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User Reviews for Project Plan 365

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5 years ago, DK totum
Decent Product
Other than a few printing problems, getting the format i want, this is a VERY good replacement for MS Project. Very good customer service. Good pricing. Been using for a year or so.
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5 years ago, RobAnybody
Good project application
The app is a good, solid MS Project Replacement for Mac. If that is what you are looking for, this does it very well. I've used Microsoft Project for 10 years off and on. Second, there is a one month free trial that is handled through the Mac App store. I have tested it and canceled prior to the end of the trial so I was not charged any money. Cancelling the subscription was handled through a menu that linked me to Apple's website and I was able to cancel the subscription easily. I'm cancelling because I'm not positive I need the software for a full year. If i do need it, this is a fair cost compared to Microsoft's insane Project pricing.
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9 months ago, Abercrombie_1892
Easy to understand and the AI assistant is so cool
This is a veery decent product for basic PM, don't know how good it is for professional and heavy users but for me it gets the job done. Very intuitive and easy to navigate. The interface is simple and customizable. The major issue I find and that is why I will no longer use the product is its price!! I will only use it for the trial period and then find a cheaper/free alternative because I cannot pay $129 a month for light use. I have a MS Project license but since I am workling on a Mac now, I cannot use it
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5 years ago, Jigs Gaton
Best way to do project management on Apple devices...
If you want to use your Apple devices (iMac, iPhone , iPad, etc.) to perform professional PM tasks - like building plans, updating plans, etc. then this is the app for you. Added bonus: if you are already a Microsoft Project user on a PC, then you can open your existing files in this app natively, no conversions needed. You can also create project plans on your Apple device, and then open them using MS Project or Project Plan 365 for Windows. Totally flexible.
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4 years ago, LuigInDC89
Does what I need it to do and well
I use perhaps 20% of what this package offers and it's worth the price. Easily constructs and manages Gantt's needed to keep track of tasks. Woudl like some more options for better prinitng of Gantt's and timelines yet that's a problem with all big project sheets. Great support too when you get stuck on something that you're having a hard time figuring out.
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5 years ago, mvefimov
OK product, but way too expensive.
PP365 is very close to MS project in term of look and feel. Said that, there are some functionality issues (e.g. PP365 can't correctly open neststed (sub) projects.) The biggest deal "killer" though, is cost of the subscription. The $130/year is way to much, especially when project managment software is typically on 3 -5 years referresh cycle and one can pay ~$400 for MS Project Pro or OminiPlan Pro for perpetual license...
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3 years ago, BEBauer
Solid Replacement for MS Project on Mac
I have been using Project Plan 365 for several years and it is a solid, full featured replacement for MS Project on the Mac. i use the business edition and the plan sharing, subplan, and features for risk and Kanban support are excellent. It only supports MPP format but for the most part, this hasn't proven to be a limitation for plan sharing in my experience. The only issue I had was jow large text and word wrapping was handled and Housatonic support addressed my issues quickly. If you are a project planner or manager and use a Mac, this is the tool to get.
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5 years ago, AndreaEvents
Better than Microsoft Project
For the price and ease of use, this app is better than Microsoft Project. So happy to have found an alternative that won’t hurt the bank, is simple to use, and keeps all my projects on track.
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2 years ago, 45ue
bad UI
It takes 30 minutes to import an Excel because of how unruly the UI is matching field names to your column headers. You just keep click click clicking this box until finally - for no apparent reason - it suddenly recognizes that you want to do something. Had to abandon the app because of it. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Burbleg
Cannot track actuals
The only way to update the schedule with actual dates is to set each task (individually!) to manual scheduling. I want to enter an actual completion date when it differs from the original plan. Then, have the downstream tasks move accordingly.
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3 years ago, Chargednosub
Charged after cancelling
I cancelled my free subscription in the app and took a screen shot of the cancellation. I was charged a few days later and thought maybe i didnt cancel the right thing. I went into the app and it said I had no active subscription. So I was charged for something I cancelled and in app told me I didnt have. Would not recommend.
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5 years ago, Renovation Insider
Proceed With Caution!
I hesitate to suggest the developer is being deliberately disengeuous. Be careful. You might end up with two subscriptions: one to Project Plan 365 and one to Complete Editor. I know I did. And I believe it's because of misleading information provided by the developer. Aside from that, the product itself is usable and useful. However, I don't find it to be worth the subscription price.
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4 months ago, gamer1111568976
Forces you to signup. Won't even let you quit the program
I installed it for a trial and if you don't signup, it will be read-only mode. But it starts giving popup every few minutes asking you to signup. The program won't even let you quit, forces the popup to signup again and again.
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3 years ago, Jayaben
So far, so good
Decent replacement for MS Project.
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10 months ago, SachaUllyMCE
Purchased but Keep saying TRIALPeriod is OVER!. Scam???!
The price is not an issue, I have purchased them.. but when I want to use them in my MacBookPro… the notification of “YOUR FREE TRIAL IS OVER” keeps annoying.. is this a scam????
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6 years ago, MaxPower720
Its not Worth $80 a year.
This should be a stand-alone program. This company is clearly trying to work you out of a dollar.
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5 years ago, Nicebearnyc
Good program but terrible printed results
This program is very good to use but its final output printed or pdf gantt chart is poor.
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7 years ago, JosephArthur
It is BAIT-WARE. It shows a number of user interfaces and supposdedly shows you a variety of functions.. — which are LOCKED in DEMO/TRIAL MODE??? - OH Heck NO. Absolutely do not waste your time. I have been using Microsoft Project since the 1990s and this is not a good example of a. workable demo or even trial. NO THIS IS NOT A WORKING DEMO OR TRIAL.
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8 years ago, swissthun
Very Limited
I most likely would have purchased the full addition if the free version were more rounded out with a few teaser option. As it is: Not Worth Downloading.
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8 years ago, Just little ole me
The free version doesn’t allow you to do anything. Don’t even bother downloading
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7 years ago, Simmsybee
what a lie!
how the hell are you supposed to try the app when everything is locked?! Useless!
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8 years ago, j3ssica899
Not Free; doesn’t let you do anything at all!! Just a cheap trick to make you download a “free” app & force you to purchase for $70!!!
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7 years ago, ErKarim
Doesn’t work without payment!
Don’t get it!
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7 years ago, HKAdani
They are liars
They say one month free for all functionalities. It’s a lie.
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7 years ago, Eric2fug
Zero Stars-Total Fraud
This is complete crap, downloaded and everything is locked unless you subscribe. So I subscribed, paid $79.99 just to have it not acknowledge my purchase, continue to be locked.
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