Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

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Chin and Cheeks LLC
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

4.81 out of 5
24.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Poopman321
I have two dogs. recently I’ve been wanting to teach them more tricks. Well they do know quite a few but I was bored at the time. So I find this app. In mind I’m thinking (OH HAHA SUPER EXPENSIVE TRAINING OR SOMETHING!) but I downloaded it anyways. It was super easy for me to create an account and get started. I realized it was mostly free. I went to go check out some tricks and they provide you with a ton of super cool tricks! I head into a trick to see how they would teach me. I started reading, and I realized they make it so easy to understand too! They have videos and photos to demonstrate on how it looks too! They explain so smoothly! You can earn badges and make your dog literally famous! (Kinda) there is a big community posting pictures of drawings of their dogs, dogs doing tricks, and so much more! Everybody has such beautiful doggies! I saw a dog who has the same name as mine even! People are posting as you speak! Now, I’m sharing this super fun app to my friends! And, if you buy premium you can get even more cool tricks to teach your dog! From jumping around your feet, to literally doing handstands! My dog once did a handstand. They have a great shop with products to get you started! So, if you want to entertain your dog and show off your smart pup to your friends, this is the app for you!
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2 years ago, Megan_Cloudz
It’s awesome!
I do truly love this app! But there are a few things that I don’t really like. People take copyrighted photos and post them, you can’t comment on posts, and that people post other animals instead of dogs (chickens, horses etc.) I mean sure, they can do what they want but it’s super annoying at times because I will just be scrolling and a chicken or a horse pops up. This app has really good step, by step instructions! This app helped me teach my GSD puppy loads of things in such a short time! I love the clicker feature too and the item recommendations! Another thing this app lacks is the breed diversity. I always see aussies and border collies (nothing wrong!) but I would like to see smaller dogs, bigger dogs, mutts etc! Updated: Okay, love this app! I emailed the Puppr team about getting reported to realize you can’t post off topic things. But lately people have been breaking that, posting art, other animals, dogs not performing the trick of the week, etc. Please check a few of these out if you guys have time! Also some ideas- the max accounts we can have without the premium should be 5 I feel like (hard for me who has 4 dogs 😂😅) Another fun thing would be followers for your pups! I mentioned this before but COMMENTS!! Thanks a lot! 💕-Jinx, Cooper, Lana
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8 months ago, ooooajxjd
Best training app out there imo
i’ve written a review twice before, but I wanted to write an updated one! I own three wonderful dogs, whom I have trained using the tips given in the app for the different tricks! While not everything works for them, a lot of the tricks I’ve taught them have been taught with the tips given. The community is pretty nice aside from the occasional issues people have with others, but that’s not something that happens too often now. I like how you can post photos of your dogs doing the tricks that’s featured for the challenges so you can not only show the tricks that your dog knows, but also your photography, etc! I also like how the featured trick for the challenge is free for the time period of the challenge! The badges that you can earn are super interesting to me for some reason, and I like the new puppy class feature, also! I think it’s nice that all of the basics are unlocked for non-premium users, also. It’s nice that you’re able to find other people who own the same dog breed/s as you, use the same training methods as you, etc. I honestly really like the app overall, and the team members/mods do a great job at monitoring the app. I’m super excited to see the future of puppr! -Mia, Mattis, and Josie’s owner🫶🏻
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3 years ago, SieSie and dog (Zoey)
I’ve this app for a couple of months and I am IMPRESSED! It has multiple tricks and great instructions. They’re step by step and even tips in case your having trouble. Every week there’s a trick of the week. You can take a photo and enter it. You get likes too. There's badges that you can earn. I highly recommend this app. My dog has been learning a lot with this app (and she is quite stubborn). There is in app purchases for some tricks. I haven’t got to the level left (like I said she’s stubborn) but I know that it’ll be worth it! The only problem is some people post pictures of online dogs and stuff. Other than that there’s no problems! The community is very nice from what I’ve seen! I say you should get this app! It’s one of my favorites!! The only suggestion I have is maybe you could make it where you can post photos of your dog without the trick of the week. Kindle like Instagram. Comments could be added or not because I don’t want people to be hating on dogs (although I don’t know if that will be a problem because everyone is very nice.) Thank you for making this an AMAZING APP! Keep up the great work 😊❤️
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5 months ago, adoptme lover44
It's great but there are some problems.
There are some people that bully other dogs, me personally, I've only been bullied by Orville (a male White Swiss Shepherd) who called me a hypocrite just for having an opinion 🫤. I've heard that Remy (a female golden retriever) has also been a person that cyberbullies. I hope this review gets seen and they get banned. It's honestly hypocritical that Orville threatens to report people, when HE should be reported because he dosen't take a step back and be like "Okay what am I doing?" and actually focues on how they treat other people. Does Orville ever think about that stupid catch phrase that we learned in 1st grade or smth, like "Treat people the way you want to be treated" or smth like that. I hope this review gets noticed and both of them get banned. Now, I will list the pros. The app is amazing, and there is still good people on this app! I've heard that the masterclasses are good, but me personally, I've never used them. I've heard somebody had gotten their Puppr account accidentally deleted, but, I didn't know that before that account had gotten delted. I don't think that they were a bad person, but there was just a false report. Plus, the trick learning steps are really simple and understandable!
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1 year ago, Frustrated Gryffindor
Had this for five minutes and love it (MUST READ)!!
RE-EDIT: The glitch was only temporary, thankfully! It went away now! It only lasted for like an hour, so it wasn’t a real problem! So first of all this is AMZING! Clicker sound works well, and had my dog doing fluent tricks 10 x Faster then normal! I have taught my dog tricks before and she is a fast learner, so quick paced lessons really work well!! It has a understandable amount of lessons for free, and although I won’t be buying lessons, I get about 20 I can just drop in an teach her for free! (And may I say I ADORE the free trick of the week feature!) The mini videos make it EVEN EASIER to understand, and the doggos (border collies for SURE) are sooo cute and smart! But here’s why this is a must read: Download this and NOT Dogo. Do NOT give Dogo your money because it is a CHEAP KNOCKOFF of this app. It’s almost EXACTLY the same, with the layout as the only difference! This has a copyright 6 YEARS sooner then Dogo even existed! So whatever you do, GET THIS INSTEAD. Don’t support copycats! So yes, I one hundred percent suggest this to EVERY SINGLE DOG LOVER OUT THERE! You won’t regret downloading this. :3 -Methedoglover out
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2 years ago, rpk64
This app works really well and helped me teach my dog a few tricks! There’s acouple things I think you should add though. Maybe you could post more pictures on the community section because I like posting pictures of my dog but I’d not want to wait a week to post a new picture of him. I also like drawing other people’s dogs/pets but I’ll have to wait a week to show that person their drawing. Comments would also be amazing! I like seeing what people think about others dogs. But so no one posts anything negative in the comments they’ll get a warning or something like that. I see people saying that “oh cooper is fake look at his coat pattern” if they were to post that in the comments if cooper the owner of that picture could delete the comment. Other then that Puppr is a great app I recommend getting it! The techniques they show you work very well and my puppy,a dachshund who is very stubborn learned 2 or 3 tricks from it! Our goal is to learn all the tricks in the basic pack! Thanks for reading and I hope you add those things :)
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2 years ago, Love the Tiger
Great app, but a few suggestions
Altogether puppr is a great app to train my dogs. I’m just going to state a few things ( in my opinion) that could make a a bit better. 1. Now i know you don’t want this app to end up with cyber bullying and issues , but it would be really fun to a comments! Sometimes i want to ask people things about there dog , but you have to use your own post to do it! They might not even see it anyway. 2. It would be cool to have a search bar to find accounts. Sometimes i have to scroll through if at least 100 photos before i get to the one i was looking for. 3. It would be cool if there were more weekly tricks or the tricks don’t take that long to refresh. Sometimes i’m bored at home , wanting to train my dog but i already did all the weekly tricks. ( plus weekly tricks are the only way my dog can learn certain things without buying something). So here are some of the suggestions i have thought about!! I hope you have a great day!
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1 year ago, CloudJimper174826483
Not appreciated.😡
I really don’t like this app. Yes there are some pretty cool tricks but most of them cost a lot! (I’m the type of person to almost never pay money for apps.) I can literally just go on the internet instead of using this app. Plus I would like a setting to turn off the challenges cause I don’t like how kids could have access to strangers. I am not, NOT, going to pay for puppr premium when I can just Google how to do a trick! Also i think it would be a good addition if when practicing a trick there would be a version of the trick for each size of dog, most of them are done by big dogs so it makes it difficult to train my small dog. SO DELETING!!😡😡 P.S I would like more groundwork like problems with pulling, biting, jumping on people, aggression etc to not be on Puppr premium cause I have major issues with some of those and it’s not helpful when you have to pay to have access to those lessons. AND, I would also like it if there were little sections of like troubleshooting cause for example my dog will not do roll over because she feels vulnerable on her back, and she just backs up when I attempt to teach her. Please add tips that are not part of puppr premium!!!!!!🥺
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1 year ago, Thatdogweirdo
Amazing! But one thing…
Hello fellow Puppr users! I love this app and it has helped me so much with my dog training experience as well as training my own service dog. However there’s one thing about the community, people will post off topic on the trick sections and get upset if you try to inform them on the rules and report you a lot and people also steal pictures. Me and the other Puppr users are working together to stop this though! I have some ideas too! Starting with the social media area! Could we be able to follow people? And maybe get notifications on our device when we get comments or follows. I was wondering if you guys could enhance your social media part because it’s so great already! Another thing is, on the community could we be able to post like at least 5 or unlimited photos a day? It would be super helpful and keep people from posting off topic. Thank you so much for reading this if you do! I love your app.
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12 months ago, Horselover32790
It’s pretty great just some bully’s
So I love Puppr and all the things about Puppr but there’s 2 people on Puppr, called Orville (a male White Swiss Shepherd) and Remy (a female Golden Retriever). Orville is very rude and mean and I have had many people say that they might leave Puppr because Orville bully’s them. I don’t know if Remy has bullied other people or just me…but they both say very rude stuff. I don’t want to have to leave Puppr because of them. What happened was they were bullying someone and I told them that they shouldn’t because it’s not very nice and they got all offended and called me names like hypocrite just because I was sticking up for someone else. I hope this review can permanently ban them both forever. Please ban them I really love Puppr and they are ruining the vibe and app for not just for me but for many other people. I love how Puppr shares how to train your dogs(s) and how you can post pictures of your dog(s) but I don’t think it’s far for these kinds of people to be on such a wonderful app such as Puppr. I hope my review gets noticed ☹️🥺 and they can be banned.
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4 years ago, Z03!
I got this app yesterday, and I know that it might be a little early to write a review, but I LOVE this app! I got this app for my doggo Amaya, sense she has been inside for so long due to COVID she lost a lot of her good trained habits. So I started on the basics level, and I saw just how well this was all working! This app gives you quality commands and how to properly teach them to your dog. And if you ever have a really hard time doing something like a tricky move or a dog who doesn’t like to listen, there is a whole TEAM that you can go to! And this app doesn’t lie to you, it will say if the trick you are trying to do is safe or not as safe for your dog. You do have to pay for instruction on certain tricks, but if you just want the basics it’s free. But don’t take it from me, get the app and see how well it works for you! November 6th: I’m so glad you liked my review, because I meant every word! This is such an amazing app and nothing less! 🤩
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8 months ago, Queen MAB
Apollo, my Hero
I have the great good fortune of having a border collie named Apollo for my service dog. Although seeing Sara and Hero on America’s got talent was what inspired me to adopt Apollo, I have to say that he is exceptional and has only become more so by the use of this app!! I get compliments on him every single day, and almost every time I try to tell them about Puppr school. This app made a huge difference in his training and manners, I cannot thank Sara (and her team!), enough for it and I know that everyone who meets Apollo also thanks them (even though they don’t know it), every time they compliment Apollo on his behavior and manners! For what it’s worth, I have never paid for the trainer interface, I have gone just on the app and I cannot recommend it enough. Just five minutes a day and you could have an incredibly well trained dog too. Thank you so much Sara and Hero!
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4 years ago, Nora (~_~)
Super helpful...but could be improved
This app is really helpful, and the step by step instructions make things really easy to follow. The competitions are also pretty fun, and its cool to see how other people are progressing (although some people just use internet photos to get more likes). There is one thing I would suggest though: When we got our dog, he was (and still is) really bad at walking on a leash. He has definitely improved, but he’s a very big dog and most of our walks end up being “the dog walking me” instead of the other way around. If you could add something like “heel” or anything that would improve dog walks, it would be super helpful. Also, if you do end up adding a trick like this, it would be great if you could make it free and accessible to all, ad this is something that a lot of people may find helpful. Overall, this app is great! Thanks so much!
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4 years ago, reaganmarie21
A Huge Help with New Puppy
I downloaded a couple apps before getting my boy and I loved how this one uses your dogs name in all the training tips. I started with potty reminders every 2 hours or so and have adjusted accordingly with when he’s usually ready. It’s great to get the reminders especially if I am busy around the house and he can’t let me know. As for the training tips it is literally the best thing to have. A lot of these commands and tricks I used to think “how do you even get them to start doing that?!” but with Puppr it breaks it down into very easy to follow steps that make sense to start with. It has made teaching my puppy commands so much easier and it just makes sense. Extremely happy I downloaded this. I do not have the premium version and I think you get plenty with the free one. Definitely a must have for new dog owners!
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1 month ago, Msc164
Perfect for all dogs
This app is amazing. My dog does nothing about training, but I told her how to roll over and under 10 minutes. I have to give a shout out to this app because my dogs are so bad and Brady is so so so bad the counters one day training with Pepper it was gone. This is the biggest thing in the world for me clap clap it was amazing. I really have to say you have to get this app because no matter how your dog is you can make them to get them where you were you can take the swimming and there’s all these different stuff and I love posting them where they we entered the challenges and you get like and I’ve never seen a dog with under 47 likes, so all of it when all of these people do and they like the dogs common and say oh my God, your dog so cute Puppr is definitely the app
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2 years ago, luvstrucklino
App is amazing! Here are some ideas 💡
Developers please read Hi! I love this app and recommend it to anyone with a dog who wants to train them in either foundation training or fun tricks. I have taught my dog Pepper everything she knows (not saying she’s the best behaved 😅) and this app is very helpful. One thing I would recommend the developers to add to to unlock some of the more basic and easy tricks (like from one bone to two bones) that way more people can easily train their dog on fun stuff. For more hardcore tricks it would be simpler to have you need to pay for them so your dog can learn the earth things first. This is just my option though but I do need to say thank you for this lifesaving training app! Will definitely recommend it to others! 😁💕🐶🐕🐩🐾🦴
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4 years ago, cavarr64
Awesome- first time pup owner!
So, I have never owned a dog before, never mind a puppy. I got a rescue pup (10 weeks old) from a nearby shelter and he is a German Shepard and cattle dog mix. I knew that even though (in complete honesty) I really have no idea what I’m doing, I needed to start working on training with him right away. I downloaded this app and use it to work with him a bit every day. I’ve now had him a week, and so far he’s doing “sit”, “down” and (working on) “come”. This app has been such a huge help. I love that it breaks it down into steps with pictures, he has been really successful with them! There are a lot of lessons that are free (like the basics). I ended up doing a one time purchase last night for all the lessons, which I’m hoping to get to some of the more complicated tricks!
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4 years ago, mlsanc
Great Individual Feedback
The training tips on the app are great but the real benefit is the Chat assistance. Yes, you pay more for this but paying for training lessons costs way more. The app says you get a response within 12 hours (I think) but honestly, the response time is much faster. This individual attention and the specific advice for my unique concerns, any day of the week, have been invaluable in helping my family bond with our puppy and manage her puppy energy. The chat feedback is not just canned, general responses. An expert trainer gives thorough feedback to my specific questions and concerns. It is worth more than the $9.99 (I think that’s the right figure) a month I’m paying to access a trainer for individual help, sometimes daily, and to get all the training packs.
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5 years ago, Ciebre
Great Guide for Correct sequencing!
I have been spoiling and rescuing small breeds for 10 years now, and I have what I like to refer to as “the crew” which consists of 6 dogs that stole my heart and I could never part with. Having that many dogs makes spending one on one time somewhat challenging. My goal is not to train them to be perfectly behaved dogs (ooppps, a little late 🤣) but to have a activity that is fun that i can do for a few minutes each day with each of them. i chose the command touch as my first exercise, and by following the video instructions, my lemon pointer had caught on in less than 10 tries. they already know a clicking sound i use to call them in and it was super easy to adapt that into the program. Great app! Thanks for putting it all together so nicely!
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1 year ago, Great game girls
Best app EVER
I love the app it is amazing, here are some reasons why I love it and some things I want to be changed. Things I love:You get to train your dog while posting, talk to other people and so much more! Here are the downfalls: some people just make accounts to bully people, and some brag about there dogs. But that is mostly it. I also made some friends they are Orville Jack Star girl and all of her pups and a bunch of others pups (if you were one of those pups just to let you know you are amazing). Also if you are in need of a friend then check out the app and try to find one of these amazing pups. And if anyone can change that if you can then please do. Thank you. Love, Sidney, Teddy, Kobe and there owner Paige
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3 years ago, lola1152
Love it! Must get! 😍💕
I love your app! Amazing!!!😍😍😊 There are a few suggestions I would like to make! First of all likemany others, I would like to be able to have a bio about our animals for everyone to see! Like for my one dog Lola, I would say “My name is Lola! I’m a sweet dog, but I’m not perfect! I have to work on my barking and listening skills!“ I love this idea. Second, I would 𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸 to be able to follow other dogs through their journeys! Lastly, I would like to add captions or hashtags to a entry. Like you would be able to say that you are at the beach, that they just learned that trick, or a event like birthday or christmas! I think you should add these features! You would probaly have more people to install the app!
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8 months ago, Read u may like
Amazing App!
This app has been so helpful in teaching my dog already and i’m just getting started! There is an amazing and supportive community that i wouldn’t trade for the world. i love the people on here so much. I love being able to encourage others in their training journey with their dogs and vice sera for myself. The development of this app is going so well and it’s getting even better so quickly! The developers work so hard and are always engaged in anything going on. I’ve hardly had any problems at all, but when i do the developers are always amazing at responding quickly and effectively to emails and making puppr better every day! love this app so much <<3 - Tucker & Briar
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4 months ago, WilderMoon
Such a great app!
This app is so wonderful, and all of the steps for each trick are broken down well, right to the point, and are incredibly easy to follow! This is coming from someone with an Autistic brain so this is something that was VERY much necessary for me. I LOVE how you can add all of your dogs on there and track each of their progress! There’s fun little challenges and achievements too! Through this app, I was able to get started on learning how to teach my dogs incredibly fun tricks I didn’t even know existed at the time! It has been a HUGE part of how I got started on my dog training journey! (Specifically in trick training!) For that, I am forever grateful…
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1 year ago, Bird 3010
Love it but also could improve
I overall love this app. It is very helpful and very easy to use. I like the steps and videos it provides in the lessons. I do believe that there is room for improvement however. 1: I would like for their to be more tricks. There are plenty but it would always be nice to see more! 2: challenges in my opinion last for a long time. I personally think it would be best to shorten the period so others can have more access and more fun doing different tricks. 3: it would be nice if puppr were to provide different ways to teach a dog a certain trick. Many dogs learn differently and sometimes the one method they provide doesn’t work 4: it would be nice if we had the option to follow and/or search up users. It is always difficult to find users. 5: can we have challenges from other lessons? The challenges are constantly the same and there are many lessons that haven’t been used as a challenge yet or in a while. I would appreciate it if i got a response back! Once again the app is wonderful but just personal stuff I would like to see more of. Thank you Romeo’s owner
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2 years ago, Kit'B
Good and Simple
Pros: Decent amount of basic quality of life cues, simple interface, equipment recommendations Cons: No attention building or leash walking tutorials in free version (They might with subscription but it’s my belief that attention/leash training is imperative to having a happy and confident dog) I really like the simple and relatively intuitive interface. There’s a nice amount of basic tricks and cues even with the free version. There’s “place” cues, grooming cues, and basic tricks/cues all free. Then there are different groups of extra tricks and cues for purchase but each section has some free ones too. I like how helpful and “quality of life” all the free stuff is, BUT I do wish that they offered loose leash basics. So many people struggle with finding the simplest starting point to work on polite walking, especially with high drive dogs. Leash manners are one of the most frustrating portions of living with dogs and has such a far reaching impact in a dogs quality of life. If there were some basic focus/ attention games or leash training this would be the best app. Would love to see if more gets added over time (especially to free version)
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1 year ago, Garrigubennitt
Noah Training Me
I have never trained a puppy and the puppy I am training, Noah is not my dog. But I care for my grandson two or three weeks every month while my daughter travel nurses. I downloaded this app in desperation. But with clear, simple instructions and easy steps to follow, I have bonded with a 6 month AKC Doberman. I think he is already knows what he is supposed to do. It was I who had to be trained. In a few days, Noah has made or I have made so much progress. My grandson takes part and follows the app as well. For me, this information saved Noah from being given away. Thanks to those who created this thoughtful and encouraging way to help dogs and owners come together.
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5 years ago, AndyZepol
My dog has been a handful from day one. Lacking focus on me and being WAY too interested in the world around him. Cough* cough* (Barking at everything and anything). I started using Puppr every day and by the end of the first week I saw a DRAMATIC improvement in our relationship. This app is truly the fast track into building a stronger relationship with your dog and making you the center of their universe. I ALWAYS have dog training questions- as my German shepherd tends to be a bit of a handful, the puppr dog training support is lighting quick in their responses and very thorough! I go out of my way to recommend this app to all my friends and family. Truly changed the way I live with my dog. 10/10 would recommend.
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3 years ago, adadada!! snake
Fabulous App!
I can’t even explain how awesome this app is!! First of all, they have so many good tricks for training and the skills are great! My puppy has learned 3 so far, and I’ve only had this app for one week! Second of all, I love being able to enter photo challenges, tricks of the week. Its like Puppy Instagram! The ONLY bad thing is that you can only enter one photo per week, I would like it to be more like 2 photos per week. 🌺🌺 Thank you!!!!!!! Update- I AM SO IMPRESSED STILL! This app is PERFECT in every way! I have so much fun working with my labradoodle puppy on tricks and skills. He knows 6 so far now, thanks to this app. The lessons are so easy to follow! And I love when they release new packs and tricks! Keep up the AMAZING work! 🥳
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4 years ago, 😥 sad
Tucker is already learning shake and working in cross paws! He learned shake in one day. I can’t tell if it’s the app or Tucker 😂. This app is saving me from doing loads of research about training! I love how you can set training reminders! Even though Tucker already knows sit and lay down, I like to see how other people taught their dogs those tricks, and compare training methods for future dogs. I am kind of missing out in the live chat 😕 because I can’t get premium, but that’s ok! What matters is that Tucker is getting taught! I also really like how it takes the info you give about your dog instead of assuming gender. That wouldn’t offend me, but it might for other people. This app is really helpful and overall really good.
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3 months ago, 729164:)
Puppr is my favorite app for dogs!! The people are SO nice and it’s a great way for your doggy to make friends. On puppr you can train your dog with detailed instructions and a video on how to do it. Puppr also suggests treats, grooming materials, leashes, etc. You can also become puppr premium, where you can talk to a trainer for advise and more! You can also post pictures of your dog doing tricks or just a cute picture! On other dogs posts you can give them a bone (a like) and you can also comment on the picture. You can also add an account for two dogs or more on the same device! Overall Puppr is one of my favorite dog apps and I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!🩷🩷🩷
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2 years ago, Thea Lucienne
Puppr’s really good
My father was looking for an app to train my 2 months old toy poodle ‘Quasar’, he looked for a good one and found this. At first I was thinking how will I train my dog with an app? So I did it anyway, I started with the basic's I tried teaching him to sit, and it went really smooth I repeated it a few more times and now… He learned how to sit! But I need to work on the other stuff, he still can’t control his energy since he’s a pup. But anyway, this app is not as bad as you think, perfect for training your dog(s) the basics, tricks and more. I recommend this to others who have a pup since if you train your dog early, the easier it will learn the command.
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3 years ago, kater bug/animal lover
Luv This App!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hey! I’m Kate, ten years old and I love this app! To start out, it is exactly what you read in the App Store, and unlike others it doesn’t lie! One thing super cool is that it isn’t one of those apps where it only gives you the good stuff for money. I have the free version and it is still amazing but if you are allowed, get the not free version! You can chat with the team and stuff! Totally get this app if you want something truthful, and something that I say will totally work, GET THIS APP! What are you waiting for, why are you still reading my review?! DOWNLOAD IT!! Message to Sara if she’s reading this; I am a huge fan of you! When I grow up I want to be just like you! Thanks! God Bless❤️
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3 years ago, guillermorueda
Love it! Make lessons skippable options
Love it and have been using it for a year now... I'd love to earn category badges but we don't because the only options to complete them are "not in progress", "in progress", and "mastered". There's no "skip" or something alike for those that either one of us can't or aren't interested on (like "play dead"). It'd be awesome to be able to mark those as "done" so they're filtered out, without having to mix them with the "mastered" ones. Another suggestion: for some commands we've found a different word to work better for us. It'd be great to be able to add a note/tag to customize the original command with the one used instead. Keep them coming 👌
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3 years ago, ATG GTA
Amazing dog training app!
This is an amazing dog training app! I love that there are a lot of tricks to train, and the step by step guides are so helpful. Although some of the lesson packs cost money, the prices are affordable and you get so much stuff to train! That being said, there are some flaws. I love the trick of the week and always put my dogs in it. The free trick is a nice added bonus and you can see how the community’s dogs do it. But there are many people who get photos off the internet, and sometimes they get the most likes! For cheating! I wish there were some way to get the puppr team aware of who is cheating. Other than the fake dogs this is a wonderful app and I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, GigiLexilove
Great app!! I love it!!!!
I really love the app! It’s really helping me learn how to become a better trainer. I love how friendly it is to dogs and trainers who are new to training. I think you could add some more things though. Like how we could “follow people” and when they make a new post, we would get a notification that we can turn in and off in settings if we choose. And maybe you could put lessons on how to teach fly ball and some other dog activities. That’s the only thing that I would say you should improve on. But other than that, this is a really great app and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to have fun training their dog. Thank you for making such a great app!!
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8 months ago, DoggoLover500
If I could give more than 5 stars believe me I would!! I’ve had Puppr for over a year now and I can say whole heartedly that I LOVE it! When I first got it it helped me SOO much with my dog Vito! They have a variety of tricks, training, and are still making more! The community is awesome everyone is so nice and always welcoming to newcomers! Even if you can’t afford the Puppr premium you can still get an variety of helpful information and a bunch of training tips and tricks! The mods are AMAZING they help SOO much with keeping everything kind and positive! If your thinking about getting Puppr I would say definitely try it it’s worth it!
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4 years ago, Willow Thy Dhole
OMG so perfect and absolutely clear examples to train your dog
I had such a hard time training my dog because this is new so once i saw this app i decided to try it out but its better then i thought it would be!!! Yes you do have to pay for extra tricks but you get all the basic ones like sit, lay down, stay, come, ect... but also a few others like weaving through your legs, getting the leash, frisbee basics, and jumping rope! Its so great and the examples are even better because they have moving pics to show you how to do it along with written instructions. If you are having trouble training you dog this is the app for you!!!
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4 years ago, HornFan_ATX
People post stuff that aren’t dogs!
This app great besides this one thing. People post stuff that aren’t dogs! I mean this dog app can people not read it? There are Little girls taking pictures. Also they posting stuffed animals! It’s ok if your dog is by the objects but them by them self is not cool! I mean I joined this app for dogs only, for the dog community. Not for Little girls to be posting themselves! So can you ban these types of photos? I mean I saw it in the rules! Those people shouldn’t be able to make an account if it’s not a dog! People need to understand this app is for dog owners to go train there dogs and take a break to get a laugh from dogs only. Not stuffed animals! I saw a few people post stuff with their dogs on it saying please don’t post stuffed animals or yourself without your dog this dog app. So see we are tried of it! So please take these people off. You can’t enjoy it when you see Little girls and their plushies and not a dog
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4 weeks ago, PuppyLover88!
Hii! So I was looking into different apps for dog training a few years ago, and stumbled on Puppr! And I had know idea how much it would change my life. I have been able to keep my dog, Bruno, because of me being able to train him so well with this app. I have also been involved in a WONDERFUL community, with so many new friends to chat with on puppr. The only thing I would improve is a search bar- so that you can search up certain people on puppr, or certain entries on the challenges! But overall this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE app on my whole phone. I can never thank you enough for this app!! 🫶🫶
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3 years ago, EarlGreyT
Brilliant! Absolutely for every one and every dog!
I don't follow the steps, what Puppr does is inspire me to take on new tricks and training with my dog. And yes, we both have come along way since I adopted him last year. I introduced the "walk thru" trick and now we just have fun variations of it. There are many cool tricks we have to try. I loved teaching my dog to fetch a frisbee. He doesn't fetch -- its more like Search and Destroy-- still, he loves to jump for the frisbee. The pet health section is equally surprising and inspiring, tho I will prob not do trimming- far too advanced! I love the ease of use and videos. Don't miss the step by step breakdowns below the main video ;)
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5 years ago, Casslbaker116
Great app!
I saw Hero and Loki on America’s Got Talent and fell in love. My dogs were already very well behaved and the new the basics. This app though has made it so much fun getting to teach them fun tricks. And the love it too! My youngest Bonnie loves when we come outside everyday to learn new things. And there are always new packs available to further their learning! One thing we recently learned is how to get Bonnie’s there brushed without her throwing a fit. I would recommend this app to anyone with a dog. Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog. My 12year old Nike loves learning new tricks too! This app has been amazing helping me bond even more with my dogs and it gives them fun productive playtime. Best app ever!
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3 years ago, braydenmichelleee
My corgi is only 10 months old and he barely knows the word no, he is always trying to get our food, with this app he learned leave it, we’ve tried it with his favorite human food (turkey) and his favorite dog treats, (blue bits) & (cesar softies) and everytime he hears “leave it” he stares at me, i wait about 3 seconds to make sure and he doesn’t go for the treat! i just got it last night and he figured it out within 10 minutes, i have never been able to get him to learn certain commands, but this app his helping, i’m only 13 and i’m so glad i’m able to train my own dog, i love this app definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, stampede123456789
First-time pet owner!
I own a 11 week-old husky mix and this app is very helpful. He is the first dog I ever owned, and me having no experience before, is very good tool to have. I also like how you could share photos of your dog to the app as well. This has helped a lot with training, he knows most of the basic training skills already and a few entertaining tricks. ( like ‘spin’ ) My only complaint is that you have to pay the app to keep track of the tricks that he mastered, is in progress, etc. But, that is only inconvenience, and I understand why the app charges money for it. Other than that, 10/10 app, would recommend!
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12 months ago, Rylan Ramirez
Puppr is great
I loooooovvvvvveee Puppr because you always or a least most of the time you get to train your dog and It helps me relax and concentrate with Homer and In summer every time I’m going to be free I just have a amazing time teaching Homer and my mind it’s very fun and also I get to send photos of my dog out and give bones out to other photos I like or love so it is amaazzing so I love this app. This year I will have a amazing time with homer and also the app Puppr anyone without Puppr should really get this app and enjoy it I hope you have a great summer with you cat dog or horse 🐎. Have a great summer this year with your pet everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Steve196
OMG it works!
I never thought I would be able to train my dog to do more than sit and come. Today he rolled over after 5 minutes of following the guide and he’s done it several times throughout the day. We have nailed “stay”, “down”, and “leave it”. I’m buying the full version now! If nothing else, the basic lessons are worth the full price alone. But I am glad the developers set this app up to allow for all the free lessons. I would never have believed it would work if I didn’t have a bunch of these to try first. GREAT APP and the biggest surprise success I’ve had in a long time!
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3 years ago, HorseLover1036
I love this app! It had helped so much. I’m currently working on “tell me a secret “. It’s very good at telling you just what to do and giving instructional videos and little passages that are easy to understand. There are also weekly competitions to compete in and you have to send in pictures of your dog/puppy doing the trick of the week. You can give likes/bones. It reminds me of Instagram but no chatting or commenting. They also have a live chat where you can ask questions and they will give you answers. My one problem is you have to have puppr premium to access all tricks and live chat. But other than that, I love it!
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3 years ago, monkey100000000
Great App!!
This app is really cool and my dogs have learned a lot from it. Before I got this app, my family and I where thinking of putting my dog in agility, because she is really skinny (not as skinny to make it unhealthy) she runs EXTREMELY fast, and she jumps EXTREMELY EXTREMELY high!!! That’s why her name is too 😆 This game is so cool, but to buy premium, it’s really expensive! All of the good tricks are in premium and only one or two free tricks are in each section. I really think you should lower down the price because it’s not the app that is teaching your dog, it’s you. Yes, the app walks you through it, but more than half of the work. Please lower the price.
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3 years ago, theminiromero
This app makes training fun, easy and offers a great community
I have paid for online training programs that just felt dull and made training feel hopeless. I stumble upon this app by accident and it is bright, easy and made training feel fun and most importantly possible. Taking on a German Shepard Wolf Mix was an ambitious decision and it has felt over whelming considering I am 5ft and he is as big as I am already and he’s only 8 months old. I felt like I made a mistake. But he has made such progress and I have learned so much, this app presents simple instruction that are easy to understand and perform and we are thankful for everything!!
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3 years ago, Bentley M.
It’s a good app but...
I love this app it has tons of tricks to teach your dog from everyday stuff like sit and stay to all kinds of circus tricks. Every week there is a trick that your supposed to teach you dog and post a picture of them doing it but 90% if the people use the posting thing like it’s Instagram and just post a picture of their dog being cute. And some of them are like “We can’t do this trick but please help me get to 30 bones (likes)”. Puppr should be better with making sure people post photos of the tricks. I’ve even seen cats, horses, hamsters, and FISH post pictures on the app. Like how are you going to teach your fish to sit??
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