Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

3.9 (89)
299.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Humongous Entertainment
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

3.94 out of 5
89 Ratings
4 months ago, Yuna628
Favorite game growing up but one problem
This was my favorite game growing up, I played it in school. I saved all the baby animals and now I just need to save Sammy, but when I try to grab the toolbox putt-putt just continues talking and it’ll stay like that doesn’t matter how long I wait, and won’t let me click on anything as well when I try to grab it. Other than that I love putt-putt games a lot
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4 years ago, nintendork95
A Childhood Favorite, Now on iPhone/iPad
When I was a child, this game was my favorite entry in the “Putt Putt” series. I have fond memories of playing this game for hours on end on my family’s old CRT (“tube”) desktop computer. I am pleased to say the game has aged beautifully and looks crisp on a modern, HD display. As for gameplay, it is a bit different from the original keyboard and mouse controls, but it is still very much playable (and enjoyable). 5/5 ⭐️s
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1 year ago, Shell101010101
Love Putt Putt
Putt Putt was one of my very first friends as a kid and I’m so glad it’s on the App Store to revisit those memories I loved so much back then. The controls were a little hard to figure out at first as far as where to click to move around but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. So happy these are on the App Store!! Graphics and nice and clear.
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7 years ago, Mr. X the writer
Welcome to the zoo!
Hello. My name is Mr. X. And, I am about to admit that I’ve played these games as a child and loved them so much. Eventually, I moved on to other stuff as an adult, but when I found out that Putt Putt is available on iOS and not just PC, I was super happy. Thank you Apple and thank you Humongous Entertainment for giving me the opportunity to reunite with my childhood favorites! Also, “Welcome to the zoo” is my favorite Putt-Putt song.
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6 years ago, Heather096
Love the games - please make a version for the Apple TV!
I loved these games as a kid and now I love that I can play them on my apple devices as an adult! I wish that they were made for the apple tv! I want to play them and let me baby watch! He would love it!!!
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8 months ago, :🍡:ß too stylish ß:🍡:
:🚘: love it! So much nostalgiaaaaaa….
:🚘: I used to LOVE this game as a kid, and I was ecstatic when my friend told me it was on iPhone!! So, of course I promptly downloaded it, and…. BAM! Immediate punch in the face with nostalgia. I saw a bunch of complaints about no sound, but the sound worked just fine for me. However, some of the subtitles didn’t match what putt-putt was saying, and that kinda annoyed me. Overall, this was amazing! I did complete it in like, nine minutes though, So I wish it was a teensy bit more complex, and that there were more animals. Still amazingly nostalgic though! Five stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ :🚘:
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2 months ago, FoxFire1001
Want a refund
If I could leave zero stars I would. I debated for months on if I should get this game and after talking with my kiddo she loved the advertised video and said she wanted to play and was so excited I wait hours on a download with low signal only to find out THERES NO SOUND after looking at reviews I see that’s a common thing and I should have read before buying that’s my mistake 🙄 fix it or refund me because this is a rip off
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2 years ago, Riah3198
Used to play on my computer as a kid, can’t believe they made it into a app! This was one of my favorite games! Everything is working good for me :)
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1 year ago, HCroft
Sound is finicky
Ok, I figured out that to get the sound to work, you have to turn your ringer on (the switch on side of phone should not show orange). Kind of a bug, but not impossible to get around.
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2 years ago, peaaaaches
Fun for 45 minutes
This game brought back great memories, but that’s it. Nothing new has been added, it is the exact same. I love this game but for 4.99, it seems like a rip off..
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11 months ago, Sebastian goes to Disney World
I completed this game 👍
This game is really fun for kids… But.. I saved all the animals This game cost with dollars. My mom installed that. This game is fun.
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7 years ago, Barb/Sarah
I absolutely loved playing this game as a kid. Putt-Putt and Freddie Fish were my favorite. It's just as fun as 21. Brings back so many memories and the games have a great storyline.
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4 years ago, thrashmaniac6
Putt Putt, Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam games were part of my childhood. Playing these games actually make me sad a bit because I miss my younger days.
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4 years ago, sadnostalgia
No sound
I turned my phone on and off multiple times and my audio still won’t work in the app I spent $10 on two of the games in hopes to relive my childhood but without sound it’s honestly not worth playing
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2 years ago, Sft00
Very disappointing
The Humongous Entertainment games do not work properly at all on my iPhone 13. There is no audio at all, and I’m not even able to request a refund from Apple for some reason. This app a complete scam preying on people’s good childhood memories
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5 years ago, Racing lover
Add Buzzy the Knowledge Bug games.
Title says it all, especially since it's advertised in Putt-Putt saves the Zoo. Update 3 Junior Field Trips games (Airport; Jungle; Farm).
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4 years ago, famousstarzboi93
I can’t believe I just found Putt Putt Saves the Zoo on the App Store and I’m crying! 😩Money. Well. Spent. It’d be GREAT if Richard Scarry’s Busytown game was on the App now! 🤗
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5 months ago, Nightwing1939
loved this game as a kid and it was really fun to go back to as an adult- you need to have your ringer on for the sound though idk if that’s the issue a bunch of other people are having
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2 years ago, Knulam
My childhood in one game
Do I need to say anything?No ok.
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7 years ago, Kourtneyburraston
How stupid is it to buy a game and then the sound doesn't work!!?? Support doesn't even email you back to solve the issue or anything. So dumb!!!
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7 years ago, scdoty
Best Game Ever!
Yes. Yes. Yes.
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2 years ago, Karen Smith for App Rights
Sound broken
I was really excited to play this game but the sound is broken. I can’t hear anything
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6 months ago, Q's Continuum
Sound stopped working!
This game worked fantastically for me. I recently got an iPhone 15 and I now can get no audio from the game :( Please fix it!
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1 month ago, Rkhl2491
Where’s the audio??
Absolutely no sound. This was a favorite game as a kid and now I have no sound when I play it…fix it or refund me
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12 months ago, Brittany431993
No sound
I don’t have any sound on this app. I’ve tried everything in settings and nothing very upsetting
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6 years ago, ER_Oakland
No audio without headphone
I wanted to play this with my son, but there's no audio unless you use headphones. Screen mirroring doesn't do it either.
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5 years ago, 125denny
Sound doesn’t work
I loved this game as a kid, so I bought it for my niece. The game works but there is no sound 🙁
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5 years ago, cockran_1
No sound
Was so excited to play this but there’s no sound, very disappointing
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4 years ago, Raptor102993
No sound. How has this not been fixed!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, phikbott
No sound
The game has no sound
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6 years ago, F you apple
No audio?
What a joke. Useless, no audio.
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3 years ago, Jriejdjsosp
No sound?!
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9 years ago, iCaitlin
Love this game!!
This really brings back so many memories! Humongous Entertainment games were such a huge part of my childhood, and for that matter they were common family activities at my house when I was a kid. It's so great to see that so many of the Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, and Freddi Fish games that I and my sister used to play and love are now on the App Store. Bravo, HE; thank you for reminding me of the good old days! :)
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12 years ago, KAMDHM
Put- put saves the zoo
I bought this app for my kids and they can't stop playing it. It is a high quality game with many hours of game play. It also brings back great memories of watching this as a kid . I plan on buying it again and gifting it to my nephew since my kids are enjoying it so much. I thoroughly recommend this game!
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12 years ago, Rosalba DE FONTE
Couldn't be better
This app was perfect in every way, it plays well and is exactly the same as I remember from when I was little. Please make the other putt putt and Freddie the fish games because these games were an amazing part of my childhood and is get them ASAP
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8 years ago, Jose Robela
fantastic educational and fun
The Putt Putt series and frankly all the Humongous entertainment apps are really fun and educational for children of all ages. I highly recommend purchasing and playing them with your child, start with Putt Putt saves the zoo and let your child explore and have fun while learning at the same time.
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12 years ago, Boozl3r
Classic game!
I used to play this game all the time! Along with Freddie Fish and Pajama Sam! This made my day when I saw these games were brought back...I completely forgot about them! I am 19 years old and I still think these games are awesome :) brings back so many memories....you must have all these games for your kids!
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12 years ago, Count Awesome.
I'm so happy!!!
I haven't played this game in years. And to see it in the App store and playing it, totally unchanged from the PC version is completely amazing. I would definitely buy the other Putt-Putt games, as well. I look forward to seeing Putt Putt Wins the Race along with all the other Putt games I enjoyed as a child. (:
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12 years ago, NimbusGames
Nothing comes close!
Nothing comes close to the amount of fun, high quality and depth of gameplay that Putt-Putt has to offer. This is a must-buy for parents with children ages 3 to 7 and for adults that remember playing when they are kids. AWESOME!
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10 years ago, NoMeStephanie
Just Like Childhood
I am now twenty and remember playing this game when I was very young! Just like how I remember, I was nearly in tears playing I was so nostalgic. It obviously easy to play now, but worth it for old times sake. Can't wait to show my brother at the next family get together!
Show more
12 years ago, EricDLee
I will always remember playing Putt-Putt as a kid. This game is brilliantly executed and Nimbus Games has done a wonderful job of upgrading the game to mobile. I sincerely hope that many more kids will be able to experience the fun I had by playing this game.
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12 years ago, Annegirl1650
When I was little I would spend hours at the computer playing this and other putt putt/ Freddie the fish games. This brought back so many memories and I still remembered the welcome to the zoo song word for word please continue to add more games like this to the app store!
Show more
12 years ago, jtgirl4895
it's just how I remember playing it on the computer when I was little! and people please don't give crappy reviews because your device isn't working... cause the game works perfectly!
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10 years ago, za.or.nah
Forced Close
I decided that it would be nice for my nieces to taste a little bit of my childhood and buy a game that would always test me, make me laugh and have fun. Unfortunately, non of those things got to happen. After the beginning song had finished, the app forced close and would do it over and over. Please let my family have an opportunity to have fun with this game and fix it or refund me.
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12 years ago, Forgetitnoe
Putt Putt saves the Zoo
Wonderful support team! Thank you so very much for all your help. We are now happily playing Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, and saving all the baby animals. My now 17 year old grandson loved it as a computer game and now our 5 year old granddaughter is loving playing on the ipad2.
Show more
10 years ago, Hshshaj
Best Memories
I'm a 16 year old male, I loved playing these games when I was little and I flipped when I found it on the iOS, this was my favorite and so was pajama sam: you are what you eat from your head to your feet. This game brought back wonderful memories
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10 years ago, Pikachu7778
No Game Center?
Everything works great just as I rember it from PC version the only thing is the Game Center in game achievements dont work when i do achievement it still says I haven't done it yet and there's no way to enable Game Center on menu either
Show more
10 years ago, Alan Coget
I played this game on the computer when I was a kid. The app is exactly the same as the game was! It's so perfect. I almost cried when I saw that all of this company's games are now apps!! Who ever had the idea to make them apps is a freaking genus!
Show more
10 years ago, Darling Alanna Jevne
Just like the original
There wasn't a single thing different between the original computer game and this iOS remake. It made me insanely happy to reply this after so long!
Show more
12 years ago, MrCodeman
Bring on the Classics
I remember these kinds of games back in the late 90s and its nice to see them brought back again, now just bring the rest of them please.
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