PURE Dating: Anonymous Chat

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User Reviews for PURE Dating: Anonymous Chat

4.45 out of 5
66.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Attilly E. Kent
Honest experience
The experience on this app is very different for men than it is for women. I’m not sure how much action couples get but I’d say it’s closer to men. As a female I haven’t had trouble finding matches, heck I would turn on my ad in a new city and have 50 within 30 minutes. So if you’re a female, join. It doesn’t cost anything for women and having real women will help with the imbalance. Men, it does cost money to have an account, and it will probably cost some money to get a match. Unfortunately that’s just how this system works. If you’re looking for love this might not be the app for you, but if you have the time and/or money it’s worth a shot. I really like the app layout and it feels user friendly. Being able to look for people with similar interests and within a distance is also very nice. Hook ups are great, just use caution. I found my husband on this app, and I will say I probably wouldn’t have met him if he didn’t send me a gift. So sometimes you may have to spend a little money to stand out to find a good match. Either way, check out the app. I do think it’s the best at what it’s used for.
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4 years ago, Lee "the chin" Price
Waste of time, unless you like talking to bots
Somehow every person that likes me happens to be from the same town 413.9 miles away. They all ask to add them on Snapchat or Instagram. They also all have horrendous English. I don’t know where this magical town is but it seems that’s where every single person on this app resides. Oh and if the one in a million person who is within 50 miles of me matches, literally every single one is out of gas and needs me to Venmo them some money. All with the promise of paying me back when we meet up. Or if they ask me to come over, all of them just so happen to be watching their younger cousins while their aunts are out of town and desperately need me to pick up a PS4 steam wallet game to keep the kids occupied. It’s truly amazing that every person on this app seems to have the same exact issues. Out of gas or needs the codes to a digital game pass? So weird! But seriously, this app is nothing but bots. It’s become more entertainment at this point to see how the scammers update their bots almost in real time. I’m willing to bet that almost every positive review on this app is a paid review to boost their image. And did I mention I got an alert from the supposed developers that I report fake profiles too much? Yeah. Really comforting to know that they are on it when it comes to the rampant bot issue
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7 months ago, XdhrejlaandbwxiZuxehkzc
Just disappointing all around
I thought this might be fun to try but the amount of heterosexual straight men who make up the clientele of this app is laughable/gross. About 65% will openly show interest in you even if there are no kinks shared between you two just to waste your time and try to get you to be into something that is inherently not at all a kink for you. There is also an ENORMOUS amount of men on the app who claim they are ‘dominant’ when in reality they just want to control others bodies, rather than be respectful doms. About half of the men’s profiles I scrolled through say “they are rubbing it right now” or “hard right now” whilst they are scrolling through the app just looking at people. Ew. Many ask for sex on demand whether it be in their public bio or once a chat starts. There’s a huge amount of married people cheating on their partners and many of the women who are ‘single’ are actually couples who are unicorn hunters even though there is a couple feature. This app has become akin to those pop up ads from illegal websites that claim ‘Sex near you now!’ Gross. This app would be much better if they limits the amount of heterosexual men and then monitored how people behaved. For example, if you like someone’s profile, but you have no kinks in common there should be a message reminding you not to waste people’s time and to focus on finding something that you are actually interested in rather than pushing your kinks onto someone else.
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3 years ago, Buford Satterfield
Pure is the best casual dating app I have used so far
As an executive in a global corporation, I have to devote most of my time to my job. I also travel more than 40 times per year, which leaves less time for dating or a girlfriend. Being in a city for just a couple of days left me with choosing casual dates with young women as my favorite option. I used to use Tinder, but it has gotten pretty much a hassle in the last time. Way too complicated and most profiles are not even active it seems. Ever since I discovered Pure, I have to spend much less time finding a suitable girl for a night or two. Pure just completely takes away any kind of waiting or hesitation. It's Yes or No, that's pretty much it. Thanks to thet 24-hour-chat, which deletes itself after that period of time, there's no room for games. Girls on the app are sweet and much more suitable than the average female Tinder user, who doesn't really know what she wants. So far, I met five girls thanks to Pure. All of them were pretty, sexy and ready to get intimate if the connection fits. To me as a busy man and a guy who has no patience for the flood of so-called hook up apps, which are actually time-wasters, I can recommend Pure. Easy, straight to the point and genuine. Great work, dear coders
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11 months ago, veryunsatisfiedwiththisapp
Terrible Customer Support, Wrongfully Suspended
I am honestly very upset and disappointed that I have to share the terrible experience I have had with this app. I have been on the app for a while and I really liked the app. Recently, I have been revoked access from my account and told that my account is banned. I have read the terms and conditions and user guidelines and I am positive that I have done nothing but follow them. I have NEVER been banned from an app before because I have always followed the guidelines. Upon contacting support, I was told that they will not be reinstating my account and they have not told me the specific reason as to why I was banned. I have been told it is because my account received complaints, but not what the complaints were for. Not to mention that I have only received pre-written email responses and have not been connected with an actual person to help me on this matter. I have encountered many terrible men on this app that should be banned but are probably still on there. There are men on here who have tried to pay me to hook up with them which is a violation of the rules and upon rejecting them I am sure they put complaints against my account. I have heard other women say they have had the same experience. This app needs to change the way that it treats women. I am deeply disappointed.
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3 years ago, BB from TX
It ain’t that bad but.....
The discreetness is cool and so is the presentation of the app itself. I’ve met a few real people lol but here are some issues: 1. Lack of close people: I live in Texas, about an hour from Houston. I’m used to having limited options if you don’t live a big city but, this app doesn’t have a lot of people regardless of where you live. You get about 3-4 people and everybody is 150+ away. Only 3-4 people in greater Houston? That’s bad. 2. Distance lies: I’m under the impression that you don’t have a passport feature on this app.....so why do I have people who distance says they are close but, when you talk to them “oh I’m from Montana or NYC” or 1 minute they’re close, and the next the distance says 500+ away. Y’all gotta get that crap together Lastly: Hookers and Content makers: you’re gonna deal with spam/fake regardless of what app you’re on but, I think it’s weird that y’all and other app makers lack at getting a grip on that stuff. I respect sex workers and what they do....but, fam, that’s not what I’m coming to the app for. I could pull up to my local downtown area for that. Try to week subscription if you’re interested. I’ve met people who are real and actually close but, outside of that, idk man, doesn’t seem like it’s worth longer than that.
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6 years ago, Shathok
My experiance
So let me start off bu saying that I almost got scammed on this app. ALMOST, but I did not. I enjoy the way this app seems to function differently than most other “dating apps” in that you make a post with your picture and approximate location for an hour, and you can see people within a large radius of you whom are also looking for a hookup. We all know why we are here which cuts small talk down by a lot. One of the first people i found and began talking to was a scammer, however i was able to handle that situation on my own. I messaged the staff about it and they were quick, responsive, helpful, and nice to me the entire process. I asked how to report fake users and they told me kindly. I understand that we cannot weed out fake users 100% but by allowing my report to mean something makes me feel like I matter to them. The supoort staff is easily the best on any app I have dealt with and they all deserve the world. The ONLY reason I only gave 4 as opposed to 5 is because the app population does not appear to be dense yet, however that is only a matter of time. Tl;dr App is a fun and unique experience to others on the market with a superb support staff and wonderful aesthetic dispite it’s not yet large audience. Just keep a weathered eye out for those who want to scam you! Keep it up devs and crew! I cant wait to add that 5th star!
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3 years ago, OddPopcorn
Decent idea with a very bad implementation
Well here goes my first review. The concept is an interesting one and I will at least give them that for now. However, the way they went about is very questionable. One, just in case you are wondering it is not a free app. The above I can live with, however, the number of fake profiles or people selling pics or people offering sex for money far outweighs the total number of legit people looking for something on this app. I do not say this lightly, the people who have made this app seem to be in no way concerned about removing the aforementioned profiles. The report app seems a novelty to make you believe that, “Oh look at us! We care about you”. Finally, over the past few days I have noticed that you get matched with profiles you have never liked, which is bizarre. Hope something changes otherwise take my word for it and do not bother. At the same time, so many errors, can’t load right now, we will look into it, please try again, and so on. They either need better developers or they will not last long and become a fleeting novelty which will be done better by someone else. If I am paying a subscription for something the least you can do is offer a stable app. Apparently that is too much to expect in this day and age.
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5 years ago, Tejor
Love It
I actually love the concept of the app and out of curiosity downloaded it with no real intention on using it. I found it amusing and forgot about it. Then I found myself in a position of “needing” it and remembered this app. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with it, customer service is always very friendly. It can feel sometimes like they take a little while but they handle any issues very quickly. I’ve NEVER had anyone ask me for any money I guess I’m lucky lol. I do sometimes see a few 300 mile away people mixed in with who is close to me. It’s so far and few between I think nothing of it. I love that it’s direct and to the point like I am and like the people I’ve met. I also like that unless I mutually like a person I don’t get bombarded with a bunch of pervy messages. I will say that in comparison to the dating apps I’ve used the interactions I’ve had on this app has been much more respectful than any other - which is odd and I wouldn’t mind considering what I’m here for. So far I’ve been lucky *knock on wood* and I’m grateful that’s it’s been exactly what I’ve needed EVERY TIME I’ve used it!
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3 years ago, Chrischigta
Great concept but apps needs to be free to increase user base
I actually did not have too great of a time using this app. I like the concept, I think it really adds something new to the market of dating / hookup apps, but there is one massive problem: the user base is wayyyy too small. In a massive metropolitan area like NYC you can usually find just a handful of people within a reasonable distance, that’s just too few to really make anything happen. I have been using 4 different apps for hookups over the past 1-2 years and have been successful with all other three apps, but not this one, and it’s simple because I get too few matches here compared to the others. The difference is obvious: this app costs money. Make it free to use, and instead generate revenue through ads and hide some nice premium features behind a paywall, just like the other dating appacifico and you’ll actually get more people to sign up. I am giving 5 stars not for the rather disappointing experience I had but for the promise that this app has.
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9 months ago, dkppunk
Great idea, Bad execution
I like the idea of this app, but the execution is pretty bad. There is almost no one on there anywhere near you. When seeking women for women, it’s full of guys looking for bisexual girls because they don’t want to have to pay for the app on their side. Then when I bring up how guys lying frustrates me, it’s my fault because “you can just leave the conversation” or “go use one of the lesbian apps” like that makes lying about your gender just to find a hookup ok 🙄 Edit: I love how I get banned from the app because I called a guy rude and a liar for making a profile on women seeking women. This app is trash! Edit #2 Response to Dev: My review is a few years old, you only replied because I changed it to 5 stars so it wouldn’t be buried under the fake reviews. My incident happened over 2 years ago and now you ask for my info to resolve? No thank you. There are not enough people and most of the “women” are just men trying to get around the paywall. Again, fantastic idea, awful execution, trash app.
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3 years ago, Murphy Wintheiser
Unique, easy and fun to use
I was never the type of person to use all kinds of digital gadgets in his every-day life. This is why I avoided Tinder, Bumble and others until now. It’s a good decision so far, as those apps are usually full of ads and people one doesn’t want to meet anyway. Unfortunately, that’s the experience most of my friends made. A friend of mine recommended me Pure, he said it’s a good alternative to the common dating apps. I decided to give it a shot, hoping it’d be different. And it was! It’s truly casual dating at it’s finest. I only talked to a few girls, yet women who were very well suited to me. I met up with a couple of them and shared a few nights together so far. Let’s just say it like that - it was very pleasant. The app has a minimalistic design, offers temporary chats and pictures. Overall, there is hardly anything to criticize. If one wants to meet up for casual encounters, Pure clearly is the perfect tool. I’d wish the audience would become a bit bigger, but I guess that will happen over time. In total, nine of ten stars from me!
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1 year ago, Bballer525
Best decision I’ve ever made
Listen, let me preface this by saying I’m not overreacting, over exaggerating or anything of that nature. I live in South Carolina and got board one night. I was on the app for around 10 minute under the “roll the dice” section. After 9 minutes of waiting it matched me with someone, my only match of the night. It was a girl from Florida and her voice immediately had me in shambles. We chatted through the app and added each other on Instagram. Some of the easiest and most fluent conversations I have ever had. Did I mention she was a smoke show? Well, we talked for a few weeks and eventually agreed to meet and let me just say THANK YOU. One of the coolest people I have ever met and genuinely makes me happy. Also, the absolute best sexual experience I have ever had on multiple levels. Borderline spiritual actually. Anyway, I fully support this app and believe it’s rooted in witchcraft. There’s just no way it made such a perfect match but hey, you might as well roll the dice too!
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2 years ago, 222_king_
Best app
I really enjoy this app and much more others like this one. I read a lot of other reviews and read complaints and problems most everyone has. Yes they’re are scammers and fakes on here. Yes all of them ask for so much money and need our money for so many personal reason. I don’t complaint or have same problems most users have. Once I get ask for help from people that ask for money and whatever sad story they give It won’t fly with me and never do. They ask and beg for the most crazy reason so we can feel sympathy! I enjoy having conversation but within 5-10 minutes getting to know other then bang! Money always get brought up. So maybe this will reach out and help someone if you go through this situation all you have to do play their game back at ‘em. Not to be rude, I repeatedly ask and beg them and same the exact thing to them and before you know it, once they realize I’m not a fool and they don’t get what they want, the real person speaks out and few of them curse out! I’m not upset or complaining about anything! Im just saying just have fun with these perks conversation wise! I have meet up before and went pretty well.
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4 years ago, FluffaloffagusTheCuddlyMcHugs
Free trial doesn't work. I have no complaints paying for an app like this but was trying to, well, try it before I bought it. App Store page shows a free trial. In the app is even a button for a free trial, but when you click on it? Immediately says "payment failed (-999)". I double checked my card balance, definitely not broke. Removed and re-added my payment method to iTunes. Trial still instantly fails. This is a problem with the application, not with my payment. Which is why I feel this app is sketchy. I question if it's actually effective if I can't go see what it's all about without committing a minimum of $15 (for a week) before I can even see who's online in my area, or if there even is anyone using this app in my area. I'm not going to throw away money just to find out there's no user base with 25 miles. (Not saying that's how it is, but you literally can't see anything past putting your photo up until you pay. I'm not down to gamble on this when there are countless apps and websites out there advertising this same type of service.) Fix the trial and I'll try the app. If I like it I'll gladly subscribe. I'll even change my review to reflect my experience with this app. But until then I'm leaving this as is.
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5 years ago, Super Sulcata
Far search locations and scammers
I think the idea and sound of this app at first glance but now I see it is heavily flawed, like why does it say searching the are and the girls that 121, 234,315,even over 500 miles away? Like I’m not wasting all my gas to go that far and back, just might as well go for a road trip. That’s the only the 2nd biggest issue the 1st is obviously the scammers, they keep popping up and I’m like no go away, your a fake person. I was able to have a nice chat with 2 people and I was like in my head “ok this is great, we’re having a good time talking, everything seems normal, and if it’s a scam it only be one of them right, it’s 50/50 ones real or fake” GUESS WHAT??? They were both scammers I was just like “wwwwoooowwww, really both??!” At this point I had enough, just might as well go to tinder, I don’t want to, honestly but they get results and in here it doesn’t seem the same case. This app needs better security and punishment against scammers and only searching people at least like in 50 mile radius or something. If those 2 issues are resolved then it would be a fantastic app. A little bonus the women (if actually real)on this app were very rude and I got several of them and I was like what did I do to deserve this?
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4 years ago, JB33071
Be warned: Seems to be only bots and escorts
I’ve been on the app for a few days now and honestly I regret downloading, let alone paying for this app. First there is a limited number of women using the app at any given time , most of which are well over a hundred mile way. I understand this is sort of the deal with this app. People can choose to be shown at any given time or hidden. Would be nice to be able to set a “search radius” like In almost every other app. Second, All of the women whom I have matched with have either been bots or escorts, which just turns into spending a great deal of time trying sort out if your are speaking to a real person or not or a person trying to sell a service or not. Again I understand that the risk of participating in apps like these but it’s still frustrating. Perhaps I should give the app more time to try to find a real connection, but honestly I’ve pretty much run out of patience for this app.
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3 years ago, Graysonman
Be careful
I’m writing this review after using this app for about 2 weeks. So far there have been many people who will message you saying add them on snap, if you do they are making you pay for sex or hook ups. The other thing that’s very common is people asking for numbers and saying they live in the same city as you or wanting money for gas or whatever to meet up. They never want cash they always want it sent to their phone cause they have no intention of meeting up to begin with ;) Generally there are just lots of people asking for money to meet up in one form or another. Tons of people don’t have profile pictures so if you want that before you even talk to people good luck. Another common thing is people just messaging a few times and then once the 24 hour chat delete thing is gone, that person is gone forever. My best tip is if they used terms like babe or dear they are trying to scam you cause every time I’ve talked to them they have asked for money. There have been a few times I’ve talked to some cool people so that’s why I’m giving it a 2 star but honestly if you are in it purely for hook ups you are better off at a bar.
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2 years ago, JoseA215
Safety a priority
Over the last 6 months I’ve used multiple dating apps and one thing has become obviously apparent. The number of scammers on dating apps is ridiculous! It’s either individuals begging for money, crypto investors, guys pretending to be females, women soliciting for sex, etc.. if I had to guess I would say 8 out of every 10 profiles are scamming in some form. That brings me to Pure. Pure is an alternative dating site and for the most part it’s the same, except for one thing. Pure monitors users that are fake or scamming. I’m not sure exactly how they do it but (possibly key words or patterns) but it is appreciated. As I begin to text with a match, Pure will inform me if something is suspicious. If Pure confirms this they will block the user. This is an invaluable service for people that are looking for true connections and are not looking to be scammed. That service alone warrants 5 stars knowing people have lost over 3 billion dollars to scammers on dating sites.
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6 years ago, Mikestanfield
Great idea in theory but doesn’t work in practice really at all
This app is such a waste of money. I’ve tried it several times over a couple of years. First I tried it when it was new and there was nobody using it anywhere nearby me. Then I tried using it on business trips a year later and there was only 5-6 people showing up on the app across the whole country at any given time. I recently tried it again while on a business trip in a big east coast city and found that basically the only place in the map with any number of regular users was in. NYC. Even there, it’s only 2-3 people at a time. The other problem is that if the 5-6 people posting in the app at any given time that I checked in, I’d usually get 2-3 connection requests from people list wanting me to view their webcams. Don’t pay for this app. You’re not going to find a hookup from it. Great idea in theory but More people need to be aware of it in order for it to be effective.
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4 years ago, oberke
Rated 0 Stars if I could, all scammers
I have been using this for 3 months traveling back and forth between Houston and Chicago and Milwaukee and have only come across 1 single legit profile and she was looking for an arrangement that would include a cash allowance. The rest , and I mean 100’s are all either trying to sell pics, get you to come to instagram or even worse pretending to be escorts and asking for money up front which of course no real escort needs. If you give them even $5 “for gas” their profile disappears and you can’t get you money back. Also don’t want to forget the mention of the ones that want you to sign Up out of at website that offers a free 2-7 day trial and charges you after that. Then let’s talk about how you can report or block or report which are the same option in this nothing nothing happens except they are blocked from seeing you or you seeing them. However that lets them continue with the this app and continue to try scamming others. The makers of the app do this so they can appear to have more members online in your area. It is the worst app I have come across for hookups or dating period.
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3 years ago, LednibJ
Waste of $$. Buy a scratch off instead.
I’ve been on & off Pure a few times over the last year & with the exception of meeting a couple real people last year, this app is rampant with fake profiles, bots, and scammers. Guys get to pay $15 (for a week) which is the the most I’ll donate & that is just for the hopes of maybe finding one real person. I recently did a week subscription & found the new profile layout to be friendlier, there’s just one glaring issue - not one of the profiles is active. I went through & liked every one, just to test it, and not one replied in 3-4 days. There aren’t any new profiles added, just the same 10-12 in your ‘neighborhood’. How they are allowed to call themselves a ‘hook-up app’ and get away with it is probably because of guys like me who come back every couple months in hopes it’s gotten better. It hasn’t. Save your $$. Just for laughs, it says you can be ‘king of the hill’ and get more attention for $1.99. I did it once & the second it went through it said someone else over took me as king of the hill & I should pay another $2 to overtake him. What a F’n joke.
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2 years ago, hdushxhshdbc
Best casual dating app. Especially for women
I love this app. I feel really safe and in control on it. Pictures and conversations get deleted unless you specify otherwise, they choose the (fun) name for you, and, what I love the most, is the no screenshot rule and execution of that. If you take a screenshot, only Pure’s art shows up. It feels like they had women and how they can get taken advantage of in mind when creating some of its features. Not sure if they did, but that’s how it feels. Also, the people I’m meeting and matching with seem to be of better quality. I can’t quite explain it, but I have better chats and encounters here. Plus we all know why we use Pure. Basically everyone knows what they want. Granted, I don’t know what it’s like to be a guy on this m AskK a straight woman, the amount of options is very, very nice haha. It’s very user friendly and an overall nice and cool design.
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5 years ago, iAm3Ten
Great concept, especially for scammers.
I’ve had this app now for maybe a month and quite frankly it’s been a waste of money on so many levels. I probably match with 1-2 people a day and they all have been con artist and scammers. Not one has been out to hookup. I have heard every reason to send money it’s ridiculous!!! Gas money, steam cards, google play cards, iTunes. Its absolutely crap. I would love to give a great review cause it’s a great concept but they have no way to weed out the fake accounts except if two people mark them as scams. So they are free to rip off two people and then start a new account. I have literally become an expert at identifying these accounts and not just because 99% of them are BS. Let’s be honest smoking hot girls don’t need this app, yet most are to good to be true. Who pays $15 a weak for this app but can’t afford gas? People who actually plan on meeting don’t ask for gift cards. All in all it’s been a total waste of time. I don’t recommend this app at all, at least until they can figure out a good way of vetting profiles. Photo verification or photo I’d verification. Such a bummer how polluted online dating has become.
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4 years ago, furgettaboutit
Had to download this app when it came across my suggestions. It’s hard to imagine any app with a “hookups only” focus succeeding in attracting enough people to actually work. Unfortunately, the developers have the sign-up process arranged so that just before you go online to see who else is out there using the app that you can potentially “hookup” with, a paywall appears and requires you to enter into a paid subscription. They offer a 3 day free trial, which you inconveniently have to cancel 24 hours PRIOR to the period ending or you will be billed. So, you have 48 hours to see if this app works for you, if it works at all. I imagine it’s useless unless you live in a metropolitan area where there is a high-enough concentration of users near you. I didn’t intend to use this app but thought it was interesting and it looked like someone might had figured out a way for people who like the concept of tinder- but are only looking for the physical aspect and none of the rigorous texting, small talk, or eventual mismatch of intentions- to get together in a straight-to-the-point way. Nope.
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5 years ago, Avatarliu
Scammers and poor service
My first match was with 40 miles away at a hotel here for a “business trip” turns out they wanted me to stop at a gas station and load up two 50 dollar iTunes cards. So I can give her one before and another one after sex. I kindly declined and proceeded to report her on the app. Imagine my surprise when I keep seeing her over and over and over again. I message the support team who took several days to respond initially and eventually told me to record my screen showing my actions of reporting her and her showing up again. I then find out I can’t send them the videos through the in app chat and that I have to email them. Why didn’t they tell me this ahead of time??? Also when I emailed the clips, they ended up giving me the same copy/paste response I received when I first messaged them on the app. Somewhere along they said they would give me a month subscription free but that hasn’t happened either. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. It’s a waste of money and if you make the mistake of purchasing a subscription out of curiosity, prepare to be extremely disappointed.
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4 years ago, vitruvian13
It’s not so bad, “however”
Pure is honestly one of the best apps I’ve used besides tinder for hook ups and just to have fun with, not for serious relationship though. However the reason I am only rating three stars is because even though the app actually alerts you when you encounter a possible scam and I am aware that it is impossible for an app to completely block out every single scam,spam, or people using the app to make money by using sex, but I am still encountering the same people trying the same scam bs after I have reported them many times, and I suggest that the people running the app make a huge improvement on that and the location of people you can connect with gets a bit irritating as well. For example I connect with people who are three to 4 hours away, I’d much rather prefer to connect with people who are in a range of 50 mi away or less. So my suggest is you add a away that the users of the apps are able to adjust the location to their liking and at will.
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3 years ago, distasteful93
So much confusion
I’ve been using this app for a month now, I’m confused if I’m supposed to let them text me on other platforms or not. Story time I got hooked up with this one girl who asked for my number, but the app told me it might be a scam? Turns out after a whole month of using this app that’s the only one that wasn’t. Two things, One: there’s a lot of scammers on this app, can the developer answer for this? I really like the way this app works I just want real people, and I also understand that it might not be the developers fault. Two: the only person that ended up being real for me asked me for my number but your algorithm told me it was a scam.. I’m just confused I can see the potential of this app so I want it to work but so far it seems there’s a lot of scammers and the real ones get flagged as such as well. I’m still giving it 3 stars because it’s a good app, just how can we reduce the noise. I hope the developers respond to this I’m on your team
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4 years ago, BarsGod
Oh how far you have fallen
When i was first introduced to pure, you guys had a trial period and although there were some flaws, there was some promise and i actually interacted with two real people. Now, you have to pay $15 a week for the lowest membership along with paying $4 to “make the first move” in an app full of scam bots, escorts, and overall con artists. I had one person tell me “says who” when i told them that they couldn’t ask me for money for meeting up with them, and then they called me a bum and said they would move on to someone who had money, telling me “why should i let you sleep with me for free?” Um, THATS KIND OF THE PREMISE OF THIS APP. I honestly feel like i wasted my money, the $16 after taxes for the one week test drive, and the $4 i spent to “make the first move” with someone who hasn’t been online since before i joined the app. Furthermore, it’s not explained whether or not if you have open saved chats and don’t continue the subscription, do those chats disappear? Or are you still allowed to keep those chats. This app needs a lot of work and i wish i could get a refund honestly. DO BETTER PURE!!!
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4 years ago, 748/74629964111
It’s okay
The interface is a little bland. Not a whole lot to do but sit around and wait. You have to sign up for some kind of membership before you can even go online with it and I think that’s kinda stupid. I could go on Skout and talk to more girls in my area than this and probably have a better chance with them too. I like that this app is more direct and to the point with the fact that it’s purpose is to connect people that just want to hook up and that’s it. I just think the developers created it with poor execution. I would lose the subscription requirement, or at least make it cheaper, and I would gather up some money to advertise more to attract people to the app. It would be nice to have the option of seeing everybody that’s in your area that’s also on the app regardless of then actually currently being online or not. The 3 women that I actually saw online on there were people that were hundreds of miles away. I’m not gonna fly to another state just to hook up lol
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5 years ago, Cyntrifical
Not much excitement on my end
Very interesting concept. Almost the antithesis to typical “dating” apps, and according to some of the reviews here, apparently much more positive and kinky than most of the slew of hook up apps, and I like that concept. I’m a bit of a voyeurist and adventurist. As a musician, artist, and a person highly in tune with my “wild” side, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it out. So I went through with it for a 3 day trial. Right off the get go, the only match within my vicinity (central virginia, US) was a transexual lady, and although I have no intolerance towards LGBT, it’s just not my cup of tea, and while there are a few really beautiful ladies on the list, all of them are 300 miles away or more. So as far as I see it I cant justify paying monthly for it until more attendance in my area picks up. Hopefully it will, but for now will have to step down, but like I said I’m a spontaneous guy, and the thought of basically shutting down all that small talk b/s and meeting up with what essentially is a stranger is a big ON for me. Hope it gets more ladies soon!
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6 months ago, Englishman75
Paying customer here
I have been a paying customer for about a year and here’s what I’ve found. This app worked well until one day I started getting zero matches. Magically over night my pics and ad that had worked stopped. I freshen things up and nothing. Customer service is via chat and they just tell you to read the FAQ which is pretty useless. Here are more things 1. Unlike other apps once you “like” someone they stay in your feed, this means you have to scroll past them everytime looking for new people and after 24hrs or of they update their ad it resets so you either like them again or clear them from you feed only for the cycle to start over again. I’m sure they do this to make it look like there are more people than there actually are 2 there are very few girls on here and the ones that are on here are either; overwhelmed by guys, fakes, flakes, trans people, O.F. Or selling themselves 3. Expect to be ghosted. I’ve gotten really good at spotting the ones that are “too good to be true” you’ll be chatting and it’s time to video or voice and they’ll ghost 4 I have met up with a number of real girls - some were actually hot but all of them have been some level of messed up obviously this is not an app to meet someone you’d take home to meet your family or friends. 5. Expect a lottttt of talk but very little action if you’re a guy even one with rizz and in a city. All in all I won’t be renewing :)
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2 years ago, Pnotes13
Wish I could give it less stars
The app in concept is a really cool idea for anonymous hookups. The only thing is that you can follow all of the rules and guidelines and pay for an account and nothing can or will happen. I had a full bio, photos, (changed them up a few times) nothing worked. In my 1 month having an account for paid membership I matched with 1 person. The “person” was a catfish using fake photos and was trying to lure people out to a secluded house and when they were called out on this they ghosted. I tried to literally like every single post or picture on there just to see if I could get a response and got nothing at all. I used the app everyday for a month and got basically shut out, what a waste of money. Oh and the dice game that they say to chat randomly… I spent a total of 5 hours over the course of the month just sitting with my phone on that waiting for a connect… nothing… this app is totally worthless and honestly they couldn’t attract me back if they were giving lifetime free premium access.
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7 months ago, WeatherCtrl
Basically pay to use
With how closed off the app is for people that don’t have a subscription, i’m surprised they don’t just have you purchase the app. Unless i’m missing something, after you register, you basically cannot do anything without a subscription. Can’t talk to people, can’t view people, you can’t use pretty much any feature. Now, i’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with having a subscription within your app, but there is something wrong when people can’t even see what they are getting into before they buy it. What motivation is there to buy the subscription at all? Because the app is pretty? I feel there is a lot of potential from this app, but my money is not about to go into an app blindly, especially with the amount of negative reviews i’ve seen. If they offered a free trial so you can have some idea of what you’re getting into, it may be easier to decide whether it’s worth the purchase or not. In the state it’s in now, it’s not.
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2 years ago, redhead-professional
Cool Concept, Decent Experience
definitely worth a try (ladies get in free) since the concept is fairly different than most other social-sites of similar accord..just lacking in a few locations, based on the amount of ppl on the app or by region/city/etc. but i’m not sure. HOWEVER, one of the downsides i find most deterring is the subscription price per month for the males that are actually trying to utilize it for what it’s worth. This unfortunately causes guys to try & circumvent the gender-screen by signing up as female to search for other female accounts on a free basis. Speaking of subscriptions, there is no way to update payment credentials Again, not too shabby of a working application & the ability to self-destruct photos paired with the automated monitoring of suspicious activities/conversations/etc. helps to weed out the fakes.
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3 years ago, otk2
Not worth any amount of time or money
I live in Brooklyn. If this app was going to have some utility anywhere, it would be here. It doesn't. At all. I'm a man in my low 30s, of above average attractiveness, using photos that score highly on an independent photo rating platform, a service I also paid for. I'm creative, I posted intriguing ads along with these high quality photos throughout different times of the day, for a week. I utilized the value-adding features such as "gifts" and "king of the hill", the former of which is an obvious scam to extract as much money as possible from male paying members, as you can be "toppled" by another. You won't let them do that to you, will you? Buy another KOTH. And so on. Anyway, none of this mattered. I got a few low-quality matches, either with people who were disengaged or just not attractive in the least. Several other matches were hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I got the distinct impression that a lot of people use this app for online-only "play". Not my cup of tea. Stick to Tinder. If I use the same photos there and no bio, I have multiple dates lined up in a day or two at the most, and I have the option to hook up with a different person every week or more, if I want to exercise it. Kudos to the designers and devs for making the app look nice and have a generally high quality user experience, but overall this app does not deserve a spot at the table of dating/hookup apps. Especially not after 7 years.
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6 years ago, Nos6074
It’s ok but has its issues
So as far as the app goes it works the way that the developers have said. However after all is said and done though there is not a whole lot of actual women on. I did the three day trial and found that most were between 3 and 5 hundred miles away.. not really sure how a 500 mile radius constitutes a viable hook up. Having the option to narrow your search by distance would be helpful. Also out of the responses I got 90% were prostitutes. The other 10% were so far away that it just wasted time. I get the idea of making the app free for women while charging the guys but when 2 of the three profiles are hookers makes it a bit disappointing. If as a guy I have to pay for the app, the hotel and the girl it makes more sense to just go to the local bar and hope for the best. Hopefully the clientele improves
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6 months ago, Meliger
Love it!
I’ve been on and off this app for a while now and I’m really impressed with how it has evolved over the years. Because of the app’s very direct nature I find it much easier to make authentic connections without a lot of small talk and other unnecessary social niceties. And authentic human connections are important for “other” quality connections… The dice feature is also really fun!! The developers seem to sincerely care about making this app fun for everyone and customer service has been responsive and very helpful the one or two times I’ve needed them. The complaints about the lack of women on here is not the app’s fault. When our society stops shaming and punishing women for expressing their sexuality, more women will be on apps like this. Be the change you want to see!
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4 months ago, OutSmartedPure1
You can outsmart the app ban
I was banned for no reason, however, after conducting an experiment; the app uses biometric data by keeping your photos. When I used a different photo, my account was fine but I think false reports from salty users can cause your account to be banned and shadow banned if you upload the same photo on a new account. I’m currently using the app with a different device, photo and account with no issues so the method for banning accounts is very flawed meanwhile they do not ban users that are breaking the actual rules on a daily basis. Anyhow, I am happily using the app again and the reason is because the app is very effective for finding fun, although since the app does not operate in the USA, they are not bounded by privacy violations class actions. I know my review won’t be published because they won’t like it but I’ll publish this everywhere online. Anyhow, everyone be safe on the app, I am currently having a great time. Low review due to the staff mocking me in emails when in reality they were outsmarted ^__^
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6 years ago, SARTONK
It is what it’s supposed to be.
As should always be the case but seldom is, Pure is exactly what it’s supposed to be—an easy to use and effortless way to connect with like-minded (awesome, the app reminds us) people for discreet adult conversation limited only by mutuality and your wildest imagination. Your matches on Pure are right there with you, fully willing to explore common interests, meet, and touch the real with you. Giving this app a try takes very little effort, as it only requires one photo before you’re suddenly rotated in the growing pool of users, moments from your next best chance at authentic experience. Developers have succeeded in keeping it anonymous while offering fantastic customer service that’s as happy to help with technical needs as you hope your best match is at meeting your personal needs. :)
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4 years ago, The Honest Revier
The Gift Update
I’ve been using this app for quite a bit now and about half of the “people” on here are catfishes that try scamming you, other than that it is a lot of escorts but I was fine with this because every once in a while you come across a real person and it was actually great, however, I wokeup to this new “gift” update. Just why, tell me why, not only does it make it so the scammers have an easier time, but if girls already don’t have to pay a subscription, they just get another bonus, this app has, had, amazing potential, if you were able to seriously regulate the catfishes and escorts, took out this gift stuff, the user base will gain, because it does gain, but then users fall off after awhile because they realize most of them are catfishes, or bots who copy and paste. This app is an amazing concept but this new update and its other problems are holding it back, I might have to cancel the subscription but I’ll see where it goes for a little bit longer, maybe it will improve.
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4 years ago, jrob551
This app is great as long as your area isn’t filled with scammers and sex workers.
This app functions exactly as it should. It is great on paper, the idea behind it is sound, and I have zero complaints with overall operation of the application itself. Having said that, if you live in a place where this app isn’t filled with scam artists and sex workers, go ham. For everyone else, be wary that you’re likely only to match with people who are only interested in exchanging sex for money, or cheat you out of it entirely. The only real person I met on this app that had the same intentions I did lived almost 300 miles away. That’s the other drawback. I live in a major city yet there are only likely to be four or five women (within a reasonable distance) at a time using the app while the app itself claims you’re in “competition” with dozens of other dudes and encourages favorable placement in the form of microtransactions. You’re gonna find a lot of screwing on Pure, just not the kind you’re probably looking for.
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6 years ago, BigBoss2030
Great in theory, poor execution.
Just like the title says and many other reviews you’ve seen. I have been a regular on this app off and on for over a year now. This app had a great idea and still has potential. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize their failures and learn/improve from them. The big glaring issue is all of the cam/scam girls that make up the majority (if not all) of the potential hookups. Because of this, I have yet to find one genuine, real person on this app and have only been a target for ID theft and CC theft. I acknowledge that they did implement a “report” tool for such issues, but what good is it when the culprits can make an infinite number of fake accounts? Worst of all I had written a complaint about the issue, and all they had was the blanket response “There are plenty of fish in the sea” in paraphrase. They never addressed my questions/concerns directly. In short, don’t waste your money. Just use Tinder.
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3 years ago, Themaninpurple1
A den of thieves and liars
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!! This place is a breeding ground for escorts, catfish accounts, and scammers. I met dozens of people all asking for money for sex. I kept blocking and reporting them only for me to see them not two minutes later contacting me again. I foolishly relented and got taken for over $400 by these con artists because I came looking for a good time and was duped into paying for it. I tried to make an add that said I couldn’t afford any escorts and said nsa no money and it wouldn’t let me post it because I mentioned escorts and sale of sex services, but yet there are DOZENS of accounts on here THAT BLATANTLY DO EXACTLY THAT ON THEIR ADDS!!! Atleast tinder has photo and account verification, it may be simple but it beats nothing at all. Do yourself a favor. If your lonely and have money go to a bar, coffee shop, or other local hangout and learn how to talk to people you’ll spend less money and you’ll gain a much more valuable life experience than sitting in your house waiting for some escort to sweat talk you out of your money and never agree To see you.
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1 year ago, Trashcanpooper
Eh it’s lacking a lot.
Compared to the main apps, tinder, bumble and hinge.. this app doesn’t even compare. I’m frustrated as no apps have what I am looking for, and this one has advertised it does, but the other reviews address the issue I’m having and the reviews are from 2-3+ years ago which is I live in downtown Salt Lake City and there’s maybe 4 people within a 50 mile radius makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I travel for work as well and it’s the same in any state anywhere at anytime of day/week. I don’t think this app is vigilantly trying to improve its methods and appease it’s users. All I could say is if they could limit the preferred distance to be legitimate and show real people in my city.. I’d be interested but until then this will just be another dating app deleted off my phone. Ps. To the developers.. if you aren’t improving an app over years of the same issues than just take the app off the App Store.
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12 months ago, kellynnmakenzie
Banned for no reason
I throughly enjoyed Pure and was meeting with and connecting with a lot of people! It was fun! However, I made a joke in my ad— which I realize now was in bad taste, but instead of telling me that I had violated guidelines and to not let it happen again they simply banned my account. I completely agree with a safe environment, but I was not creating an unsafe one. I made a mistake and lost all of my matches with no chance of getting them back due to a bad joke. The moderators need to seriously send out like a warning first to remind people some things aren’t allowed! My joke was sex related- due to the fact it’s a freaking sex app. I’m seriously disappointed because i was wrongly banned. If there were a way to unban my account and regain my data, then I would change my rating because while using the app I loved it! But this has absolutely ruined my view of the app. So, just be careful! The moderators give you no chances to correct yourself if you make a bad joke! 0/5
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9 months ago, Jim C.K.
Banned for no reason
Banned for literally no reason at all. Zero stars 👎👎 UPDATE: Avoid this disreputable app at all costs! I was told I was banned for violating “refund rules”, which is completely bogus and false. As far as I can tell, the administrators didn’t like that I canceled my auto-renew subscription, so they banned me. I’ll be submitting a formal complaint with Apple. Response to developer response: “we do not give away the exact reason…” I have the email receipts. Since I can’t attach it here, I’ll just paste the text: “Hey, We noticed you've been playing with the refund rules. Your Pure balance is in the red because you've been refunding in-app purchases you've already used. Not cool. As a result, we had to ban your account. We’re serious about it. And don't need to think about duplicating accounts - they'll be banned too. Best regards, Pure Team” So now, ironically, I actually *am* going to be seeking a refund for all the days I was banned from using the subscription I paid for.
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4 years ago, flame💎
Full of scammers 90% of the time and overall not safe for hookups
Whenever I got messages from people about hookups they were mainly messages consisting of people wanting you to pay them for sex, Found this kinda fishy somewhat.. I even ended up getting scammed once from an anonymous user on this app and lost (200$) from my checking account and received disturbing graphic images and threats on my phone through texts, when I got scammed payed them and felt threatened by the images, On the bright side their is some legit people on this app but overall still not a very good app to use for and is filled with scammers, I did have one good experience from this app but the bad experiences greatly overtop the good ones, I am not satisfied and I overall feel very disappointed end of my final thoughts after a few weeks or so of using this app out of 5 I give this app a 2/5 star rating would not recommend for hookups.
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4 years ago, YaYa033
Was Sent mangled bodies and death threats.
I hopped on this app in hoping to find some fun people to hangout but what happened in these next few sentences will shock you. I matched with an anonymous girl and she sent me her phone number so I texted it. She sent me a few Bikini pics and immediately just blocked the number. A few days later (today) I received a messages on text with my name address and they sent multiple photos of decapitated people and mangled bodies.. (like cartel photos) They said if I didn’t pay them they were going to find me and kill me and my family.. I went to the sheriffs office and filled out a report but there was nothing they could really do.. so to sum this up, I implore you to please be very careful when matching with these people and this happened on PURE. I can’t even stop looking in the rear view mirror or checking my back in fear of something happening.. please please please don’t put any info out there including photos. Photos can track location through exif files.. God Bless..
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5 years ago, mZe821
Waste of money
So I paid for a subscription and quickly regretted it. I’m in the SF Bay Area, which is a pretty large metro area so I figured there would be some people in the general area.. the first probably dozen people I chatted with were obvious scammers, most sending me links trying to get my credit card info. Several were the same person that kept messaging despite reporting them. Seems like they could do more than just delete accounts so people can still just make new ones. IP banning or what many other apps have already figured out with measures like photo verification or requiring a non VOIP phone numbers.. would go a long way to minimize scammers. The last person seemed legit and actually set up plans to meet and got me to drive to an apartment complex in what ended up being a very bad area of Oakland, CA at 10 pm and then told me they wouldn’t meet until I went to this link to “verify” myself by entering my credit card info. So yeah they get pretty ruthless too. Not worth paying anything for.
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