PSN Payments

1.6 (46)
93.4 MB
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Payment Service Network
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for PSN Payments

1.61 out of 5
46 Ratings
3 years ago, The Holmes' Place
Could Use Some Help
The app does what it says it’s supposed to do, but not very well. Those of you who read reviews, I’d recommend having this app, but as a 2nd source of information only. Until this app gets the overhaul that it badly needs, just be careful when using the app, and go to the website instead for anything of importance.
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9 months ago, Dmitch1
Consistently terrible
Our local electric/water company uses PSN for online payments. While the website is good, we thought we’d try the app a number of years ago, and deleted it rather soon after - it just didn’t work well. Today, I decided to try it again, despite the consistent poor reviews. Lo and behold, making payments is impossible. A card is the only option selectable (totally fine - I use one card for utility payments), but no credit card types are available, so while the card information can be entered, it’s impossible to proceed without choosing a non-existent card type. And, 5 minutes after I decided to give it another chance, I deleted it. I’m sticking with the website. The app is nothing but a way to see a balance, which can be done on the website.
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1 year ago, Courtneycox737
I’ve never seen an app with this many issues
I’ve never felt compelled to read the reviews for an app before. But wow, it seems any issue that can happen, has happened. The worst part is, the bad reviews go back almost a DECADE, and nothing has changed. Is there anyone in charge of this app? Fire them, and get a whole new team. I’ve only been using the app for 2 months. The first month, it worked like it was suppose to. Super convenient to be able to look back on all my bill and payment history. Now, on the 2nd month, I can’t see my bill. I can’t see any past activity. All it shows me is the amount I owe, with no due date, and nothing else. Very annoying.
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1 year ago, Reynolds - Illinois
Doesn’t work right
This app is supposed to be what we’re supposed to use to pay our water bill and I personally haven’t been able to make a payment on it in months. Doesn’t maintain payment information, doesn’t want to save payment information and constantly jams up. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t even help. I don’t know what updates were done but either undo them (because I’ve never had this issue in the past) or completely revamp and recreate this app so that people can get back to paying their bills. Frustrating - Absolutely frustrating.
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4 years ago, KingKhufu
Late service
This app is terrible!! It doesn’t reflect onto the pain party’s account until it’s too late. I payed my bill on time in the app But I was still charged a late fee since the app didn’t process it in time. Also it doesn’t show any due dates it just shows what the balance is as if the following Monday so u never know anything about when you have to pay and what’s going on. I had to call my actual water company to figure out what was going on. And why I was getting a late fee every month. Terrible app I do not recommend
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4 years ago, Justin5822
Utility Payment App is great!!
I luv this app and use it to pay my bill every month!! It shows my previous payments and balances, and also lets me save my payment info so I don’t have to enter it in every month.
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3 years ago, AmanDan7981
It does not let me select a payment method, and when I try the option is blank. I would Love to be able to use this APP, but unfortunately I can’t!
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4 years ago, ountersee
Does not work... unable to login
I have tried to get access via the app (yes, I have an account, yes I am using the correct user name and password) but every time I try I get a message no WiFi or low bandwidth, but yet I am able to use my phone with out any issues including internet...
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2 years ago, P-Lette1
Problem with payments
I use to never have an issue with paying my rent in here but now when I try I get a message saying “Rural Water District #1 Murray only allows payments between the 1st and 27th of the month” So today is the 1st and I still can’t may pay rent payment, this is ridiculous!
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4 years ago, Plasid Platypus
Do not trust this app!!!
I set up auto draft when I got this app, first payment went through fine. However, my next bill showed I had a past due balance! Checked my bank account, and I was charged for the utility bill and was still showing I owed a balance on the bill I paid. DO NOT download!!!
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4 years ago, PrettyKitty5278
I used to live in Clarksburg WV and this was the Water Boards payment app. It was horrible!!! I moved back so re-downloaded it & surprise NO CHANGE, it still steals your money. Waterboard does nothing. Really rude woman will belittle you & harass & even threaten you to pay them yet apps & email with payment proof mean nothing. Just pay in person
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10 months ago, 92635182046277
Can’t even create an account
When I try to make a new account, the pinwheel just sits there and spins around and around indefinitely. Kind of amazing that my municipality relies on this. Now I have to cut a paper check and drop it off like it’s 1999.
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2 months ago, Xioz Taschez
Can’t log in
Cannot log in when not connected to Wi-Fi?! Seriously?! Don’t waste your time, use the website or better yet, ask your utility company to change services.
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4 months ago, Fab1938
I have to use it and I hate it
I have to use this app for rent and half the time it doesn’t let me log in and says network not available. Frustrating when I’m on a time crunch.
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9 months ago, TheSpaniard229
Barely ever loads, can’t create account
The app stays stuck on loading. If you’re lucky enough to get through then it still doesn’t let you create and account.
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1 month ago, 1D_Monica
Zero stars
This is the worst app ever. Every time I try to make a payment the app doesn’t work. 😤🤬. I have been trying to pay my water bill for awhile now. Now I have late fees! Fix this app please.
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6 months ago, buffylover1212
If the App Store would allow me to give zero stars I would don’t try to call customer service cause apparently they don’t know jack about jack don’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Dana32117
Recent update destroyed my saved information
App hasn’t changed for the last 6 years I’ve lived in my apartment, until now. Now I can’t make a payment because the app is freezing up.
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8 years ago, Snowbnd13
I like the more user-friendly interface, but this app still has some serious glitches! When you choose a tab and then return to menu, it displays part of each screen: the current and the previous. The buttons are slow to respond, making it seem as though it didn't work. This app has a long way to go.
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2 years ago, nadwodny
Would be convenient but can’t even open the app up. It just crashes. Why recommend to use the app if it’s unusable.
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4 years ago, Hedgie369
Doesn’t work, they don’t care
Payment details won’t save, emailed for support, they don’t care, told me to make my payment using a browser. What is the app good for if I can’t make any payments?
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4 years ago, المجربي
Still Need some work
I need to be able to see my bills and activities more than 2 months. Plus $2.99 convenience fee. It’s 2020.
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2 years ago, Addicted VA
Horrible app!
This app doesn’t show our past invoices, nor detailed activity of fees, payments and usage. What’s the purpose of this app?
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5 years ago, Demonsmurfette
Can't make payments
Pretty much can't use the app after the update.
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9 months ago, RiffRaff1963
Poor rating, 1.6
Why nobody cares to improve this app???
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3 years ago, LBJ😡😡
Mobile app
Garbage don’t waste your time
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4 years ago, 28ELS
This app stinks! Was able to make ultility payments and have more than 1 company in your account. Not any more. Can find the company in search but can’t make a payment! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 back to the post office I go! 🤬
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4 years ago, Spagtilla
Business Id
Just doesn’t work. My business ID doesn’t start with RT or CP
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6 months ago, 658392:
Horrible app
Its bad. Thats the review.
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6 years ago, DJWTN
Multiple Issues - Poor Customer Service
Normally I do not post comments but this is ridiculous. I had autopay set up for my 2 household water bill accounts but end up with a delinquent notice. The 1st time this happened I chalked it up to an unfortunate circumstance. The customer service rep assured me everything was taken care of. Months later the same issue. How does this happen. I use autopay wherever possible without issue so I know how this is supposed to work. While trying to rectify issue with customer service they tell me it is not set up although it worked fine for quite awhile then they tell me that it shows it was set up then back to it was not set up. What kind of record keeping system do they have? These guys have my financial data and have no idea what is going on. I escalated to the supervisor, or least he claimed to be the supervisor. He was evasive and more interested in justifying their actions than resolving the issue. I’m sorry but 3 strikes and your out. I’m done with PSN and warn others to be very wary if you are looking for a reliable worry free payment service.
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9 years ago, Utility bill payer
Piece of garbage
One of the other reviews rates a 5 and says it's free and you get what you pay for. All fine if I had any choice in using it. The utility company for my city only allows payments through this god awful system. I moved recently and apparently the app can't handle listing one open account and listing (or not) one closed account. Instead it lists 3 different accounts and the name for each of them is just a garbled string of special characters. When attempting to make a payment to any of them it returns an error that simply says 'error'. How intuitive... Methinks the 5 star review is the joke of a programmer that 'made' (read: crapped out) the app or one of the city employees whose dim idea it was to transition to this broken payment system.
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6 years ago, baylee00
Website\app are horrible
I am not one to complain but I have lived in my house for 4 years and usually mail in or drop off my utility payment. I pay everything else online so I decided to try this one out. First of all It took me forever to get logged in. 2 I had to call the 1 800 number to have them reset my password. 3 when I did get in my account it had somebody else’s name and customer number With their personal payment info listed. 4 my builders email was still on my account. So I had to go call again and have them remove all of that so that I could add my info. 5 when I actually did make a payment it sent me two confirmation notices that I paid my bill so I had to call again to make sure that it did not charge me twice. (which it did not thankfully) The only plus was that everyone I did speak to was very nice and helped me resolve the issue on the 3 separate calls I made. I just don’t feel very secure having my personal info on a app or website that is having these kind of issues. This website needs a lot of work.
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6 years ago, MrPastryCA
Works okay like the website
Nothing unique, fancy or interesting about this app. Basic, crude, works as well as the PSN website. How well the payee has things set up on their end likely affects smoothness of functionality. Bills do not display in the app and link to a PDF download in web browser. Works okay, but crude. Interface format clearly focused on smart phone, and works fine on tablet as well.
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6 years ago, 218 dumpster fire
Dumpster Fire
This app is the burning trash in the dumpster fire. I have went to the website and requested to change my password numerous times and only one email has come to me to change the password. Went through the process to change said password and tad-a - it still doesn’t let me login. Forgo this app and call your local municipality and make the payment that way - at least that way your payment will actually be made.
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7 years ago, IronRanger13
Cannot see current balance
For the past couple months I would receive an email that my payment is due, but when I go to the app the balance does not show. I have to log onto the website in order to see what is owed.
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10 years ago, blitt002
App is awful
Every time I go to 'submit payment', this app does absolutely nothing! I am so disappointed my local water is using this for their new payment app. It's very frustrating to not be able to pay my bill online now. The website that the water company was using before worked every time and now I have a headache every time it's time to pay my bill. I guess I will have to go back to snail mail for paying my water bill again. :(
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5 years ago, 444Carrie444
Horrible App!!
This app keeps telling me I need to select payment type. There is a wheel to select different options. You can move the selection wheel but it is empty no matter where you move it to. If you bypass this and add your card number it states you need to add the payment type first but you can’t. After reading some of the other reviews I choose to keep my financial information from this app. I’ll mail the payment in!
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10 years ago, nursegina1972
No problems
I just downloaded this app today and paid my water bill with no problems. Fast & easy, no convenience fee added either.
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5 years ago, LMcLallen
Lousy online payment record
Made two payments in December for rent that never showed. Apt complex switched to this without proper notification or setuo info. Made the payments and they verify THANK GOD that they have them but still do not show in my history. I emailed asking again why they arent showing and they addressed the issue in the email about the apt complex not my online payment history not showing.
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10 years ago, Cilla254
Poor app
My water company just started using this app to make payments and I get all the way to step 1 of 3 and when I hit continue NOTHING!!! It won't move past that. But it sure did make sure it added the 2.00 fee! I was reading the other reviews and looks like this app has had the same problem since 2013! This company doesn't even read the reviews it's customers are leaving!
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9 years ago, Klonglawncare
Get it together!!!
This app is useless. I have paid my bills using an app but would try to add this website to the list to pay my water bill but it would never work. Fast forward to December 2014 and what do you know. It still doesn't work even after trying to add the app to pay my bill. If you guys can't do better than that please sell out so someone can!!!
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8 years ago, Josh M
Crashes before opening
Doesn't work on iOS 10. There is a beta program for a reason, this developer apparently didn't bother to participate. I'll be recommending to my City that we evaluate other services for payments to our utility as PSN can't seem to take the time to keep their app up to date and serve our customers and citizens properly.
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5 years ago, True Citizen
Serious issues
Won’t let me delete an old payment method that I not longer use. When in the app it wont allow me to delete it. I can’t make the other account that I was able to add the primary payment account. Such a terrible app. It’s going to get hacked and we will have our money taken. Just wait and see...
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6 years ago, AA never again
This app is worthless. That don’t even have a place to reset your password. It seems every time I use it I have problems so I skip it for a couple of months hoping that they get fixed but no. I wouldn’t bother using it and I’ll let my village know that they should find a different payment app to use.
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9 years ago, This game is fun...
Can't view all accounts
I have two accounts, one of them is outdated and no longer in use. However, this is the only account that shows up in the app. Because I can't see my current account, the app is useless.
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5 years ago, Ordep1954
Payment method
This app is useless and so is the technical support. When I input a payment method it is entered successfully with a confirmatory notice. When I go make a payment it tells me there is no payment method available. I called customer support and they nonchalantly told me to use another way to pay other than the app.
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10 years ago, Mattsmonkey
Update app !!!
I downloaded this app to pay my electric. I was able to make easily make a payment the very first time I downloaded the app, since then the button to continue with the payment hasn't worked. Update the app so it's usable please. And maybe try making it a little more user friendly.
Show more
11 years ago, Dylan Harrison
Good start, needs work
Easy to use yes, but lacking some critical info. Also not showing all accounts or any info pertaining to missing accounts and there's no way to add accounts under your name to the app
Show more
6 years ago, Grandma Christy From Texas
Hidden Payment
It would be nice if payment detail was on first page in an icon. Not hidden under a drop down.
Show more
6 years ago, Nitropiggy
Works fine......
Not sure what these other people did wrong but this app works great. It’s a one trick pony and is as advertised.
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