3.9 (35)
81.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Orbi Labs
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for PureSkate

3.89 out of 5
35 Ratings
9 years ago, Battlechicken
crashes a lot
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8 months ago, Novahax Lynaru
Absolute Classic
I remember first playing this in 2012. Only recently rediscovering it. I’d never seen gameplay this good in any of the skateboard games available at the time. Nowadays, two of the level goals in sketch park “creater to top of upper wall” and lower wall, no longer trigger for some reason. So it’s impossible to complete the sketch park level. Other than that it’s still a super fun game just like I remember it :)
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7 years ago, Scootworth
Great Gameplay, poor reliability
Would definitely be a 4-star had the app worked consistently. The gameplay is great and definitely addictive when you get the hang of it, long after you finish all the goals. The problem lies within the app itself, in that there's a 10% success rate of it launching. If they were to fix the apps inconsistent launch issues and update the graphics and add different spots, this would be top of the line.
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9 years ago, Air Breezy
My favorite game
I honestly find this the best skate game and game in general. I really love this game. I've been addicted to it for a year or more. I wish they made more maps for it but I still think this game is perfect. Once you play you won't want to stop
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7 years ago, Little tiger 1990
Great graphics, one recommendation
This game is actually one that I’d want to play everyday. I havn’t played it since 2014, so I’d reccomend you work the original Pure Skate to iOS 11.
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7 years ago, Slider146
Please update the game! Its really amazing and i loved playing it on my old phone but now it is unable to run in my new iphone please fix!! 😭😭😭
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9 years ago, Gratefulmudshark
This is a great game
One of the best skate games on any platform. It's challenging to the liken of Thrasher: skate and destroy. Please give us CROOKED grinds and SMITH grinds. Also, how do you nollie when auto push is off????
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9 years ago, Izzy the amazing
His is my third favorite game buy it buy it now
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7 years ago, LeeIV
Crash crash crash, garbage app!
Don't waste time on this app until they update for new iOS the game doesn't even open it crashes immediately every time.
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7 years ago, EatLiftSleep
Fix the crashing
Crashes too much
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9 years ago, Bocephus9999
Really fun make a second
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7 years ago, CM9877661345
Crashes on open
Won't work! Keeps crashing when I open app. Want my money back
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8 years ago, Ash (Night Owl)
I just paid 2.99 for this app and now it's force closing constantly. I need a refund how do I go about receiving one?
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8 years ago, RyJox
Waste of money
I just wasted 2.99 on this and it keeps closing I need a refund
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9 years ago, Graciej13
awesome! But...
This is one of my sons favorite apps, however, when he plays on his ipad, the game seems to continuously crash after everyone of his runs which he and I both find frustrating and annoying. Thats my only complaint. Sometimes it works correctly and sometimes it doesn't. If they could try and fix that bug that would be awesome !!
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9 years ago, Chris 😭
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12 years ago, Jtyrellv
As a whole, I like the app. The main thing that draws me away from it is the controls and board placement. I'm a skater, and I skate in the regular and I'm right handed, so I use my right hand when playing the game. However, the first thing I noticed I didn't like about the game is the fact that when you have to board on the right side, your character is standing on the board the other way. This messed me up cause cause when I'm thinking I should do a kickflip, I do a heel flip instead. But that's small to me. The other thing is that there's no real tutorial for the tricks. I had to take the Auto-Push off and try many different ways to flip the board just to figure out how to do what; educational, yes, but time consuming none the least. The last thing is the speed and steering. My speed is half way up right now, but sometimes I go way too fast to be able to properly steer, so some of the level mission I can't do because I can't precisely turn where in need to go. Other than that its a pretty decent game. I look forward to updates in the future that will keep me wanting to play, and progress further in the game. Otherwise it'll just be deleted for more space. ;)
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10 years ago, Jeff Fermon
Getting Better and Better
As in RL, one both progresses in their repertoire and gets better at known tricks in this game. The array of those tricks is impressive and feel remarkably fluid and natural. Scoring doesn't always factor in all elements and context but is otherwise robust and rewarding. Some of the combos you'll eventually unleash will leave you shaking your head in awe of your own badassery. I never tire of improvising a new line through the Sketch Park, which seems to be the only level worth skating to me (have only two unlocked so far though). Huge air can be had on the large half, but no grabs. That would be an amazing feature if at all possible. Lastly, I want to comment how cool it is to play this while standing up and moving around. That is how your devices gyro will translate into sick spin combos!
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12 years ago, Boyd75
Difficult. And completely worth the effort.
Really like this game. Closer to actually skating than any other skate game(sounds and all)...If youre on the fence buy it! Skated for 12 years and I can say that this may take a while to master but it's really got potential. Only had it a week, still trying to get used to the controls. it's my new favorite game so 5 stars if that helps! Arm hurts sometimes after I playing though.
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13 years ago, Phillyphilly9999
Better controls
Great realistic game but controls are frustrating. Would be a lot better with skate type controls like two analogs.
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11 years ago, blindtoy99
Best game in awhile
Rarely rarely do I get addicted to games. But this one I can't get enough of. I will warn u it's a little frustrating at first but once your finger movement catches on its that much better! Well done! My only gripe is its too hard to play this and rotate the iPad. And the buttons for rotating are spread to far apart. Would be great if rotating could be controlled with rotating the fingers more.
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11 years ago, The wise on is alive
Great game
But it would be nice spawn markers. We should have more freedom when it come to choosing our stance, because im right hand and i want to ride regular not switch all the time. I want to be able to switch between character without loosing my data for the previous character. And add more do-able challenges.
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11 years ago, Seanpcookphoto
Almost perfect
As someone who used to fingerboard constantly, this game is a dream. The controls came very naturally to me, but much like actual skateboarding, take some practice to perfect. If you've never fingerboarded, it might take a little more practice. But once you get the hang of it, you'll love it! I only wish I could add crooked grinds and smith grinds.
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12 years ago, Eyeconik
Played through the free version and had no choice to buy it just unlocked the last level and dying for an update. Very realistic and very similar to real skating. You may think its impossible but just like real skating if you practice this game you'll be nailing the 70,000 point goals DOWNLOAD NOW AND SUPPORT THIS AWESOME GAME
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12 years ago, Joe martorana
This is defiantly the best skateboard game on the market. One you get your stats up a little bit the game get really fun. Just wish there were different challenges for each skater. You pretty much end up doing the same thing with each skater.
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11 years ago, 4givn-n-free
Quality game!
Excellent graphics and high quality game play on iPad. I would suggest to the makers, however, an option for sessions longer than 2 min in the full version, and for an undo option. All in all a great game on this platform.
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11 years ago, Dávîd
Very awesome game, loving it! I just really want to know where the maps are? I paid for full version too! Does it have to do with having iPad version? #dissapointed but satisfied
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11 years ago, Breenery
Really excellent
Fusing the intuitive controls of touch grind with tony-hawk style gameplay, this game is seriously addicting, and so so much fun to play for skaters and really just about anyway. The best skateboarding game on ios
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11 years ago, Btkmr5
This game is very addicting. I am not even close to bored with it after a week or playing. One thing i have a question on is how to session the hump one the second park.
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12 years ago, zoidtron
Super fun time
I have to admit the game is really hard at first and controls are a bit awkward. But I still can't put the game down. I find it easier to play on iPod than the iPad.
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12 years ago, C Ruiz
Soooo fun!
This is the best skate game for iPad. It's flippin great. Buy it RIGHT now :) The oooonly thing I don't like is that your data doesn't transfer from the free version to the full version when you buy.
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11 years ago, Kickback44
Very challenging, very fun
It takes a good bit of time to get things under control, but once you have it is a blast. Very realistic.
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12 years ago, ttonyOC
awesome levels
The new levels are awesome and really round out this game. The gameplay is smoother and a lot more fun too - this game is sick!
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12 years ago, Sfordevans
This game is just flat out awesome. Although lately it freezes up....and kick flips are often misconstrued as heel flips, and it's not easy to hit the rails, it still rocks...but hoping they work out kinks.
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11 years ago, Kyle Shields
Awesome game!!
Only thing I want on this game is to have the controls be sideways, should have the option. But I'm still a beast and so is the game
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12 years ago, Teddy77bear
This is a fun game, and I do recommend it. But if you are looking for other great skateboard apps, Mike V: Skateboard Party is the best one there is.. I like Mike V: skate Party even better then Tony Hawk Pro 2. And all of these are good skate apps.
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12 years ago, IsaiahJTurner
Awesome Game!!!👍👍👍👍👍
I play this all the time even during school it's so addicting!!! Needed Features 1⃣Touch Board Controls Vs the Board Simulator as a setting 2⃣In-App Purchase Upgrades 3⃣More Maps 4⃣Different Maps for Different People 5⃣Different Board Options 6⃣And Some New Tricks Other than that itsb the perfect skateboarding game and a must buy!!!✌ so 📲
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13 years ago, bberke1994
Sickest skateboard game I ever played
The game is hands down the sickest skateboard game in the app store. Cant wait for more levels to play. P.S Inward Heels and variel heelflips are switched up
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10 years ago, Cameron skates
More worlds and tricks
The game is fun but needs more worlds and more flip and more grinds tricks.
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10 years ago, Alanaristondo13
I love it I feels really close to real life. Way better than other skate apps
Show more
12 years ago, Rk123321
It's actually a quite fun game.....I had the free version, then I got the full for 4 bucks and when I opened it, it had bad quality...like in the bottom it was like cutting out...hope it's fixed soon...😫
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11 years ago, Fritoman54
Very addicting
Great game to play during class. Great feel, feels very realistic
Show more
12 years ago, Angelo6399
Stupid, ripoff
This pathetic game glitches up on me every time I use it. I touch the screen and BOOM board flips and I fall off of it. Besides the terrible gameplay it's amazing on how you get to use your fingers
Show more
13 years ago, Cory the creator
It's ok...but
It need more update and i keep doing 180's when i don't want to,maybe you can do something about that.
Show more
12 years ago, Moves like Mullen
Nollie issues
The game was going great until I unlocked Nollies. Every time I do one it freezes up the game and closes the app.
Show more
10 years ago, Luckithroe
Very cool sim
Better than the tech deck games.
Show more
10 years ago, Kimbuck2123
Awesome ❤️❤️
I love this game so much I can't stop playing it
Show more
11 years ago, Willyb033
So Fun!
This game is so fun! I play it all the time, it is so worth the money!
Show more
11 years ago, Wherwolf9876543210
I really enjoy this game your money is worth it p.s. how do you do a nightmare flip?
Show more
12 years ago, jessamel
The update is helpful
The tilt mechanism is too difficult to use, so I just use the balance buttons. Very fun
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