Punchbowl: Invitations & Cards

4.9 (97.3K)
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Current version
Punchbowl, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Punchbowl: Invitations & Cards

4.86 out of 5
97.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Petunia22
Wonderful app
Most of Punchbowl’s app is very user friendly. There are many ways to adapt and make changes to the invitation. It’s better to use on a computer than a phone. I like that editing can be made on the computer and on the phone. The font sizes and styles can be adjusted and so many more features! My suggestion is a timer setting to send out the invitation. I finished setting up the invitation last night around 11 pm, but I wanted it sent in the morning around 7 am. Getting a text message for a child’s party at 11pm is not ideal, and trying to remember to send the invitation during crazy morning rush is difficult. Thank you for the app. It’s so much better than traditional paper cards. ( I usually have to purchase more than I need to make up for mistakes.)
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5 years ago, Shiny Fossil
This app is really good
I was looking for a way to send invitations other than my usual fossil way. When I found Punchbowl I liked the variety of images ranging from very simple to brightly colored with lots of movement and emotion in them. They also have images that appeal to the whole gamut—from little kids to sophisticated adults. It is very easy to personalize your invitation. I found it very simple to set up the text as well as the guest list. My inexperience resulted in my lapse into the ancient convention of writing each family member’s name on the single invitee line. As a result, most people are responding with a single yes or no. Therefore, I don’t know how many are actually intending to come. Some people are more savvy and they have figured out to respond with +guest, +guest, etc. Maybe a separate field that inquires “How many will be attending?” would help clarify the actual numbers. Right now I’ve just made a simple spreadsheet on my home computer to track it more precisely. I appreciate that I got an email stating that a few invitations were undeliverable. That helped me to get the new invitee information corrected. Overall I am finding it pretty neat. Within an hour of sending out the first round 1/4 of my guest list responded! How cool is that? I’ll know how to proceed better in the future. But so far the experience has been very smooth.
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6 years ago, Jennylee949
False advertising - so spammy
I was sooo excited to try this out - I wanted to create some cute invites for my daughter and son’s birthdays. But it completely backfired and I feel victim to false advertising. I mean, the picture in their store listing shows a cute card in a text message, right?! But no - not even close. It looks like a crazy spammy link, no picture or card, and none of our friends even wanted to touch it because it looked so shady. I kept having to bug everyone to see if they got it and they all wanted me to change to something else because they thought it looked so sketchy and lame. My daughter was super sad because I showed her the ad and told her that was how it would look but it looked nothing like that. Even more than that, the whole point in me trying to use a text and email app was to be able to send guests other updates and reminders in the same place I sent the original invite - makes sense, right? But the app doesn’t even work like that. It just sends a shady looking spammy link to people from a weird phone number, you can’t see the invite at all, can’t rsvp unless you make them use the app, and you can’t communicate with them by text. So I may as well have just made a cute picture on WordSwag or something and sent it by text to my friends! So irritated, I’m a busy mom with 3 kids and a job and I don’t have time for this mess.
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1 year ago, luu1uu
I haven’t had any issues thus far
I just used this app today to create and send out birthday party invitations and it worked like a breeze. Love the feature of putting the guests’ phone numbers in there instead of email address and the option of syncing your contact list from your phone. Saves a lot of time that way. I also like the additional features where you can track RSVPs as well as managing and editing the plus 1 (or 2 or 3) option and managing adults vs. children, putting in registry info/contribution info, and adding a potluck too! I can see all this being super helpful for showers and wedding-related invitations. I look forward to using all of the extra options as well as limiting attendees and enabling RSVP due date for future wedding planning. I can see why adding a host - such as my husband - and poll would cost money. I do feel their monthly fees are pricy… and although I’ve sent my invite with ads (free version) hopefully it wouldn’t be too intrusive or offensive to my guests. Not perfect but still easy to use on my end.
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4 months ago, User0293847747
I rarely write reviews, but this one needs it! I have used this app for at least three or four party invitations. Both the free version and the paid premium version. If you have any advertising and design sense, this is not for you. Every time I have had to re-create my invitation at least three times initially for the draft to stay. After its finished it is uneditable and frustrating- like I seriously wanna throw my phone against the wall, of course I don’t it’s not the phone or the user’s fault. I have read many Q&A’s that never seem to answer my question. • I have tried using the survey feature and that never seems to generate on the user end or people don’t know it’s there. • When you set the start time, the “PM” is huge and does not match the font. •There’s no ending time available. •It’s impossible to add emojis after your final finish. • The breaks within information always seem to wrap in an odd place and there’s no way to fix by adding spaces or entering return. I reached out to customer service and there is no live person. They just send you an email saying they’ll get back to you. I won’t be renewing this app.
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4 years ago, SunshineSeeker12
Great app that needs a little tweak
I used this app for my daughter’s birthday party invites. I loved the little pie chart visual of responses as well as that you can ask people to indicate infant, child, and adult. Really helpful for quickly figuring out my different types of seating, number of kid/adult favors, kinds food, etc. There’s also a lot of control in the settings, all very nice and useful! the only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t add guests without giving a phone number or email (my grandma who doesn’t use a smart phone or email can’t be included then) AND you’re not able to add people (kids or spouses for example) to someone’s existing invite- in a couple cases people just text me, but I wanted to put it on the PunchBowl app because I was keeping track of all my invites that way- nope! I had to do a work around and send myself an invite to a different email address and add them on that way. Kind of a hassle. Overall though, I do like this app a lot and they have a good selection of cute invites.
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3 years ago, Edriisxe
Great so far
This has been quite useful to use! Made one for my daughters 1st birthday and it’s been easy so far. My only gripes… 1. If you’re not a member, you can only make modifications via the mobile app. As most people would utilize this feature, I wish I was able to use the web version when I’m also toggling between other things while planning an event. 2. With most free trials, when you cancel before the charge date, it usually lets you continue to use the trial, then in case you want to reinstate membership, you can. Perhaps this is not something they’re able to do, but I wish that were the case. I did that because I only wish they do a monthly charge instead of a yearly charge. But I completely understand the nature of the business and your decision to do it whichever way you see fit. 3. To the developers: Did you know, when isn’t he mobile app, when I do the preview and I select “Guest List,” it doesn't allow me to go back? So I have to close the app and preview it again. I thought I’d just use it for my daughters birthday, but Thanksgiving is on the way and I remembered it had a Pot Luck feature! So I’m gonna give that a try. WHO KNOWS! I might pay for a year. But for now, I probably won’t simply because I wish there was a monthly subscription instead of a yearly one.
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4 years ago, zka95
Easy, fast, personal and mostly free!
Honestly I love this app, I enjoy hosting parties and this genuinely made my life so much easier for an event that I held, you send invites through your contact book, people can RSVP with their plus ones so you can anticipate head counts! I posted announcements throughout the party planning process to keep everyone updated, it was the easiest part about my party essentially. Everyone who had made an rsvp to the party through the app complimented me on the invites and told me it was very easy to navigate. Punchbowl helped me so much in being able to speak to a group of people without putting a bunch of people in a group message that everyone obviously hates, the invite was so easy and cute and really helped me reach out to everyone with all the information necessary in a personal fashion!
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2 months ago, max1234455
They charged me instead of processing the 7 day free trial.
I’ve used Punchbowl in the past and it’s always been a great service and app. Some of the designs and features are extra, but that’s understandable. I was attempting to send a card on the standard, no cost version but ran into some difficulty. The option to purchase the upgraded plan with a free trial appeared, so I figured, let me try it. Once I was done using the app, I received an email sometime later stating that I was going to be charged close to a $100. When I reached out to Punchbowl, they stated that my request for refund was rejected. I submitted my request the same day. I went through the BBB because I felt it unfair. They responded that I had used a paid version in 2018 that I don’t even remember having but I take them at their word. My question is why are they able to show a free trial option to me, if in their words I don’t qualify for? I have trouble remembering a few weeks ago, so 2018, how would I have known? Horrible customer service.
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2 years ago, JenniferH.
This APP is a Game Changer!!!
I’m one of those people that just can’t deal with a dozen calls from people every time we have a function. With this app, we’ve been able to completely streamline things so we don’t have too! We use Punchbowl for open invites to Family Dinners, monthly Bunco, Country Line Dancing nights and just open fireside nights! People can RSVP, cancel or add at anytime right on the app and space opens immediately to everyone else in real time. Everyone loves that it’s so simple and appreciates the reminder text that comes a few days before an event. Truly a game changer if you’re not hosting because you fear all the work or commitment involved. It’s definitely a must have app for our family for sure!! Can’t say enough good things about it!!
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1 year ago, crazybratmodeling.com
Punchbowl reunion invitation
I have used this invitation over 10 years and it’s been AMAZING!! I used it for my kids birthday parties my co workers retirement parties…my daughters wedding…and my 50th birthday along side my 30 year retirement!!! I now have 3 grandkids I will be using it for their parties as well… I also past the punch bowl information to many friends and family including my daughter who is now 28 years old….They all love it…it’s User friendly…I love the fact it calculates how many guest are attending…you have so many features options I won’t try any other invites…my loyalty is PUNCHBOWL LOL 😆 You are able to email or text the invites which is so convenient…I just LOVE it 😍🥰❤️ Thank you Punch Bowl for making my events throughout the years so easy and convenient 🙏🙏🙏
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5 years ago, Momoball
Went from “It’s alright” to WOW! *Edited 2 days later*
Right now my invitation shows one date but the text and reminder says the correct date. Can’t get it fixed either. It’s a little hard to navigate through and I didn’t realize that I have drafts that were saved. I have had to redo my invite 4 times before I realized there drafts. 2 days later: I contacted the co. about the issue and they worked on it the very next day, and on a Sunday. Issue was resolved. Still a little difficult to navigate but having to redo it a few times i started to get the hang of things. One thing I don’t like for the people I sent the invites to are all the ads. I have had to tell a few to make sure they click “No Thanks” to navigate through to RSVP. But you get what you pay for...
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4 months ago, too too tlc
I love this app!!
I love this app!! Thank you, for making this app some what a free site. Along, with making it so easy to use & able to personalize each card and invitations, to where we can write & personalize each one. Being able to put your own special words, thoughts & feelings on a card is very important to me , that way I know when the person I’m sending it to opens the card will really appreciate what was written. Along, with relating each word to what is happening in their life at that time. Putting love into your words can make that persons day. I can guarantee that each cards & invites that are sent out will never be thrown away, but kept for a lifetime. Thank you!! & God Bless Terry
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4 years ago, Smoke20004
Would not do 1 simple thing
I downloaded the app and created a membership after looking online for a site to send ecards. I followed the steps and selected my recipient after customizing. When I hit send I got a pop up that just said “ok”. No other message. I clicked it and my ecard went nowhere. I double and triple checked to make sure I had my recipient’s info and all was in line. Still again, ok. Nothing to indicate what was going wrong. I saw an option to save my ecard as a draft so I did that so I could come back to it after attempting to troubleshoot and find info on what could be happening. I found nothing helpful and to make it even worse, couldn’t even locate the draft so my only option it to recreate the card again... Ugh! I wanted a quick and simple option to send a card today and wasted more time dealing with this. I opted out of them selling my info and will be deleting the app. I will have to just send a birthday text now because I don’t have time for this. Complete waste! The app needs work!
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1 month ago, HSN 3 girls
Good app, but…
I love this app with all the different style options for cards and invites and its ease of use, but I wish that before being able to click the continue button to accept the invite, that it forced you to read the message from the host. If you don’t realize there’s more to read, you’ll miss important information and just click continue. It would be great if the continue button was greyed out until you’ve read the message and then it’s activated. Also, when it comes to sending announcements, the notifications aren’t very good. I sent my mom a private message while sitting right next to her and didn’t even know she had a message unless she went to open the app. No wonder why my guests are not following directions from the announcements.
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4 years ago, BlondeBomber108
So efficient!!!
This app saves so much time (which is so precious to Mom’s everywhere)spent on searching the internet for pricey custom paper invites for a party! Instead of agonizing over addresses and styles of cards and when to send, I just easily loaded the app and within five minutes found the card I loved that matched the theme of my party, and with access to my contacts in my phone, I had the invites sent within a half an hour! Also, the fact that I can just click on the app and see everybody that’s RSVPed or people that change their RSVP, is amazing!!! I’m hoping to see that they have digital thank you cards as well! Fantastic app that u can cancel anytime if you don’t use the service as often as you thought.
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5 years ago, tjnbk72
I’ve tried the rest and this IS THE BEST!
I cannot speak highly enough about this app. I’ve done an annual birthday party event and I’ve looked at every single possible invitation app to use for the party. This is hands down the best of its kind. It does everything that the others do if you wrapped them all into one package. It simplifies but uses classy ways to accomplish its goals. It has top notch cards that are good for any and every occasion. Most of all the customer service response time is super fast. If you are on the fence and looking for a direction to go, take my work, Punchbowl is in a class all by itself. You can thank me later!
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3 years ago, KenoshaDad
User-friendly but limited
This app makes it easy to select a greeting card and customize the message on the front and the inside. However, I find the free app to be rather limiting. The selection of cards is very limited without upgrading to the paid version. Although there’s a user-friendly interface for writing a custom message in the card, the only editing options are fonts selection, text size, color, alignment and line spacing. And each of these options can only be applied to the entire (front and) inside message, and there are no options to reposition the text, or to add images or other visual elements. The eCard you send will also have ads on it, if you’re using the free version. This app is easy to use. But with the free version, your options are very limited.
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6 months ago, Would be good IF…
Doesn’t do what it says!
The app would be great IF - I could send invite from my personal number but unlike other Evite apps I can’t In the app’s FAQS section there’s an explanation why this function is not possible but I know of at least 2 other Evite apps that allow you to and option to send from your personal number. If my guests were to receive a text from a random number with a link embedded in it, they would delete it immediately for security reason. The FAQS section of the app states that guests will know the text is from you because it will say “Hosts” name in the text but alas this was not actually the case as my texts did not include any identifying host info. Their Contact Us form in their Help section states they respond in a “few hours”…Ha! It’s been DAYS and I’ve gotten zero response to my inquires.
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3 months ago, Maria Theresa Shelzi
Adequate I guess
It’s a decent software but would be cool if there could be some animations. It’s a little outdated if you consider what you could make on canva in minutes. The value of this is that it’s sending all the invites and helps keeping track of everything very easy. I hate the fact that I pay for a premium annual account yet I I am still limited to 50 guest at a gathering I mean I typically don’t have much more than 50 but sometimes 65 to 70 get invited. It seems like if you leave the add a guest feature on and a guest adds a guest in the number goes over 50 it willdecline an RSVP for a guest that has not responded yet. I’m gonna try to use it more this year since I do pay for it I forget about it all the time that schedule send feature is cool.
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5 years ago, Karmel_sutra
No The Best But Not The Worse
First Off I like how the app made my invitations etc . However the PURPOSE of the app is to send to multiple ppl to be able to fwrd it share it ect electronically as a pose to the old school mailing way ect. However when i try to send to someone OTHER than whose number is saved in my phone i can’t 🙄 i created the invitations on my phone and tried to send my bf the link to send to his family members via a copy and paste text and what a FAIL !!! basically his family won’t and can’t get an invitation unless i manually add them to the list one by one store their info etc. I really want to give this app five stars but that BLOWS ! & is A LOT of work smh. Things would be sooooo much easier if it was just link anyone who received it could click on and add their self smh
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5 years ago, MandyBuz
I do pay for this app but there are some issues.
1. I use this for larger events and seem to have issues on occasion where they will only allow me to send them any messages to make sure I’m not sending spam. I will say that they respond pretty quickly and fix the issue but I don’t see why or how it’s an issue. 2. If I’m using the app from my phone and I want to select a large group of people I have to individually check them that is a pain in the rear end. If I do this on my computer I can just click check off it would be great if they could fix this through their app. 3. To be paying for this app I find it annoying that when I want to send detailed information to my invitation guest list that they limit the text content to 1200 characters. I am paying for this they should allow at least 2000 to 3000. Sometimes I have a very important information and details that I need to send the members and 1200 characters is not always enough. I can understand limiting 1200 characters to non-paying members but to be paying for this I think I should be getting more. Other then that honestly I find them better then e-vite but if they could fix the above things for those paying it would be great.
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4 months ago, InvitationMom
50 free invitations
I was told by one of your staff members by email that if I switched to the App I could get 50 free invitations. I just sent my lovely invitation out with these awful red McDonald’s ads all over it because otherwise I would have had to pay just like I was trying to avoid when I was using the website. I wasted so much time today emailing your staff and the invitation is pretty and FREE is advertised but it’s not. I don’t have any more time to spend on this but I will strongly hesitate to use Punch Bowl again because the ads right on the invitation completely ruin it and way too much time is spent creating and asking questions and then to end up with that ugly ad on there when I wanted to save time. I was using this to Save time. It took forever and it wasn’t what i wanted.
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4 months ago, Katie Le2
Not bad!
I do love this app- especially because I can schedule delivery for future dates so I don’t forget! There are two things that I wish could be added: 1. Photos- you can add a video into your card but you can’t add a photo. Either a picture of a drawing that my kids made to make it more personalized or a photo of us together only being able to add a video really limits what I can do. 2. Perhaps partnership with major retailers to add gift cards. I know that may be a tough ask, but I typically send gift cards with my letters that are sent to the post office. If I am sending letters electronically, I would love the opportunity to add a link or something for a gift card.
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3 years ago, Crystal Brook
Used 3 times with errors
Out of the few times I have actually used punch bowl I have literally had about four errors in being able to send the invites two friends with valid numbers. It would send me a message saying invalid phone number or email. I had to contact punch bowl to resolve this. Not a smooth ride for a first time, Second time, third time user. Each time I’ve had a difficulty with the sending. For whatever reason they were able to fix it on their end and make the number a valid number. I was never explained why this error occurs. I can’t imagine I’m the only person. So that is my three star rating. Overall the app is a great idea but I might just go back to Evite the next time around!
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5 years ago, bugged bride
Needs a “sign in and save invite” in to-do list.
I LOVE using this to send invites for events and I LOVE the potluck option. My only issue is that when I receive invites via text from other people for an event there is only a “create free account to save your invitation” option in the To-do list. Because I already use this app I just need to sign in and save the invitation. When I hit the create account to save invite option there is still no sign in option, only a sign up option which then tells me the email is already in use (obviously). So my advice to the developers would be to please make it easier to save the invite when you receive it via text. That is why I am giving it 4 stars.
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1 year ago, BlessedRitch
Horrible, deceptive, and spammy
This site/app is horribly deceptive. They invite you to set up your event/card and make you go through the whole process including adding your guests which takes a great deal of time. Only when you go to SEND the invites to they trap you into a PAID subscription under the guise of a “free trial” that lasts 7 days. At that point they know you are not likely to turn it down since you already put in the effort. PAID status should be made clear up front. I am reporting them for deceptive practices. Also- the product itself, once they trick you into paying for it, is still loaded with ads and most of your recipients don’t open it because it looks like spam. Not at all the cute card you design. If I could give this zero stars I would. Maybe it used to be good but not now.
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4 years ago, Venice Blair Sky
Party On
Love this service!!!! So very easy to use & I know because I've used it so many times. Currently I'm planning a Talent Show using this. Who has time to hand write invitations, stuff envelopes, & the expense of buying stamps? Then you're swamped with phone messages on your voice mail. All I have to do is it send for free then wait for email responses sent from Punchbowl- YEAH!!!!! I easily added a Potluck Menu so the guest can select which item they want to contribute. I went over the number limit for guest so my invitations were not sent. I was devastated after all the time & effort I put into compiling my guest list. I contacted the company & they emailed me a simple solution. YEAH!!! Highly recommend this company.
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5 years ago, Hockeyfanatik
Excellent site and customer service!
I just discovered this invite site when searching for a particular theme invite for my son. I found this site to have so many options, themes, etc! Super easy to use and when I was having an issue, I sent an email requesting some help, expecting to hear back from someone in a few days but they got back to me the same day (within an hour) and were so helpful! I even received an email once I started creating the invitation letting me know they were there for any help I may need. What fabulous customer service....very impressed!!
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5 years ago, JariCarli
I NEVER write reviews, but I feel like this one deserves one. I am very disappointed with the service. I got this app to make my sons first birthday invitations. Everything was great, people were rsvp and everything and I loved how easy it is to send. When I initially got the app it says it’s a 7 day free trial but after 7 days do you want to buy the annual pass for 80 or so dollars or just pay 6.99 a month and cancel. So picked the 6.99 a month because I wasn’t going to use it all year just for his birthday. Last night I got a bank notification that I was negative on my account. I got charged for the whole year and I got charged a fee for being negative. When I emailed the company they said they could not refund the money because it was bought off from iTunes when the help center specifically says 30 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. They will NOT return the money.
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8 months ago, Julsjaws
Notification text needs work
The app is simple to use. So far I like everything about h the app. I do not like the notification text it sent all of my contacts. I invited a large group of clients to an event. I only had 3 RSVP. I sent the invite to my wife to see what clients received. It looks like Spam. I had a screenshot that I had to send along with an explanation text to everyone. One text to each person. Almost everyone said they had deleted the invite because they thought it was spam. After texting each client with an explanation, I had to resend everyone an invite again. This could easily be resolved I’m sure.
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4 years ago, Bonniou2
Mature Customer
I am a Senior Citizen.I was in the United States Navy and served my community as an Emergency Nurse for 30 years. My husband is a Korea, Vietnam Veteran of 23 years in the United States Army and we are on a fixed income. Buying cards and postage stamps have been a challenge. I have 11 children , 27 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. One of adult granddaughters told me about Punchbowl and sent me a card. It is so easy and I can now send cards to my beautiful children and their babies. Thank you so much, it was easy to learn. Do you give discounts to Veterans and or Senior Citizens? I have shared with my other seniors, God Bless Bonnie Schneider
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5 years ago, cmal92
Outdated iPad app and False Advertising
The iPhone app works pretty well but it’s 2019 and we still have apps that don’t go landscape on iPad? C’mon... The best user experience is definitely through their actual website in my opinion. It’s much easier to use and to navigate. The service is a great idea and executes very well, but their pricing schemes are completely misleading. They advertise as having two different monthly plans for each subscription tier. IE if you subscribe to their mid-tier premium plan, they advertise it as $4.99 per month. What they DON’T tell you is that that price is for their yearly membership which is a one time payment of almost $60. The ACTUAL monthly membership is closer to $13 per month. So WATCH OUT FOR THIS COMPANY’S FALSE ADVERTISING
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5 years ago, look at me 5
Worst invitation app I’ve ever used
First you going to add your information everything seems like it’s going well do you go to view your invitation and suddenly it’s populated back to Massachusetts which is not what you typed and I had to go back through this app several times it’s impossible to check out as a guest user so you might as well just go ahead and create account and sell your information now. The only reason I’m using this app is because the party venue that I booked with this is how they get the invitations out otherwise I would’ve never downloaded this app and will be deleting it as soon as party is over. Save your time and purchase something for a whole dollar that will give you a better user experience.
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2 years ago, Mimi Frances
Way to connect
For several years I’ve avoided the paper Christmas cards (which get thrown away) and sent a photo with a personal email to the 200+ people on my list. Wow! 85% got back to me and gave me details of their lives. Punchbowl made that even easier and my “card” much classier. Almost every recipient got back to me. (The reply button helped I am sure. ) Now I use it for many occasions to make an easy connection. I recently sent a Valentines card with a video. I say 4 stars instead of 5 because so many of the cards were extra and all of the photo ones were.
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4 years ago, Shirleen****
Punch Bowl Invitations
They are terrible for busy people who do not have time to hand write and mail invitations. The downside is the technology needs to highlight in the sending of invitations that this a personal invitation from ___________________( name of person you know). My guests who are unaware of modern technology have deleted from my invite list thinking it’s spam. Then an email has to be mailed to unblock their name and number back to your invite list. It’s an unnecessary hassle coming from a personal invite list with friends cell phone numbers.
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2 years ago, TippiDee
Buyer beware!
Designs are nice, but not worth the outrageous prices! I didn’t even find out until I was ready to send my card that I would have to pay for their top-tier membership if I didn't want my card to arrive with an ad plastered across the top! Yet they advertise, “Send free digital cards!” I got roped into a year-long membership, and I’m not even sure how or why. Maybe because I wanted to send a gift card with it? I like the cards themselves. I’m not wild about the lack of flexibility when it comes to editing text. There are lots of fonts, but you can’t mix different sizes on your card; i.e., “Happy Birthday” cannot be made larger than the rest of your text. You can choose a color for the text, but the colors are quite limited, so if the purple they offer doesn’t quite match the card or envelope, you have to make do. It’s what I would expect from a free or low-cost e-card company, but they are not that! I might even be willing to pay per card for the convenience, but an annual membership that is advertised as a monthly fee? Sheisters!
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5 years ago, ChocolateGirlWonder
Cute Cards, Free, Clunky App
I’ve only used the app. Maybe the service is better on a web browser. Creating an invite was easy. Sending it not so much. It imported my contacts but they weren’t imported in an logical way (alphabetically, etc) so it was a pain to add people. I also had an issue removing duplicate recipients. (It would say they’re removed but their names wouldn’t disappear and it would give an error.) There’s also no option to send thank you cards to the guests from an invite. I had to manually add those folks to the card. They weren’t imported as Punchbowl contacts and there was no option to add them as such even though their info was stored with the invite.
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4 years ago, cbmitch
Editing tools need tweaking
I’ve used Punchbowl for several years now, like it overall, but not the editing tools. If I change the font or text size of any one line, it’s cumbersome to then get the other lines repositioned so everything is spaced appropriately. It would be great if it was possible to nudge a line up or down to realign all the copy on the invitation. One other request: it would be helpful if I could always see all the information I’m sending out such as the extra information and special instructions, not just what’s on the front of the invitation.
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6 years ago, GaNic18
Quick, easy to use, great options
Loved it. I’m old school and am used to using a competitor’s platform because it’s what I’ve been using for years (old habits die hard). But I specifically wanted a Hello Kitty background, which the competitor didn’t offer at all. I found MANY Hello Kitty options on Punchbowl, which created a good challenge to have - which should I choose? It was super easy to import contacts and send out. Between the great design options and user friendliness of the app, I will definitely use again!!! 5 stars (plus)!
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6 months ago, Reesh Reesh
This is fabulous for any family
I absolutely love using Punchbowl to help keep track of birthday invite RSVPs we use it a lot as a family when we’re hosting parties and it’s a wonderful way to easily go through and see who you’ve invited who is able to come who’s not and it just keeps everything in one place. It’s so simple. I love that you can design your own invitation. You can theme them to your kiddos birthday party or for your own party, we absolutely love this app!
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3 months ago, Svelbjorn
My wife will be surprised!
Punchbowl made it super simple and easy to follow their walkthrough to create great looking invitations. I’m able to message, send announcements, update as needed, etc. Plus, the surprise will be both in person and via Zoom and needed separate RSVPs, and Punchbowl made that a snap by letting me just duplicate the event I did however get the feedback that the invite that it sends natively is just a text link, so I’m going to have to write a personalized text to send out.
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4 years ago, Blitzy Jen
Punchbowl is the app you are looking for!
We are all pretty busy in our lives now a days that we do not have the time to do physical invitations as much as we would want and because of that Punchbowl was invented. You can view cards/invites and send them to anyone on your contact list! There are free ones and ones you can purchase. But even the free ones are great! Use them and you will not disappoint and even then you can see who’s rsvpd to the event when you know no one ever responds to that!
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2 years ago, Pssssssttt!!!!
I was really excited about this app
So, I don't really write reviews but I want the company to know that they really need some help with their customer service staff. I had a lot of problems trying to use this app using my iPad. I asked for help twice and both times there were no apologies or offers to find out what was happening, just basically " looks like your information was deleted, take care". That doesn't bode well with me. Was it because I chose the free trial? Maybe they don't need business. Anyway, I used the same iPad with evicted and had zero problems. It's too bad because I invited 100 people and all of them would've been impressed with the results that should've been.
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5 years ago, Stacarilla
Serves it’s purpose
Overall I am please with it being free, good for text/email and keeping things organized. It would be nice to to have a party task or to-do list function. I wish the app would have started with a basic tutorial on the different functions. For example I used the message board and no one that didn’t have the app knew there was information posted there. There are almost too many ways (messages, message board and announcements) to communicate with your invited guests you need to know how the information is received.
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5 years ago, mirrame23
Punchbowl review
I love the app, invitations are electronic and the presentation is nice to receive. You can also include your child’s photo in the invitation which I thought was really cute. The only thing I do not like is the adds that pop up under the invite once it’s received that can be mistaken as a part of the invitation. There is an options to pay to have those removed but I’d rather not pay for that as I will only need invitations like this once or twice a year but there is that option. Overall it’s a convenient app for quick sending of invitations.
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7 years ago, Nick 2. 7
Perfect for Party Planning
I love ❤️ this app, it’s so easy for any event (especially party 🎉 planning ). I wasn’t sure this app was good, since almost all apps try to steal your information, but this one was totally good! I use Punchbowl for all my events, and sometimes make up excuses to try to use the app. I also like the tracking feature so you know how many people are coming, if there adults, children, infants 👶. So, I would recommend this app to all of my friends that like to plan parties 🎉.
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6 years ago, FutureSuperNurse
Awesome at keeping your guest list organized
At any given moment I was able to pull out my phone and say who was coming was not who have been invited and who had night and has been such a relief to always be ready with my guest list at all times. I gave it four stars instead of five stars only because the interface was a little challenging to adjust to. some of my invitations were failing to be sent and it didn’t always tell me why it was failing so that was a little frustrating but customer service was very helpful.
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6 years ago, AmFranLem
Nice invites BUT looks like SPAM
The invites are nice BUT those I sent it to thought it was spam, so none of them wanted to open it. I had to tell them it wasn’t spam and in fact an invite. This to me is a problem because in this day and age with all the new tech spam no one will open an invite. I wish that we could create the invite and save it as a picture to send out to people through text message. I don’t really care if I have electronic RSVP counter. I would rather my guests see the invite and get a simple text back to me. Instead of being afraid to open it. For this reason I will delete it.
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4 years ago, Kepolaa
I actually love the Idea of sending E-Cards ! My recipients adore them as well! But I noticed once you’re at the end of the process PUNCHBOWL always interrupts it with a limitation and you cannot continue or finish the process without having to upgrade your membership or have all you creative work stop or it is deleted! For example, I already paid for the membership which included an “Ad Free” option! I continue to create my E-Card and PUNCHBOWL wouldn’t remove the ad unless I upgraded my membership AGAIN!!! SERIOUSLY!!! A “Hidden Upselling Trap”. What a rip off to the consumer! I’m already frustrated, extremely disappointed and exhausted ...and I’ve only sent 1 card so far!!’
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