Puzzlerama - Fun Puzzle Games

4.6 (681)
152.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Do More Mobile, LLC.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Puzzlerama - Fun Puzzle Games

4.64 out of 5
681 Ratings
5 years ago, QtKolley
The other reviews had me a bit nervous, but I have really enjoy this game. There are quite a few different puzzles with variety of difficulties within each. Every time you rank up by defeating levels you get a good for thought quote by a famous person which is interesting. There is an ad that plays permanently at the bottom unless you pay for ads to disappear, but honestly I don’t notice it when I am focusing on a puzzle at all. I saw another review claimed to have an ad every 5 puzzles as well however my personal experience is one every 25 puzzles. I think sometimes people forget that free games do cost money, so ads will always be a thing. This game does give you a deal daily quickly to remove all ads for only $2 along with 50 hint tokens, which is a decent deal if you see yourself playing this game a lot. I would recommend this game if you are looking for a variety of good free puzzles :)
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5 years ago, SallyGames
No timer, as many retries as you want
The puzzle variety is great. You get a new hint daily. You also get an added hint when you complete a “mission” - a set of game selected puzzles from about 5-8 categories with a mix of difficulty but more easy ones when you start. I like that there is no counter or “lost life” if you need to try a puzzle multiple times to get it right. It is relaxing because you can think about how to solve the puzzle without worrying about a timer counting down. I like the random quotes. The ads have been short and never while you are solving a puzzle.
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1 year ago, dustylee77
Good mix of relaxation & challenge
Calms my mind before sleep. I work all day with words, so spatial puzzles are a great way to clear my mind. Some I master quickly; others, although rated as easy, are very challenging. So far, a good balance. Update: Finally figured out that the way to find out how many hints are available is to click on hint button & then you will get the number. Duh. New update. I wish there was a way to sync across devices so that I could play on my iPhone when I am away from home. Needs to be connected to game board for syncing across devices. I’m very frustrated that I have to start from level 1 because my old iPad died & I want to play again. Really needs to sync across devices. I would give it 5 stars if it did. What’s the point of signing into the Game Center if that doesn’t work?!
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6 years ago, jZak2k10
Major Setbacks
I’m just going to get to the major points. Nothing on this app transfers or restores. Let’s say you have this on your iPad and make a lot of progress and pay to get rid of ads. “Hey,” you think to yourself, “I’m gonna put this on my phone so I can play pretty much anywhere!” That’s a great idea except none of your progress transfers, and you have annoying ads that pop up every 5 puzzles and animated banner ads at the bottom of the screen. That’s kind of annoying isn’t it? Now today I opened the app on my iPad and all the progress in had made, along with my purchase for no ads, is gone. It doesn’t have anything to do with having the app on both my iPad and iPhone because I’ve had it like that for months, but for some reason everything on my iPad just reset. Side note: There’s no ‘Restore Purchases’ option in the settings. There should be.
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2 years ago, Bobby Fresh!
Challenging but fun
All the different modes are fun and I would totally recommend this app. I can spend hours playing this game trying to solve the hardest puzzles. My main 2 problems are: the age gate is ridiculous. My 13 year old cousin tried to download it on his phone after playing it on mine and wasn’t allowed to play for inputting his age. The “boxes” mode is stuck in a permanent winter/Christmas theme, too, which kind of bothers me.
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6 years ago, SQ B
Shikaku could use one change
Shikaku is my jam and I’ve played almost every level of the game available on the App Store with this one being the last. This game is missing the ability to click on a box to clear it in case you’ve made a mistake. You are forced to cover your mistake with another piece, which is annoying when you have multiple options. Don’t get me wrong, I like to play perfect, logical shikaku, but on a huge board it is fairly common to just have to guess a move. The way this game is currently designed makes it hard to do that. I’m considering replaying some of the other options...
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4 years ago, Ouch mimi
Challenge for my mind and fingers 😄
Love it! Only thing that bothers me is as the moves get more curvy my fingers don’t cooperate with me. My fingers get in the way of what I’m doing when I’m trying to maneuver such curves. I have trouble seeing if I’m doing the stair step super tight curves correctly. Not something that can be fixed. Still fun. Challenging for my mind and fingers. Lol
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2 years ago, Singer9094
I love how every time you level up it gives an amazing quote from a famous person!!! All of the different puzzles that have different difficulties helps me think and I really enjoy all of it!!! Thank you for developing this app and hope you develop more just like it!!!
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4 years ago, SheeMcRee
I love brain exercises... these start out simple but get more complicated as you go... I’m grieving the loss of my brother and this has actually helped occupy my sad thoughts for brief periods of time because you really have to think..
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3 years ago, Cubemissy
Love the games
There’s only one thing I’d ask for from the developers. When I complete a puzzle, the Congratulations screen pops up so quickly, I don’t get a chance to see HOW I completed it. Using Lasers as the example, sometimes I’m just moving blocks to see how that affects the laser line. If I accidentally solve the puzzle, I can’t see what I did, so I’m not learning from it.
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6 years ago, Dictionary.comm
Fun But Not Flawless
Fun game, but its a but glitchy when ever moving anything across the screen. Placement is picky and movement is a little jumpy, but those things are not so bad. Also, the tutorial steps are super picky and I feel a little unnecessary. Finally, the pipes tutorial is broken so my app crashed every time I try to pass it, and the app keeps going back to it when I try to do Missions. Although I like the game, its technicalities aren’t flawless.
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6 years ago, m00v4c4
Want to love, but glitchy :(
This is basically the perfect puzzle game for me! Challenge mode is everything I want in a game. The big catch is, the tutorial level of Pipes requires you to make a wrong move, then crashes. Every. Single. Time. So I can't move forward with challenge mode. Tried using a hint to skip it, and it just ate up my hint and did nothing. Tried reinstalling to no avail. Tried to contact support in the app, and it just crashes. :(
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5 years ago, Horrible and don't download
Amazing and very addictive!
I really like the game. It has a good variety and lots of levels so you don't run out of puzzles quickly. A setback is that it has lots of ads and requests for ratings, and the banner ad on the bottom is quite annoying. I would like it to be on the to or none at all. Other than that the game is awesome!
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4 years ago, natyrone
Was ok, now ads are too much
Is a good collection of different puzzles, none are that great, but it was an ok way to pass the time every now and then. It always had ads on the screen, but now a video ad comes up full screen after every few completed puzzles. With such short puzzles, that’s an ad every minute. I understand the need for ads in a free game, but that’s too much. Deleting.
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7 years ago, Ain't got no name
It's great to be able to go from one puzzle to another. Especially, when they are all as appealing as the ones offered. The quotes are definitely a big plus.
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6 years ago, Goblinlight104YT
Amazing for those times in the car that are horrible, and those times that your just waiting
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4 years ago, Syhnyster
Amazing, except..
I love this game. I’ve almost 100% it on my phone and just got it again on my ipad. I do wish you could pay to remove ads. I 100% would pay for this app. It really is the best puzzle app on the market.
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7 years ago, MsuBears1905
Games flow from one to another. There are plenty of games to play from and you won't beat it in 1 day.
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1 year ago, Scanita
Can not open the game
Last time I played there were no problems but this time it didn’t let me enter the game.
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3 years ago, kbec13
i really love this game. it’s so creative and a good way to spend time, but there is one thing. on my old phone, i had a game mode called “hue”. on this phone i don’t have it, and i really like that game mode.
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2 years ago, mrs filled up
This game is fit for stoke and aphasia
This game is fit for someone who has a stroke/aphasia with out having to pay for it.
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7 years ago, Frog03:)
A friend introduced me to this app, and now I don't use any other game app, because there are so many games on just one.
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4 years ago, ValerieS42
Fun games, weird ads
I try a lot of puzzle apps and have really enjoyed these puzzles and their variations and progression. The ads are not intrusive. However, today I started getting anti-medication/anti-vaccine ads?! I am deleting it on principle.
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5 years ago, Lovely486
I seriously love this app and it has hundreds of levels with numerous different puzzles definitely worth the download can’t believe it’s a free app! ❤️
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6 years ago, Pand5755
Has to be the best app out there! I love love this game. You can never get tired of it, always something new to do. Very addictive!
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7 years ago, Fatmanthefirst
There are lots of different choices for puzzles so if you get bored of on move to the next
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2 years ago, BGM4
Great pastime
Love the challenges. I started out with the easiest as a way to learn how to reach the goals.
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5 years ago, Blah Blah Reviwws
Really Enjoyable
Wish there were more levels!
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7 years ago, WorkoutYourMind
I love all of the different games and ssssooooo many levels.
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6 years ago, coderogre
Fun but stop asking for a rating, it’s annoying.
Shouldn’t ask for a rating. If I’m asked again I may have to rate lower.
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5 years ago, bnosborn
It was fun but
Every few minutes there’s an add. I love these kinds of games but way too many ads for me to keep playing this. I understand some ads are necessary but not this much jeez and Pete’s. Deleting now
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7 years ago, Fairy_grl
Great game!!!
My daughter told me about this game and I absolutely love it and am addicted!!!! Even got my hubby to play some.
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5 years ago, Laila is Awesome22
Boredom breaker
Its so much fun. I love this app. The app makes time go by really fast.
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6 years ago, Tsynam
Fun Distraction
Great games to play to just get lost in for hours.
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7 years ago, Slipstreamed
Great puzzles, annoyed at rating pop up
Paid to remove ads, great puzzles, but got annoyed at the constant reminder to rate the game.
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6 years ago, letter swap
I love it!
So many puzzles, so little time.
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3 years ago, Vimelodie
Very nice!
Enjoying it so far!😊
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6 years ago, MentalHealthLaVentana
Excellent for Autism/Panic Assistance
I have an uncontrolled panic disorder. Therapies don’t work, medications other than sedatives don’t help when I’m about to shift from anxiety to panic. But these games- the ones that engage me, like the Rectangle Tangrams on expert level, they have allowed me to transcribe formerly suggested forms of distraction, so that my amygdala can reduce its battalions of neurotransmitters ampersand hormones. This is an app for people who can’t distract themselves by naming all the bones in the human body or all the elements on the periodic table or all the prime numbers, because we already know them. This app engages the necessity of communication through the Corpus Callosum, which any person well-versed in neuroanatomical physiology or cognitive psychology, would tell you is most efficient in re-allocating the brain’s excess of impulses, spreading them out over numerous areas instead of concentrating the impulses in the structures where the reactions “originate.” Five stars. Thank you, developers, from my inferior left ventricle (anatomy word play, hehe), for giving me a stepping stone toward getting my life back to the terminal degree of MD/PhD. Thank you for bringing the brain games of my childhood back to me in a way that I can access whenever needed. Thank you for giving me a way to get out of panic or overstimulation that doesn’t involve intellectual castration via sedative or self-harm. Some of these games, and I say this with complete lack of hyperbole, have literally saved my life.
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7 years ago, meedily
Too many ads
Please give us an option to buy an ad-free version.
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7 years ago, Megan.e.flan
Fun mini games and it's a good time waster.
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7 years ago, Sajames12
Pretty good
Pretty good, a lot of different puzzles so you get a variety.
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7 years ago, Shappt
Love it!
No complaints!
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3 years ago, naftin
When do you know how to play?
Not sufficient info on how to play
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3 years ago, Mommyness0320
I am a puzzle freak and very hard to please. This game is awesome.
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6 years ago, Fkamdmcmxn kxll
Tons of cool puzzle, and they’re all free!
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7 years ago, Cobra Kusher
Awesome just Awesome no more said
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6 years ago, TheRealBiss007
Best puzzle game ever!!Its really cool and awesome
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5 years ago, Uncoolcentral
Ads. Ads. Ads.
Give me a chance to buy a reasonably priced ad-free version. The only way I saw was to pay $15. Nope.
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2 years ago, Theodore Pek
Why is it 17 plus
I was playing this game and it asked for my age so I put it in (14). But because this app is 17+ for some reason I got PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM A PUZZLE GAME! WHAT IS THIS???
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3 years ago, sunam26
Was really enjoying the missions but now they are gone. Oh and all of my progress was erased.
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