Pro Photo Mosaic Creator

Photo & Video
4.7 (3.3K)
16.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Picture Mosaics LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pro Photo Mosaic Creator

4.75 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 years ago, SycamorePeakLyn
The BEST mosaic creator app ever!!
If I could rate this app 10 stars I would! I have been creating photo mosaics for years and this is by far the best mosaic creator app I’ve seen. My mother passed this month and I created a huge 24X36 mosaic to be displayed at her viewing. Each visitor could see themselves as well as all of our family photos in the mosaic with absolute clarity. Everyone was floored and asking me about how this was done. There may be apps that render faster but for your most important projects, this app is unmatched in quality. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, iFrankieC
Extremely slow app.
Using this app must be an exercise in extreme frustration. It takes forever for each step to be completed, if it does not hang on you. This is seriously bad because, writing this review in December 2019, I am using a brand new iPhone 11 Pro and still this app hangs. Not only that, it further tests your patience to the limit by taking at least five minutes to render each mosaic image. And when you think you are done, saving the image to your iPhone’s photo album is another exercise in frustration. It sends the image to your email address and after many steps can you finally download your completed mosaic image. On average, it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish each mosaic image with this app. It is really not worth your time and I am POSITIVE that the other previous glowing reviews are written by this app’s developers themselves. If I could give this app a zero, I would.
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6 months ago, pixi64
Waste of Time and Fake Advertising
When u download this app and you create your account, u r sent to a stupid website with a ridiculous amount of information and options of third party apps and little samples that match their video nor photo collages mosaics. Its so spammy full of ads distracting you and no way to organize their options. I asked them to erase all my emails and my account immediately as they will probably sell my information to all their stupid third party jerks. I despise sites who have very little interest in selling you what u want and instead creating marketing website to con u into paying for a useless and distracting app. I will also be reporting them to the BBB and other consumer agencies and facebook groups.
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3 years ago, hawkyfan1
Amazing app!!!
I had an idea to do a photo mosaic for my nieces graduation but didn’t know how I could do it until I came across this app!! It is amazing!! I made a beautiful photo mosaic and can’t wait to give it to her. I also can’t say enough about their communication with their customers. Very prompt responses and I contacted them several times during this project. Also super quick shipping and very reasonable prices! I’m one very happy customer and I’m telling everyone about it. Enjoy!!
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7 years ago, rantde
The best, without a doubt
I've tried a few other photo mosaic apps but this one is hands down my #1. Very smooth and easy to use. I can upload photos from my device or Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. My projects are saved so I can always come back to make changes. The actual mosaics are the best I've ever seen. The images are always crisp and clear. I actually just ordered my first print, but it won't be the last! Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, ermarie108
Highly recommend
I love that this app lets you collect photos from multiple platforms to create your one image. I also enjoy that you can share your projects right away on social media. I found that the steps in order to create my image where very simple and easy to follow. So far I have created many projects and can’t determine my favorite, but it saves them all so I can go back later and choose.
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5 years ago, Jennifer Pelosi
Great quality mosaic!
Pro Photo Mosaic Creator is a unique photo app that’s fun and easy to use. I like the (Explore your mosaic) feature for an interactive experience with your photos and it’s interesting to customize your image settings. Also, to share your mosaic on social media. I get a very positive response from my followers. It’s a great gift idea or for team building.
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4 years ago, NanaBrice
Slow slow slow slow slow
I would give the app 5 stars in a heartbeat, if it wasn’t so incredibly slow. It works (slowly) on my iPhone. But it never completely downloads on my iPad. Doing a mosaic on a screen this small is so frustrating as to be nearly impossible. If you are very, very patient & have terrific eyes, you need this app. Not good for anyone who needs a larger screen. When I first started using, this wasn’t an issue. Hope there is an update sooner rather than later. Then I will review again.
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7 years ago, jgshort73
Loved it, definitely using again!
This app was super easy to use. I went with the free digital download they offer so I could get it printed locally, but I like that you can order prints right from the app too. I will definitely be making more mosaics in the future to give as gifts.
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3 years ago, guy with finger
First time user
I love the idea of a mosaic, and I understand the need to monetize things. But I find the site somewhat difficult to navigate aunt Nicol and diming me every time I want to use something. Also I cannot share what I have done in preview mode. Actually I haven’t learn how to share at all yet. I’m sure as I explore things will become more clear but since I was asked to write a review after I have not used the product for very long this is how I’m feeling now.
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2 years ago, Nick-the-Brit
It is a paid service
So while it does suggest it in the App Store, this is a service for a fee and it’s actually somewhat sizable with images starting at $60. The vendor makes this information available after they get you email address….. Generally I felt a little cheated and deleted the app before even giving it a shot. So maybe it’s great, maybe it’s terrible - I will never know.
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7 years ago, dontcalitacrush
Very impressed!
This is a perfect way to combine all of your favorite photos into something truly memorable! The interface is super easy to navigate and I was even able to share the finished product with my friends and family on Facebook
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5 years ago, Ani411
Contact? Support?
This seems great but I haven’t used it officially yet because I have some questions first.. I don’t see a “contact us” or FAQs page in the app, though. What is the resolution for the free image? Or what size photo could it reasonably be printed as?
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2 years ago, bahdifg
Works Ok
There is no paid version, and after you make your mandatory account you find out you can only buy prints from them. There was no reasonably priced alternative to download the printable/zoomable file. I was able to easily create a project without reading the instructions and I'm sure what they send you looks good. It is very expensive. There should be a paid version.
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7 years ago, six.twenty.six
Clever photo app
There are a lot of gimmicky photo apps out there, but this one is very well made. Very easy to use and loaded with options. Looks like they update their app regularly too. Incredible app, incredible product.
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6 years ago, Soooooz215
Amazing mosaic app!!
This app is the best by far! The results are perfection. The clarity is unbeatable! A free digital file is downloadable for personal use and large prints are available for purchase at fairly reasonable prices. I can’t wait to get our print out!
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5 years ago, jimran28
App not working
The app always freezes & I can never get past uploading the pictures. When I want to click edit and continue it just loads constantly and doesn’t let me click any other buttons on the app. It is really frustrating I have spent hours on this , and have also restarted from the beginning just to get stuck on the same page . What a waste of time!
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11 months ago, dealloc
Account Required
The first thing the app requires is the creation of an account; there is no offline functionality before that point. I hoped to make a mosaic from family photos on my iPad and print the result myself, but it’s not worth the privacy risk to use this software. Deleted without further consideration; I’ll look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Zygmund02
Great app c:
Easy to use and you can download the mosaic when is finished to your phone for free 😊 I really like the app ( I’m not a person that likes write reviews but this app is very helpful and easy to used I really recommend it 😊)
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5 years ago, nononokonon
Easy to use and awesome customer service
Was having trouble downloading my free digital copy but their customer service fixed it for me right away !
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6 years ago, ShyGirl80
using an iphone x and it gets stuck at the Review stage, i was only testing it for 60 photos and it’s been loading for over an hour i need it for a school project and i downloaded this app based on the reviews. i thought i might just need to refresh the app so i had to redo it, but now it’s doing the same thing. what caught my attention is the video presentation and then it creates the mosaic image at the end.
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3 months ago, Julie3082
Great product
Easy to use. I made one for our son’s wedding anniversary. It was a fun way to see all their memories. Great company to work with.
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2 years ago, RogerClark
Excellent Product
Better than you’d hope for
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6 years ago, Lauran iPhone 7
For a free Mosaic App this is phenomenal. There are not many tools ,especially good ones, that can make such a creative and stunning piece of media from literally any type of image. Kudos guys.
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4 years ago, actgllcitunes
Mosaics made wonderfully and easy
This is a great app for creating and giving wonderful picture gifts
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4 months ago, Vinnie fugett
Not good
Even after I paid $7.99 for ONE digital mosaic; the picture are super grainy and you can’t make out what each individual photo is. Prices are $8, $16, $30, $40 for each mosaic. The bigger the digital the More expensive. I deleted the app, waste of time and big disappoint for the prices they are charging.
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6 years ago, AKOSPHOTO
40$ to get your own photo - what??
once a mosaic is created you have to pay 40$ to save it. Not sure who would be dumb enough to do this and pay for photos which you own anyway copyrightwise. the 5 star rated reviews are all fake ones. FRAUD is all that comes to mind. Next to a good dozen Copyright and Intellectual Property infringements the commit themselves here.
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4 years ago, RonHeiden
Can’t create account
I’ve downloaded your app and want to create an account but the Gmail sign in link won’t work. The Facebook one does but I don’t have or want a Facebook account. I know you are revamping your account system but it says I should still be able to create an account. Any ideas?
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7 years ago, As597774
Easily the best!!!
Best mosaic app out there. Easy to use and free to try it out. Definitely 5 stars and highly recommend.
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6 years ago, AMS520
It was sooo easy to use and the outcome was perfect. It was exactly how I pictured it would be and my parents loved the gift!
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4 years ago, TeamKitten
Get stuck when trying to get in the app
I don’t understand why I can’t use the app without an account. And even once I was about to create an account it gets stuck and doesn’t go into profile screen.
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10 months ago, Juanita Beth
This app makes me want to create mosiacs all day long. I love it!
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7 years ago, TeenA421
I want to love this app
I think this app could be awesome if I can get a finished product. I am easily able to upload my main picture and all my cell photos & edit them but then I’m stuck... I can’t review anything or save it. Hopefully this gets fixed
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6 years ago, acferraz
Locks up
The app either locks up or is not able to load my photos to make the mosaic. Every time I select the photos to make the mosaic with it goes back to where I started and doesn’t load anything. Frustrating
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4 years ago, wendyg8r
This app was so easy to use and was a homerun for a project my son had for school. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Mikila
Love it!!!
Love this app so much, yes it’s true that it can take some time, but is worth it for a masterpiece!!!!
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4 years ago, pumom11
Slow and buggy
This app barely works and just now noticed it was last updated a year ago... that makes sense
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5 years ago, Gikinimo
Best app for photo mosaic
Excellent app, easy to navigate, great finish work!
Show more
6 months ago, Jbogart227
So disappointed
Not only did this app not load anything there is a glitch and you can’t contact bc customer service.
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6 months ago, Quicklekat
Won’t open photos from library
I couldn’t get this app to open any photos from my camera roll on my phone, so it’s not very useful.
Show more
5 years ago, 2Do Fan
Love it!
Great app did just what I wanted.
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1 year ago, Would'e?
Won’t let me use it
Never received confirmation email despite many requests. (And yes, I checked my junk mail folder).
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5 months ago, Michelledugan
Incredibly slow. After 45 minutes I gave up.
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2 years ago, chapiinoo
Can’t sign in?
I have tried everything and doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t tell me anything, doesn’t move nothing 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽
Show more
4 years ago, Sly Lou
The app doesn’t allow for me to import pictures from a Facebook page I manage. It only goes to my personal page for pictures.
Show more
7 years ago, Irish_86
Won’t upload photos!
I’ve tried SEVERAL times. I pick a picture I want to add and it says “please wait...” the entire time. Not worth it.
Show more
4 months ago, OhAnton
Beware, not free
Not free after you spend the time to select all the photos
Show more
5 years ago, Jennee0024
It’s good but runs really slow and keeps freezing
Show more
7 years ago, tmatch
Doesn't seem to work anymore
iPhone X and it just gets stuck in saving image.
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4 years ago, Venita Applebum
App advertises uploading 100+ pictures but only allows 66. What an odd number to stop at
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