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User Reviews for ProPay Payments

3.02 out of 5
46 Ratings
2 years ago, Elliegh2693
Works great but…
Ok I really like this app for my job, but the only problem I’m having with it is that if won’t let me run a card manually. It automatically goes to choosing a card reader. But when I try to go back to click the manual option, it won’t let me even click it before it automatically switches to the card reader options. Makes it really difficult to have in person payments that aren’t cash. And not a lot of people carry cash these days. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so selling my inventory in person is going to be very difficult until this is fixed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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12 years ago, Kleww
Better than not having swipe capability
But sometimes, you don't. On more than on occasion since I began using this app at the start of the season (more than several months now) I've gone through the process of swiping a card, having the customer sign, etc., only for an error message to come up saying "bad swipe" or something to that effect. I can either then key the card in (higher fees) or back out and clear everything, ask the customer for their card back and then swipe again in hopes that it works. Granted this has been only a handful out of a couple hundred swipes, but still, frustrating when you have a line. Next, is when you don't have proper reception. The bars on your iPad/iPhone, etc seem adequate enough, but you get all the way to the end of the trans. And you find out you can't process the card, you have not the reception you need. Ok, so I'll do it in stored mode. Well, prepare to ask your customer for their card back, because in order to do that you have to back all the way out to the main screen. On several times it has also flat out crashed on me, and more than twice I've actually had to restart my iPad to get this app to work. It's not terrible, and if you have used propay for years like I have, it's a welcome addition and alternative to phone processing. When it works, it's fantastic! But I've added another processor to my arsenal, a swipe capable one, and we'll see who comes out on top next show....
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1 year ago, Vick9180
Terrible functionality on the app
I hate using this app for my business, but it’s what’s offered to maintain a website through my company. The app is never updated and offers such limited functionality. I can’t access any reports or renew my account through the app. It seems like with charging an annual fee as well as transactional fees that this company could at least make this app more user friendly and functional for people who are on the go and running a small business. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a mandatory service for me to run my website through, I’d have deleted this a long time ago.
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1 year ago, yenugu23
So many little bugs
For sometime I haven’t been able to create an email invoice through the app. It has an error saying it needs to be greater then $1. I have a larger number in for the amount of the invoice. Therefore I cannot create link for customer to pay on my app. This is much more important when I am not doing in person transactions and really frustrating. It would be great if there was an option for a text invoice like we have on website. But please fix this issue! I use it often.
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6 years ago, Sammiixx3
Love this BUT...
I love this app, it’s so easy to use and get on the go payments from my customers. However, I have an iPhone and I called corporate and they said they are having issues with this app working on iPhones right now, I can’t even log back in. I really hope this is cleared up soon as I may miss a sale because of it in the future..
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4 years ago, Mom&MK
Stuck in Card Reader selection
This has happened a few times now on my iPhone. I log in, put in an amount, and it goes to the “card reader” page where I am supposed to select a reader type. I put mine in manually. If I try to get out of the page, it doesn’t let me. If I select a reader type it still doesn’t let me go back to the page. I tried unloading and reloading the app. No luck. When it works, it’s okay.
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5 years ago, Myerk
App does not work at all on iOS
I have an iPhone 7 and I can’t successfully run any transactions on my phone. I have called support and they basically said yeah they’ve been having problems with apple products since the iOS update but it has been AWHILE since the last iOS update so this should be solved. I find it very frustrating to pay for a service I can’t use. Even running transactions via the website have been 50/50 success.
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2 years ago, Atorres2007
Please bring back text invoice feature
I really like this app but with the recent update I can no longer text an invoice to my customers. Please bring this feature back.
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4 years ago, AlyssaRhae
Glitches & Poor Customer Service
This app is WELL overdue for an update. I get locked out using Face ID, customers get double charged, transactions display multiple times in the history, and the “convenient” auto-sales tax option is stuck on the defaulted amount and will not update to my accurate city tax. PLEASE fix the app. It’s obvious from other reviews that there are problems. Why is it so hard to fix??
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7 months ago, KG0825
When is the last time this app took an update?! Can’t successfully change the tax rate; can’t type or edit. Can’t enter a manual payment. Automatically defaults. This app needs work. Not even worth the $5 setup fee.
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7 months ago, Alice68Lopez
Manual Run Cards
It will not let me run cards manually. I have an IPhone and my friend has a Note and it lets her runs cards manually but not on my IPhone 14 plus. Very frustrating. Fix the bugs please.
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4 years ago, annies mad at propay
Sub par assistance.
It used to be you could callFor assistance but you get a message that says they are updating systems. How many days does it take to update systems? So I emailed three days ago with no reply. Now I am on a chat which doesn’t help at all.
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2 years ago, 35Sucks
Doesn’t work
Cannot sign in if you have an iPhone. Looking for other options unfortunately
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3 years ago, Happy user787
Great on the go card processing
Great, easy way to process cards on the go!
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5 years ago, AliSchettler
Can’t type numbers
Doesn’t let you type in card numbers. Screen goes straight to default device.
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5 years ago, mtldywlf
Unable to Login
I have been unable to Loudon for some time. I have no idea who to contact as I can't even find a number to call
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6 years ago, Aquí estoy!
I have no choice!
I have to use ProPay in order to have my web page. I live in PR and debit-credit from “coop” cards always DECLINED!!! It is so frustrating.
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6 years ago, jnskreview
Not working on iPhone!
Just installed this app for my small business and the app will not work on my iPhone!
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3 years ago, yhuijk
Not IPhone capable
Why don’t you make the card reader iPhone capable
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4 years ago, papafiend
I ordered the jak thinking it was going to work with my IPhone XS Max but it’s not compatible. Ughh update please !!!
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13 years ago, jdhaasdmb
Almost there...
Having the capability to run cards on the iPhone/iPad is finally here with our Propay acct.!!!! Having said that, we have a few issues. 1) move the agree button on the customer signature page to above the signature block. Customers keep hitting agree mistakenly with their wrist half way through their signatures. Our work-around is to lock the screen orientation and have customers sign upside down. Annoying!!! 2) Give us a way to delete stored transaction data after we eventually run them. Only way I've found to do this is delete the app and reinstall it. We don't like having someone else's CC info stored on our devices. 3) Give us an iPad version!!! The iPhone app works but it would sure be nice to have a dedicated iPad version of the app. Other than those comments, the app still works and is very useful for us. We did also notice that it doesn't run well AT ALL on my dad's iPhone 3G even though they claim it works fine. Shuts down a lot and is buggy. On the iPad 2 3G and iPhone 4, however, the app runs great.
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12 years ago, Dorenie
Very disappointed
I'm asking for my sign up fee back. When I signed up in July --on the phone with a rep because I couldn't get it to work on the iPad and was told sometimes there's a problem with iPads--I wasn't told they were out of sliders. They told me I could manually key in sales (which means you pay more for each transaction). The sliders are still out of stock. I borrowed one from my sister who mailed it to me from Texas (I live in Michigan). Worked good 2 weeks ago when I used it at a craft show. Was planning on using it again yesterday at a show but couldn't get the app to even open up on my phone. It would start to open then jump right back to the icon page. Tried to call support but they aren't open on the weekend. I was VERY frustrated. Checked around to see what other vendors were using. Went home and signed up for The Square. No sign up fee and the slider is free. At least the app worked and I can key in sales until the slider arrives (in 7 to 10 days). Was very disappointed as my sisters have had very good luck with Propay and I was expecting the same. Also, I just typed in this same review on my iPhone and the 'submit' button wouldn't work!! Had to re-type it on the iPad. Lets see if I can submit it from here...
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9 years ago, Señor Hill
I love "The ProPay"
I am overly thrilled with this ProPay application! I am 76 years old and thought that, due to my age, I would have difficulties using The ProPay. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out the exact opposite! It is so simple and easy to use! A true "user-friendly application! The other day I ran into a little bit of a bump in the road on my ProPay. I was trying to login to my app and I was receiving the "300 Authentication error," for a moment I was extremely baffled about what this could mean, but then I promptly called into their customer service at The ProPay and this kind and intelligent gentleman named, "Cade," informed me that this error message means "invalid login info." He then efficiently guided me through the process of getting everything set up and figured out on my ProPay! I am so grateful that ProPay made everything so simple and hassle-free! I am sure that any problems with this app are due to user error! I love this app! Keep up the good work ProPay!
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6 years ago, Hawken12
Double Billing and Refunds.
I entered in information for a client and accidentally hit the power button on my iPhone when passing it to my client to sign, which cause the transaction to close out. I received and email stating that the transaction went through, but there was no pending funds on the application. I waited two days and there were still not funds and my client said that they also didn’t see the transaction. I ran her card again and the next day there were TWO transactions. Now I have to refund her one of the transactions. HOWEVER, my fiends with this same app have a refund button (they do not have iPhones) my app, doesn’t have a refund button anywhere to be found once you go into the transaction. I have screen shots from two people that show a refund button and my screenshots of the same screen show nothing. I am now attempting to get funds back to my clients since this app won’t allow me to do it.
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7 years ago, beauty4udfw
Not able to slide
I was excited about the ability to accept debit or credit card payments however when I attempt to slide a card, I get error messages about microphone access being needed. Once I allowed microphone access, it said that my volume was too low- both should have nothing to do with being able to accept a payment. I'm now deleting and reinstalling with hopes that I am able to slide a card versus manually entering information. The difference should be refunded to customers since we had no other choice but to manually enter data.
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12 years ago, LoveMyHeels
A must have for this small business owner!
I have been using this app for about 4 months and I must say I love it! I have a premium account so the money is transferred to my card within 24 hours of the transaction. I love that they now have a app similar to Square's Card Case that allows you to purchase via the phone without swiping the card. Now for a dedicated iPad app that will allow me to enter the products I have for sale. But all in all, I prefer this to the the competitors app because of the much longer wait time for my $ to be available.
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11 years ago, BettyJ2011
Pin entry not working
I was looking forward to use this app during my craft shows, unfortunately the pin entry does not work anymore! When I first tried the app with the jack it was working fine, however I can't even get into the program so if this would work on my iPad I would give it 5 stars!
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9 years ago, Saxybuni
Is it the version or just me?
When I went to the app yesterday it logged me out, so I couldn't just use my pin. It had been so long since I logged in with my password that I asked for a new one. I must have gone through the process of getting a new password 4 times before giving up because I kept getting the 300 authentication error. This morning I tried it again and got the same thing! I really need to charge a card, so I'm trying to figure out if it's something I'm doing wrong or something with this update! Pro Pay usually works just fine on my iPhone but right now it's just frustrating :(
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12 years ago, srfarr
Doesn't help me
I didn't like my previous card reader (never knew for sure you "captured date" then still had to process from computer - so wasted money on that. Don't want or need new Jak for same reason. * I just want quick access to my account to process a card quickly when I can't get to a computer w/o having to go online on my phone and work from a whole website in miniature. And ProPay Link? Is that a joke or just an incomplete product? Supposed to work in lieu of having to carry your debit card. Only vender beside ProPay and the Creator Company is Mary Kay Corporate. I'm BeautiControl only! Useless app!
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7 years ago, Jsee12
Love this app, but...
This app is great and has helped me run my personal business. Unfortunately lately when I go to use the app it shuts me out as soon I type in the amount. Once I hit next my screen turns black and goes back to the home screen. This has made it a little maddening, especially beings this happens as I am trying to conduct a business transaction. I hope there is a way to fix this problem, beings I love using this program
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8 years ago, Thesunnydee7
App was working great until recently...
I have been using this service for years through my business. It has been very efficient until recently. Every time I try and go into my transaction history, the app crashes. This happens on my iPhone and iPad. If it is not fixed, I will ask that my company, which is Mary Kay, takes our business elsewhere!! Fix the problem and you'll get a better review. Don't fix it and you will lose a lot of business. I will not recommend propay until all of the problems are resolved.
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10 years ago, JimGreg
This was a good App
I have used Propay for a couple years now and it has worked fine up until the most recent update. Unfortunately we discovered this issue over the weekend just when we really needed it to work. The error message "Bad Swipe" appears and there's nothing you can do other than manually enter card info which is a very slow process. I tried every suggestion found on the internet for this problem but nothing fixed it. I am very disappointed in the SW developers releasing an update that doesn't work properly, thank goodness it's not a safety critical app.
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12 years ago, Bohrer Art
Unreliable - cost me $300
I could not recover and process transactions I had saved in "suspended mode", which cost me $300. I'm using the up-to-date version as of this writing, jan 2012. I'm an experienced merchant and I don't think that this was user error. I wouldn't rely on this app, even pen and paper would be better. I'm also experiencing the start screen crashes mentioned in other reviews, which really throws a wrench in my point-of-sale. Imagine keeping your customer waiting at the table while you hastily reboot your phone and make awkward small talk. I'm ditching this app in a hurry.
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10 years ago, Jennkoe
New Version bugs
The card reader doesn't work with the new version- but you can manually add card numbers. After you add the number you have to push the screen up to tap the "next" button. If you don't do this it appears that you can't do anything because the button is covered. The new version asks for a signature- even with a stored card (and an email even if it's stored). I wonder if we pay a higher %without a signature every time? Needs work fast. I love Propay so will stick it out till they get it right.
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9 years ago, Lam Fam
Cocoa error - fixed (updated)
Just started having this error since the update. App was working great before. Been a loyal user for 3 years. Please fix the bug ASAP. It's costing us money. ***Update*** Just upgraded IOS and my app is working again. :-) Spoke to tech support and they said they are working with Apple to roll out the complete bug fix, but it does take time. Everyone should see improvement shortly.
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9 years ago, CaptainAmerica51891
Great Simple App
I have been using the ProPay App for over a year now and have never had any issues. Reading the other reviews I was nervous until I realized that the Authentication 300 Error is just because they have forgotten their login information. That happened to me once. I reset my password from the website and got into the app no problems!
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12 years ago, CreditCardCollector
Love this app!
So much easier (and cooler) than a credit card machine. And it's green too. I don't have to bother with receipts now that I can email them. Especially like the fact that I can swipe or key in card numbers so card reader isn't always required. Would give it five stars but there is always room for improvement. Looking forward to seeing this app developed into something more.
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13 years ago, Titanicnut
Great... But
This app is great but... I would be nice to be able to transfer funds to my checking account from within the app. I can process the credit card but have to log into your website to transfer funds when it becomes available. Another great feature would be push notifications when the funds are available for transfer.
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10 years ago, Lecey06
Works good
I had a issue with my jack the first day I got it. The message kept saying bad swipe without a swipe. All you have to do is change your default reader. They had 4 readers you can choose from I believe and you'll find the one that works for you because it will say connected. I tried all of the readers until I found the one that works. Hope this helps you guys. :)
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11 years ago, kkturnham
They told me when I ordered it, it worked with an iPhone 5 and any iPad! Total lie. I have now tried it on an iPhone 4, 4s, and 5. Also tried it on the original iPad and 4th generation iPad. WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE!!! Now they are telling me I can't have my money back. Buying the square. I'm told it ACTUALLY WORKS! It works on any iPhone or iPad. I will be getting it immediately and closing my Paypal acct. I plug the jak in and it tells me (on EVERY DEVICE) it can not be detected because I have to turn my ear phone volume up. Ok, I'm not stupid. It was turned up on every devise. This is a total rip off. DO NOT BUY THE PROPAY JAK!
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8 years ago, Hjrivera
Transaction history fixed, now the 3.5.0 ver. have problems.
I've been using this app on iOS for years with good results for my business. After the previous 3.4.0 update, everything was better. But with the 3.5.0, the card reader stopped working with the iPhone SE. It recognize the reader, but can't read the magnetic info. In my opinion, the QA testing should include all new versions of iPhones, or should specify which new models are not included in the latest release. Please, fix it!!!
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9 years ago, Jewelrygirl_2020
Save your money. Customer service is negligible. I signed back up in July, they forgot to send me my jak for the first three weeks. After talking to customer service, they sent the jak but I could only have it express shipped for $40+. Things worked well for a few weeks until the cocoa error in late July. According to an email response, the blame lays with Apple's slow update process (which seems to apply only to this company). I signed up for a square. I recommend you do the same.
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11 years ago, Miss P 2 U
iPhone iOS issue
This app worked GREAT for the 2 yrs I've used it for my Mary KAY business. That is until I upgraded to the iPhone 5s, yesterday! NOW IN HAVING THE SAME PIN ISSUE that the other users are having! I called today and a cust srv rep told me I'm the second customer she's spoken with who is having this problem. After deleting and reinstalling the app, as she suggested, same problem! Apparently they have yet to release an update for the new iOS. FIX THIS ASAP, please!
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9 years ago, Kristenliz
Absolute junk
The app doesn't work. I thought my iPhone 4 wouldn't support the app so when I got the new iPhone I downloaded the app again. Same problem. It logs into my home screen and shows a balance and transfer option but NO option to key in the customers card manually. Completely useless. They say to use the Jak and see if it works but why would I give this company more money just to find out it still won't work?
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8 years ago, Tracie :0)
Current version doesn't work with iPhone 6s
It worked well until I got my iPhone 6s. The half circle card reader used for Herbalife is "not found" when connected. Customer service only offer the solution to use a different device, i.e. tablet or another phone. The reason I got the propay card reader was the convenience of having something to run cards on my phone. I hope they make new version with a fix soon...
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6 years ago, Dee N. O. 2014
This was an amazing app when I downloaded and used it for my small business. Very easy to use, but in the last month the program closes me out when I enter information which results in me not being able to complete transactions on my tablet. By going online on my computer it is possible to complete the transaction. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!
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6 years ago, RedHogHill
Their card does not work at MANY PLACES including McDonalds and gas stations. Every time I open it, it shows a different balance. Display says it charged my customer five times, deleted app, reloaded. Afterwards, it said I charged them once and within a minute it showed the transaction being processed twice. Unreliable. I cannot use this and take a chance with my clients information in their incapable hands.
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8 years ago, R2d2gxln
Transactions not functioning
I am very very disappointed in this app. It crashes every time I try to use the transaction history function. Constantly having to log into the website is not realistic and very time consuming in this fast paced world. I really hope Mary Kay partners with a new vendor that can support our businesses better. With the rates we are paying, this should never happen to us
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10 years ago, ENB Furn
Love App
This app has been so much easier to use since the update. There are so many more options available. This has been a great asset to my business and it works really well.
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9 years ago, Rebelcandie
Still waiting... 💸💸💸
I excitedly bought the phone Jack so that my costumers could easily make transactions, unfortunately the app failed to allow me to log into my propay account. I emailed the company and was told that the bug had been fixed and the update had been sent to Apple to launch. This was about TWO MONTHS AGO now. I wasted money on a product that I seemingly will never get to use. Thanks 😤😑👎🏼💸
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