Puzzle Planet

4 (25)
60.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Small Planet Digital
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Puzzle Planet

4 out of 5
25 Ratings
12 years ago, snam23
A Fun Twist on a Classic Game
When you open the app, you are given two options: Play and Souvenirs. Both are self explanatory but here is a brief description of each. Souvenirs is an accomplishment/achievements section, where as you play more, you will be able to unlock rewards. The Play option brings you to another screen where you can pick and choose your destination. On playing your first game, the screen will instruct you on how to play. Pro: -FREE! (as of this review that is) -cute graphics -fitting music -excellent puzzle game -creative theme Con: -ads while loading -could be harder -needs more difficulty levels -few puzzles -hard to see details on small iPhone screen Overall, this is an addicting twist on the classic puzzle games and I've seen few this good. And for the price of nothing, why not? Download away!
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12 years ago, stevecaks
Great graphics and animations. Background music bothersome after awhile but can be turned off. Not all puzzle pieces available at once. Most puzzles have to be purchased in-app but the included ones will probably last long enough to get the hang of the game. Best jigsaw puzzle interface I've seen.
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12 years ago, Important message:
Nicely Design
Best puzzle game on iPhones app I've ever seen and tried. No glitches or lags. The puzzles moves smoothly. I really love the auto near detection pieces. About one of the achievements on Game Center, shouldn't it be two minutes on iPhones and one minute on iPad? iPhone screen is way smaller than iPad's - making it not able to see a bigger picture.
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12 years ago, Sodaguy
Way better than standard jigsaw puzzles
I don't usually like cardboard jigsaw puzzles. With this app you don't have cardboard pieces to lose. You don't have to worry about someone breaking apart your puzzle when your done. You also get power ups and people to compete with.
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13 years ago, MrsFloon
Loads of fun!
Love this because it's more than just putting together puzzles--the ways to rack up points make it feel more competitive, more interactive. My kids love it, too. It's the first game they don't mind playing together.
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12 years ago, Jerryxt
Usual puzzle game
The FREE version comes with 3 sets of free puzzles, each set will consists of 6 pictures for the puzzle. The rest you need to buy yourself via IAP for a buck each set. Nothing special in this puzzle game, graphic wise is consider not bad. Only 5 puzzle pieces for you to select to put in, so you have to guess around with that. Not really amaze by this game.
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12 years ago, AppThis
I enjoyed this puzzle game, very nice user interface. Gets challenging too. Would be nicer without the Ads however.
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13 years ago, Dave The Movie
Great Puzzle App
My son is four and loves this. He started with the easiest version, but has worked his way into the hard puzzles and can't get enough. Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Lone$tar01
I really enjoy this app because it offers many amenities that keep the experience going. Furthermore game mechanics are great and work well. Overall this is a great app.
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12 years ago, Ctapia116
easy to load
Adjusted device support to 3GS and above is good in this version, and easy to play and easy to load the game.
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12 years ago, Jethro C
simple and enjoyable
It was enjoyable and easy to play. The graphics are cute and I am impressed with the whole game.
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12 years ago, Dakus1
Puzzle Planet
A perfectly delightful game for all ages. Easy to play and challenging at the same time. I really enjoy this one.
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13 years ago, Shang17
The best graphics on any app ive seen, stunning puzzles which are enjoyable, yet challenging. Small planet created a perfect blend of mystery and adventure in this stunning app
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12 years ago, Lindsay42
Simple puzzle game
The graphics are nice, but it's a bit too simplistic for a puzzle game. It only let's you choose from 5 pieces and it snaps them in if you are even remotely close. No challenge at all...
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10 years ago, jo2seph
Need more!
This is a great jigsaw puzzle but it needs more puzzles to be added PLEASE. I have run out of options. Thank you.
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12 years ago, rosscoer
Very cute!
Sometimes it's tough to see the darker pieces but it's easy to play and the pics are good. Graphics are great!
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12 years ago, Janealim22
the update is very nice, lots of improvement like Adjusted device support to 3GS, i will definitely recommend to my friends
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12 years ago, Massive323
Good app
This game is great for kids and for adults of all ages you can play for a long time putting the puzzles together a must have on iPod!!!
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12 years ago, HectorNB
I enjoy the puzzles an the picture you get to make alot!
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12 years ago, michaeltrack
Played very well and if the speed will decrease a little more attractive ! so nice app,
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12 years ago, ifrenzy
Fun twist to a puzzle game
I like the fast pace action of a traditional puzzle game. Definitely not your typical boring puzzle. Loving the bonus and power up!
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12 years ago, Barbcarreras
Puzzle Planet
I love it! Great app for times when you need to relax or just recharge. Nice puzzle pictures too! Barbcarreras
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12 years ago, Fredavid112
Ok, but gets expensive...
I love the game and the puzzles are challenging, but you have to pay more money to buy add ons. That makes it expensive and not free. The puzzles it comes with are very fun though.
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12 years ago, choongfuset
Great Fun!
Semi decent but not enough puzzles, you'll go through this app quicker than you expected
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12 years ago, Mebottom
Good App
not a puzzle fan, very good graphics, all in all a good app, im just not a puzzle person a download for people who want to waste time and relax
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13 years ago, MPBBB
Good times...
Don't love the music, but everything else is super catchy in this puzzle game. Great gameplay.
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12 years ago, zrevai
Very Nice Puzzle App!!!
Could use more puzzles and better combo packs to purchase more/all puzzles for one slightly discounted price.
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12 years ago, Darwhin
Nice pictures and easy to make needs smaller puzzle pieces and more challenging levels
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12 years ago, Aurelio_p
Pretty Addicting
This is a great game, I would recommend gettings it for all ages, I let my dad play it and he loves it as much as I do.
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12 years ago, aznjBoi
Would be better with more puzzles. :)
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13 years ago, milsyobtaf
Excellent App
Slick interface, interesting puzzles. Great way to pass the time.
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12 years ago, Afrancuz
Great Puzzle App
If you like puzzles then you will love this app. This is an app with actual puzzles too not just puzzle like games.
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12 years ago, Irish Sparky
Great set up and easy to use. Nice operation to get the pieces to line up. Worth the money.
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12 years ago, Fisshe
Awesome, Fun, Addicting
I never thought the simplicity of a puzzle could be as fun as this app has made it!
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12 years ago, mapmaplonely
Amazing game!!!
You’ll never look at jigsaw puzzles the same again!
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12 years ago, Manimal3497
Ok lil puzzle game
Ok for free. The 18 puzzles will get old pretty quick but not bad for the time being.
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12 years ago, Pjsanjuan
Time Killer
Great app to kill time with. Puzzles are nice, though could use a bit more puzzles.
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12 years ago, Nopans
Old style puzzles
Not sure what the matter with the review system? ...... But it won't take my review? ..... Nice game but way to short ..... More of a demo of the classic cut-out-puzzle pieces
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13 years ago, Ribwings
Good quality
Needs more. Including different difficulty levels.
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12 years ago, AlisonB22
Time consuming
This game is fun and takes up a lot of time!
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12 years ago, benjamin239
Simple yet wonderful.
If you like to solve puzzles, then you will really enjoy this app.
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12 years ago, double3kopitiam
Average game
Simple and clean graphics user interface. Nice if it's free, I wouldn't pay extra to get more puzzles though.
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12 years ago, rafael.lkh
this is very nice relax game to play my kids after a busy day.
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12 years ago, jane.jt14
Good for kids
this game is good for kids to play, can train their brain and memory.
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12 years ago, sasuke52
what a great app!
This app is great! Use it all the time! Pick it up soon!
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12 years ago, jack aycock
very good !
very interesting puzzles. it helps me learn new things very rewarding. This application is useful.
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12 years ago, rpgmaster35
Great game
Has great gameplay and graphics. It's a great buy since it's free
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12 years ago, Squigish
Don't like the ads, and it's lame that you have to buy most of the puzzles
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12 years ago, Deafpilotboy
Cool puzzle game!
Puzzle are more fun when you add timer with it. :-)
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12 years ago, ericclay79
interesting puzzle
The game is so good with interesting puzzle.
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