Project Makeover

4.5 (712.4K)
402.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Magic Tavern, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Project Makeover

4.46 out of 5
712.4K Ratings
3 years ago, hercomestheboi
Great game, needs more options
I love this game, I’ve been playing almost a year now and I’m on level 1,675. There’s no ads which I’m SUPER grateful for, I wouldn’t play it if there were. It runs really smoothly and I almost never deal with glitches. However there needs to be more options, especially for the avatars. There should be different body types to choose from and there needs to be more hairstyles and colors, as well as more skin tones (and more facial features would be a huge plus). I’ve been playing for so long and just want my avi to look like me but still haven’t unlocked a cute hairstyle with a basic blunt fringe. There also needs to be more eyebrow styles and it’d be great to choose the color of the hair and brows separately; the blonde option is pretty much yellow and makes the eyebrows invisible, bleh! I’d also love more avant-garde makeup looks, they’re all so basic and a fashion based app should have things more based on the fashion industry. I really appreciate the new challenges that have been added to the game that allow you to unlock more rewards. I just hope if the developers read the reviews they incorporate some of these suggestions into future updates because I know a lot of people would love it and it’d take this game to the next level.
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3 weeks ago, Lucy&Peanut
Challenging and fun, plus really nice graphics
This is a really fun puzzle game. The puzzles are challenging but not so difficult that it takes the fun out. The sound effects keep me engaged and the music is good too. What makes the game really fun and addictive compared to many other games out there is that there’s a reason to complete the puzzles. When you complete puzzles, you earn coins that are used to give each character a makeover and can also be used to update your own avatar and their home furnishings. You can also save up and buy vacation homes in various places. I love that I also get to design rooms for the characters, and the finished product always looks really nice. The graphics are fantastic as they are crisp, colorful, and detailed. Plus, there are NO ADS!!! It is possible to complete the levels without ever spending anything, but some are challenging and I will sometimes pay for gems to help out. But I never feel like I have to, like in some other games. Plus, once you get to a certain difficulty level, the levels don’t just keep getting more impossible. It skips around so some levels are easier and some are harder, which really ups the enjoyment of the game. There’s nothing more discouraging than un-winnable games, but this never has me feeling that way. Solving the puzzles requires strategy, thoughtfulness, and a bit of luck ;)
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3 years ago, Juice island
Two weeks playing
I really enjoy the concept of this game. But, it could be so much better than what it currently is. It needs at least five choices for each clothing item, hairstyle, jewelry, furniture, etc. It’s annoying to have to play to remove each clothing item at a time instead of all at once. The makeup is very similar instead of like having a natural, an exotic cat eye look, and different eyebrows, lipstick, etc. Many items cost too much, especially considering the games are too difficult without the extra help. I’d be more willing to watch ads for more points than to pay money. The drama is the most annoying. It’s forced and boring. What is it’s purpose? The team, including my avatar, should do a daily spin for the outfit they will wear for the day. It could be a 1950’s look and then modernized for the present. Each decade would have different styles to discuss and update, including makeup, hair and accessories. The game itself is too difficult, especially removing sunglasses. Sometimes the square is removed on the first blast and sometimes the green gingham square needs several blasts. It takes the fun out of it. This game is ideal for clothing store ads and even furniture and decor. When the bi g reveal is done at the end, the makeover character should be move excited to see their new space . The dialogue that fits their character and job is the best part. It makes them more real and it’s cute. I hope my long review has helped.
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2 years ago, smorgasbord428
Really fun, but could be better
After seeing dozens of ads, I finally gave this game a shot. It’s so much better than the ads make it seem, and you can tell the developers actually put a lot into it and it’s not one of those crappy mobile game ad games. There’s so many features involved. Each makeover has a storyline, as well as the hosts and crew behind the game’s show. I also like that they’ve added challenges where you can makeover notable figures (such as Santa Claus) I can’t wait for there to be more, I’m hoping there will be one for Cupid for Valentine’s Day. However, I’m only giving the game 4 stars, mainly for two reasons. First, I feel like the makeovers are too expensive and tedious things have been added in order to make you spend more coins, therefore having to play more levels. Like what is the point of spending 150 coins to spray perfume? Or to give the character a massage? I feel like any parts of the makeover that you can’t actually see during the final reveal are just filler to make you spend more coins. It makes getting through the makeovers such a task. Also, I feel like we should be able to to remove certain items or at least make them optional. Sometimes I don’t want to give the character a headband because I don’t like the way it looks. Or sometimes the outerwear options don’t really fit well. I think outerwear and accessories should be optional. And that there should be at least one more option for each category, 3 just doesn’t feel like enough.
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2 years ago, abdenton
Unless you like spending money, don’t download this game. The levels become impossible to beat without spending money. Also you are forced to spend coins even when you like the original design or hair color. You even have to spend to remove old items and even more to replace! It is a fun and addictive game to play but addictive is the key word. They have figured out how to get in your wallet. Also, I think it’s bull that when you get an “infinite amount of time” To play, that you have to use it right then. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours you have to play it all right then. I think when you have to exit the game the time should stop rolling until you can play again. I’ve either played hard or spent money to earn that time and I can’t sit there for an hour or two and play it all at the same time. I’m a single mom who works full time give me a break. When you have payed for the extra you should get to use it when you wish. And the boosters, you should get to use those in the middle of the game if you want. They do no good when your only allowed to use them in the beginning in a very small area of space. I’ve abandoned this game before and am fixing to have to do it again because it’s just too expensive and I don’t think it’s fair you can’t use things you’ve paid for when and how you want. I gave this game three stars just because the game itself is fun but it’s becoming too expensive.
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4 months ago, MsHarryPotter64
Fun, but unfair game play
I have been playing this game consistently for about four months now. I really enjoy it but it needs a lot of improvement. For starters, you should earn more money as the game gets harder, especially once you complete "seasons". Earning 300 coins for EVERY level is not fair, especially since the things you need to buy get more expensive as you go. Second, I HATE that you have to pay to take off the customer's clothes!! Especially one at a time!! You should either pay once to remove all old clothes or not pay at all. Same with the old stuff in the customer's rooms. Third, some of the items are too difficult to get. I saw someone else say that the sunglasses are especially hard to get and I agree. Fourth, I feel like in the dialogue, the cast shames the customer for the way they have been living their life, which is rude and helpful to no one. There are some good things about the game though. I like that you can combine the 'bombs' to create larger effects. I enjoy the options that are given for the different items in the rooms. I like the mini-games because they are an easy way to get extra coins. I like the colours and scenery. And I LOVE interior design games, so this is already up my alley. I hope the app developers actually read these reviews and make some user-friendly changes. In any case, I hope this review helps folks decide whether they want to play!
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1 year ago, faith17strong
Fun game at first but later the puzzles are impossible!
I understand the puzzles have to get harder but seriously it should not take 20-25 (or more)times to finish a puzzle once you get to the higher levels! Not only that, they have hard, difficult and extremely hard in their puzzles and one of those pop up like every 2-3 puzzles. It would be nice to get an easy and fun puzzle every once in a while. Even the ones that are not marked hard take SEVERAL tries to finish-it is getting to the point where it isn’t fun anymore. You almost have to buy diamonds to win some levels unless you want to play them 50 times and wait 20 minutes for 1 life to refill. I am about to stop playing this game. It was fun for awhile but now it just is frustrating. I have spent money and I get they need to make money but they don’t give you much for what you pay and after a certain level they don’t allow you to watch adds for a free turn so you have to buy diamonds if say you have 1 thing left to clear. It’s too bad they have a fun game but they make it too frustrating and I like a challenge but not when it gets impossible unless you get to that “sweet number” of times and they finally let you have the transfiguration of the puzzle that will win. If people spend money, give them a break and stop trying to make them spend more money ALL THE TIME. It makes the game unappealing.
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2 years ago, CTiiee
Project Makeover
I absolutely love this game; in fact, I’ve been playing it for over a year now. It is very obviously not like the ads they put out there, but this is one of my favorite matching games to date. It’s innovative, it’s fun, and you get to decorate some nice spaces after building up the money to do so. The only reason problem I have is that they recently started adding tax to my gem purchases. Instead of paying 1.99 for a pile of gems, I’m now getting charged $2.14. Maybe this was released in a recent update, but I believed that somebody had taken my card for a moment. Game devs, I love the game very much and I realize that 15 cents is not a crazy amount to get upset over; however, if possible, please make the extra 15 cents viewable during and after the purchase. I feel like I got scammed whilst providing money to this game. Aside from this, the game is very satisfying and they have various different events that happen all the time. This gives it a bit of a competitive edge during some of these weeks, and it gives the player an opportunity to get plenty of gems and power ups for no charge. Also, with every completion of a makeover, you’re given gems and cash to both upgrade your own character and their room/studio. Keep it up devs, you’re doing great!
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2 years ago, Carolinelson
Gets too hard to be fun
I’ll start with the positives. I’ve been playing Lily’s Garden for a couple years and Project Makeover was a nice change of pace. I really like the makeovers, the outfits for each makeover are interesting and mix and match very well (for example, shirt 1 goes well with pants 1, 2, or 3, whereas in LG if you picked option 1 for a fence it pretty much only looked good with other option 1 items like a gate or walkway). The room decor is also very nice and I like having my own avatar to dress up and and decorate. However, the levels get progressively more difficult and not in a fun way. I have a toddler and play this game to destress and zone out. When I have to play the same level 20 times to progress it’s not fun anymore. And I’m unwilling to spend boosters that cost real money on every dang level just to earn the coins that may not even be enough for one item in the makeover. Occasionally I get a level on the first try, but never two in a row. The frequency of “hard” and “super hard” levels is way too much and even the ones that aren’t considered hard take multiple tries. I’ve spent real money twice on this game but I might be done. There are just too few moves per level to make it enjoyable without it being a money pit. Even though I was enjoying the storyline and makeovers a lot, the game is so frustrating now I think I'm going to have to go back to Lily’s Garden.
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1 year ago, KiwiLuvsPie
So expansive and excellent world building
This is literally one of my favorite mobile apps out there. I have been super invested in the story, the characters, and the customization. The amount of things you can personalize is absolutely incredible. The team behind this game put so much effort in to making all the backgrounds, and the objects look well designed but also consistent it’s just ??? Wow y’all 😭 The heart refills you use to play refill kind of fast which is a welcome change of pace from 99% of other mobile apps where you have to wait hours to play again (🥲). The people you make over are also so fleshed out and we’ll storied like J was genuinely surprised when I got to Carla and she was given aspirations and purpose and an actual personality. That’s one of the reason I’m so excited to get on to each client and see what their makeover will look like, and also find out about them. And I just want to mention that this game has no pop up ads (or ads in general I think idk) which is so so so amazing. This game is on the same level as other games such as subway surfers, or castle story imo. The teams behind each of the games actually put effort into making a fun an engaging mobile game that isn’t just an ad filled low quality meaningless game.
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1 year ago, Cssymonshoughto
Love it…but please change one thing
I really enjoy this game. I enjoy playing the puzzles, because to be successful requires a bit of strategy, which I finally figure out after losing a few times (usually). I have never paid any money, and I get lots of playing time. I am happy to watch a few ads to get some extra turns or whatever. I also enjoy the makeovers (but I confess that I never listen to the little dialogues with “Greta,” and I often skip through the dialogue. There is only one feature that drives me kind of crazy, and it’s the way that rewards are often forced on me. Please, developers, change the game so that I can *choose* when I receive additional time for rewards. I don’t know what other people do, but I do not want to sit and play the game for an hour and half straight after I’ve already used up my 5 “lives.” I can earn extra lives or request them, which is really great. But it kills me to walk away from really great rewards because I have had enough for the time being. Please make it so that I can go in and claim time rewards when I want them. The way things are now, most of the time I just walk away from them. But that’s the only thing (and it’s certainly not a bad problem to have!) Thanks for creating a great game!
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2 years ago, katrinas27
Good game but they clearly want your money
I enjoy this game overall. The graphics are good, the makeover part is fun. If you like fashion and design it’s well thought out. I agree with many other reviewers though on a lot of points (makeup choices could be more interesting, paying $300 to change out of every piece of clothing is ridiculous, they need more skin/hair colors and styles and glasses right off the bat to be more inclusive). However, the worst parts for me, compared to other match games (I can only compare to Homescapes and Gardenscapes) - 1) the boosters are not as effective 2) neither is using a rainbow blast with a booster 3) the levels get WAY too hard too soon. I’m only on level 250 something and they are impossible to beat. And 4) it is literally *impossible* to get enough gems to keep playing without paying for them. And the prices for things in the game are not cheap. I bought 2500 gems for $5.99 and they were gone in no time. The rate at which you earn gems in the game is not proportional to the amount of gems you need to spend to get boosters and extra lives. It makes it very hard to continue playing for any amount of time (even when lives do refill faster than some match games) without spending a LOT of money. And I just refuse to spend $6-9 that frequently on a game. I hope the developers fix these issues or I will probably give up on this.
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2 years ago, jaedc907
Finally caved and played it
So obviously the ads are misleading but reading the other reviews made me curious about what the actual game is like, since it was clear it was nothing like the ads. There’s a pretty boring plot line where the director of this makeover show is mean and gets fired, so you take her place and lead the makeovers for the different people. (There’s also a mechanic where “drama” unfolds to give more story but it’s not very compelling if you’re older than 7) The gameplay works as follows: you’re given some crusty person with a gross room and you have to fix them. You wanna remove their gross stuff and replace it with good stuff, but it all comes at a price. Wanna remove her glasses? 100 coins. Wash his hair? 100 coins. Take of his work gloves? 100 coins. Give her a new shirt? 100 coins. Put a new couch in? 200 coins. (Technically 300 coins because it cost 100 coins to get the old couch out) To get coins, you play levels of a bejeweled/candy crush reskin which gets a little too difficult too soon (like, noticeably so as soon as youre not being handheld by the tutorial) which in my opinion was the wrong move to make it more interesting. When you’re giving someone a new couch or shirt or haircut, there are always just three options, which has left me feeling like it’s not really a game. There’s no part that truly feels like “the main game” it just feels like another ad trap game with better production value. Pass on this.
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3 years ago, DL Horror
Fun game but it gets impossible in a short amount of time.
This is a really good game I have to admit, but Over time it becomes impossible. I have played many games like this and they all had the same thing it common that thing that they had in common was candy crush. For the game candy crush is fine in the beginning, as time comes it just gets very hard and seems impossible I tried the app because the add on it a girl needed a new makeover and you got to give her a makeover and it had a interesting story. I have to admit this game was addicting to play I played it for 3-6 minutes and it became impossible also that when you played candy crush on the game it gave you a curtain amount of try’s. I don’t really have anything else to say but it was fun while it lasted! I also really don’t like that you can’t choose a skin color, there people out there who are black and that can be a little mean to people who are black. Then there the fact that at the beginning they want her to get rid of her glasses this is a little offensive to people who have glasses and have trouble seeing. Good app tho next time try to make it where it’s not so offensive to people and it’s not so impossible, I forgot to mention that it wants you to spend money on the game witch isn’t really cool if you want people to pay you money maybe make the app cost money and the game gem/lives for candy crush free or make it where people watch adds for the lives/gems. I don’t really have anything else to say.
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3 years ago, ApesKM1967
2 Stars
I only gave it 2 stars because it’s ridiculous that you have us spend 300 to take off each individual item. Plus, when we use a hint it takes off a move. This is the first game like that where it takes a move away from you if you use a hint. Others games similar to this is a free move if you use a hint. Some of the levels are very hard and can only be finished if you use tons of hints. I decided to use my hints to finish a level and use diamonds and it ended up costing me close to $20. No one who game this app 5 stars can say they finished a hard level without using hints or spending money. One level had 22 moves but yet I would have had to get 8 sunglasses which were under green tiles and a majority of the green tiles had more than one layer, some had 2 or 3 layers. Plus move 6 cameras and also get 52 musical notes all with 22 moves. They do not give you enough moves. Games should be relaxing and not stress you out because you all decided to make this game like this. I enjoy a challenging game but this was more than that. Some of these levels were impossible to finish unless you paid money. I understand you are trying to make a living but I’m not going to keep spending a bunch of money just to finish the levels that are impossible. I spend money on games all the time and but when you are making them so impossible to finish, yeah no thanks. It shouldn’t take a week of playing just to take 2 items off the avatar. I already deleted the game.
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2 years ago, zoénicole
Wow what a disappointment
I’m honestly impressed with how poorly this game is designed, especially considering how many games out there are exactly the same concept. Somehow the app creators took the idea, but no actual useful details from other developers. 1. As many have stated, it gets hard way too fast. It’s obvious the entire app is making money off of buying the gems. I’m curious how many people actually keep the game long enough to buy them. With other apps, they’ve kept me interested long enough to. With this one, it’s obvious it’s not worth it when it gets impossible day one. 2. If you’re going to have the premise be about helping people, maybe get with the times and not have the typical “take glasses off” and other overused, offensive tropes to do so. It’s like boomers created the storyline. 3. The obvious lack of care about the non-inclusivity. Most developers would read the reviews, and respond with an update adding additional shades for skin color. It’s easy to do, you simply just don’t care. I truly don’t believe anything will change about this app, which is unfortunate for them because with a few simple changes, and they’d most likely make 10x the amount they are now. You can make money by making ads that aren’t even how the app is, and bring people in to download the app for a day or two, or you could make the changes and have a much larger audience that stays and continues to make purchases because the game is actually playable and not offensive. :)
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2 years ago, DeannaBanana001
Wayyy Better Now
Okay unlike other reviews i dont think it got hard on makeover 2. It was still fun then. But im on makeover 6 and on level 253 and this is the longest ive been stuck. Like everyone else said when they make it this impossible its not fun anymore. Like i just wanna finish this makeover and its so frustrating. Things i wish the game had: more coins per level, options to use boosters mid game not before the game, more moves to use, more makeover options too. They give u such little moves and expect u to make it work. I usually dont play these kinda puzzle games but the makeover aspect really gets you hooked. Its like a reward in a way. I wish it was easier to make friends also, i want go form a group and u cant even do that. But yeah its not like the creators are going to listen since I didn’t see them respond to any comment of criticism. ———-UPDATE: ———- So im actually changing my review bc they have been improving the game ever since i left this review with better chances of watching ads for a couple extra moves. And now theyve added a new bar with extra moves during the game, theyve also added so many new events so that the game is always interesting. Thank u creators for finally taking the time to listen and improve the game
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2 years ago, 💩 that is your app
I’m not going to lie, the only reason I got this game was to get rid of all the adds a saw about it. All I thought was that it was a dumb game about crazy people dating, getting all messed up, then having to get a makeover done. But once I downloaded it, I literally could not put it down! This game honestly blew my mind because all the adds made it seem horrible but it’s the exact opposite! It’s not like one of those bad games were you can tell in probably took like a week to make, you can tell how much work went into the storyline, and all the characters, and all the outfits too! So if you have ever seen this add and were like ugh why this dumb game again, (which if we r being honest was me) then think again because it is so fun and addicting! Hey, no that I’m writing this i realized it’s kind of like never judge a book by its cover but never judge a game by its add lol. Oh and another thing, people usually write awesome reviews about these games a long time after they got it but here is how good this game is: I just got it like 5 hours ago, and I already give it 5 stars. So if you’re considering getting this game then don’t hesitate because it’s sooooooooo awesome! Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a wonderful day!
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2 years ago, Harrahboy
Fun game, but glitches are starting to ruin it
I’ve played this game for about a year now. I enjoy the puzzles and the makeover / renovation component is a fun way to give completing the puzzles a goal. I even like the fact that you can watch ads to get more attempts at a puzzle. My biggest issue is that the game seems to glitch out during puzzles often and freezes up at least once a day for me when trying to collect ad bonuses. No other app I have does this as often and as consequentially as this app. I just played a hard level and was one move from winning, only to have the app freeze up and cost me the win. This would frustrate me more if it didn’t happen all the time. During puzzles, the game seems to lose connection to the touch screen as well. I have to minimize the game and come back to get the game to respond to touch input; that happens multiple times per puzzle. This is the only app on my phone where that happens. I have also noticed that pieces I direct to move in one direction will move in ways I did not want them to. I am willing to accept that that could be me not touching the screen right, but given the other problems, I also would believe this is just another glitch.
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2 years ago, MelCarrillo2014
Enjoyable but irritating. Game is money hungry.
This game is fun but as you progress you realize it is money hungry. Sometimes it gifts you gems, and boosters just for playing or due to tournaments. But if you don’t have these, most of the levels, especially the “super hard” levels, are really difficult to beat. I’m always so close to winning without using boosters but run out of moves. In order to get 5 more moves, you need gems which is super expensive. When using gems to purchase more lives, moves, boosters, etc., its stupid expensive. Some of the boosters such as scissors, hairbrush or perfume, cost up 1500 gems or more I think! Also, if you run out of lives, you have to wait a certain amount of time to replenish. The game sometimes gifts you unlimited lives and boosters for a certain time. But as soon as you accept it, it kicks in rather than letting you start it whenever you want. It’s happened to me where I can’t play anymore for the moment but the countdown has already started. It’s disappointing that you can’t take advantage of it in the moment. So when the time runs out, the opportunity is gone. Another thing that annoys me is that the game uses coins to remove furniture or clothing in order to begin the makeover. They make it that way you don’t beat it quickly and move on to the next makeover. So dumb!
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2 years ago, A_-A_-
I have been obsessed with this game for over a month now. However, I am about to delete this game because of the levels. There aren’t enough moves to be able to finish a level. The levels go from easy, hard, and extra hard. There have been times where even the easy levels are hard to pass. However, that isn’t the issue. The issue for me is that there aren’t enough moves to be able to pass a level on some of them. It gets annoying and stressful when you’re working on one game for a week. Also, the whole point of this game is to get the coins in order to do the makeover on the person. I don’t understand why the game offers cash to makeover your own avatar. But I rather use the cash on the makeovers than my own avatar. The coins are only 300 coins a game which seems like a lot but it isn’t because JUST removing a piece of clothing or even glasses can cost 300 coins. The home makeover alone is super expensive. I spent 400 coins on a picture frame once alone. Idk why the game doesn’t give us more coins for each game or at least lower the coin cost of each item. It’s ridiculous. This game could be super popular if these things were fixed. I hope the creators see this and fix the game. Or else I will have to delete it. I need a game that’s fun and easy to play. Not stressful and annoying.
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2 years ago, AddieS.
Addicting game… with a sad gender divide.
So I have played this game more consistently than I have any other of its kind. Even if you lose a level many times, there is a guarantee that you will eventually win. I appreciate that friends can give you hearts and I love that you can collect furniture and clothing for your personal avatar as you progress. It’s a bit embarrassing to say I’m above a thousand levels at this point. Despite my obvious appreciation for this game, a large point of disappointment for me is the fact that clothing is divided by sex. You must choose either a male or female avatar. Traits are different between the two and clothing gained can only be used for one or the other. I hope the developers might someday add a mixed option. Even as a cisgender female, I would greatly appreciate the ability to wear some of the suits I’ve collected on my more feminine avatar. I also feel as though the strict divide between the two can be restrictive and a wee bit out of touch. While the strict male or female clothing system has felt somewhat restrictive, this is a great comfort game that I have spent a large amount of time on over the past few months. I appreciate all the content the dev team has provided and the great game they’ve made.
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6 months ago, NicPuck214
Fun game but want more style!
I love that the game portion challenges are fun and not timed! Pls don’t ever make them timed or it will create stress among a game that I’ve been playing for over a year because it’s just fun! The makeovers are so creative. There’s only a couple that I did not enjoy. But overall you get feel good vibes from this game even though the people aren’t real haha. Maybe you could add a donate feature so that different charities such as free haircuts for the homeless, or dress for success could benefit from users wanting to help? Also I think the prices aren’t bad for the different road challenges if you want to purchase the “scenic route”. But come on we need some colorful throw pillows!! I have like five versions of cream and gold. You might as well make a new real estate spot called the granny cottage to use those ;) I’d love to see hot pink, luscious green, black and white versions, bold florals, etc. And please more rug options for the beach house! Not a fan of any of the current ones. I mean there should be a sisal option. And because life, I’m not able to complete many of the times challenges. It’s nice that they reappear after awhile but I wish they either had more time, or were less involved. Overall great game though. Thank you for making it!
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2 years ago, SunLand7
Literally so 𝙩𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙙 of it.
This is such a frustratingly rewarding game, and not in a good way. I love the storyline and dressing up the customers, but the levels are so annoyingly hard. It's literally unbelievable. I'm on level 169 and I've been stuck on it for days. It's nearly impossible to pass a level without using the help tools. I'd use the help tools, but they are 𝙎𝙊 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙀𝙉𝙎𝙄𝙑𝙀. 700 gems for 3 scissors? Are you serious? It's already hard enough gaining gems (without buying the gem purse thing, and you get a handful of gems only 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 you complete a customer's makeover) and if you want to continue playing a level after you've used all your moves, you have to spend 300 gems, which only gives you 5 extra moves. I guess that's normal for puzzle games, but that doesn't mean the price for it is okay. I'm so frustrated right now. I just wish we could skip certain levels by watching ads or something. I've replayed this same level at least 20 times and nothing has happened or been given to me to help me pass the level. You literally have to play the level until you pass it, there's no way to skip it. And that is 𝙨𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙜. The only reason I'm still playing this game is because of the storyline (not the dramas) and the dressing up parts. But my frustration is ruling out my love for those parts and I'm so close to just deleting the app.
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3 years ago, theWalrus0
Same as all the others. Disappointing.
There are so many games out right that could be fun if they weren’t identical. I downloaded this game to play project makeover, not the stupid matching game that is a part of pretty much every game I’ve downloaded in the last couple years. I get it, you gotta earn coins somehow, but why can’t we earn them in an original way or by completing tasks, etc.? Also, the number of coins you get per level is absurd. First of all, You get 5 lives, which once you get past level 60 are almost impossible to keep. Second, most tasks cost 300 or more coins, and you have to pay to undress the person not just dress them, same with their work/living spaces. Each level you pass only gives you 300 coins. You have to play several levels just to be able to build a single window or to change one part of the person. So now that I’m a higher level, I have to spend 30 minutes playing the stupid matching game before I can even do anything. And if I fail to pass levels 5 times I now have to wait to even be able to get any coins. And these stupid matching game levels aren’t even the game I want to play. If I wanted to play that game I’d download Candy Crush or Bejeweled. As with all the other games of late I will be deleting this one soon because it’s not fun. It was cool for the first day and now it’s just disappointing.
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4 years ago, ezbz131
Fun at first
When I first got this game it was really fun! I got through 3 clients pretty easily. The makeovers were really cute and the puzzles were just enough of a challenge to be fun but they weren’t too easy. There were no ads, which was awesome! I liked the match three game I enjoyed it more than the other match three games that I’ve played and the wait time is pretty good. Then, after a while the levels got harder, a lot harder and I would spend DAYS trying to get past ONE level to win 300 coins that aren’t even enough to complete one task most of the time! Everything is SO expensive! And you can’t buy coins or watch an add or anything! You can buy boosters and gems only, and they’re WAY overpriced and half the time they don’t even help! I get that the creators need to make money, but this game is just a giant money pit and it’s really not worth it. It takes way to long to get anything done and it is SOOOO FRUSTRATING. The only real way to get gems or boosters is to buy them. You get gems after completing an episode, but you only get 300 and getting five extra lives costs 300 gems so you can only use it ONCEEEE. ITS SO SO STUPID. And it’s really a shame because I love doing the makeovers. I’ll Probably delete soon.
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3 years ago, Flower🌺🌷🌹
Hard to earn coins, and character treatment
So, I have a few issues with this game. The first one being how absurd prices of things are with how little you earn. You have to play levels to earn coins and normally only get about a few hundred. However, most of the tasks you have to complete cost 300 and over, so you’re constantly running out of money, without that many lives as you only get five. My other issue is the way the make overs themselves go. For instance, past the fourth or fifth makeover I think, you get to one character who has a sort of goth/vampire style, who would like help to change that. So at first it seems like nothings wrong with that. But then you get into the issues. One you take of all of her “ugly” and “messy” clothes, she is actually a very beautiful girl. Once you start to getting her makeover done, they add make up, dye her hair, and just change her over all, and she genuinely looks worse than she did before. They don’t even let her keep a similar style (as if it were a repealing style) which really made me upset. They changed her so much even though she just needed to be cleaned up. Even her whole room got changed to something that didn’t fit her. Currently thinking of deleting the game with how repetitive and kinda annoying it is but those were my main issues.
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2 years ago, CH_Kat
This game is ok
I actually downloaded it to find out if it was as bad as it looked in the adds. It’s way better for sure! It doesn’t have any adds in it which I was expecting, so that’s another good thing. The biggest reason I gave this four stars was that I think the matching games should be easier and/or take less time, and the makeover part more challenging and longer. That’s because the longer you spend just matching things instead of doing the makeovers the closer it gets to going from “Project Makeover” to “Just another candy crush knock off” and it’s already pretty close. Im stuck on level 20 and because of that I literally CANT PLAY THE GAME. Then I realized that you probably make a super low chance to beat the level because you want people to buy stuff from you! Well guess what? I have better stuff to do with my money and I assure none of it will ever go into your game. If I lose my lives on level 20 one more time I’m uninstalling this. P.S. please please please fix your adds In other games for your own good. If you showed actual gameplay or something similar in the adds the game would get more downloads. I downloaded it because I wanted to find out if it was actually possible for a game to be as bad as this game looked In the adds. But I doubt many others will do that.
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3 years ago, Jennigiggles
So far it’s great but things need work
Great match game; fun makeover concept but wowza this gets almost impossible at some levels with no power ups. The game preys on many stereotypes and also has a lack of inclusion in avatars (skin color, hairstyles, body shape) and yes I understand you can earn new avatar items but still have not seem a good amount of true inclusion and I’m on level 224. The amount of coins won NEVER CHANGES but the price of makeover/renovation tasks always INCREASES. With 5 lives and having to wait 20 mins for a life to regenerate it can take a crazy long time for certain tasks or levels. I also do not enjoy the purchase setup...gems are the only way you can purchase power ups and lives and those gems cost a ridiculous amount of REAL MONEY. Plus the cash you earn only works for your avatar but it would be nice if you could trade it in for lives/gems/or MORE COINS!!! Especially since the ONLY way to complete makeover/renovation tasks is but purchasing with COINS and you only win 300 COINS per level passed...the daily gift is nice but maybe a better delivery of it or variety of gifts? I have changed my avatar 3 times in this game and I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon do my CASH in the game is sitting there...could be used better to further the tasks/levels...also could maybe visiting friends or other players room earn you coins or gems?
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4 years ago, rebecca 🤠
great game but huge money trap..
In general, I really enjoy this game. The character design is appealing, the storyline is interesting, and it is fun to play! However, there are a few things that upset me about it. The biggest problem for me is the constant need to do puzzles. How the game works is that you need to play these puzzles in order to get coins to do makeovers with. That I completely understand. One thing that bugs me about this though is how expensive each makeover task is and how little you get from each puzzle. The highest makeover task I've gotten so far is 900 coins!! And you only get 300 coins from each puzzle. These puzzles can be very challenging, so I might sound crazy but it took me almost 3 days just to do that one expensive task. And the only other way to gain coins, of course, is to purchase them with real money. And not only are the tasks overpriced, but they make you do tasks for every little thing! Want to take off her hat? Pay $200. Want to brush her hair? Pay $450. It's insane!! Also, as if it couldnt get any hard to pay off tasks, you only have five lives, and half to wait a while after using them to play puzzles again. So yeah, I really love this game, but I would also love if it didnt take me around a week to complete each makeover. Please work on this :/
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2 years ago, alfie2021
Almost impossible w/o spending $…
I really enjoyed this game at first. The look of the game is amazing, I like the music, the concept is very interesting as well. It is a very well made game. However, I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and I get stuck on every level. It is nearly impossible to play without buying items to help you. I would pay money but you can only choose certain items before the level begins and then that item just appears randomly at the start of the level. I should get to choose where I put the item, and be able to choose an item in the middle of the level if I need to. Each level only gives you 20 or so moves, which is kinda ridiculous for all the stuff you have to do to pass the level. You get 5 lives max - however they refill relatively quick. Today I was playing quick before class and I unlocked unlimited lives for 1 hour - i was so disappointed because I didn’t have the time to play nonstop for an hour so it was pretty much wasted. I wish it would only count the hour for when I have the app open but no…Also the designing and dress up is really fun but require mountains of coins and you only get 3 options and sometimes all of the options are just plain ugly. If these specific problems got fixed I would be happy because it really is a fun game and has so much potential.
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4 years ago, Sweetypie(:
Fun But There are Issues
I agree with majority of people here in the review section. This game pretty much is designed to get you to buy gems/boosters. Some of the puzzle levels are freaking insane. I’m not even mad at how hard the levels are, but if you’re going to make a puzzle that hard, then at LEAST increase the amount of coins won at the end of the puzzle. There is no reason I should only be getting the same amount of coins (300) as a level 1 puzzle!!! The difference in difficulty is outrageous! Also, I agree the character styles should be upgraded. I believe you should have the same amount of choices with the makeovers that you do with your own avatar (but I’m less concerned about that because I know that part is a bit harder for the app developers). My real issue is how hard they try to get you to buy these boosters for the puzzles, and the boosters are sometimes 700 GEMS!!! Like where would you expect me to get 700 gems from? When I’m working crazy hard to get the measly 300 gems they give us after every makeover. Now granted sometimes you do get boosters/gems from the daily welcome bonus, but it still simply isn’t enough. Also, it’s super expensive to go through the actual makeover. Like 3-600 coins to take off their shoes? Really? I really hope they fix these issues soon. At least give us more coins after every makeover!
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3 years ago, Im a Barbiegirl
Not bad
I kept getting ads for this game over and over with the girl who looks like a hairy animal when her boyfriend comes to pick her up. This is nothing like the game and has nothing to do with the game itself. None of the characters really look like that. However it’s more about matching then it is about makeovers. The matching is how you earn points to do makeovers. But the frustrating part is sometimes his levels can go on and on anon without being passed. You only get five lives at a time and sometimes it takes 15 tries to get through a level so that means you have to wait till the lives regenerate before you can try again and then when you pass level is 300 coins. But it takes thousands of coins to do the makeover. You have to have coins to pay to remove their glasses and to wash their hair and every little thing. So you have to win so many levels just to complete one makeover. That’s fine but it just gets very annoying when no matter what you do you can’t pass these levels until you do them over and over again. I am pretty close to just deleting this game because it’s a waste of time and like I said all your time is spent matching not doing the makeovers.
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1 year ago, lu__
Fun at first, but not like the ads, gets very hard, and you spend a lot of money
This game is, honestly, fun when you first try it. You get to give makeovers to customers, you have your own avatar that is customizable, you can join a group called a clique, you can add friends. Sounds like a perfect game, right? Not quite. You actually have to pay a lot of in-game coins to complete steps of the makeover, and there are many off topic things that you have to pay for like meditation, yoga, etc. The only way you can complete a makeover is by spending hundreds, maybe thousands, of coins. And the only way you can get these coins is by completing levels like candy crush. I only downloaded this app because when I watched the ad, it was completely different and the game seemed really fun. I don’t like the levels they have, they are easy at first then get EXTREMELY hard. I came to a point where I couldn’t even complete makeovers anymore because the coins are so difficult to get, and the levels become very hard. I could never complete a level in first try- it took me over 5 tries to get ONE level done, and it seemed like I couldn’t even play the game because of that. I did like the game at first, some parts of it are very fun, but it gets exhausting and boring after a week or two.
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1 year ago, rm0000
So much potential, but so many problems
Although I think the concept of this game is great there are certainly some issues. One, parents beware because most of the ads for other games on here are ads for games that objectify women in some way. Two, as it pertains to the game - the game rates each level based on difficulty, although most levels are very hard. You need to win at least two levels on average to have enough coins for only one makeover change. The makeover changes take so many steps so you have to take off glasses, take off shoes, pull a weed, remove one item at a time from a room AND each thing requires a lot of coins. It’s quite painful. It would be great if they didn’t make every level so hard and they gave you more coins per level so you can actually enjoy the makeover part of the game. Also, stop dragging out the makeover with such small incremental steps, especially the initial steps of removing the bad items and cleaning up. Finally the dollars you get for your own Avatar - that’s comical. You may get $30 in one level and a new dress will cost $1000. That means you need over 30 levels to get a nice dress or something for your room. Please game developers just make the game more approachable! And please stop the ads for games that have horrible messages for young women - your game is rated for young people.
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4 years ago, jiggy izzy
To Much puzzles and to expensive also waste of time
The reason I rate this a three is because literally if your going to download this don’t be cause you have to puzzles to earn coins and you can only get 300 for each puzzle it’s insane. Also to do task like brush the girls hair it’s like 450 tokens for it like . Urrrr 😡 I used to love this app but I hate it now I hate how you have to do freaking puzzles that are extremely frustrating and annoying that for a reward give you 300 coins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if y’all want this game make sure you save up yo coins. And be ready for hours of doing a stupid puzzle to earn only 300 coins for spending 3 hours of your Time doing this stupid puzzle. The best part about this app is that when your done saving up coins and buying stuff is to see your characters house of beatification you dressed them up but I’m warning you there’s levels that say like 450 to do hair 500 to 600😷🤧🤧😲😵😮😑😐🤔this is a waste of time don’t download also it gets old once in a while so. And this ain’t a puzzle app it’s project MAKEOVER not PROJECT PUZZLE stupids whoever made this game urrrr worst game everrrr about makeover James Charles could make a game better than this plzzz fix your app plz there must be another to earn money for example find a job in the city like in starbucks or something but sorry I am deleting this app horrible game
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3 years ago, Dissatisfied customer # 10
Ok so this game is so good the art quality the designs the characters the story but the main problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t tell you about the game play like most games they make it look like it’s a different game than when you really play it and that’s just horrible marketing if I want to play a swatch game I’ll play one but that’s whare I come in with my second thought why does the game force us to go threw the level we can’t exit it no we have to follow allong with the tutorial wich dosent have much to do but have something that people can exit out of the tutorial because not everyone is lost on the game play also another complaint is that the characters are just sad the people we help look better already lookd good and for example the first girl she had nothing wrong with her at all she had sutch pretty curly hair and we cut all that off an straightened it and or cut almost all of it off that was so sad and also she had glasses at the start of it. And the game made her take them off that was horrible and they recommended contacts not to mention that contacts can damage your eyes and glasses are cute/attractive and it’s not cool for them to basically say that they Arnt also the designers aren’t the best when it comes to eyebrows eyebrows can be shaped in different ways but this game doesn’t allow me to help the person shape there eyebrows like it’s bad ok
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4 years ago, RamonaTheRussianBlue
A somewhat lengthy rant...
I wanted to enjoy this game, I really did, but from the moment the stylists told me that the first girl’s glasses needed to be removed, I was immediately thrown off. It made me angry, as a young woman who wears glasses. I mean, how will this poor girl see without glasses? Instead of removing them, just give different options for glasses (just not sunglasses, please!). And reducing her long beautiful brown hair to shoulder length? Why? Instead of removing all that hair, she could have put her hair up in a bun, ponytail, or some other updo. Another thing. Why the makeup? She looked pretty without it. This is not sending a good message to young girls out there that already feel insecure about themselves. This game is basically saying you need to wear makeup and not have glasses to look pretty. I love these makeover kind of games but not ones like these that basically dehumanize women in a way. Parents, please do not let your children play this game. It will possibly make your daughter(s) and/or son(s) feel bad about themselves and make them feel as if they need to look like the people in the game. Another thing is, that the levels get way too difficult way too quickly. Barely past level 25 and already stuck. Needless to say, I’m deleting this game. I really wanted to like it but it just isn’t for me. Sorry for the lengthy review and the rant.
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2 years ago, K. Ferrari
Great Game - More Interactive Options Would Be Better!
Really enjoying the game, however, I think you should continue to expand interactive options (allowing teams and giving team rewards was an amazing start!). I’m sure there are certain things you can’t do due to privacy concerns, but I think there are a few small things that would make the game very addicting. For the amount of time we spend (and for some of us - the amount of money we spend), I think you should give the option for friends to view each of the locations we own when visiting us. There needs to be an incentive to spending the cash we earn on new locations/decor and wanting to take the time to decorate each location. Players want to showcase the way we design each location as well as simply showcasing the amount of locations we have achieved. Another suggestion would be letting us be more interactive when visiting pages. Perhaps you don’t want friends to leave custom messages due to privacy concerns but we should at least be able to see which of our friends have left the emojis on our page. Giving players the option to interact further will open up an additional dimension to the game and make the time, effort, and money we put into the game seem “worth it”.
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2 years ago, KIsFrustrated
Don’t download this app
I downloaded this app months ago - it was fun to play at first, but once you start spending money on it, it starts to add up really quickly. Over the course of several months, I probably spent hundreds of dollars on this app. I had an issue this past week where I made a purchase for $10 and did not receive what I paid for. So I contacted customer service (this was the first time I had this issue). When I contacted customer service about the app charging me the $10 but not receiving the gems I purchased, it took them more than 24 hours to respond & every response was unhelpful! I sent them the receipts of the purchase that I was charged for (but did not recieve goods for!) and their response was still unhelpful, they basically said “it should be all set we don’t see anything wrong on our end”. There was no refund, no fixing it, nothing. Just a bunch of excuses. You’d think after months playing the game, and hundreds of dollars spent on it, that my first time complaining about an issue I had (and proving it) that customer service would have fixed this for me, but they didn’t and, they won’t help you either. They’ll just take your money. I deleted the app today and it’s was solely due to the stolen $10 and horrendous customer service. It’s probably a good thing too because now I won’t waste my money on it anymore. Fraudulent customer service
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3 years ago, gg은헤
Very fun but way too difficult
Puzzles are fun but get to be impossible. Sometimes I’ll spend days doing the same puzzle over and over again until I get passed it. Everything is too expensive with the puzzles being too hard to get through to earn coins or items. I’ve spent a bit of money for gems too but it’s not worth it bc the amount it gives you for what you pay you spend almost immediately. Won’t be buying any gems again. I don’t mind paying for a game if I really enjoy it, but there’s no option to pay for unlimited lives or like a sub which gives you an allowance of gems & coins monthly or something. I skip through all the drama tbh. The story could use some work but the major priority should honestly be the difficulty of the game and the system for which you earn gems/coins. I don’t want to stop playing this game, & I could see myself spending more money on it if it was designed in a way where it would actually be worth my while. I love this game but want to rage quit bc of how frustrating it is when the puzzles are impossible & I’ve been working on a makeover for over a week & the client is still stuck in a towel since I can’t pass the puzzle to buy them some clothes. Please fix this!!! I’d love to play this game more.
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3 years ago, Tap bistro
It’s fun but like
Here is the thing. After a certain point it gets really hard and annoying. Obviously they want to make money, and hey I’m fine with that. Here is the issue: I’m not willing to pour hundreds of dollars in a game I play in my pass time. Why not include some type of premium membership that gives people like me, who mainly enjoys the fashion aspect but use the puzzles as a fun side hustle, a way to literally just keep playing the game without getting stuck on the hard levels. I don’t know exactly what that would include but something tells me a top selling app company can sit down in a room and figure it out. You might even find it to be way more profitable than scamming the suckers who want to keep paying money to play the game. I mean seriously how many people enjoy the game enough to get passed the first couple people? Okay, now how many of those people actually spend a decent amount of money, 10-30%? Now make a premium membership for people to be able to keep playing and I guarantee most (40-60%) players who play this will end up doing it. That’s not only a steady income to keep adding more makeovers so people keep their membership but you might just double your profits. Then again who knows maybe this business model works out good enough for you. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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3 years ago, Zee Marie
HUGE Waste of time
I’m usually not the type to leave a review but I am so very disappointed with this game. Like most people have mentioned in the reviews, it was very fun at first. Challenging a bit when you get to the second person (which is expected since you’re moving up in levels which I didn’t mind) but once you get to the third character it’s BLATANTLY obvious that they are just trying to get you to spend money. I am a person who loves games that give me a challenge but it’s a big difference when things get unrealistic and impossible. All of the advertisements I seen for this game and THIS is what it had to offer? I could’ve continued to play Candy Crush. This game is called Project Makeover and yet you spend 90% of your time doing puzzles and getting only 300 coins for every one. Even when you get a “Mystery Box” gift from completing a round, you end up having to still pay for it with the game cash 🤬You can’t even watch a video to earn coins. I could really go on and on. The point is, unless you have money to just freely spend on this game, play up until about the 2nd makeover and DELETE the app. There are so many more games out here that you can enjoy without being pressured every second to spend your money. That’s not a game, it’s a gimmick. I had high expectations for Project Makeover but I can see this app flopping in about a couple months if they don’t fix this mess.
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2 years ago, bfhsvchchdvxj
Love it but there are some opposites.
I love this game and I got it not to long ago and I love it but I only give it three stars and here is what I think need to change! 1. Let’s say my friend has project makeover to and I wanted to friend her I couldn’t or I would take a long time because you can only random visit so it might be a better idea if you also added something to where you could type a name. 2. I don’t understand why it takes so many coins to help people like just to mediate it take 200 coins and it’s a huge waste I could’ve used those coins to give that person some clothes if they weren’t for so much so I would be better if it was for less coins. 3. Most important for me atleast I have been stuck on the same level for a while and I keep getting very mad when I only have like 2 move left but there are only things I can do where I’m not trying to get and I don’t have any things to help me so I think I would be better to get more moves for all levels or give us atleast 3 free perfume bottles to help with the levels or maybe make the time less to get more lives. Thank you for reading hopefully this will help God bless you!😇
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3 years ago, Cam&_106
Needs fixing 😩😩😩
Ok I do have to admit the game was fun at first, but it DEFINITELY needs some adjustments. I got this game because I saw the ad and it looked fun, but the ad is NOTHING like the actual gameplay. In the ad it shows a girl who wants to impress her neighbor who she thinks is cute, and she wants to have a makeover. In the actual gameplay you still have to give the customers makeovers but you spend more time renovating their living spaces then actually giving them makeovers. Now this is what was REALLY annoyed me 😒. In the game you have to use coins you earn to give the customer the makeover. So say if you have 100 coins but in order to get them let’s say a hair cut you need 200 coins. Then you would have to play a level. Now at first it was easy like you would have to make match’s of 3 blocks in order to pop them until you had as many blocks as you needed. But as you keep doing levels it gets IMPOSSIBLE to do them 😩. After doing the first two customers that’s it your DONE. What gets on my last NERVE is when I am doing a level and I liget just need ONE more move to win but I don’t have any more moves. It get SUPER annoying 😡. Thank you for taking your time to read this please please please make some adjustments to this game when I see changes I will update my review I don’t want to give up on this game yet! Thank you 😊.
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3 years ago, AndreaRivera11
good, but needs changes <\3
I downloaded this gafe after getting so many ads for it while playing other things, I love it! It really is great. The story is well thought out, you get to engage with the game & the animation and character design is amazing, I was so surprised when I saw how good it actually is. My issue isn’t the gameplay, it’s mostly how you can tell that this game is, in someway, a cash grab. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the difficulty of the levels, and I 100% agree, I’m stuck at level 24 and cannot pass it, I love a good challenge, but not if it involves me having to pay real money to enjoy a game and to pass one single level, as well as having to use all of my boosters, which are not very easy to get by the way. Another one of my complaints is how you *need* to pay coins for some really stupid things, like removing hats\glasses, while also being extremely expensive to just clean someone’s face or change a singular item of clothing, if collecting coins was easier then it wouldn’t be an issue, not only that, but the amount of coins given and won by level is very low. So, it’s hard to beat levels *and* to collect coins, a little unfair :/. I really do love this game, but there's definitely room for improvement, I hope the developers take this into consideration <3.
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1 year ago, TheLemonBaby
Read this for an honest review
This game is honestly amazing, but the only problem is that its nothing like the ad. I saw ads of it and it made me want to download it, after downloading I realized that it wasn’t how I thought it would be. Of course the game is still fun, but it was a little disappointing seeing how it was nothing like the ads. You can definitely tell the developers worked very hard on the game, the graphics are smooth and you basically are doing a “project makeover” but its also pretty disappointing how this is just a game that is basically like candy crush just covering it up with a project makeover. You basically start off with 150 coins and have to buy stuff for the makeover (ex: change the hair, 100 coins) and since you start off with 150 coins you have to play a mini game to get more coins. Whats really fun about this game is that theres NO ads, usually the games i download always have an ad for the littlest things like if I wanted a new makeup pallet, ad. One thing I think they could change about the game is the ads, the ads make it seem like “oh her boyfriend is dumping her because shes covered in mud, lets give her a makeover or call her stupid.”. The ads made it look like you had the choice between helping someone or not.
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10 months ago, Tamaskee
All focused on in-app purchases
This is my second review. I figured I’d give it more time to see if the game improved. Nope. Still chasing your dollars. Levels are impossible to get through during long stretches, their challenges provide meager rewards, if you want better rewards they want you to open up your wallet. LOL No different from the other bejeweled style puzzle games in this regard. Gave 3 stars for the cool graphics work and funny makeover episodes. Timed challenges are ridiculous in how they attempt to make you play incessantly or, you guessed it, pay up. No, thanks. Why can’t anyone put a game out with an upfront purchase price then simply let you play afterwards with realistic odds? I guess that’s not what this is about. Instead of games being designed for fun they are designed to attempt to collect money. Sadly, I am guessing that enough suckers pony up to keep the paradigm going. Could have been a great game, instead it’s like playing slots. Sometimes the program lets you advance, most of the time it doesn’t and requires one to “spin”, i.e. play a level, dozens and dozens of times before letting you advance. Quite the shame. Wasted opportunity for what could have been a very nice diversion by way of a game that’s fun to play.
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2 years ago, Bunny owner 54423
Not as advertised (is that really a surprise?)
Edit: I came back to say I keep on getting your stupid game’s disgusting false advertisements and I’m just so sick of seeing it. DO BETTER. If anyone’s seen the ads for this game, don’t be fooled. All the over-the-top 😄*win!*😄 and 😩*fail!*😩matching stuff you see in those are garbage and false advertising. The game is just another Candy Crush Saga knock-off that is always unfair because these games are programmed by chance on whether you win. Of course, that’s just another reason they try and take your money by offering in-app purchases for power ups. It is a story mode you have to keep playing for that keeps ramping up how many stages you have to win in order to continue. The story? There’s no disgusting and stinky woman you have to clean up. There’s nobody you have to impress at the end of each story arc. It’s just normal and insecure people that you, as a player, do a makeover for with your preying production company who tries to make these people feel bad about themselves in the story. The three choices they give for each section (makeup, outfit, hairstyle, etc.) don’t matter, there’s no win or fail. Why aren’t you advertising the villain in the story trying to mess you up along the way, Project Makeover team? Wouldn’t that be more interesting and more faithful to selling the game you made? I’m disappointed in you. Do better.
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3 years ago, Fempto
Fun at first but then it becomes just a money grab…
The Game started out fun and progress was fast enough to keep you interested. It did not take long for the pace to become too slow and the game to become less about the makeovers and mostly about the candy crush knock off games. It takes forever to beat some of the levels unless you are willing to spend money. There is no real mechanism to request help or lives when you run out. Don’t waste your time unless you really just want another candy crush game. Didn’t even last a week before I deleted it. Update: Decided to give the game a second chance. Went okay for a few days but I have been stuck on the same level for several days now and I refuse to spend money to get off the level. Deleting the game for good now. To the developers who I don’t believe actually read these reviews: this game would be so much better if you funneled those worthless dollars into the diamonds/gems needed to get off difficult levels. The game doesn’t work unless there is a way to get past difficult levels without paying money. Because of this design you are no doubt losing many players who would continue your game and promote it to others. Instead you are creating disgruntled players who are going to trash your game to many would be customers.
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