Pyramid Solitaire - Card Games

4.7 (340.8K)
291.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pyramid Solitaire - Card Games

4.69 out of 5
340.8K Ratings
4 years ago, S4 NotLike
I do like playing the mobilityware games, and my Grandson also plays these games. Regarding the ADs, I do like the ADs which “time out” within a few seconds; however, there are ADs that are too long. And, some ADs automatically send you to the App Store. If I’m sent to the App Store, I will “not” be interested in picking that game app. Are you client-centric?... Please note that some of your clients may have limited income, so they are forced to watch a long AD over and over again. Some of your clients are kids (like my grandson), and they do “not know how” to calculate a mortgage loan or review Medicare plans. There should always be an “exit area” on the AD, but some ADs do not have an exit. My grandson and I then exit your game apps and re-enter again. My grandson’s mother is an RN working with coronavirus patients in the hospital. These games help to relax us after having on-line school work and worrying that family nurses and doctors do not get infected. If this continues, I will look for other similar game apps.
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6 years ago, Zildjiancat
Latest update - UGH! Update
Update - thanks for the advice, MobilityWare. Am liking this game once again! Wow. What was once tons of fun to play has evolved into a stupid mess. Not all of us care about "levels" or "achievements" or calling ourselves "King" or "queen." Many of us are adults. I don't need the game to tell me I cleared a row and scored points. Both are quite obvious to see on the screen. Only a moron needs to be told. And the animation gets in the way of playing the game, so if you're trying to complete it in a better time, you can't do that as you have to see the cards through the animation. Please provide us an option to just play the card game without all that childish nonsense. The excessive ads that hijack your device -- literally lock it up, forcing you to sit for a minimum of 10 seconds before you see the X; then you must stab the X several times before you can actually exit the ad and get back to the game. Just plain dumb. Please allow us to control what animation we want to see. For me, it's only after winning a game. Those are great fun!! For the ads, please allow us to back out of an ad as soon as it starts. Advertisers should not be allowed to lock up/control our devices AT ALL.
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4 years ago, bjgl10
A Gift
-The "Dancing Dude" is my FAVORITE graphic! Please don't fade him out. He doesn't seem to show up much any more. -My dad taught me this game when I was a very young child. Using real cards is aggravating because of all the shuffling and dealing. Playing this game saves all that letting one play more games. -There is another + to this game: the single card reveal. I was taught that like other solitaire games if you want to go through the deck more than once you turn 3 @ a time. If you turn 1 at a time there's only 1 shot at the deck reveal. However, more games are won the way your game is set up. -The ad between each game is annoying. No matter how many times the "X" is tapped the ad continues and often causes a blank white screen that won't go away. It may take hours to be able to play another game. Is an add between every single game necessary? -This game times out/goes to a white screen a LOT.
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3 years ago, Patsy W
24 second lag time before game starts
Have been a loooong time subscriber to this MobilityWare Pyramid game. Love it. Play it every day. In recent weeks I’ve noticed that there is a delay between when a new game opens until the first card can be played. I’ve used a stop watch to time it multiple times. 24 seconds. There’s a 24 second delay before the first card can be played when a game opens! This only happens on my iPad, which is up to date with the current iPad OS. It does not happen with my other MobilityWare games on the iPad. Why 24 seconds? Would that be the space of time for ads to run, so with my paying not to see the ads, I still have to deal with a delay to play? 24 seconds is very frustrating. I love the game. I hope there is a fix soon. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Apache Boot Maker
To many ads
Mobility has some of the best games available and I enjoy playing a little everyday. That being said don’t waste your time downloading them if you don’t want to spend more time getting out of their over abundance of ads than you spend playing the games. The amount of ads has increased dramatically over the last year and often pop up in the middle of a game. I have three of their solitaire games and have noticed the increase in ads in all three Update: After receiving your response I can only add that you have still doubled or tripled the number of ads in the last year are so and they often pop up during the game itself. Say what you want but they are also more time consuming and harder to get out of.
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3 years ago, Diana6848
Very short ads! Only good stuff!
This game only has one ad between games that only lasts for five seconds - amazing! Some of the games are easier to win and others are harder (even un-winnable), which I think would be normal. I don’t feel like the computer rigs the deck, like some other games. Another bonus is that it doesn’t use much power when you play!! I haven’t tried other MobilityWare games, but I would sure like to! ———————————————————- I agree! Game is great with very few ads! Before I begin, I look through the numbers to see what must be played with certain cards in the pyramid or deck. Of course, I miss some!! Although sometimes tricky, I have been able to win every game, even if it takes a number of tries.
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7 years ago, Deadeye180
I love solitaire!!!
I am still loving this game. But it keeps crashing! I have deleted it and re-installed it and it still crashes. It's only doing it on my I pad and not on my phone! I will go back if I see signs that this has been addressed! This is my second review and still love love love it! It has the flexibility to play the whole deck as well! You won't be sorry for getting this addition to your solitaire games!!! This game is clean clear and is really like real for the deal! I can't imagine how many cards I would have shuffle and deal again with no finish! But this makes "13" so much fun!! Really I am hard critic and I will go back at times and update my reviews! It's a ton more fun than dealing unless your winning $$$ then all of its fun!
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3 years ago, HermF
Update - Not joining a team!
So, the developers really do pay attention to these reviews! Thanks so much. I really hated a new feature (teams) and wrote the one star review below. I was emailed not long after the review, thanking me for my feedback, and mandatory teams are now gone! This is my absolute favorite game, I am back to playing it everyday. The daily goals are fun, gameplay is well executed, and the rotating and seasonal backgrounds are also fun. Great job, keep it up! *(This used to be my go to Solitaire, played it every day. Now I have to join a team to play!? Forget it, I’m now done. I’ll check back a few times to see if they get rid of teams, but if they’re going to insist that I can’t just play the game, I’m done. No to teams!!!)*
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2 years ago, donleroy
Ads that won’t go away
I love this game & I understand the need for ads but the ones now are terrible. You cannot exit them after a few seconds. They will just keep playing add after add for several minutes or the ad stops & you can’t do anything to get rid of it. I just had an add this morning that did the freeze thing. It is now 5 hours later & the only way I could get rid of the add so I could play the game was restart my phone. You need to get rid of those ads. That’s the only adds I have been seeing for quite a while. If the adds continue I will just delete the game & play something else. Please fix this problem
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8 months ago, Weather Phobic
Obnoxious ad
I’ve had this game on my iPad for about 3 years and enjoyed it, despite the ads. Most of those ads stopped after after two to three presses of the arrow in upper left. Then comes Royal Match! It is the most obnoxious ad possible. An inane game which takes 6-7 presses of the arrows and the Done button on the pop ad app page. I do not like paying for games and must suffer the smaller ads. Royal Match is the only ad that takes only 4 presses to get rid of. That is at least a small improvement, though most ads on this game take 2-3 to delete. All in all it is a great game to play, especially when waiting in line anywhere!
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5 years ago, SunnyTew
Excellent Games!
I love these games! I have quite a few of the Solitaire games and played them every day before the daily challenge was added to most. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I use these to keep my brain going. I love the goals that were added as well. So I play each game with goals at least 4x a day. I’m hoping future updates include the goals changing to a the new day as soon as we open the app based on our time zone. I forget to open the goals before playing the daily challenge. Then I feel like smacking my head. First goal app, open goals, then play daily challenge. Anyway, I enjoy the games and do enjoy new ones when they come out.
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4 years ago, Candle smart
Mobility Ware ads
Mobility Ware makes the best games. I have enjoyed Solitaire, Spider solitaire, Free cell and others. Have had a great experience until last week. I have not paid for their games so I watch the ads between games. Until last week this has not been a problem. Last week an ad for Angry Birds appeared and all of a sudden a dumb little song blares thru my iPhone. I have the sound turned off in the games but it still comes thru. Not only is it annoying when the ad plays, it continues to play over and over and over - until I close the game. I have contacted them about it and they have responded kindly and immediately. Thought for sure it would go away. But NO! It’s still there loud and annoying. I’ve already deleted my two favorite games and may have to do that with this one but am hanging on hoping they pull the ad. Still waiting!
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3 years ago, BayColonyWoman
Goodbye Mobility
I have always preferred Mobility to other apps. That changed when they updated Pyramid Solitaire. My app rarely opens. When it does it is with an ad then several questions regarding payment. Come on Mobility, loyalty for a decade should count for something. I don’t buy apps and I never will. UPDATE: I can’t play the April 30th, 2021 game on any of my Mobility games without paying $1.99 a month. If I had extra money for games I would definitely spend it on nutritional food that I can no longer afford! Americans have always been greedy but not everyone is doing well in this pandemic economy. Thanks for ruining a small pleasant part of my day Mobility developers. I’m deleting all your games from my phone. UPDATE: Developer contacted me trying to find out what problems I’m having. Duh, if you can’t read I suspect you are a bot of some sort and can’t understand the concept of GREED
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7 years ago, Frustrated and SLO
New update: YUCK
I'm with everyone else, move the deck back to the right hand side and lose the ads! I thought it was me so reloaded the game 3 times before realizing what had happened. Used to play several times a day, won't now unless you go back to how it was. There's an old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sorry to tag to your but I wasn't even able that write my own review, only option was to edit yours! I just tried the new update, is there ANYWAY I can go by to the last one! I don't like this new version. I don't like the way the cards tumble, nor where the deck is now located. It also appears that the pyramid is smaller. Will delete and look for another!
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2 months ago, PerfectNot
It’s Mobility
Mobility has brought us great games that have been free of stupid rules. More than that, Mobility has not shown the horrendous greed that others have shown. Mobility has ads that don’t frustrate a player. They don’t freeze up, they’re not overly frequent. There are no trick ads that appear to be part of the game and trick us into signing up for something we don’t want. Yay Mobility! Additional info: Mobility listens. I complained that a banner ad covers the bottom buttons and I had to close & reopen the game to redeal. Now, I can move the banner and while holding it away from the buttons, I can tap the button I need. Thanks, Mobility!
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3 months ago, Jrnmom
Card games
Your card games are great! I have at least 6 of them, maybe more. Great time passers, and the variety keeps me coming back daily. I check to make sure that I complete my goals, so that I can play the next game. One rule for picking my games, and it is a big one; I like to listen to my music as I play. It is a great, I won’t play games that won’t let my music stay playing. It keeps me coming back. Oh, I don’t like the spiderette game that is insider the Spider game. Once I have finish the Spiderette game I get locked in Spiderette and sometimes I have to power down my phone. Other than that, I really enjoy your games!! Thank you!
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7 months ago, writergirl_xx
I like playing Pyramid, but this version has become unplayable. First, the ads are all videos that have to play before every single hand, which means the time spent playing the game versus watching an ad is comparable. Second, it lags badly, an issue I’ve never experienced with any other app I’ve used. I’m talking 20-30 seconds to open and then the game freezes for about 10 seconds after the first move or two. Third, it doesn’t play well with m iOS update 17.1.2. Since that update, it crashes fairly frequently and sometimes causes the whole phone to freeze so I can’t even exit out of the app to try to load it again. Fortunately, Pyramid is a generic game, so I’m just going to find a different version.
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6 years ago, scevers
Quick fun
I enjoy the game and the existing customizing options. My only ideas for improvements: 1. Is it possible under the Info icon (or somewhere else) to get an answer if a particular deal is solvable or not? Sometimes I can’t solve a board on the first attempt but I can solve it on replay. Other times I can never solve it and am just curious if it is one of the unsolvable deals. 2. I enjoy the trivia posted on the main screen prior to a deal, e.g. “Did you know these were the original suits?” Is it possible to include a link to where we can learn more about a topic listed? Maybe get answers as to why the suit colors are red and black, etc? Thank you for a fun game.
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4 years ago, VaFJax
Would have been 5* but new ad change??
Ads are usual in games and I like Mobilityware as they aren’t long and you can “x” out without giving up hours of your life. However, recently you can’t get out of the ads without actually going into the ads website. Then you have to close the site and go back to your game. NOT acceptable. I thought at first this was a glitch in ad programming but it’s continuing. Very irritating as you see the same ad multiple times back to back in a single game. I’ve decided to leave the game anytime this happens until it is “fixed”.
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1 year ago, roloir
Ads are horrendous
I’ll temporarily raise this to a 5 star review based on the fact that I was immediately contacted and they are wanting to help me correct the problem. I have to respect a developer who does that. I love playing this game, but I’m going to quit because of the ads. I expect ads, but when you have to X out of ads 13 times to get to the game that is ridiculous. If it was 13 different ads that might be a different thing, but this is 1 ad 13 times. I wouldn’t play the advertised game if they gave it to me. I won’t buy, or play any game when the ads are ridiculous!
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6 years ago, GWpeach
Ads all of a sudden?
I love this game and have played it forever with no ads on my iPhone either. The game was playing with jerky motions, so I deleted it and reloaded it.....and now IT’S FULL OF ADS!!! What happened??? I still have no ads on my iPhone! It’s too annoying....I’m finding another game if this isn’t corrected! Update: THANK YOU!! The Developer responded to my review, and advised me that I had previously purchased the ad free version of the game. When I deleted the app, and reloaded, I made a mistake and downloaded the wrong game, with ads. They provided me with the link to my original ad free game. I greatly appreciate the prompt customer service!!! 😀
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5 years ago, Boombatty
Outstanding Game
I have been buried in this one for quite some time now. Love the game, the settings, and the customizing factors as well. I went ahead and paid to get the ads removed, and that is a welcome option for sure. I would love the opportunity to see how I am doing against everyone else out there. I am huge on statistics (winning percentage, wins with undo, average score, average time, etc). It would be cool to know if the numbers I am producing are comparable to fellow junkies out there. I am competing against my own goals now, but adding a leaderboard on the stats would get my full support. Great job all around!
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6 months ago, Old timer male
I religiously play a couple games of Solitaire each morning over coffee. I didn’t used to have time for this, but now I am retired and enjoy this. I understand the need for advertisements in order for the developers and company to continue providing daily games, but I am quite tired of sitting through 30 second women’s undergarments. I wish there were a way to target your audience. As a male, I have never bought, nor plan to buy a bra. This is why I only gave four stars rather than five. I must admit that at times I have even left the game because this particular ad showed up again. I hope the company considers this.
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4 years ago, Planejuliet
Truly is a neat game
As much fun as it is, the downside is the huge number of intrusive ads and all the peripheral stuff (things that come after you play). For some I’m sure this post play data info aids their enjoyment, so I’m fine with it staying. What is really obnoxious are the number of ads! Often more than one, and they take up time, and even if you hit the “x” (when it’s visible) you often get taken to the App Store to buy it. Then you’ve got to find your way back to the game and often another immediate ad! It’s costly to get rid of these $10 per year, but they’re making them so obnoxiously intrusive they force you to quit, or give in. So far I simply quit after doing the daily’s not worth staying there.
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6 years ago, AintThatAShame
SO addictive, I can’t stop playing! Love it!
Pyramid is my go-to game now .... maybe just a little too often, though? I end up playing for a lot longer than I mean to when I start! (which is a great compliment to the programmers, btw!) It’s enough of a challenge to keep me from being boring ... but not so hard that it gets frustrating! (I completely and totally stink at math, so that’s an issue for me.) I can’t believe I’m actually saying this - but I wish the programmers would make it so that we could •buy• this game, in order to get rid of the ads! (They aren’t too horribly bad, so don’t let that stop you from installing this.) Having to stop & see an add is distracting, & disturbing to my mindset .... and barely enough to be irritating — but just enough for me to mention here .... But it’s not like I’d stop playing, or delete the game, if there isn’t a pay/ad free version or anything. But it’d still be nice to be able to play without having to pause my brain! 😏
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6 years ago, HeyheyIHeardYouSay
Too Many Ads
This is undoubtably a great game to play. It’s one of those games that is actually fun and challenging without one overpowering the other. The premise is simple and you don’t have to be too worried about being too caught up over point and moving into a next level. The most important aspect to me however is that you do not have to pay for anything. Hints are free and unlimited. With that being said I am giving the app itself a poor review. I do see the game and the application as being too separate items and if I could I would give the game 5 stars. The app however has waaaaaayyyy too many adds. Every game that you play, win or lose gives you an ad. I’m starting to feel like I spend more time dealing with ads than I do playing and that is never a food combo for me. Great game but maybe ease it up on the ads
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6 years ago, Poltcifrld
This used to be one of my favorite games to play... no longer! Can’t solve all the games and you are even told that! Makes noises even if you turn off the sounds now you get annoying music... can’t play with that on a plane or other quiet places... Levels, what’s that about? Don’t need them! Questions as it is opening that you don’t get answers to, so why have the questions! I understand ads but why be underhanded and sneaky about how to opt out of an ad? I used to have it... I’ll delete it for good now... the final straw for me is the stupid annoying music I can’t turn off!
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2 years ago, Princess Janie
Beware, Mobilityware games have ads that depict guns, violence and blood. The company claims to be 'FAMILY FRIENDLY'. If you report the ad, all they do is say thank you, apologize your kids had to witness the effects and they we will take care of them. They don't take care of them, they keep popping up. If you don't want your kids seeing blood, violence and guns keep away from Mobilityware games. *** The Developer has a generic response. In an email to me they say they are sorry you have to see an offensive ad and to send them a screen shot from the game. It doesn't matter how many times you send them a screen shot, the ads still pop up not just in one of their games but in many of their games. KEEP your eyes peeled, especially if you have kids playing these games!
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3 years ago, Fht364
Too Many and Too Long Ads
I know all apps are using ads, but this is ridiculous. After every game you’re made to watch another lengthy ad. Of course, you can pay for the app, along with automatic renewals, that removes the ads. Aside from the ads, I love the app and have for years. Wish there was some way to pick the cute little winning display if you win. Or, someway to pick our favorites. I saw a new one I loved, but I also know it will probably be months before I get to see it again - a dancing stick man! So cute!
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3 years ago, Jimmy the K
Copies what’s in your clipboard on startup
Why does a game need to know what information is stored in my clipboard? Looks like they want to steal private information that I have just copied. This could be passwords, credit card information, or anything you needed to paste anytime prior to opening up this game. I’m going to stop playing the game and maybe you should too. Reply from support says they don’t use our data nefariously! They didn’t deny they are doing this. Can you give me one reason why you need to know what I copied in another application when you load your game? It’s just a GAME! I may have just copied my credit card number to paste into a trusted site and now you have that information too. Stealing all this unneeded personal information may also explain why it takes soooo long to load!
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6 years ago, Travel555
issue with program
Hi. Game is fine when working, but am finding that once one plays one game, win or lose, if one tries to play another after the ad, it freezes up. This was pretty random but is now almost every time. Having the same problem with your Crown game. It has also happened but so far just once on your Tri-Peaks game. It has not happened yet on your Solitaire or Spider Solitaire game. I only play daily challenges on the latter three. This is all on a 1 month old I-Pad, and all worked fine originally. Since you say you read the reviews, please fix. Thank you. Update- Crown game now completely frozen. Pyramid allowed me to play two games, then froze after the ad.
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8 months ago, Roughcut48
They offered me six months for 2.99, so I took it, then I paid for the year at $9.99, you would think I would have gotten 18 months seeing that I had just paid a few weeks earlier for six months @ $2.99. But nope, they screwed me out of the prior payment and I only got 12 months for the original $9.99 and the $2.99 was a donation to the cause. Not good gentlemen, not good at all! According to the App Store at Apple, my current subscription ends in November of 2024. I just deleted the game. You owe me $9.99, somebody screwed up and it wasn’t me!
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4 years ago, Jacque Lou
Disappearing Game
I love pyramid solitaire however, this is my third or fourth time I’ve had to get out of it and I’ll get it again which is irritating! It runs for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it freezes or some other stupid game that constantly is running through as an ad when you’re playing the game freezes and you can’t get past it to get back to the pyramid solitaire!And then when you go in to get it again you can’t find the word “get” so I don’t know how you get it back.
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2 years ago, Hot Hot Nana 360
I ‘m practically in love with this game actually with all this games, the spider games Mobility Yes!! I love all of them, yesterday by accident I Delete the Spider game which my points were over more 500, I cry because I cannot bring it back with my score that was my first game I ever played you think that you can help me bring it back with my points that I had? Please help me, or tell me how I can retriever I need your guidance please to get back my spider game with my points, I appreciate very much and I apologized for taken this space
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5 years ago, Yostie324
Folks, I love your games. I have played most of them many times. I love the Daily Challenges, but I do not like reaching new levels with funny names because no rewards result from them. You people are so clever. You should be able to come up with something better. How about 20 minutes with no ads. David Hoyt uses that on World Traveler, so probably you do not want to do that. However, do you ever look at other games? World Traveler is now my favorite because of instant rewards, coin awards, etc. You are wonderful. Think up some new prizes.
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2 years ago, lkcomp
Need to fix bug!
I used to love playing pyramid (& spider solitaire) …but the cards are freezing up and moving extremely slow! Also, when selecting from deck, I have to touch number several times before it moves over. Very frustrating! Not to mention (reiterate) others complaints about ads locking you out…neither X or << works for 30 to 60 seconds!!! Is their an update to fix these problems? Is their an iOS version for my iPad? I can’t stand play to play pyramid with jerky numbers! JMB Cincinnati
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4 years ago, Elfy136
Plain is best.
I enjoy a variety of games and, surprisingly most of them are Mobility. There’s a good reason for that. I like to play “the game” without an inane bunch of additional ridiculously unrelated nonsense. I’ve come across several solitaire games which add cartoon characters that must be made to do increasingly dumb things in order for you to gain access to the actual game you’re attempting to enjoy. Give me Mobility and their actual games. I’ll stick with you for as long as you continue to offer the real solitaire, mahjong, etc. not some kindergarten nonsense. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Little Old Lady Who
Great games
I have several mobilityware games and I play them each regularly. Your games are easy to see the cards (I have bad eyesight and it is often difficult with other games). Our games either move from very easy to difficult or they have levels that can be selected. This helps me teach them to my grandchildren and get them involved. The ads are short and appropriate for all ages. You make a quality product and I appreciate your effort.
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1 year ago, Sadjakr
Too many multi screen ads
I love the game, and I understand that advertising allows it to be free. However, most of the ads are 3 screens (sometimes 4 screens) to click through AND it will show an X to close the ad, but the X first opens the App store. If they showed a timer and kept it simple like other games do, it would be far less frustrating. The number and length of ads is excessive. Still I’ve been playing for about a year. I typically play daily. It’s enjoyable and keeps me thinking logically. If advertising was reasonable or even clearly defined, I would give the app a 5 star rating.
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10 months ago, Keyboard lady
Subscription renewed, not recognized
My subscription renewed automatically as always, but you continue to make me watch ads in order to play. Have tried the fixes your support suggest…nothing. When I hit Restore Subscription, it says No Active Account Found! But I have been charged! This is ridiculous - shouldn’t have to go thru all these gyrations to have you honor an automatically renewing subscription! Life is too short! And now! Got a message from you as to what to try….touch restore subscription and a screen should pop up with a place to enter Apple ID. NO. It did not work - nothing can up. Still says No Active Account Found…..this is beyond frustrating and aggravating! Please fix it!!!!
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4 years ago, Old school PC gamer
Great play BUT....
Upon opening the app lately it hangs for at least a good 15 seconds or so. I cant start game play or choose goals right away. The game itself is great, love the animations and the fact that you can use the card directly behind the one in play (I have another pyramid app that does not allow this). Also love that the clock stops when not in use instead of running for 8 hours or the whole time of an actual game. However sometimes I just want to do a couple of moves real quick while on the escalator etc, but the hanging prevents it and has gotten to be a real drag. Fix that and this will be a 5 star app!
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2 years ago, AttyMom1234
Horrible ads
I like to play several of your games every day but I am offended by your ads particularly Matchington Mansion. This and other ads are being sold by advertising the abuse of women especially pregnant women or women with babies thrown out into the snow or simply thrown out to be replaced by unrealistically enhanced young women. This reinforces the acceptance of these stereotypes in men of all ages. I understand that ads are necessary to support your company and it’s game development and I have no objection to ads per se but shame on you for making money by exploiting the abuse of women.
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3 months ago, drewinthecrew
Used to be good, now not so much
Not really loving the changes to expedition mode, but what made me delete the app was that they told me my subscription had expired despite the renewal going through automatically the day before. There was no Restore Purchase function in the app, so I got a refund from Apple and then blew it away. The developer will respond with “you should have contacted us,” but no, your app should work correctly. Previous renewals have been credited with no problem, so not sure why it’s an issue now, but it seems to be the MO with this developer: they make a game that is simple and fun to play, then they release an “update” that wrecks it.
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1 year ago, Katey11
Great game, horrible ads
I love this game, especially the daily challenges and reward stars. My only complaint is the ads. Yes, I expect to watch ads. I don’t mind, usually, I also expect them to go away. Royal Match and Garden Scapes are the worst. It doesn’t even help to close the app. I have to force quit to get rid of them. One ad comes up black screen. No idea what it’s for. Same thing, force quit to get rid of it. Some days I just give up and play something else. That’s a shame because I really enjoy this game!
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8 months ago, sassy fats
Annoying noises
I have played this game for years, usually while listening to music or some sort of audio recording. Obviously a noisy game, which is annoying enough on it’s own, is beyond maddening while listening to something else. Lately it started making soft clicking noises every few seconds the entire time the game was in play. No matter what I did I could not find a way to turn it off. Finally, thinking it was a glitch I foolishly deleted and reloaded it. BIG MISTAKE! Now it makes loud swishing and shuffling sounds EVERY TIME a card moves. EVERY. TIME. 😠 If I don’t hear from the developers how to get rid of the noise I will have to delete it and find another one that can be silenced. 🤐
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4 years ago, Shellydee8
Ok game but...
After a very prompt, kind and professional response from the developer with instructions on how to adjust my sound settings, I will amend my review to three stars. I would gladly give this more stars if they would change the price for the ad-free version to a one time purchase price, as it is with my other games I’ve purchased. Original: The game is actually good but has these ridiculously loud ads so often that can’t be silenced or skipped. It’s obvious they’re trying to force you to purchase the ad-free version. Which I wouldn’t mind but I am not going to pay a monthly or yearly fee for it! It’s not worth it.
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3 months ago, Expedites 4561
Really gross ads
The game is similar to most games with the same title. I nix the ads out as soon as there is the option, and I choose not to spend any money. I’ll say this about the ads, though. They are nasty to see so I tend to cover them. Infected body parts with infection oozing out. No need to go on because it can turn your stomach. I’ve removed a couple of games from my phone for that reason and am close to doing the same with this one. There are a lot of games out there and they can choose the ads. Sorry if my description was too gross. Just beware.
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6 years ago, Monkeys & Pizza
The first few times I played this game, I loved it. For some reason it has become slower and slower and freezes for what seems like forever. A new board will be dealt for you, you click on a card and have to wait and wait and wait before it recognizes you’re trying to play. Once it unfreezes, if you look at the clock you’re already at at least 10 seconds when you haven’t been able to play. If you’re competitive and you want a game you can try to bet your high score, this isn’t for you. If you don’t have patience for the freezing, this isn’t the game for you. I’d love to see some updates to fix the issues!
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2 years ago, LindyBugs
Remove bad ads that don’t work!
Township rarely goes off the screen, and when it does, it goes black, and to play I have to turn off my device and restart it so I can play. This is constantly annoying, as also when the game freezes and won’t work. These things need fixing. You say to go into settings to report an ad that doesn’t work, but there is no place to do this. Only to pay to remove ads completely. That is not the same thing.
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2 years ago, CutawayChris
Going down Hill
I have 3 different solitaire games by Mobilityware that I have been playing a LONG time. I have noticed that the ads have gotten longer and more annoying with the number of taps to get rid of. The latest version of Tri-peaks is not as intuitive either. For example, how do I get to the “Daily Goals” from the Home Screen? The only way I have been able to is either from within an active game or if I have a achieved one of the goals with the previous game. When one of the goals is to win game #?????, how do I get into them to play it?
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