Psych! Outwit Your Friends

4.3 (20.7K)
160.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Psych! Outwit Your Friends

4.33 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Nutella_Nini
This is the a great game!
Psych! Is a great game to play with your family and friends, I especially love the movie bluff! It’s funny and creative, and easy to do! Even though it’s a good game we (my sisters and I) found a couple of things that aren’t quite working well...firstly it takes an eternity to load, and it’s constantly kicking us out, were sure the problem isn’t with our wifi since we tried it 50 times with 3 bars of wifi and celular. Another thing that didn’t work is that when we were doing the movie bluff, there where usually creative titles of movies , but when we had already hit submit the title changed making obvious to which movie title was the correct one...besides it being laggy and having a couple of mistakes I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play with their friends or have quality time with their family! I liked this game very much, it was honestly amazing!
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5 months ago, Nolan_Christopher_Parish269
Psych Accessibility issues.
Hello, I am blind and resilient impaired, and I am also cognitive impairment. The reason I am writing this review, regarding the Psych! mobile app. It is not very accessible for someone who is blind and visually impaired in order for me to play this game, the buttons, are not clearly labeled from creating your own profile by entering your name. And also adding a picture. as a voiceover user, I’m not able to navigate this application on my if I enable screen recognition. I cannot see what exactly is happening on the screen, and this may need to be fixed. is there anyway that this can be corrected and resolved please? I would greatly appreciate it. I love this app, but again it is not very accessible. I would love to see it 100% accessible and very usable for someone who is blind and visually impaired so that they can play with their friends as well no matter if they are blind or sided or not.
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5 years ago, dogs143
I love it!!
i love this game!! it’s a great icebreaker as well as getting back in touch group game that is fun for everyone!! with different topics, you can explore everyone’s interests while having a fun, positive environment. the only 2 things i wanted to bring up was 1) the game glitches a lot (they’ll have to bug fix that), and 2) they should add a message feature in-game. it should be available while you’re in a round, and there should be an option of group chat (with all of the players) and 1 on 1 chat with only one other player. that way, players can communicate and comment their outputs while still playing the game. thank you for this amazing game, and please take my insights in consideration!! ❤️😄
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4 years ago, notfromwonderland
Not Working
It sounds like a fun game... except for the fact that it doesn’t work. My sisters and I downloaded this to play together while we were bored at home, and we were excited since it looked really interesting. The game didn’t work properly for any of us. We all had problems while creating games, joining games and even just loading the actual app itself. It kept freezing and exiting out for no reason. We tried everything, from getting a better internet connection, to using cellular data, to restarting our phones, and it still didn’t function. We didn’t even get to play a single round because of all these bugs. I still really want to play since I love Ellen and I love these types of games, and this one seems really cool. We just wanted to know if there was anything we could do to fix these problems and actually play the game. Please let us know how we can fix this!! Thank you
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4 years ago, Cat__________________
Good Game, But...
Listen, everyone is right. This game is lots of fun. But I refuse to give credit to Warner Bros and the game developers when they copied a game that’s been running for EIGHT YEARS. In 2004, Jackbox Games released Fibbage, a game that plays just like this one, but cleaner, better, and more fun. It is on PS 4, PS 3, Xbox One, and PC. Jackbox makes so many fun games, Quiplash being their most popular. Since 2004, they’ve been making upgrades to Fibbage, and you can get Fibbage XI, with more players and an unlimited amount of others voting for answers, making the game great for streaming and parties. You play on your phone, but instead of the answers popping up on a small white background, they’re on a colorful TV. Stop rating this game and actually buy the much better original version - or any of its improved versions. I’ve been playing Jackbox’s games for years, and I’m telling you that any one of their games is better than this. This company is a billionaire business, so it’s surprising that a not very well known game company can make a better game.
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5 years ago, lidberrry💙💎
I love this app!!!!!!!!🤗
I play this app with my friends all the time! It is so fun. I love getting to make of movie plots, and silly words. It’s hilarious to see your friends and family get psyched from a stupid thing you made up on the top of your head😂. Its a great app to play at a sleepover, or any occasion. This is one of my favorite apps,I’d head over heels recommend this. But there’s only one tiny thing I’d like to tweak. When you create a game, and add,”Ellen”, why doesn’t Ellen have to pick a choice. It’s not that annoying by sometimes it makes the game unfair. Despite that, this app is really amazing, and very well created. If you are thinking about downloading an app that’s fun to play with your family and friends, psych I the app. Trust me on this, you’ll love it!!
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4 years ago, emily from rockville
Not about the app in general, just about the latest update
I have played this game 4 times with other people in the last two weeks. The first 3 were great. However, we all got a message the last time that we had to update the app. Then 3 out of 7 people had to remove things from their phones to make room for the new version. We seem to be getting ads much more frequently like less than every 10 minutes. Also we got an error and none of us were able to return to play the game. So we planned to just leave the game and start a new one. However, mine was frozen completely and whenever you shut down the app and come back in it tries to put you back in the current game and you have no options. To get out of the game I had to actually uninstall and reinstall the app. Will not be playing it again until some fixes are made. Otherwise it’s just a drag to play. Before last time I loved psych. Fix the bugs please!
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4 years ago, alienwithagun
Ads ruined it
This game was better when there were no ads and I could earn coins for more decks. I understand the need for ads to help pay for app maintenance, but the ones they added are 30 seconds long and pop up too frequently, slowing down the game significantly. Not only that, but I paid for more decks (with real money); you would think that would remove ads. Instead, I have to pay $2.99 in addition to the decks I purchased. Game-wise, I like that I can play with family remotely since we live several hours apart. Some of the decks require long responses, which don’t work very well for larger groups. Loading is a bit glitchy sometimes, but I think this is because everyone is on a different WiFi network. It’s a fun game and cool idea for getting people to interact with each other outside of “social” media.
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4 years ago, pinkfish145
Great game, but too many adds
The reason I fell in love with this game, was that it was a great way to banter with my friends, whether sitting in the same room, or now being separated during social distancing. The issue I have is that now there are ads following almost every round of gameplay, if not for yourself then for one of the other players. These ads last from 5-40 seconds it seems, but its almost always in the second half of that range. I would appreciate if the ads were trimmed down to 5-10 seconds; because at the current state the game is nearly unplayable. It takes about 1-3 minutes for my friends to all come up with answers, and then another minute is devoted just to ads. In a ten round game this adds up. I implore Ellen to reconsider about the frequency of ads. Thank you.
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5 years ago, SulleyBoySpammer
I was playing a game with some of my friends when after a round the game crashed (I thought it was no big deal because apps crash on me all of the time), when I went to open it back up, it pulled up my last game for a moment and then crashes again, I did this a couple of times and got the same result. I texted my friends to tell them that I wasn't able to get back into the game because it kept crashing, to find out they had the same problem. We tried deleting the app and reinstalling it (it is that good!), but the same thing happened. After that we tried restarting out devices, can you guess what happened there? IT WORKED!!!! Just kidding XD Same problem happened Moral of the story is, the app broke, and I was hoping that by some miraculous way you programmers could fix it 😁 But for all of you people who read the reviews before downloading the app, I rate it 5/5 Because the programmers fixed it not too long after the problem happened! Now that is amazing service!! 6/5 it's a great game Thank you for your time 😉😁
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3 years ago, nclajcjdkaldnnvjwq
The game is amazing. I play it almost every day with my best friend and her mom. However, especially in the new holiday deck, the spelling and grammar mistakes are laughable. I have upwards of thirty screenshots of misspellings and grammar mistakes on the game's end, whether it be the question, Ellen's answers, or the right answers in other decks. It would take a simple read through on the developer's end to fix these things, and yet, it's turned into a game in itself to catch mistakes when they come up. PLEASE, for the love of god, just READ THROUGH your questions and answers. Take five extra minutes to check if there's a red squiggle under a word and fix it. Any basic spellcheck would catch these things. Fun game, but fix this, for god's sake. It's Christmastime.
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4 years ago, Bullseye5038
Great Game but.....
This game is amazing there are so many fun things you can do with your friends except it’s no fun playing with 2 people. Also, what’s with have Ing to pay for almost all of the fun categories?!? It’s stupid you have to buy extra categories just to experience something different. Though I love this game it would be fun to include more categories. I wish they could also include AI characters. I know they have Ellen but if your playing with 2 people in the truth comes out category you want more people. I mean if you want to 1 pack for $2.99 go right ahead. Love this app but sometimes I just expect more from it.
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2 years ago, ✨panda✨
Amazing!! Great game for the fam 😁💕👏
10/10 would recommend I was bored and randomly stumbled upon this app, now I can’t stop playing it! During covid it’s been hard to play games in person and this game gave me a fun experience with friends and family while simply staying at my own house. I love the studio who created this too and i am a fan of heads up—keep up the great work!! I do have some advice though. I wish that when u submit your answer you can still have some time to edit it if you forgot something- i do this alot. I undertstand if that’s to hard though. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!!
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6 years ago, MyQueenLindsay
Top 5 Best Games Available
One of the best apps on my phone (including biggest hitters instagram, Twitter, mail app). Puts all other party apps to shame. i.e. talking to you, heads up fans — you must make the switch. Absolutely uproariously funny, never gets old and the app designers must have created one of the best algorithms out there for “mixing things up” because I can’t remember ever seeing the same question twice. This is the first positive app review I have ever written that’s how much I love psych! Going to text the friend who introduced it to me NOW just to thank her, in fact. One of our gangs favorite pastimes — can’t recommend it enough.
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4 years ago, Leah_40
Needs to be better
As much as it is fun overall, there needs to be a timer and/or a notification cause sometimes at least one person doesn’t pay attention to the game and the rest of the people in the game must wait until every single person answers. So if someone takes about a half hour to answer, that’s how long everyone has to wait. There should be at least a notification if the game isn’t timed. For example, if one person is taking a long time to answer, the other people in the game who are waiting could be doing other things. And whenever that person answers, the rest of the players should be notified that the person has already answered.
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3 years ago, Farg
Another good game gone down the commercialism tubes
I was lucky enough to find this game early on. It was truly great, and my family had *many* hours of fun together. It was simply well done and easy to navigate—so good that it didn’t need to be flashy. The entertainment alone was enough that I even bought a few extra decks. Since then, it’s just gone full commercial mode. Pay to remove ads, pay to play new decks, pay to unlock features that should be included. Harder to navigate, and full of trackers just like every other money trap app nowadays. Absolutely not something I would feel comfortable recommending to my family any more. TLDR: My honest recommendation: Don’t bother getting attached. It was a great app to start with. But greed has made it a hard pass for me. Not something I could comfortably recommend anymore.
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7 years ago, StarFire14
Fun and some advice
This is honestly such a fun game, my friends and i are addicted. Its good, but it experience a few crashes here and there. Also there’s a few things you could add. Maybe for some of the packs, not have a correct answer, and let everyone come up with their own answers, and see who’s is the funniest. My friends and i only like to play And the Truth Comes Out for this reason. Also, if possible, there should be a notification for when everyone’s done/a nudge feature to remind the players to play and/or hurry up. this probably does not make much sense, but this is still a really great game.
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4 years ago, Quarantined Fan
Great Game! 30 second Ads have to go!
This game is a blast!!! I really have no complaints except the ads are 30 seconds long. I recently hosted a game and paid the $3.00 to have no ads thinking that the friends I was playing with would also have no ads. The result was I had no ads but my friends had ads from ranging in time from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. This resulted in random wait times for the players, and players having to log in and out to get back into games. We still had a lot of fun playing this game, and I don’t mind paying for extra decks. But 30 second ads take the fun out of it.
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2 years ago, GoBlueMama6
App Keeps Crashing on our newer phones?!
Our family used to LOVE this game! We decided to play tonight, after a long absence. Our kids, who are using an iPhone 6s, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11, are not having any problems. Hubs and I have an iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro, and every time we launch the game, it tries to load, then CRASHES! From reading other recent reviews, it looks like we are not alone. The most irritating part is that when I first launched the game, it managed to offer me a ‘deal’ to buy a package of psych games for $7.99, and had no problems processing the sale. Then when we actually tried start a game, the crashing ensued. Clearly the developers need to do updates to the game so that it works on the newer phones!
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3 years ago, Burnout667
So, I’ve had the game for a couple days and it’s really fun! I’m in a group chat with people and we play it multiple times a day. The best free deck is the truth comes out (the free one). I think honestly that $1.99 is a lot of money for just one deck, so I’m probably not gonna bye any. I get it you have to make money. Also $9.99 to remove adds, thats too much. Keep this in mind when you download this game. I gave it 5 stars because it’s a fun game that you can play with your friends that leaves you dying of laughter! This is a Rick Roll
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2 years ago, katydeo
Glitchy recently
I have always loved this game it is so fun and a great way to connect and play with family who are far away. This last experience with it was really frustrating though. It kept glitching and wouldn’t allow more than 3 players enter a round it kept kicking one person out over and over again. It also didn’t keep the score for all. I’d have 5 points one round, then get the right answer and have people pick my answer but end up with 1 point total the next round.
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4 years ago, Tracey Wilson
Cash grab
This game used to be fun in it’s early days. I remember seeing so many decks and u were able to unlock them just by collecting coins, and i remember having no ads. But the more it developed, the stupider it gets. Ads became a thing, it didn’t really bother us a lot. Then they removed many decks and u had to pay with real money for only 3. But me and friends only played the truth comes out, so it didn’t bother us. But now, we can’t play a single thing, you have to pay for EVERY deck, and that’s just a cash grab. Instead of in app purchase, just charge the game, it’s as simple as that. This game clearly shows that it just wants money, and it isn’t portraying it in a good way. Charge the game itself and let everything in the game after purchasing free, and not needing to pay even more
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3 years ago, Camie Lafferty
Guys I have to get the money from my house and I don’t know what to say about the house or not but I’m going out of the way for the first thing I can get you a little money I have a lot to go with my mom I have a a little money for me and then I’m going out of the way for the next two days I will be in a lot to help out the other stuff and then I’m gonna be there for you and I will be in a lot to help out the other stuff that we can do to get together for the first week or two and yeah thanks.
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4 years ago, Iazebra2
The new update is terrible! Otherwise ok but please fix fast
I've been collecting coins for MONTHS waiting to get cool new packs. Now, right when I almost had enough to get one, you take away the coins and make me pay!?! My schnooklebottom insane family LOVES this game but the new update keeps making it crash! Our favorite thing to do is the truth comes out first to 50 points but the new update is a mess so people keep getting bored, they get bug reports, overall it's just a terrible experience than what I've had in the past. Please fix and bring back coins and my review will be five stars. But the bugs are too annoying to give it any more than a one star. And I'm never gonna buy a pack if I can't earn them. Sorry for the rambly review but PLEASE FIX AND BRING BACK COINS!
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5 years ago, MissFergy
Great, just two issues
It’s a great group game to include people who are far away. I just have two issues with it: 1- Ads will show up randomly and there is no way to exit out of them without closing the app. Then you have to rush back into the game before everyone moves on without you. 2- It would be more fun if each answer was revealed one at a time so everyone could laugh together at each answer. Instead everything is revealed at once and you miss that moment to connect with everyone and laugh at one item at a time.
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4 years ago, AG3NT 007
Change it back
I love this game, and have played it countless of numbers of times. My favorite deck was the truth comes out but now you have to pay for it. Now, I know it’s only $1.99, but that was like the best one and now I have to pay for it. Another note, are the ads in this game, it was so much better when there were no ads. Change it back to the original and also bring back the coins. Beside all the these “complaints” I’m still giving it a 5 star because it is still a great game
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2 years ago, autumngracelovexo
not compatible with ios 16 yet
this game is normally 5 stars. i’ve found that “the truth comes out” is a fan favorite for parties, especially if it’s with really close friends. we always end up laughing so hard while playing this game. the only issue i have usually is that it can be buggy and crash every so often (but you can get back into the game no problem) and the ads can be annoying but the game is so good still that i can’t justify giving it a lower score. the only thing that would make this game worthy of less than 5 stars is if you just couldn’t play. which brings me to my 3 star rating. since the ios 16 update, any time you start a game, it immediately crashes and you quite literally cannot play. so the three stars is the average of the usual 5 stars and the current 1 star rating. that being said, once they update with ios 16 bug fixes, this will immediately go back to 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Laceeface
Fun when it’s not crashing....
Just like other reviewers, I found this very faun! I purchased this on sale in December, and I think at the sale price it’s a good value HOWEVER the app crashes repeatedly. It’s not always the same person, but during the course of about an hour, and least one player (out of 7) was dealing with a crash and trying to get back in. The game USUALLY will allow the person back in after you close the app completely and try to get back in? But not always, really annoying a made playing way less fun. If they fix this issue, it would be well worth the cost. Otherwise, don’t waste your money unless you get it on sale.
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4 years ago, flubberdigullion
this game is wonderful! while it is sometimes a bit complex ( more than it needs to be ) it still is very enjoyable to play. I have a group chat with a bunch of people (all of whom do not live close-by) who all have the game. when i’m bored or just want to do something with the people i don’t see often i can text them and say “HeY! TimE tO fUN” and they will reply with “ah yes i’m in” “of course” “yess” and we can have a good time. all in all it’s a fun and easy way to connect with friends even when you’re far away.
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2 years ago, all nicknames taken 🤷🏼‍♀️
Took my money and keeps crashing
I have never submitted a review before, however I am beyond frustrated! My niece is at the hospital waiting while her mom is in surgery. We downloaded this game so I could keep her occupied and maybe bring a smile to her face, unfortunately with COVID and the hospitals policies and procedures I cannot join her physically as a patient is only allowed one visitor. I paid $1.99 for the animal deck, sent my niece the link, she logged in, and it keeps crashing. We cannot get the game to even start now. I have restarted my phone, done everything I can think of, but the app won’t even get pass the first two seconds and it crashes. I would like to be reimbursed please.
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3 years ago, SocialButterflyReviewer
Really good but has some flaws ✨
Hi! if your reading this, I hope your having a good day/night. Anyway, I really do like Psych. It’s fun to play over quarantine and in person. The only flaws are you have to pay for most of the really good decks. Like me and my friends were at a party and decided to play Psych and my friend got to choose the deck and she wanted “what do you meme” and realized it was 4 bucks. so we ended up playing the free try of “the truth comes out” Also, Psych does have some lag to it. But other than that it’s great!
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2 years ago, anonymous 5 stars!!!
Flaws and Fixes, But great app
Fun, have been playing Truth Comes Out with family that are in different places. For Truth Comes Out it take FOREVER for everyone to click ‘ready’ or submit an answer. The app should have a timer to speed people along, giving them 45 seconds or something to move on. I just spend 2.25 hours playing only a few 7-round games with my family. Way too long. Please add a timer! Thank you for letting us play this game! Many inside jokes are forming!
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6 years ago, AiMbAdAiM
Amazing... minus one thing
This game is so entertaining and so fun to play. The only negative thing I have to say is that I was playing it with my family one day, and suddenly the game froze. I exited out of the app & reloaded it, and it just ended up on the same screen and crashed. I even went as far as deleting it and downloading it again. Nothing worked. The next day, however, I was able to get back on the app like nothing ever happened. It was weird, but I’m glad to be back and playing it again! My family loves it!
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4 years ago, SmartyPantsGal
ellen is money hungry and i’m angry
I’ve had this app for almost five years now and I adore playing it with my friends. Our favorite game mode has always been “and the truth comes out”. During quarantine we’ve been having game nights once a week to keep us connected. Today I went to start a game and saw I needed to download an update so I did. When I opened the app, almost all the game modes now cost money to purchase. Seriously? You didn’t tell me that in the update description! I’m incredibly disappointed that I won’t be able to play this super fun game anymore due to greed of a multi millionaire. Have fun losing a good chunk of add revenue from me and my friends Ellen!
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6 years ago, Lakeview Rider
Fun but I wish a few things ...
It’s really fun, but I wish that it had a section where if you’re still typing your answer, it’ll tell you how many people answered. You’ll then know whether to hurry up or not. I also wish there was a chatting section so you can ask each other what things mean or things like that. Not everyone plays in the same room! I play with people even in different states so it’s not so easy just to communicate across the room. Fun game though if you’re all in one room!
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7 years ago, Oscovich
Family and Friends Fun
Get creative and let your inner child come out. Think up answers that others will pick. Easy one-word answers for younger kids to play (and win) or more creative prose that sounds plausible. Team youngsters with more experienced players to involve entire families including neighbors or party guests. All you need is a smart phone or other internet-connected device for each player or team. Best played with 4 or more players/teams.
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2 years ago, Tiffandrudy
One suggestion to improve the game
Can you add a chat feature to the game? It would be great to chat with each other while playing the game from afar. My cousins and I play in the evenings while everyone is at their own home. We have to have a separate chat going while playing. We like to talk about the game & have to keep clicking in & out to chat. Please consider adding a chat/message feature on the game. Otherwise love the naked truth pack, so funny.
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4 years ago, Tech-y Swimmer
great game, ridiculous prices
I love to play this game with my family and friends as it is a great addition to Family Game Night. However, within the last month there has been a price tag on almost every game and the ads between rounds are ridiculously long for my kids, even after I paid for the ad-free version. I expect more from Ellen, whose net worth is over 300 million dollars. The fact that she charges over a dollar per game is absurd and there is no reason for it, especially in these dark times when many don’t have jobs and are looking for a bit of happiness in these trying times. Please lower the prices, at least temporarily, for the sake of everyone.
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4 years ago, Caleb Buhler
They redacted a game mode
Hello everyone! First off, I’m rating this out of sadness, so no intense hatred for the game, just sadness. I’m very upset about the most recent update. My family and I love to play this game all the time. It is funny and cool, but our favorite game mode, “and the truth comes out”, was no longer free. So to play the game mode again, we have to pay $2. What a rotten way to get more money!!! They replaced this game mode for a “teaser” of it. I’m not just mad, I’m just sad. I highly doubt they will redact what they did, but I still thought I would write a review. That said, it is still a good game, and there are 4 free game modes (out of ~ 10), so I can’t be too mad.
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5 years ago, bananatornado10
Lit and some suggestions
This app is great! I play it with all my friends and we have tons of fun! This is a great idea and I’m glad they made this. But there are some others things you need to fix. Sometimes after a game, it would be nice if we would be able to “friend” others and have a friend list. This way you could play online without having to text them or chat with them outside of the app. In all, this app is great.
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4 years ago, MSPJeff
Great Team Builder
I actually downloaded this to use as virtual team builder for my team while we have been working from home during the pandemic. We use our work video chat to be social and play the game on our cell phones. It’s a blast and we have used it several times. It would also be great for a virtual happy hour. The ads are a bit annoying but totally worth it to keep most of the decks free.
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6 years ago, psych player 101
Great, except for when the game crashes
Psych is a great game! The only problem is the fact that the game will crash in the middle of the game. Sometimes I’m in the middle of the game with some of my family, and then the game crashes for someone. This is problematic for everyone who is playing because we have to wait for that person to get back into the game. Other than that, the game is a great way to connect with family and friends across the country. As soon as that crashing problem is fixed, the game will deserve 5 stars, for sure!
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5 years ago, hohoho3421
5 out of 5
I love this app! Just one problem being the lonely girl that I am I have no friends that have the app so I can’t play because I will be alone.... ;-;. So can you make a global thing where you can play with people that live in your country (yes I know I called it global but I can’t speak many languages other than English and German) or at least speak the selected language. Thank you for your time and for a good end a kaomoji ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
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4 years ago, WhitneyMorrisJr
Terrible server lag and wait time
This is hands down the most terrible app in the “family game” genre that I’ve had the misfortune of downloading. The gameplay itself is not the worst in the world and actually made me laugh a couple of times, however having to wait time and time and time and time again for all the players to connect to the server just to have to wait through *even more ads is extremely frustrating, especially when all players have very fast internet connections. I will be playing jackbox games and other games in the same genres with more reliable infrastructure and a better developer.
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1 year ago, cayleez1
I will literally pay for the bugs to be fixed
I live in MA with my bf. Our dear friends live in CO. This game is what we play long distance and have an absolute blast. A week ago we opened the app, got the EllenDigital screen which then went to the blue PSYCH! Play With Friends screen and ever since then has stayed glitched on that screen for everyone’s devices. Everyone updated our phones, our apps, deleted and redownloaded, and still the same thing. At this point if everyone had to pay $10 each to play the game, we would!!! It’s so much fun between a close group of college friends bored after the bars. Brings us closer together and we all have a ton of fun. To this day still no fix for the game and it’s sad because everyone loves it. Ellen Digital could make a fortune if they needed funds to fix the bugs. Would do anything to get this game back with no glitches
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6 years ago, Jornywar
Excellent group game
We play this game with friends and family very often! Anywhere from 2 to 8 players seems to work. We've played enough that we've earned coins to get all the decks for free. 😁 Having a variety of decks is great. Still haven't tried playing with people who aren't all in the same room and not sure if it will work, but if it does then an added chat feature would be helpful!
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5 years ago, AxYoMama
Love it - but...
Okay. The game itself is loads of fun and keeps me connected with friends and family scattered far and wide across the country. However...many times all of a sudden, everyone gets booted completely out of the game over and over! And, after trying several times, we cannot get another game to launch. We jokingly say it’s the universe telling us we have spent wayyyy too much time playing Psych. But, I mean, like, come ON! So...many thumbs down for that irritating glitch. But many thumbs up for the game itself!!
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5 years ago, "a Nickname" was taken
Love it! However it doesn’t work
My friends and I were all enjoying the game. Then out of nowhere the game crashes and it kicked me out. I tried getting back in multiple times, but it still doesn’t work. One friend that was playing texted the group chat saying “Mine isn’t working.” Everyone replied with “Me too” or “Same”. I then tried to delete the app and reinstall it. That didn’t work! Lastly I resorted to powering my device off. When I checked back... It. Still. Wasn’t. Workingggg. This got me a bit upset because I really enjoyed the game. It’s like the game just broke and can’t be fixed!! Hopefully it can return back to normal or the people/whoever is reading this review can help my friends and I. Anyways, loved the game just there are a lot of bugs and doesn’t work after a while. (I only had it for about 2 hours). 👋👋
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5 years ago, CDuffley
Inaccessible With VoiceOver Screen Reader
This is unbelievable...this app is not accessible to users who are blind or low vision! We use the screen reader built into most or all Apple devices called VoiceOver. We can see that there's some text there, but the elements themselves that we activate don't actually show up. All elements need to have a true IsAccessibilityElement. If you probably don't know what I'm talking about, google "Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS" and there's some great articles right from Apple there. Please try your best to make blind people playing what I hear is a great game a goal for future app development and as part of the bug fixes list on your radar.
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3 years ago, Jedlw
Bait and switch
Confused about all the good reviews. To begin with it’s sort of a less fun version of Jack box games, I guess it’s more portable and there is a lot of variety in the packs. The problem is you have commit to buying a card pack before you can really know how fun the games are. My biggest gripe is that there were no obtrusive full screen adds until we paid for two card packs and then our second game of 10 rounds was interrupted by 3 full screen video adds. I’m guessing that timing was not an accident by the developers.
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