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User Reviews for Prune

4.23 out of 5
546 Ratings
4 years ago, golli_gee
Amazing game but ditch the autozoom!
I would have given this game 5 stars if it wasn’t for that annoying feature. I understand the desire to keep things stylistic since it is a gorgeous game, but gameplay should always be top of mind. There are so many objects to watch out for with foresight that it doesn’t make sense that it keeps trying to autozoom in when you need it to do the exact opposite. As my plant grows, I need an increasingly WIDER view. Coupled with having to actively move secondary objects around the screen makes the autozoom an annoying and unnecessary feature. At least give it an ‘on/off’ switch.
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7 years ago, Beenplayinawhile
Absolutely Love This Game, But, Could Use a Few Improvements
I just started playing this game about a week ago and love it. It looks so simple but there's so much more than what it looks like. There's a few things though that I feel could make the game even better and address a couple of questions and issues. I was surprised to find out there was a "ceiling" and you can only go so far up. It would be great if it was indefinite to see how far you can actually go. I was also wondering what the different color "moons" or "suns" were, are they something you want to branch out as much as possible to? And the different colored diamonds in the sky. I noticed occasionally when there's a blue diamond a blue flower will bloom then just as quick disappear. I seem to notice when cutting branches the game doesn't respond to my swipe and sometimes it takes two or three times before it cuts. Lastly, are white branches a good thing? They seem to be a random thing. It would be great if these things could be explained in the opening of the game. Otherwise, I think it's a great game!
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4 years ago, kirkland1993
A relaxing, engaging, and peaceful puzzle game
I got this game when it went free to support people in lockdown due to the pandemic. I first just want to stop and point out how generous and kind that was before I even discuss the game. Thank you! On first glance, I was underwhelmed by the game. I thought the pruning concept was too simple and it was a rather boring. However, I am glad to say this was a very, very wrong first take. After sinking some time into this game (I am at the 4th world) I find that the game develops its mechanics in a fashion that feels intuitive to the player without having to say a word, and required me to focus on how to solve each puzzle in its unique fashion. Furthermore, they are able to build on each level while maintaining the black and white serene atmosphere. I am usually someone who always has their phone on silent. But this is a game that needs to be played with sound. The soundtrack is so calming and peaceful, and playing this game with headphones in is a meditative masterpiece.
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7 years ago, Dubs1
oh, and in case you didn't know - this game/experience deserves the hype
One of my all time favorite games...it's just so perfect in every way...the craft/art that went into this game/project by the dev and musician is one of the all-time greatest achievements in IOS gaming...imo, it changed every notion you could have about an iOS game, and the kind of game devs could make...this is like that masterpiece album that influenced a new generation of game developers with a strong visual presence, combining a timely thought provoking message and innovative gameplay. This is an essential for any iOS library. The score is unbelievably haunting, uplifting and beautiful at difference times within the game...the final 'level' or sequence can bring me to happy tears of joy. Update: developer deserves praise for awesome customer support which is so refreshing to see...this guy can do it all, and seems like one of the nicest people....seriously, support this game if you are discovering for the first time
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6 years ago, 18Planet
Proof That Games Are Art
All I can say is... wow. This game is so much more than just about cutting branches and growing flowers or whatever. It is a story; a story about life, how no matter what obstacle life encounters, it will find a way to survive and continue. And I have never felt so emotionally impacted by a game in my life, besides Shadow of the Colossus. For example, sometimes, I complete a level while the “red” stuff, whatever it is, is infecting my tree, and, even though I completed the level, I feel a pang of sadness as I know that that tree will spend the rest of its days as a red husk, unable to produce flowers or do anything other than sit there as a testimony to the red infection. I have never felt like this towards a game, ever; this is a game about GROWING TREES, for Pete’s sake. And yet it managed to pull on my heartstrings as though I could feel everything the trees felt in the game. Easy five stars, amazing game.
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7 years ago, kellyaf29
Thank you for your game!
I absolutely adore everything about your game— the music and sound effects are so calming and add a tangibility to all the on screen actions. The art design is easily my favorite part— the use of color as a guide throughout the different levels is really clever. Keeping the game mechanics straightforward helped me feel engaged with the game while still being able to actively enjoy the unique and beautiful world you created. Two of my all time favorite console games are Flower and Journey, and you have managed to evoke the sense of calm and focus I get with those games. I have not encountered a mobile game I have enjoyed as much as yours. I hope you keep making games, and I will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future! Thank you for your game!
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7 years ago, KassidyChicken
Short, But Sweet and Meaningful
Title describes the game really. When I got to the end, I had a feeling I knew what was gonna happen & when it happened it was even better and such a full circle I felt. I just thought, "Whoaaaaa." I felt so proud. I learned so much from this game. You'll know what I mean when you play it, which I recommend you do. I've played it only once through but in the future perhaps I'll play again & take my time to try pruning differently so I can achieve some neat looking trees. I felt like the first time I was still learning and ended chopping the branches off into stubs, desperately trying to save my tree. Anyway play it. It's 3.99 but like my bf said, you're paying for an experience. And a great experience it was!
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7 years ago, BananaDemon777
Beautiful and Haunting
The Music, the design, everything about this game was so amazing that I can't stop thinking about it. I also see a meaning in it: as I progressed, the game got more difficult but also, the themes became more industrialized and the trees became further down underground; it became more difficult for them to reach the light and people probably forgot about nature. In the last level, everything was shaking and the world was overtaken with red (nuclear holocaust of the human race?) and then everything was dead. And there was a tree, showing that life still continues. I found it to be an incredibly strong metaphor that induced such a strong emotional, mental, and even spiritual reaction from me.
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5 years ago, Tim McNally
When I first purchased this game, I played it because of the stimulating but relaxing nature of shaping the tree, and I found each new individual level and variable that was introduced fresh and entertaining. However, I played the game rather impatiently without paying much attention to the storyline. At least, this was true at first. As the game progressed, I no longer solely focused on the aspect of passing each level individually, but became enamored with the overall storyline and how it was entirely expressed without words, yet still managed to embody a powerful sentiment regarding human species’ impact on the world as a whole. I rarely write reviews for anything, but this game struck a very positive chord with me.
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7 years ago, Gm1234gm
I found this to be a beautifully designed game. Not just the minimalist graphics and dramatic score, but it also seemed symbolic to me. Maybe I'm reading too much into a game, but it seemed like you're being taught life lessons like you must shed old beliefs to grow (pruning), you'll be drawn to toxic people but if you let them in, they'll destroy you (the red circle), some people need coaxing to grow, couples should grow together... Again, probably reading too much into it. As for game play, it starts out easy and gets more challenging as you maneuver obstacles and try to figure out how to keep your tree going. Recommended for those wanting a slower paced game.
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6 years ago, Str141
Simple and calming
Yes it is VERY simple to play but you may find yourself trying to decipher some of the colors and effects of some of the levels. It took me 2 days to make it through the game but now I'm going back for blue flowers and to try to reach the sun etc. I would love to see some instructions added. Maybe the option to turn on or off a point system. I like the non complicated nature of it but I don't think it would be diminished with clarification and points. Maybe a second game with different challenges? Would definitely buy a second version guys! If you build it, I will come!
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6 years ago, Blue Albatross
It’s art is lovely at least...
I really enjoyed the art style of simplified colors to tell you what to avoid and the objective is, it lends itself well to the interesting gameplay mechanic of letting the tree grow and pruning it back to avoid obstacles. I enjoyed all the levels and trying to get the blue flowers as the challenge but it’s way too short. I beat this game under three hours and I’m not that great at puzzle games to begin with. Then add on another hour just to go back and get the blue flowers, plus I wish there was more of incentive to even want to get the blue flowers like a different cutscene or something. I overall really enjoyed the concept and gameplay but really hope they come out with more levels in the next update.
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7 years ago, 707609
I have had this game in my wish list for a while and I finally decided to download it. I couldn't be happier. I have only played it for about 5 minutes but I absolutely love it. I am by no means a "gamer" and I don't play a lot of games on my phone but I do like to have some in standby while I'm waiting or on a plane or whatnot. This game is peaceful and relaxing. There are no time limits or things to beat. Just grow your tree and prune it so it reaches the sun. The music is just perfect and Zen. Need I say more. If you're into peaceful, relaxed type games....this is it.
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4 years ago, AnonymousSeven
Lovely. It blows my mind how much variation there is in the different levels. I was a little frustrated when I started to play it as I found the beginning too easy, but the second section gratified my wish for a small challenge. You’ve taken a tiny idea and expanded it into something amazing. This app is like a poem in the form of a game. Thank you! One more note. I finished the game exceedingly quickly — and now I’d love some more. Is there a Prune 2 or anything?
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4 years ago, bdbino
Beautiful and challenging
Prune is basically perfect and perfectly simple. You simply prune trees to make them grow. But this beautifully designed game is much more challenging than that. Creativity, quick thinking, and skill are required to navigate around obstacles and reach goals. It is extremely satisfying and the levels are still fun to replay because there are multiple ways to accomplish goals and the resulting tree will always be unique. No ads!! Not even a beg for reviews! One of the best games I've played in a while.
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6 years ago, E.S.S.
An enticing idea, an imperfect execution
The goal of Prune is to grow and prune trees around obstacles until the tips reach a certain destination. Unfortunately, this tends to result in fewer “visually stunning” trees and more long, vine-line ropes reaching for a target. The minimalist design is pretty and soothing, but occasionally makes the game confusing. Also, once you unlock the blue level replays, the game will automatically zoom out when you’ve completed the original level objective, even if you’re in the middle of trying to complete the new one. Some aspects of the game are time sensitive, so this can be unwelcome if it happens at an inconvenient time.
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7 years ago, KikiTheSunBird
Love this game but...
...it's either way too glitchy or way too confusing, I can't tell which. Allow me to explain: I find the layout of the levels extremely confusing. It's just dots and some of them are clear and others are filled in? Are the clear ones incomplete? Does it even mean anything? Who knows! Not me. I've played a couple times and had it suddenly reset to the beginning without warning. I have no idea if this means I won the game, or if it was a glitch. What's the deal? Who knows! Not me! If that IS the end of the game, that's an alarmingly short number of levels for a game you pay for. Wish it kept going! Anyway basically I'm just hella confused about what levels I have or have not played and whether or not I've beat the game, or if it's glitching out on me. Will I ever find out? Who knows! Not me! Tldr: extremely fun with great game play but super confusing interface when switching between levels.
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6 years ago, troyboy1900
I’ve seen positive reviews on this game for a long time. This is one of those games that would never make sense for me, personally, to like it. After playing it for the past two days, it just works. It makes you feel calm and like you’re accomplishing something meaningful all at the same time. This game is awesome. I’m not sure if it will be the same for everyone, but it’s definitely worth finding out for how good it feels if this game is for you.
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7 years ago, Bitzy0293
I'd pay for it again!
Wow. What an incredible experience! It's nothing how I expected it to be, and I was MORE than pleasantly surprised. At the credits, when I realized what had happen, I was definitely crying. If I could, I'd wipe my memory, pay for it again, and experience it all over again. Maybe this has impacted me so much due to my personal problems and situation. For the average person, STILL highly recommend. Thank you for the lovely game<3
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7 years ago, TBarte
Great game, lacking in length.
I saw this on sale for 99¢ and figured I'd give it a shot. Beautiful visuals, relaxing music and a very addictive premise. My only complaint is the length of the game. I was able to complete it all in a single day. I'm hoping for some update to add more content. Maybe even a free play mode where you can just grow and prune trees without obstacles. All in all, worth the buck I spent.
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5 years ago, Samuelj03
Not a Cultivation Game
I got this game fully expecting that it live up to its phrase, “cultivate what matters” only to learn that in it essence, this game is simply another strategy game, where you use Fruit Ninja like strokes to manipulate a tree. There is no real tutorial to learn how each cut you make on the tree actually affects its growth, and for those looking for more of the nature and beauty aspect of games, this one can be very misleading. Many times, it is not even clear what the objective is for each level, and I find the culmination of these things dissatisfying all in all.
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7 years ago, Juanpina310
I do not know where to begin. So I will just say that this game is an absolute blessing. I can go on and on about this game, but my main focus is those white trees. I have continued to unlock these secrets within the game and I'm stuck on that white tree I saw. It amazed me, brought me to realization that this game is more then just cutting branches off of a tree, it's furthering what the eye can't see. Developer, aid me in my efforts to conquer this game. Thank you.
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7 years ago, LabradorableMollie
So relaxing!
I especially like this app because the creative challenge with the background music an added plus! The example video is only a taste. This is a level earning challenge that is not as simple as you would think. I originally bought it for brain stimulation. Success! It's awesome, relaxing and challenging all together. I've paid for TWO apps and this one by far, is worth it!
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7 years ago, Telepopjustin
Beautiful, Playable, Intuitive
I've never loved a game so much that I reviewed it. But Prune is truly such a wonderful indirect story of care and threat to the beauty of the earth, and it's also extremely playable. It never becomes annoyingly puzzling, but the challenges are animated and scored in a way that makes you want to continue. It honestly makes me want to go prune my bonsai tree, but that will still take years to grow large.
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5 years ago, Smittyapolis
A mesmerizing, beautiful game
This is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Elegant, haunting, mesmerizing, stylish and addictive. It’s amazing how a simple and beautiful design, with such a smooth user interface, can create such an amazing experience. While the game is simple, it feels like it echoes life on such a deeper level. Play this game and you will understand, and you’ll admire what’s been created here. It’s short and simple, but very rewarding.
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7 years ago, bapplem
Rewarding, relaxing, & irrationally meaningful.
Prune isn't really a game, since there's nothing to win or lose but its central metaphor: nurturing a living thing can lead to a sense of hope. Strategic trimming in the right place at the right time permits the tree to reach the light and bloom. Prune's designers must be real world gardeners: they've implemented selective trimming techniques that encourage new growth and it's blossoms; they know the difference b/n a saw, scissors, and consequences of both.
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6 years ago, Dusty the Dingo
Uplifting & Beautiful
This game was worth buying, the music and beautiful nature of the game makes me feel uplifted. I have recently passed the first level and now on to the 2nd level. I was wondering if you could add the flowers of my favorite tree, cherry blossoms (I don’t know if you already have them). I could play this late into the night. It’s all I can really say, amazing work. Thanks, Dusty the Dingo
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6 years ago, 44queenthing
Prune is Amazing!!
Anyone looking for a great game needs to get Prune today! This game captures your attention for hours and has a stunning design. I feel as if I couldn’t put Prune down once I began to play it! I also feel as if Prune has opened my eyes to the effects of industrialization on the surrounding environment, from overcoming Prune’s life ruining challenges and the beauty of avoiding such challenges to succeed in sustaining life.
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3 years ago, Transmaster
I cannot believe I have not rated this game
I have had this game installed since 2015. This is a true ASMR Type of game very Zen. The stress relief this game imparts is very welcome. Even though I have been through all of the levels countless times I never get tired of the experience. I sure wish more levels, or a similar game could be developed.
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5 months ago, Erik Soong
It’s back!
Omg! I have had this on my phone for years and kind of forgot about it but it used to be my go-to for some calming, meditative distractions. Cleared all the levels long ago. Now it is back with the first update in years (5 years). I am so pumped! Thank you for the update to one of my favs! It was worth the wait.
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4 years ago, alittlebrittle
Hate It
From the outset I thought this would be a relaxing, artful experience. It is NOT. It’s depressing, and quite stressful as the game progresses. I am also sick to death of being laden with guilt or sorrow over our greed, avarice, destruction of nature, etc etc etc ENOUGH! I use games to ESCAPE reality, not be plunged into it, and I wish more developers would create games that didn’t become increasingly difficult...what is the obsession with this tired trope?? Life is a challenge, sometimes just getting out of bed is a challenge, I don’t need them in my downtime as well.
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7 years ago, sosakan
I was really excited to see this on sale but on playing it was disappointed with the lack of modes, such as relaxed play. Because you have to trim every single branch in order to progress, the tree doesn't look pretty or healthy. I was hoping this would be a Pocket bonsai where one could slowly cultivate a tree as well as play the game but unfortunately the short five "chapters "went by extremely fast. It's an OK game but I feel like it was overhyped.
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7 years ago, sakurali
totally worth my $$
i'm an artist so i'm really picky about the art in my games. i loved the minimalist design of the game and the simple colors and beautiful animations. the music was something i could totally zen out to. its really pleasing and you almost don't realize it's there. it's completely unintrusive and really enhances the gameplay. i agree with the other users who said that the game was symbolic. it's strangely moving and almost emotional growing your own tree and keeping it safe from harm. and you get this odd sense of pride when you've "raised it right" and it flowers. i recommend this game to anyone and it's worth whatever you're about to pay for it.
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4 years ago, The awesomeness!
Good and relaxing...
This game is unlike any other and takes the concept of pruning trees and turning it into something really fun and relaxing. It’s great! Only complaint I have is it needs to have more levels. I know it has more then usual puzzle games have but still I feel like it needs more work...it’s really good though. Recommend it!
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5 years ago, Asdfgfdfgh
Art or Arcade Game?
Worth 3 or 4 stars but...is this art? Yes it is art & that aspect is worth 5 stars however as an artist and gardener who loves to prune do we HAVE TO grow a tree in 30 seconds? I would love a Zen mode where the player can either choose the Speed of Growth or just offer a slow mode. When a player is forced to wildly slash branches while scooting your "magnetic sun" around with another hand the game plays like a cheap arcade game, hence two stars from a 60 y.o. gardener who was weened on cheap arcade games. PLEASE give us a speed selection or Zen mode!
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6 years ago, Sam0LA
Love the game but its lagging
So I used to play this game on, I think, iphone 7 that my friend had. I got the game few days ago and i loved it but i dont really know why but the frame rate is really low as if im playing w an iphone 5. I dont think its my phone bexause i play many other games which require high graphics but arent as slow as this (i use an iphone X)
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7 years ago, Holyterror44
The timed levels ruin the meditative aspect
I love this app. It's beautifully designed, and generally a pleasure to play. I initially found it very relaxing, but the levels at which the plant burns, introducing a time constraint ruin that aspect. Other levels are challenging without being rushed, which is much more in keeping with the pleasure of the game.
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7 years ago, The beauty of having a mind
This app is a nice idea, but offers the user very little control. I cut branches to my liking and waited for it to grow flowers. The tree only grows when you cut branches off. And It only flowers when you cut nearly all of the branches off. By then it's pathetic. I would not have bought this had I known my interaction with it would be so limited. I want to be able to choose the shape AND have flowers. You can't have both.
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8 years ago, Alejandro_tea_Great
Simply Beautiful
The color scheme of the art goes well with game play to create a satisfying activity. The colors contrast each other in a graceful way making it appealing to the eye. Gameplay itself is simple yet hooks your attention almost immediately. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes art or wants a fun app in airplane mode.
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8 years ago, Fggifhhifhdghfhg
Very relaxing.
Very relaxing especially on the train. It's a cool app to use when you are stressed out. Or feel the need to be in control. The only thing is that it's a bit short. But you can reset and start all over again. Hope more content is added.
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5 years ago, ramblinrosethegreat
Very simple but relaxing
I like it so far, barely into it. I read a review that said it had sound. I have my volume all the way up but I can’t hear anything. I checked my settings but nothing is off. I even closed the app and reopened it to to sound. Otherwise I enjoy the concept and the functionality of the game.
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7 years ago, Elizabeth200263
Average Game
I bought this game thinking that it would calm me down. It was fine in the beginning, but then it just got too boring too keep playing, since it was the exact same concept over and over again. Definitely not worth the money. The overall idea is awesome, but I do think the developers should do a better job trying to keep players entertained.
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2 years ago, jdhdidhdh
To fast
So first of all I love this game but here are some things the creator should add I finished the whole game in about a week(on another device) so they should add some more levels or put a creative mode where you can make your own little map other than that The game is great
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3 years ago, reddirtg
This app is more than a mere game… it’s a parallel of life. Nov 2015 thru January 2020 is like when toxic growth happens —ends in death of the whole tree. From March 2020 onward, keeping toxic people in ones life brings without pruning them off also brings, stunted growth, destruction & death of the whole tree. ~September 6, 2021.
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7 years ago, ofojoe
I'm glad I waited until the price drop.
I enjoyed this game but it is severely lacking in content. I easily finished it completely on the first day. I have had this on my wish list for a long time and I'm glad I waited. I would have been extremely disappointed if I had paid full price.
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2 years ago, Josh Hutchinson
Love this game but gets choppy
I really enjoy this game and I play a couple of levels every night before I goto sleep. I do wish this game had 60fps support since my iPad Pro is equipped to handle performance like that. I also do notice that there are some choppiness to some of the animations when drawing the tree. If those are fixed, it’s an easy 5 stars.
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4 years ago, freeman70
Fantastic game!
This masterpiece is a balance between elegance and challenge, without being frustrating. I’m not a fan of games that are just challenging for the sake of being challenging. It’s hard to put down really because it takes you on a journey. Excellent!
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7 years ago, Christopher M. McKoy
Short but fun
It's relatively short (5 zones) but it's a lot of fun. Some of the puzzles get a little challenging, but it never feels frustrating and lets you skip ones if you can't figure it out. It's nice to play when you have a few moments here and there.
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7 years ago, ٩(⑅๑>◡<๑)۶
Fun Concept Well Executed
Great game. It was fun figuring out how each type of tree grew and how to manipulate them. My only issue I have is I played through it in a day, so maybe more levels? Also what are those white trees that grow off to the side out of sight in some levels? They disappear if you try to cut any of their branches.
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7 years ago, Jcthom4
I NEVER write reviews for apps, but this game is something special. The visuals, the music, everything about this game is amazing. I’m not sure if ‘spoilers’ are a thing in a metaphor-based story such as Prune’s, but just in case, I’ll just say that the ending is so deeply emotional considering this is a game about TRIMMING TREES. Anyway, great game, 100% worth it.
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