Pureple Outfit Planner

3.9 (5.9K)
49.2 MB
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pureple Outfit Planner

3.94 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Kate The Squirrel
Really good but needs some help
This app was recommended to me by a friend who is into fashion so I was SUPER excited. Once I added my entire wardrobe of shirts, pants, accessories, shoes, etc., I was happy for that to be over with. To my disappointment, the app took random pieces of clothing from the categories I chose. For example, one outfit I was given was a plaid shirt, sweatpants, heels, and a scarf. These do not go together at all (but it rly depends on the person’s perspective). I thought this app would give you some amazing stylish outfits but none of it goes together and if it does it’s something I usually wear. Also, having to input all the info by hand is a pain. When you do put the info in, it doesn’t do anything but sort for you. I wish that when it suggested outfits we could check off specific things (such as I want a black shirt with a rating of 3 stars for a formal party) and, maybe, have an actual person looking at the clothes to give you an outfit. Maybe a survey when creating your account would give the creators an idea of what you are like and the kind of outfits you wear. I also see you mostly just do big fixes w/ your updates. When updating, I would suggest bringing something new every other update (even if it is small).I still love the app but it needs improvement if a 5 Star is wanted from me (even tho many people have probably given a 5 star rating and mine doesn’t rly matter).
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3 years ago, mintysqueezy
I love this app! And some suggestions
First off, this app really helped me organize fits and plan on what clothes I wanted to buy. I no longer impulsively buy once I had my whole closet with me! Some suggestions that I have are that can we could have more options with who helps customize our clothes? Often I feel disappointed with most people who make fits for me because they either seem basic or aren’t my taste. It would be nice if others could see how a person matches their clothes so they could have an idea of what trend they like. There could also be a checklist to fill out before asking for a fit, like “What type of fashion do you prefer? Etc.” and then it could cater to whatever community that matches with you. Of course, it’s still a good idea to have a range of all communities for a chance to get more diverse fits, but I think that would only work well if more people experimented instead of going for the safe t shirt-Jeans-vans combo. Another suggestion I have is that if there could be a warning before submitting an outfit for someone. Sometimes either me or someone will miss the filter button, and it’s a bit annoying. But other than that, I really love this app. It has helped me in so many ways and has qualities that Pinterest can’t do.
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2 years ago, Zaralah
So disappointed…
I just downloaded this app hoping to have fun building outfits and getting to see the app put outfits together out of the pieces I uploaded. But right from the get-go I’m already frustrated. The first picture I took I wanted to edit it and remove the background, and it looked like it worked. But when I saved it after adding all the categories, it showed up with the background still visible. I had to watch an ad to remove the background in the first place, and now it’s still there? I tried editing it again, watched another ad, and the background was still there. Ugh, fine, I’ll keep the background. So now I’m going through trying to add more pictures of shirts and dresses (which, by the way, I have to watch an add after every other picture), and I only have about 5-6 items on there. But the app was having trouble loading the images! I’m staring at 2 shirts and 3 blank white boxes for 5-10 seconds until the images load??? So now I decide to try and see what the app thinks of the items I’ve uploaded so far and try to put an outfit together. I was under the impression that this was the whole point of the app, to create outfit suggestions using the pictures we upload? Nah, only if you upgrade to the pro version, or watch an ad (which, by this point, I’ve run out. It literally said that there were no reward ads available and to try again later). I’m not wasting any more time on this app.
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3 years ago, Darth_Moll
Must have!
If you have style anxiety then this is the app for you. I have been using the app since 2016 when I needed to plan outfits for a business professional workplace... Before using this app, I would wing it each morning only to find out later how bad my colors/patterns/styles clashed. Once I started using Pureple, I was not only better dressed but better organized in general: one dirty article of clothing would stop me from wearing an entire outfit, so I got on a consistent laundry schedule and stopped leaving clothes everywhere. Admittedly it does take a while to snap photos of every item in your closet and then to categorize but it is absolutely 100% worth the time. Colors, sizes, and seasons tags come in handy when trying to figure out what you wear a lot of (or have too much of and should perhaps pair down). I added custom tags to many of the features, including materials so I could remind myself how items should be washed (such as cold, like-colors, hot, dry clean only, etc.) in case any of my clothing tags fade and can’t be read. LOVE the customizable fields/tags! I was ready to give the “update” a one-star review, but the developers listened and brought back the old version. THANK YOU! The notes feature is incredibly helpful as well and I’m so glad it’s back.
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7 years ago, EmEb17
Great concept, needs some work
I’m the type of person who wakes up every morning and spends 15+ minutes figuring out what to wear for the day. I really was hoping this app could take some of that time away from my morning routine but so far it’s fallen a little short in that regard. Conceptually it’s brilliant, and occasionally the app provides some great suggestions for outfits. I can say I have a relatively big wardrobe and I’ve entered around 100 items onto the app, mostly shirts. My main problems with this app are the variety in outfit recommendations and the number of items the app pics per outfits. For the variety, you have the option to swipe left or right, denoting if you dislike or like an outfit. It doesn’t really seem that the apps algorithm takes into consideration your swipes, though. I’ve been presented with the same outfit multiple times even after indicating I disliked it. As for the number of items, if you select “shirt, pants, shoes and accessory” you may only get shoes and a shirt, and I wish there was an option for you to set a mandatory vs. option item that you’d like to see in the outfit. It does take a while to upload all your clothing images (the app crashed for me when I tried to upload more then 40 images at a time) and I think the user interface could be a little more friendly. If you’re looking for an app that will give you ideas then I’d definitely recommend downloading the app. I wouldn’t rely on it for every day outfit selection.
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5 years ago, ajwhynot
Love this!
I am having so much fun and am getting organized and saving money in the process. I have been purging my wardrobe as I take pictures of individual pieces. If I can’t think of an outfit I can create around a piece, it’s gone! At the same time the app has helped me find ways to use garments I haven’t been wearing. I know some think the random outfits the app creates aren’t what they should be but mixing things up in a completely random way gets my creativity going so I’m fine with the app being unencumbered with any fashion rules. I have identified pieces for my wish list—specific things I can use in multiple outfits and I’ve taken things off my long-standing wish list because I can see they won’t be used in enough ways to make it a good buy. The app lets me really identify which brands, styles, sizes I should prioritize so I’m doing less impulse shopping. I can even keep track of price per wear if I want to feel particularly frugal. Just having lots of fun and my wardrobe has never been more organized or valued. I’ve experienced a bit of a learning curve but am enjoying the process of cataloging my clothes since I found a place where pictures can be conveniently taken and learned to use the filter on my iPhone camera to get the color as close to true as possible.
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5 years ago, chelsdancer
CAN Work Amazingly
This app does not really create great outfits for you but instead has you choose from a list of categories like shirt, pants, shoes, earrings. Well when you pick from those categories it will give you a random item from them. I suggest making tons of categories of your own which it does allow you to do. For example I have different categories so that I can pick sleeveless plain color blouse, kimono, jeans, booties and earrings. I know that this will make a better outfit then it picking any bottom, any top any shoes. Because trust and believe without this it will give you a button down blouse, sweats, high heels and a kimono yikes!!! But once you do that and make it work for you it will give you random selections that maybe you wouldn’t think of and then you can save the outfits for later use! It does have a feature where you can create your own outfits. I wish that when you pick your own outfits they wouldn’t just have the clothes in your whole closet in a random order that you have to scroll through it makes it take so much longer! That’s an easy fix though if they choose to but I see tons of potential and will keep using it!
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3 years ago, cy thua
Can’t access through other devices
I love this app! My daughter and I are the same size and we love to combine our wardrobe! It’s easy to use and categorizing is simple. But, It seams like we can only access the wardrobe on one device. If I log in to my account through my iPad or my daughters phone or even my desk top computer, we can not see the wardrobe. We can log in but no pictures just a blank screen. We can only see our wardrobe through my phone. Such a pain especially since I spent all this time inputting all of our combined shoes, purses, coats etc. We have not added our outfits because there is no point since it’s only accessible through one device . I’m currently looking at other apps to see if this is something they offer. Other than that issue, this app is great. I would love to continue using this app if they offer accessibility on multiple devices. On a side note, I paid additionally for no ads and for the pro version which will allow access to multiple devices for a monthly fee of $9.99 and I still can’t access it! I don’t want to delete the app because I literally have at least 50% of our wardrobe on the app. I’m hoping they read my review and change this issue so I can continue using the app or until I find another closet organizer app.
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3 years ago, tristianishere__._
Fun and good to create new outfits, but,,,
I honestly really love this app. PROS: The app is not TOO hard to navigate, and once you’ve figured it out it’s easy to navigate stuff. After the long process of taking a picture of everything I wear/have, it’s easy to create cool outfits I wouldn’t expect. I also love the feature that allows others to create outfits for me, and vise versa. It’s fun to see what people would wear from my closet! CONS: the app is kinda slow and shuts down sometimes when creating outfits for others/ myself. The general design of the app also reminds me of a failed social media platform from 2014, with the options being the basic iPhone option format. That part doesn’t matter much, but has made the experience a little weird. I had to check to see when this app was published. There definitely needs some redesign on how everything looks/how to social aspects work. Also to message someone you have to send messages back and forth though and inbox like email, and not like a direct message. While I don’t converse with anyone on here, it’s kinda annoying when someone requests an outfit in the notification box. Overall I like the app, but it does need some improvements! Great for individual styling for yourself though.
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10 months ago, biggasjotmskzhvs
More than 3 stars, less than 4
As much as I love this app and its features, sometimes it just doesn’t work. The feature to create outfits is way too random to actually be useful. I’d love to be suggested new cute outfits, but most of the time it’s a bunch of mismatched colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Fortunately, this is repaired with the ability to receive outfits from other users. At least, it should be. Most of the time when I attempt to create outfits for fellow users in need, their closets won’t load. Sometimes it’s as minor as a few items here and there, but other times not a single piece of clothing will appear, leaving me unable to fulfill their request. There is no place to troubleshoot, submit in-app feedback, or find FAQ. Although there is an option to send an email or join the discord, I really do not enjoy the idea of messaging back and forth across several days to MAYBE get a solution. Lastly, I would like the option to move outfits created for me by other users directly into my lookbook. Whether it’s part of premium or we have to watch an ad each time I don’t care, but I’d like to actually save/organize those outfits without having to scroll through my profile or do it myself slowly.
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3 years ago, MorganMarie.
the new update...
before the update i LOVED this app, it was easier to use, i could find the outfits that other people had made for me very easily. now since the update, literally every time you tap something on the app an ad pops up. i have the free version of this app, which means the app can generate random outfits after you watch a small ad (no problem for me) although since the update, the ad option RARELY works, and when it does you only get maybe 3 random outfits and it kicks you out. i should mention, (before the update) the random outfits would show a top, bottoms, and shoes. the new update will put 3 different shirts together, a pair of bottoms, and NO shoes or accessories. also with the new update, i cannot find the outfits that other people made for me, i have to scroll and sift through the community area (where it shows the outfits other people made for other people). i cannot create my own outfits anymore either, since it only lets me upload pictures from my camera or gallery. --this app is truly useless at this point. *since edited, i now realized you have to pay for the premium version just to create your own looks for yourself. might as well not even download the app unless you're going to pay for it. you're better off getting pictogram or a collage app or something.*
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3 years ago, Please fix it😭😭😭😭
Used to love this app but not anymore 😭😭
I had been using this app for over a year before the 4.0 update. I loved it because I could sort all of my clothing items and outfits by almost any category and I could create my own. I also loved how I could filter the items to see my things I was looking for specifically. I also really like how the community could create outfits for you and you could easily see what they made for you. This app used to be very easy to use with my amazing features. And the best part was you could do all this for free!!! There is no app quite like it and that’s why I enjoyed it so much. But unfortunately my feelings have changed. The most recent update has ruined the app. You can no longer sort or filter your clothes and outfits. It also is just so confusing now. I cannot figure out how to see what the community has created for me either. I had also been tracking my outfits on the days I wore them and the app had to audacity to get rid of the calendar outfit. I lost all my data unfortunately. It’s just so sad to see that such a wonderful app has been ruined by people greedy for money. I really used to love this app but I am just so disappointed by this update that I can no longer figure out how to use it. Please undo the update or I will have to find another app😭😭
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5 years ago, pls be better
Really like it! Some issues.
I have a lot of fun with this. You have to do a lot of information input to get the app to work correctly and intuitively, but once that’s done, it’s really fun and gives some interesting ideas that I would never have thought to pair together! However, recently the app has been acting oddly. If only recommends the same one or two pieces of clothing over and over again in outfit after outfit. It sometimes doesn’t include pieces of clothing that I request. (Ex: I’ll put in Accessory, Shoes, Top, Pants and it’ll only give me a top and pants.) And I’ll go through twenty looks and it’ll have the same pair of pants in every one, even though I have MANY MANY pairs inputted. I don’t understand why this is. I keep trying to go to some sort of app support, but it literally won’t load the link so I can’t reach out to help. Is this some sort of processing issue? Buffering? I would really like to know. I went from opening it everyday to barely wanting to even look at it, because it’s just giving me the exact same outfit every single time. One or two tops, the same pants, the same jacket, the same shoes. And it’s always the first one I inputted in that category. Pls fix this so I can enjoy the app again and give a higher rating!
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5 years ago, 12pdubasmiles
Interesting Idea
I have a styling issue, I have many shirts and flannels that I don’t wear but I never want to give them up. With this app, even with its flaws, it shows me what shirt I should wear. This app allows you to set a day for an outfit, to pick outfits you can swipe like dating apps and save these outfits and view them whenever. There are separate categories that can added, or removed. It doesn’t give you the best styling options, it just seems to throw whatever from categories of your choosing together. However, there is a community tab where you can have them suggest outfits. This is the second time I have had this app, the first time I only had five shirts and two pairs of jeans, but now I have more options added to the closet. Pureple is worth the try, it is free and can show you what is in your closet without having to get up out of bed. (Once you take the pictures of your clothes) it is fun for me because I don’t sleep and this adds to my list of things I can do without waking my siblings and father. My mom doesn’t sleep, she likes to vacuum instead. I took the quiet approach.
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6 years ago, qqrivers
Great app concept - but try a different one
This app gave me a taste, and then totally failed in execution. The app allows you to filter your pieces in tons of ways (but never delete the default options) but to build an outfit you just get a small scroll of all the pictures you’ve ever uploaded with no sorting. When you’ve made an outfit, the example photo it shows in your outfits tab is just one photo from the outfit, no matter how you adjust the outfit layout photo. The app’s “suggested outfits” also don’t allow you to pick multiple categories for certain areas of the body - meaning when you want to build an outfit you HAVE to chose upfront if you want to wear pants, jeans, a skirt, or shorts - and that’s just from the default options. On top of that, you have to upload each photo individually, despite the option to upload from camera roll literally having the words “multi-select” next to it. I tried holding, dragging, and even 3D Touch but the only option that did anything was tapping on a photo, uploading just the single piece. Aside from providing you photos of all the pieces you own, something you can do with photo albums in your camera roll just as well (and perhaps better), this app is basically useless. Plus, the interface is confusing and almost heinously ugly.
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3 years ago, zizzlezaz
Update to my earlier review
Thank you for bringing back the “old” version of this app! It is much more functional again. Thank you for listening to your loyal users. I love having my wardrobe digitized! My only remaining complaints have to do with the calendar. The “tap to add to the calendar” function does not work when you are viewing an item or outfit page. The only way I have found to add something to the calendar is to go to my profile page=>calendar=>date=>then add items by scrolling through everything and adding them one by one to that date. It’s extremely cumbersome. Also- the item wear count is inaccurate for some items. Sometimes it shows I have never worn something. However when I go back to the calendar to a date I know i wore it, it is pictured there. Yet it is not reflected on the item page. Lastly, it would be better if, when on a clothing item or outfit page, the date of the wears are sorted showing the most recent first. They currently are in some odd random order that doesn’t make sense. Please fix these things in the next update! I will update my review again!
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4 years ago, calhen0614
great concept, but could be cleaned up a bit more
I’ve been using this app for about a week so far, and I love it, but it could definitely use a bit of tweaking. I like the feature that allows other people to make outfits for you, but the ones the app puts together are just random combinations and often don’t look very good. I think that the interface could be made more user-friendly too, a lot of features are way too hard to find in the app, and I’ve found a few bugs, for example, when ads pop up they usually crash the whole app, and if you’re in the middle of uploading things it automatically saves them before you’re done so it takes even longer because you have to go into every piece of clothing individual to change the color, category, etc. Overall I like using the app a lot, but it could definitely be so much better if some minor changes and bug fixes were made.
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3 years ago, lisa018383828
The new update isn’t everything
I’m currently trying to upload my clothing to my Pureple closet but when I hit the ‘+’ symbol and go to my photo library, the camera goes immediately to the most recent photo and won’t let you describe and post multiple items at a time to your closet. Now I have to post one piece of clothing at a time and delete the photo, then go back into the app just to post another. Not to mention the process of getting my clothes and taking pictures of them is already and time consuming process. The ads are more frequent than before the update and multiple video ads pop up randomly when I’m not even trying to click the ‘Style Me’ button and the app crashed way more often than I did before. I liked that they have a Discord but I don’t know if it’s new or not because the announcements channel is empty and people could spam stuff since there’s not bots or channel locks in place there. The only feature I truly liked was the community posts layout. It’s practically unusable and a waste of time right now and that’s disappointing since it’s the only styling app that was actually decent. : (
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6 months ago, QuinnyMcQuinertons
Omg. Ads. But I love this app
I understand ads to a point, yes they are important to sustain the app. But if I have a freaking embarrassingly long, nonskipable ad, after I enter every single item in my closet, it’s almost like I’m being begged to go insane. If I wanted a way to skip some of the wait I took pictures from the photos app and entered them in groups of 10. However for some reason it would insert doubles or even triples of the items I put into the app (I took ten pictures, added them and then deleted them from my camera roll so it’s not a user end problem) Although I have an issue with the quantity of adds and the downright terrible mechanics of inserting items to your closet, the community section is one of the most fun and helpful things ever. I have sat on my phone for hours making new outfits in real people’s closets and then getting giddy when once every hour or two someone makes me a nice cutesy outfit. In summary, the usability of this app is absolute garbage but the community and outfit creation is amazing.
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3 years ago, Zoeyd123
Great idea but I have some suggestions since the recent update
I love the idea of this app, as someone who has absolutely 0 sense of style, it’s helpful to have others style me. It also helps my ADHD, because of my lack of object permanence, it’s really helpful to see everything at once. Since the update, the UI has improved a lot but this app still needs a lot more work When you are styling someone else, I wish you could see the categories and colors that they have, like maybe having a drop down menus that lets you pick from things that are considered “accessories” and so one, so that it’s easier to create good outfits. With the new UI I can’t figure out how to acuatlly upload a Peice of clothing because the only options are “x” and “delete”. I also think it would be nice to choose the categories that you can pick when uploading a picture. Personally, I don’t want to categorize my clothes by brand because I have so many and most of them I don’t know the brand. Another thing with the update, I wish they could bring back being able to add a category in the adding menu The messaging system is kinda wonky as well, it’s gotten better since the last update but still needs a lot of work I really really hope that you can take these suggestions into account because I love this app and I think it has a lot of potential. I’ve reccomended this app to so many of my friends. It just needs a couple more things.
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4 months ago, kileyc24
Great concept, lots of ads
I was looking for an app where I could log and categorize all my clothing, and this does just that. You can make custom filters too, which is nice. I will say it’s a bit buggy, sometimes clothes are added multiple times or the app crashes, but it doesn’t happen often enough for me to delete the app. You can add a ton of info for the clothing you add, making it as in depth as you want. However, the free version has a LOT of ads- anytime you switch the tabs on the bottom is an ad and every few clothing additions is an ad. Makes it more tempting to buy the pro version, but it’s pretty expensive at $5/week, $10/month or $70/year. The pro version seems to have some cool features though with a packing list option and the ability to remove the background on your clothing pictures (the best part hands down would be to remove the ads though). Overall, the app does its job, but the amount of ads are very annoying.
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3 years ago, NotArie
Good but could be better
I think the idea of the app, being able to get outfit ideas with your own clothing is a brilliant, but I have a few suggestions and an issue with the app. #1: It doesnt seem to take consideration into your likes and dislikes. Whats the point of swiping if its going to show me the same thing I disliked three times?? It claims the first 10 or so results will be a little random but even after I sit and swipe for a while it still appears to be randomized. #2: The advertisements are kind of annoying. Now I understand that not everything is free and that people need to make their money but it claims a 15 second ad will be shown, but when I click the button, a 30 second ad shows instead, which is sorta irritating. Now this may just be an issue with my phone or a glitch of some sort, and if I learn that it is I will certainly change the review. #3: There should be an option to have mandatory items and optional. I saw someone else put this a different review so creds to them but I just thought that was a great idea to add into your app. and lastly... #4 The app simply put is.. well.. dull. The design is just plain white and purple. Of course this isn’t an actual issue its just something that I would change. Thats pretty much it, there are smaller issues in the app like a few bugs and glitches but im 95% sure that my phone is the one causing it so.. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you consider these things.
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4 years ago, Fart tone #looser
*insert kombucha girl meme*
I’ve been a user of the app since I heard about in Safiya Nygaard’s video “I let an app pick my clothes for a week.” Since I am someone who has been late (and I mean l a t e ) to classes over choosing an outfit, I immediately downloaded it. This was a couple years ago and it was fine, I just didn’t like my clothes. Fast forward to now and DO like my clothes now, I am a bit “meh.” It didn’t really change in terms of algorithm or even just updating the design, and now it shows adds every other swipe when choosing an outfit, and it won’t let you even exit out most of the time. Great concept, but the execution is lacking, unfortunately, because this could be really productive if I didn’t have to keep exiting out every 30 seconds :/ (yes, I could go premium, however, in my earnest not to spend money on essentially frivolous things while getting my nursing degree, I will opt out of that. So there is me contradicting myself. My argumentative writing course DID come in handy after all, fancy that.)
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4 years ago, LRB64
Good not perfect app
I agree with others that this app is not great for making outfits automatically. However, it was really helpful for me to see my entire wardrobe in one place. If most of your wardrobe has been purchased in the last 10 years it’s likely that you can find all the images online simply by googling the item. For me, I was able to find about 80% of my wardrobe online. It was easy to just screenshot the item, save it to my photos, then download a bunch of photos at one time. It’s quite enlightening when you see your whole wardrobe in one place. You can really see what you tend to buy over and over and what you’re missing. Creating outfits on your own is the way to go. I haven’t liked any of the outfits the app has created for me. I’ve sent the app creators several questions and have never received a response, which is disappointing....
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3 years ago, Anushka Patrushka
Bring Back the Prior Version!
I’ve used the Pureple app for five years and absolutely loved it. The new 4.0 version deleted almost everything that I used the app for. 1) The new version does not have a category for any notes. Five years of my detailed notes have been deleted! I used those notes to describe item details and keep a running history of items. 2) The new view is much too large for me to see all blue shirts and pick the ones I want. I now I have to scroll through many large images and remember which ones I had previously seen. 3) The old version allowed me to select an item, and within 1-1/2 pages I could find all information I needed. Now I must scroll through several pages because the new version includes every possible category and choice within that category. Is there anyway that I can reinstall the old version? This new version has truly eliminated five years of my work, and does not provide a good wardrobe review. will likely delete the App now unless you can bring back the features listed above.
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5 years ago, Mary Beau
Pureple Confusion
I was introduced to this app via Safia Nygard (I may have spelled her name wrong) a few months ago and re-introduced recently via AllAroundAudrey. I am mid-process through it all. Downloading the pictures was hard as it would only accept about 4 at a time ( I had about 64 pictures). Then, you have to manually enter what type of clothes it was. The problem here was my fault, as most of my pics were when the clothing item was folded. Tip: hang up all clothes when getting pics. Then, you manually input color, material, price and so on. I agree with the you tubers, color is most important at first. I am proud of the random picker generator. I think this is a keep. I am confused the reason for 17+, though. The app says “ allows internet” but a) most kids are using internet under age 17 and b) other apps that allow internet do not have the age limit.
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6 years ago, grumpycat1662
Great Idea! But many improvements can be made.
I really think this app has a LOT to work on. I love the idea, but I’ve had multiple suggested outfits in which a formal dress was paired with sneakers, etc. If they allow you to categorize each garment for an occasion (special occasion, weekend, active) then shouldn’t the occasion be considered when an outfit is being suggested? For example, when I need a formal outfit and I ask for a dress and a pair of shoes, I should be able to choose the category “special occasion.” Instead, I might receive a dress and a pair of flip flops. All the software knows is that a green dress is being paired with a pair of black shoes. Because of this inconvenience, I had to categorize each article of clothing into formal dress, casual summer bottoms, concert shoes, etc. Now if this flaw had been addressed, by all means I would give it five stars. I would recommend either painstakingly categorizing each garment into about thirty categories, or downloading a different app that costs money.
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2 years ago, soph1170181
I love the concept, execution could be a bit better.
I got this app because I love clothes and take way to long picking out outfits in the morning. This app has an amazing concept, a concept I had never seen in any other app. This app has nice features for organizing the clothes in categories and taking pictures, but the outfit making is a little… meh. If you don’t have premium, you have to wait 30 seconds for it to make your outfits, and you only get five before you have to watch ANOTHER add. The outfits are also kind of ugly. They never really match. The generator kept focusing on a single pair of shorts, even though I had ten others. I am not sure if I did something wrong, but I believe I did it right. Other than those small flaws, I enjoyed the majority of the app and recommend it!
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2 years ago, shoeelaces
The best app for outfit planning
I love this app! It has helped me plan outfits, especially because I don’t always remember everything I have. It makes it easy to find new pairings for clothes that I never saw before. I also love the social aspect of it and styling others. The ads aren’t bad, it only takes like 5 seconds for it to close. Also, for those complaining about paying for stuff, you don’t have to. I remove the background with another app and you can get stuff styled randomly by the app if you just watch an ad first. I think that’s fair The only thing I wish was different was for the clothing selection to be sorted by categories for the calendar. It gets a bit annoying scrolling through everything, but other than that I have no complaints!
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2 years ago, Nevereverrose
Really good but has some glitches
I love this app, and it really helps me pick out the perfect outfit! Styling people is also a real joy! But, on the top stylist rankings, I was first in line until I looked the next morning, and said I was only at one outfit. I’m not sure how I fell all the way down the rankings, but I’m seeing it happening to other people at the top. It also is really hard to style someone when they only have a few outfits in their closet. When I click on the style person button and it tells me to give them a casual outfit, they only have a pair of pants and leggings. That’s not enough to make an outfit. I feel like there should be a rule that you have to have at least two pairs of this or that for someone to style you. Otherwise then that, it’s a pretty good app.
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5 years ago, 123jj123jj
It needs work
I love the idea but none of the outfits it creates for me ever matches. A few times it’s given me pants with squares and a striped shirt. Or the colors don’t match/a nice dress is paired with sneakers. It almost seems like it just puts random stuff together without considering the colors of the items or what occasion you are dressing for. I also was under the impression you could create outfits for friends but I can’t seem to find that anywhere. It is nice when on the rare occasion the app creates a decent outfit, but it definitely needs work. I also notice that when swiping left and right it doesn’t really matter because the app will suggest the same outfit you disliked a few swipes back. It’s kinda like just having pictures of all your clothes on your phone. It doesn’t really style for you, I hope they update it and make it more personalized because like I said the idea of this is amazing.
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6 years ago, Me051489
I want to love this!
I really love so many things about this app! As the mom of a baby girl I purchase a ridiculous amount of clothes! I wanted this app to keep track of things I’ve purchased to come up with Outfit Ideas, keep track of what I’ve purchased for future seasons, etc. I love that I can select multiple sizes for the same item, that I can upload straight from retailers websites and that I can completely customize the tags. I purchased the upgrade so that I could sync this between my ipad and iPhone. Unfortunately nothing ever seems to save. 80% of the time when I hit “my account” the app force closes. The “sync now” feature is useless. I sent a message to the developer on Facebook but nothing. I would sincerely be willing to pay $10-$20 a month for this service if I could sync things across devices and it would stop force closing. Developers - please help!!!
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3 years ago, _TayJay_
Great concept, glitchy app
I really enjoy this app. I always have a difficult time choosing my outfits in the morning, so this has definitely helped. I love how others online can help, too. But I have a few issues regarding some glitches I’ve came across. Now I’m not so sure if this has to do with my own phone and my phone’s problems or the app, but taking pictures of my clothing is a hassle. The app will almost always overload, turn my screen black, and exists itself out. Again, this could totally be because of my phone, but I have not had this happen with any other app, which ultimately confuses me. I really hope this stops so that I can take more pictures of my outfits (●’◡’●) Overall though I love the app and it has helped me a bunch.
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6 years ago, Ttyl tiejthwbwhdhhw
Help feature not working??!?
The app is great! I love the way it is set up and how easy it is to find your way around the app. I cannot write a full review yet, since I am on vacation and do not have my full closet entered in yet. The app has been good so far. I have had trouble with the help feature of the app. I was looking on the help menu and decided to click on one of the links to the answers to the questions and it would not function as a link. I clicked on it and nothing happened. I tried a couple more of the links and none of them work. I do not have any pressing questions so this is something that does not need to be fixed quickly but it should work if it is on the app. I gave this app 4 stars because of the help feature but if it was resolved I would give it 5.
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4 years ago, edwardsucks
Great Notion - Technical Difficulties
I like the sort of tumblr technique, and the ability to create outfits for other users (and vice versa) and the organization. On the other hand, it’s pretty tedious and time consuming to take 50 million pictures of all your clothes and add them, categorize them and such, one at a time. I also had an issue with creating outfits for other people. One minute, I can make one for this specific person, the next minute (for the same person) the “Please await...ok” symbol pops up, disappears and doesn’t allow me to view their wardrobe. This happened with multiple people. So I tried logging in out and logging back in...nope. Deleting and reinstalling the app...cleared my wardrobe and still didn’t solve the issue. Overall, this is probably one of the most useful free clothing apps, but It’d be nice if we could get a few fixes here and there.
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1 year ago, @miareviews
Amazing App
I love this app so much! The only problem I have with it is when you’re trying to see the outfit it creates for you, you either have to pay for the pro version to get it free for an unlimited amount of time but if not, you have to watch a 30 second add but it can be sometimes annoying because the app will sometimes crash so you’ll have to watch another add. But overall I love this app in the outfits it creates are so cute!!! Warning: it takes a lot of time to take a picture of all of your of clothes, and then fill out a description of them. But overall again, I love this app so much and it is so helpful when it comes to planning out your outfit for the day.
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4 years ago, nmixi
Very fun, a few bugs tho
I really love using this app. It’s been super helpful in organizing my wardrobe, and the option to add stuff directly from websites is really helpful. If you are just using this app to manage your own clothes I would say it’s honestly perfect. You can make outfits for others, follow other users, and open up your wardrobe to let other people design outfits for you. However going to someone’s profile and clicking “create outfits for x” does not work. I discovered this and went to try to find an online faq or contact, but the buttons in the info tab that say “ask a question” and “make suggestion” also do not work I believe this app is still relatively new, and I think when all the kinks are ironed out it’ll be even better than it is now :)
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2 years ago, Lurker64
Overall pretty good
I just got this app so my review might change but I have a few thoughts already. I just wanted an app that I could use as a virtual closet (somewhere where I could have pictures of my clothes in case I went shopping and needed references) and so far I think it's doing well at that. The constant ads are annoying but I can deal with it. I really like how you can style other people and like their outfits. But it's so hard to keep track of notifications. If somebody likes your outfit, you don't know which one they liked and you only know who it was if you get a notification outside of the app. Also, when you're styling someone else, the pictures of the clothes are super small and the only way to make them bigger in order to see better is to put them on the styling board thing. It would be nice if you could make them bigger without having to put them on the board. Finally, it would be cool to have an option to see people's closets if they want to make them public. Once again, this app is new to me so maybe these are only problems I have. Overall not bad :->
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3 years ago, bigfishgozo
4.0 version is major disappointment
I have been using this app for years and just recently updated to new 4.0 version and I regret it thoroughly. I have spent so much time uploading and editing my photos and organizing things in this app and many of the features are gone. The calendar?!! The calendar? Lame. Each item allowed multiple photos that I added inspiration photos for, not the case anymore. As well as more details I had stored in about each item, gone. I had several packing list, those are gone. I cannot create a new outfit with either premium subscription or watching more ads, which have increased. I’ll be leaving this app if this aren’t changed and now the small visibility of the photos of items means I cannot easily capture a screenshot to use else but will need to build again. Thoughtless changes.
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4 years ago, idontknowwhatmynicknameid
I miss the old version
I used to love this app, but got rid of it because I didn’t really use it. When I got to the point where I actually did need it, a few months later, it had changed drastically. For starters, you used to just take pictures of your clothes and it would pick a cute outfit. But now it’s more like a social media app. There are other people with an account and you can ask people to pick out clothes for you. I don’t really like it, because I preferred having the app do it for me. You still have that option, but it’s not the same. Another thing is that there are pictures of clothes and you have to pick at least 6 items before continuing, which i think is unfair, because all the options are plain and I could only find 2. I still really like the app, but I miss the old one.
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4 years ago, rmd9814
Can’t wait to see it improve and grow!
I added this app to see if I could find a use for a lot of clothes I typically don’t wear. Other reviews have said they dislike the process by which outfits are randomly selected, but I’ve found this option helpful. Also, if you want a more intuitive opinion, you can ask the community / specific users with specific instructions in a note to create an outfit for you and do the same for others. The ads aren’t too long or common. This app could definitely improve by changing the messaging system/how you view your followers and messages, but for its simplicity it does everything I wanted and more! Can’t wait to see how it is updated and grows!
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4 years ago, ayoyoshio
Has potential but more hype than anything.
The app itself has some great potential. Not many outfit planners out there. BUT it seems to be more hype as it underperforms often and crashes. It’s shown to be for “everyone” but it’s mostly geared to women. I haven’t really noticed any cloths for men or style selections. When using the outfit planner I haven’t had time to add everything but I wanted to give it a good mix of colors and styles and it was a SUPER big disappointment for the one part of the app that separated it from all the others. It was literally just a blender of cloths. Then again I might have gotten high expectations but it did give the occasional good one but they were basic. Also it’s missing A LOT of category’s. For a style app I’m kinda surprised on how much was missing. But overall it seems like a pretty dope app.
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5 years ago, #Reveiws
Before you read, I want you to know that the app didn’t offer me anything to write this, it’s an honest review. Obviously there are a few kinks and very minor issues, but I have no complaints so far worth mentioning. It doesn’t make me pay to get outfit suggestions or anything, it’s just a simple app. It takes a while to put all your clothes in but there’s not much they can do about that. Because it’s an app not every outfit matches perfectly since it’s computerized, but it seems to adapt and get better as you go. It’s a great way to explore more options and come up with combos you’d never thought of, plus use more of your clothing. Overall amazing app and I highly recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, Eloise Lebkanc
Needs improvements
I’ve had this app for about a month now and it just updated. There are a lot of good improvements with the update but there are some vital things that have been taken away. Before we were able to go to our outfits and we would be able to see the ones that other people made individually but now the outfits get out in the community section only if it was just made and that is annoying to me. The other thing was when you wanted the app to create an outfit for you, you could pick the categories you wanted but now it is completely random. I don’t really find a reason to use the app because I cannot see the outfits other people made and I can only have completely random outfits that the app made, which are not really good together.
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2 years ago, SAVAGEISTHENAME231
App is good but…
The whole idea of the app is amazing and super convenient! However, there’s some small issues here and there that lessen the experience. The constant ads when going between categories is so so annoying and I can tolerate them in order to be able to use the outfit generator but beyond that? NOPE. Also, being able to comment and be more interactive with other users would be so nice! It allows for clarification on outfits and connections. Adding a bio for a person’s community profile would be great too! And finally, the general formatting of clothing in the Closet section is very inconvenient. I don’t want to have to scroll down all the way to just reach a category (and yes I know the filter feature exists) All in all, a great app, minor issues.
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2 years ago, lonely dum
Not so good
Seems like a good app at first but it will take a lot of time just to put in all your clothes and whatever. And when I wanted to styles my clothes that I had in there you either had to go to pro or you had to watch an ad which the ad didn’t play multiple times that I tried. Also didn’t realize when I signed up people could personalize my clothes from the community and personally I don’t want people to look at my stuff. And when I try to turn off that option for the community it didn’t work and it still made people style my outfits and I didn’t want that I felt too uncomfortable. So if you want people to style your clothes I guess it won’t be that bad but I do see a lot of reviews it crashes a lot. It is very frustrating when you also take your pictures because it also flips it the other way when you take picture too.
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1 year ago, c.h.r.i.s.t.i
Good idea but no
I like the thought of this app, but it took me forever to put in each piece of clothing I have including shoes and bags. Also it gives you the option to watch an add and style you for free, but I’ll click that option and nothing happens, or I’ll watch the add and nothing happens. When I do get it to work it only gives you a certain amount of outfits and they are just random pieces that don’t go together. Yes, you do get to pick the categories of the outfits, but they don’t look cute at all in my opinion. When they do look cute it’s just a regular jeans and T-shirt combo. Also when it does generate an outfit it likes to use the same items constantly, for example in almost all of the options it gave me the same pair of boots that didn’t go with the items it showed to be paired with.
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3 years ago, JesseBug_
Love it, but needs more
I love this app! After downloading tons of different closet apps and then deleting them in less than a day, pureple was the app that stayed. It’s super easy to use, and my favorite thing is that you can add clothes in bulk unlike other apps. But there are some things missing, like not enough categories. There needs to be Categories like Hats, and maybe Socks and Jewelry, as I cant put them ALL under accessories. It would also be nice to be able to pick and choose which categories you want, as I won’t be ever using the Dress and Skirt categories. Overall it’s a amazing app, but just could do better with the categories.
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4 years ago, Cssie_hll
Needs some work
I saw this app because of of a YouTuber. So as soon as possible I got this app. It was amazing how it picked outfits, and she actually looked good in them. Which was surprising for it being an app. I downloaded it and put all my clothes in, that took about 30 minutes. I instantly wanted it to style me. It gave me an outfit that looked like so thing a clown would wear, it included a pink and navy blue chevron skirt with grey and white Calvin Klein shirt. So it styled me again but then it gave me one of my everyday outfits. And I get it how is it supposed to know that I wear that all the time. But either it doesn’t go together or it’s to simple. An like jeans and a t shirt. I think they just look at color and wether and that is how they style it. But it could be worse. The app gave me one or two outfits that were new and I could wear.
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4 years ago, Ticklemehelmo
FANTASTIC for what I want, not very good at its main appeal.
This app doesn’t do a great job at pairing outfits together. It just doesn’t. Granted, I have a pretty out-there wardrobe, so it probably works a lot better for someone with more basics. I’ve noticed a lot of other reviews say the same so it seems to be a theme. That being said, I use this app for every other feature and LOVE it. I love the filtering option, it shows me what colors/styles I have too many of and what I could use more of. I love being able to see my full wardrobe without digging through my drawers. I love the abilities to create and save looks, I love that you can add price and have the total of your wardrobe and cost per wear per item calculated. The community aspect is also way more fun than I thought it would be, though it needs work.
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