Pro Series Drag Racing

3.7 (2.1K)
372.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sycamore Valley Software LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pro Series Drag Racing

3.73 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
3 years ago, BFabular
Pro Series Drag Racing
I’ve played this game thoroughly and am at the end sequence with the top fuel championships and want to give my opinion on the game. Ironically the most difficult section is the beginning 4 or 5 championships where you are stuck with street cars. You have to pick the right upgrades and learn how to tune by the time you reach the last championship before moving up into the Pro Mod cars. I can see how this frustrates a lot of people as the first few championships, the street car section is so difficult most players will give up and never make it past them and up to Pro Mod/Funny Car/Top Fuel sections which are ironically much easier. Most people also don’t realize this game is static; it is not receiving updates anymore from the developer and they have made this clear on their social media. Go play No Limit Drag Racing 2 or Off-road Outlaws, their other games, if you want a game that is being actively worked on by the developer. TLDR: the game is a fun time killer and overall good if you get the hang of it and get past the first few championships but these first few championships are so difficult that they cause most players to end up giving up on the game.
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6 years ago, 848362823974
Great, but has some bugs.
I like the wide variety of tuning options and upgrades you can get, it really makes the race come down to whoever tuned their car better, but I have one complaint. The timer when you race is inaccurate and causes me to lose. Even though I have a faster 1/4 mile time than my opponent, they still win most of the time. Another bug, (which I haven't pinpointed the cause of yet.) is a launch bug. When I take off, I sometimes get a red light for launching too early. Even though I make sure to have a late reaction on purpose, because of this glitch, it says I react a whopping 9 SECONDS before the green light, and causes me to lose championships sometimes. Other than these bugs, the game is well made and balanced. I'm impressed that this game is free.
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5 years ago, ERRATIC69
Hate to see this game change and struggle
I played this game years ago on an old device and had a blast and it was feasible and more realistic as far as the competition and being competitive I passed all classes and championships and have 3 garages full of cars and couldn’t ask for a better game so present day I downloaded the same game on my current device and it’s extremely hard to compete and even though you fully upgraded cars and tune them you just can’t seem to win past the pro street and it’s just no fun when you play to ungraded and spend a lot of time tuning cars and can’t win any longer so I hunted down my old phone and charged it up to play it on my old device and all is great then I started entering back in the points races and even though my cars are still tuned by the creators of the game they want even stay on the track or want run to a full pass without bouncing off the track or blowing the engine not sure what they done but they have completely ruined this amazing game and app hopefully they get things fixed and make this the great game it use to be as I’ve still not seen any others to compare to it if not then oh well I’ll find something else that cares more about its bugs apps and ratings
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7 years ago, Horizontal taco
Good Game but wayyyyy too many ads.
This is a great game but there is an ad after every race! It gets sooooo freakin annoying!!!! I don't mind an ad every once in a while but after every race I hate. And can you please put a 1973 camaro in the game? I know you have a 1981 but I really like the style of the 73. And it's really hard to earn money so could you make it like $500 per race since it's only $400 please? My engines won't stop blowing up! I will buy a brand new engine and go to a race. I will get going about 30 mph and the engine will blow. When it blows it goes down to 70% and ask me $4,500 to repair. And I went broke! If you could please fix this it would be amazing. And can you make it where there is no speed limit? Now my car can only go to 179 mph even after I add mods. Thanks.
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5 years ago, N. Flanders
Great potential
Great game except if you sell your vehicle all of your opponents remain at the previous level so your new vehicle isn’t adequate and it’s impossible to win...also I purchased a pro stock Supra and couldn’t use it because the rear tires would just bounce and Than the engine would blow and since I couldn’t get the license due to this I had to sell and at that point I’d like to refer you to my previous complaint. Otherwise it’s a great game. Would like to see upgrades become more widespread/different options along with a help button for the tuning so beginners have an idea of what to do.
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6 years ago, Adamj3900
Love the game but a couple of inquiries
I love this game it has become my favorite game I’ve the last year or so. I play this game almost everyday and was wondering when the next possible update would be? If there is a new update soon, could we possibly make so we have to spool turbo cars to stage? One more thing I would like to see would possibly e some more classes besides the ones you already have. I would like to see something like a top sportsman or top dragster and possibly all of the super categories. The last thing I would lie to see would be more dragsters but have the sportsman dragsters like you would see in top dragster or super comp or any bracket race. Thanks for making a great game!!
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6 years ago, Killaakuma
Game had so much potential
The game as it sits is good. The 3 Stars is because this game had a ton of potential, but as you can see hasn’t had an update in over a year. When the game first came out the developer promised a ton more stuff to come. Well it’s been a year and we haven’t seen any of it. The game isn’t even complete you can see this by looking at the side bar. All that stuff says “to come” it’s said that for a year. The game is good but, the developers promises should have been fulfilled, it seems like a lot of work went into this only to stop. I want to say money grab, but I don’t get how that much work went into it only to cut your losses, and go on to to something else. I guess everyone wanted a cheap 4x4 game.. O well.
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6 years ago, runner2190
Pro series drag
A really great game especially when u are a gold member love how u can build the cars choose paint and all options From timing to bar height to everything you could think of in the game and how realistic the cars look to the real ones. I give the game 5 stars can’t wait for the next version. Something else I’d like to say about the game I love how you have to take the time and tune and build each car individually and Megarian what works for one car doesn’t work for another that you do you have to take the time and build each car individually I love that about the game
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7 years ago, Youngtrigger
Everyday Money/Gold
I think they should be a gold collect daily or money for members or just in general I don't think $6.99 is really worth it even though I bought the package I think we should get a daily reward because the races get harder and if your where to tune your vehicle the best you can get it and blow your engine your basically broke and can't fix your engine... but other than that the game is great I just hope y'all can give more packages for $6.99 members.
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4 years ago, Victor_00
This game is overall amazing but the prices too change rims and colors with only gold is a little ridiculous don’t you think ? Given that it’s only for purchase the gold maybe think about us being able too use the money we make too purchase cosmetic mods instead of just with cold because it’s very overpriced for paint job it’s 100 gold for a rim color 100 gold like I think you guys can do better and lower it or just change it too cash because it does get frustrating that we can’t even swap a color out or change some cosmetics because it cost an arm and a leg thanks - loyal user
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6 years ago, Greg Dubowski
Improvements plz update needed
Love the game!!! Haven’t played a better one yet!!! But, I would like to see more cars to choose from, more realistic upgrades and body parts. More races. And I would like to see the update for multiplayer and more paint jobs. I would just like to see this game have more options. This is the first drag racing game I actually love to play. Plz could you let me know if you could add that to the game. Thank you so much. But please bring a update out soon!!! Love to see this game go farther!!!
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6 years ago, Drag racing pro
It’s a great game and people should download
The game is amazing and tuning is a big advantage in this game, if your burnout is bad it states that your tires will spin, in nhra drag racing, if you tires spin, your vehicle will lose control, what I’m trying to say is if you want to make the game a bit realistic, you should at least lose control when your burnout is bad and have to close the cylinders and try to put pressure back in the supercharger to at least try to comeback from losing control. Great game though
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5 years ago, Drifter2001
Second version or update old one
I really like playing this game when I have nothing to do but y’all should come out with a second version of it and make it newer and better graphics and more cars and more customization features like wings and shirts and body work for the car and the smoke that you can change the smoke color. Just a little hint for y’all thank you for reading my review, take it as a maybe for the game or update the old one.
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6 years ago, 22AN05
Love game but needs a lot of improvement
I really love this game but there is a couple of improvements that need to get fixed one is that when you drive the funny car is does not stop and keeps on going and then I would have to exit the came cause it won't stop running and there could be like people in the stands and when you do the Championship there should be like a real one and one more thing is that it would be cool to do some of the races in the dark
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6 years ago, Chxhgjh
Fun but annoying sometimes
I know nothing will be done about this because there hasn’t been an update for a year but here goes. The tree is extremely annoying and will claim a false start even if you started on the green! It annoys me when I’m doing a drag race competition just to have the game falsely accuse me of false starting resulting in me having to start over. Second, I love tuning my cars, however the delay box is useless! If you let go of the launch button before the green (like a delay box is supposed to be used) it claims a false start!! Even if your car starts rolling on the green.
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6 years ago, PxlrWasAmazingTillUpdate
Absolutely perfect for street Outlaw fans
As long as your willing to pay the $6.99 per month to avoid ads and enjoy perks. This is the perfect game. The two updates I would love to see is a replay to watch the race after it over, and I would like to be able to view the entire Outlaw list. But overall this is my fav game by far and I have been waiting for this exact type of app for years! Thank you so much
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6 years ago, Untamed racing
Pretty realistic bracket racing
Anyone like my self that bracket races can find this a invaluable training tool. Delay box features are spot on for those who use it. And non box racers can also play and not use this feature. It’s a fun game that’s easy to navigate. Heads up racing is a blast if your into that. Only complaint at all is the lack of online tournaments that is found on door slammers 2. This really would be liked by all players.
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6 years ago, Brenden Rondeau
Great but needs tune reset and Dodge Diesel.
Hi I love your game but, I really don’t like how you can’t reset your tune I tuned my car and I don’t like it and I also don’t like how I can reset it. and when I go to do my outlaw race every time I reach a certain point it shoots me in the air and starts glitching. So please can you take this as advice and try to fix this game thank you. Also can you add some Dodge trucks to the Diesel category. Plz can you do that thank you.
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2 years ago, acuradude
No saved credits or cars purchased.
I had several cars and options on them all. The last time I didn’t race for a while all my credits that I spent my money on disappeared. I contacted customer support and they made it right. Same issue again all my stuff is gone. Contacted via Facebook as they are active and reply in a timely fashion. Wrong over a month and no help. Went to apple and since my purchases were directly from them apple has no history of it. So after spending well over a 100 bucks on credits this is how this app works. Pretty sad if you ask me. Buyer beware
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3 years ago, Raymond .S
Suggestions for a update
Hello I love this game but you have an updated in three years can you update itSo this is going to be suggestions for an update so can you add parachutes 🪂 that you can buy for your car and can you add a pro charger and you can combine turbo with nitrous or blower with nitrous And please reply OK I really want you to reply and I hope you add to add this to your game it would make it so much cooler
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7 years ago, Ethnz69
I think the game is great, but how you stop your car from hopping and jumping down the track I have brought everything to help and it does not you need to put in some trading tips and so on or some how fix this problem. And trying to move up in cars it's like starting from the very first time not cool especially when you're racing and everyone else is still as fast as your previous car. That need to be fixed also.
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5 years ago, Nighthawk3G
Awesome game
I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks. My ONLY concern is the fact that regular pro street can only run 5.74s and prestige is running 5.6s. When I play online, I win some and lose some, great, makes me a better racer. But when I get matched with a prestige car for $10k, forget about it, lost money. They need their own class. I know I’m not the only one that has this concern. Other than that. Awesome game for sure!!!
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6 years ago, peter hurtsher
To who it may consurn
When we getting a up grade an it funny how a car can bet you but it never in site anywhere needs to be fix just saying you need to do an update I can’t tune my cars cents last update be nice if you could pay for a good crew chief I got the one you have an he slow my car down what a waste of Gold I’m still wate in it didn’t help what you did can’t tune my car an save it go right back to old settings
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6 years ago, mbarresi98
Game has a ton of potential but...
The game is plagued by really a weird bug right now where it wont let you finish any races so you are stuck after you run your quarter mile until you exit but when you exit you dont get credit for the race. so you’re progress is basically locked until the devs patch it. but a really fun game with tons of stuff to customize and buy
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7 years ago, ro Deric T
Needed fix
I love this game....quite addictive....someone PLEASE tell how the Push works....I find myself beating an opponent and they or the game sends it to push therefore not awarding me their wager. Another fix needed is when you're racing in the online mode and when you run your dial in exactly with a better reaction time than your opponent, you still lose. It happens every time I run a perfect dial in. Thanks!
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6 years ago, C-Carr
Need some fine tuning
Like that the game has a new update. Better engine sounds and fresh camera angles couple of new cars too. But promods all the opponents red light and loose traction which makes them run a 10. While on the other hand all the street cars run 5.8 every time making it difficult to even get a win and when it pops up to tell you you have a new outlaw challenge you cannot find it on your map. So love the update just needs a few bug worked out.
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6 years ago, Civman97
Love it
Found an issue with app and could not find a way to contact except Facebook which I don’t use. If you go to customize>wheels>bead lock> select any bead lock then select “none” the app automatically installs hood scoop and side exhaust pipes not a big issue but a glitch I found. Other than that I love this game and recommend to anyone. I’ve spent too much time playing already. Haha
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6 years ago, Mac11b
Still needs work
Really enjoy the game and how many different parts you can buy. My biggest issue is that I had the game tune my gearing and rev limiter, with the games tuning experts. After that I raced 6 races and blew the motor every single time. Costs $4500 to repair your motor, don’t have that much it costs gold. Don’t have gold either, we’ll just spend your money and buy some. That’s my problem. Your in game tuning expert cost me engines now I have to spend real money to fix that. Guess I will go back to my tuning I had where I wasn’t blowing motors
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4 years ago, ...;-;.....
I gave this a 3 star because u will never win at the start it’s like I have to waste money just to win and when I sell my car for money to get new cars I still don’t win and they have same power but they need to make it easy with the opponent with no tunes when u get more better and tuned up more maybe it be better but at the start it’s hard how ever I try I still loose but I like the other games they made but do more work in this game please
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5 years ago, daremetoo
I have a couple of glitches with the games programing. When I work on tuning my car, there is a section called boost control. Purchase for 5000 or 50 gold. When I click purchase, it deducts the cash from my account but never gives me boost control. This picture never goes away. It has cost me over 50,000 cash, When I was low on cash it started deducting my GOLD. Now I have lost 200 gold before I realized what was going on. Now I am really aggravated.
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6 years ago, Me 246679
Very good game
I love this game but I lost all my cars that I had I had a pro mod, A Camaro, a dragster, and a funny car that I lost and I need my money back to get the gold that I need to buy the stuff I need I have the game still but I was hacked and that is why I lost my cars, but other than that I should just that you get the game because I love it and you would to.
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1 year ago, Loverboy92
Awesome game
I love this game so much that I’m addicted to it I can build all kinds of trucks cause this game has so many and not only that the graphics is amazing….again I’m glad this game came out this game is even better than the first no limit drag racing game So yes thanks for an absolutely amazing game I give it 5 stars
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2 years ago, CoopW627
Tutorial Doesn’t Even Work.
I was really excited to get this game today, I bought my car and headed to the map to start my driver’s license. I did what it told me to do my burnout and then I staged but I had problems when it was the launch stage. It told me to hold down the launch and gas pedal so I did that but the launch button wasn’t going down and I lost every single Time. So I wouldn’t recommend you get this game it does not work. Get No Limits DR 2 because they are updating all the time and they are adding pro mods soon.
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3 years ago, jtubby88
Fix bug issues?
Great game but the timer needs too be fixed can run a faster eta than the person your racing and they win it. Witch is really annoying but overall a great game but also another issue is the chat you can’t see what you send or what you receive what so ever. 4/5 stars but will be rated 5 for me after the timer and chat is fixed!
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7 years ago, Booniepr
Best game on iTunes
This game is one of the best games I've ever gotten on my iPhone. Easy and fun to play, has a good balance of grinding and progress, and it's very addicting. The ads aren't too unbearable, because you can skip them, but they do get a little annoying. On that note, there should be an add free version of this game on the App Store available for purchase.
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6 years ago, Lilbambi12
False advertisement
Been playing this game since it's first release and have been paying for a membership ever since then, included in that was suppose to be new cars earlier than people without a membership, waited 2 years for the update just to find out I still have to pay $10/each for the "prestige" card even though it said I would get them free and early at the purchase of membership, when you add it up I've gave this dude well over $200 over time for a membership that he didn't fulfill he promises on false advertisement!!!!
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3 years ago, david123465322
I’m not sure if you have any questions about this. I’m sorry to give this review I wish it was a little better but I can’t give it 5 stars because I have lagged too many times and I am tired of it and waiting and waiting for some thing to load I just can’t do this any longer I have deleted the game 😩😩😩😩😩😩
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6 years ago, Kevin fra
Good game but why cant I restore purchases???
This is the best drag racing game I’ve had, still I think it can get better, add some more cars and change the specs of them, I mean not every car has the same weight, grip and power. You guys should add more cars and let the customers restore the purchases. Last time i soent some money on this game and now I have to start from zero??? That’s MESSED UP!!!
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6 years ago, Raidmaddow
Please take into consideration.
I am seeing all of these reviews that are saying please fix and oh my engine is blowing up all the time but this is the most realistic drag game i have seen and I feel like we should appreciate what the developers have done to this game this game is insane there is so much to do and so much to see and it’s free!!!!
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3 years ago, Andrew rowland
Great game
Amazing game I think it needs some things like more style options and engine swaps and different engine noises other wise really fun game and it could use an interior view for regular street cars maybe even a little character to put outfits on like carx but really solid game ik it’s still a work in progress but I’m putting things I think it personally needs
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4 years ago, Boobie5360
Descent game
The game is a fun and graphics are good but seems a lot of people lost interest due to the lack of updates not a lot of people playing in the lobby. Wish you guys would update every car to have their own unique sound and fix it to where u can see if your Side by side or if opponent is out in front of you during a race and add a Fwd class please ..
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5 years ago, WillieChucj
Good time passer
Recently went to my first ever drag racing event. Wanted to find a good sim game for my iphone, and I found it here! Of course it starts out easy, but it gets challenging and you must purchase upgraded equipment (which you can make money quickly in this game) and learn to tune your car. Love this game and look forward to many more hours of playing!
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6 years ago, Alex the fan
Missing something
I don’t know what the game is missing but it certainly doesn’t feel complete. The spin system feels rigged I’ve never been able to hit a big price like $5k most of the time it’s usually $2k. The vehicle options are great but I feel like if the Dodge Ram is in the game the two other competing muscle trucks should be added. By that I mean the Ford Lighting 2nd gen and the Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 454. Other than that good game
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4 years ago, hyvbfbvdv
Fix bugs
Love the game but you need to fix the bug when you run a faster time than the other person and it says that you lost it makes no sense and i have lost a log of money do to that bug so please fix.
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6 years ago, 1977 racer
Problem with app!!!
I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. I enjoy the realistics of. the game. But! After the newest update you can no longer see the outlaw races! You get the notification and no race on the map! Very frustrating!! More needs to be done with the app! Leader boards along with being able to save your game Incase you switch a device. Unhappy customer!!
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6 years ago, Purdue52
The app keeps kicking me out when I go to race in career mode it's ticking me off . I can't even race or do anything can you guys fix that please . Other than that it's a perfect app. Every time I go to race in quick races or in career mode it won't load the race but kick me out of the app please fix this.
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5 years ago, Magicmanusaf81
Possible Updates? iOS issues.
For iOS I cannot edit the name of my car like you can on a Google version. Nice that you have some Street Outlaw cars in the game, any plans on adding Fireball, The Judge, or Murder Nova? Honestly, best racing simulator by a long shot! How about live tournaments, daily money or gold incentives. 👍👍
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4 years ago, kplooster
Is there a way to get money without having to keep playing it over and over again because if not that would be a lot better
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4 years ago, Mtyt234
Issues with purchased car
Recently purchased kye Kelly’s car and it ran fine until I adjusted the wheelie bars. Now after a burnout the car backs up sideways and will not stage. Tried it in time trials and in multiplayer and it wouldn’t stage in multiplayer and cost me money and gold. Any solutions?
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6 years ago, Zachhm4
Great game over all my biggest disappointment is the time. You’re drag Time will obviously be better then you’re opponent and you’ll loose also in multiplayer sometimes you’ll meet someone that’ll loose the race and some how still win. Just that thing happened to me I ran a 5.192 on the 1000 at 202 mph while my opponent ran a 9.479 at 110 mph I clearly passed him wile I still list the race. Great waste of 7,000 dollars
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