Puzzle Page - Daily Games!

4.6 (64.4K)
331 MB
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Current version
AppyNation Ltd.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Puzzle Page - Daily Games!

4.59 out of 5
64.4K Ratings
4 years ago, 2boredsoimadethisreview
Best Puzzle App I’ve Used
I downloaded this app last year and spent a few months with no subscription. I was able to accumulate tons of coins (which are used to give hints in puzzles) and a decent amount of tokens (which are used to play a puzzle). About a month or two ago, I decided to pay for the annual subscription to get rid of the ads, and it did, which is GREAT! Also, all of the daily puzzles are free with subscription and you get to play five special issues for free per day (any more than that and it costs you tokens). I really appreciate the range of puzzles this app offers, unlike a lot of other apps. I’ve gotten better at puzzles I didn’t enjoy or know how to play earlier, like killer sudoku (which is still tough), but the instructions for each puzzle are very clear. I also like that the player can choose which difficulty they want to play a puzzle if they are still learning or haven’t mastered that puzzle type yet. The special issues are GREAT since they’re great practice...I don’t know if I’ll ever complete all of them! I also love that the developers are always adding new puzzles and new issues, which keeps the app fresh and never boring. I use this app every day to keep my mind sharp and I absolutely love it!
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2 years ago, Avanana
You don’t get what you pay for.
After using this app for several months, I decided to buy the subscription to avoid having to watch ads to earn tokens. On the plus side, there are lots of puzzles to choose from. Unfortunately though you don’t get unlimited access to your favorite puzzles in the special issues. For these puzzles you have to use “keys”, and you only get 5-10 keys per day. You can use earned tokens to pay for more puzzles, but you receive fewer tokens the more puzzles you play. For example, for some puzzles I now only earn tokens after I complete 100 of them. If you run out of tokens and want to continue with your favorites, you have to go back to watching ads or paying for tokens. Some of my favorite puzzles are only posted once per week on the daily pages, so this is very disappointing and also very upsetting since I paid for the subscription. On the plus side, I can go back to previous issues to play my favorites, so I am doing that now. I expect though that I will work my way through those pretty quickly. After that, I see no reason to continue with the subscription. I understand that developers are trying to make money, but when you try to squeeze more money out of customers who have already paid for the service, your customers are going to resent that and not come back. I feel cheated, and I will be one of the customers moving on to other apps when my yearly subscription ends.
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4 years ago, dollbones
For the most part I love this app. I play it everyday, and I love that as long as I don’t mind watching ads I can keep up with the daily puzzles and even do a few of the special issues once in a while. I have a very tight budget so subscriptions to games are not something I can afford. However, a few programming changes they’ve made recently are a bit annoying, and one of them I think might actually be a bug. 1. After finishing a puzzle and getting the reward screen I don’t like how it sometimes kicks you out of the page you were on all the way back to the main daily page calendar. This seems to only happen when you complete a “quest” which is a new feature for getting additional rewards. Not really needed, but if it has to be in please have it send you back to whatever page you were on, not kick you out all the way back to the main calendar. 2. After getting kicked back to the calendar, if you were in a previous month BEFORE getting kicked out of the page, you will be placed into the current month but the previous month’s name will show at the top and any dates you tap on will take you to the same date for the previous month. This has to be a bug. You can fix it by sliding to the previous month and back to the current month again, but it’s annoying. Maybe just...have it not kick us back to the main menu after completing a quest. That seems like a really easy way to fix this.
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2 years ago, rocketceo
Please fix this irritation
Very good app, with a nice mix of puzzles (but one bad one). One interface flaw is that when leaving a Special Page and returning to the Special Issues index, the app assumes you want to play the same puzzle over and over, and opens that puzzle for you unasked. An index should be for the USER to decide where they wish to go, NOT the app. I and I’m sure many others rarely if ever play the same puzzle twice in a row; that’s repetitious and boring. Thus every time I go to the index, I have to close an unwanted choice by the program. The one puzzle that doesn’t belong is Picture Sweep, which violates the “prime directive” of puzzles that there be a unique solution. The vast majority of these puzzles require one to “guess” about certain boxes, which cannot be determined by logic or pattern analysis. This is a critical flaw in ANY self-respecting puzzle app. I will agree with other reviewers that there should be more than 5 Special Pages available on non-event days with a paid subscription. Probably not unlimited, but at least 10 a day would be fair. I guess the developer wants me to use my almost 20,000 coins, but I don’t — I just stop playing.
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4 years ago, Tjones2222
Cost vs encouragements
I was looking forward to trying out the variety of puzzles/games. And there are a lot of them. And each puzzle you complete you get a few coins. But if you want to keep playing, you pay with tokens. 10-20 tokens for each puzzle. Doesn’t matter that you can complete a puzzle in seconds. You have to pay for the next one. It would be more encouraging to continue, if you could take the coins you win for completion of games and have the opportunity to trade them in for tokens, so you can keep playing. I paid $ for 20 ‘on sale’ games, and they were spent in 8 minutes. Now what? I can’t keep playing unless I fork over more money, and there’s too many apps out there that you don’t have to pay for. If paying wasn’t an issue, it’s a great app. It’s very busy, though. Too much to read when I just wanna play. But the variety is very good, and no ads/commercials is nice. And I know you need to get paid by some means to provide this app. Just allow the coins to be traded in for tokens. Simple little request. Now your app sits unopened since I have no more tokens. I’d use it everyday if I didn’t have to pay for how much I use it. And I get that you offer unlimited games for like $40-$70 but that’s pretty steep. Again, there are plenty of free ones to keep me occupied. Thanks for the chance to try out a few games I have never played before, cause now I know what apps to look for. Sorry. The honeymoon is over.
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5 years ago, mickeymick2001
Great puzzles
I love this and it’s new look is much more eye pleasing and fun. Only thing I am not super fond of is you only get 10-20 tokens for logging in everyday and you only get 5 tokens for watching a video which you have to watch in between puzzles. The only other way to get tokens is by doing the most annoying surveys ever. You never get to the end of the survey and if you back out you don’t get the tokens or you have to purchase something. Spent 30 mins doing one before I was irritated and still didn’t get the tokens anyways. If I wanted tokens bad enough to by something I would simply buy them from the shop without having to jump through loop holes. If the purpose of doing that to your customers is to trick them into buying tokens because it’s to hard to earn them then I don’t want to buy tokens. If I’m simply tired of doing things to try and get the tokens then great but if I can’t even work legitimately for the tickets I feel like that’s a bad play. Other then the tokens the games are always fun and challenging and the switching them daily is a good balance too. You really only get coins from the achievements so you can’t keep playing without buying more tokens or paying for the membership. But if your good with buying the membership it’s great for you
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1 year ago, Torinobradley
Unless you buy in, expect continual ad issues
So, started playing this app with a great variety of games and was fairly content with the restrictions of being a free player; periodically having to watch ads between puzzles and to get some rewards/tokens, restrictions on free tokens and so forth. However, recently, the adds for that annoyingly evil grandma and perpetually left at the alter redhead, among others like the idiot king that can’t figure out how to get to the outhouse have made this app an annoying crash party of repeating ads and black-screen restarts. About 50% of the ads fail to complete correctly and grant rewards/continued play. It does say right in the support FAQ that they take no responsibility for the ads they display on their own game and they may not work as intended. Oh, and you won’t get anything you were promised if the ad you dutifully watched for however long it took to crash, failed to allow you to continue playing. So, I went to their support system and complained about the crashing frequency thinking they cared about those players of their games that are negatively affected by their inability to control certain aspects of their own app but I was dismissed since they don’t control that aspect of their app. It seems they have a veiled strategy that pushes a player to either invest in the ad free version of their games or go find some other free game to play. I’m choosing the latter…
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2 months ago, Wish4madness
Great puzzle game!
EDIT: Fortunately, they seem to have updated the game again after complaints and now it no longer includes the additional ads I complained about below. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to use ads to make the game free. As I said before, I’ve been playing the game for a year, and I’ve been perfectly happy to watch ads. But the new ones they’d added were a bridge too far. Now that they’ve restored the game, I can now say this game is truly excellent. It includes brand new puzzles every day of a variety of fun types. Thanks guys! ORIGINAL: I’ve been playing Puzzle Page daily for a year now. It’s great because you get to play some free puzzles everyday, and then you watch ads to earn tokens to play more. I’ve been perfectly happy with that system. The game seems to have received an update, cause all of a sudden now I get random ads between puzzles. There are also banner ads at the bottom of each puzzle that covers a little bit of the screen. That’s right, now I get to watch more ads which don’t earn me anything. I’m afraid I won’t be playing anymore. 😕
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7 months ago, bell11142020
Have to pay, layout is overwhelming
I gave this a shot and really enjoyed the variety of puzzles they had! Some puzzles I had never heard of or tried before and they were really fun. For example I love sudoku and they had a “killer sudoku” which was similar, but different. It was very fun to try a new spin on a familiar game. Unfortunately, I could only play for one day without having to pay money to get more tokens to play. So I had to delete the app because I personally don’t want to pay for puzzles that you can get in many other apps for free. I do like, however, that you can access a large variety of puzzles on one single app with this. As a side note - I also felt that the layout of the whole app is very confusing and overwhelming. All of the different pages, “daily page”, “special issue”, calendar, etc. all look the same and idk what the difference is. Why not just have all of the puzzles available for the day displayed on one page where you can scroll down and see all available with a search bar at the top. The squares that display the games are of different sizes and colors which is unpleasant to the eye. There’s also moving adds in the middle of an already jumbled set of games on the page. An app/web designer would do wonders.
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3 years ago, FozzyBear15
Update: my first review issue was resolved. If it didn’t take so long to get new editions of my favorite puzzles and it wasn’t so addicting (lol) I’d give it five stars. There are many puzzles I don’t care for and some I’ve never been able to figure out how to solve them, kinda wish I could replace them with my favorites. I really like this game as it has so many different puzzles to solve. I only give it 3 stars because it closes on its own frequently causing me to lose coins and tokens. If I’ve used coins to show errors or give a letter when it suddenly closes those are gone so I have to use more coins to get those clues again. I have also lost tokens when I choose a puzzle and don’t even get started and when I go back into the app I have to use tokens for that puzzle again. I have purchased coins and tokens, that’s how much I like this game app; something I have never done on a different game app. Purchasing coins and tokens is not something I can afford when living on SSDI so it means something when I’ve made a purchase. I’d give it 5 stars if it didn’t close and I wouldn’t lose my coins and tokens, I rarely give full stars to anything.
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4 years ago, RedLightning - Valued customer
Absolutely love the game, just one minor flaw
I love this game to death. It reminds me of the games/trivia page found in daily newspapers and I adore that. It always keeps me busy and thinking. I’ve been subscribed to it for about over a year now. Very much deserving of 5 stars. Currently I only see one things that I hope could be fixed/tinkered with. After playing the game for like 30 minutes or so certain images from the puzzles like the X in the top left corner of every game gets slightly burned into the screen for a bit and I notice it when in other apps. It goes away after a bit but gets worse and more noticeable for longer durations of play. Personally I’d suggest finding a way to and a light and dark mode which can be accessed through the settings. I think this would fix that screen burning and also make the game a lot more physically appealing and attract a bigger audience to get the game. I do so greatly hope that the creators of this amazing game find and read this as I’d also very much like to see this game get eternally better and more popular. :)
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2 years ago, Athena Darkwood
Constant Crashes and Slow Loading
I would love to leave a higher rating here, but the amount of times I have had to relaunch the app because it crashed in the middle of a puzzle or even whilst loading leads me to this decision. I downloaded this app two or three days ago and upon opening it for the first time I noticed how long it took to load the home screen. I was having a great time gradually working my way through the introductory issue but I was soon faced with the app crashing while I was trying to watch an ad for more tokens, or while I was trying to navigate to a puzzle. The problem lessened after I disconnected from the internet and started playing offline, but after a day or so the crashes were taking place regularly and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to solve it on my side. I read through some of the most recent reviews of this app and it seems like many others are facing this same difficulty. I tried to contact support through the app, but it was crashing so frequently, I couldn’t even type the message I intended to send before the crash. Overall, I would love to use this app more, but the amount of crashes and the length of time it takes to launch/load are discouraging me from continued use.
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3 years ago, puzzlefanatic32
Great game, but all my puzzles disappeared
I love puzzle page because of the variety of puzzles that are offered; both daily and through the special issues. I don’t have a subscription, but every day I go to the puzzle page and spend tokens to “buy” all the puzzles for the day at the discounted rate so I can go back and play whenever I have time. I just downloaded the iOS 15 software and when I went to the puzzle page ALL of the puzzles I’ve “purchased” (with tokens) are showing up white instead of blue (white HASN’T been purchase, blue HAS been purchased, and gold means the puzzle was completed). I had well over a year’s worth of puzzles “purchased”; some were completed, and a lot were waiting for me to find time to come back to them. Is there any way to fix this to get my puzzles back without having to “purchase” them all over again?? I was hesitant to use the cloud information to overwrite what’s on my phone because all of my achievements are showing up properly, and I’m not sure what will happen to those as I’m not sure the last time I was connected to the internet while playing in order for it to update and save to the cloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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10 months ago, SciGuyBowTie
Great mix of puzzles, so-so interface
If you like puzzles, this is a great app, and you can pay to get rid of ads and have unlimited play. However, interface is cumbersome on several puzzles. For example: you can’t enter a pencil or pen number into multiple boxes in Sudoku without having to select the number every time (please allow a long press on a pencil/pen number to lock the number for entry until another number is selected!); there is no option to change highlighting color in sudoku to make it easier to see; no option to auto-advance to the next clue in crossword; crossword clues are sometimes difficult because they aren’t really correct (“Too, as well” = else, “Connoisseur” = maestro, “Trimmed to the bone” = pared); some picture cross (color) puzzles are difficult to read and enter due to small size, other minor things. Also every time you open the app it shows the same notifications which must be cleared. Hopefully all this is addressed in the next version! I haven’t experienced the crashing issues many other people reported, so that’s good! Overall a fun app and there is probably something in it for everyone.
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3 years ago, Review1234567
Great game, and 1 problem with cross sum
I love everything about this game.. ok maybe except the amount of ads. There used to just be a few no there is one after every puzzle. I can deal with that. That’s a pay for app or you get ads just like every other app. Not your fault you have to make money too. The problem I have is that these games are meant to stimulate and educate. Well cross sum does against everything that is taught about math. The order of operations is not followed and thus is teaching math incorrectly. Multiplication and division come before addition and subtract. For example the cross sum for today on the bottom line was 4+3x6=42. This is incorrect. If the order of operations was followed the correct answer is 22. The steps here to solve 4+3x6 is to first multiply the 3x6 giving 18 then add the 4 making it 22. In the current process that cross sum is using, it is teaching take the first number against the second number based on the sign. Then take the answer to that equation and take it against the last number based on sign. This is resulting in an incorrect response to any equation that has the multiplication and division signs after the addition or subtraction signs.
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2 years ago, ToinetteC
Severely limited without paying money,
This app has both good and bad. There are some interesting puzzle types I’ve never seen before, and you don’t have to pay money if you’re willing to accept that you only get to pick a couple of puzzles to do in a day, since the 5 green coins you regenerate over time are worthless, past the first week or two of playing, because 5 coins won’t actually buy anything. The Picture Cross puzzles are great, which is not at all surprising, considering that this developer also has one excellent Picture Cross app. My biggest complaint about this app is that the puzzles seem to be generated randomly, so, not only are they not graded for difficulty, they’re sometimes not solvable without purchasing clues or using brute force guessing, which is extra annoying, because there is no Undo button. The Sudoku is particularly bad about this. I have screenshot a couple of prime examples just from this month, but I particularly wish I could include a screenshot of the ridiculous August 14 Sudoku, on which only two numbers can be solved out of the entire puzzle, by using logic. There is no fun in a puzzle that can’t be solved.
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2 years ago, Elahote
Lack of Support Rendered App Unplayable
I have had this app for years now, since its earliest iterations. I have loved the puzzles, the enhancements, and the achievements. Over time I had accrued enough tokens through daily logins, purchases, and completing challenges to virtually never have to worry about tokens and be able to play whatever puzzles in the app that I wanted. Two weeks ago I experienced an error in the app that removed some of my progress and more importantly ALL of my tokens needed to play the puzzles. I immediately messaged their support and received the auto reply that if it was outside of their normal business hours they may not get to it until the next day, and since I sent in the issue on a Sunday I expected to hear back on Monday or I would have even given by later that week since it was close to the holidays. Two weeks later, and with consistent updating on my end, I still have not heard back from their support and have seen no changes made to my account. I now lack enough tokens to even complete their current event, even with continuing to log in daily. I am very disappointed as I did so enjoy the variety of puzzles and the constant updates, but this has completely disheartened me from continuing to support this developer.
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3 years ago, Meg12sports
Updated review
Decided to re download the app since I’ve never had a developer actually respond to a review I had left. My initial complain was that there is a limit of ads you can watch to play the game before it just says n/a and you need to buy tokens. I’m thinking this is some glitch in the system. There doesn’t seem to be any real pattern as to when the videos are unable to play. Hopefully that will be worked out soon. The other free options for tokens don’t really work. I follow all of the steps and only get the reward maybe 30% of the time. Just a suggestion, I feel not all games should be worth the same amount of tokens. I can spend 30 seconds on an x+o, 4 minutes on a word search, 20 minutes on a soduko, ect ect and each one of those is 10 tokens. It would be nice to pay per difficulty As stated previously, the game is a tom of fun and offers a great variety of games with easy to follow instructions and helpful hints. I play the easier games during meetings and work the harder ones at night. I would be totally fine if this was the only game on my phone :)
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4 months ago, Chatte_kokat
Wonderful daily app
Daily puzzles that are actually good quality! I love the variety, and the design of the app and layout and functionality are so well-done. It’s also completely affordable to subscribe and you absolutely get your money’s worth. Compared to a newspaper subscription which only has 2 days a week of puzzles, this app is a puzzler’s dream. I recommend it to all my friends. I literally start my day with this and I enjoy going back to previous years/months to do puzzles once I complete the puzzles for the current day and month. Plus there are regular events, which I always enjoy and look forward to. I haven’t found a puzzling app better than this one. Thank you developers for the hard work- ignore the ingrates that can’t comprehend how much work has gone into this and continues to go into it. I’ve had this app for 8 months. I subscribed after a month; I wanted to be sure the quality warranted that kind of investment, and this app more than delivers.
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5 years ago, MzMizzou
Fantastic...until recently
Plenty of fun and challenging puzzles, until some changes and, perhaps, glitches took place. The developers tried to help people by making it possible to choose between Standard, Quick, and Super Quick versions of each game, in which portions of the puzzles are completed for you. I prefer the games the way they were before, for example, you could choose the difficulty level of the sudoku puzzles. I prefer control over difficulty, not quickness of game. But the biggest problem is a change or glitch to the coins. I had about 5,000 coins saved up and could play with no problems, then all of a sudden, most of my coins disappeared and/or are now being used at a higher rate. I “paid” 10 tokens for a sudoku game last night and when I started I now had about 350 tokens. While I was playing the game a message popped up saying I didn’t have enough tokens! I hadn’t used any helpers or other tools that cost coins. Now I’m wondering if EVERY MOVE costs tokens? Also, ads encouraging me to buy more coins keep popping up. I don’t mind paying for an app, but if coins are going to be used at such a high rate, I’m not going pay to keep getting them in order to play the games. It was fun while it lasted...
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3 years ago, StaSteph
Buggy ads
The puzzles are really fun, but it’s frustrating trying to get enough tokens to play them! There are ads you can watch to get tokens, but the ads continually crash or freeze the app. It usually takes me a good 5+ minutes just to get enough tokens (10-20) to play one puzzle. The puzzles themselves rarely take me more than 5 minutes to play. So I spend most of my time watching ads. Also, when you first start playing, you’re gifted tokens much more frequently from completing so many puzzles, but now I never get more tokens, just deals on hints for the puzzles. These gifts are quite useless as hints use coins which you get built up extremely fast. With the ad problem, and only getting coins or hint rewards, it’s hardly worth playing any more. I’m sure it’s set up this way to frustrate you into paying for the subscription, but that’s infuriating by itself. I don’t want to pay the monthly subscription fees just so the game doesn’t (maybe?) constantly crash! It’s not even a reasonable monthly subscription price. I think I’m going to have to delete the app, unfortunately. I really wish I didn’t have to, but I’m afraid it’s making my whole phone buggy.
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2 years ago, brandonmiller6383
5 stars before a recent update
First I want to express how much I loved this app. I have completed every daily back to February of 2020 and have amassed over 441,000 coins. The problem comes with a small change in a recent update. In the past once you waited a certain amount of time you could accumulate 5 tokens. You could then use 5 tokens and watch an ad to play a puzzle. You could do this as much as you wanted each day. This was good because there are days I didn’t have time to complete all the dailies and would have several to do at one time. One of the recent updates now only allows you to do this a certain amount of times each day. This becomes a real problem if you are trying to do an event that is only good for a certain amount of time. Since you are limited on the number of puzzles you can play you barely have enough time to complete the events. If any developer reads this, could you please change it back to allow unlimited times to watch an additional with 5 tokens or allow the tokens that can be accumulated over time go to 10.
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3 years ago, mandypanda82
I love it but...
I love this game, but customer service is horrible. They made an error on May 3 where it was possible to get unlimited tokens and coins...I understand, take away what was gathered from this error....but they should have taken them away from everyone, not just some. Also, they should have allowed the ones who they took coins and tokens from to be able to keep the coins and tokens the individual won. I tried contacting customer service about the unfairness of taking the tokens and coins from some but not all, but they have yet to contact me back. They need to do something about their error. Also, it is hard to play a full days page with just the 20 tokens you are given if you play the max amount of days. Their are achievements that are earned (which also from their error, it is harder to achieve those, so you don’t get the tokens as easily) for a certain number of pages or puzzles of some kind done. I don’t have a lot of money, so subscribing so I can play unlimited would be a struggle for me.
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5 years ago, Bjs8311
Bad Update
I loved this app until the last update. I really only play a few of the games - sudoku, killer sudoku, kakuro, and futoshiki. With all of these, there is the choice to put numbers in pencil or pen. Since the update, there’s a pretty major glitch when changing numbers from pencil to pen. Sometimes, when you hit the pen number, it cancels everything out of the box without actually placing the pen numbers right away. Other times, it randomly edits out completely unrelated pencil numbers in other boxes. In killer sudoku, it has also stopped updating the pencil numbers when something changes within the outline designating the goal total but not within the same quadrant (my description isn’t great on that one, I know...). Add on top of all of this that the number of ads you have to watch has increased substantially. This morning, I watched a video to access a free puzzle, then was forced to watch another ad after solving the puzzle. Also, I frequently have to watch a 30-second ad after finishing a puzzle that I spent tokens on - tokens I earned by watching ads. These glitches are very frustrating and have me considering deleting this app and finding a different app for these types of puzzles.
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2 years ago, Hempseed55
Decent but Very Frustrating
I thoroughly enjoy playing the puzzles on this app, and for the most part would give it a higher rating (even a five). Except, this is the most difficult app I have ever used. To play today’s crossword it closed on me three different times, took nearly a minute to re-open and twice I lost word entries that were completed before it closed. Then I had to sit and watch a 45 second ad before I could try another puzzle, which also crashed and locked up multiple times. It has gotten so I usually have to open this app 7 to 10 times before I’m done with just SOME of hthe puzzles for each day. Mind you that’s not because I paused and did something, it’s because it just quits! Other than the problems with the app itself the puzzles are great and I highly recommend it or I wouldn’t keep fighting it… I just wish they could sure up the problem with the closings and lock ups.
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5 years ago, qbcuoe b h idh idwn
Puzzle page
I love the variety of puzzles available. My main complaint is the addressing of issues that you may incur while playing the game. I have written several times to address failure to capture tokens earned from completing tasks. I receive a standard form letter back immediately, however there is no further follow up. I always get the feeling of being cheated! And now with the new format of receiving less tokens to cover the daily puzzles, your token supply decreases 5 tokens daily on the weekday puzzles and 15 tokens on the weekend puzzles. Do the math! Eventually, you will run out of tokens and be forced to buy, if you want to continue playing. I’m sure that is the objective. That would not be an issue if you were rewarded the tokens you earned. This is crazy. I tried to enter this review(which requires a nickname) and every name I entered (and I created many nonsensical ones) stated it was already used so I couldn’t submit the review! So I’m going to rate this a 5 star, to see if it will be accepted it then! In reality, I’m giving the this a 1 star due to another noted glitch. I had originally given it a 3 star, which it wouldn’t accept!
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4 years ago, Saswin11
Still too buggy to subscribe
I wrote a review about a month ago and gave this game three stars but complained that it was freezing my (dated) iPad much too frequently, particularly when you were watching an ad to get a puzzle. I also complained about the load time. The developers wrote to me and told me that my operating system may not have been updated and that was necessary for the game to work. I’m leery about updating the operating system, because doing it often means that an older machine will run too slowly and crash more frequently after an update, because undoubtedly they’ve added some new function or complicated graphics that you don’t need. But I went ahead and did the update. Now one of my other games that I liked won’t run anymore, and guess what? Puzzle Game still loads slowly and freezes all the time. So I’ve lowered my rating to two stars. I can’t see why this game should need so much memory to run — the graphics are primitive and the games don’t require much processing. This could be a good app, I would even have subscribed to avoid the endless ads, but I just don’t understand why they can’t get this game to run better.
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4 years ago, Paddler19
Deeply flawed; could be so much better
So first the positive - there is a very good variety of games, which is great. But some pretty simple fixes could make it so much better - fixes that would actually allow you to play the variety of games, and get some kind of credit toward the various goals. My main issue is that EVERY SINGLE day the first puzzle challenge they have you do is the Puzzle Cross puzzle. Then after you finish that, it’s the crossword. What about the other puzzles??!!!! Why can’t it be random? Same with the special issues - they want you to finish an entire special issue, which is like 100 puzzles of the same kind, before moving on to the next one. There are like two quests a day that you can complete which are different puzzles, but then that’s it. You need to use to tokens to play other puzzles, but you get barely any reward for completing them other than coins, of which I have like 1,200,000 of, which you don’t even use for anything! So that is the other major problem with this app - the reward system is completely messed up. More tokens, less coins PLEASE!! Or at least be able to use the coins for purchasing more tokens!!!
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4 years ago, Forreals&
This game is pretty good. I really enjoy the assortment of puzzles on a daily basis. Also, I really enjoy the challenges and achievements. That being said, I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and have had the same problem occur multiple times. At first I thought it was a one time glitch and shrugged it off. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug on the game’s end. Every so often I will reach an achievement such as complete 100 puzzles of a certain kind. Usually when you get an achievement you get a reward of tokens. As you get higher levels of that achievement you get more tokens. I have been gypped out of tokens at least 3 times on higher level achievements. Most recently I was supposed to receive 45 tokens, but didn’t. 45 tokens is a great reward and would let me play many more puzzles. This time when I reached the achievement, I looked at the box and it told me 0 more puzzles to complete, so I knew I got it. I restarted the app and suddenly I was on the next level with no reward. Again, if this had happened only once it would be no big deal, but it has happened many times.
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6 years ago, tbnfl
Getting better and better
New update had brought a welcome change and coming the navigation is going to improve. All this is needed and is worth mentioning that the developers are actively working to improve the page. The "only" reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars? It's still bloody difficult to get tokens! Especially if there are some puzzles you just don't care about, e.g. The pictures ones, X/O's, Sums, word slide (although this particular one may be better since it will encompass famous quotes, wait and see), & 1/2 more can't remember... Coins seem pretty easy to get but tokens? Way too tough...maybe, & I really don't know if you can buy them, because normally I'm not buying anything in-app unless very special. And for this game, unfortunately for developers if it is their money maker, there are too many free word games you can download and only be bothered with a brief ad in between, but at least you can still keep playing. The game is showing progresses however and I think developers are listening so for now I'm gonna stay with them!!
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2 years ago, i❤️mac
Super Impressed!
Puzzles are challenging but all solvable with a little tenacity and patience. They offer different levels of difficulty depending on your mood and length of time u intend to spend on a puzzle. Each help section/ game instructions on how to play are super clear, concise and easy to follow and reference. I love how the hints are designed to cater to each particular game and offering a variety of clues unique to each puzzle. This allows the player to get just a little help or a lot of of help depending on the situation. No one wants to spend a long time on a puzzle to find out they made an error and then to be given a spoiler- it ruins all the hard mental work already invested. Ads are very minimal. I am constantly learning new puzzles I’ve never played before because the directions are so short and easy to understand! Very impressed with this puzzle app! Thank u for ur hard work, good design and the daily challenging but fun puzzles!
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3 years ago, Kara's mom 13
Tap Research doesn’t pay rewards
Update: April 14, 2021 The Earth day puzzle DIDN’T pay the rewards after I finished the puzzle which required me to play about 30 puzzles in order to collect all the pieces. Aside from that^ This game is fantastic! Everything about it is the best. I had to cancel my subscription back a year ago bc there were too many bugs with some of the puzzles. They fix everything quickly now so I may subscribe again. However... the Tap Research option to get extra coins never works! It either works for 15 minutes then puts a little dog cartoon on the screen & says “oops this survey is not available right now” or it takes you to a page with different flags of different countries saying “sorry this survey isn’t available due to maintenance”, etc. I contacted them through their page & reported the last survey I did (which promised to be 15 minutes & pay 178 coins) it took 1hr & 30 minutes and at the end it rewarded me 1coin!!! One! They contacted me through email & paid me only 50 coins but it says I have redeemed 178! It’s a waste. You get to do your part to help them with answers to their surveys & you get screwed by being lied to & not rewarded. Out of the 12 surveys I tried to do only 3 paid what they said. Do not waste your time with the surveys. They’re clearly not tested & not screened for authenticity & you will be the one disappointed.
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2 years ago, Orlagh3
Almost Five Stars
For the person who likes a few puzzles here and there, the free parts of this app are perfect. Before I subscribed, I never saw any advertisements. The available puzzles were fun, if a bit easy. There’s a limit, though, and I love my puzzles, so I subscribed. With a subscription, there is still a limit to the number of puzzles you can play per day, but it’s usually enough for me. I can choose the harder puzzles, and there are options available for purchase with in game currency (which you get by solving puzzles) to allow you to speed through puzzles you don’t like (like, if they’re part of an event), or hints if the puzzle is too hard. Cons: However many times you ask me if I want to enable notifications, the answer will always be no. So stop asking! Also, stop asking me to rate the app. Without these two constant pop-ups, (and maybe remove the requirement for paid subscribers to unlock puzzles with keys or tokens) this would be a five star app.
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4 years ago, Kkander
Best Variety Puzzle App
I’ve used this app almost daily for eight months now and have no plans on quitting any time soon. There is always an update every month (with the exception of one time probably due to the start of COVID) and you can go back as far back as 2018 to play puzzles. I have never run out of content and never get bored of it. If you are a puzzle fanatic, the subscription is very much worth the cost - I have definitely played way more than some games I’ve paid $60 for. My only change would be to suggest a rework of the quest to complete one puzzle for 7 consecutive days, because the coins you are rewarded are not worth the time spent. It’s more beneficial (and cost effective) to just skip the quest and get a shorter one for the next few days. Overall, I’d like to say thank you to the devs for always keeping the game updated and for coming up with fun new puzzles types every now and then. You rock!
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1 year ago, Theladyg5
I’m Thinking about deleting this
I used to love this app. It provides a wide assortment of different types of puzzles to do. You used to be able to watch adds to get tokens and you could accumulate enough tokens to assure that you were able to do every puzzle for that day and accrue extra tokens to pick up a puzzle or two that you had missed from previous days. But now, after some reason, it no longer lets you earn the extra tokens by watching videos. It only gives you 20 tokens when you first open the game. Each game cost 10 tokens. you do have the option of playing the featured game to build up reward points, but the feature is always a crossword puzzle, followed by another featured crossword puzzle. My favorites are the sudoku games. I don’t want to be forced to play crossword puzzles on multiple days for the chance of earning tokens so I could play a sudoku game here and there. Unless the developers put the feature back that lets me earn tokens by watching free videos, this, App probably be moved to the trash in the next few weeks.
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5 years ago, shadowfire76
Was a 5 star game
First off I loved this game enough to by a year subscription in February. Then the updates started and changes to the layout of the game. It has taken a while to adjust to the changes. I can see where non subscribers have issues getting enough token to finish the pages each day. The rewards have gotten a great deal smaller since the change. While I don’t struggle with tokens to complete pages, I struggle with getting coins to buy hints. Even though running out of coins is annoying I find myself even more annoyed with the block that flashes the “subscribe now” junk on the main page for the day. I am subscribed and do not want to see that on my daily page screen. Also my quests have been stuck in “check back tomorrow” status for weeks now. That used to be a good way to gain coins. If I would have reviewed this in February I would have given 5 stars, however little issues (tokens/coins, quests and the annoying flashing box) make me give it 4 stars.
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4 years ago, coolsteph86
So fun but so restricted
This is a great app. The variety of puzzles make hours of fun! One complaint is that special issues are so restricted. I pay for the subscription but can’t access all of the puzzles. This is a problem because I only like to play the most difficult. However, even subscribers must complete all puzzles in a special issue to open the next. Why do I pay if I can’t play the puzzles I like to play. Also, you only get five “free” special issue puzzles per day. Then you must use tokens. Again, why pay if I can’t play the puzzles that I like? It’s understandable to worry that subscribers might cancel if they can play all of the puzzles they want as quickly as they want, but I would not. I frequently replay my favorite difficult puzzles and follow a system so that by the time I replay one, I’ve forgotten the solution. They are losing a subscriber because I’m paying for puzzles I cannot play without spending a ton on tokens to race through the annoying, easy puzzles. Hate to cancel, but currently it’s not worth the money.
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4 years ago, MsDiaz0314
I love having an array of puzzles available to me at once. I enjoy the challenge of completing “pages” with a different compilation of puzzles. It makes each day unique. I am also thrilled that I have the opportunity to learn about puzzles I have never played before. Highly recommend! The only concern I have about this games is the collection of tokens. Without purchasing a subscription, I am not certain I will earn enough free token on a daily basis to play all the puzzles I would like! Each page has a variety of puzzles, and although some puzzles may be free if you watch a video, most puzzles on the page cost tokens. Even with the “50% off tokens” that shows up with the daily page, to complete the page will still cost a chunk of your tokens. At this rate I either limit myself to a few puzzles a day (never completing a page in day) or I keep completing all puzzles in a page and be out of tokens by the end of the week. Honestly I do not know what to do?!
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6 years ago, Gabri3133
Great puzzles but tokens are a joke
First of all, I truly love these puzzles. I look forward to them every day and I’ve been playing for a few months now. However, that being said my 2 star rating is solely because of the ridiculous token system. When first starting the game, you get plenty of tokens by completing quests/achievements. But now after a few months, those are few and far between. Each day, it will cost 60 to 80 tokens to complete the page. Tapjoy is a way that you can earn extra tokens which works if there are other apps/games that I’m interested in or is worth the time to complete. Not to mention that nearly every single one I’ve done through Tapjoy, I have to contact them to get my tokens because it never does it automatically. I also completed one that disappeared from the pending so that was time completely wasted. I don’t want to spend my morning trying to earn tokens, I want to play the puzzles. There is a $5 monthly subscription which I think is outrageous. I truly hope the devolved changes this token system so that the awesome puzzles can be enjoyed.
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4 years ago, Im a Barbiegirl
Expensive puzzles not worth it
I just can’t justify paying for a subscription at these ridiculous prices...and not just a one time thing but I’m expected to pay every month or every year???? I’ve rarely paid for apps because there are plenty of them for free or just a few dollars. I have no problem paying a few dollars for something I use a lot. Why would anyone pay these prices for puzzles even if it’s the best puzzle game out there? I really like two of the games but not enough to pay for them. I agree with everything other reviewers say regarding tap joy and tokens and ads. they ruin what could be a great app. I’m curious- Does anyone actually pay for annual subscriptions? Who can afford this? Or justify it? Seriously overpriced. If the cost of the app were a lot less, I think the number of app purchases they would get would increase well beyond the profit they make now. Also, the coin and token rewards could be more generous. You pay all these hard-earned coins or tokens and they’re gone in minutes.
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2 years ago, maytrixgurl
I’m only here for sudoku.
The other puzzles are fun but I’m here for the sudoku, I tried the other apps that specialize in sudoku but they’re no good. I don’t want to do baby sudoku (1-6) and I don’t want to do killer sudoku. All the other puzzles stay the same, why not sudoku? I know I can play from other days but those cost more tokens as opposed to the daily ones and I have to search for them. Another thing, I keep earning all these coins but I can’t use them to play more puzzles? What are they for then? Why can’t I just earn tokens by beating the puzzles, which I will use to continue using the app therefore watching the ads and you guys make more money ?? Please explain the coins ! I’m probably just gonna go to the dollar store at this point and buy those sudoku books like an old man. And to think we are living in the future. I might as well design my own app that doesn’t have any dumb coin gimmicks. Watch out because you might get some competition soon ! >:( Besides all this, lovely app. :)
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2 years ago, photosurrealism
Increasingly Slow and Crashy
I’ve been playing this app most every day for quite a while, but more and more it has become frustratingly unreliable. The game will become unresponsive or outright crash long before I can get a puzzle done. It didn’t used to be as bad. As for the puzzles, the crosswords are complete junk (and there are a lot of them), but the other word and number puzzles are nice. The interface for the coloring puzzles is difficult on a small phone screen and they have a tendency to choose colors that are too similar. The Conceptis apps and puzzles are miles ahead of this app, but Conceptis is the OG and nothing else is as good. If the thing were reliable, I’d give it a four for the variety of OK puzzles. As it is lately, it’s bordering on me giving up on it completely. …another event later and it seems to be even worse. I hate to give up on this, but it is SO frustrating. I normally only do two or three puzzles per day, but during an event I try to do as many as I can and it really shows how poorly this app performs.
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1 year ago, NatashaSP
Probably best $40 per year I spend on entertainment.
I love that I can go back and find puzzles I haven’t completed and even redo ones I have. Lots of variety. The only thing I would want changed is to allow me to change level of difficulty when replaying or restarting a game. I have accidentally chosen standard difficulty on some puzzles that I haven’t yet learned or mastered. Others I would like to do again maybe even with lower difficulty. It really depends on my mood. I have gotten much better at different puzzles, but sometimes I just want to choose quick. But most of the time my problem is when I clicked standard and now I’m frustrated because I can’t change it to quick. It’s worth the money due to the sheer number of games you can get with no ads. It also stimulates my brain and still gives me dopamine hits.
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5 years ago, SuzCash
Great games, customer service is awful
This is the only game I have ever paid for. The puzzles are great. However, the game keeps shorting me massive amounts of tokens (like, I earn 250 and get 20, or I earn 100 and get 15, and you don’t have many opportunities to earn them - every 50 to 100 games or so). I have emailed customer service, get a canned response and no follow up or fix. Reading through the other reviews, this is a long-standing problem that has been ignored. It irks me that I am a paid subscriber and get no response or correction. It’s bad enough that as a paid subscriber I still have to even worry about tokens - what am I paying for? But then to have the game consistently and severely short my tokens and no resolution is incredibly frustrating and insulting. Update: No, not caught by my spam filter. Nice of you to FINALLY reply to my multiple emails. But are you going to actually FIX the problem or just ignore it again? I am clearly not the only one having problems. The other problems listed here in your reviews - No quests, the daily challenges listing games already completed...you guys just ignore them. How about actually fixing them?
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4 years ago, Futility1912
Quest Issues
I am not a subscriber, so I rely on the quests and the cards to get enough diamonds to play each day. I’ve had the app for about a week and today, when I needed the diamonds from the quests and cards to continue playing the daily page, I didn’t get credit for one of the quests. It was complete a puzzle for 3 consecutive days, so I went back through the past 2 days of puzzles and found that I had completed a Picture Cross and a Crossword on each of those daily pages. I completed today’s Picture Cross and Crossword and still hadn’t received credit for the quest. I only had enough diamonds left to play 1 more game, so I did a Crossword from the introduction special issue but still didn’t receive credit for the quest. Very disappointed that there is an issue with logging the quests, as it feels intentional to force people to buy a subscription. I love the app, but won’t pay for it and if I can only do a couple of puzzles with the diamonds earned each day it really isn’t worth the space it takes up on my phone. ☹️
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5 years ago, 17Owl
Inappropriate ads
I really have enjoyed this puzzle game!! It has been amazing. However, once again, I’m finding that the ads contain “Choices” or whatever which displays and promotes cheating spouse, lovers, etc....this is very wrong! I mean, seriously, it’s bad enough that we are exposed to it in day to day life, news, social media, etc. it would be great to actually unwind with a great puzzle like the ones you offer and not be blasted with game ads involving cheating. There could be children playing some of these puzzles. I even had seen an app that had an ad involving the cheating type scenario but with even more cartoonishly characters like you’d see in a children’s show. Come on!! Please, fix that. I barely have any puzzles, card games, etc I can even do without ads like these popping up. No, I do not wish to purchase ad free games either. These were to gain more tokens if you watch video. We barely get enough tokens to play. Again, other than the crappy ads, the puzzles and new update of the new layout are neat!
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2 years ago, Brokemom1014
USED to Love the game
I’ve been an AVID subscriber for several years! Since the last update, though, I can NOT launch the application anymore! It goes to a black screen! When I click, it acts as if it’s running in the background; however, when I click on it, it goes to black! I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled several times! I recycled power more times than I can count! I AM up to date on ALL my IOS updates and software releases! Please tell me that this is a known issue!!!! I have plenty of disk space and memory, too! I hate to cancel my subscription…I look forward to playing all the daily games…I’m almost through with ALL the daily puzzles dating back to 2018! I really enjoy the the puzzles, and would love to participate in the new one! I didn’t see a link for technical support, and, since I can’t launch the application… PLEASE HELP!!!!
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5 years ago, homeskillet2011
Four ads to access one puzzle?!
The puzzles are great, but it’s so incredibly difficult to access them! I don’t for the life of me understand why this game has this system in place. Each puzzle costs 20 tokens. You are rewarded coins when completing a puzzle. Coins cannot be used to access puzzles, but can be used for hints. Every day you get 10 tokens for logging in. (There is an opportunity to earn more if you log in on consecutive days, with a limit of 20. You also get a token discount for every day you log in). It is so incredibly difficult to earn tokens! There are ads after every puzzle, plus you have a rare opportunity to unlock a puzzle with an ad- a sponsored puzzle. You also can watch ads to earn tokens or coins. However, each ad only earns you 5 tokens. You need to watch 4 ads to play one puzzle. I would love this game if I could actually play it. If I could change the game, I would only change one thing: just put an ad before every puzzle. I’m happy to do so. There is no need for this crazy and complex token/coin system.
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6 years ago, LoCeeBel
Extremely fun, but tokens are a problem.
All of the puzzles are extremely fun and challenging, although I wish there were fewer crosswords and a little more variety - like, more picture sweeps, codewords, and Kakuro puzzles, instead of some daily pages having 4 different varieties of crossword puzzles... but other than that, I hadn't even heard of some of these puzzle types, and it's tons of fun. BUT - Tokens have been a problem in EVERY single game that these developers have released. They have such fun and challenging games, but they pressure you to spend real money on tokens. If you haven't subscribed to the app, then you get bombarded with full-volume 30-second ads, and you win a measly amount of tokens and a large amount of coins. Coins are only helpful for hints, and it's easy to accumulate thousands of coins that you don't need. Tokens are required to play puzzles, and you often need 70 tokens to complete a daily page, but you'll probably only earn 20-30 tokens in a day of playing, meaning you'll probably run out of tokens and won't be able to play anymore unless you spend real money to get more. Also, I've actually subscribed, but now the app has stopped giving me tokens for completing challenges. Seems to me like the developers want me to stay subscribed, or else I won't be able to afford playing anymore. It's clear now that these guys just want money, and they're willing to destroy the fun of the gaming experience in their greedy pursuit.
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3 months ago, MMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Please fix ad bugs
Great app for a wonderful variety of puzzles. Five stars but for the bugs with watching ads for tokens. Only recently, getting black screen with no ad. When I select the x to close, message window tells you you won’t get your reward unless you resume watching the ad. Going back and waiting out the usual 30 seconds then selecting the x doesn’t bypass the problem. I’ve waited up to a full minute, still no ability. In frustration, when you do close it, then the ad shows up, but it’s too late, and selecting the x to close takes you back to the game with no earned tokens. Very frustrating, as this is a completely new problem. Never experienced any before, and I’ve been playing a while. As an aside: Wonderful for airline travel as internet access not a requirement, which I greatly appreciate. Please fix the bug for the otherwise deserved 5 stars!
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