separate purchase. It turns out that is not the case and I finally updated the app and I still have all the features I originally paid for. Thanks for clearing that up for me Moment, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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6 years ago, Fan girl who is a man
I think something is wrong?
Hey there! Love the app. Super impressed. As someone who began using filmic pro because of you guys, I’m so glad that you’re doing your own thing and finally doing it well. Some things I’ve noticed: I’m working on a iPhone X but for some reason if I leave the app in the background or even adjust the camera settings too much my phone will overheat. I’m worried about using the app too much now because I don’t want to ruin it 😬 Second, I haven’t paid for the pro package yet I’m able to do a lot of the stuff you have listed in the description. I hope I’m not ruining that for anyone but if the app is gonna work I want it to work right. I don’t think I have the 3D shutter but I’m not sure 🤔 I can change everything else though. Third, I just read that there’s stabilization software but I didn’t notice it at all. I don’t expect perfect but my footage was still pretty shaky. Could it be as good as Filmic pro at any point?
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3 years ago, Nicole_Rai
Select More Photos Notifications
Just a suggestion that would be immensely helpful and make the app more pleasant. Because I only allow the photos I want on the app instead of allowing my entire photo library, every time I open the app I get a notification to select more photos or keep current selection. Only by clicking one of the two selections can I get rid of that message which adds a layer of friction each time I open the app and can also risk losing shots because I have to take the time each time to get rid of that message. I would suggest having it pop up once after installing the app and if the person doesn’t want to add more photos, lock that in for future reference. Or make the pop up happen less frequently, like check in with the person again maybe once every 15 or 20 times they open the app. Having it happen every time ruins the experience every time. Hopefully this change can be made, I really enjoy the app, and the Moment team content they put out. So here’s hoping that the team will help on this request! Thanks in advance
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1 year ago, Ryanhuntridge
Total control that feels professional for a upfront flat rate
The reason I like the moment app is because it has ALL of the manual controls and data that “the best professional photography apps” have, for a really affordable upfront flat rate (not a subscription or annual rate). ALSO, iphones before the 13 pro and 13 pro max cant manually lock which camera is being used in the built in camera app, unless in video mode. That means, when you try to take macro or close up portrait photos with previous models, the phones will automatically adjust to the built in wide angle camera for better focus, BUT if you’re using a moment lens, it’s almost impossible to take photos because it will constantly switch back and forth between cameras. This app solves that because it allows you to lock which camera is being used, even on previous models.
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5 years ago, Dr. Strangeluv
Could be better
I love the app concept and overall the app is pretty good. But in the video part of the app, it needs quite a bit of tweaking. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.2.2 and when videoing in log, the playback always displays an annoying flash of light sometime during the video and I always have to try and edit that out but sometimes it happens a partakes if theses that I want to use- but I obviously can’t use a flash of light during a video. Also, there’s some instabilities when moving or panning the camera sometimes- it produces a weird sort glitchy effect in some of the details. I’ve not heard of theses problems in filmic pro. I’m sure these are things that can remedied fairly quickly. This isn’t a bash on the app but just my user experience with an app that I enjoy and would really love to use more often without having to try and work around all of theses glitches. The still camera part of the app, I’ve had no trouble with. Overall it’s a great app that just needs some slight adjustments.
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6 years ago, briandash
A must for Dual Camera phones
This is the ONLY app that I have found that provides satisfactory control over the dual lens camera on the iPhone X. If you think tapping that 2x button in the camera app is switching lenses, you’re very wrong. It’s zooming in and the phone still decides what lens to use. This makes it impossible to use clip on or screw on 3rd party lenses with these phones since most camera apps let the phone “intelligently” decide which lens is best. Aside from that, it’s does what you’d expect. What sets this apart is their intelligent use of sliders to control all your settings. This allows you to hold the camera in one hand (both portrait and landscape) and use your thumb to quickly adjust any camera setting you want without diving into menus or reaching across the screen! If you want the ability to control all your phone’s camera settings manually, this is the most frictionless way to do it.
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6 years ago, Falldownhard
Long time fan/user first time reviewer.
I’ve been a fan and user of the moment lenses since their original Kickstarter. It’s been a fun ride along the way, watching them expand into the great hardware and software company they are now. I’ve been using their new revamped app for the last few hours and it’s a breath of fresh air in the mobile photography game. The control over every aspect really allows you to make the best photo you can in camera with little to no compromise to your image. Can’t wait to see what’s next from them. I can only really think of a few problems, and that’s with their battery case. It’s not comfy in the hand, it seems to drain my phone battery, even when not in use, I’ve noticed lately that I’ll have it in my pocket and my phone will be more and more drained, their telephoto lens has a bit of vignetting. But the software seems to be too notch
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5 years ago, Kennyvert
Really good but... *REVISED*
How is the video soooooo much better than the iPhone’s built in app, and now, I have to concede that it’s even better than video I take with Filmic pro, particularly when you compare both apps automatic settings.... Moment, to me, blows Filmic Pro out of the water. Very impressed with how good video looks, particularly 60 FPS video. Well done, you guys!! Blessings, -Ken ******UPDATE******** I still stand by the complementary view I wrote up there, but as an event videographer who needs to sometimes take up to hour long video clips, this app is giving me trouble with achieving that. It crashed on me once I got to the 45 minute mark one time, and then, after saying it recorded an hour, the clip ended up only being 15 minutes long. I haven’t yet taken the time to read other reviews, but I imagine this isn’t an isolated event. The video still looks cleaner than FiLMiC Pro, but I can shoot an hour long, 48 frames per second video with FiLMiC Pro and it not crash, so... hoping you guys can fix it soon. Thanks! -Ken
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6 years ago, theamberduffey
Haven’t been disappointed, wont start now!
I came across Moment just before taking my family of 5 on an 11k mike road trip across America. I had to make the decision to buy new camera lenses for my DSLR or go for this new start up company that attached to the iPhone I had with me at all times. I took the plunge and purchased 3 lenses and two cases (my husband has the Pixel XL) and we used them everywhere from Niagara Falls Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the White Sands of New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Multnomah Falls, to the Pacific Ocean and many more, and now where we’ve made our new home in Avondale, Arizona. We have been thrilled with the quality of the lenses and the app and are so excited to see what this update has to offer. If you’re reading this review, I highly recommend you going for it. They haven’t disappointed and won’t start now! This is the Moment!
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4 years ago, A Void of Longing
Having a camera this powerful, in my pocket, at all times, is a game changer. Oh, how I wish I had this when I was younger. I discovered photography when I was 18, and it was hard to learn how to manipulate the settings to get a desired affect because I had to wait to finish shooting a roll, then develop two negative and then get scans onto my computer. By then I would forget what I had done to the settings, unless I took detailed notes. But now, I can try anything and get instant results. It frees you up to try anything and everything. Mistakes become new methods of working and a hobby becomes a craft. Between this and Filmic Pro, I choose Moment. It has a much more intuitive layout. And Moment also sells so many nifty add-ons like lenses, lights, and mics, it’s like having my own bootleg studio- all within th palm of my hand. Kudos to you Moment.
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4 years ago, HiTechKoke
Can't Recommend - Shortcut and Crash Issues
1st time user and ran into many problems in 15 minutes of usage. Wanted to use shortcuts via the Watch to remote trigger the app to launch and record. While exploring this I found repeatable ways to crash the app while testing on the phone and will not work at all on the Watch to trigger shorctuts on the app. Also was testing Video recording on the phone and when stopping the recording it would not save it and it brought up a message to report it to support, which I did. Kudos to that catch intead of a crash but if there is one thing I have to trust a Camera app for and that is it will always record a video. If it can't be trusted for that then I risk missing key video footage. This current version mentioned it fixed a problem on this but apparently there are still issues. Filed all of these and a couple other shortcut bug scenarios to the support and they acknowledged them. Not sure why I dont requst a refund and move on but hoping to see some fixes for those shortcuts as it would stand alone in this area if it worked.
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3 years ago, scottmyst
Please add support for Zhiyun Smooth 4!!
I love this app! It is my favorite shooting app but i need to use a gimbal that can handle add on lenses. The dji just aren’t practical for use with the weight of lenses. For now, i am going to have to mostly shoot on Filmic Pro until the Smooth 4 gets added to the Moment app. I use this for everything not shot on my gimbal. Another issue is that the timelapse feature will not save to the photos album. You can message them, send them to imovie, and all kinds of other things but it is, for whatever reason, aggravatingly impossible to save to photos. Also timelapse and long exposure cause the most glitches which force you to restart the app and often loses the shot. When it works, this app is great but there are some problems…
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4 years ago, TXRedneck15
Serious issues
Purchased today, and used it only for about an hour. The clickable area of all adjustments seems to be tiny. I could not make any change of settings with my thumb. It usually takes 3 to 10 attempts with my index finger to hit a setting option on the display. Also the text of the buttons is super small and very hard to read. The next issue I’ve encountered is that as soon as you use the timer (countdown) option the camera will always take 3 shots instead of 1.. Not only if you use the 3s timer but also with the 10s one -always 3 photos taken when you only want one (no bracketing enabled). Next annoyance, when you start to shoot a time lapse the shutter sound will be on. There’s no option in the settings menu to keep the shutter sound off for time lapses. I mean who wants to hear thousands of shutters clicking? You’d have to think of manually turning your phone’s sound off before you start your time lapse recording.
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6 years ago, theplothole
Love the 3D Touch Shutter
Being able to lock my focus and exposure with a light press is a big game changer as far as smartphone photography is concerned, making the experience feel that much more like taking photos with a high-end camera. And don’t worry if you need to make a quick snap, as the button will still respond like normal if you just tap it ratting than holding down your fingers (you can also disable the feature completely if you really want to). I also love the interface in general. There are tons of manual settings available on screen. I can even change the resolution and FPS without having to dig through any menus. The only thing I miss when using this app is a built-in level. The addition of this would make it perfect in my book!
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5 years ago, fourNOfour
Loving the app, but
Overall what made me choose the apps is its video capabilities and premium feel to the UI but i think ill be a lot better if shutter speed, ISO and Focus are all in one display. Because if i change ISO i have to scroll left to change Shutter speed then scroll right if i want to change focus or double click etc... It may feel premium but it takes to much work and time: unlocking the phone, opening the app adjusting the right exposures(scroll right, left, right) then a snap. it just worries me that by the time i got the right Adjustments the moments gone or it changed angles and i have to adjust it again. nonetheless 5 stars! Still a great app just hoping for UI update thats a lot easier to adjust or manually default my preferred Adjustments.
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1 year ago, ncsink
Big Flaw (External Mic)
Overall this is a great app, with one MAJOR exception. It has to do with external microphones. Whenever I record with an external mic with this app, the exported file always comes out as MONO instead of STEREO. (Yes, I am aware of the mono/stereo adjustment in settings, but it doesn’t seem to work). I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a Comica shotgun mic and Final Cut Pro for editing. The reason I know it’s the app and not my hardware or software is because I tried FOUR of Moment’s competitors (StaCam, Beastcam, 4K HDR Video Recorder, and Cinema P3) and ALL of them export in stereo. The result of this flaw is that the mono audio is much more compressed sounding & muffled as compared to the stereo version. And, I can get about 3db of clean volume level out of the stereo version vs mono. In a world where creators are trying to produce the highest quality work from their tools, this is unacceptable. Moment team: I’ve sent you an email with more details. Please fix this issue!
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6 years ago, makwui
New Update
I love the new update to the Moment App. I used the original app the whole time I was in Europe, I loved being able to switch between the tele and the wide lens. I love how everything is now manual and you can change the shutter speed and ISO. I used Filmic Pro for videos but I did not have anything manual for photography and now I can use this singular app for both video and photography at an amazing price. I would have love to have had this update while in Europe. I showed this update to my Dad because he uses manual exclusively and would rather just use a camera rather than a phone and this has changed how he thought about manual photography. I can’t wait to get some moment lenses to use along with this app to make my pictures amazing. #MulletforCaleb
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4 years ago, rbruhn
A couple of things...
This app, in my tests, is decidedly inferior to Apple’s default camera; it’s images are noisier and, for lack of a better word, chunkier, i.e., there seem to be clumps of pixels that make the image look like it’s being viewed through textured glass. And, when I select a 3 second delay on the timer, the app always takes 3 pictures. Maybe this is just a bug? Second, the actual difference in image quality between jpegs (or HEICs) and the ProRaw images would be barely noticeable to most people and a lot of folks might very well prefer the snappier look of the jpegs or HEICs. And the thing one would most like to see with ProRaw would be a real improvement in highlight detail and in this regard ProRaw is a total disappointment. Put that together with the storage requirements for such large files, not to mention the editing time required with RAW, and I don’t imagine most people will find any of this to be of much use.
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6 years ago, Artifice83
Better than built in camera app!
I’d never been the type of person to give a camera app a second thought, in my mind they all served the same purpose: point and shoot. Wrong! The more I spend time checking the features of the Moment app the more I realize my photos can be taken to another level of detail. I love to travel and between this app and the moment lenses (check out their site!!) I will never go back to just regular photos on the native app. The ability to shoot RAW files and have a greater canvas to edit in post is amazing! Shutter speed controls? Yes and thank you. The video capabilities are also on point. The app is really intuitive and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start taking amazing shots! Highly recommend *thumbs up*
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4 years ago, Minekiller117
Literally amazing!
The fact that you get so much control of the phone’s camera with this app–for no cost–is absolutely amazing. I use this app mostly for raw photos and anamorphic video, like a lot of other people who’ve used the app, and I’ve found it way better than any other free camera app I’ve seen. Recommendations: •When opening raw pictures in any app or software other than the moment app, the exposure seems to be lower than what I was on the moment app’s preview. I don’t know how much control you have over this as a developer, but it would be nice to see it addressed even if not fixed. •Add more customization to video formatting. I’d love to see the ability to shoot in different aspect ratios. •In the future I’d love to see remote monitoring capabilities with this app. It’s definitely capable of a lot, and if remote monitoring is done well, this would absolutely surpass all other camera apps on the AppStore, even paid ones. Overall this app is absolutely amazing! It is missing things that other camera apps have, but with time I’m sure it’ll catch up and even surpass them.
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4 years ago, RGEEE
Time lapse export completely broken
I love filming long time lapse videos with this app and my iPhone 11 Pro - there’s really nothing out there that offers the flexibility and the options for iPhone that the Moment professional bundle offers. It’s great. ....except when you try to export your finished time lapse. Every single time I’ve filmed a time lapse over 1000 frames, it just does not export a stitched video, no matter what the resolution, frame rate, or quality is set to. It gets to 25%-50% complete and then it just grinds to a halt on export. After inquiring about how they even let this hit the App Store with such an egregious bug, I was told by their customer service “we’re a small team, we can’t find every bug”. Well, I’m a QA engineer on a small team and that’s literally YOUR JOB to find bugs. It’s not like this is a small bug, it’s literally preventing me from exporting hours of footage, using the features I paid for. Moment, fix your bugs or hire more QA to debug or both!!
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1 month ago, Firemarioghost
Pretty Good, just a few knocks.
I love the fact you can save photos in the TIFF format, along with RAW and JPEG, but it saves 3 photos in the camera roll and there is no apparent setting to turn it off. I have to manually go back and delete the ones I don’t want, when the first picture is all I need. I also found that when taking the same picture compared to the native iPhone camera, the images come out sharper on the native one even when I have the ‘Quality’ setting on the Moment Camera. Not sure why this is the case when the file size of the Moment picture is 21x bigger. Another thing I have noticed is that there isn’t a pause / resume function on recording in the video mode. Would make things tons easier if y’all would implement that as a feature!
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4 years ago, b.forbort
Switch from Filmic Pro
I’ve been testing all day and so far I’m loving it. It saves directly into the Camera Roll, so file management is done just like using the native camera. It seems to generate a little less noise then Filmic did, but that could just be the conditions I’m testing in. The app is clean and easy to use. I still have my grid and most of the settings I’m accustomed to. It’s easier to fine tune settings, because they don’t wiggle around while I lift my finger off the screen. The only features I think I’ll miss are zebra stripes while in LOG, and having a remote control app I can use to operate the app from a separate iPhone (buggy as heck in Filmic so I guess I can’t take too many points off there).
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7 months ago, clifmahn
Great app but…..
Having invested in the majority of Moment’s M series lenses I decided to purchase their app and discovered they provide corrections for their various lenses. And now that I’m replacing my M series lenses with their new T series lenses which I’m hoping will show a marked improvement in IQ. The caveat I have and why I don’t give the Moment camera app a 5 star rating is there is no way to utilize the Apple Watch to control shooting HQ rear facing lens vlogging content. It appears the now defunct Filmic Pro and native camera apps support this feature. A shame as the Moment app has the potential to be a game changer for mobile content creators like myself when used in conjunction with their lenses. If Filmic Pro could make this work, why hasn’t Moment done the same thing?
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4 years ago, Arkadium315
Case firmware won’t update
I have a iPhone se (2020) bought the battery case from Moment. Case firmware is on version 1.0.0 the update in question is firmware version 2.0.0 Every time I try to update it I get an error message and says please tap and retry. I tried all the troubleshooting guide including resetting the case and I’m still unable to update the case firmware. I’m updating my review to 3 stars from 1. After contacting the wonderful support team I was able to get the battery case firmware to update with there help. Why just 3 stars? Because to update the battery case, you have to pay for the app. The fact that it’s behind a paywall and the instruction that come in the package as well as the website does not mention this is a disappointment. So heads up everyone you have to pay them just to update the battery case firmware.
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3 years ago, ThePurpleMonk
One of my favorite apps
As a photographer, you utilize everything at your fingertips! Including an IPhone, which is why I’ve always used one because you never know what or when after a photo shoot you may need to capture when you already packed up your gear. This app is amazing! I’ve had it for quite some time now and I’ve never missed a beat. I keep a short cut on my Lock Screen to it, I cannot tell you how many times it’s been used to catch those special shots after my gear was packed up from wedding to anniversaries and more. I’d recommend this app over any other including Adobe! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ten stars to the developers
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4 years ago, Shabootz
Lots of control
This is a pretty decent app with a fair amount of control over the camera. I’ve had it for a while and use it from time to time for different types of shots and personal projects. Only real issue I have with it isn’t even that big of a issue it’s just me nitpicking. The start up splash screen is kind of a waste in my opinion. I understand from a business standpoint you want to show off your products name and logo, but if doing so causes the app to start up slower than the already stock OS camera then why would I use it as my main go to camera app? When I open a camera app I would like to see it go directly to the camera and not have a splash screen, but that is just me. Like a said not a huge issue just some nitpicking.
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4 years ago, Jred86L
Very good app, but needs sound control
This app is actually pretty solid, however if you're ever trying to manually control any of the settings while recording video, the phone's front microphone pics up on the sounds of your finger touching the screen which is pretty irritating. If they add the ability to pick and choose which mics to use, by turning off the front mic it can minimize this issue. Where this is an option in filmic, it's not an in this app. Until they add it, this is a great app for picture taking. 3 stars for now, 5 stars for when they add mic control and make it something worth using for recording video.
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5 years ago, Chelipa
Not what it claims to be(slow shutter speed)
I was looking for an app which had manual controls over my camera phone and this app caught my attention, claiming it has slow shutter speed. There are images showing example of light trails and all that. While this is true that you can take such photos of light trails, but bare in mind that this app does not take slow shutter speed pictures, even though it has bulb mode. In fact the longest exposure time that you can set is 1/4 of a second. The light trails and motion blur functions in there are cool but gimmicky and not what I needed. I am pretty much disappointed of my purchase. Hope this review is helpful for those who are looking for a real long exposure and slow shutter speed. I give this app 3 stars because it is well designed, visually and functionally.
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5 years ago, The Jacob
Auto-white balance feature
I’ve exchanged emails with a few Moment representatives—Jeff Jacka and Erica Gonzalez—and you all are very thank you! I’m the colorblind dude and hoping Moment can somehow incorporate and/or bring to the app, an auto-white balance feature that can be set with a gray card? Another app uses this feature; however, I am absolutely hooked on the anamorphic lens. Unfortunately, other apps do not support the anamorphic lens. You all still get 5 stars for customer service and because your products are great—so I may be reaching here. Been following and supporting Moment since your very first Kickstarter. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, LimitedThinker
Moment Pro Photo Case Doesn’t Work. Customer Support is Missing In Action.
Got the Moment Pro Photo Case for Christmas! Much excitement has been replaced with anger and frustration as bugs in the case and no response from customer support are dragging my enthusiasm deep into Dave’s Jone’s locker. I watch all the “Get Started” videos. 1) There is no “Case” button in the app as described. 2) There is no “Turn Charging On or Off” button in the app as depicted in the videos. 3) My phone battery will not charge with the Moment Pro Photo Case attached. 4) Emailing customer support only generates an email telling you that they describe too many support requests and that their are too few people in the company to respond promptly. It’s been almost a week and I’ve had nothing but this automated “We are busy” response. 5) You can’t use wired ear buds with the Moment Pro Photo Case attached - this is universal for third-party battery cases but my 1More Quad Drivers are really good in ear monitors. I didn’t know this before purchase but I won’t be going Bluetooth as Moment suggests. This is just the opening findings and enough to cause me to start considering returning this expensive gadget. It’s not worth the opening frustrations. If Moment helped you in a timely manner I’d reconsider but right now I can’t see the Calvary arriving anytime soon.
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5 years ago, tonyzzona
Fix the freezes
I use Adobe Lightroom manual camera and the native camera app primarily because of faults like this app has. I love your lenses and gear but I’m pretty disappointed in the money paid for this app that other applications offer for free (or for less). More often than not, when taking advantage of the slower shutter function or adjusting manual controls the viewfinder will freeze and I will have to restart the app entirely. All of the features are there, but the integrity and consistency is not. Nothing is more frustrating to me in photography then getting the composition and lighting all set and you hit the shutter button to have your app crash. Just my experience first hand and I will delete and reinstall again (again again). Definitely will check back in and hope for the bugs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Fils-Ai
Battery case just doesn’t work continuously!
I wanted to give Moment 5Stars mostly because their lenses are excellent. Their customer service response is excellent. But this battery case just doesn’t work on a continuous basis. I have had it for more than a year and have had problems with it operating since the beginning. After several attempts at fixes (uploading the newest App. Shutting it off and rebooting. Removing the case completely and pressing the connection point as suggested in their help message) which will work for a short period of time and then reverts to the case not connecting and the shutter not working. I uploaded this current App version 3x and it still hasn’t worked. I now am resorting to the non-battery case so I can still use all of my Moment lenses.
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4 months ago, tripslip38
The one thing I needed it for, it was lame
I wanted to shoot some long exposures of stars, so I was looking to set my shutter speed in the 8-10 second range. In stock form, the shutter speed bottoms out at 1 second. You have to purchase the “slow shutter” mode for an additional 4 bucks. Okay, no big deal. I did that. But the UX was lame. For a “pro” camera experience they force you into this “motion blur” and “light trails” noob mode. I just wanted it to function how an actual camera functions–dial the shutter speed longer and longer, not a second scale. But…alas it doesn’t work. The image doesn’t continue exposing. I’m not sure what they have going on under the hood. What am I missing? Blackmagic Camera is an excellent example of how a camera app should be. Shame it doesn’t do still photography.
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6 years ago, Alexander Ill
Huge Fan!
Gotta say this app is pretty darn good. Filmic better watch their back! Seriously though, this app will help you take your smartphone camera to the next level. This thing sports a log profile on it, not really sure if actually helps with more dynamic range but it’s cool if your into color grading. Has a standard, medium, and high bitrate settings. All the manual controls you can ask for are included. My only issue and reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is I notice that when shooting 1080p 30fps on high bitrate and log profile for more than 3 or 4 minutes the footage will start to skip frames. I’m using the iPhone XS so I don’t think it has anything to with my hardware. Please fix and I’ll give 5 stars.
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10 months ago, jdkiker
Just needs a Lock Screen widget
I have this app on an iPhone 13 Pro Max and have been using it for awhile now, mostly for video. The app works great and the manual controls (especially manual focus) come in handy. I would like to see a future update where we get a widget for the Lock Screen. That widget would cut out unlocking the phone and navigating to the app, allowing for quicker access. If the app was available via lock screen I would make it my default video app. An option to record black and white video would be pretty awesome too.
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4 years ago, jobear1356
Simply the best
I have all the moment lens , I have the regular camera case and the Nomad case. All are excellent. I love all the lens so much I can’t even pick a favorite. If your starting with moment I would start with the 18 wide and the 58 tele. That’s gives you an amazing range of lens all the way up to 116 when you stack it on the 2x on the moment app. The quality of the lens is outstanding. They are actually heavy for being so small. The Anamorphic makes great videos but it also makes outstanding stills , in fact it’s the lens I use the most. Give these folks a chance , it will definitely give a new aspect to your photos.
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6 years ago, Bradleh88
Absolutely the best!
Between the excellent customer service with purchases, social media out reach with their Twitter, this team of hard working individuals are amazing!!! I have had the best time with this app, absolutely loving how effortless it is while integrating this as the primary camera! I am in love with this app, the one confusing part was I had the original app, and then it updated to Pro. Except I just paid $2.99 for the Pro ... so does it mean I got it paid for twice? If so, take my money! You have a wonderful team, and during my spinal injury recovery... kept me inspired to get back out and keep photographing!!!
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