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User Reviews for Psychic Txt - Live Readings

4.52 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, tropic_
there are a lot of things that go with getting readings & talking to spiritual advisors... 1. you will not connect with every advisor & not every advisor will connect with you. in turn you get a bland reading OR someone honest enough to say ‘im not connecting with you’. ANOTHER THING, a reading is based off of that moment & what is foreseen at that current time. if you make a left instead of a right an hour later you easily change your path, in turn changing the outcome. we are given choices & then there is fate, our choices can diminish, prolong or take us to where we need to go. sometimes its not about an advisor being a liar its about fate & its about our personal daily decisions. MY ADVICE!!! find an advisor you connect with. 2.5 years on here ive reached out to 8 different advisors & the one i love is CYNTHIA. she doesnt cut me short to make me pay for another question which makes me comfortable enough to continue to put my money towards her & no one else. shes been insanely accurate in things i didnt know about, time frames, situations, & brings up SPECIFIC struggles from the other party that i had no knowledge about & that always ends up being true. like i said for me fortunately ive gotten amazing accurate readings from her but im also extremely spiritual & try very hard to not deviate or make drastic emotional decisions & choices, & i do follow her advice which essentially keeps me on my path & ends up coming true.
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2 years ago, MrsGradyLee
Great selection of ACCURATE ADVISORS
Thinking about someone? Considering giving yourself more “yes days”? Confused about decisions regarding love & relationships? Then welcome y’all! This place is a safe place and as long as you have an open mind and ready to do the LIGHTWORK on yourself (cleansing your own aura- treating yourself KINDLY- & yes, positive affirmations DO WORK) then look no further and find you someone who resonates and connects with your spirit. Spirit led advisors can be the best in my personal experience. As a newly practicing self proclaimed advisor, I am learning a lot about how to stay and be connected to the world and the people in it! Especially regarding personal matters and relationships. A great selection of advisors- I was caught up reading reviews and studying profiles for hours on end before I dared myself to connect with someone who is undeniably and hopefully spot on. Beware, some advisors will advise you that they are unable to connect with you or your guides. DoNOT base your decision off that alone, pickup and try again. The refund process can be pretty annoying but other than that, I highly recommend this app. It’s great to tap into from time to time. 10/10 recommend & NO, I am not paid to say this stuff. Coming down from a High of a BAWSE reading- trust me y’all,You won’t regret this! Best wishes! Stay mindful and be yourself! ❤️🙏🏼Love & Light to all who read this!
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7 years ago, Queeeeen Kerry ❤️
Go to Nancy, Cynthia, or Christine
I've spent money on other psychic services like this and it's a rip off. Most of them charge by the minute and still never tell you what you want to hear and end up being super expensive. This app is great because it's a private conversation and it's only about $4 a message. That can add up, but you get super in depth readings with that $4 and is a lot more worth your money in the long run. Nancy was the first one to attract my attention. She is lovely and kind and helped me a lot in giving me reassurance in a stressful and pending situation. She even messages me first at times to let me know she is online and can talk. Cynthia always picks up on stuff I didn't even mention and it's honestly amazing. And Christine gives super in depth answers using her props. Even scarily specific and accurate dates and times. They've come to be my three favorite. I understand a lot of people don't trust in this stuff and I completely understand why. I'm still skeptical a lot of the time. But it was surprising and nice to find people I could talk to and who could guide me more. They don't even get annoyed with constant or repeated questions. Check this app out!!!
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4 years ago, Vyntus
Nayelli and Christine are my personal favorites!
When I first started I ran into a few unauthentic psychics until I came across Christine which made me fall in love with this app altogether. She’s very accurate and thorough, she’s also a pleasure to talk to. I absolutely love how understanding and accurate she is. Nayelli is who I go to for guidance and personal advice and I always go to her first before Christine. Nayelli answers every question I could possibly have and SHES SCARILY ACCURATE. I absolutely adore her. She not only gives you guidance but she will tell you the tools you need to succeed and what you can do to be better in-tune with your true and higher self. I look at Nayelli as my mentor and my best friend in one (even if she doesn’t know it but I truly believe she does) but she’s is so spot on and patient with me and my funny love life. I thank for her helping me become more connected with myself and my own guides. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
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6 years ago, snckeskinguinea
Updated review.
I give this app 3 stars just because even tho I do depend on this app a lot; some of the advisors don’t give accurate readings and when you ask Support for a refund, they respond once but then don’t do anything about the issue. When I buy credits on this app, I expect my answers to be worth what I bought. There are certain advisors that have pretty hopeful predictions, but other ones not so good. — other than that, I do like this app and like I said I actually depend on it more than I should I suppose. I just wish I could’ve gotten those couple refunds back that I had asked for. I think I have only asked for two since using the app. One for a reading that was short and not detailed at all, literally only a sentence with no useful insight. Then the other prediction was from a psychic that I actually like, but she did not give me an accurate prediction on a situation that currently happened. I asked for a refund on my 150 credit but nothing was done about it. However, I want to give positive regards on psychic Nancy, I think her predictions are more accurate than most. I suggest to go to her when you need a good/honest answer!
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5 years ago, Justah90
Vineeta, Amber, and Diane
Whenever I get a reading from these three advisors, I promise you anything they say always come to past. They are so Genuine, kind, compassionate and they love what they do. They do not give you false hope, tell you everything as it is. They are my top favorite. I honestly feel that I could call them my friends. I developed a relationship with them. I am super grateful for them because they have been there for me, and I appreciate and love their honesty. You can try them out, I promise you, you won’t regret it. Sometimes they deliver the same message to me but in their own and unique ways, and always give me advice. Vineeta always check on me if I dont go on the app for a little while. That shows how much she cares, all three of them care and deliver positive messages. Don’t just take my words for it, try them out.
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2 years ago, inswrtnamehe felmNns
Where do I even get started? I hope I can upload a screenshot to what she told me… I asked a question and this is what she said…… “ Hi there. I first one to ask you why you have been given a credit of 150 tax credit? What was that refund due to? I would like to know because it comes out of my pay at the end of the week. So please let me know. I want to know why you got a credit, and what did it have to do with. Thank you for telling me I am here and can’t wait to hear your answer. Thanks.” She doesn’t answer questions at all, so I rightfully got my credits back, then I tried to try her out once more weeks later and this is what she actually said to me! She didn’t even reply or answer but questioned and never even answered my question but told me how she’s going to lose pay and blah blah blah, and she actually asked me to pay for another question to respond to her?! Is she nuts? Please don’t talk to her she doesn’t answer questions I don’t believe she’s a real advisor. She’s rude and demanding and has the nerve to question me and waste my money and time! She’s crazy!!!!!
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7 years ago, UserHxxa
Love yourself first
I wanted to believe in this app, really I did. But after Dora basically told me to stay in an abusive relationship because he'll change that was pretty much my ending point with this app. It can be addicting. I've spent way too much money because I just needed reassurance in life. It does just that, temporarily makes you feel better. Daniella was very accurate in picking up on things, though she really didn't offer hope for the future and was very negative about almost anything I asked. Cynthia picked up on things I didnt even mention however her prediction was wrong. Jospeh did predict things that came true, however he also told me things with this abusive boyfriend would get better, which is a dangerous advice to stay. Now a year later, I can say all those psychics who told me my relationship would get better were dead wrong. He threatened to harm me, kill me in front of our child, etc and is now in prison for domestic assault. No one picked up that all that he lied about, or the horrors I would face with him. Don't depend your life on this app. Stay balanced.
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4 years ago, Lmartin1982
Shawn P, Psychic Txt Reader
I have been using psychic txt for well over 2 years now. I came at a point again where I needed psychic advice but it is so darn hard to find a genuine psychic that is not only truly gifted and accurate but also wise, spiritually mature and compassioned. Well I am soooo happy I stumbled upon Shawn P. He is all of these things and more. I never came across a psychic that just hit one detail after another without me feeding him anything else then a question. I am in awe. Literally every single thing he said was true! Not one thing was off. I asked him about love, my family and career and he touched upon so much more. Great advice too! He doesn’t sugar coat either but gives it to you as he sees it! Shawn P you have my respect and from now on the only one I’ll be using.
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7 years ago, Nofaithinthisapp
No faith in this app
Well I used this app for over a year and not one thing has came true. They all say the same thing, he loves you, he's coming back you ask for dates and they use the word soon or give a time frame and absolutely nothing. I am embarrassed at how much money I spent over the last year clinging to false hope just to be shattered over and over again because I would believe them. This was my family and I think I was in a bad mind set to think that people could really predict your love life over an app. Some are very nice and super patient but it's not real. I have prayed for my family to be fixed and it is not going to happen since my ex has completely moved on. I think it was just making me feel better hearing he cared and was coming back but the exact opposite happened. If by a small miracle my family gets fixed like they ALL said I will change my review. Nice people but not at all correct not one and that's heartbreaking after I already was.
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7 years ago, Twin✌🏾️🙆🏽🙎🏽
Doesn’t make sense to me
What the problem is that I have talked with 6 psychics (I know it’s a lot but I tried not to spend so much money on it but..who cares, I only do it to see who is telling the truth and I got the answer ) and each and every one of them was very honest and all of them were very accurate but this one was the 7th psychic which doesn’t add up which it makes me wonder if it’s a lie or if it’s true but honestly the other 6 were saying way way different details but all 6 were on the same subject but except for this one. So I’m going to assume this is a lie,I’m not trying to be delusional or anything like that but compared to other psychics I spoke with they all said the same thing and some things are opening up a little bit as it go so honestly “don’t even” if you know what I mean.
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5 years ago, Sunshine'sFamily
Left feeling hopeful!
I can’t express enough how this psychic app has helped me! During a dark and low period of my life, I was given hope! All the psychics I have talked to all had the same vision! They are spot on and really care about helping people, by sharing their gift with you. I really felt drawn and connected with Mamish Kr Arora. He is truly gifted! He never gets tired of your questions and wants nothing more than to put your worries and fears to ease! Plus he’s really fast getting back to me! The way the app works is also really great! I love that I can send my Mamish Kr Arora a quick text during my busy day and then before I know it there’s a reply from him, giving me hope! I then feel encouraged to face the future! At this point I truly would feel lost without pyschicText! It’s so worth the money!!
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3 years ago, Elis-2020
Update: App review and best reader Ginger!
Update: Customer service in this app needs better communication. They tell you one thing and someone else tells you something different. Just like readers. Some readers are correct and others incorrect. The best advisor in there: Ginger! I have been using this friendly app for a while. You can choose sent a text or do an audio recording. You can receive your answer through a message or audio as well. If you want quick answers, you can chat with an advisor. But not all advisors are available for chatting. The reader Ginger is what makes me continue with this app!!! Constantly her predictions comes to pass. She can really pick up on the issues, and has a kind but direct way of saying what you need to know. Her guides has helped me to be on the right path or get out from the path that was not convenient for me. Give the app a try by connecting with Ginger!
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3 years ago, DJM808
I love this app and use it quite often if not daily!
I truly love this app !! It’s easy to use and easy to select ur psychic advisors. The advisors on psychic text are really legit at what they say they do! My FAVORITE advisor is “desouza” her readings are so so sooooo accurate and sll I need to say is just a few short words! She gives me chicken skin all the time!! But most importantly.... she truly cares about you!! And she is very straight to the point and direct which I love about her!!!!! Try this out and please see DESOUZA!! I promise you will never regret it!! She will change ur life and help guide you to a truly better life with less stress, less doubt, less worrying!!!! So you can go on to being happy and enjoying life and everyone in it!! Thank you desouza!!!!
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2 months ago, Mounah13
Kaila tarot - not accurate. Maria EC, Daniela
I’ve seen a lot of reviews about how accurate & great Kaila is. She’s not bad & she does see somethings, but her predictions for me never came true. I first started using her last year during a breakup & she said my ex was going to move, but he didn’t. The next man I was dating, she said he wouldn’t want more because of an ex, but guess what? He wanted more. In fact, I ended things with him. She went from telling me this new guy was in love with me, attracted to be sexually, only flirting with other women to suddenly telling me he doesn’t like me lol. That he as dating someone & they’ve broken up but will he back together. She got upset when I challenged her & cut off the chat. As she said in her bio, she’s 86% accurate. I think she’s 50% at the most. Most of the great readers are no longer on the app. I wish they’d come back.
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5 years ago, Gabby >_<
Hello, So I don’t normally write reviews but That is changing now. Meha Gave me a reading at the beginning of this year that I had disregarded at the time but WOW. She predicted that I would get a job Feb 23 and that is the time I had worked as an advisor here. Also everything else she told me about this year, my relationship, the way things are turning is all true. After living behind the other side of this screen, I can say these guys do an amazing job. I am so happy to use this app still and My top favorites are definitely Meha and Milano. So accurate Milano had predicted my relationship I am in now- About 3 years back. He told me about my job I am at now and plenty of other things. I can just hardly catch him when he’s online now. But Really an amazing app.
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2 years ago, simsfam5738
I have been coming to this app off and on since 2018 and have been waiting for one psychic for about 2 1/2 years to come back her name was Nayelli. She accurately predicted about a year in advance of things to come in my life during a tough time. She predicted specific things not generalized things that there was no way either of us could have known like jobs that ended. Money from a unexpected source who just sold there house and my life’s purpose work and gave so much supporting guidance. I have never come across a psychic as talented as her on any platform, so Iam hoping one day she will see this or someone that knows what platform she now uses will, as I would love to be her customer once agin!
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5 years ago, yadave
I have been using this app (psychic text) for a few years now and I have consulted their advisors repeatedly during some of the most difficult and trying periods of my life. Not only have they been accurate about how I felt but what they predicted came true every single time. It’s because I believe whole heartedly that they pick readers who are truly gifted in this craft and skill and can read ur energy VERY well. I stopped using my local psychic because of this app because the advisors on here were more accurate and the convenience of being able to message them was hands downs a better experience overall. I’ve recommended the app to all my friends. I hope you love it as much as I have 🖤
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5 years ago, Say Mó
My reading was nice. I chose MEHA. Unfortunately I didn’t see a way to review her on her actual page on the app. She was really nice. I had a free question and accidentally sent my name as the question bc I misunderstood. I contacted the support and they were quick in replying and they emailed my question to her for me. I didn’t even know she had replied which was great. However, the date she mentioned was an important date bc something between us happed that day but that’s about it. We had a spat and the spat made this person realize they’re communication with me was off so they did improve with that but now they won’t even reply to my texts? Well I only texted once and was ignored and that’s enough for me! Psychic or no psychic I am not texting again. It’s disappointing bc I’ve asked several diff readers about this situation and they’ve ALL said positive things and even predicted months where this person would come to me the month is almost over and although I’m remaining hopeful I doubt it? Am I supposed to be doing something ? I tried once I’m not trying again? None of the readers told me to do anything one said don’t do anything extravagant to force this and at the time I was planning something extravagant so I didn’t do it. Maybe I should’ve? Idk . It’s looking like they just say what you want to hear..
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5 years ago, X12765
4 YEARS!!!!!
Hate to even admit it; but i’ve spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars on this app - even working my way to an “Elite Member”.. Plus side: support is ALWAYS there in a timely manner to reimburse you if something goes wrong on the apps end/or anything else, technical wise. Minus: 4 years into this app, and not ONCE but TWICE 4 Advisors on here told me I would be hired for 2 different positions over a period of two years. As I waited patiently, and when nothing would pass each and every one of them would update to a different time frame. When time came to it and the companies called me to finally tell me I will not be hired for the position; I was crushed. I certainly agree, 85% of this app is false-hope. And I continue to come back to it out of anxiety and reassurance, but thats not right. To top it all off the only response these advisors could tell me after CONSISTENTLY telling me I would be hired for MULTIPLE positions over months of communication; when I reach out to tell them I wasnt hired, the majority of them responded “negative energy entered.” If this were the case, and all 4 of you were actually gifted - wouldnt you be able to pick up on this at the beginning, when I ask if i’ll be hired in the end for the position??? Yeah, just unfortunately THOUSANDS of wasted dollars and setting my hopes high.
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3 years ago, B_Nate
I don’t usually write reviews for anything, so the fact that I am doing it now says a lot. Ok, so I have been using this app for over a year now and have decided i don’t want to use their service anymore. I went into the apps help section where it told me to contact the admins using an email the app provides in order to delete my account. I contacted them and they wanted to know why, I told them I was not interested in their services and that’s all the reason needed to close my account down… or so I thought… they reply to tell me they will NOT be closing my account and if I didn’t want to use it anymore then I should just uninstall the app. So the only way you can close your account, according to the app is actually a dead end. Once you make an account, you CAN’T undo it. They won’t let you, they keep any and all information you provide and a majority of the psychics are FAKE!
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2 years ago, angel love8932
Save your time and money
This app is literally the worse. It’s a lot of deceitful things that go on in this app. This app malfunctions and doesn’t give you your rewards. Customer support is the worse and just ignores messages from clients that spend their hard earn money. Customer support is aware of the fraudulent activities by their psychics and don’t care. Customer support removes reviews and are very dishonest to their clients. Please seek help elsewhere. Some of these psychics take 14 hours to respond to one message and will be online all day, It’s ridiculous. A lot of these are not real psychics, and they’re not vetted enough. Very inaccurate readings and seems some of them just tell you what you want to hear to take your money. Only good psychic that I find legit is Psychic Kat. Kat is pretty good with picking up on situations and reads clearly. Most of the other readers can’t see straight ! Reader Tabitha is a fraud stay away!
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5 years ago, Nonobooboopoopoo
I often receive responses that I can't even understand because they are sent with so many misspellings and typos. I'm paying money for this, the response should be well written and spell checked. You aren't texting your bff you're texting a customer. Also I don't know who is in charge of writing the daily horoscopes but those are awful too. It's like the person throws in a bunch of big words to try to sound smart but ends up using the words incorrectly resulting in horoscopes that are tedious and difficult to understand. Also also, at one point the app held a contest where if you left a five star review here, you could win a free question. If that ain't a scam!! It's one thing to encourage people to leave positive reviews if they're happy, but making it a contest is dishonestly inflating your rating! Shame! I will say, Cynthia and Cortney have given me great guidance and seem accurate.
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3 years ago, @brwnslk
My Go-To when I’m at a lost
Amber has been my #1 advisor for, I think, about 2 years now. I’ve tried others and they were pretty good but Amber’s guidances have been more accurate or very close to it. If it’s a question about something in the future, I’ll come back after the date has passed and I’m astounded as to how correct she was even when I had my doubts… She’s no joke. When I see the little blue dot next to her name I already feel a since of ease. She answered a question about an ancestor and she also helped me with understanding my cats feelings about me and my daughter.. I hope Amber gets an opportunity to know how much I value her guidance. Thank you
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8 months ago, SommerND
I have used this app for many years now. For being someone who regularly feels a lot of uncertainty this app has been a life saver. I’ve talked to multiple different psychics but one in particular stands out to me and has always been right in every single reading. When I’ve needed clarity I’ve always been able to get that using this app. Maria Ec - has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Where I felt hopeless and lost, she has helped guide me and tell me exactly what I need, good or bad. I’ll continue using this app until it’s no longer available. Even then, I hope I can always stay in touch with Maria. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Miss miss moo
I downloaded this app since I do have faith and trust in psychics. No matter what people may say to me it won’t stop what I believe. I’ve talked to many psychic’s through the years. Yet 2 of which where right almost all the time. 1 of the 2 more so. I have told her that she’s become my friend and I’ve never thought I’d ever have a friend like her. Yet she had the ability to predicted “4” things which came true. Yet now I’ve not just asked her but the other psychic the same question and they both gave the same answer. At the moment I wish I had the ability to be like a bear and hibernate. Cause I’m on a roller coaster of emotions. I PRAY what these 2 amazing, kind and beautiful psychic’s have predicted come true. I HATE waiting. But I just am praying that there right about this. The psychic’s are Gina and Cynthia. I’d recommend both of them to anybody. There honest and patient! 5 stars for sure I give here an now. Yet in a few weeks or months 2 tops. When I reply to say whether these 2 where right or not. Not sure how many stars I give then an what my review will be then either.
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5 years ago, Mzjaxson
Christine is the Best
I was very skeptical at first because there’s a lot of fraud psychics! But Christine was the Best out of all I love her delivery she is nice and STRAIGHT to the point not only does she give insight on the past present and future but gives advice on what you should do from personaly experience! She helped me with insight on my love life and honestly! She was right about everything! She gave time frames! And all. There were a few other psychics I have spoken to that are very good as well (Julie&Jane) But overall CHRISTINE is the best I constantly message her when I have a question about anything because I know I will receive 100% satisfaction! Thankful for finding her on this site! You will not be disappointed.
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5 years ago, MulberryLaneSt
Therapeutic and helpful
I have been dealing with a loss for nearly a year. This team has helped me stay strong and hopeful and put the pieces in place. In times where I wanted to give up hope they gave me reason to believe. When I thought things could get no worse they gave me gracious insight. Of course, not everything they have given me has come to fruition. I’ve learned that life affects energy, Hope, attitude- it’s all tied together. They have given me peace of mind. It’s not always been what I wanted to hear. There are some advisors on here I would never recommend, but to each his own. Joy, Tommy, Julie and a few others are my favourites. Worth the money, and far cheaper than therapy.
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5 years ago, HopelessRomantic94
Awesome insight!
I absolutely love this app. I was skeptical at first, but this has turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. I’ve found out so much within myself and with my surrounding relationships, whether they be friendships or romantic. The inquiries are always answered in a timely manner and the advice given isn’t just what you want to hear. The price isn’t bad either! Psychic Amber has been by far my most favorite psychic I have had read into my everyday life. She’s honest and straightforward, never sugarcoating. I trust her insight and intuition fully. I’m more excited and ready for the future than I’ve ever been! Two thumbs up for sure! 10/10 recommendations!
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7 years ago, javassmartrose
Don’t Waste Your Time Or Money
The only reason I’m giving this app three stars is because I only talked to one person. I have tried psychics off and on for a while now, never having any luck with them at all. I contacted Dora about this man that just vanished after we talked. Right after I sent her my question, an hour or two later the man I was inquiring about contacted me. So this morning I open the app and she replied that he would not connect with me, when he already have. I know some will say that you didn’t have a connection with that psychic, but I truly believe that we are in control of our own destinies. Don’t download the app and waste money on scammers who will give you false hope. Save your time and money. This app will not give you the answers that you seek.
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2 years ago, Tharealherrr
Avana Readings
Avana Is one of the top physics I go through on this app. She gives me hope and clarity on any situation at anytime of the day. She is very honest and thorough with her readings, as she gets right to the point but gives you the details you crave in any reading. I highly recommend using her she’s a friend without even meeting her, I feel like I can talk to her about anything. Give this woman props on her hard work on this app and she is someone I’ll continue to reach out for any answers I want to know. Thank you Avana always being able to connect with me on a compassionate direct friendly manner.
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2 months ago, Goth geek 420
App is glitchy
First off let’s be honest . The App is glitchy. Especially the live text chat. This needs fixed . It was impossible to type with it glitching so much. Some advisers you will connect with. Others you won’t. But I’ve been on the app for a few years now and I can say some of the Readers are legit and very on point. Others not so much. Amber has always been the one I connect with the most. But everyone will connect with whomever resonates with them But don’t forget they are just messengers . You have the ability to change the outcome of anything anytime you want. Personally the app needs to be fixed and I wish we could video chat with some of these advisors. But for now it’s ok👍
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4 years ago, Shalice17
Yemi is the best on this app.
Hello y’all , so I’ve had this app on my phone for about two years now i believe if not longer and i must say when i need clarity, confirmation or just guidance on situations that are happening in my life i also go to YEMI. She’s the best on this app. She’s honest, real and gentle. However, she will not lie to you about what she feels about the situation or what’s best for you. She’s truly one of the advisors i feel want the best for you. Mind you all my readings with her have came to past. When I got a new job, new house and about my move. SHE’s the truth. Please get a reading from her you willl not be wasting your money. I love you Yemi.
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5 years ago, $acredPower
This App is Awesome and so is Eden K.
I was a bit skeptical about using this app. Turns out, it's pretty great. Your first text reading is free so make sure you send your actual question within the initial text as you only get one free text. There is a wheel you can spin daily to earn more free credits. Eden is my go to. She is so spot on and thus far, the BEST I've come across in years...especially with time spans. She is very detailed, compassionate and willing to provide clarity directly related to her reading. She generally only needs first names. I'm happy I gave this app a try and even more elated I connected with Eden...she's my saving grace these days.
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5 years ago, ambie112
Amber is awesome!
I have been talking to Amber about some stuff I’ve been going through with a friend and she was spot on with so many details about them (personally) and I hadn’t even given any of that information when I had asked the question. It’s only been a few days so I still have to see if it unfolds like she has said, but I still believe she is good considering she talks like she knows my friend who she obviously doesn’t. It has put me a little at ease to with the situation which has been awesome. She’s kind, understanding, and takes her time to get her reading, but not too long. I definitely recommend Amber!
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6 years ago, Fayeskids
Love this app
I’ve used many different apps and even ordered readings on ETSY and I always had a feel that I was being told what they thought I wanted to hear. My favorite advisor is Shawn and I can always count on him for the cold hard truths about any situation. Many psychics on this app tell the truth and are very good! But Shawn is just my favorite... this is definitely my go to app for psychic advice/insight to a situation. The advisors all respond in a timely manner which if I’m seeking insight I don’t want to wait 24 hours for a response. So if you are looking for honest advisors, need answers quickly - this is the app for you....
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6 years ago, can0621
Nancy, Julie, Shawn and Cynthia
I love this app, the above are the only ones you should consider. I each them depending on my mood or if I am stressed which ever is available. Nancy is my favorite because she is quick consistent and funny and touches in everything every time- like a girls girl. Julie is very straight forward and always clear and concise and every once in a while she is warm and fuzzy but I like her the way she is, Shawn is so incredibly talented and uplifting-I hope all his detailed visions come through and Cynthia-a very kind old soul I think and very detailed long answers. Give them a try.
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5 years ago, Kellee T.
A lot of foolery
I’ll start by saying that there are a few very good advisors and that is what makes me stay, but whenever there is a glitch or an error in their app, the support team never addresses or fixes the issue and they don’t respond to your replies to their messages. I have to submit 4-5 support tickets because of this just to get them to completely address an issue. Ridiculous. And I also feel they should have a time period where you can edit reviews based on actual results... sometimes advisors turn out to be drastically wrong and they don’t allow you to update your stars to accurately reflect their actual results. On top of that, they pick and choose which reviews to post. Thinking of dropping it all together.
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5 years ago, annamelissacb
I like this app
It helps me a lot and makes me feel more relaxed, Personally, it's like talking to a friend when you express yourself, I've been working with several people and most of the things they tell me happen, They even make me more positive and think that everything will be fine, it helps me to be calmer and guide me to make certain decisions,I buy for questions but also every day I do the roulette and earn points for free questions or they even send you codes for free questions every month, idk it works for me so... I hope it work for you too :)
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4 years ago, Kristinaac171
Sort of a rip off in my experience
Some of the positives : Lots of advisors and topics. A very in depth reading is $4 per message. Some of the advisors leave you confident and assured with true predictions. Easy to use and has a bonus spin wheel. Some of the cons: Not all of the advisors give you clear, full answers. Some advisors have taken over 12 hours to respond to me or will go offline before responding to my message. I have had glitches where I buy a message credit and it says successful purchase only to not be given my credit. Reaching out to the actual app team is a pain and takes a long time to get a response. Apple will only refund you so many times even if it was a glitch and you just got ripped off $4. THE WORST THING THATS HAPPENED - I had deleted the app because I felt I needed to stop spending money on “predictions”. Well, I downloaded it yesterday but did not sign in to it. This morning I woke up and checked my bank account only to find a charge for a credit message from the app. I am furious that just downloading the app caused me to get money taken out of my bank.
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5 years ago, Maryy Jaee
Great app love who i connected with
I’ve been an emotional roller coaster being pregnant and going through A LOT of drama. I honestly don’t think i would’ve gotten through it as well as i did without my go to psychic Nancy. She has been a god send. She has kept me level headed and strong and she’s even kept up with my pregnancy showing she cares. I know i can get on her nerves by second guessing at times but she hasn’t steered me wrong before. Her time frames of things are always on point for me. I’ve been connected with her for almost 2 years now. I highly recommend her.
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3 years ago, Bitwi0909
I’ve downloaded a couple of these apps and psychic txt by far is the best. It’s 3.99 per text to which you get super detailed answers and the live chat is amazing. It can add up especially if you get into deep conversations however it’s money well spent. My favorite is Sarika. She is always so informative, detailed and spot on. I’ve read with her for over a year now and everything has come to pass. She’s not only my reader now but my absolute must GO-TO person. I definitely recommend this app! See sarika, as well!
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6 years ago, sgwannabe83
Cynthia Is Amazing, Love This App!
I started using this almost a year ago and I have been talking to Cynthia about an ongoing situation. She never gets frustrated with my repeated questions, she is always patient and kind, and I don’t feel like she just tells me what I want to hear. I feel she’s very genuine and I have also been blown away by her accuracy. I love the app it has been a huge help with a very difficult part of my life. Definitely worth a try if you need that extra bit of guidance with something you’re unsure about. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
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4 years ago, yes.ima.goddess
Zoe , Jasmine , Ginger, David, Sonny, Twin Roses
Okay so I’ve personally tried ALMOST all of the advisors on this app. I have a good amount of favorites. But they are my top 5. They are very nice, BLUNT, and they’ll throw in advice if you’re willing to take it. They won’t tell you what you want to hear, they’ll tell you what you need to hear based off of what they see. And the predictions are extremely accurate. Everything that I’ve been told by them actually came to pass whether it be on the subject of love, career, family, life path etc. Try them. You won’t be disappointed!
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5 years ago, Ara_9393
If you have any questions or concerns this is the app where you will get them answered!
I’ve been using this app for two years and I’ve been using the same Psychic since I started Ginger she is very truthful and the things she tell me actually happens exactly how she say it will.........when ever something is bothering me and I need answers to a situation I message her and she gives me an honest answer I have yet to be disappointed. Keep doing what you’re doing Ginger I thank you and I’m greatly appreciative of all your help over the pass two years.
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5 years ago, F l a c a
I love psychics & I have struggles trying to find a GOOD trustworthy app . This app Anita expensive and it also HELP you get credits and live credits at times and they ALMOST ALWAYS have good discounts. You truly can’t beat that. MY ADVISOR IS * BEA * she is BEYOND amazing she keeps is so honest and blunt with me whenever I need her to be or ask her anything she makes me feel so comfortable about doing my readings I honestly do not use ANY other app and I do not use any other advisor because she is truly the best that I have encountered on this app. Still using it till this day . I love this app ...
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6 years ago, tlove7271
Great Team support
I’ve had a reading with Rebecca in the past and she was great. However the most recent reading she was unable to answer my question but I give her credit for letting me know that locations are not her area of expertise. I would still recommend her because of her honesty. The support team was great in refunding me my money back. I really appreciated that because money is very tight for me right now. I then asked Amber the same question and got a thorough answer. I am very pleased with this site and will recommend to others.
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5 years ago, D1T2
Use Julie on psychic text
I use psychic text as a way to ease my mind with any issues I may have. There are a few advisors I use on a regular basis. Amber, Cynthia, Joseph and Julie are my favorites. They are straight forward and sensitive at the same time. They know my skepticism when it comes to some of my questions and they all are usually spot on with each other about my issues. This site is better than a therapist. It’s great to have people talk to in a private setting that are non judgmental. Try it out and see what’s it’s all about.
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12 months ago, DanielleCT
Antara!!! 💙
Antara is the real deal; having popped on and off of this app for a while now, there is nothing like a read from Antara. He is not only accurate, he is compassionate, kind, and patient. He’s helped me through some very difficult times as of late and instilled hope when it was running very thin. Oh yeah, did I mention his accuracy? Scary how nothing he has shared in reads has been wrong. 10/10 would recommend to anyone - first timers? Go to Antara. Returning users? Go to Antara. You will NOT regret it.
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9 months ago, Ivytat93
READ: Jesus loves and saves
Hello to you all. I only write this out of love and care and no judgement. This app is a dangerous gateway. Divination is not of God. Please to all who utilize this app for whatever matters, I am begging you to no longer use. I have been revealed the truth by the Lord. I understand it may be hard to process and grasp as I am now being pulled out of it. I have used it for 4+ years. But if you repent and ask for forgiveness God will show you the way. I am telling you all because He is the ONLY TRUTH. Ask him to show you the truth and He will. I pray that everyone finds the truth with these practices and come back to God our Lord and Saviour. He loves you very much and is waiting. He will be with you on your journey back to Him; trust and believe 🙏🏽
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