Puzzle Retreat

4.8 (257)
82.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Puzzle Retreat

4.84 out of 5
257 Ratings
8 years ago, raven 19
Fun Puzzler
The game is simple to learn and fun to play. It mostly involves strategy knowing which block to slide first in order for the rest of the blocks to slide into place to complete the puzzle. Overall a well put together game. My only criticism is that when one is starting to play while in the welcome pack. Information regarding how to play the game is given strange manner after one may need it. For example the objective of the game is to slide an ice square into a desired space in the puzzle layout, the level is completed when all of the available blocks have been used and the spaces of the layout are filled. However while in welcome mode I was only told this after completing 10 puzzles, effectively making the info. unnecessary. This is not extremely bad, but a suggestion, if one is going to be given information in -game regarding a specific puzzle, it should be useful not a means of continuing a tutorial. Would definitely recommend.
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9 years ago, minpinminion
Don't Retreat: Go Forward & Try this Gem Out!
I initially tried the free sampler & loved it! Long before I got through the free puzzle levels, I realized Puzzle Retreat was a Keeper and decided to purchase the additional Puzzle Packs. I'm on a tight fixed income so when I buy something it must offer a true bang for my buck — and Puzzle Retreat definitely has the IT factor. This is one of my favorite games. As you progress through the levels, they get a little tougher as new game objects are added. Some puzzles look deceptively simple, but can drive you crazy as you work through the solution — what a great workout for your grey matter! Be forewarned: some of the most challenging puzzles can be the tiniest as well. Loves: NOT Timed: I can take my sweet time & enjoy the process (I HATE being timed!)... I can play with the game soundtrack OR play my OWN music (I hate when we can't choose)... Animation is awesome, game objects are unique & colorful, the puzzles are awesome. There aren't any characters of the ornithologically ornery persuasion, any boorish boars or posturing pigs, nor is there a zombie in sight. It is ALL puzzle, all the time without the melodrama or camp of more ubiquitous games. Puzzle Retreat is a unique change of pace & well worth the download. Try it, you'll like it!
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10 years ago, Crushing Steadily Up
It's a new kind of FUN!!!
Makes the gears in your brain workout. It starts off easy so you can figure out how the game is played. It challenges you at each level and adds in a little twist to make it interesting. Once you pass a level, it makes you feel accomplished and want to try the next one. The only downside I can think of is that you'll need to pay for each new pack at .99 cents. But I honestly think it's way better than those other games that place annoying ads(especially video ads) at each level or a pulls you in to subscribe & pay big $ so you can play more locked levels. Those games I delete. This game is a keeper and I don't mind paying for a new pack.
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2 years ago, caerbannog1974
Background music is really annoying
This is a great game (puzzles are fun and interesting, interface is easy to use) except for one thing - the hideous background music. It kills the whole experience for me. And at present, there is no way to turn it off without silencing all sound from the game including the sounds from the blocks. The trouble is that I actually like the block sounds, but the background music is so disruptive and distracting that I can’t stand it. What’s odd is that I had this game on the Galaxy S7 that I just got rid of and that issue wasn’t present. I can play through one puzzle before the music starts and then the only way to make it stop is to close the app all the way and then reopen it to play the next puzzle. That’s hardly an acceptable solution. I would gladly give this app 5 stars if not for this issue with the background music. Until the developers fix that issue, it gets 1 star from me.
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2 years ago, LoganSo
My grandmother is visually handicapped and really enjoys this game. How to complete any frame is available. My five year old just flies through the game. We have had this on many platforms for years and never tire of the challenge of completing a level. With no burst of ads (much appreciated), makes it one of our top ten games. Our two boys will be on different iPads, and compete to finish first on a level. Just wish there were more “games” like this.
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4 years ago, DsignrMom
Just started., big puzzler.
So far, interesting, engrossing. Different enough to keep my attention. I am enjoying it, for sure. More as I continue. A few months later.. just about finished. Went through all the puzzles and thoroughly enjoyed the time. Some were very challenging., some fairly easy and most a nice comfortable less than an hour times worth. Wish there were more.. Just finished and sadly had to say goodbye to a very enjoyable, challenging puzzle. Pleasantly rewarding.
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4 years ago, 333MMP333
Thank you for not bullying with adverts!
I wish more apps would follow your lead. Nothing worse than having to see an ad every time you complete a round so you are forced to pay for upgrade. If you like this game after playing for a while, you can decide to pay to keep going. Far more thoughtful and sophisticated approach- many thanks to this game’s marketing and development departments!
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6 years ago, Sariphine
A great way to clear your mind
I find this very therapeutic from the clutter of thoughts that can overwhelm me. I can sit a take a moment away from all that by solving a few puzzles or more and I feel clarity in my mind. The puzzles provide a satisfying release to the mundane routine of the everyday. They are challenging, yet not overwhelming so. The game design is aesthetic and comforting. I enjoy playing curled up in a blanket or with a nice cup of coffee.
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3 months ago, DemoRaze
Unique Yet Comfortable Concept
This is pure puzzling pleasure. The gameplay concept feels familiar but I’ve never played a puzzle game quite like it. If you’re a fan of clever, visual, spatial puzzles, this one has a nice balance to its difficulty progression. It continues to challenge you, but doesn’t leave you frustrated and joyless. Nicely done.
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10 years ago, JoyfulK
Well designed, great fun
This app is fun to play and very usable. As each new concept is added, the simple and clear instructions provide exactly the right level of help to keep it interesting without becoming frustrating. I also enjoy having a challenge that is not timed---The need for intricate thought without the adrenaline rush.
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9 years ago, Pandora15
Great game but.....
Update: developers need to let us reset all the levels and start from scratch again. No way to do that now. Also, just an FYI to the developers. Not everyone is on Facebook. So the fact that I can't be a part of the conversation unless I log on via Facebook is BS. I'm not on Facebook and never will be.
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6 years ago, Konokopia
Enjoyable, Needs Update
I am enjoying this puzzle, but it would really be nice to have it updated for the latest iPhone screens. Especially if we’re to pay for the additional levels that are offered.
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7 years ago, Mandy3mili
Love it and want more
I love this game, but I wish there were more levels! I have been waiting forever for them to come out with new ones. I do go back and replay all the ones I’ve purchased, but I’m ready for more. So get on that, guys!
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4 years ago, Madeirak
I wish you could update the game to 2020
This is by far one of the most interesting, challenging puzzle games that I ever played. I just wish that the developer could update this game for 2020 with new puzzles and maybe a refreshed look. Cheers
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4 years ago, perplexedly puzzling
a hole in my problem-solving skills...
needs practice and this type of puzzle is the trick. It’s tough to find a formula to solve this beyond trial and error. Good seeing-multiple-moves-ahead sight training. Thanks, I love critical-thinking, problem-solving physics-components puzzles!
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8 years ago, 007 Benny
Great puzzler
Puzzle pack is a good value. Hours upon hours of levels. Had some concern whether level design quality would remain high, but can say it does for sure. If you like the free levels the $7 pack is a good value.
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8 years ago, Readerjoe93
Pristine brain challenge!
Lovely graphics and satisfying puzzler. Hint: buy all packs for only $6: 1: play the last level in the morning pack. (You don't have to do all levels, just last one) You get a deal to buy three packs for 2$. 2: play last level in newly unlocked packs: spa last level You Get a deal to buy three more packs for 2$. Now there's only three packs left that are locked. Scroll down to buy all packs button and its 2$! All packs for 6$ instead of 7$
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8 years ago, kjenkins878
A lot of fun! However...
This game is really fun, creative, and challenging all in one. However only 72 levels are free. In order to get the rest, it's $6.99. Kinda blows. I'd rather just watch ads if it meant I didn't have to pay $7. -_-
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1 year ago, NoNoIllDriveInstead
The best! Occupied forever!
Loved this puzzle game! Never a glitch, no crashing, really fulfilled my love of puzzle games. I love the unique and progressive animations of the blocks. And the difficulty was great!! Sad that I beat it, I’m wanting more!!!
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10 years ago, TN Lady JC
Addicting but needs more levels
I love this game. It's so addicting I have worked all the levels twice. It's time for more puzzle packs!
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9 years ago, GeekMax
Good game ... Pretty easy
The game concept is great and the graphics are excellent. I wish there were more free levels before the decision to buy the additional levels. The free levels are pretty easy and took me under 2 hours to complete.
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9 years ago, jiraffe
Addictive, needs more level packs
Wow this is hard to put down. For others waiting for more level packs, try Vexed (for a sort of similar type of puzzle game) while you wait.
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7 years ago, Yogibear 700
Puzzle retreat
Love the game, finished all levels, been waiting for a long time for more levels to be added please update
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10 years ago, Anniehobbs
Puzzle retreat
Omg I love this game a lot. I will definitely purchase all of the levels, this is the most entertaining game I have found since bobby carrot lol!!!!enjoy
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10 years ago, Britestr22
Great brain teaser
I like this game because it is simple but challenging. I wish they would come out with more versions!
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4 years ago, this game might me rigged :(
My review
It’s one of the best voxel agent's games ever the only thing I don’t like is having to pay for the other levels but it’s such a great game
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10 years ago, RossiNordic
Keeps me busy, somewhat challenging but not so much so you want to give up. I'd rate it higher except for having to purchase additional packs so quickly.
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9 years ago, GrrrrMercedesx
Great Game!!👍👍😄
OK, this is a great game, but it would be even awesome-er if they gave us 🆓 and helpful hints!! But if you want to play a game that involves thinking, this is it- what you've been looking for!
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8 years ago, amyechandler
Worth every penny
If they come out with new level packs, I'll buy them in a heartbeat!!
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5 years ago, jkd5000
PLEASE allow me to mute the background music. The game sounds are great but I am forced to play with all sound muted because there isn’t a separate control to mute the awful background music.
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7 years ago, Squall338
Absolutely love it
It's nice to see an actual puzzle game and not just another candy crush clone.
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9 years ago, Sheanoel
A unique, fun game that presents a lot of challenges and makes you think. Nice graphics as well. Give it a go!
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10 years ago, Luigidude125
Great deal of fun
not like other puzzle games, it's a new kind (maybe not new but I've never seen this kind) so, ya, fun
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10 years ago, Reviewer467
So much fun!
This game has provided me with hours of entertainment. If you like brain teasers you'll love this.
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8 years ago, LadyByrdsong
Purchase of additional games
Why do I need to purchase the additional games when I have already purchase these games from my phone? Once I am given credit for my previous purchase, the rating score will improve.
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9 years ago, Cap815
Addicting and challenging
Love this game because it combines a number of skills. Energizing! Need more levels!
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10 years ago, Dacliss
Pretty addicting!
One of the best puzzle games I've played. Visual effects are top notch.
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10 years ago, qkaw
A delightful challenge!
A great way to spend any spare time! Challenging, stimulating, and a blast to play; great for logical/pattern/problem-solving orientated minds.
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8 years ago, Eageralanpoe
This game has been around since before cheese was invented, and in the field of puzzles there is NOTHING better.
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9 years ago, 008525786431
Love the graphics. Not too crazy hard, but still challenging. Very fun!
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10 years ago, ChickaChicka BoomBoom
Absolutely LOVE this puzzle game. Finished all of levels, need more!
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7 years ago, Texas Firefighter
Train bear
A fun challenge when I have some spare time! Not to do this app now. It needs updating for IOS 11.
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10 years ago, Ginerrr
Excellent Game
Lots of fun yet challenging too! Definitely recommend.
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10 years ago, Ethan Jacob
Really good game makes you think
Show more
5 years ago, Peaches 3575
Great thinking game
Great game for strategy. Makes you think.
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10 years ago, Littlemansmom66
Love this game
Very challenging. It really makes me think.
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10 years ago, iBourbon
Relaxing but yet challenging at the same time. Love it.)
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10 years ago, Boyeneni Praveen
Food for thought
This game is yoga for the brain!
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10 years ago, MsJillofAllTrades
Excellent puzzle game!
Lots of fun with interesting twists and challenges.
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8 years ago, Andrei023
Cleverly designed puzzle game
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