Public: Stocks, Options, Bonds

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Open to the Public Investing, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Public: Stocks, Options, Bonds

4.68 out of 5
69.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Jtf199876
Must have for millennials
First off, I have never left a review before even though I’m glued to my phone all day. I downloaded the public app a few weeks ago. My account was not approved instantly (typo on my part, I found out later) and after a few days I emailed the support team and asked for help. They responded in like, an hour, gave me instructions to get trading, and was then approved right away. Anyone under 40 with disposable income should, IMO, be investing directly investing in the market instead of relying on 401ks and other group plans. This app lays out all the info in a very intuitive fashion and within a week I was able to, with ZERO prior knowledge, navigate the app effectively, and the community of investors on the app are a fantastic source of investing advice. This is not a day trading app and the various transactions can take time, but by keeping money in your account without spending it allows you to execute buy and sell orders quickly, though the money may take a few days to get back to your public account. I am usually able to make two transactions per stock, per week, which is more than enough to react to any big market changes. The fact that you can invest whatever amount you want is huge. Amazon’s stock at $2.5k may be too much, but Public allows you to purchase slices of stock in increments as low as $5. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with some extra cash and half a brain.
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2 years ago, Papas89
You will not get your money if you cash out it takes a few days maybe a couple weeks
So now I’m afraid to cash out because I’m not gonna be able to get my money when I need it takes a long time for them to give me your money back that if you get it back the full amount hopefully they improve instead of waiting it don’t make sense when you can just deposit money quick and easy but you can’t get your money quick and easy that doesn’t make sense I would understand one day or two but five days six days a week sometimes that’s really tough right now we’re living in tough times people need money now that be nice if they can approve this and you’re able to cash out your money when you need it and there’s hidden fees to it’s hard to get a hold of them takes about 24 hours by time you hear from them it would be nice to cash out your money ASAP just like we put money in this app it should be the same take out the money like the other apps The other apps let you cash out the same day I just never understand that maybe he hast to go through seven different people until he gets approved I don’t know they need to work on this
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3 years ago, katedgrate
good app but customer reps need improvement
I downloaded this app because of Graham Stephen. I enjoy the interactivity of the app as well as getting live updates and having all the stock news streamlined and easily available. I made the error of transferring my original brokerage to Public. I had emailed customer support to cancel the transfer but they replied saying it was too late and that the transfer had already cleared. I submitted a recall of my positions at least 2-3 times and all I got were replies that they would be contacting their clearing firm. Unfortunately it seems like they do not have clear communication with their clearing firm which is Apex. They kept telling me to contact my own brokerage to see if “my account was clear to receive the recall.” This kept up for at least 3-4 weeks and emailing them and only getting a reply it will be back in my account from 7-10 business days. My brokerage had not received any transfer request whatsoever. I ended up having to manually request a transfer from my original brokerage account as the Public team was no help and kept me in a loop around. I do not recommend you transfer all your accounts to this platform as customer service doesn’t have any idea of what goes on with their clearing firm. Use it with some money you have to play around but not your whole entire portfolio. They will keep your money hostage like other previous reviewers have said.
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4 years ago, laddvance
If you Read This Review you won’t download this app. This company has worthless customer service
I hope people don’t download this app because they read this review . No way of reaching a real person on the phone. I have had a nightmare situation been begging for an actual person to call me going on 4 days now. And the phone number takes you to a message that says to email them and hangs up on you. Their customer service rep told me know phone support. Really ?? When you are putting your trust into a company with your money you deserve way better than this . There was a glitch that transferred $1715 , 5 x when I got an error purchasing a stock. Wound up not getting the stock and it went up the next day. Now there is $10,000 I didn’t authorize in my account because of the error. Luckily it was pending so I had to freeze and might have to cancel my bank account because PUBLIC won’t cancel the pending deposit . Won’t listen to or take my concerns seriously snd keep ignoring my request to look into it. I get some standard answers from them that they can’t reverse the pending amount . They don’t even have my money and will never get it but they won’t look into the error I claimed happened . And are putting me through the worst time here I’m Los Angeles county worst coronavirus situation in the country and these people are making me have to go to my bank. Unbelievable. No compassion for people . I hope people don’t download this app because of this review .
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1 year ago, The3kingleo
Warning, scam alert
One is a scam be aware they have stolen money from me almost a year and a half ago now to the day that I still have not gotten the money with interest that they are being. Any interest comes from the fact that they are a hold on my money and pretty much didn’t give it to me so I put my acceptable. Anyway, there’s a bitcoin scam on this application. It’s a whole bunch of Nigerian scammers. They even gave me the full rundown on how they get on the platform. I explain to the people can support what was going on. They close my account and kept my money He said that they would send me a check in the mail. I informed him that I’m no longer friends at the address that was on file. I sent the money for my cash app. It said that they would not send the money back to Cash and then asked for my bank account I explain to them, but I didn’t feel comfortable with giving them that information after learning and seeing all of the scammers at work on the platform. When I explain that to them, they said that they send me a check in the mail and I told him that I wanted to make the same way that they had received it. I wanted it that I didn’t think that I didn’t think that was an unreasonable request. But they took my money and zeros of the year and a half later and I’m just continuing to leave a review for let people know please stay away, protect yourself. This platform is gonna wind up on the episode of American greed I guarantee it.
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3 years ago, hope this helps!?!
Decent functionality but some serious and troubling flaws
Overall that app looks nice and it’s easy to navigate, but be careful if you’re purchasing at market price on this app the spread is pretty BIG. - the selection of stocks and ETFs is quite good -the first thing I noticed is that there’s no individual history for buying and selling as well as dividends for individual stocks -second the chart is OK but doesn’t really accurately portray pricing movements -I think my rating could’ve been somewhere between three and four stars except for this one fact when you sell stock and try to withdraw back to your account there is literally a glacial pace- example recently sold several stocks and ETFs had to wait SEVEN business days for it to change status from ‘unsettled cash’ to ‘available to withdraw’ status and only after I emailed the service desk did it magically shift so I could withdraw; once withdraw via ach was selected it just sits there under ‘pending’ status without posting-I guess I’m supposed to email again to remind Public to take care of processing my withdraw. As a user of several different stock, ETF, real estate, and crypto investing apps this is by far the absolute slowest in getting your own money back. /note -i’ve been using this app since last February and have made several withdrawals and have experienced issues on five out of six withdrawals not a very good track record.
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3 months ago, Boomers are trash
Not transparent
They aren’t super transparent about transactions working or not. I tried to transfer 10k into this app from one account. They said it takes three days to clear but they’d let me use 5kin the meantime to invest. Then on the fourth day I get an email at 1:48a.m. Telling me the transaction was from the wrong type of account and would not go through so I now had a negative balance of 5k and needed to find my account before I incurred fees for having a negative balance. So I tried to move money in from an account that I had successfully moved money from prior and they wouldn’t let me and told me to contact customer support where I was answered by a chat bot telling me I needed to find my account which I explained it would not let me do. Then my messages went unread for more than half the rest of the day while still being blocked from finding my account so I was force to sell all my investments at a loss to avoid fees. This app basically entrapped me into a situation where I had no way to find the account and was going to be charged for not doing so and I got zero response from customer service. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had especially when you have thousands of dollars on the line. I had already put thousands in through another account multiple times they locked me out so they could charge me for it. Absolutely do not trust this app and use fidelity instead or really any other app.
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5 months ago, zaamrod
THE app for investing
I never write reviews on apps…never…except for today. I’ve been using Public since August, and I wanted to give it some time before commenting on my experience. What I can say is that it’s been nothing but positive. The process for setting up the account couldn’t be more simple. The interface is insanely easy to use. Customer support…especially Mike…has been professional, friendly and prompt. I love the fact we can invest in partial shares of companies. I never could own full shares of the Mag Seven, but I own them all in partial shares, and since I set up an investment plan with the Mag Seven, I invest in them daily, and before long I will have full shares in each company. In short, Public just makes this easy, and I enjoy logging on dozens of times each day just to see my balances go up (they don’t always go up, of course), but investing in bonds, crypto, savings, stocks, and treasuries allows me to diversify so that I protect most of my capital while risking what I can afford to risk in individual stocks. I cannot imagine using any other platform, and I never will again.
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1 month ago, What the heck eff
So I’ve been using public now for about two years. I’m still new to stock trading or whatever. I found the public app which I entrusted; so much so I referred them to a few family members and friends. I’ve had a few minor issues in the past that were resolved pretty quickly I guess. Recently had something come up where I needed to cash in some stock. The issue affects my livelihood and needed to process the funds as soon as possible. After waiting 3 (three) out of the 4 (four) days I was told my withdrawal was rejected. I received a notification from the app stating an email was sent with details but no email was received. When trying to reach someone I found there is no number to speak to anyone. You have to converse through the chat. Two and a half hours later still no response from public. How is it this company will take my money to invest into stock but fails to respond to its clients in a timely manner? I tried the process again, and it says funds will be transferred and available in 4 (four) days. This is craziness. When this has settled I’m pulling my money to go to a different brokerage company. I like to use smaller companies to give them a fighting chance agains my the big leading ones but that was a bad decision. I don’t recommend using this brokerage company at all. No hard feeling just facts.
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12 months ago, Shmyizer
I’d rate the app higher but they’re missing very simple features that should be in every investing platform. It’s the little details that matter to people. There’s no way of telling how much money you’ve spent investing in stocks. The only thing they tell you is your account worth which doesn’t help. So all you see if your account worth and then the money gained or lost underneath. So to find out how much you’ve gained and or lost you have to add or subtract the gains or losses from your account value. I find that extremely unsatisfying that just to find out the amounts you’ve invested you have to leave the app and figure it out on a calculator or write down in a note pad each time you add money. And I’m sure it’s a extremely easy feature to add. I’m not sure why it hasn’t already been added. Pretty sure anyone investing would like to know how much they actually invested especially if you’re someone like me who has recurring investing turned on. Also for uninvested cash it would be nice if users of the app would be able to earn interest, something that almost every brokerage offers. Apart from that the layout of everything is very easy and pleasant to use. Would definitely like to see more improvements within the app. Public has high potential.
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3 years ago, N Kramer
Stay Away!! When the day comes you be glad!!!
Customer Service is Non-Existent, Apple Needs to step in and remove them from the App Store, they will at some point mess up and take your money, with no way to contact or get assistance. You are trusting your money with unregulated Snake Oils Salesperson…. Make the move now to an established company!! These people deserve jail time for what they do. 9 months in and they still have yet to respond even to my States AG!! Stay Away from Public!! First there isn’t a Customer Service to Speak off!! Second when their system makes a mistake in App, they will expect you to cover it!! Stay Away!! App reported the number of shares I had double a few months ago, then was corporate event locking the stock, after that was removed, sold stock, now they are putting me on the Hook for Extra Stock that their app told me I owned. Be warned!! Even my states AG is finding them difficult or impossible to reach out to anyone at Public. Easiest way to Hide I guess is not respond. Edit: Developer responses faster to negative comment than they do to messages in app or through email!! Stay Away!! Update: March 01 ‘21, be warned they stole about 40 dollars from me and have yet to make it right almost 6 months afterwards. March 17 ‘21 they are now still holding onto and not allowing me to sell the stock they forced me to purchase. Stay Away!! They are not trustworthy!!
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3 years ago, davidsphoto
Terrible Customer Service & More
I’ve been emailing Public time and time again about issue I am having over their app. It takes them over a week to respond, and when they do, it seems like they just pick a copy and paste response that matches my issue. On top of that, their basic in app support is so hard to get through when you just want to send a custom message. I’ve emailed them about multiple issues with their app that threatened my Portfolio and gave suggestions. They responded but only addressed one, and not the actual issues. On top of that, one of the companies I’m invested in, just went through a merger and made it final Friday the 30th of April. Public had 2 days to finalize the merger and follow the merger requirements. Yet they took their time, and I lost money because of it. I do not feel safe with keeping my money with a company that is so hard to get ahold of and is failing to support their customers. On top of that, there are so many other apps that have a way better social community than Pubic like Webull. So I will at some point, be transferring all my holdings and cash, over to Webull. They have so many more trading options and you can even open an IRA there. PS: I see other reviews like this one and Public responds to it. So Public, if you do respond, you best be ready to make a phone call and appropriately address all issues on your app.
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2 years ago, Sheldon A.
Top investment tool
This app is an awesome app it even has a place where you can earn as you learn for example you listen to videos and they’ll give you a $1 to $2 to purchase stocks and or coins but not only that you get a wealth of knowledge that will carry you for the rest of you investing journey which allows you to make knowledgeable decisions when selecting your investment. I also like having the option to purchase slices of stocks and coins. The community is always putting out great information to help out. I also appreciate how the funds are made available after a deposit, the only thing I wish the app had is a tool to to show the status of all the money that is deposit into the app ie wether a payment was cleared or pending from the bank and maybe even a way to show how much money was invested like a ledger of some sort. Other then that it’s a great app, I recommended the Public and the Coinbase app to my mom and she liked Public overall. With that being said I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn and start investing immediately.
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3 years ago, TFFFF83
Investing + Social minus the WSB vibe
Great to have found an app that allows fractional share buying while also incorporating social media to the mix. It’s really neat to be able to follow fellow amateur investor friends, as well as actual investors! Really cool that Public has combined two things into one. Commenting allows for people to open conversations about their investment choices. I came from Robinhood, but after discovering the shadiness of their practices (Robinhood’s management ended up financing losses from another subsidiary that they also owned who was shorting GameStop)—it’s like, who is Robinhood really made for? ...The hedge funds is the answer. They sell your data to hedge funds so that the hedge funds know which stocks to short. So if you’re reading this, take those diamond hands to Public (or any other online brokerage really). Just remember to allow your stocks to settle for a few days on Robinhood before transferring out (every transfer is $75). If you don’t let your stocks settle, then you’ll have some stocks leftover even after the trade and you’ll end up having to transfer AGAIN and be out $150.
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4 years ago, magast91
Incessant Notifications
The interface is good, but I can’t abide an app constantly sending me useless and incessant notifications. Even if you have all notifications turned off within the app’s own settings menu, you will still be bombarded daily with alerts that have zero relation to your portfolio or interests. Public lacks an honest notifications interface and merely has the appearance of granularity. The reality is far from it. I had to take the nuclear option and turn off all notifications at the iOS-level setting, meaning that I have to sacrifice the few notifications I actually do want: important notices about my account. And it’s all because all of these spam notifications that Public won’t let users filter out. The app itself is great, but I don’t need more spam in my life and the way they handle notifications feels downright gross. It’s a low-brow way to demand attention from their users and up their “engagement.” I expect this kind of bottom-feeding dark UX pattern from apps like Facebook, but not from a supposedly social-conscious app like Public. For people who don’t want to spend every day being reminded or spammed into messing with their investment portfolio, it becomes a huge turnoff and has led me to stop using Public. I recommend you avoid this app and use another service like Robinhood instead.
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4 years ago, JordieRae129
Public is the best!!
Just want to say that I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with this app. I thoroughly enjoy the social community aspect which sets it apart from other apps out there. It helps to get an idea of which companies people are investing in. The community as a whole is very friendly and are willing to help others that are newer to trading/investing. You can buy fractional shares with as little as $1! Which means anyone can be an investor. Much better group than Facebook groups. They actually care to help. Smooth interface to navigate through, and simple for any beginner. They have themes that group stocks together in case you want to peruse through their collection. The Public Team is very responsive if you have any issues with your account. The longest I’ve waited for a response was 1 day. They have excellent customer service and keep updating the app to keep those pesky bugs away. I would HIGHLY recommend this app to my family, friends, and friends friends. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Keep up the great work!!!!
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3 years ago, JonathaaaaanP
I started investing this year and opened multiple brokerage accounts with Robinhood, WeBull, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, but let me tell you.. I’m transferring all of my stocks over to Public because their user experience and design is so well done. If you’re using Robinhood, just because of the aesthetics then you have to switch over to Public. Not only does it have great design, but great utility. WeBull also has a community forum, but Public’s takes on a more modern approach because it looks just like Twitter. This makes it easier to hop into discussions and also follow the steps of your favorite investors. While we get value from the community, we also get value from the Public Team. What really sold me was how passionate the Public Team is in delivering value to its users. Their weekly emails of Market news including upcoming IPO’s, Earnings Reports, current headlines/trends, and more makes investing that much easier to follow. Other brokerage apps are great, but Public is better..
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3 years ago, tyoesm
Notifications badge has been broken for a month
This was a great app, but lately they seem too focused on growth tactics that make the app UX really annoying. 1) I can’t clear my notifications badge, looks like it’s stuck permanently to ask me to search the community and connect with other people. I’m guessing it will turn off it I connect with other people? Who knows, I’m not going to do that. 2) lots of pop up banners every time I log into the app to invite people, gets in the way of me doing what I want to do. Basic UX rules are to show pop ups like this after a user takes an action of value, not as you’re coming into the app. That’s is so annoying. Also, if I’m not taking the action on the pop up, stop showing it to me after the 3rd time. 3) Public created a url with my trade information that shows up in a google search. This is probably the most annoying of them all, because I never opted in to have my user account searchable in Google. I tried to turn it off my public profile in the public app and it’s still up 5 days later. I don’t remember Robinhood making my profile searchable in Google. I’d still like to keep using the app if some of these items improve. The rest of the app is great.
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2 years ago, Hermboy101
Not only is there a referral for free stock (which is great) but this app lets you invest in certain cryptos and most stock, as well as being almost like a twitter for finance! ALSO it’s like super easy to use, (hint) when an application has an easy user base it’s trajectory for success is much higher than a complicated user base (obviously) …. So props to Public for that! Also the reason why it’s a 5 star and not a 4 is becuase I actually DID have one problem…. I didn’t receive my free stock at first even though my reference made an account and bought $1 worth, BUT I simply ASKED the support team on app and they noticed and gave me my free stock ! I was prepared to just sit and wait for ever like Robinhood 😂😂but they answered right away ! So nice 👍🏼 also this is not a bot typing this out, I just was really happy when I got my stock I deserved so they deserve some A1 feedback 🤣😭🅿️
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4 months ago, Joey Reno
Really bad
First, its pretty obvious most of these reviews are fake. Everything about this company is shady. The app is insanely slow for something that is advertised for options trading. Options trading requires timely execution and this app errored out for five minutes and nobody on the support team would even explain what the error meant. Eventually it filled, but the price had already moved significantly. Support is very bad. There is no phone number and if you talk to the support chat it alternates between chat bot and agent randomly. It is incredibly frustrating and they take a very long time to reply. Its not acceptable for a financial app that is affecting your money. The ui is pretty bad and slow, good luck making any timely trades. And getting your money out takes a ridiculous amount of time. Way more than any other brokerage account I have ever used. This whole order flow rev share idea is just a gimmick. You get very little money back and they should even be advertising themselves as an options platform if they cant fill orders accurately. You also cant trade certain options chains and they wont even tell you why. There are so many better options, dont use this amateur company.
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9 months ago, terreygreene
Needs clearer copy + Mint integration
EDIT: Moved from 3 stars to 1 since I can’t withdraw my funds. Even after waiting for my account balance to settle, Public now says “We couldn’t verify your bank.” They had no problem accepting money from this account a few weeks ago - what changed? Feels like a rug pull. Tried this out to use t-bills as a makeshift hysa alternative. The interface is clean, but I’m never quite sure what I’m doing or what the stipulations of different actions are. One BIG issue that gives this a lower rating is the undisclosed 90 day waiting period for t-bill interest. 90 days from when? Why wasn’t this disclosed earlier? There’s also confusion about how much you’re actually buying with t-bills. For example, if you wanted to buy $1000 of t-bills and put an order to that effect, the app only invests $900-something in t-bills and leaves the rest sitting as cash. The app THEN prompts you to deposit more with conflicting information. Lastly, there’s no Mint integration for easier money management. Instead, your money lives on an app with an ungoogleable name. Switching to a HYSA until this app can figure out it’s UX, disclosures, and integrations better.
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3 years ago, MrTimmy1969
This is not written in anger though it may seem so. I have many investing apps that work great. However this particular app is very difficult to access any type of support. They have an automated system which attempts to answer your questions, but falls short and does not offer a way to explain the issue to an AI or person that can help. In my circumstance I continue to get an insufficient funds error when I try to deposit. Of course, this is not the case, I have adequate funding in my bank account. I tried to access support, and followed the bot’s instructions on how to remedy this situation. It did not work. I returned to support to attempt to access an AI or person who could remedy the situation. Instead of being able to access any type of reasonable support it simply repeats the previous instructions. My advice is to move to a better investing platform such as WeBull or Robinhood. Once Public has addressed this issue it might be much better, but until then steer clear of this app. Please disregard the reviews that say they are WeBull and Robinhood users that now like this app. Those two apps are by far superior to this app.
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3 weeks ago, LadySlan
i don’t recommend for crypto (STOCKUPDATE)
it’s okay for stocks as long as you don’t plan on buying anything otc, but i can’t recommend it for crypto because trading crypto is unavailable for 30 minutes everyday during maintenance 3:30pm-4:00pm MST. super inconvenient considering i always seem to open the app to trade crypto at that time. at least make it i the middle of the night or something if you have to do it. i might go to back to cb for crypto. edit: the crypto order i placed during maintenance was filled despite me trying to cancel it twice, and when i looked at the price it was filled it, it was significantly higher than the price the crypto reached at any point today, putting me at an immediate loss. DO NOT INVEST CRYPTO HERE. UPDATE: I have stopped trading crypto here and only kept the brokerage account for stocks. This week I woke to all my stocks and options in the green… yet my account was missing 15% of the money i had the previous day. How does that happen?? How does everything I own in your brokerage gain money and somehow my money goes missing?? I’m taking everything out and will never be coming back as I simply don’t trust this app. Very sketchy.
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2 years ago, Previous public user
Do not use this site
Public may act like it has no fees but that is wrong. They will sell you stocks and coins at an inflated margin to where you need several points to even even out on the get go. They will also take a percentage when you sell to where you will lose money from on every single investment period. They do not allow money withdrawal for a minimum of 90 days. I know many people on here who are having to wait way longer than that. The crypto market is not filled with as much variety as 90% of all other apps that allow crypto exchange. The social platform is ok however many offer a degree of communication platform to where it’s really not a huge plus. It’s more of yeah we have that too. The tipping is useless and doesn’t inspire better buys or sells its more yet another way for publics to pull extra money from you than they already take from your coins and stocks. There are sooooo many better platforms out there. DO NOT USE THIS ONE! It borders on scamming you. None of this is above board until you realize half way through and have to wait 90+ days to back out or get your funds.
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3 years ago, Gooood Appppppp
A Great App For Trading!
I love this app! It’s really fantastic and easy to use for anyone, even beginners. I started out with Robinhood but quickly made Public my priority app for stocks. Now they even offer Crypto. I was a little leery at first, my brother as well, as far as the social media aspect goes but it actually works. You can get advice from investors that know what their talking about or just read and see what others are investing in. Some people even mimic top investors moves (on a smaller scale) and make money. The only drawback for me is linking your bank account should be easier. The first time wasn’t that difficult but after my bank changed from Simple to BBVA, I still haven’t been able to verify my new account so I’m stuck not being able to withdrawal money from stock that I’ve sold. I know it’s for security but it would be nice if they had a better process. All in all though, a solid app and I highly recommend.
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4 years ago, TastetheRambo57
Robbin/ Webull User
Hello reviewers, this is an app that has caught my eye since I’ve been investing. Robbin has a waiting list for fractional shares and as someone who doesn’t have 10k-100k to throw in the market. This is a great advantage for them, easy to use and my favorite you actually have to put in the WORK and TIME to find the stocks you want to invest in. It’s not like Robbinhood where you can copy others on Facebook, but they do have some themes for beginners to look into and not all of them penny stocks. My lesson for anyone getting in the market is that someone else anit gonna do it for you, put in that work and time specially now since everything is at a discount! The app it self could use a dark themed or more creative categories. Not have options isn’t that big of a deal. I’ll stick with the day trading and long term strategy and remember “if you anit losing, then your winning” stay humble, let’s get rich~ Theo
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3 years ago, Benjamin Kipphorn
Love the app- here’s some suggestions.
I don’t write reviews for apps ever but when reading through the reviews for this app I see a lot of frustrated beginner investors that rate based off of their gains or losses experienced while using public, rather than the app itself. I love public so much so far. So much, that I transferred my old portfolio over to public! Public has given me access to a network of likeminded investors, and also exposed me to crypto currencies (which I am now currently heavily invested in). Here’s a few things I’d like to see from public- •wallet feature- It’s nice that you can buy crypto- but you can’t do anything with it besides buy/sell. I would love to see a wallet feature of some kind to transfer/spend currencies. •More crypto currencies Obviously, that’s a lot to ask for- and I know public is more geared towards beginner investors who aren’t necessarily willing to invest into the volatility which is the crypto market.(however, the currencies listed are still extremely volatile, so I wouldn’t see it being much of an issue). that’s really all I can think of as far as big updates for public. The app functions great, and I am currently participating as a bug tester to help find glitches. Keep working on the app public! You guys are doing great.
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3 years ago, Low Falutin
Account Frozen and No Response from Support
First off, i like public. I’ve had it for about 3 months. They explain cash account violations to you, which may be why my account is frozen. But every time you sell a stock, you are immediately given an equal amount of “buying power” even though the cash from the transaction clears two days later. That would seem to encourage fast trading that would lead to cash account violations. Furthermore, in your account details there’s a meter that’s supposed to track your violations to let you know if you’re on thin ice. This feature either does not work, or my account it frozen for some unknown reason and it is taking more than 24 hours to hear back from support. I think Public is better than the other app brokers. But buying power seems to encourage what they want to prevent, which is “day trading” and if you’re gonna freeze my account you better have a clear communication system in place
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4 months ago, Mommy 2 beau
Would like to request an update idea
I have been using this app for some time now and enjoying the ability to trade and learn about investing. I would like to ask for an update regarding the limit order feature for buying investments. Is there a way that the only option to preset a limiting value of buying stock can include the limit of how much to invest? Currently, y’all allow the setting of the price per share and how many whole stocks to buy. Can a feature be added to set the specific amount of monies to be invested and allow the shares to be automatically populated? I think this will allow people like myself to better utilize this feature. Beyond this, I think this is a good app for newbies to play with stocks and investing. Thanks for all y’all do to make this an easy app to use.
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3 years ago, OGFriarTuck
Why didn’t I download this sooner...
You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t download this app sooner. Mostly because you were using an application which you thought cared about a part-time, small investor and you felt confident that it was secure and wouldn’t let you down when you needed it most, right? Yeah yeah, I know. You’ve had some good times and it was easy to use and even though you were literally stripped of accessibility to the “free-market” and you were left in the dark about why, you want to give it a second chance. DONT, leave that abusive relationship and join Public NOW. First of all, their staff obviously loves working there, believe in the product, and it shows. Their transparency and customer support is incredible. They were easy to get a hold of when I had a question. It is extremely easy to use so it will feel reminiscent of other platforms you may have used in that respect. The social feed tab is fantastic and gives you an insight to the current events happening as well as investing portfolios of friends and people you follow. You also have the ability to transfer your portfolio from anywhere else to Public for free. You have wasted enough time reading my review so go and create your account now, you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, Frederiksx
I became a fan
I have to say i wrote a bad review when i start on this platform almost a year ago . But i totally became a fan over time . Why ? They are on top with their customer service and there is always somebody to talk to , they are proactive , they listen your feedback and i see how they improved over the last few months . Now they listing cryptos and after requested 2 weeks ago SHIBA, they were quick to respond saying they were working on it , and now they going to have it . I really love the social media aspect and the fact you can follow and interact with people . Of course there is always rooms for improvements , like for example,i would like the dividends section being more accessible but hey i know they are on the right path .
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3 years ago, nikmdi07
Glad I switched this from Robinhood
I want be on app where they treat me as a customer not a selling product. Public has pledged not to get involved in PFOP (Payment for order flow) and I was sold right there. I was skeptical about the interactive part of it where you can connect other retail investors and see what they have in their portfolio and watch list, i felt invasive in beginning but now i think I kinda like it. Not giving 5 stars because i do see there’s lot of room of improvement, timing is a crucial factor in investing fast moving stocks, not making cash deposits available instantly can be deal breaker for me and mane, i m currently forced to simultaneously using other exchange just because of that reason. But I believe they would consider this and ready to give them some time to work on this. also as a bitcoin enthusiast giving option to buy bitcoin could be a good addition.
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4 years ago, iphone photos
Request for more information
I signed up for Public because after reviewing the app and it’s features I liked what saw. After depositing money I noticed that it kept saying that it was pending. I then noticed that they were reviewing my account. After several days I inquired about the status of my account and was told that they were waiting for additional documentation and provided a list of acceptable documents. I took screen shot of my car insurance statement and uploaded it. I received a response that stated that screen shots were unacceptable and that I need to upload via PDF. I uploaded the PDF. I then got a message stating that because I opened my account more than 30 days ago and didn’t send them the required documents within that time frame, then I would have start over with a new a different e-mail address. I never received a request for additional documentation or I would have sent it. There are plenty of other investment apps out there, so I will choose one them instead.
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3 years ago, JerseyMomXoXo69
Not Trustworthy
One sentence? Do not trust this application. Longer story? Okay - never trust this application due to the inept development and support teams. Time and time again they offer no help to current users and only put effort towards advancing their roadmap. For two months now my account has been unusable due to a stock symbol change. Anyone who’s been around the game knows this happens regularly, especially with small cap companies. But for Public? It’s a death sentence. They cannot/will not provide the necessary support to make my account usable in any capacity. Cash balance, daily P/L, holdings —- all wrong. I’ve been in contact with support multiple times and have now been upgraded to the “Do No Reply” portion of their ticketing system. No really… I only receive “support” from Director level employees who do nothing except say sweet nothings and apologize. It’s a good thing this business has multiple oversight agencies who will hopefully do something about this failure to act because it’s absolutely foul.
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3 years ago, bella20111
Public has become part of my daily life
Public investing app has gone through a lot of very useful updates. I had to update my review, to reflect the positive updates public has made on their investing app. I’ve been using Public for almost a year now. It’s part of my daily life. The Public App is useful, Secure, reliable and most importantly a convenient way of investing! I would never pay someone else to handle my investments for me! It is in my best interest to do it myself! Anyone can use the Public app it’s very simple. Public has no hidden fees. The community on public is positive, friendly, and helpful! Positivity promotes progress, and progress equals growth in more ways than one. Thank you Public for your hard work on improving your app!
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4 months ago, kym529
Frozen screen
First of all, a trading platform that freezes when you have options expiring is not ready to have customers for that type of trading. This app froze on me for half the day and I lost my chance to profit from the etf option I had that was expiring the same day. I wasn’t able to get the app to refresh and I kept turning my phone on and off and it still didn’t help. I lost the chance to profit on my trade and the etf tanked at the end of the day so I lost all my money. I really think if something like this happens the company should give me back my initial investment at least. Ridiculous we are at the mercy of some of these jnfunctionsl apps. I will have to rethink using this app again. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, pesoreatail
Worst investing app
READ THIS ASAP THIS APP IS GREAT FOR STARTERS I had great times investing with this app but the only problem I have with this app is the only problem and everyone should know this problem before using the app I use 50 to invest and made 300 out of it sell all my shares and waiting a couple days for the cash to be withdraw able after it said it was able to be withdraw i withdrawld it and it said it would be in my account in no lsd the. 3 business days. It showed up in my account and I lost out on 300 dollars pls read this before using this app this is how they make there money problems hT will never be fix and now in my account I have 0 dollars in it so not only did I lose 300 but they made it look like I never had it now
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4 years ago, ShinobiJ
Love the app but...
I love this app after going from multiple platforms and trying my money constantly this one has been my favorite. It has quick deposits and is easy to navigate and understand. I have already recommended family and friends to this app. But being someone who has a little bit more knowledge with the market I would prefer an option to see candlesticks instead of a plain chart line since it gives a little bit keep detailed information on how the price performed at a certain time. I know it’s more common in forex and crypto but it would just be a nice touch to add. Besides that I can’t say too much bad about it, has a social aspect and even dm options.
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4 years ago, Decaf19
Incredibly bad experience with platform
I left Robinhood because I liked the idea of social investing. That’s one thing this platform is good for the social aspect of trading. My experience with everything else on the platform has been quite bad. First transferring money into the account. I use Capital One, and I was told Plaid has issues with capital one. That’s fine but that was secret info I couldn’t find anywhere on their website I had to contact support and wait a day for a reply. “Use a different bank” Next withdrawing money is incredibly difficult for me. I submitted a withdrawal a week ago with cash that was settled. It was rejected with no information. I contacted support, a day goes by and they respond, and they needed proof I own the bank account on file, so I submitted a statement from my bank. Another day goes by they say I’m good to go so I submit another withdrawal. It’s rejected again. I contacted support again it will probably be another day for a response. Noticing a pattern? Lastly, I think there’s a glitch where when you withdraw and it’s rejected, a random amount of cash shows up as “unsettled” cash. When I asked support about it, they said it was from a deposit 3 weeks ago. So how long does a deposit take to “clear”? I’m going back to robinhood and fidelity solely because of the slow support and it seems like there’s a problem with the processes at Public.
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3 years ago, Sebas0908!!
This app is trash
First of all they don’t have any customer service and the customer service that they do have is ONLY through email and sometimes they don’t even respond. I had a question on why I can’t sell this certain stock and they haven’t emailed me back.(it’s been ten days) Today I wanted to sell my stocks but my account was frozen because I haven’t traded in a long time. That’s why they froze my account. Very mad with public. I have instances where I can’t do anything with my account and some instances where I have a negative cash balance when I haven’t even touched my account. They took some of my money once and invested in a stock without my knowledge. All in all I think that this is the worst all you could have for trading. Use E*TRADE or webull instead. Forgot to mention you can’t trade more than twice a day or you’ll get a hit on your account after three hits they restrict your account for 90 days after 4 hits they restrict your account for up to 12 months. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, AL14930
Some really bad customer service
I transferred money into my public account, expecting it to be able to be withdrawn. Turns out you have to wait a long time, unlike other apps like Webull, to withdrawal your money. When I asked customer service about the date I’ll be able to withdrawal my cash, they gave me a date of “Tuesday, may 26th.” May 26th of this year is a Friday. I waited until may 26th to recover my funds, but I was still unable to. Texting the help center again. They tell me I’ll be able to withdrawal it on “Tuesday, may 26th” and that I have to “wait patiently until MAY 26th.” TODAY IS MAY 26th and it’s a FRIDAY. I told the customer service guy that it is wrong. And the date is wrong. There is no Tuesday may 26th. His response was “apologies, your true date will be, Tuesday, may 26th.” Once again I told him he was wrong. No response for the past 3 hours. Will never be using this app again. Insane how low customer service is on this app.
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1 year ago, Public Investor 8311
Love this app but…
I love this app, and it has helped me get into investing with the stock market. Sadly though there’s a feature I’d like to see in the near future. This feature I’d like to see would be like an upgrade to the “reinvest dividend” feature. I’d like it to operate the same but have it to where, us investors, can manually select which stocks dividends we’d like to automatically reinvest. So that way we aren’t reinvesting every stocks dividends back into it’s respected stock. We the investors could select individual stocks to have their dividends reinvested automatically while the other stocks will still put the dividends earned into our buying power or public account. Doing this particular upgrade I’m sure would have everyone, including myself, rate this app as a five star app.
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3 years ago, i have public
The app is developed so amazing that you wouldn’t think they would steal your money. I made an increase of 1200 dollars US. I decided to deposit my profits into my personal bank account. Public first started asking for my bank information. (Which is already stored) I enter it again because there is only one way to get money onto a broker app and it’s with your bank of course. So it gets rejected. WOW RIGHT!! Now my bank account needs to be verified!! Was is not just verified months ago when I deposited hundred to your app?! So I do another verification for Public. 4 weeks have went by I have yet to receive my profit and any other currency on the app. It is not to be trusted your money will be kidnapped and they will use it to probably make more money they they will give it to you. I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks and still waiting hope public sees this app and releases my funds since my account needs to be re verified to get my profits
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3 years ago, imzadii143
Love it
You get a lot of confidence in a app when it opens up…simple right…I just recently ventured into another app.. starts with a anyway I’m currently locked out for no particular reason. Not all of us have thousands..we put a little in and then we want to watch don’t want to get locked out for no reason. Anyway my point is every time I open this app ..I see my money..which gives me confidence…which also would make me recommend it to a friend..and I’ve been telling everyone I can about it…it’s easy.. if you are reading this.. and want to get into stocks …Do it.. I just turned 49 and I wish we had this technology when I was 20. I’m probably sounding like a paid advertisement but I’m not.. legit review I don’t write reviews
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2 years ago, Kiker22
Can’t withdraw
The app is alright as far as depositing and investing, but yesterday, I tried to withdraw some money back into my checking account and it said that “ACH relationship is not approved yet”. Mind you, I’ve already been using the same bank account for two months and have made deposits and withdrawals to and from the same account in the past. I’ve talked to a few people in customer service through email and none of their suggestions work. Also, it takes hours for anyone to reply to any emails. I would really like to talk to someone on the phone instead of emailing back and forth to no avail. Yesterday, they offered to overnight a check to me. I agreed to it and they said they would withdraw the funds from my withdrawable cash on my account and do that. Of course, nothing has changed on my account so I guess the whole “overnight a check” thing was just some bad to pacify my frustration.
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2 years ago, so joxhw ecjsl
Later public
App is pretty good, I really liked it at first. The community is dope and I was new to investing so getting to watch others who were experienced helped a lot. Biggest problem here is getting your money back. It takes ages (up to a week) for money from sold assets to be available to withdraw. Then it takes up to a week to withdraw to your bank. You should be able to do this instant through Apple Pay or a debit up to a certain amount. I also don’t like that I can’t send/receive my crypto or anything like I could with a wallet. Literally all I can do with crypto here is buy it or sell it. Oh and it’ll be a week or two before you can get it back. Gonna be moving everything into crypto and using a wallet from now on. It was good while it lasted✌️
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2 years ago, less money more problems
I’m done with these clowns
Look if u want to trade in stocks go to Robinhood or Webull… every time u do something u have to post y u are doing it… it is annoying… if you want to trade in crypto go get a MetaMask wallet and fund it…. U can’t stake on here u can’t transfer “your” coins out… and if u r sitting there saying well does that make them deserve a 1 star… no that would get them a 3… they have a 1 star because I can’t withdraw settled cash that they say is available because my card has a “different” address… but I have only lived in one place since opening both accounts… I have tried to contact them but I have no clue when I will hear back as they don’t have a wait time on their support…. I’m a grave yard shift person and I don’t expect them to b up all night… but telling me when I can expect to hear from them shouldn’t b that hard of a task… the markets are open right now so they “should” b available for help…
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3 years ago, Winged sports adict
Gave two because I made money at first
The lousy thing is the customer support. You receive generic copy and pasted reply’s with no real help. My accounts been frozen for months with no response and limited to only selling. I’m sorry that I out performed the market and your expert that are only paid Influensters that give horrible investment advice. ( good look when you hire nude models to attract customers) when that all started the app went down hill. I will be filing multiple complaints with the bbb. I’ve found numerous illegal activities that the company and employees have performed. Good luck trading with this crap app as soon as you make profits they freeze your account. Update. Wow I finally got a response. To answer your message. No thank you. I do not wish to waste more of my time to hear a generic response with no resolve. It’s sad to get a response you must give a bad review. Very disappointing experience.
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3 years ago, Haawkin
If you like not being able to deposit funds or withdraw funds this is the app for you
I’ve been trying all week to update my address with the app to match my card since I just moved. I sent them all the right info even mail from the current address as more proof. Yet somehow they are still unable to update that simple bit of information. I don’t understand how a simple address update is so difficult. Also the means they use to link your bank account (plaid) simply doesn’t work, and to match perfectly with that you can’t withdraw any funds unless you link your bank account. They let you deposit funds initially so you can start investing but they they changed it. Saying that was a “beta testing stage” and not I can no longer do that. So now I’m left not being able to deposit funds or withdraw funds which ruins the entire point of a stock trading app.
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4 years ago, Neology252
Worse liars, and jealous stuff
They restricted my account due to my conversation with friends someone a few people I don’t know got jealous of me and they told me my account will be removed from restriction? I waited and it was not remove at all. They also withdraw some of my funds from the beginning when I open my account? I ask they what happened to my 14 dollars. They told me I didn’t have enough to cover and they had to use their money which seem suspicious because I had the money in my checking account o transfer why would you use your money? They say my account was short? And after they reimburse me only 5 dollars back meaning they they took my $14 dollars. My advice Becareful with this company a few people told me they are also prejudice and deceiving. Also their transaction is very slow to transfer takes about 5 or 7 business days to get your funds into the account.
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