Provident Funding

4.6 (1K)
14 MB
Age rating
Current version
Provident Funding Associates, L.P.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Provident Funding

4.6 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, E-Baus
Awesome Updates
I’ve used this app for several years now, and it was effective enough for tracking general mortgage stuff. Today’s updates though are a huge improvement! I can see a lot more of my mortgage info now, a button to start a loan application, and I can easily view Provident’s interest rates . Noticed there’s an option to upload my insurance documents and statements now too. Big security win too: The app now accepts my FaceID and Fingerprint profiles for logging in. Great security update there. Very pleased with these updates.
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4 years ago, Just Your Usual Reviewer
The update is terrific!
I had previously written a scathing but generously three-star review of this app largely due to how comically outdated, tasteless, and off-putting the thing looked. I am happy to report that with the latest update the hideous skeuomorphic design and clunky UI are gone, biometric login is supported, and that all the functionality offered on the web site is now available in the app. Provident's app development team has completely turned the ship around. Great work! I'm impressed with the ability to recognize major mistakes and correct them.
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3 months ago, Tangfolio
Great app to track your loan
I have been very happy with the Provident funding app and its features. It gives me quick access to my loan details with useful calculators and rate look ups.
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5 years ago, aclayto
Old app layout needs updates including faceID/touchID
While the app contains useful info, it looks and feels like an app created in 2010. Because of this appearance, I worry that security might not be up to date and the app would really benefit by utilizing the latest features available to app developers in the latest iOS versions. Please overhaul this app.
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4 years ago, Fjejgkv
Doesn’t support modern phones
App Store rules require supporting all screen sizes. This app does not, which makes it in violation. Were it to update without addressing this or be introduced as a new app today, it would be rejected. Further, performance and functionality is poor. I do not trust this app to be secure with it being so outdated and clearly no active development team behind it. UI design that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the app was first created 7yrs ago. Seems reasonable when looking at the update history. If you have no intentions to keep this app running well, you might as well delete it and stick with mobile website support only. The website is already more useful than this app...
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5 years ago, Psycho John
Easy to use
The app has everything needed and is very simple to use. Love the amortization feature and the ability to see what extra payments will do to the payoff time on the loan.
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4 years ago, Isaias91
Well Designed
It is perfect for the purpose! It is complete as you can access everything you expect regarding your mortgage. Easy to navigate and use!
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5 years ago, RESTGIS
Actually and summer balance are different
I wish if the actual remaining principals and the actual paid principal are the same, so u need to balance both.
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4 months ago, Z.R.O.
Simply Beautiful
I wish more companies created apps like this- simple, straightforward, fast and easy.
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4 years ago, therealnachofan
Latest Updates are Fantastic!
I think this is one of the best mortgage companies out there in terms of rates, fees, and service. App updates are awesome! Thank you!
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5 years ago, beachwarrior
Love this app
I love that I can make a payment on line and get credit the same day! I love that I can see amortization options when I add extra principal.
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5 years ago, DeeNJ82
Informative and simple
I find this app to be very informative and simple to use. It provides all of the information I need plus more.
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1 month ago, Very very Convenient!
Super Convenient!
Using the Provident app makes managing my mortgage payments very convenient. Very user friendly!
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5 months ago, KBthaatsme
Outstanding app
Outstanding app and expect nothing less from this excellent lender company
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4 years ago, Keichan99
Recent improvement
The app is simple. There was recent improvement.
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4 years ago, JrHcr1976
Easy Peasy
I really like the newest update to Provident. Very easy to use. The color scheme is makes it easy to read.
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5 years ago, C1994O
Could use a refresh
The app is simple and nice to use but could use a refresh to newer standards and to actually fit the bigger screens
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4 years ago, Mkrupnic
I don’t want paperless!!
This is a really well designed and built app in general. But every time I open it it asks me to go paperless. I don’t want to go paperless. The only options are Now or Later. There isn’t a never option.
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4 years ago, Filmeezy!
Love using the app! Simple to use and I can make a payment from anywhere.
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4 years ago, sullyjj
Where’s the calculator?
I liked the calculator on the old app. Very easy to figure out savings with additional payments to principal.
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4 years ago, Victor lim yin hong
All good except it doesn’t allow saved password.
Why not make use of the Face ID feature?
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5 years ago, Microman66
Can’t log on to app
Works on my MacBook Pro, same user name and PW, not on mobile app says incorrect No way to report this to anyone, will try this Tom H
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4 years ago, Fuad Ayyash
With Touch ID
With the addition of touch ID, this application became very simple and user friendly. Good job guys. Thanks
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6 years ago, Twolfman
Very good
I love the lay out Amortization schedule is cool to look at what extra payments can really do. Thanks
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5 years ago, leebac
Login credentials not in sync
Same password working on website is failing in this mobile app. Only one or two failed attempts will get account locked out, and can’t reset password using self-service. Definitely poor customer experience.
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5 years ago, Rhshiva
Old style
It has everything but old style
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8 months ago, Cwilles
Not flexible
First loan company I’ve ever dealt with that won’t allow you to change auto draft date for payments. Such a dumb way to do business. Creates headaches when people get paid on certain days.
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5 years ago, greghull
Easy to Use
Needs to use Face ID though. Can’t believe it’s 2019 and I still have to remember a password!!
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5 years ago, Packfan77
Needs updating
All of the relevant information is here, but it really needs TouchID, and I’d like to be able to schedule my payment in advance in the app. The interface is also a bit dated.
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5 years ago, D&G82
Great app but needs Touch ID
Fantastic app has all information that I could need would appreciate touch or Face ID
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9 years ago, Amateur Parent
Smooth and easy to use. If there were problems in the past, they are certainly fixed now -- as I haven't found ANY of the issues other reviewers have mentioned.
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4 years ago, jplatt07
Works but needs to be updated
Works ok - but the app looks like it was created in 2010 and never updated since
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4 years ago, whatthesection8
Will only accept password on phone, not on iPad
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5 years ago, Ivan Gozali
Last updated 2 years ago
No Face ID, doesn’t work with 1Password’s autofill, not updated for new iPhone screens. It does its job well enough though.
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6 years ago, Hezetation
Can’t login
Tried to login but fails. Used same credentials on web and works fine. If they’re paying someone to develop this app they should get their money back.
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3 years ago, rb3691
WAS fine. Not now
Iphone 14.8 Trying to get in with app and the face id is stuck in an endless loop
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4 years ago, usa1957
App is so boring!
App is too old. Ten years ago technology. It is so boring. Need to change. I’m very serious about the comment if you want customer to use it.
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5 years ago, Romoco
Cannot login
Using the same login as the website, but keeps saying login is failed. Definitely need to redesign this app
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5 years ago, arytwo
User Experience is Important
While the app is functional, it’s got the UI from the iPhone 3 era. Makes me also wonder if they’re using antiquated security.
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5 years ago, xxbdghhh
Great Application
Great app but needs Touch ID feature
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4 years ago, EllenSie
Needs to work in landscape mode
Good app except it won’t work in landscape mode. Necessary for iPad users. Please UPDATE! July 24, 2020. Updated but still no landscape mode
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5 years ago, chunghd
Good app but more enhancements needed
Enhancement like Touch ID. Mortgage calculator is limited in app.
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4 years ago, Bmw 135
Worried about the security of this app. It is obviously very old and needs an update.
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4 years ago, yoshiyoyoyam
Definitely needs Touch ID!
App is ok but with complex passwords on a phone, Touch ID is must have.
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5 years ago, vericone4
App need an overhaul
Need to revamp the app as it looked very suspicious and no one would know it for sure.
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4 years ago, markito979
Update the app to the newest iOS
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4 years ago, RaviKSajja
No FaceID
Decent App but no faceID for login
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9 years ago, Algo raro
Need to make some adjustments
Though the interface is clean and easy to maneuver and the information relevant, the Amortization Calculator does not function. That is an imperative tool to the site and it does not work. It has two sliders that show increase in monthly payment and one time payment. You can slide the bars right or left to change the amounts , however as it calculates it erases the chart. The information is useless therefor. In addition, there is nowhere on the app to report a problem. If they would fix these two facts it would easily be a five star app.
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8 years ago, HW-pacific
App works great
This App is easy to use and works perfectly. A convenient tool to manage my mortgage. Not sure why some review say it doesn't work. I installed it on my iPhone 5 with no issues.
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8 years ago, IpsissimusMarr
Needs some work
While I'm pleased to have certain features such as viewing mortgage statements in the app I cannot save them! Saving to Dropbox or other sync programs crashes the app. If I have to go to the website on a computer to save document this app give me no benefit.
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