Providers EBT by Propel

4.9 (336.3K)
58.8 MB
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Propel Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Providers EBT by Propel

4.85 out of 5
336.3K Ratings
8 months ago, Karengalvan
I love EBT providers app!
I love the providers app so well I even got my friend to download the app and use it. Cuz I told her it not a fake app it is 💯 legit. And I also hook her up to sign up for the providers card for her money to come earlier than when they be getting it before she got the providers app. They said thank u and they will suggest it to their friends to use they is very happy I showed it to them they like it and told me to tell a great review for them also that they happy with the app and are suggesting everyone they know to use it! So yeah this app is the best app I think so far that has came out for both Foodstamps and cash thank u providers app for the best app available for us all to be able to use. Ur great! I and my friends give u ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️u have earned all five stars! 🙂. Heck I didn’t know y’all give money to people for completing surveys heck hook me up I am always down to help do good stuff and give made good opinions for the people who deserve it heck an I am always down for getting paid free money to complete surveys for people that deserve my good opinions on stuff plz do get back to me on the paid surveys if u willing to pay people money for doing a survey heck I am willing to help give u guys the respect and be 💯 with people so u can get mad more people to go threw ya. So plz get back to me on the paid survey stuff !
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1 month ago, TeenerBeaners
Loved the app until….
I absolutely love(d) this app and the money you can make doing surveys until they banned me from the surveys for giving my honest opinions (like we’re supposed to) and would write them when I completed some of my surveys and was never compensated for them even started screen shooting them all when I completed them so I had physical proof and was never given the money owed and then got completely banned without warning which is extremely unfair. Especially when we’re told to give our honest opinions and to write them if there’s an issue with payment or the survey etc. So for that reason I would rate this app a one star…. If I was given the chance to redo everything (now that I know to not say anything about anything) I would rate it 5 stars and recommend the app to friends and family again… I should’ve at least been given a warning that if I did something they didn’t like I wouldn’t be able to take surveys anymore because I totally would’ve complied because I did love the surveys and the money you can earn from them…!!!!! Hopefully this reaches someone who can help and restore my survey feature so I can receive and complete the surveys…
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1 year ago, DaveCrave
What I like about the app it is convenient but there are times where I wish I had more let me explain why I look back at what I spent it does add up but due to inflation it looks crazy the prices I spend on food(and I’m only one person) I mean what if instead of the Covid payment where we had additional $200 can there just be at least $300 that we get towards the end of the month because I’m just apart of a program due to my dumb family not being there for me so I have to do what can to make it through and so do other American families. People..Don’t just get down and together for no reason everyday without means being met and I know that basically there should be more freedom to get whatever you want with this app. I don’t know much but that’s just my optimal opinion!! I think that app runs pretty smooth and the only hiccups is when there is people refreshing it over and over again when there’s a payment. Usually the deposits are at-least for me the 6th and then Covid payments were on the end of the month so please make this decision concisely and let people aware. A notification letting us know when we get paid instead of checking and being very disappointed would be nice as well!! Ok thanks for listening to my review!! Other than that also I never used the debit card and have it so I don’t know how to review that but when I do use it I’ll let you know!!
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5 years ago, thefamilyarcade
Thank you for this!
This app is incredible we are a family of 7. It is so hard to keep track of how much you spent every time you go to the grocery store. I would try to save receipts and highlight things to keep organized but with all my kids and my ADHD it always felt impossible to achieve. I was always running out of our food stamps early every month. This app makes it so easy to Keep track of everything in the convenience of a nap. Then there’s this huge bonus that I never expected the app offers coupons that you can use at stores discounts that you can use it museums all these benefits I knew nothing about for my family and it’s all shown to you on this app. I am so grateful for whoever in the government came up with this app. Truly a blessing. Our summer might be a little different now thanks to this app. I highly recommend it for anyone receiving EBT benefits as not only will this allow you to maximize your benefits but you would be surprised about everything they have in here to help you along the way. They even have a job search with everything you can imagine if it is something you are looking for. Thanks again.
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4 months ago, NegansBytch
Scam Don’t Use This
Millions of us are getting our food stamps stolen and we all have one thing in common, we use this app. They store your information on this app. To get your food stamp balance you have to put in your food stamp card number when you first sign in to this app and sign up to this app. With that you put in the password, therefore they do store the information on their app. How else would millions of people get their food stamps stolen so easily without the government having any knowledge of it? Also I called the food stamp office and asked them about this app and they said that they do not have an app for checking food stamps or any balances. The social worker for food stamps told me do not use any apps that store your information or tells you what your balance is because they are all frauds. They stole $336 from my account. They can claim in all of these responses that they don’t do that, but they do. If you download this app they will steal everything from you. I take care of two disabled adults and they stole all of those two disabled adults food stamps. I actually had to sell my jewelry to the pawn shop to be able to buy these two disabled people food for the month. The people who created this app are still in your stuff and eating like Kings while disabled people practically starve. They should be ashamed of their self but we all know that greedy people like that have no shame.
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7 months ago, vasacca
Possible Fraud with Using This App
Texans SNAP benefits are being stolen and it seems that the only common denominator is the victims are users of this app. About two months ago, this app asked for the full login for the “Your Texas Benefits” website and shortly afterward this fraud began. Make your own conclusion. Update after developer’s response: It’s amazing that you state that you do not store the EBT account details as I didn’t have to re-enter login info each time I pulled up the app to view account balances or every time I updated the app. Seems like your app stored them somewhere in order to retain that login information. I will not be emailing you for additional assistance as we will not be using your app further. I will be filing complaints with Apple to investigate your app for fraud and with HHSC which is the state agency that handles the website for SNAP benefits that your app logs into to view account balances. Perhaps you lost API privileges and had to ask for full website login details because HHSC is onto y’all already. Not certain but they have every right to be. Either way but the local office has been asking other victims of this same type of fraud and they all have one common denomination: they all used your app. It may be a huge coincidence or if may be a huge scheme you may be employing. Either way, your app needs to be investigated to its fullest by Apple and by the State of Texas.
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1 year ago, Jessi0713
Greatly appreciated
This app is so resourceful , helpful & user friendly! you can find anything I rather it is a coupon or a job at for financial assistance for free cell phone services, like I mean everything is on this app it’s like a one stop shop and I love it is so user-friendly so easy to maneuver around I hardly ever have any issues as far as glitches so I have not had to contact customer service yet regarding this app but I’m sure that That will not be an issue if I ever have to but that’s just how great this app and they literally keep it up-to-date without allowing funds in there or scammers hackers to come in and take your information and use it very wrongly so they like literally have doneA wonderful job putting this back together software that they used that and I’m grateful so I love what y’all are doing keep doing what you’re doing because you guys are awesome and you guys keep your fingers crossed that I’ll find a job on your app
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7 months ago, Escharlette :>
I received a message on the app to update my account. I trusted the app & updated my information. Then a few days later my card pin was changed & My account money was taken. There is no way to remove my personal information & they got my new card number without me updating after I had gotten a new replacement card from when they stole my money. I have message them like it stated on the app information to remove my information, personal data & I just received an automated response that doesn’t fix anything. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS APP THEY WILL CLONE YOUR CARD & WIPE IT CLEAN. Now I’m struggling with my 4 kids with no food & diapers. This has never happened to me until I put my personal information in this app. It is disgusting what you guys are doing to us. I see I’m not the only one & wish I had read the reviews. My social worker told me to have my information deleted& don’t use this app or it can happen again. She said it is happening a lot & to many others. since I live in california it is the law that I can request to have my information & personal data collected to be removed but this app makes it impossible to do that & is braking the law. Please delete this app & try to delete your information & personal data so they can’t steal your benefits.
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2 years ago, A*N*Y*A
No No No No!!!!
I used to love this app for how convenient it was but no way will I be using it anymore… this is the 2nd month in a row that someone has wiped my card clean… I got a new card last month when I realized someone used my card without actually having it. They took 600 off and there was nothing anyone could do not even the fraud department. Here we are February 3rd, I just got my stamps on the 1st and didn’t realize I had nothing on my card until I went to the store tonight. Logged into the app and saw that someone used what I had left and knew exactly how much money I was going to get because they tried to wipe my card clean of the amount without realizing I had already used it.. so they tried again and took everything. I’ve never given my pin or card info out, I don’t shop for groceries online the only thing that has any of my ebt information is this app and there is literally no way to delete any of the information, and absolutely no one to contact. I regret using this app… if I could give -10 starts I would… take the extra time and just call the number on the back of your card or go to the website for your balance… DO NOT USE THIS APP IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR INFO IN SOMEONE ELSES POSSESSION!!!!!
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6 years ago, AshLumi
Used to be my favorite app, but it's been broken for months
Updated review: I used to use this app every single day. I live in PA and I use an iPhone 5S running 10.2.1 and it hasn't been working on my device for months. I've communicated a few times with the developers but they still have yet to repair the problem after all this time. I know the PA ebt portal wasn't working for a while but it seems to be working on my one friend's device again- just not mine. I can log into the connectebt website with no problems whatsoever so that tells me this is an issue on the app/developer end. I'm extremely disappointed to see the lack of a fix for this problem. Even when it was working, it never really fully functioned. The coupon section never loaded and the app was always a bit slow. So disappointed to finally be deleting this app after how immensely useful it used to be for me. I'm going to try a different developer's app and hope for better results. I do hope they manage to fix this someday- I know I can't be the only one using this kind of a device and having no luck with this app. Heads up to other people with older devices- this app likely won't work for you and seems to get little support from developers.
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3 years ago, PrincessNify
I absolutely LOVE this app!! I use it all the time! I haven’t called my card in yrs! If I want to know the balance of my cash or my food stamps I just pull up my app real quick and it tells me in an instant rather than having to pull my card out, call the number, punch in that long card number, wait for the recording to say everything, then tell me what my balances are! This tells me instantly faster than you can snap your fingers! It’s especially great when I’m getting low and I get to the cash register and I’m not sure if I have enough food stamps, I just whip out my phone, pull it up real quick, then I can let the cashier know if there’s a balance on it less than what I’m purchasing. It’s so convenient! It also has tons of AMAZING offers all the time for all sorts of things! Phone plans, coupons, jobs, anything you can think of! If you don’t have this then you definitely NEED to get this like yesterday! This is one app that is a MUST HAVE on your phone!
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6 months ago, bzigpu I'd xtigh
Great app for years
I have used this app for years and I have never had an issue. I can review my purchases and check my balance and it loads quickly. Everyone making reviews about how their money was stolen, it is NOT related to this app. That is going on through DSS end. I just was informed by my county office I have to have a new card now because “my card was compromised “, but I never had anything stolen from my card and still have a balance and only use my card at my bank atm which I’ve never had an issue with either. Nothing has been touched on my card and I guarantee once I get this new card they are forcing me to get, I will probably get my money stolen because the county sent out notices that everyone’s government provided medical insurance information was stolen including social security numbers. So I just want to point out it has nothing to do with this app and I trust this app over the new ebt edge app.
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1 month ago, overnightflocks@icloud
The app is useful but…
I was fortunate enough to discover the new paid surveys feature about 8-10 months ago, and I didn’t qualify for as many of them as I’d like, but I love the feature where the incentive is deposited into your providers banking account instantly! It is an awesome idea and was working flawlessly for a while. Then all of a sudden they stopped posting surveys. There’s a message saying “There are no surveys at this time, try back later” most the time, and every once in a while it says, “surveys are no longer supported by this version of the providers app, please update to access more” or something to that effect, and I’ve updated three times and I just don’t get access anymore and there is absolutely no support for the survey feature that I could find. So I’m giving this app 2 stars, but I will amend my review if some form of admin can fix this for me or at least explain why I no longer have access to the survey feature. Other than that I totally recommend the app and have had nothing but good experiences with the other features. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, SFNester
Great app for a great program
I’ve recently faced some major life challenges, some of which I conquered and others that admittedly knocked me down and out. I’ve never thought I’d need public assistance, so when life led me down a path from successful self employed business man to homeless with zero income and the hoards of people who always sought to be near me have all but vanished, it left me in a very dark place. I say all that because it helped me to appreciate the help provided by the state, and efforts to provide this help in an easy as possible way with things like this app. Going from homeless and hungry to just homeless, hey make glass is half full! The assistance provided food, which in turn provides an overall content feeling allowing a more peaceful and hopeful mind. The app just made all this that much better, by allowing you to check balance, history or purchases, as well as tips for saving and job opportunities too. It’s map of participating retailers and vendors is invaluable and I’ve never waited more than a few seconds for the app to update its information (in the few instances that it wasn’t already updated when I logged in). This may be the longest review of the app with saying the least about the actual app, but the state and county officials and workers that made this all possible need some kudos from time to time too. So thank you! Your work is appreciated. -Ryan, native Californian and humanitarian
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3 months ago, G37sdiva
Providers is Better Than Great!
Providers offers so many benefits to help in many different ways that is very useful for people who need assistance when you have a limited amount of funding. They are very understanding, super helpful and take care of their clients. A couple of months ago, I had an issue with several fraudulent charges. I called Providers and was immediately connected with a very nice female agent. I explained about the charges I did not authorize, nor have anything to do with them. They immediately reversed them without having to be grilled a million questions and wait for approval before reversing the charges, like all the other bank or debit card companies do. Finally, a company that is on my side; and, doesn't tell me they won’t reverse it unless I prove I didn’t make the charges! Thank you, Providers! They truly stand up to their name which makes them better than great!
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5 months ago, claverna
Better than my local bank!
I love this bank they don’t try to hold onto your deposit for as long as they can they give it to you as soon as they get it which is what I think they should do my local bank has it sitting so they claim it as theirs for as long as they can, and then they’ll give it to me to me that’s greedy. If you have it, give it how can one place give it early and the other one not because you’re choosing not to. As for speaking to them about a fraud case, our definition isn’t quite the same, regardless of using my card at a certain place to only find out a month later that it was used again at that place that’s still to me is fraud. I never authorize the second use am I right?they say you gave them your card yeah for something else not ongoing anyway that’s just my check I do have to say my hat is tipped to them. Thank you.
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4 years ago, kjohnson4226
This app is awesome! ❤️
This app has helped me keep of my weekly spending habits and provides much needed coupons to help people especially during this COVID time! We are struggling as it is and it makes it so much hard when you’re already on disability for cancer and have some teenage kids like I do that are very expensive to feed! And a toddler! Thanks for the partners who are teaming up to help provide food during these troubled times we live in and thanks to app developers for everything provided in this app! If I could win maybe a 1000$ hold a contest or see if y’all can get donations to help disabled people like me with money to provide for my children and pay bills that’d be awesome! I pray y’all can figure out partnering with non profits to help us maybe win or just donate money to sick ppl with kids and ppl out of work! It’s a wish and prayer I know but COVID has caused so many ppl to be out of work etc....
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4 years ago, Tiffany711
Thank you so much CalFresh!!! I would not make it through this time easily without you! Every level of this organization is stellar! The website I simple, large, readable print, not at all confusing, and really very thoughtfully ushers you through the short, encouraging process. Then the text and email service is very helpful and thoughtful as well. The app is simple and informative and the website is great. And finally, the folks who call to walk you through any finishing touches they need as well as the people at the place where you pick up your EBT card are incredibly friendly, warm and eager to help—I really can’t say enough about how stunned I was at the simplicity of this incredibly important program. In contrast to the Unemployment Insurance website during this pandemic, it’s heads and shoulders above in its sophistication and ease. So impressed!!! Thank you again!!
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2 months ago, 12&3&4&4&(8
To Whom It May Concern:
Providers gave me my life back. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as a disabled retiree. I didn't think with my family history that it was the right decision for our family but something about that Jonathon Lawson that just seemed to click for me with what he was saying. My ex-wife and I agreed that this is the best decision I've ever made and I thank god every day since Providers stepped into my life and made me an offer I couldn't refuse: a fair shake and firm grip while looking me in the eye as a disabled retiree. I just want to say god bless their team and their staff because I look forward to hearing from them. please stop what you are doing and download this app today, you have nothing to lose and your future is waiting for you today, I know I didn't think this would happen to me but it's a miracle.
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6 years ago, Sara Musick
Ease of use and security
This app is very useful to me. Makes things a lot faster when I need to know my balance. All I have to do is open the app, and my balance is there. No dialing numbers and choosing options or listening to any irrelevant information. Simple and to the point. I have not had to change my password at all. The only reason an app would lock you out , is for security measures, because after multiple tries it thinks you are someone else trying to get into the account . If you have issues logging in , it could be a simple typographical error , such as a wrong letter or number on the keyboard . There is no app or software that will let you use the same password multiple times; that is a security feature . Security features keep our information from being stolen and keep us from being the victim of identity theft or robbery.
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4 years ago, prettypettychels
Wowwww! So I’ve been using FreshEBT since I’ve had foodstamps which is going to be 4 years I think now lol and let me telllll you. It tells me when ima get my cash and foodstamps and updates with welfare. It’s not like the actual HRA app that you can scan documents and etc .. you can only see your information from your card without having to call, you also get a lot of coupons from supper markets near your area . Like I love stop & shop and they have so many coupons for them!!! So I recently filed for unemployment because of covid-19 and let me tellll you lmaoo. You can actually see your weekly claim on FRESHEBT! You just have to go to “add account “ which I never knew and you can add your unemployment or your wic for parents . So wow I actually really loveeee and appreciate this app!! Lol recommended to all my friends ♥️♥️🥴🤞🏻🧘🏼
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3 years ago, sweetjenn1981
I can’t get logged back in and there isn’t any contact for support
So the app was originally called fresh ebt. They automatically signed us in every single time the entire time so over the course of time I forget my log in credentials. Now the app has changed over to “Provider” it logged me out. So obviously I have to log back in. I don’t know my credentials. I’ve tried recovering them but the app keeps claiming I don’t know the city where my own child was born. I obviously know where my 16 year old was born. I even took out the space which is required per the app. I’ve tried spelling the city multiple ways just in case by chance I misspelled it by chance. Nothing has worked. If the app had support, maybe I could get this figured out and fixed. The app has absolutely no way to contact support. I’ve been trying for two days to contact some sort of support. I’ve been searching the app, and googling for a support contact. I did email their feedback but nobody ever responded to me. I have no way to get into the app.
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2 years ago, SGR/GRITS
Love the app
Not having to call or keep receipts or trying to guess-timate my remaining balance is a plus. My only issue is the “job” opportunities in your area section. I’m pretty sure most are scams. I tried clicking on one out of curiosity and that one was a scam. It was a work from home link. In the description it claimed there where many in my “local area”. Extra cash right? So I clicked it. Complete scam. Asking for you to pay money for your “supplies” that the “company” would ship you. You should NEVER have to send money to a company to PAY them to work for them. I haven’t tried anymore because you have to be extra careful when visiting sites these days. Scammers and hacking is at an all time high! Other than that I find the app very useful.
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3 years ago, sduncan2548
Poor service
I had the app on a different phone and recently switched phones to an iPhone. When I tried to load the debit portion of the app it gave me an error message and will not let me see anything other than the ebt portion. If anyone has food stamps I would not recommend this app to keep up with the balance as it wants you to get a new card that never shows up and if you get the child tax credit you will not have access to the funds. Just wish the app would go back to the way it used to be, keeping food stamps separate from everything else. Yes it can have its ups and down because you shouldn’t have more than one card for different things but if you were getting money sent to a bank account for the child tax credit or ssi or whatever the case could be if you don’t have the providers card you don’t have any money other than your food stamps. And for me I can’t pay my bills right now because I don’t even know where my child tax credit money is.
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2 years ago, flaxanlass
I’m thankful for food help
I’m 75 yrs old, live alone and not in great health so this means so much to me . I use my card thru a drive thru to eat in my car because I can’t walk very long or stand very long. I’m diabetic and I’m thankful that I can get healthy food like salads. I do wish I was able to get HOT food using this card mostly in winter. I’m great full for what I can get. I didn’t even know what it was to be poor until after 35 yrs of marriage and my husband found a younger girlfriend and we lost our home . I grew up in a middle class Christian family as an only child and never had to worry that I’d not have food. Now I get $655. a month as SS and $220. for SSI. I just make it from month to month. I wouldn’t with food stamps so thankyou for what you do. God Bless Diane
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4 years ago, Benkyer7
I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this app!! This is HANDS DOWN the most helpful app I have! Before when trying to check my balance before shopping sometimes the phone number on the back of the card would work-sometimes not. That would stink when trying to go get groceries and not be able to check my balance. Those days are long gone now thanks to this app!! Thank you so so much!! Also-I would not have known about the extra amount put on my card a couple weeks ago if I didn’t have this app. I did not get the letter telling me about those until TODAY! So they would have been on there all this time and me not even know and I am now in a position that I need now more than I have EVER needed them trying to feed 5 children,so again I thank you!!
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1 year ago, mayra😘
Add security alerts
Many people have been getting robbed of their SNAP benefits recently including me. I got hit twice with over $700 worth of benefits taken of my card. I know it isn’t the apps fault but it would be useful if the app had alerts that we could activate so we notice when someone uses our card somewhere or if a large amount is charged to the card. The day that may card was used I didn’t check the app at all because I only check it once in a while when I am not sure what my balance is but the people who were able to use my card used it about 10 times at different stores. If I would’ve of gotten some type of alert on any of the transactions I could’ve stopped it in time before they took so much money out. I just think it would be very useful to prevent some fraudulent transactions.
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1 year ago, lizie69
So far so good I can’t complain about it. It’s convenient for me when I have to know what Is on my Ebt account I just don’t like how Human Resources plays with my account they are never on time with my payment and they approve my cash assistance, but didn’t activate it until after seven months later, because they thought that they were some sort of misunderstanding with my identity and I never received the money back. I receive the food stamps, four months after making my case, which also didn’t make much sense and I was in the shelter so that money could’ve been saved for my apartment at least first months rent and then I would’ve already been working Donna deserve extra money for their mistakes?
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5 months ago, shelbey15
I wanna love it but…
I use to have this app for years it was the best thing EVER so convenient and kept me up to date on my info. But since a lot of the EBT card scamming has been happening the start of 2024. I’ve been told by my local office that this app was NOT associated with them and because people use apps like this you have to enter personal info and that’s how 90% of the time people get there benefits stolen. So I was giving there official app to download but it’s nothing like this one witch I just loved having available on my phone. But I’m so scared of having my info or benefits stolen that I definitely don’t wanna risk it. So from here on out I sadly have to delete the app 😓 but please be aware of those “EBT APPS” that are not officially registered with the government you definitely don’t wanna risk something you can not afford to get stolen.
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1 month ago, freebandzgvng
Since I’ve downloaded the app providers it’s came in clutch giving me all my transaction information on where I spent my money, helps me keep track on how much money I’m spending also it’s fast and reliable I guarantee you won’t have a fallout with this genius app. So go ahead and download load this app today and start living life in real time. EBT GR it helps you keep track of all that and more. I’m still knew to the app I have some exploring to do, but from the little bit I’ve been using it, it is grade A quality. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this now may you and whom ever is reading have a blessed and wonderful life ahead of you.
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8 months ago, Providers Fraud Victim
🚩🚩🚩Do not use this app or download it! This app is not associated with the health and human services. Your ebt benefits will get stolen. My pin was changed and $1700 worth of benefits were stolen when i had my card in my possession. I live in Texas and transactions were in Florida. I canceled my card and card services issued me a new one, my new benefits were stolen before i even got my card in the mail. The second benefits $500 that were stolen were transactions in New York. My card was completely wiped out twice due to using this app. I’m praying my benefits are gonna be replaced after the investigation. Also hoping when my benefits post next month they don’t get wiped out again. Once you put your info into this app, they got all your information from when your benefits are posted, they can change your pin and know your replacement card number before you even get your card. THIS APP IS A SCAM🚩🚩🚩🚩
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2 years ago, sapioholic
We all need to write apple to investigate or take this app down
My funds were stolen in the beginning of the month. This is the only app I use with my card. When I received a new card I didn’t want to put it into the app. Well they still were able to update my account and show me what funds were in there. They do keep your information, they’re lying when they say they don’t. They have our account information with DPSS because I didn’t even have to update this app with my new card and when you try to close an account, they make it difficult. This app needs to be shut down and investigated, I’m not the only person on here that has left a review. I suggest we all write apple a report about the app and have them take it off the market. It’s been hacked and no one is doing anything about it. We need to find out how to stop this from taking money and food from children!
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2 years ago, charityjo
Amazing and easy!
It makes staying in the know and managing all my benefits easier than ever! It’s never been so easy to check to find stores or deliveries to make sure they work with ebt at the touch of a finger! Knowing what I have to spend without going through auto call. Staying updated on everything that my county, state, or nationwide has going on during the pandemic. Which is great to know when you need to prepare for something, don’t want to miss out on something or even just stay informed. Especially for those of us struggling and needing assistance right now in other aspects than just food, they can connect you to any help that’s out there. It’s amazing
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1 year ago, JJMarishka
Great Service!
This app is an absolute must have if you get any kind of government food stamps! It’s interface is completely user friendly and you can see your balance/ updated balance with the touch of the button. All your information is stored securely and I have never had any issues regarding these things! If you get foood stamps I would HIGHLY recommend giving this app a go. Do away with the old crappy way of having to call your local 1 800 number and then type in your 17 digit card number only for it to say “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that…..” This app is reliable and safe. I will stand behind that statement bc this is the real easy deal!
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3 years ago, mvitamins
Life changing
When I first got excepted on this program I cried because I’m 61 i’ve worked since I was 16 and I’ve never thought ever that I would be on welfare, but let me tell you this is the best thing that’s ever happened I got a card in the mail with $400 on it I I started shopping at Trader Joe’s and now I can buy real food salads fruit chicken beef fish and make my own meals and eat healthy rather than the value meal at whatever fast food place for a dollar this is real food and it’s changed my life and I want to say thank you very much nothing to be embarrassed about these are strange times I don’t feel bad and nobody makes you feel bad when you’re using this card for anything which is cool. I’m grateful
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3 years ago, EllieOhLovely
This is probably the best app I have used in the last three years it keeps all of my transaction history available to me me and im struggling to put food on the table so when we see that our benefits hit we feel like we just won the lottery food is like gold for my family of 5 I’m a single mom in Cali who had to take my kids out of school because my smallest has a immune deficiency so having them at home I can’t work a real job so I try to door dash with the kids but it’s hard but this app makes things just a little bit easier and it’s a huge relief to just one thing go right in a world of wrongs 😊 - Ellie Chavarria
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4 years ago, ChuChu.831
EBT Made Simple!
I used to have to call the 1(800) number to check my balance & more often than not it took me 2-3 tries to get my correct number input. While it was a functional system, calling just took a little patience. However the app is perfect for the fast pace, immediate gratification culture we live in. Once setting it up, which only takes a few minutes, you can set it so it remembers your login info so that any time you want to check your balance, it’s literally just one tap. And there are a bunch of other functions & info available with it such as suggested weekly budget and past and upcoming deposits and when. A must have app for anyone with CalFresh.
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1 month ago, natahlah
Nice app but a few things
I like this app. It does what it’s supposed to however the loading time to see your balance is long sometimes. Annoying but doesn’t always happen. Another thing I was mildly bothered by was one of the job postings I clicked on. It was a WFH ad for TurboTax and seemed promising but I figured out it was pretty much a scam. I was let down when I (thankfully) googled them first (not TurboTax but another company) and figured out that it was a total waste of time and not an actual job. For people using this app that are receiving benefits, they obviously need real income. You would think that the app you check your benefits on would lead you to legit jobs, not scams. Just these things that are kinda annoying. Otherwise it’s a good app.
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4 years ago, kaythonious
I love this app.
I hate when I’m in a rush and needing to find out what my ebt food balance is and I’m unable to find my last receipt. Having to call my card on multiple occasions to get my balance can be a hassle at times. I don’t have the greatest memory so I find myself calling to find out my balance on a regular basis. Now that I have the ebt fresh app on my phone it has saved me allot of time and frustration. I am so glad someone told me about the ebt fresh app. I recommend it to so many people. So thank you for making it so easy to check my ebt fresh app balance without having to make a phone call. I also love that I can see my last purchases and what I’ve spent. Thank you EBT FRESH..
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4 years ago, GnnBroadcasting
Refused to log in, whereas no issues on old c4yourseft app
New app cannot log in and not made for this disable person with low vision app is sideways once you click to add user name or password, over all that door is blocked where you type in this info cannot type anything in because type screen blocking you to type anything in, therefore may this to work on ipad pro spent extra money to see on 12.9 inch screen , your new app fails , unbelievable, have not heard about american disabilities act? For reasonable accommodations? I demand you make your app for ipad pro within 24 hours urgently needed, if you do not i cannot get my food stamps denied by failed app you designed, extremely hungry to use card today it say zero balance to check online and saw new app you just made, but sideways blocking to enter my data. Send me email i will show you this disaster you caused.
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4 years ago, Dizzy lizzy 91
Like it used to love it having some issues past 3 days
So I am got hard time to remember balance and stuff and always have phone handy do was. Ice to have app but now I can’t get my balance for past 3 days it won’t update my amount info and money has been added and used from card had to call number for info on how much cuz app wouldn’t load says i am logged in but won’t load info says can’t get my states info right now try back later do I been trying for 3 days now and just not working I hope this gets fixed only dropped to 3 stars cuz of this other wise would keep it at 5 stairs also love that gives u coupons and shows jobs in the area and gives info on how and were u can find help for few things . Please fix this app I really loved to be able to use it
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4 years ago, Suzie.elizabeth23
Great app, very informative.
I love the Fresh EBT app because you can check your balance almost anytime, any place, without having to call. It is slow sometimes at updating the correct amount, but there's a refresh button in the top right corner that you can push that will update it. With the Fresh EBT app, you can also monitor your recent transactions, so you don't forget when and where your card was used. No more keeping up with long receipts. My cousin Laura introduced me to the app, and I'm glad she did! They also have tips on how to save your money, etc! Very useful app. Thank you Fresh EBT! With 3 kids; anything that makes things a little easier, is a win for me!
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3 years ago, rianej88
Makes it so much easier to access this app!
I am known for running to the grocery store and not checking my balance before I go in. This app is so convenient and is accurate never the less. I think it’s amazing that the providers app helps provide the information some may not have access to or have the privilege of being informed with the assistance out there. This app is actually an app that doesn’t have ads, doesn’t have anything to gain by helping you and doesn’t make you jump hoops to find out your balance or spending history. I’d give it 100 stars because of the purpose it serves.
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5 years ago, Queen Reecie
Broken app
So I’ve been using this app for almost a year now and suddenly today it logs me out of my account and says I have to log back in to see my balance- okay, fine. So I put in my card number and I put in my PIN and try to log in and the app says that I have to fill out a captcha, which wouldn’t be a problem if there WAS a captcha on my screen. I’ve tried scrolling up and scrolling down to see if I’m missing it- it’s simply not there. I’ve tried clicking on the captcha’s warning pop up to see if it takes me to it, but it doesn’t. I can’t see my benefits at all. I’m going to have to install the EBT Edge app. Very upset
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4 months ago, capt'Ghos7maked
The All-In-One Benefit App!
This is a great all-in-one app that handles our SSI and EBT benefits. The best part is Providers strives to get our sons SSI check as early as possible and sometimes up to nine days earlier than a regular bank account wire. It seems that they work well with state and federally funded organizations, not to mention job postings and local services that provide help in countless ways! With a complete in-app breakdown of when and where we spend both food and financial benefits, I would highly recommend it! I was reluctant at first but find myself relying on it as my main online financial institution! Get it for real, thanks Providers
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1 year ago, MzCubie❤️
Food Stamps
Awaiting on them to Be resubmitted to my card they were taken from me. Wondering when they will Be put back. As I only have 34$ left hopefully they get put back onto my card Soon. Thank God because I need them I’m still upset over the Manner why someone would Steal Ftom ppl such as myself. Seniors shouldn’t be put in situations such as these but God will provide for me this I know and whomever stole them from me will Pay dearly. I’m still in the Bible God Will restore what’s mines back to me Providers is doing their part as well to restore my EBT back onto my card I’ll just have to wait it Out🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹
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3 years ago, Keee$h
AMAZING, honestly.
This app AMAZING. No exaggeration! but I loveeee it, being a young mom and still learning, needing help gets even easier with this app. It have so many different opportunities to help your life in helpful ways, keep up with you Ebt purchase, help financially maintain your budgets, help with kids, free movie apps, free pets helpings. Just SO much more things and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever, love when I’m being helped. Love having a app like this to help me & my family. #1 app to me and I would definitely recommend to just about anybody. I hope this app stays forever. Very easy to understand and very convenient! 1000 stars
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3 years ago, clarinet-__-
This app is awesome and super convenient. BUT I just opened the app to find out it has changed ALOT. That’s cool no biggie I’m proud of your growth and all but as I opened the app I was informed and lead through a process I believed was to re-login to my account. At the end of the process waiting to be lead to my account it tells me I wasn’t approved for a whole credit card. I had no idea that I was signing up for credit card and maybe it’s just me and I’m oblivious but I know there’s a lot of other people who use this of all ages and it was a bit predatory and even though Idr care there could be someone that does exactly what I did and you could mess up their whole credit and crap. So maybe I’m crazy but that’s all I have to say.
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3 years ago, Mom of 3 Queen B
Because I'm a person who has destroyed my phone not intentionally tho 🤣😂🤣😂 I can barely hear when making or taking phone calls so this app is the best thing that has ever happened to me I can still handle and conduct me and the families business check my account whenever I need to without making one phone call I do have one suggestion tho since we got the extra cards for the kids for their lunch money can there be a way that we can and the card to our account so we can see it too that would be awesome other that that everything is great.
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4 months ago, van_essa03
I thought this app was good with all the features. I usually pull my cash out on the 1st to deposit in my bank account this was the first month I didn’t and I had my cash aide taken out at a bank I never use. While looking through my transactions since I’ve used this app I’ve had numerous attempts to take my money this month was the only success time since I didn’t pull my money out! Also my snap has been used numerous times. I’ve reported the fraud activity and gave this appt info. This is the only app I’ve ever used and now I’m a victim of fraud!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP! I know it might seem convenient. But the best thing to do is keep your receipts, call the ebt line to get balance updates and use your state website!! People will steal from anyone. Protect yourself and family don’t use this app.
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