Prosperity Mobile Banking

4.8 (61.6K)
25.5 MB
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Prosperity Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Prosperity Mobile Banking

4.76 out of 5
61.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Adclarke
The move from Legacy to Prosperity
This app is slow, has less functionality, and irritates the crap out of me. With Legacy, I was able (manually logging in or through face recognition) to easily log in, check balances, chat with support, etc. With Prosperity there’s no chat, no way to email a question (although there’s an envelope icon in the top left hand corner - guess it’s decoration? No function.) and 9 out of 10 times I try to log on from the same device, I must receive a security text from the bank. 9 out of 10 times. Same device. With facial recognition. It’s 2020 kids. Granted it’s a crappy year, but snap out of it! At the very least, get up to speed with the other banks! Even Wells Fargo is more responsive! ugh
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3 years ago, nicksanders
Ugly, Clunky, and generally BAD as a banking app
The app looks like it hasn’t been updated in a decade. Granted, I don’t need something “flashy” just to check bank account activity or move money around. But seriously….how hard is it to automatically refresh account data in the summary screen? I see a balance of $100, and I conduct a transaction (not a transfer) for $20. When I look at my account details, I see that $20 transaction, but even after confirmation that it posted to my account (or is pending), returning to the summary screen I still see a balance of $100. There’s no pull-down to refresh function. There’s no refresh button. And obviously it isn’t a live account balance view. In short, this is just one more example (like their archaic “fraud prevention” nonsense) of how Prosperity Bank is a (bad) joke. Someone there needs to learn how to operate in a digital world and develop banking products (including a mobile app) that enables their customers/account holders to conduct their financial affairs without having to jump through hoops. #pathetic
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4 years ago, SanAntonioMan1961
Transition to Prosperity is Poor!
The Prosperity Bank App is extremely poor. For starters, I was transitioned from Legacy to Prosperity. I had a very difficult time signing on to the new app; I was actually locked out of my account. I could not access my funds, make deposits and the like. Hold times when calling into the help line were in excess of 30 minutes. I finally agreed to stay on hold for long enough to speak to a real life human being. She couldn’t help me, so I had to call in the next day. All because I never received a return call from the customer service department. Then, my first mobile deposit was rejected. As a general rule of thumb, banks want you to utilize their technology platforms, as they don’t want to see you at one of their facilities. Unless Prosperity corrects some of its technology challenges, we will have no other choice other than to head for one of the branch locations. I’m sorry for the long review, I figured it would be best for me to answer the questions honestly. By now, I’m sure you’re sorry you asked.
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5 years ago, DubSieRenasty
A review on the app not a branch of the bank
The app is very easy to use with a simple interface making it a breeze to navigate. The lost star in my rating is due to time and order of transactions. When looking at transaction details the date posted changes from day to day and transactions jump around in order like musical chairs. I may have made three transactions in one day, and they show up immediately, but the next day those transactions show as being made on that day and none on the previous day when they were actually processed. I understand that transaction time and posted times can differ but it would be helpful if transaction lines/details stated when the actual purchase was made instead of or alongside when it actually posted to the account. This would solve a lot of confusion when looking back upon transactions to determine when a purchase was made.
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5 years ago, nikolaismada
iPhone X Support
After a few months of using the app on the iPhone X I was tired of logging in and not using Face ID, and the screen size of non-compatible apps is always a little odd on the eyes. I decided to email in the suggestion, needless to say about a week later I’m logging in with Face ID. I’m happy with the app, haven’t had a problem with it other than when I get off work is usually about the same time as the system maintenances. But, the system has to be maintained to run smoothly. App has a good simple and functional design. I appreciate you guys for such a smooth running app, and I appreciate Prosperity for easy banking. 5/5
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4 years ago, Andreintx
Worst Banking App Ever!
What can I say? This app is awful. I’m only here because Prosperty Bank bought Legacy Texas Bank. The Legacy Texas app was great. This app consistantly forgets about touch ID. The failed touch ID logins will then cause your account to lock. You’ll then get to spend 30 minutes to an hour on hold with Prosperity to get your account unlocked. It’s best to pretend the app doesn’t support touch ID. You would be better off memorizing your credentials so you can log in the old fashioned way. You can’t access your banking history prior to June 7th, 2020. I’m lucky I downloaded all my statements before the changeover, Prosperity Bank came close to killing a refinace on my house. It’s best to use this app for checking your balances and making transfers between accounts. I wouldn’t trust it for much else. Propserity Bank bought a bank with a great app. They need to toss this app in the trash, rebrand the Legacy Texas app and make it their app.
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4 years ago, J in Allen
Prosperity isn’t as good as Legacy Texas was
The conversion was terrible. My business account conversion didn’t get handled properly. The Customer Service help people were inconsistent on what they told me to do. Couldn’t get through on the phone for a week after the conversion, so had to drive to a bank to get everything fixed only for the bank personnel to tell me he had to turn in a ticket & couldn't fix my problem. Don’t get me started on the Userids having to be in uppercase on your mobile device...what a pain. Also now I have to maintain a minimum balance in my business account or I have to pay a service fee. This is not friendly to small business owners & wasn’t like that at Legacy. Between our personal & business accounts we have several accounts & I will be pulling them all out. I’ve been with the former versions of the bank since 1995, but they’ve lost my business.
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4 years ago, customer unfriendly
Changes didn’t improve
The recent changes to your website are NOT an improvement. The “help” icon and screen is useless. There is no way to identify the purpose of each transaction or to label it. Placing a transaction in a category can’t be done without calling a 1-800 number. Your letter touting these changes in early November was totally misleading. It appears these changes may have been made just to say there was a change. I’m now doing most of my banking at my credit union and may move all of my accounts there. Their website is far more user friendly. Bad move on your part.
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4 years ago, SamerTa
Thank you
Thanks for the opportunity and great service. Staff always welcoming at any location. Everyone who works at this bank deserve the best. Phone help center is great and understanding. Happy thanksgiving. New app features are well done with great user experience and interface. #App and bank access issues from time to time without any announcements. #cannot view payments history! It only shows 1 month when click get more then the button disappears while I try to view more payments. Search bar is weak and don’t view on app the results. Bank securities is great and updated. Costumer service is very good and always helpful to answer all questions
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11 months ago, duc review
Prosperity Bank
The best banking business we have dealt with. Their app Acct is truly so simple to use. Our branch (NW Expressway & Meridian) Oklahoma City has great people to deal with. We have been customers since 1973 our acct # is just 6 digits long. Actually I had an account opened in 1968 by my parents for my college acct. When Guaranty Bank first opened its doors the Vice President was Noel Kyle he lived next door to us. We are just as pleased with Prosperity. We think the N.W Expressway branch is the best branch is the best. Love everyone there. So I guess you can call us life long customers of this great bank.
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4 years ago, FixBayonet
Horrible customer service
Prosperity’s web page is horrible and does not function properly. Waiting time to speak to a customer service rep has exceeded 1 hour the 4 times I have tried to utilize as i have been trying to order checks for the last 4 days. When trying to order on line from the vendor recommended a message appears on the vendor site that all checks must be ordered directly from the bank even though the bank suggested the vendor on the bank order Check location
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2 years ago, Johnswife59
Why can’t I get in???
I have had this app for a few years now & all of sudden it goes down. I have called Prosperity CS & they tell me the app & online services are down. But my husband & daughter have had no issues logging in or out. All my app does is show the spinning wheel like it’s trying to load. It stays that way FOREVER! I have deleted the app, cleared out my apps, powered down my phone off & then back on; download the app AGAIN, & same freaking thing!! I don’t understand it! I can get online on my PC but not on my phone?? It’s so WEIRD! No one can help me or has said anything different thsn what I’m already doing!! It’s so inconvenient when I see notifications of payments from debit card show up on Card Control but I can’t access THAT without logging into the mobile app FIRST!! What a HEADACHE!!
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4 years ago, Jly162
Needs a lot of improvement
While it added some update functions, it took away the ability to see details on my loan. No longer am I able to make a payment to the loan and see how funds are distributed ( principal and interest categories). When I call prosperity bank to question the distribution, they don’t have an answer for me. They blame it on the app and it being inadequate. If you are aware of the problems, please fix it. My money shouldn’t be just sitting there and not classified. So instead of extras being applied to principal, the due date for the next payment is pushed out to 6 months later while my loan continues to accumulate interests. And I have no way of knowing this since the details of the loan is no longer available to be seen. Fix this scam!
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4 years ago, LegacyTuser
Very slow compared to previous legacy version
I am one of those that recently had to switch from the Legacy Texas app to this one as part of the Legacy Texas acquisition. I have to say the app is terribly slow compared to Legacy Texas edition. It seems to have similar functionality with just a little different interface which is fine but it is extremely slow regardless if on cellular or WiFi. At first I thought maybe it is just everyone having to sign up and get transitioned right after the cutover bit it has been a few weeks now and still no improvement in fact feels like it is maybe getting worse. Not sure if they haven’t scaled the servers properly to support all the new customers but definitely needs improving.
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4 years ago, World Wide Anarchy
My company is with you. You have added 3 hours of time to payroll because it takes longer to do the deposit every day. 15 minutes 3 departments 6 days a week. Corporate is asking me to justify and correct. That means I need to cut back on customer service. They only see payroll is up. I may have to seek other solutions. ( new bank). I’m sure that who ever reads this knows that a % of people will leave so little to no effort will be done to change your methods for doing deposits. We have been asked to change the way we do our deposit to accommodate you. Still not any faster
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3 years ago, Matt-the-tiny-V-destroyer
My favorite
Prosperity is my favorite bank. You would feel that if you knew there is only one in my city, compared to banks with 20 locations. They better feel special for that commitment. But I’ve had only 1 problem in my account, was resolved, In 6 years of banking with them. It was minor fraud and they refunded me and put protection while I was on that 5 minute phone call. This is my first review in a while. If someone sees it, know there are few banks that truly try hard to make you happy. This one will.
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3 years ago, babyboomer barbara
Lost History
Wanting to look back on past deposits, they are no longer available. Your overall history is very limited, making it impossible to catch errors or unknown banking. Mobile deposits go through easily until the bank rejects one. You are not notified, nor is there a legitimate reason, it’s just because someone decided to reject it because it didn’t say mobile deposit only. Strangely this only occurs after multiple mobile deposits are accepted without stating mobile deposit only.
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4 years ago, Pict guy
Poor app bad bank
Worst banking experience I’ve ever had, deposits show pending at least 2 day from deposit until credited to your account, you never know your current balance, I’ve been with this bank 30 years through multiple changes from a small credit union to becoming a bank and several mergers, Prosperity sits on your money, you’ll never know your balance. Will be changing soon. I personally believe none of the employees or management bank there. Legacy was soooo much better
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3 years ago, SketchyOpossum
Genuinely one of the worst apps I have ever used
Title says it all. I can never successfully login to the app as I am always met with a myriad of vague errors whenever I attempt to login. I have tried restarting my phone, updating the app, and reinstalling it multiple times. The transition from Legacy Texas bank to Prosperity has been awful and their customer service is extremely unhelpful. I will be moving my account elsewhere as quite frankly, the abysmal quality of their mobile banking app is unacceptable in this day and age. Do yourself a favor and don’t even bother downloading it. Additionally, whenever I can miraculously login, the app is slow and clunky and feels like a poorly ported website extension. I would give it zero stars if I could
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4 years ago, mamayez
Updates are a nightmare
I do not know who thought the app and the website needed updates, but everything is changed and it is impossible to mark your account for expenditures, to see things in a big picture, and to find your information. Whoever thought this update was needed made a big mistake very disappointed and I am hoping they fix it back to the way it was. I am very disappointed and rather angry that I cannot add details to my account as I once did. I am even considering changing banks.
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3 years ago, Lindy A2021
Long-Time Customers
We’ve been customers of the bank that is now Prosperity since 1988. It was a good bank then and a great bank now. As they’ve grown, they’ve been intentional about maintaining the benefits of a “small-town” branch, where friendly, professional employees value each customer, while continuing to build a large network of banks that offers customers an increased sense of security. We would recommend Prosperity to anyone seeking an excellent bank.
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1 year ago, mlh0323
Gets the job done… but…
Operates functionally (for the most part) but is no substitute for the desktop browser. The item I get most frustrated with is being unable to tag or classify my transactions from the Spending tab. There’s a lot they could do to improve UI on the website with that, too, but it would be nice if they had a desktop version that didn’t load with a mobile-only interface so you could at least use your browser to categorize from there. Again… it gets the job done… just isn’t fully up to the times is all.
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3 years ago, FRANKENFREAK!!!
I’ve been trying to log in for TWO WEEKS
I’ve used Prosperity Bank for awhile now, and used it back when it was Legacy Texas too. It’s a badly designed app, but so long as I could scan my check and get my money, I was fine with it. I am no longer fine with it. I haven’t been able to get into my account for TWO WEEKS NOW! Every time I try to log in it keeps saying that the app is having ‘intermittent connection errors’ and to call a service number. I called it, and the best advice the woman on the other app could give me was to just uninstall and then reinstall the app. I did. THREE TIMES. and it STILL WONT WORK. Fix your app or I’m choosing a different bank, this is absolutely ridiculous.
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4 years ago, EDS106
We have been banking with LEGACY Texas bank For over 35 yrs when Legacy was bought by Prosperity few months ago. They were in transition when it was for 48 hrs we didn't have access to our bank acct online. The next day, Monday, their app was running. To my shock, they charge me for INS FUND. Three times when there was still $100 in my acct,. We have 2 checkings, one saving with Legacy. The saving has around 14k on it. My point was 1st, my account was never negative. 2nd, if it was, I just needed to transfer to my checking. But why was I charged for NSF. It was their app who wasn't working. I called customer service and I was being blamed for having Nsf when it was cleared that wasn't the case. When this bank was still legacy bank. We didn't have any problem with customer service. They would write it off if we dispute it. Fast fwd, it's been over a month now and every time we open this app, it always say error or just not displaying nothing at all. This is money we are talking about. Ain't got no time for an app that doesn't work. I feel so frustrated having to deal with this.
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4 years ago, Mjb9995
Recently had to start using this app after Prosperity bank’s merger with Legacy Texas. My bank has been absorbed by several other banks over the year and I can say this is the first time that everything feels like a downgrade. This app feels like the most basic translation of the already outdated feeling website. A severe downgrade from the Legacy Texas app. I constantly get errors when trying to load pages in the app. It is incredible slow and unresponsive when switching between the main tabs or doing basically anything. I REALLY hope that Legacy Texas’ tech is being implemented into Prosperity Bank soon.
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3 years ago, hjutcdryjb
Don’t expect it to work…Don’t expect them to care
The app suddenly and unexpectedly quit working and the bank staff and app developers don’t seem concerned since it’s only “effecting a few customers.” Needless to say, in today’s mobile society online, meaning MOBILE - not desktop, access is necessary and this app just doesn’t cut it if they can’t find/correct issues. It’s been 2 weeks already and I’m hearing CRICKETS!
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8 months ago, 666EK666
Please update your app
I have had problems using your app for several months. The people that answer the help phone are idiots, they don’t know anything. Most of the time I can’t login and and it tells me to call for help. When I do login I have problems using Bill Pay, I get a Page not found error, when close the app I can’t login again. The last guy I talked to said the app was updated about a week ago. I looked up your app on Apple Store and it says the last update was a year ago. The Apple operating system has been updated many times in the last year. I use an iPad with the latest IOS. You need to update your app.
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5 years ago, Del DF
I love Prosperity bank however, the reason why I’m giving it a 4 star is because I had suggested several times to add the feature where while checking past transactions, there could be a way to go back to the previous page without having to go all the way to the beginning. You can go one month back at a time but not forward again.
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4 years ago, Fhjmom
Great - when it works
I don’t have a problem with the app when it is working but it often has an error message when trying to sign in. I’ve had to delete and reload it more than once. It recognizes my Touch ID for a while then makes me start entering my password again. We keep a low balance in the account tied to our bank cards due to multiple times of having our cards compromised so I count on being able to check my balance or have the ability to make a transfer before making a purchase. Not having access when I need it is very frustrating!
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4 years ago, C-RedMC
Terrible, Worst Financial App Ever
No the way to simply say it other than this is the worst financial app I’ve ever used. It’s slow, cumbersome, unorganized & not user friendly. Highly disappointing. You’d think in a merger of banks, they’d have bandwidth issues, functionality issues and bill pay issues figured out so as NOT to have negative issues at all for their new customers. With a little leader ship, planning and affective anticipation of what problems there be in order to not have them, this could be a non-issue. Without improvements and reimbursements for late payment bill pays very quickly, I’ll be closing my accounts and moving my money elsewhere!
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2 years ago, SirScruffy
App needs work
The people who are reviewing the bank and not the app—what goes through your head? This is about the Prosperity Bank APP. Which is way worse than the LegacyTexas one was and I’m pretty sure is just a skin of the mobile website. The bank itself is fine. Why can’t I submit a travel notice through the app anymore? I could with LT. And fix the issue where it says there was an error after logging me out and I have to force-quit for it to work again. A banking app should be able to auto-logout and make it simple to log back in easily. I no longer live where a Prosperity branch is convenient. The app is my main way of banking, but without the app being on par with other banks that get that this is how people bank now, you’re risking losing a long-time member going back to the CCU days. I’m pretty sure their online banking was better than this app too.
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4 years ago, dsmokinc3
App need improvement
I was Legacy Bank customer and got transitions to Prosperity bank. The app is worst than Legacy app. Almost every bank app out have an option to save User name and can’t believe this app does not have it. Also, there should be option to use touch if or face id, but nope. Navigation thru the app is so slow. I’m on iPhone X max and I have 1 gig internet speed, so this is an app issue as I can see it. If this app does not improve, we will probably going to use diff bank.
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4 years ago, shake281182
Terrible Experience
Most of the “5 Star” reviews are likely fake. The app for this bank was outdated before but was still functional. After the update to the app it has been an absolute nightmare App crashes if you click anything, one day it’ll load your accounts the next day the app won’t show up with anything. The website is no different, I can’t even check my account number to make a payment because the application is so messed up Just bring back the old app if you don’t have the technology and competence to release an updated one. This is people’s money you are playing games with. Who’s going to answer for the missed payments due to not being able to access our own checking or savings? And the CEO keeps saying to call customer support ... I’ve called dozens of times and no one answers For your own sanity and peace of mind go with a known national bank that will take responsibility for its actions and slip ups and not ignore its own customers
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9 months ago, LR Ranch
My Prosperity Bank
I had been with American State prior to its merger into Prosperity. I was so pleased with my years with American State and was very concerned what the new bank would be like. My banker Rick Bartholomee, and his right hand assistant Ernie Pena never let me experience even a bump in the transition. Prosperity is a large bank with all its various locations, but to me it’s a small hometown bank that helps in all I do.
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4 years ago, CABM2253
Sorry to sound harsh but this app is so bad. It’s slow, you have to hunt through the whole thing to find the simplest things. I still have not found how to get my account to send me messages! The previous bank app I had (before they sold to Prosperity) was so easy to use and find what I need. Sorry guys, many changes need to be made before this can be called good.
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6 months ago, maudie martin
Customer Care
I am highly impressed with this bank’s customer service. I had a glitch and it was fixedImmediately. Everyone is kind respectful and courteous I do business in Oklahoma City and Tulsa I’ve been treated the same no matter which branch I go to. If you don’t understand somethingRegarding BankingThey will take the time and explain it to you in Layman's terms.
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2 years ago, mi#1inc
I love prosperity Bank
The prosperity Bank in Dayton Texas is the best bank I’ve ever had. I have been in business for over 40 years and have had multiple banks. I have been with Prosperity for the last 10 years. The service is persona, friendly and efficient.I recommend them for both businesses and personal accounts.
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4 years ago, Jenger54420
Started off okay
This app has gotten so bad, I can’t even open it now it tells me error , error. It’s so frustrating Bc I don’t live close to the bank and I don’t want to wait on hold for 35 minutes just to check my balance or make sure my checks in. And now I updated it erased all my info and STILL won’t let me try to log in without giving me an error message.
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4 years ago, Zefrenchkisser
Worst app ever created.
This must have been designed by a 1st grader at best. Horrible logic, zero intuitiveness, slow as a turtle, etc. It also forces you to do a 2 way authentication through your phone or email after a few days of use for no apparent reason. I have 3 business accounts and 3 personal with what used to be LegacyTexas but as much as I loved that bank I’m already in the process of moving to another bank. This will go down as a merger made in hell.
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4 years ago, Living Free CBD
Hate it !!
Hate the new app!! Some of the features from the older app did not transfer over. I use the app multiple times a day and really liked the spendable balance option. It would have been nice to know that it didn’t transfer over. I almost overspent when I checked it. I called Prosperity and was told that the balance showed was the same as the old spendable balance. It was not. I do balance my accounts but with money going on and out daily it was nice to be able to know I have a set cushion. Please bring back that option.
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4 years ago, kldl44
I don't think customers should have to notify businesses about the routing number. The mobile app does not work as well as a computer. I have entered an amount for bill pay. Both times I had to go to the bank to have them fix it. When I call customer service, I am on hold forever.
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3 years ago, toomuch info
After going to two different bank locations, both closed due to weather and the ATM’s NOT accepting transactions I called customer service for assistance. Phone Associates need to be more clear about phone deposit instructions. I wrote exactly what I was told by Associate for my deposit for endorsement and now I find it was not exactly what is on the phone app so I’m assuming that is why my deposit was rejected. So now it is after 6 pm that I find this out and now run the risk of checks not clearing tomorrow.
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2 years ago, MrBill mancave
Customer service
I have dealt with other banks throughout my lifetime but have been won over by the dedication and customer service have given me this last year. All my accounts will come here and I highly recommend this facility for banking and home financing. They helped me get into a house with their HoPP program. Awesome job
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4 years ago, danielle mcneese
New update is very frustrating
November/December 2019 update is so frustrating and lags. We get errors often now like when prosperity first transitioned over to this new version. It doesn’t always show all of my accounts. It’ll get stuck between tabs. If the update worked, not having access to internet banking for several days would have been worth it. I still love the features available on the app and the people/customer service at this bank.
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4 years ago, Hal1540
Old version was better
It was a little nerve wracking when the servers were down and no one could access their account but I was still expecting a clean and updated version of the app when I could access it. Sadly it seems like a step in the wrong direction. The original format was much easier to navigate and understand. The new app must still be having some issues as it still crashes every once in awhile but it’s the new format that frustrates me the most. Love the bank! Just not the online side of things.
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1 month ago, Dynamite John
Poor update
The latest update was a very bad choice. The previous version was easy to use easy to read easy to navigate and everything. The latest update changed the font, change the display, makes it hard to read, hard to see what’s going on Please bring back the old layout. Thanks! I would’ve given it five stars previously but whoever is in charge of updating needs some help.
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2 years ago, Dr H.S.
Limited daily mobile deposit
The mobile app limits the daily deposit to $2,500. Other banks have limits much higher. This makes working with Prosperity Bank cumbersome and time consuming, because now I have to physically go to the bank which defeats the purpose of mobile banking!!!
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2 years ago, SomeDiff
Old person consideration
I wish there was an option to see what you typed at the sign in page. I frequently mistype. If I could see what I’m typing I could avoid invalid password or user ID. Why isn’t the user ID default for the device? It won’t matter bc there still needs to be the password.
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4 years ago, zee in Texas
I really like my bank. I have been with this bank since it was Community Credit Union. The downside is that the closest physical location is 8 miles away through traffic. I have a new computer but it takes so long to bring up Prosperity on line.i think my browser is Microsoft Edge.
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4 years ago, ecdlgb
Please add the Option to deposit multiple checks at one time
I’m happy prosperity finally has mobile deposits available me through the app. My other banks have had this updated technology for years. However, it would be most helpful and way more efficient if you provided us the option to deposit multiple checks per deposit versus only one check at a time. This would be especially helpful for business accounts. Since I believe the mobile deposit feature is designed to help your customers save time, this should be a an added feature. I know myself and many others who would appreciate this. The current way is a redundant waste of time and still requires us to drive to the bank to make a deposit. I would greatly appreciate you updating the app with this feature asap. Thanks!
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